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Top 7 Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Ovarian Cysts

What are Ovarian Cysts?

Sacs of fluid that form within a woman’s ovaries are known as ovarian cysts. A woman may develop a cyst in one ovary or both the ovaries at the same time. Ovarian cysts occur very commonly in women of childbearing age, and are less common in females after menopause. Homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts works to treat the symptoms and also dissolve the cysts safely with time.

Ovaries and Their Function

Homeopathic Remedies for Ovarian Cyst

Homeopathic Remedies for Ovarian Cyst

Ovaries are two oval-shaped gonads which make up an important part of the female reproductive system. The ovaries are found on either side of the uterus and have two major functions – production of egg (ovum) for fertilization, and the production of hormones like estrogen and progesterone.
Every month, an ovum (egg) is released from the mature follicle. If the ovum is fertilized by a sperm, it leads to pregnancy. If the ovum doesn’t get fertilized, then it breaks down and is shed along with the lining of the uterus in the form of menstrual bleeding.

Causes and Types of Ovarian Cysts

The cause behind an ovarian cyst depends upon the type of cyst. Ovarian cysts are of different kinds, the most common being functional cysts, dermoid cysts, endometriomas, and cystadenomas. Another condition, known as Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) also leads to the formation of cysts on the ovaries.

Functional Ovarian Cysts

Functional cysts are the most common and harmless ovarian cysts that tend to disappear on their own within two to three menstrual cycles. Functional cysts are linked to the menstrual cycle.
Functional cysts are further divided into two types – follicular cyst and corpus luteum cyst.

a) Follicular Cyst: In a menstruating female, every month a follicle in the ovary matures, and it contains an egg. This follicle ruptures to release the egg (a process known as ovulation). If for any reason the follicle does not rupture and release the egg, then it swells up into a fluid-filled follicular cyst.

b) Corpus Luteum Cyst: During the menstrual cycle, the ovum (egg) is released from the follicle during ovulation. The follicle then gets converted to a mass known as ‘corpus luteum’ that secretes the hormone progesterone.
If the ovum gets fertilized with sperm (that is, a pregnancy occurs), then the corpus luteum keeps secreting progesterone to maintain the pregnancy in the early stages. If pregnancy doesn’t happen, then this corpus luteum stops secreting progesterone and disappears. In some cases, the corpus luteum doesn’t disappear even in the absence of a pregnancy. It then gets filled with fluid or blood and persists in the ovary in the form of a corpus luteum cyst.

Dermoid Cyst

A dermoid cyst is a benign cyst that contains some tissues like hair, skin, fat, teeth, thyroid tissue, nails, bone, etc. These cysts are also known as ovarian teratomas.
These cysts are seen in women during the reproductive years. Women usually below the age of 30 years tend to develop these cysts. Although not a serious problem, dermoid cysts cause a problem if they rupture. They can then cause infection or ovarian torsion, both of which require medical attention.


Endometriomas are ovarian cysts that contain a brown, tar-like thick fluid and are also known as chocolate cysts. These cysts develop when the endometrial tissue that lines the uterus gets attached to the ovary and produces a growth there to form a cystic mass.


Cysts that develop from cells covering the outer layer of the ovary are called cystadenomas. These cysts do not grow inside the ovary; instead, they develop on the surface of the ovary. These cysts can contain watery fluid or thick mucus-like substance.
Those filled with watery fluid are known as serous cystadenomas, and those filled with thick mucus-like substance are known as mucinous cystadenomas.

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

PCOS is a very common metabolic disorder that arises as a result of hormonal imbalance in females. In PCOS, multiple follicles (fluid-filled sacs) grow inside ovaries that contain immature eggs. These eggs then may not reach maturity and ovulate.

Homeopathic Remedies for Cysts

The conventional mode of treatment usually prescribes oral contraceptives or birth control pills in most cases of ovarian cysts. These pills don’t treat the root cause of ovarian cysts; they mask the symptoms by regularising the menstrual cycle without treating the cysts. They may also suppress ovulation to prevent the formation of more cysts.
These pills do not dissolve the existing ovarian cysts, and discontinuing their use can lead to the formation of new cysts. In addition to this, there are some side effects of these pills like nausea, breast tenderness, vaginal discharge, decreased libido, mood changes, weight gain, and migraine.

