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Low on Hemoglobin ? Homeopathic Medicines For Anemia can work wonders

Homeopathic Remedies For Anemia

Anemia is not in itself a disease, it just gives an indication towards various medical conditions associated with diseases. Anemia refers to a reduction of red blood cell count or decreased haemoglobin level. Since the red cell production is reduced or the red blood cells are destroyed at a high rate, the end result is weakness, fatigue and various other symptoms. Homeopathic remedies  provides a complete cure for anemia . The natural Homeopathic medicines are free from any side effects and are very effective in the treatment of Anemia.

Various Causes And Types of Anemia

Haemorrhage: After accidental trauma, heavy bleeding during periods in women or bleeding during childbirth, bleeding in medical conditions like gastric ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease, cancer of gut, parasitic manifestation in gut-like hook worm, Schistosomiasis.

Iron deficiency: Iron Deficiency Anemia is common during pregnancy and lactation and from acute haemorrhage or chronic blood loss. The cause is either a decreased intake of iron rich diet or impaired absorption of iron in the gut.

Deficiency of Vitamin B12 or Folic Acid: It leads to Megaloblastic Anemia.

Pernicious Anemia: This type of Anemia arises from an autoimmune disorder where there is atrophy of gastric mucosa with the resultant decrease in parietal cells and intrinsic factor produced by these cells. Intrinsic factor is required to absorb Vitamin B12. So, in Pernicious Anemia, defective absorption of Vitamin B12 is the cause and not its nutritional deficiency.

Haemolytic Anemia: It is a result of destruction of red blood cells as in malaria, and abnormal red blood cells prone to breakage as in Sickle Cell Anemia.

Thallasemia: An inherited disorder in which the haemoglobin production is impaired.

Symptoms of Anemia

Pallor; weakness or fatigue; vertigo; mouth soreness; difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath; palpitation; jaundice in Haemolytic Anemia; Koilonychia (spoon-shaped nails) in Iron Deficiency Anemia; pica (desire to eat strange indigestible things including chalk, clay, lime, dry rice, etc) in Iron Deficiency Anemia; gastric symptoms (like diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting); tingling and numbness of limbs in Pernicious Anemia.[toc]

Natural Homeopathic Treatment For Anemia

The Homeopathic mode of treatment, with the use of medicines made of natural substances, is very effective in treating Anemia. There is no specific Homeopathic remedies for Anemia. The medicines are solely selected on the basis of individual symptoms.

 Top Homeopathic Medicines For Anemia

Ferrum Metallicum: Best Homeopathic medicine for Anemia

There are several natural Homeopathic medicines that are of great help in the treatment of Anemia, but Ferrum Metallicum or Ferrum Met as it is known tops the list. The persons needing Ferrum Met are weak with paleness, and have frequent false flushings appearing at the slightest excitement. Vertigo, pulsating headaches and ringing in ears are also experienced by patients. Difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath with palpitations in heart are dominantly present in such patients, as is coldness of body. Homeopathic remedy Ferrum Met needs a special reference for its use in females who are anemic due to excessive bleeding during periods. The blood flows abundantly and the periods last much longer than normal.

Aletris Farinosa: Homeopathic medicine for Anemia in women with extreme fatigue

Aletris Farinosa is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for women suffering from Anemia with extreme weakness and fatigue. There is a marked weariness and tiredness all day in such patients. The energy level seems to be markedly reduced and the body feels powerless. Frequent episodes of faintness and vertigo are common and even the face appears very pale. Anemia in women due to repeated abortions is best treated with Homeopathic remedy Aletris Farinosa. Vaginal discharge due to Anemia can also be corrected with this Homeopathic medicine. Aletris Farinosa is also the ideal Homeopathic mode of treatment for women with Anemia due to abundant bleeding during periods.

China: one of the Best Homeopathic medicines for Anemia following excessive bleeding

Anemia due to extreme blood loss is best treated with natural Homeopathic medicine China. The bleeding can be the result of a traumatic injury, excessive bleeding in periods or bleeding from any part of body like throat, bowels, nose, etc. The person is exhausted and even fainting spells occur due to extreme anemic conditions consequent to blood loss. Episodes of vertigo with marked weakness are also experienced. The body feels cold and pallor is marked. The face especially appears pale with sunken features. Homeopathic medicine China acts both as a haemorrhage controller as well as enhances the amount of blood after the bleeding episodes.

