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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle Weakness

Reduced power or strength in one or more muscles is known as muscle weakness. Muscles are a bundle of fibrous, contractile tissues that possess the ability to contract to produce movement. The exchange of signals between the muscle and nervous system takes place at the neuromuscular junction. The muscles are unable to contract normally if the connection between the nervous system and muscles get injured or damaged. This, in turn, leads to muscle weakness. Homeopathic medicines for muscle weakness works very effectively to restore the strength back into the muscles.

homeopathic medicine muscle weakness

Homeopathic Medicines for Muscle Weakness

Picric Acid, Causticum, and Gelsemium are the top remedies used to treat muscle weakness.

1. Picric Acid – For Muscle Weakness in Legs

Picric Acid is a well-indicated remedy for muscle weakness in the legs. The person needing Picric Acid experiences great weakness in the legs along with a feeling of heaviness. The legs feel weak from a short walk and feel heavy all the time. There may be trembling in the legs, numbness, crawling, and a pricking sensation. The person may feel tired by the least amount of exertion. Both mental and physical weakness may be present.

2. Causticum – For Muscle Weakness in Arms

Causticum is a natural medicine for muscle weakness that has great action on muscles and nerves. It works particularly well for muscle weakness in the arms. There is a progressive loss of muscular strength in the arms, which feel weak and lame. Weakness in arms usually is seen to get worse in the night time. A tearing, dull pain in the arms may be present. Causticum is also indicated for muscle weakness in the hands and fingers. There appears fullness in hands when the person tries to grasp anything. Fingers may also feel icy cold. The person needing Causticum may have a high sensitivity towards cold air. Apart from muscle weakness, Causticum is a top ranking medicine for paralysis (loss of muscle function).

3. Gelsemium Sempervirens – For Muscle Weakness with Deep Muscle Pains

Gelsemium Sempervirens is a natural treatment for muscle weakness. It is prepared from the plant Yellow Jasmine of the Loganiaceae family. Muscle weakness attended with deep-seated muscle pains is indicative of its use. The person needing this medicine has weakness in the arm and leg muscles. The muscles lose their power to contract effectively. Arms feel powerless and numb. Trembling of hands and legs (that feel fatigued and tired from little exercise) are other symptoms. There appears difficulty in walking, with an unsteady gait from a weakness of the leg muscles. Drawing, contractive, cramping, and deep-seated muscular pains in the legs are also present. The calf muscles feel bruised, and there is a numbness in the limbs. General fatigue and weakness are also well-noted along with these symptoms.

4. Arnica Montana – For Muscle Weakness with Sore, Bruised Muscle Pain

Arnica Montana is a natural medicine prepared from the plant Leopard’s Bane of the family Composite. Arnica Montana is a useful natural medicine for muscle weakness attended with sore, and bruised muscle pains. There is a loss of strength in the body. The arms feel weary, and the wrist feels powerless. The person is unable to use the arm. The hand muscles also lack strength. Legs also appear weak, and the feet feel tired. The limbs feel heavy and ache with a sore, bruised sensation. The muscles may twitch, and the person feels sluggish, with a strong desire to lie down. Tiredness, weakness, and exhaustion are other symptoms. Muscle weakness arising from overstraining the muscles also indicates the use of Arnica Montana.

5. Kali Phos – For Muscle Weakness with Marked Fatigue

Kali Phos is a natural cure for muscle weakness attended with marked general fatigue. There is muscle weakness with lameness throughout the body. The limbs feel weak and tired, and there is debility and weakness. Use of Kali Phos is also considered in cases of muscle weakness present in chronic fatigue syndrome.

6. Arsenic Album – Natural Remedies for Muscle Weakness from Least Exertion

Arsenic Album is an excellent medicine for muscle weakness that arises from the least amount of exertion. The entire body feels weary, with an aversion towards any effort. Limbs feel excessively weak and exhausted. Exhaustion confines the person to the bed. Other symptoms include sleeplessness, anxiety, and restlessness. The person may experience debility and exhaustion from the slightest amount of over-work.

7. Stannum Met – For Muscle Weakness in Limbs with Heaviness

Stannum Met is a natural medicine for muscle weakness in limbs attended with heaviness. There appears to be a loss of power in the limbs. Arms feel weak and heavy. Motion worsens it. Weakness and fatigue of arms arise from lifting a small weight, or from the slightest exercise. The person may be unable to hold an object due to weakness. There may be twitching of muscles of the forearm and hand. The thighs also feel weak and heavy. Walking worsens it, making the person want to sit down. Excessive weariness and fatigue with a desire to lie down may be present.