Ovarian cyst treatment with homeopathic medicine is a holistic approach that treats the main cause behind the problem. Homeopathic medicines are very safe to use among women of all age groups, and these treat ovarian cysts gently without any side effects.
Homeopathic medicine for ovarian cyst can help dissolve the cysts already present and also reduce the tendency to develop more cysts.
These medicines help in correcting menstrual irregularities linked with ovarian cysts and the associated symptoms like bloating, back pain, dyspareunia, etc. Correct and timely use of ovarian cysts can also help prevent surgery in a lot of cases.

Some of the most important homeopathic medicines that are used for treating ovarian cysts are – Lachesis Muta, Lycopodium Clavatum, Colocynthis, Apis Mellifica, Pulsatilla Nigricans, Sabina Officinalis and Sepia Succus. Each of these homeopathic medicines has their characteristic indications to use them.

Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts

Lachesis Muta – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts on Left Side

Lachesis Muta is a homeopathic medicine for left ovarian cysts. Swelling and pain in the left ovary that gets better during menses, short and scanty menses, and menstrual bleeding that is blackish in color are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Lycopodium Clavatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts on Right Side

Lycopodium Clavatum is a homeopathic medicine for right ovarian cysts. Burning or boring pains may be felt in the ovary. Irregular periods, profuse or prolonged periods, pain during intercourse and abdominal bloating are the main symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Colocynthis – Homeopathic Medicine for Painful Ovarian Cysts

Colocynthis is a homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts that are painful. The pain varies in character, ranging from cramping, stitching to tensive. Burning sensation in the ovaries that gets better upon bending over double and a sensitive ovarian region that seems hard and swollen are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Apis Mellifica – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts that cause Pain during Intercourse

Apis Mellifica is a homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts that cause pain during intercourse. A stinging, sharp, cutting pain from the ovary radiating down the thigh, soreness and tenderness over the ovarian region, heaviness in the ovarian region and pain in the ovaries during menstruation are the symptoms indicative of Apis Mellifica.

Pulsatilla Nigricans – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts with Scanty Menstruation

Pulsatilla Nigricans is a homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts with scanty menstrual bleeding. A tendency of delayed menstruation, menstrual colic, chilliness, vomiting, heavy pressure in the abdomen and lower back, a pressure in the bladder and rectum are the symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine.

Sabina Officinalis – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts with Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Sabina Officinalis is a homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts with heavy menstrual bleeding. The menstrual bleeding is usually bright red, and copious, with the presence of dark clots. Movement tends to worsen the bleeding, and pelvic pain that extends down to the thighs is present. Dragging pain in the back and lower limbs, and bloating and distension in the pelvic region are the symptoms that indicate the need for Sabina Officinalis.

Sepia Succus – Homeopathic Medicine for Ovarian Cysts with Irregular Menstruation

Sepia Succus is a homeopathic medicine for ovarian cysts with irregular menstruation. The periods may be early or late, scanty or profuse, or of long or short duration. A bearing down sensation in the pelvis, soreness, fullness, pressure, distension, and pain in the pelvic region with a frequent urge to urinate are the symptoms that indicate the need for this remedy.

Ovarian Cyst: Contributing Factors

The contributing factors that lead to ovarian cysts include:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • pelvic infections
  • a family history of ovarian cysts
  • obesity or gaining weight rapidly

Ovarian Cysts: Symptoms

In many cases, ovarian cysts don’t lead to any symptoms and are diagnosed during a regular ultrasound. In other cases, some symptoms that may appear in case of ovarian cysts include:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen (pelvis on the side of ovarian cyst). The pain may be sudden, severe or may be dull.
  • Bloating, heaviness, fullness in the abdomen
  • Irregular periods, heavy/scanty periods
  • Painful intercourse (dyspareunia)
  • Frequent urination
  • Painful bowel movements
  • Lower back pain or thigh pain
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Infertility
  • In cases of PCOS, menstrual irregularities may be accompanied by other features like acne, hirsutism, obesity, hair fall.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ovarian Cysts

What are the complications of ovarian cysts?

Ovarian torsion and rupture are two main complications of ovarian cysts. Sudden severe pelvic pain, nausea, vomiting, fever dizziness, and fast breathing are some of the symptoms that appear as a result of these complications. These need immediate medical emergency attention.