Natrum Mur: One of the best  Homeopathic medicines for Anemia with weight loss

Natural Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur acts very efficiently to control weight loss as a result of Anemia. The person appears very lean and emaciated with loss of flesh. The headache due to Anemia is also best treated with Natrum Mur. The headache is mainly bursting in character. Nausea and vomiting may accompany the pain in head. Natrum Mur is also the Homeopathic cure when anemic patients experience palpitations. Natrum Mur has a great ability to control palpitations due to decreased blood. Anemia due to longstanding grief is also best treated with Homeopathic remedy Natrum Mur. There is also a marked desire for extra salt in persons needing Natrum Mur to cure Anemia.

Homeopathic medicine Ferrum Phos a haemoglobin enhancer

Ferrum Phos is the most frequently used natural Homeopathic medicine to increase the haemoglobin level. It can be safely used among people of all age groups. Even during Anemia in pregnancy, Ferrum Phos is a safe Homeopathic remedy though the dosage is to be properly handled by the physician during pregnancy. The skin appears pale in persons needing Ferrum Phos and they also experience palpitation of heart and weakness. The pulse rate is quickened. Vertigo and headache also appear as symptoms. Ferrum Phos is also the best Homeopathic remedy for controlling sweat in anemic patients especially at night.

Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Anemia after haemorrhage

The best Homeopathic medicines for replenishing the blood lost due to haemorrhage are Ferrum Met and China. Ferrum Met is used when palpitations, weakness and coldness are marked. China is an ideal Homeopathic medicine when faintness and vertigo with complete exhaustion from bleeding is the symptom picture.

Homeopathic medicines for treatment of Pernicious Anemia

The top natural Homeopathic medicines for Pernicious Anemia are Picric Acid and Phosphorus. The symptoms that help in selection of Picric Acid are extreme weakness and prostration. Very marked weakness is present with a tired feeling all day. Tingling in limbs with needle-like sensation is often present. There is also an aversion to do any kind of work. Phosphorus is a Homeopathic remedy of great help when there is a numbness of hands and arms. Longstanding diarrhoea with weakness is also experienced. An increased desire for cold drinks and ice creams is often noticed in persons who can benefit with Homeopathic medicine Phosphorus.

Homeopathic medicines for Anemia following malaria

Arsenic Album, Natrum Mur and Alstonia Scholaris are efficient natural Homeopathic remedies for Anemia due to malaria. Natrum Mur can help all those patients who are emaciated with weakness. Usually a history of chronic malaria is found among such patients. Natrum Mur is also known to cut the bad effects of taking excessive quinine used as an anti-malarial drug. The persons needing Natrum Mur have a weakness that shows its presence markedly in morning. Headache and palpitations may also be experienced. Excessive craving for salts is an important symptom guiding towards the use of Homeopathic remedy Natrum Mur. On the other hand, Arsenic Album is the Homeopathic choice when there is a marked weakness that gets worse at night.  The person seems exhausted with much weakness. Even a slight exertion seems to worsen the weakness. Other important symptoms include anxiety and restlessness. Homeopathic medicine Alstonia Scholaris is considered a complete tonic for patients who have Anemia and other complaints following malarial fever. The complaints apart from Anemia are weak digestion. The patients needing Alstonia Scholaris list a history of diarrhoea during malarial fever.

Homeopathic treatment for Anemia due to nutritional disturbances

Alumina, Nux Vomica and Calcarea Phos are wonderful natural Homeopathic medicines  for Anemia due to nutritional disturbances. Alumina is the best Homeopathic remedy when there is sluggishness of the gastric system and the person remains very constipated. The intestines are so sluggish that the stool is retained for many days together.  The urge to pass stool is absent. Along with constipation, pica is dominant and there is a desire for chalk, coffee grounds and other indigestible things. The person also has sensitivity to cold air.  The main symptom for using Homeopathic medicine Nux Vomica is also constipation and senstivity to cold air. But the character of constipation is exactly opposed to Alumina. For using Nux Vomica, the constipation symptom is scanty stool with frequent ineffectual desire to pass stool. Acidity and heaviness in abdomen after eating is also marked. Calcarea Phos is the Homeopathic remedy for children with Anemia and a weak digestive power. The abdomen is full of gas. Desire for salt or meat (especially smoked meat) is often noted. The child is also usually irritable and also has weak bones.

