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Top Homeopathic Remedies for Achalasia Cardia

Achalasia cardia is a rare motility disorder of the esophagus or food pipe. This disorder causes the esophageal muscle to not contract properly, due to which the LES (lower esophageal sphincter) is unable to relax properly. The scope of treating achalasia cardia with homeopathy is limited to mild and moderate cases. Homeopathic medicines like Alumina, Kali Carb, and Lachesis can be used to help treat achalasia cardia symptomatically.

homeopathy achalasia cardia

Homeopathic medicines for Achalasia Cardia.

The esophagus is a tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. The muscle layer of the esophagus contracts to move the food down from throat to the stomach. The esophagus has two sphincters. One sphincter lies at the upper end of the esophagus (upper oesophageal sphincter, UES) and another at the lower end of the esophagus (lower oesophageal sphincter, LES). The UES relax when the food has to enter esophagus from the throat, and the LES relaxes when food has to enter the stomach from the esophagus. Rest of times both these sphincters remain closed. In achalasia cardia, the esophageal muscles don’t contract properly. As a result, the swallowed food doesn’t move down into the stomach. In addition to this, the lower end of esophagus lying immediately above the LES begins to dilate.

Homeopathic Management of Achalasia Cardia

Cases of achalasia cardia can be symptomatically managed with the help of natural homeopathic medicines. However, in severe cases of achalasia cardia, it should be noted that homeopathy doesn’t have any significant role to play and help from the conventional mode of treatment is required. Homeopathic medicines aim at giving symptomatic relief in cases of achalasia cardia. Homeopathic prescription for achalasia cardia varies from case to case as per the individual characteristic features. Some of the well indicated homeopathic medicines for symptomatic management of achalasia cardia are – Alumina, Kali Carb, Lachesis, Phosphorus, Robinia, and Carbo Veg.

Homeopathic Medicines for Symptomatic Management of Achalasia Cardia

Alumina – Natural Medicine for Difficulty Swallowing Solids due to Achalasia Cardia

Alumina is a natural homeopathic medicine for managing swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) in cases of achalasia cardia. People who need Alumina find it very difficult to swallow solids. They need to cut their food in very small pieces before eating it. It is also extremely difficult for the food to pass down the food pipe and reach the stomach. It seems to get lodged in the food pipe. The person can feel the food lying in the whole length of the food pipe, and there is a sensation of a lump present in the throat.

Kali Carb – Natural Remedy for Food Being Stuck in the Food Pipe in Achalasia Cardia

Kali Carb is a natural homeopathic remedy for achalasia cardia when the food gets stuck in the food pipe. The person needing Kali Carb often complains that the food passes very slowly down the food pipe and lodges halfway there. A stinging pain may be felt in the throat while swallowing. There may be vomiting right after eating.

Lachesis – Natural Homeopathic Medicine For Achalasia Cardia where there is Difficulty Swallowing Liquids

Homeopathic medicine Lachesis is useful in case of achalasia cardia where the person experiences difficulty in swallowing. Solid food is swallowed easily but is difficult to swallow liquids. Liquids tend to back up and return through the nose. A constant sensation of a lump in the throat is present in a majority of the cases needing Lachesis.

Phosphorus – Natural Treatment for Regurgitation of Food in Achalasia Cardia

Phosphorus is an effective homeopathic remedy for achalasia cardia where there is a regurgitation of food. The lower end of esophagus seems contracted. The food comes up again in mouthfuls. This happens soon after swallowing the food. Nausea during the night is also common. A burning sensation in the food pipe (heartburn) is also present with the above symptoms.

Robinia – Effective Medicine for Heartburn in Achalasia Cardia

Robinia is prepared from the fresh bark of the root and young twigs of a plant named Robinia Pseudo-acacia. The natural order of this plant is Leguminosae. Robinia is a very effective homeopathic medicine for treating achalasia cardia when heartburn is most troublesome. Heartburn is most worse at night on lying down and is accompanied by vomiting of intensely sour fluid.

Carbo Veg – Natural Treatment for Heartburn in Cases of Achalasia Cardia

Carbo Veg is an effective homeopathic medicine for managing heartburn in cases of achalasia cardia. Along with heartburn sour, putrid belching appears. In some cases, water-brash may also be present. Vomiting of food is another indicative feature to use Carbo Veg.

Causes of Achalasia Cardia

Achalasia Cardia is thought to arise from damage to the nerves of the esophagus, as a result of which the muscle and sphincter of the esophagus do not work properly. The reason for nerve damage is yet unclear, and it is thought that an autoimmune process or a viral infection may cause degeneration of nerves in the esophagus. It is seen that older adults are more at risk to develop achalasia cardia than people of other age groups. In some rare instances, this condition can be hereditary and show a tendency to run in families.