Are Ovarian Cysts Cancerous?

Most of the times, ovarian cysts are non-cancerous.
A very small percentage of ovarian cysts can be cancerous, and these usually tend to occur after menopause in women.

Can Ovarian Cysts lead to Infertility?

Ovarian cysts are of different types, and while some cysts can cause infertility, most of them are not linked with infertility.

  • Cysts that can lead to infertility are ovarian cysts that develop as a result of polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriomas.
  • Cysts not linked with infertility are functional cysts, dermoid cysts, and cystadenomas.

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  1. Dr. I have two chocolate cyst
    3cm in left overy and 7cm in right overy pleez suggest me which medicine I used to take …..some dr.recommend me disgostral contraceptive pill

    But I want best medicine so u suggest me

    • dr. bimal jana says:

      Hello maam i’m dr. bimal jana ,i show your problem shortly,how long have you been suffering??
      and how many problems are suffering associated with this disease? all detalis send me my email id
      allopathically that drugs are good but not enough to complete cure,so homoeopathic can permanantly abolish your ovarian cyst….contact me as soon as possible

  2. Ali Dino Abro says:

    Peace be upon you
    We are thankful to you for this information my wife has a problem cyst in right ovary 5 mm.
    We hope you guide us.
    If you have WhatsApp no we will share some reports.
    Thanking you and anticipation.
    Your brother
    Ali Dino Abro from Pakistan

    • Dr. I have two chocolate cyst
      3cm in left overy and 7cm in right overy pleez suggest me which medicine I used to take …..some dr.recommend me disgostral contraceptive pill

      But I want best medicine so u suggest me

  3. Shamsul Arefin says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter is 13 Y old and a ?Serous Cystadenoma (5.68X5.38X3.24cm) cyst has been noted in left adenexal, but no pain for this reason. It has been identified on 28 September. We are in Bangladesh. Is there any homeopathic medicine to cure or reduce the Cyst.

    Seeking your valuable suggestion in thus regards.

    If you need more information, let me know.

    Thanking You
    Shamsul Arefin

  4. Sir 9th month ago my wife’s right ovary was removed through surgery due to ovarian 2 days before my wife was oerated for peritoneal cyst.Her doctor was saying this cyst was the result of first surgery.She also was saying this cyst can grow secondly.what medicine should we use to cure this matter.plz help me .

  5. Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I just received ultrasound results indicating i “may” have a dermoid cyst in the left ovary. The MD has opted for surgery, however I would like more information for treatment protocols.

    In your experience, have there been any effective treatment options for your patients that have decreased the size of dermoid cysts?

    Many thanks,

  6. I have just been diagnosed with a blood ovarian cyst of 7cm x 5,6 cm
    I was in a deep pain for one day a week ago and my doctor suggested to wait For the body to absorb it and I wonder whether There is any remedy you recommend to assist healing.

    Thank you

  7. Hello

  8. Hello my name is Norka
    I have a left ovarian cyst and i wonder if this could cause left lower leg, thigh, and pelvic pain. Also, I would like to know how I could disappear this ovarian cyst or if you have another solution for my left leg pain

  9. Hi Dr.
    I have cyst in my right ovary. I am taking homoeopathy medicine from 3 months. It also cause Infertility. Please tell me in how much time it will get cure..?


  10. Sir, I have left ovarian cyst. Suffering from pain in left lower abdomen from the past 3 months. I have disparanea. Please suggest medicine for me.

  11. Stephanie GLIDEWELL says:

    I have a teratoma on my left ovary that is 4.6cm as of 6/19/2020. I am 30 years old and I am almost certain that I am estrogen dominant. The teratoma has calcification from what they can see on the ultrasound. Has grown 1.4 cm since 2016. I was wondering what homeopathic remedies I could try to avoid surgery. I already have two girls and want to have at least one more. My fear is the teratoma might twist and hurt me. Thank you!

  12. sarita devi says:

    LT ovarian follicle cyst.Bulky uterus
    pain, nausea and vomiting.