Homeopathic medicines for Anemia during pregnancy

Ferrum Phos and Aletris Farinosa are very efficient natural Homeopathic medicines for Anemia during pregnancy. Ferrum Phos is of great help for all women during pregnancy suffering from anemia. The symptoms that may be found are paleness, weakness and palpitations with a fast pulse. Aletris Farinosa is the ideal Homeopathic remedy when extreme weariness and tiredness are the symptoms. Fainting and vertigo are also experienced. Although these are safe remedies, the Homeopathic physician’s advice should always be taken before using these medicines as the dose and potency varies in every case.

Homeopathic medicines for Anemia where pica is predominantly present

Alumina and Calcarea Carb are the natural Homeopathic medicines for anemia that work well to control pica . Alumina is used when a person desires chalk or coffee/tea grounds or dry rice. Constipation is marked along with pica. Calcarea Carb is the Homeopathic medicine recommended when there is a desire for lime, chalk and pencils. Craving for boiled eggs and increased sweat on head are important symptoms that if present add more weightage in selecting Calcarea Carb over Alumina.

Homeopathic medicines to control palpitations in anaemic persons

Ferrum Met and Natrum Mur are the best natural Homeopathic  medicines to treat palpitations in anemic patients. Homeopathic medicine Ferrum Met is used when palpitations get worse with motion. Chest oppression with difficulty in breathing are accompanying symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Mur works well when palpitations with fluttering sensations are marked. The palpitations are violent, shaking the whole body.

Natural Homeopathic medicines for Anemia with Weakness

Ferrum Met, China and Natrum Mur are the Homeopathic medicines that are very beneficial in treating weakness in Anemic patients. Ferrum Met is most suited when there is a marked weakness when walking and speaking. China is the best Homeopathic remedy when vertigo and weakness in addition to weakness are present. And for weakness that is worse in morning, Natrum Mur is the most suitable Homeopathic remedy.




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  1. Instead of giving iron supplements to my toddler which homeopathy medication can I give him?

  2. Dr Susheela Dharamvir says:

    I have anaemia in which RBC count is low ie production of RBC is less.
    Iron,folic acid and b12 are normal and no blood loss.
    I am a67 years old Med Sp..

  3. Pratik Chatterjee says:

    I am thalesemia minor / trait whixh was confiremd theiught electropholorisi test . My father also was a thalesemia minor . Currently i am feeling lot of tiredness, headache body ache ? Pain lower limbs and occasional shortness of breath. I can feel muly hb level has gone down
    Pls suggest medicine

  4. Ritesh Ranjan says:

    Hi, My mother is 55 years old. She is suffering from Anaemia and weight loss. She is suffering from weakness,lack of proper sleeping, fatigue also. Her Haemoglobin level is 10.1. Please suggest medicine.

  5. Sunita khosla says:

    Hello dr Sharma.
    I have written to u before. But no reply
    I need major help. I am going through metastic br ast cancer
    Hedaches and low blood counts. Sleep is a big issue

  6. Mary McGowan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I looked the informative email about Nat Mur and Anemia remedies. I’m wondering how you’d dose anemia with individuals with hypothyroidism? It’s sort of an ongoing state. Low Hemocrit.
    Would you advice 6c two times a day over several months? or 30c a day for a week? In addition to iron supplementation?

  7. Nagarajan says:

    Hi, I am 67 and need to have access to Geriartric remedies which will come useful to me at this age. I want to read more and acquire good knowledge so that I can make use of it in my day to day life. Let me know the resources available online for free. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi,my daughter have E-Beta Thallassemia,need advice treatment option in homeopathy

  9. Aneta Wrobel says:

    Hi sir,
    I have been diagnosed with fibroids. Two small myomas are locallised so badly gives me heavy periods, severe cramps like squeezing of uterus and leads me to an anaemia. I can feek preassure on my bladder and low back pain too. Could you please advise me a specific treatment.