Symptoms of Achalasia Cardia

The major symptom of achalasia cardia is difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia) that that keeps getting worse with time. Sometimes the condition worsens to an extent where it is entirely impossible for the food to enter the stomach. A sensation of food or liquid sticking in the food pipe or sensation of a lump in the throat is very commonly seen in cases of achalasia cardia. Other symptoms of achalasia cardia include heartburn, chest discomfort/chest pain, regurgitation (bringing back of the food/liquids swallowed into the mouth), coughing and frequent choking episodes. Gradual weight loss is also seen along with the above symptoms in some of the cases of achalasia cardia.

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  1. Charlotte Garland says:

    I have a lot of belching especially after eating. Early morning hours it feels like puttering inside. It used to be more pronounced. Now it is faster and more painful. Sometime I hurt into my right tonsil area. The middle of my chest is very tender and bloated after meals.

  2. John Doe says:

    Dr Sharma… I see a lot of queries regarding achalasia cardia in the comments directed to YOU.. None of them is answered.


  3. Rajesh Sharma says:

    My father is suffering from Achalasia Cardia….we had all tests done to establish the disorder right from barium test to myotomy and endoscopy.

    Right now he is on DEPIN 5 for the same….but the effect of the medicine has subsided.

    He can swallow solids easily but that remain lodged in the oesophagus and does not pass easily …has complaints of regurgitation and liduid taken after food comes out through mouth and nose often. He however has no pain or heartburn sensation. Taking liquid has become tough for him.. He is a diabetic and had a bypass surgey coule of year earlier. Right now he is 75 years of age.

    Kindly suggest

  4. Ramprakash shrivastava says:

    हां मुझे कभी कभी खाना खाते समय किसी एक कोर मे निगलने मे असुबिधा होती है पर यह रोज नहींं होती है छाती में जलन भी किसी किसी दिन रात में ३/४बजे सुवह सुवह होती होए पानी पीने से आराम होजाताहै डाक्टर नेअचलासिया २बताया है


    Dear sir,
    Iam suffering from Achalasia, feeling some times that a pill stays in my throat..
    I have come in contact with another doctor from your country who said that Homeopathy doesn’t help
    Please let me know if this is true or not
    Additionally let me know how much do you charge to turn to whenever I need your help
    Thank you

  6. Evin Ambala says:

    Hi Doctor can you solve my problem permanently by giving homeopathic medicine for Achlasia Cardia disorder. I have this problem since long but since past 5 months I am facing this acid reflux problem. Please guide me through a permanent solution for the same. Thankyou doctor.

  7. RAJESH RAI says:

    Sir, my 15 years old daughter is suffering from achalasia Cardia from last four months (near about). She is taking niphedipine as suggested by gastroenterologist. We also giving her homeopathy medicine under the guidance of homeo doctor, that are carbo veg 30, phosphorus 30, Lycopodium 30, Robinia 30, ancardium 30, ipicad 30 and causticum 30. She is feeling some improvement, but that is very less. Is there any permanent cure of achalasia Cardia in homeopathy. Or what to do next for permanent cure, please guide me. I will be very grateful to you. thanks and regards.

    • Amol Bansal says:

      Hello Dr., Can homeopathic medicine reverse or completely cure Achalasia cardia? My brother who is just 35 years is suffering from this disease and has undergone balloon therapy for it but still acid reflux is there….

  8. Mahendra oswal says:

    सर माझ्या वडीलांचे वय ८२असून त्यांना अन्न गीळण्यास त्रास होतो.
    तसेच खाल्ल्यानंतर त्यातील निम्मे उलटी होते.तर त्यावर कोणते औषध घ्यावे.

  9. Madan lal says:

    My relative, Rakesh kumar age 44 yrs has problem of Achalasia cardo 2 for the last 8 month. He can not eat food properly. Food stuck in the lower part of food pipe and glass of water pushes the food in the stomach. Endoscopy and monometry has been taken .
    He is loosing weight and has problem of constipation too..
    Kindly suggest remedy in Homeopathy.

  10. sardar bilal firdous says:

    I am a male of 42 years of age ,an advocate by profession thin and lean highet 5feet 9 inch,suffering from achlasia for the last 7 years..doctors suggest surgery ..for last 7 years using homeo medicines lachesis .carbo veg, ,abies nigra,arsnic album are main medicines I used in this period and benifitted from lachesis most .I am loosing weighet perhaps because of shortage of proper one chapati at one time with 4/5 glasses of water because food seems stuck in lower part of esophagus just above/ at the mouth of stomach and a glass of water pushes the food in stomach and I continue eating ,without water I can not eat .in a chapati eating I take 3 water breaks /glasses of water approximately for lowering the food .I have to sit very straight while dining .drink water slowly .can not take tea without a glass of water ,after half cup of tea I have to drink water ..can not enjoy milk shakes etc ,cold liquids are also very problematic unbearable.for the last 6 years I ve not used cold drinks ,milk shakes ice cream etc..please suggest treatment /medicine .