8. Conium Maculatum – For Muscle Weakness in Legs with Trembling

Conium Maculatum is a suitable medicine for muscle weakness in the legs attended with their trembling. Loss of muscle power in legs and extreme weakness from walking short distance is present. The person is unable to walk and has a staggering gait. Shooting pain in the legs may arise. Legs feel heavy and weary. Knees also feel weak. Conium Maculatum is also an indicated medicine for paralytic weakness in lower limbs that ascends upwards.

9. Plumbum Met – For Progressive Muscle Weakness

Plumbum Met is a natural cure for severe muscle weakness that progresses rapidly. There appears marked debility, weakness, and lameness of the arms. Muscles of the arm lack the power to move. Muscle weakness is severe and progressive. Cramping in the calf muscles may also be present. Plumbum Met is also a prominently indicated medicine for paralysis of limbs along with atrophy (wasting) of the muscles.

10. Sarcolacticum Acidum – Natural Medicine for Muscle Weakness with General Tiredness

Sarcolacticum Acidum is a remedy for muscle weakness along with general tiredness. Exertion aggravates the complaint, and the body feels sore. The person remains restless at night. There is tiredness felt in the neck, back, shoulders and wrist. Arms also feel tired and weak as if they lack strength.

Causes of Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness can arise for various reasons, which include prolonged bed rest, immobilization, lack of exercise, a sedentary lifestyle (if a person doesn’t use muscles, then muscle fibers are replaced by fat and muscles can’t contract effectively), aging. Increased calcium levels in the blood, low sodium levels, pinching of nerves in the spine, and Myasthenia gravis (an autoimmune neuromuscular disorder that causes weakness and fatigue of the muscles.) are some other causes.

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  1. Pragatimehta says:

    I. An suffering from writing crampm last 10 years .many types of treatment I have already taken but no response.
    Pl suggest me some medicine.

  2. Hi,
    please suggest homeopathic medicine for Shoulder Muscle Weakness.

  3. Samina qureshi says:

    Dr Sharma, two years back I had fallen on the left side as a result of which I suffered a hairline fracture of the fifth meratarsal. After recovery which took three months I felt disbalanced while walking, could not climb stairs without handrails and could not lift my left leg beyond a certain height. I went for a nerve test which revealed that my paroneal nerve of the left leg had been damaged. My left toe has lost sensation. Pl advise me the homeopathic medicine.

  4. Hi Dr Sharma my husband is 43yrs old he is suffering from muscular dystrophy fasiocopy muscular dystrophy. Pls ask some homeopathy medicine for this

  5. Ranjit Kr Sen says:

    I’m 70 yrs. Can not step-up stairs even a single. Feel weakness in both the knees acutely. I’m used to taking allopathic medicines for hypertension,T2DM, Hypothyroidism, etc.

    Now please suggest Homeopathic Remedies for Muscle Weakness of knees.


  6. Linda Tritton says:

    I have cushings disease and because of muscle weakness my breathing is very laboured. Can you recommend a remedy please.

  7. Peeti ahuja says:

    Hi Doctor Sharma, I feel weekness in my whole body legs arms hand shoulder neck. When i speak loudly i feel i am shivering. What strenthening homopathy medicine should i take?

    Kindly recomend

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

  8. Rabindra nath Chakrabarty says:

    Because of diabetes I am loosing muscle strength and it is becoming loose. Please prescribe homeopathy medicine

  9. Moshy Nagarkatti says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My uncle who is 84 years old has been a diabetic and is unable to walk due to nerve degeneration and muscle weakness. He cannot feel his legs, or control his muscles. He is fit otherwise and does not have any other problems. Could you please suggest some medicines and dosage for him.
    Thank You,

  10. Dr iffat jabeen says:

    I love this website, making my practice more healthy. Give’s very quick response when I feel emergency to choose remedy for my patients

  11. My son has skeletal muscle atrophy. He is 7 years old. He has not walked or standing. He has knees and elbows tightness .
    How can homeopathy help my son?