  10. Narendra says:

    Hi sir,

    My sister is suffering from animia and she is treatment with allopathy medicine can you suggest her for an homeopathy medicine for it’s permanent cure with homeopathy medicine

    For your reference I have attched Pricription also please go through attachment and suggest me


  11. Praveen Kumar says:

    pls suggest remedy fo anemia due to beta thelasemia. i m 52 yrs male. thanks

  12. sunil kumar sharma says:

    i am 62 years old with low heamoglobin. My stomach is usually full with gas or acidity , donot feel urge for motion ,have vertigo problem and humming inears.

    Doctor help me in choosing homeopathy medicine

  13. Deo Sharan says:

    How to increase hemoglobin level in my my newborn baby of two month.

  14. Iam not increasing my weight and height even after eating.i want to increase both..
    Iam a homoeopathy student 3rd year
    Plz suggest me a remedy

  15. S sujathakunisai Kunisaiselvam says:

    I am sujathakunisai I have hypo thyroid taking medicine past twelve years and breathing problem also please suggest Homeo medicine s

  16. I have anemia . Low RBC and low hemoglobin.
    Not due to any of the factors mentioned in the anemia article. Low GFR at 28.creatine is 2.5
    There is gradual decrease in the kidney function.
    Is there a homeopathic medicine that would stop the decrease of the kidney function. and also slowly reverse the kidney damage. Is there any medication to increase the production erythropoietin in the kidney

    • Suvra manna says:

      My mother age 72 years, himoglobin 5.4 and creatinine 6.2, I give her two unit blood Dr suggested dialocis continue, but. I want to stop dialosic by homeopathy medicine, please save my mother life and advice me

  17. what is pica?

  18. i am homoeopath my dtr has low hb high ferritin due to beta thallaemea trait can u help me in thi regard

  19. Sobia zulfiqar says:

    Anaemic hbis 7.5 most of the time 2 cisarian after the gap of 5 year,37 age ,constipated all time ,fluctuation in mood ,mostly agression ,

  20. RASHMI SINHA says:

    I am 40 years old house wife lady having two child, one is 12 years and another is 6 years old. Both delivery was normal. Having Heel pain from last 6 years. My Iron Profile is low and Hemoglobin is around 8.00. Having white discharge issue also from last two years. Having no interest in Sex and feel irritated everytime. Also feeling somewhere distress without having any reason. I live at single family and my husband and childs are good. I have taken Allopathic treatment and Ayurvedic treatment. No permanent solution received from last two years.

  21. vijay kumar bhalla says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I am suffering from M D S….. thus am required to take frequent blood transfusions which has increased my…. SERUM FERRATTIN …….level to above 2000 nano grams per milli ltr of blood

    Pl advise if there is any homeo treatment for this. i am 74 yrs of age,and have survived mostly on homeopathy pills during all my child hood .

    Chelation medicines in elopathy are RATHER very costly and have to be imported…I am retired hence feeling the pinch. my bone marrow does not produce enough R B C hence chronic anemia continues.LOW Hg case. Would be grateful for yr kind advise and guidance on the above


    Vijay Bhalla

  22. Prem Chand Murarka says:

    My wife age 69 is a diabetic patient since 25 yrs having family history of father, mother, brothers and sisters.
    His brother died at age 58 due to kidney disease. My wife under insulin twice and presently she is under control having serum creatinine 1.6 but her hb% is 9 in spite of taking injection wepro 4000 units weekly but hb% is same, no improvement. One if my friend is a renounced homeo doctor practicing at Mumbai advised me to start SBL Ferrum Metallicum dilution 50 M CH or Ferrum Metalicum 30. My friend is now out of India. Will you please help me advising dose and which is best.

  23. Shelondria says:

    Need to order Ferrum Met…..please advise

  24. Doralynn Keltner says:

    HI, I had radiation for uterine cancer and am now having iron infusions very often and have had blood transfusions. I am a senior and have much pain in my body with muscular and discs that are herniated. I get short of breath also. What is the best homeopathic remedy for me? They are now considering a bone marrow biopsy to rule out AML. I dont want to do this. Also I have internal bleeding in the colon from radiation damage. Please help if you will. Thank youl.