  11. अभिजीत मारुती दगडे says:

    सर मी सातारा जिल्ह्यातील आहे मला गिळण्यास भरपूर त्रास होत आहे तरी मला या वर उपाय सुचवा 9561145062

  12. Rajwant says:

    Dear doctor,
    I am 57. I have achalasia cardia, with constricted LES. I was advised surgery but I always choose homeopathic medicine.
    I had difficulty in swallowing both liquid and solid food.
    My doctor gave me Alumina first, because at that time, difficulty in solids was more prominent.
    I improved by about 65 percent.
    Now difficulty in swallowing liquids remains more. My doctor had said 6 months ago that we would use Lachesis in such eventuality.
    Due to COVID situation, I cannot visit or contact my doctor, who is 600 km away.
    Please advise me on the correct dose of Lachesis 1000c to be taken. How many drops, how many times.
    Thank you.

  13. Ananda Bhattacharjee says:

    Sir ,
    I am suffering from Achlasia cardia and have gone through Baloon dilation . But still has spasms and difficulty in swalloing . Pls contact and help me

  14. Subba reddy says:

    I am diagnosed with Achalasia cardia – grade 1 in 2017. I am now 70 yrs old. I have not gone for conventional treatment though doctor suggested for it. I am able to manage it and the condition neither improved nor worsened.
    I swallow the food without any difficulty say 1/2 of expected to eat and in the middle I get stuck and I have drink water and push it. By the time I complete my food I need 1 litre of water. Rarely I get nusea or food coming back in to throat. When I lie down flat after meal I get reflux. Early morning when I wake up I omit very little quantity of food undigested or might be struck in esophagus.
    Do you suggest any medicine for me to get it rid off.
    S. Reddy

  15. Gunjan Ramawat says:

    Hi Dr. my wife Gunjan is suffering from Achalasia Cardia from last 1.5 yrs, once balloon dialatiin was done at SMS Hospital by Dr. Rupesh Pokharna, but after a month again the same position occured, please suggest any suitable Homeopathic medicine so that she can easilyveat atleast some food and liquid.

  16. S P Sharma says:

    Sir my son 22yrs old have achalasia cardia (fragmented parastalysis) from 7months& acidity from 3yrs please suggest best medicine

    • Ananda Alwar RP says:

      Dr. Sharm
      My wife Geetha Alwar aged around 66 years had problem of Achalasia as early 1995 and underwent dilatation at St. Johns Bangalore. From then on occasionally episodes of difficulties in swallowing food was occurring once in 15days.
      In 2005 she had problem of right side vocal cord polyp hoarseness of voice and was removed and till December 2016 she didn’t have any problem. The polyp reappeared in March 2017 and it was totally removed and the sample of biopsy suggested sqamous cell carcinoma of glottis. She underwent Radiation Therapy 66 sittings and completed 15 th June 2017. But Radiation Therapy was not effective a second biopsy was done in April 2018 followed by PET CTscan. PET report indicated No squamous Carcinoma.
      But again by October 2018 carcinoma recurred and Total Laryngectomy was done on 20 th November 2018. TEP installed.
      She was on PPI tablets like Pantaprazole or different molecules one in the night for her GERD. 20 – 40 mg from the year 2012.
      From last October her GERD problem increased now she has been diagnosed to have Achalasia Type1. Since she has already undergone a major surgery one more is not possible.
      That being the case how Homeopathy Can Treat this condition. I am highly obliged to have your advice on this problem Sir. It will of great help to the patient. There is frequent cough and secretion in her stomach and severe burning sensation in her throat region. At times she experiences heartburn also.
      Look forward to your advice Sir.

  17. CHANDRAMANISHI Kumar says:

    I am suffering from achalasia cardia for the last one and half years. Three times balloon dialation we’re done. Now Dr. suggested me for surgery as dialation is not effective now. Now I am unable to swallow food as well as liquid also.

  18. Debbie wiggins says:

    Do offered treatment for esophageal spasms? I was recently diagnosed with achalasia type 1.

  19. Pankaj sawhney says:

    I was suffering from acidity and regurgitation of food that was misunderstood as gerd but finally it was diagnosed as aachalasia type 1 Sir can it be voted with homeopathic medicines as I am facing weight loss

  20. Muktesh Murlidhar Ramawat says:

    Once baloon dilation is done on 28/2/2019. Bit again im not able to swallow Solid and Liquid.
    Suggest a Homeopathy medicine.
    Already taking 2 droos of Condurango 30 c.
    Please help doctor

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