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Leg Cramps at Night? Try These Homeopathic Solutions

Leg cramps are a very common condition characterized by a sudden, painful contraction of the leg muscles. In most cases, leg cramps appear in the calf muscles but can also occur in the thighs, feet, or toes. The affected muscle shortens and becomes tight during a cramp. Leg cramps are usually harmless and last from a few seconds to several minutes. Although leg cramps can happen anytime, they mostly tend to occur during the night. Homeopathic medicines for leg cramps help relax the muscles and offer relief. Cuprum Met, Magnesium Phos, and Rhus Tox are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat leg cramps.

leg cramps homeopathy

Homeopathic treatment of leg cramps.

Since the muscles of our limbs are under our voluntary control, they contract and relax alternately during movement. An involuntary contraction of such a muscle leads to its spasm which when is forcible and sustained becomes leg cramp.

Homeopathic Treatment of Leg Cramps

Homeopathic medicines for leg cramps work in a gentle and effective manner to alleviate the problem for long-term. These homeopathic remedies treat the root cause of leg cramps to bring about excellent recovery. There is a large therapeutic list of remedies to treat leg cramps in the homeopathic system of medicine. The most suitable homeopathic medicine among them is selected individually for every given case of leg cramps.

Homeopathic Remedies for Leg Cramps

Cuprum Met – Natural Medicine for Strong Cramps in Legs and Feet

Cuprum Met is a highly effective medicine for treating violent cramps in the legs and the feet. Pain in calf muscles of drawing or digging in nature may appear. The cramps and muscle contractions can be very severe. The feet may feel icy cold, along with sweating. Some other features include weakness and twitching in the legs.

Magnesium Phos – Natural Remedy for leg ramps appearing after exertion

Magnesium Phos is natural medicine for treating leg cramps appearing from exertion. The cramps appear in the calves and feet and may get worse during the night in bed. Magnesium Phos is highly useful for runner’s cramps or leg cramps in athletes. Acute leg cramps in the elderly are also treated well with this remedy. Apart from the above, Magnesium Phos is also well-indicated for leg cramps during pregnancy.

Rhus Tox – Effective Homeopathic Medicine for Leg Cramps Relieved by Walking

Rhus Tox offers a natural cure for leg cramps that get better by walking. People who need Rhus Tox have cramps in the calves while lying in bed and while sitting, or after walking. In cases needing Rhus Tox, a midnight aggravation of cramps is also well-noted. Cramps in the feet that get better by walking also indicate the need for homeopathic medicine Rhus Tox.

Calcarea Carb – Effective Homeopathic Remedy for Leg Cramps at Night

Calcarea Carb is a natural medicine for leg cramps that appear during the night. The leg gets tightened with a hard knot in the calf muscles. Cramps may appear in the thigh, calves of legs, or the sole of the feet or toes. Extending the legs also leads to leg cramps.

Anacardium Orientale – Homeopathic Medicine for Cramps in Legs due to Walking

Anacardium is a natural homeopathic preparation made from the layer between the shell and kernel of the nut of a plant named Malacca Bean or Marking Nut. This plant belongs to the natural order Anacardiaceae. Anacardium Orientale is well indicated for cramps in the leg that appear upon walking. Lying down makes the cramps better. Apart from the above, Anacardium Orientale is also helpful for leg cramps that appear on rising from a seat. Tensive pain in the calves of the legs with sleeplessness also indicates the need for this medicine.

Causticum – Homeopathic Remedy for Leg Cramps in the Morning

Causticum is an effective homeopathic medicine for leg cramps that appear in the morning while in bed. Severe tearing and drawing pains are felt in the leg. Causticum is also indicated for cramps in the foot and Tendo-Achilles, especially upon stretching the foot. A tearing, beating, or boring pain in the lower leg and feet with every movement may also be present with the above features.

Sulphur – Natural Homeopathic Treatment for Leg Cramps from Stretching Legs or Feet

Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is indicated for leg cramps arising upon stretching the legs or feet. The cramps may appear in the legs, feet or toes. Cramps in the calves while dancing or when walking is also indicative of its use. A burning sensation in the soles of feet is present in most cases of leg cramps.

Ferrum Met – Natural Treatment for Leg Cramps at Night

Ferrum Met is another homeopathic medicine used to treat leg cramps at night when at rest. A painful, drawing pain appears in the legs. Cramps in the toes also appear with painful contractions. A person may also have a tendency to get easily fatigued by walking.

Causes of Leg Cramps

Leg cramps can arise from a variety of reasons. The major reasons behind leg cramps include intense exercise involving the overuse of the leg muscles, fatigue, dehydration, mineral deficiencies, electrolyte imbalance, and prolonged sitting/standing. Use of certain medications (osteoporosis drugs like raloxifene, medications used to lower B.P.) also put a person at risk to get leg cramps. Athletes, elderly people, and pregnant women are at increased risk to get leg cramps. Apart from all these, there are some diseases in which muscle cramps are a symptom. These diseases include multiple sclerosis, motor neuron problems, chronic kidney failure, Addison’s disease, hypothyroidism, sarcoidosis, liver cirrhosis, peripheral artery disease, and venous insufficiency. However, in many cases of leg cramps, there is no particular reason for leg cramps.

Symptoms of Leg Cramps

The major symptom of leg cramps is intense, excruciating pain in the leg. The affected muscle also feels harder to touch. The person is unable to use the leg while the muscle is actively cramping. Once the cramp passes, the muscle relaxes but pain and tenderness in the leg may persist for a while.

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    • .I get severe cramps in my legs after walking or activities. We very night I have leg cramps that I need to getup and stamp out. Additionally I am getting burning in. my legs down to the foot. I am 90 and want to remain active. What do you recommend

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    Calcarea carb ke sath lycopodium kha sakte hai

  5. I am 53 female. I have hypothyroidism and taking 50mcg eltroxin since 10 years. I get calf muscle cramps at night while stretching legs and sometimes in toes also.

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