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Homeopathic Medicines for Ringworms

Ring-shaped red patchy lesions forming on the body is an indication of a skin infection called Ringworm. The infection is caused by fungus and is also known as Dermatophytosis or Tinea. The Ringworm or Tinea infection is given many names in medical terminology as per the part of body involved. Tinea infection on the scalp is known asTinea Capitis, on the limbs or trunk it is called Tinea Corporis, on the feet it is given the name Tinea Pedis. Ringworm infection on the groin is termed Tinea Cruris. Ringworm infection is characterised by typical ring-shaped red patchy lesions with raised edges, and a clear centre. Itching and pain accompany the lesions. In Tinea Capitis, bald spots on the head are common. Ringworm infection is contagious and spreads from one person to the other through skin contact. It is also transferred from objects like clothing and combs being used by infected persons. Homeopathic treatment for ringworm provides a complete cure for Ringworm infection. The Homeopathic remedies for ringworm, which are made of natural substances and are safe with absolutely no side effects, not only help in providing relief from Ringworm symptoms, but also work to eradicate the infection from the body.

Homeopathic Treatment for Ringworm

Homeopathy offers an excellent treatment of Ringworm infection. The natural Homeopathic medicines help in providing relief from the acute symptoms of itching and burning of Ringworm lesions and also eradicating the disease in its entirety. The results are gained through properly selected Homeopathic remedies. With Homeopathic medicines, there is no chance of suppression of Ringworm infection and it is cured in a most gentle and efficient way.

Top Homeopathic Remedies For Ringworm Infection

Sepia: Best Homeopathic remedy for Ringworm infection in isolated spots

Sepia is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for Ringworm infection appearing in isolated spots. Although the Ringworm lesion for using Sepia can be noticed on any part of the body, the common location is the bends of knee and elbow. Homeopathic medicine Sepia gives wonderful results in the treatment of Ringworm eruptions appearing in bends of elbows or knees. The eruptions are accompanied by itching and scratching, though scratching does not provide any relief. Apart from these symptoms, increased sweating with or without a bad smell may be noticed in persons requiring Sepia. Another peculiar symptom for using Sepia is the recurrence of Ringworm infection in every spring season. Homeopathic medicine Sepia can help in eradicating the tendency to have a Ringworm infection every time the spring season approaches. High sensitivity towards cold air may be found with these symptoms. The mental symptoms of utmost importance while recommending Sepia are irritability and indifferent behaviour towards family, friends and life.

Tellurium: Top Homeopathic medicine for Ringworm infection with lesions on large part of body

Tellurium is the best natural Homeopathic medicine when Ringworm eruptions cover a large part of body. Here, the Ringworm lesions join one another and eventually cover a large area of skin. The body is densely covered with intersecting ring lesions. The Ringworm eruptions with clear margins are easily detectable on an increased surface of skin for using Tellurium. To select Homeopathic remedy Tellurium for treatment of Ringworm infection, the eruptions may appear on the whole body, on the face, or on limbs. The eruptions are marked by excessive itching and stinging sensation. The itching remains present throughout day and night. Cold air seems to worsen the itching. An offensive smell from the area covered with Ringworm eruptions is frequently noticed.

Sulphur: Homeopathic medicine for Ringworm infection with intense itching and burning

Sulphur is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic medicine for a large variety of skin diseases. In treating Ringworm lesions also, Sulphur is quite successful. The main complaint described by Ringworm patients that helps in selecting Homeopathic remedySulphur is intense itching and burning in eruptions. The person goes on scratching the lesions but it does not seem to provideany relief. Only intense burning sensation follows scratching. The itching is heightened at night in most patients who can benefit with Sulphur. Homeopathic medicine Sulphur is also of great help in all cases of Ringworm appearing on limbs, scalp, trunk and face when accompanied by intense itching and burning. Sulphur helps to soothen the itching and burning, followed by disappearance of eruptions. Sulphur is a deep acting natural Homeopathic remedy that can help in root extraction of Ringworm lesions if used for some time. Sulphur should always be the first Homeopathic choice in those cases of Ringworm that have been suppressed with local medications of varying kinds.

Psorinum: Homeopathic treatment for Ringworm on scalp and bends of joints

Psorinum is an excellent skin remedy used for the Homeopathic Treatment of Ringworm. Psorinum is mainly used for Ringworm infection of scalp and bends of joints. The eruptions are excessively itching. In most cases, the itching is enhanced in bed due to warmth. Hair loss is the key noticeable feature for using natural Homeopathic remedy Psorinum for Ringworm of scalp (Tinea Capitis). In a few cases, the hair appears dry, rough and lustreless. Another key symptom is profuse sweating with bad odour throughout the body. This symptom must always be considered. High sensitivity to cold air is another prominent symptom to be noted for using Psorinum. The persons needing Homeopathic medicine  Psorinum cannot tolerate cold air even in summer weather.

Arsenic Album:  Top Homeopathic remedy for scalp Ringworm

Arsenic Album is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic Remedy for Ringworm of scalp. The scalp shows bald spots with intolerable itching. The scalp is rough and dry. Along with itching, there is an intense burning sensation. The symptoms of itching and burning are most markedly disturbing at night. Arsenic Album helps in all spheres to reduce itching, burning and also helps in regrowth of hair on bald spots. Apart from these local symptoms, a few general symptoms are also to be taken into account in selecting Arsenic Album for Tinea Capitis. The first is acute anxiety. The second is extreme restlessness. The next is fastidiousness with a desire for clean surroundings and objects to be placed at a proper place. Thirst for a small quantity of water at very short intervals is another important symptom which is significant for selecting Homeopathic remedy Arsenic Album.

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  1. Pradip Kumar Samanta says:

    I am suffering from ring warm for 3 months. You are cordially requested to prescribe a medicine for me and oblige.
    Yours faithfully,

    Pradip Kumar Samanta

  2. Kedar Nayak says:

    since 2 month i have a ringworm below umblicus which covers area equal to almost 4inch circle.please suggest medicine

  3. since 2 month i have a ringworm below umblicus which covers area equal to almost 4inch circle.please suggest medicine

  4. Jitendra Rao says:

    How many days the medicine of ringworm is eaten to cure completely

  5. abir meddya says:

    i’m Abir Meddya,18 years old and I’m suffering from ringwarm last 1 year and no medicine is not found workable on it . now days it spreads to my body.It is itching so much.

  6. Joba Kusum says:

    My name is Joba (52 yrs). I have been suffering from ringworm infection under my right breast and innerside of thighs since last 6 months. I was prescribed allegra tablets and terbinafine hcl cream by my family doctor but healing process is too slow and i feel the infection will reoccur fully if i stop medicine single day. It is giving me intence itching and burning sensation throughout the day and night. Can you please help me.

    • I am having ring worn on inner side of my thighs for quite sometime it’s less in winter more in rains pl suggest

  7. Having large ring type infection on left cheek. Also on groin & some small rings on thigh & belly. 1st time happened to me. Itching sensation. Gives relief when scratched. But again starts after some time. Need eradication if these patches as gives a bad look to the face in public

  8. jayanta says:

    I (37 years m) have been suffering form groin ringworm science 8 mont .I have tried many medicine prescribed by the doctor but not cured.can you pls help me

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