  13. Hi Dr.

    I was diagnosed with functional ovarian cyst on one side due to endometriosis with 2” . I was on birth control and it was controlling the pain but now after using 6 month pain and bleeding is bot going after use of birth control bleeding making me so weak. But I would like to try other way and a friend of mine told me about homeopathy wherein its more on the herbal treatment . Please advise what is the proper and better way to treat these. Thank you . Much appreciated

  14. Hi Dr.

    I was diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both side due to endometrosis . with 4.7cm I’m going 45 years old this year. I was advised to have an injection of ZOladex together with tibolone tablet . But I would like to try other way and a friend of mine told me about homeopathy wherein its more on the herbal treatment . Please advise what is the proper and better way to treat these. Thank you . Much appreciated

  15. Sir,
    My wife is suffering from heamohargic cyst for the last 4 months.since then she is not getting periods.
    Prescribe homeopathic medicine to dissolve cyst and for regular periods.

  16. Navneet Saxena says:

    Hello Dr .My daughter aged 14 years had Ovarian muccinous cyst in right ovary of size 25 cm which was removed before 2 years .Again she develops the same in the same ovary of 15 cm .then again surgery is done and complete removal of Rt ovary and Fallopian tube.
    Now again she is feeling the same in left ovary . She is now very depressed and dont want any furthur operations .Please advise Dr what to do

    • Hello navneet sir/madam, will u pls let me know by which doctor and in which city the first laproscopic surgery was done ? It’ll be a great help.

  17. Larkin Swain says:

    I have been noticing cysts when rubbing along my pelvic region for about a year. There have been cases where a cyst surfaces to top of skin and is filled with puss. I have some scaring from a few reoccurring ones. I also get constant ingrown hairs though I’ve stopped hair removed for a few months, and only have waxed before when I did remove hair. I wondered if the cysts were due to infection of hair follicles. But there are more that feel much deeper below the skin. One main one on the left side and smaller ones scattered around that region on both left and right side though there seems to be more on left side. I’ve never experienced any pain until recently. The last few weeks. They seem to be growing and the area of my ovaries feels quite tense and tight. I had a hormonal IUD from July 2019 to feb 2020. I had it removed because I felt it was causing my body harm and was experiencing constant pain in ovary area.
    It might be good to mention I have been diagnosed with HPV and Herpes though have never had an outbreak of either. Including low grade abnormal cells on cervix.
    As far as period, I have only had 2 since having IUD removed. Cycles seem to be about 5 weeks right now. No periods during 6 months on IUD and they were pretty regular before IUD. I bleed for about 7 days and can fill 3-4 moon cups a day for first 2 or 3 days. Not usually severe cramping on periods. Typically more cramping right after ovulation. Any help/insight would be so appreciated. Thank you.

  18. Benu Gopal Ghosal says:

    How many days time for cure ovarian cyst for homeopathy treatment??

  19. Maria K. Verderaime says:

    Hi, What would be the best remedy for a suspected ovarian cyst(left) in a post menopausal woman. Most of the remedies listed here are for women who are still menstruating.
    thank you,

  20. Hi Dr Sharma. My wife has left sided endometriotic cysts hacing 4 to 7cm. Married 9 years ago. 2 laproscopic surgeries have been done for removal of cysts but these grow again. After 2 years of marriage, one miscarriage has been faced by her. 3 tries for IVF treatment for conception has been made. Now we are going to be hopeless. I have seen your article. Can u treat us so that our problem may be resolved. My wife is gaining weight and has problem of irregular cycle. Her age is 35 years. We will be grateful to u if u help us in this regards.

  21. Amanda Cockram says:

    Hi I have a large right sided complex ovarian cyst. I’m 56 and in menopause. I have previously tried apis and conium without much success. The apis relieves the pain but never seems to get rid of it. Thank you for your help.

    • Santosh Kumar says:

      Meri patni ko left side chocolate syst 1.7 mm into 13.9 mm hai ek saal hone wala hai pregnancy nahi ho raha hai kya kare

  22. Please can one take ovarian cyst drops until pregnant? will this affect implantation and conception?.

  23. Hello,

    I was diagnosed with dermoid cyst (tearatoma) on my left ovary for the 3rd time. First one was surgically removed (2011) (consisted of fat, the ovary was left healthy) , the second one (2017) vanished afte a year and now I have a 3rd one of 8cm. The doctors want to remove my ovary and fallopian tube:( ) Previously I was taking Calcarea Carbonica but maybe Lachesia or Pulsatilla would be better since my periods are scanty (2-3days), sometimes very brownish or blackish. There is usually pressure in the rectum. I usually also have mild migranes before periods. My cycles range from 25-30 days and very rarely around 17days like this that I have now. What would you recommend because in my country no doctor believes that teratoma can vanish (even though I have proof that the 2nd one did).