  25. Zulfiqar Ali says:

    My daughter is pregnant and expected delivery in January 2019. She has deficiency of iron. Medicine advised by the doctor given to increase the iron but after tests of Hb electrophoresis pointed out that iron not absorbed in the body. Kindly advise homoeopathic medicine.

  26. Dr Sharmila Mascarenhas says:

    Dr Sharma
    I have Hb 9,5. Get palpitations extreme fatigue headache Low hb is due to excessive bleeding during menses pl advise

  27. Mostaque Ahmed says:

    My mother Monoara Begum 74 a cancer patient and after her treatment in Singapore her hemoglobyn level now stands at 8.7. We meantime due to lower hemoglobyn level (from 6.2 to 7.5) with palpitation given 3 times blood. But after infusion in each cases within 7 to 10 days it’s reduced and present is 8.7.

    Since she is a cancer patient with diabetics and any pain killer medicine enhance her palpitation we like to have your say or prescription for any homeopathy medicine,

    Waiting for your kind opinion with regards

    Mostaque Ahmed
    Dhaka bank limited, Dhaka

  28. Hi, I have low ferritin and muscles weakness, joint pain, digestive disturbance like mix of normal stool to soft stool and anxiety with palpitations. Which homeopathic remedy do you recommend? thank you so much. I have 3 days of menstruation with blood cloths and 1 day very heavy. I am 41.

  29. Rakesh Mishra says:

    My 14th yr. Son has beta thalassemia & enlarged spleen after 1bt each 20 days hb is 5.4 suggestion is appriaciated

  30. Joyce Weir says:

    my husband is suffering from multiple myeloma. thru nutrition I think we have gained against the cancer itself but the anemia is keeping him so weak. suggestions are appreciated


    I have been diagnosed having Iritis and having fluid deposited ic retina of right eye resulting in retina detachment. I have almost zero vision in right eye. I see dark patches and have foggy vision.Alopathic Doctor said surgery is only option.Whether there is homeopathic treatment of my problem?

  32. Sir my mother is anaemic… Her hemoglobin is 5.2 .wat should we do. Plz advice

  33. Deep Rastogi says:

    My 3 years old daughter having leg pain and 3month ago she suffered from typhoid fever after that every 30 days she got abdomen pain and again suffer from fever. She is having constipation problem also. Hemoglobin is also low. So please suggest what should I do.

  34. Girish chadha says:

    Hello Dr
    I am Girish chadha from patiala,i am anemic nd having pitutetry tumor but taking medicine
    But all types of test done fr anemic but not daignosed except bone merro
    Please suggest homeopathy medicine to improve Hb

  35. I took a small vial of white granules held under my tongue several years ago while undergoing chemo infusions. I cannot remember the name of the product but it helped keep my blood count sting in between infusions. Any idea what that was? I found a lab out of New York that distributed it to chemo patients.

  36. K.Jayakumar says:

    I always feel thirsty.After taking tea or water, i have a sticky feeling in the tongue. I consulted three ENT, they say there is no medicine as i am 63 years. Of course, i have diabetics and the physician for diabetics say it is not due to it.

    Please advice what i should in this regard.

  37. Avinash Sharma says:

    I feel weakness . sometimes my body inflamate in minor and then sudden in normal condition and in after night dinner my stomach not feel good it feel like tight .

  38. Deep Rastogi says:

    My daughter is 3 years old and suffering from the vitimin calcium D3 problem as per doctor HB is also low. He is suffering leg pain . one month earlier she suffered from tyfied fever and from then she is having stomach pain continuously please suggest .

  39. Diwakar kumar says:

    My HG is 9.6 recently I started medicine
    for hypertension.
    Kindly suggest me homoeopathic medicines to increase Hemoglobin

  40. Dear Dr sharma
    My wife is having gastric ulser since two and half years and she have also history of severe anemia. Due to ulser diet is compromised. Could you please advise me what could be the best medicine for her. Is it possible that ulser and can be treated simultaneously. Her age is 40. And we have two kids. Her weight is 62 and height is 5 feet.