  12. MD IBRAHIM SK says:

    I feel lazy and like a old man not an energeatic.Muscles are weak in arms wrist and legs, sphincter and rectum.
    Name-Md Ibrahim Sk
    Age-19 yes
    Hight-170 cm
    W-55 kg

    • Ali Akbar Samo says:

      I am 55 year old and weight 92 kg height 5.6″ I have some bp problem and my nerves system is weak what I can take for relief. Previously I was patient of hep c and take three time its course.

  13. ANIL ANKHIWALA says:

    i have following problems
    1. Imbalance
    2. Legs get tired and heavy while walking for less than 100 mtrs
    3. steeping of right leg heavily
    4. round leg walking. Right leg turns round turn while walking.
    5. weakness in right hand. cannot properly write and sign
    6. blurry speach

    kindly guide some homoepathic medicine. doing physio regularly.

  14. I am looking for something to help with the weakness of my bladder muscles.

  15. M.Maqdoom Shah says:

    Doctor my son is 13.1 years old he is walking by lifting the feet upwards from the beginning and some times he walks correctly now from feet months he is losing the balance started falling now he walking by on his own but he need help to getup from the ground level from chair with effort he is getting up. I have giving him homeopathy malt, calcarea phos and calcarea fluorica

  16. Hi Dr. I have severe weakness of the sphincter and rectal muscles due to two failed pelvic floor operations after child birth in 1974. This condition had been worsening over the years. I pass a good first stool. But later I have fecal impaction and I have to hose out the faeces upto sometimes three times a day. My digestion also seems to be imbalanced. I have weak back, weak arms and weak wrists and legs. I have preference for heat. Acid mercuriatum30 seems suitable for me. Kindly advise. Also pls advise payment mode. Thank you very much.

  17. Doctor Mam,
    I feel weakness as I am unable to lift weight and shivering doing this.. feel pain in back , upper back and specially turning left right while sleeping or laying… Feel hard to stand on one foot.. Can’t do any hard work relating muscles..
    Age 48

  18. Ansh saxena says:

    My father suffering from myotonic dystrophy,please help…

  19. Hi doctor, i am taking Long carnetine 500 mg 4 tablets each day as a fat burner. I am also taking Conium Mac 200 for fat burning. Does this two medicine taking together is antidote with each other. Pl advise

  20. jaya mehra says:

    I feel lazy. Muscles are weak in arms wrist and legs, sphincter and rectum due to post birth operations. Also have bone spurs in knee. Hate to climb stairs. Dont like the cold. Occasional cramps I. Rectum and legs. Which is best remedy please? Thank you sir

  21. hi dr i m suffer from internal hemorrhoid about from 4 year suggest me quick action remedy

  22. James Barbieri says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    Some people I met have a 18 month girl who has
    no control over her muscles. She does not walk or even crawl. Can you recommend some treatment

    Thank you


  23. jerome scroggins says:

    Hello i sufer from DVT in both calf muscles the pain has also moved up to my thigh muscles as well i use crutches and a wheel chair i can only walk with the crutches 20 or 30 feet before i need to sit again, I only have pain when i stand/walk as soon as i sit down the pain leaves , I want to rebuild my muscles but the pain is to much for long walks. Please Help , Thank You

  24. Feeling tired full time, fatigue, muscle pain throughout the body, seizure,headache sometimes and breaking words sometime during talk.

  25. Shabbir Hussain says:

    Type2 diabetic patient severe weakness plz advise

  26. Sadanandam Chetty says:

    Since few months, lower limbs are becoming weak . This is happening after walking 5 to 10 minutes walk.
    Please suggest homeo.

  27. George Davis Sr. says:

    I have weekness in my back, arms, and legs . my back and arms is the worse , its like i have lost my uper body strenth.

  28. I have shivering in my body since childhood . I didnt walk for 2 yrs . They did physiotherapy then i started walking. since childhood I have excessive sweating if i stand for even 5 mins…i have shivering in my own body and it disappears at rest. I cant stand for 1 min at a place so i shift legs while standing. I didn’t cry for 2-3 mins after birth…i had jaundice after birth but it didnt affect the brain. Now my EEG , MRI are normal. Now i have shivering in my muscle and excessive heat from my body . Due to that sweating occurs. My thyroid status is normal and Ca+ levels are normal. Vit b12 and vit d is low . Why i have shivering and sweating ?

  29. Sir I am suffering from polymyositis . please send me a suggestion for this . thank you

    • Jagjeet Singh says:

      Sir one of my friends is suffering from polymyositis . He is around 50 and is diabeticfor the last 20 years . Please send me a prescription for this . thank you

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