  24. Dear Dr. Sherma,
    MY name is Najla. I am 43 Years Old, Mother of 2 Kids ( 11 and 15 Years ). I’m having for the last 4 years pain in the lower right side of my abdomen, my period is regular BUT comes for only 2-3 DAYS with very little flaw almost nothing and lots of pain in my back and legs with lots o\f swollen.
    I have seen many doctors and end with nothing … they gave me lots of medications and they wanted to do endoscopy but I decided to stop seeing any doctor.
    I have been searching a lot about about the pain I have and wanted to consult you as well

    I have pain in the right lower sides of the abdomen
    like cramping, stitching to tensive. The burning sensation that gets better upon bending over and a sensitive ovarian region that seems tender and, before the period starting i get very bad pain stary from the right side of the ovaries area to the hip and the pain goes down to my thigh and leg ( RIGHT SIDE) and cant stretch my leg because its hurts more if I do so. My weight increased a lot for the last few years even if i do diet i lose weight but i gain it so quickly as soon as I stop in days.
    please do advise me what to so

    Best Regards

  25. Uma Mishra says:

    Hi Doctor
    I M 49 yrs. USG shows that there is Syst in right overt. Size enlarged by 117×53 mm .
    Symptoms- irregular m c, heavy bleeding, vomiting tendency, no pain.
    Please advise me.

  26. Nilofer Nisha says:

    Hello madam.
    I am 20 years old. I have biloculated cyst on my right ovary (chocolate cyst)6.9*5.9cm . Please help me. Please kindly reply me. Thank you

  27. Hi Dr Sharma.

    I m having 2 ovarian cyst endometrium, with 26*19 mm and 22*14 mm, with heavy bleeding, bloating, vomiting, giddiness, fever I m scared Dr have prescribed me medicine it has not cured and plz could u suggest me homeopathic medicine with out surgery pls reply fast Dr.

    • Santosh Kumar says:

      Meri patni ko left side chocolate syst 1.7 mm into 13.9 mm hai ek saal hone wala hai pregnancy nahi ho raha hai kya kare

  28. Sonia segat says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma
    I have 5.2 cm cyst in my right ovary plz suggest homeopathic medicine .thanks

  29. I have 2.2 cms complex cyst on left ovarie. Also im losing lot of hair. Please let me know best treatment for me.

  30. I have 2 dermoid cyst.. Pls sir any best treatment

  31. Chandra Mohan sharma says:

    I want to send you a report fortreat ment for overi swelling so pl. Send your wattsapp
    mo. No.

  32. esther stutz says:

    hi dr sharma,
    PS also have cysts on kidney and liver thanks e stutz
    74 yr old, had breast cancer, left, 2006/2010, lumpectomy, had pituitary adenoma 2016, surgery,UCDAVIS,CA diagnosed 2017 RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE TUMOR MENINGIOMA,no surgery to deep in brain suggested radiation, decline, 2019 july mri has not grown take mri next yr now have left ovarian cyst one doc wanted to do complete hysterectomy decline taken vaginal and pelvic sonograms, cyst is 4.3 x 5.5 x 3.0 cm lobulated contours 3.3 in 8/2015 4cm 2019 gastro doc sending me to another gynocologist chico ca. questions: is it safe to do biopsy find out if cancer? does it spread if this is done? if it is cancer. if cancer willing to remove left ovary but not wanting complete hysterectomy. is biopsy only way to find out if cancer. also have high cholesterol MD concerned want me on drugs, declined

  33. Desirer Chavez says:

    Hi, my name is Desiree Chavez and I have experienced discomfort in my right ovary for the past year now. Symptoms have included pain during sexual intercourse, urge to urinate and frequently, in addition to, a sudden sharp pain when bending down far or stretching hips.