  41. Muhammad Afzal says:

    Dear Dr Sharma
    My sister is suffering from hemolytic anemia. her age is now 40. plz suggest medicine for this disease

  42. Terry Taylor says:

    What if the hemoglobin is 1.8 and the hematocrit is 7.4?

  43. Faith Parker says:

    Hello. I am 53 and have had pernicious anaemia for 7 years. I am also folate deficient, iron deficient and my ferritin level is almost 0. I can’t tolerate iron supplements due to an anyphlaxis type reaction so cannot receive infusions. I am exhausted, yellow pallor, can’t feel my hands or feet. I have sinus tachycardia and palpitations. My anaemia is caused by uterine fibroids that cannot be removed because of their position. I had uterine polyps that have been removed a few months ago. I would be very grateful for any help please.

  44. Avalee Hunter says:

    I really need your help. My husband has cancer from exposure to agent Orange. Prostate cancer, bladder cancer, multiple myeloma, anemia, heart flutters, very weak, pale,no energy, insomnia,craves salt and sugar, he eats junk food to bursting at night,severe brain fog, cannot concentrate on work, until organized, slob behavior, severe hoarding, not making money, about to lose the home.
    He is a tall Nordic, wants the house super quiet, no tv or music, non social, tries to work but cannot concentrate, severe depression, easily distracted, getting weaker physically and mentally, very weak and heart flutters when he tries to work out, has insomnia and finally goes to sleep around 4 or 5 AM every night, then he has violent nightmares, cannot wake up till 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Very grouchy and does not want to talk to anyone for at least 1 to 2 hours. He yells if I try to talk to him about getting help. He says western medicine is the only medicine. He had prostate radiation that left him impotent and his penis size has severely atrophied. Then he got bladder cancer. I am at my wits end.
    He will not go to see a homeopathic doc, I could use your help.

  45. Avalee Hunter says:

    I really need your help. My husband has cancer from exposure to agent Orange. Prostate cancer, bladder cancer, multiple myeloma, anemia, heart flutters, very weak, pale,no energy, insomnia,craves salt and sugar, he eats junk food to bursting at night,severe brain fog, cannot concentrate on work, until organized, slob behavior, severe hoarding, not making money, about to lose the home.
    He is a tall Nordic, wants the house super quiet, no tv or music, non social, tries to work but cannot concentrate, severe depression, easily distracted, getting weaker physically and mentally, very weak and heart flutters when he tries to work out, has insomnia and finally goes to sleep around 4 or 5 AM every night, then he has violent nightmares, cannot wake up till 12 or 1 in the afternoon. Very grouchy and does not want to talk to anyone for at least 1 to 2 hours. He yells if I try to talk to him about getting help. He says western medicine is the only medicine. I am at my wits end.
    He will not go to see a homeopathic doc, I could use your help.

  46. Please tell me sugar free iron tonic for 60 years old lady in homopathic

  47. Ajay Saroha says:

    Hello,Dr Dharma,My son is now 4 years old.His Hb level remains at 6.5 to 7.00 despite best of food and iron + B12 supplements.His face is pale,though active but exhausts earlier than his fellow mates in school.He has been on cow milk during and up to 3 years of his age.He shows disinterest from food but craves for chalk,sucki g his socks,hanky and strips of his school bag.
    We have not tried homeopathy so far.Please advise some homeopathy treatment for his anaemia and increase in his Hb level.

  48. kathy browning says:

    hello, Dr. Sharma, i have been diagnosed with a low grade B-cell lymphoma which started by making me real itchy, especially at night and caused insomnia last winter, then progressed with weakness, vertigo, and finally anemia which put me in the hospital with a hemoglobin of 8.4. A bone marrow biopsy was done in July of ’17 and reviewed by mayo clinic to diagnose this. a couple weeks after the transfusions the hemoglobin was down again and Dr. Andrew Riddle, a hematologist and oncologist in Traverse City started me on steroids which stopped it from happening again and my hg went back up. but when i tapered off them it went back down again. i have used homeopathic remedies a lot with my daughter when she was growing up and believe they can help me. would you have any suggestions? i am 64 yrs old. i am also, on my own, learning about and taking Rick Simpson Oil. The only other meds (besides a lot of supplements and herb capsules and tinctures) i take is half an aspirin a day, for a blood thinner. Three years ago i had a heart valve replacement of my aortic valve with a pig valve… the only other health problem i’ve had