    • The cyst developed in my right ovary more than 3 years ago and is now giving me pain frequently, especially during intercourse. It was developed during my pregnancy 3 years back but then i had a miscarriage but it still persists in my right ovary. I have frequent urination as well, some bloating and also nausea and dizziness sometimes. I also have late periods almost always. I have reached out to other homeopathic doctors but their medicine gave me bad side effect/reaction for some reason . Some facts about my health, i am mostly low in iron and vitamin d but my sugar and blood pressure are either low or normal but never high. I get worse reaction with allopathic treatment like birth control pills as well so i never use them.

  34. I have right side overian cyst suddenly appeared with rt kidney small stone 3mm
    Does contraceptive treatment affect futility?

  35. Annabel Oduro says:

    I have been trying to get pregnant but I was told that I have ovarian cyst and am on medications now
    When will I be able to get pregnant and how long do I have to take the medicine

  36. Ajay Mohapatra says:

    Respected Sir,
    From a long time my wife is suffering from ovarian cyst in left ovary with pain full. please suggest for the treatment to permanently solve.

  37. I am malika 21 year old …i have a 5.2 cm rectoutrine cyst and also minnor cyst in the ovary …dr. r recommending me laposcopy for rectoutrine . Can this b treated with homeopathic .?

  38. PARTHA PAUL says:


    • esther stutz says:

      hi dr sharma,
      PS also have cysts on kidney and liver thanks e stutz
      74 yr old, had breast cancer, left, 2006/2010, lumpectomy, had pituitary adenoma 2016, surgery,UCDAVIS,CA diagnosed 2017 RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE TUMOR MENINGIOMA,no surgery to deep in brain suggested radiation, decline, 2019 july mri has not grown take mri next yr now have left ovarian cyst one doc wanted to do complete hysterectomy decline taken vaginal and pelvic sonograms, cyst is 4.3 x 5.5 x 3.0 cm lobulated contours 3.3 in 8/2015 4cm 2019 gastro doc sending me to another gynocologist chico ca. questions: is it safe to do biopsy find out if cancer? does it spread if this is done? if it is cancer. if cancer willing to remove left ovary but not wanting complete hysterectomy. is biopsy only way to find out if cancer. also have high cholesterol MD concerned want me on drugs, declined

  39. Dr. Mirza Ohiuddin Begg. says:

    Overian cyst Left side.painful. what is the homeopathic remedies.

  40. S. Elias Jahangir says:

    Dear Sir,

    Namaskar. My daughter (23+ years) is suffering from ovarian cysts for about ten years. got homeo treatment for a couple of years, but no significant improvement. Now it spread to left ovarian in small volume. Can it still be cured by homeo medicine or we should go immediately for surgery!
    Beat regards.

    S. Elias Jahangir

  41. Kallol sharma says:

    Right ovarian cyst,so painful, iragular menstruation, intercross painful, non sadeativeness. Kindly suggest.

  42. dear doctor
    iam having 3.7mm simple cyst on the left ovary which
    is giving me indigestion , crampy pain.
    kindly suggest any medicine
    i also have a 3.5 mm stone in my left kidney

  43. Rajendra says:

    Hi doctor, this is Rajendra, my wife is suffering from ovarian chocolate cyst past many years, and she had taken treatment from homeocare international Bangalore for 18 months, but there is not even minute improvement, pl suggest me how she can overcome with this problem. In the year 2014 she underwent a surgery for this, in which they taken out the content, again this start growing, now it is 4cm cyst. OK guide us how to get rid of this problem.

  44. shalini srivastva says:

    nobithiyan cyst key liyekun see madicin sahi hogi kya medicin sey theek ho jaeyge yaa nahi.

  45. Meenakshi Gupga says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am having big size solid cyst (endometriosis) in both sides. I had my delivery in July 2018. This condition has been prevelent for past 7-8 years. Though my periods is regular,. Is their a way cyst can be treated completely .

  46. Hlo Doctor . I am having ovarian cyst in my left ovary size 4.3 mm .. Type of cyst is hemorrhagic cyst .. i had kidney stone in my right kidney which i passed out 6 months ago .. i feel pain all the time in my stomach right side specially on the hip region a sharp dull pain .. and which increases and causes pain in whole stomach .. Is this pain due to cyst or there is another kidney stone developed .. And will my cyst be cured with homeopathy or it requires no treatment .. i experience scanty periods too ..

  47. Patient Name :-Chandrima Banik D/O:- Manik Lal Banik says:

    Cystic tumour on both overies. 2 in right overy, size 22.9 mm x 14.4 mm and 29.2 mm x 22.1 mm. in right overy. In left overy contains 1 no size 55.9 mm x 42.6 mm . Every menstrual cycle passes through severe pelvic pain and huge quantities of red blood and sometimes with clots. Mental state during the pain does want to survive. Physical health is thin of height 5 feet 3 inch, age 24 years. From father of the patient.

  48. Asalam alaikum
    I have diagnosed a dermoid cyst in my right ovary of 11 cm.. I dont have pain but I have to remove it?

    • Dr Neeraj Pundir from dehradun says:

      You should consult any eminent homoeopathic doctor around you,and definitely this problem will vanish.

  49. Geetha Madhnani says:

    I hve left adexal ovary cyst 5.4×3.7cms my ca 125 test is 16.00u/ ml thyroid 3.23pg/’ll I hve pain lightly and my weight is gaining and hair fall also pls suggest me nice medicine I am taking utrofyne

  50. Dr Afzal Ali says:

    Dear sir. A patient has a problem of shrinked ovary, which is slightly visible in USG. please guide me for Homeopathic treatment.Case with shrinked ovary is 1st one in my practice.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma
      I am 50 yrs married male having 20mm X 30 mm kidney cyst (left Kidney) which was determined by USG. It increases its size gradually. Some times I used to get slight dull pain in the left part of the waist, My height is 165 cm , weight 70 kg. Gets hurt very easily, little memory loss problem, Blood pressure and blood sugar normal, used to exercise regularly, strong smelling urine with higher phosphate(detected by urine test), Please suggest Homeopathic medicine for me.

    • Hello,
      Sir, I hope you doing good. sir, I found a large left adnexal cyst. please suggest medicine to remove it.

  51. Dear sir. My daughter has ovarian cyst. The allopathic gaenocologist has advised surgery but my daughter is hesitating. I need your help. Is there a complete treatment of it in homeopathy and for how long it would be. I shall be obliged for you kind guidance and support.

  52. Hello,
    I have a very large ovarian cyst measuring 9 cm by 9 cm by 9 cm! I don’t have a lot of symptoms, surprisingly other than pressure
    In my lower abdomen and less circulation into my left leg. I am determined to avoid surgery so I am trying as many different remedies as I can. Can you advise? I’m happy to pay for a consult. Thank you!

    • Reshma chetry says:

      I have chocolate cyst 5cm in my left ovary.when period starts…My left side starts paining severely and I have to take painkiller during my periods..please suggest homeopathic medicine..nausea pain in the bowel movement..please give some suggestions

  53. Hi , i had a laparoscopy 3 months ago to remove my 5cm cyst in the left ovary but my surgeon could not find the cyst that day and found extensive uterus adhesions , i still have pain in left side . My surgeon is planning for an open surgery to remove adhesions but he doesn’t explain about the cyst which is still painful and it’s not cancerous, I’m fed up of pain killers and not happy for any surgery and want a homeopathic treatment. Kindly advice a medicine.thanks

  54. odunayo Abolade says:

    hi doctor
    i have a right ovarian cyst measuring 64mm×63mm.i have been feeling all sorts of pain in my pelvis region. pls how can you help with homeopathic medicine. The lycopodium clavatum describes my symptom.

  55. Vaishali chunarkar says:

    I am 35 years old. l have done surgery for right ovrian cyst . Histopathology reports mentioned it as mucinous cyst. Can it be treated in homeopathy? What medicines i have to take to get rid of?

  56. Michele Griffin says:

    Dear Dr Sharma,
    I have a 2cm dermoid cyst on my left side which is causing me quite a lot of pain and impacting on my bowels, pain and left leg. I am a 60 year lady and have had 3 children. Is there any homeopathic medicine I could use to get rid of it. Thank you very much.

  57. Jagdeep kaur says:

    Hello mam
    I am 32 year old .i have functional cyst in left ovary and size is 18×25mm…plz help me…what homeo medicine i have to take.

Please click the link to understand Scientific basis on homeopathy . Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines.

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