  49. One year old baby girl suffering from homolyticanemia.kindly suggest best homoepatyy treatment.Regards

  50. Neeraj kalra says:

    Hello doctor,
    My son is 3 yr old and his hemoglobin is 8.0 when he was 9 month some kind of infection in his body at that time his hemoglobin 6.7 so doctor suggested me for blood transfusion and after transfusion his HB 13 . He is very active and fine. But HB is 8.00 kindly suggest homeopathic medicine to increase HB


  51. Hi , I am undergoing treatment for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, my blood counts are way down, hemoglobin down to 7.1, I am experiencing throbbing headaches that last all day, dizziness, and shortness of breath constantly, also a pulsating noise in my ears, what would you suggest as a homeopathic solution to raise my hemoglobin levels. Thank You for any help you can provide. I am using conventional treatments, although I don’t trust the drugs because of side effects and effectiveness. Thanks again…..

  52. Brandi Baker says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,

    My child received the DTaP vaccine in August. It was against my will. This was their first and hopefully only one they will receive. Since the vaccine, they had reactions/symptoms starting immediately, including abdominal pain. They have been sick multiple times with gastrointestinal sicknesses, vomiting, nausea, constipation etc. What homeopathic should I begin with to address abdominal pain? They are 4, 4, and 5 yr old.

    One has constipation, abdominal pain, wants peppermint on belly when it hurts, has frequent headaches (with no relief of lavender essential oil or frankensence rubbed on temples and back of neck.) She has low energy sometimes. She is sensitive to warm warm bath water compared to my boys who are 4 and don’t call it hot like she does as she has to wait until it it more luke-warm. She also grinds her teeth/jaw when sleeping since the vaccine. When she is upset she can get hot tempered and assume the worst of someone else who bumps her by accident. She doesn’t have moons on her nails. She is a chronic nail biter aaa well as biting her toenails to keep short. However, she has done that since she was a toddler and may be due to when I cut to close to her skin when trimming her fingernail as a baby one time. I hope this helps give some symptoms.

    One boy has red skin about a inch extending out from where his anus hole is/bowl area. Another family member in the past has used medicated chapstick to offer relief there when it was super red and hurt him. He tends to get redness there regularl. He has abdominal pain since the DTaP and has also had stomach sicknesses multiple times since the vaccine injection. He is asks over and over and over for “something” he may want or want to know, he is very neat and tidy when folding things and helping, he overall is merciful and does not choose to retaliate, he sleeps an extra 30 min then the other two kids.

    The other child is hot tempered, has fits daily, steals, steals sweets, has looser stools, complains of abdominal pain regularly since vaccine, has also had stomach illnesses with stjrowing up multiple times since vaccines, wakes every night at 11pm ish, and loves cuddling with me and his Daddy when he comes to our bed, wakes early, and high energy, balance is always off – falls and sways around and holds onto things often when in a few seconds.

  53. K. VENKATA RAO says:

    Dear Dr. Sharmaji,

    I am 66 old having kidney transplant about 30 years ago. Since 1988, I was on immuno supper-sent medicines like prednisolone 5mg (steroid) Azoran & Cyclosporine, which I am supposed to have life long to avoid kidney rejection. As a result, my Hemoglobin is around 9 only and getting breathing problems leading to disturbed sleep, unable to walk due to weakness in my legs (right leg is polio effected in childhood), some times heart palpitations etc. Because of steroid and other medicines, i am having sugar & BP which are in control with some other medicines, Keeping in view of the above, kindly suggest me a good homeo medicine to increase my Hemoglobin levels without any side effects.
    Awaiting your early reply,
    Thanks & Regards,

  54. doctor iam sujitha suffering from b12 deficiency and difficulty in walking .. and iam taking monthyly shots… and also taking depran 10mg tablet ..its too horrible to live with pls give a remedy immediatly pls…………

  55. How can we treat anaemia

    • Kalpana Dennison says:

      I am suffering from hypothyroidism mild celiac condition and anemia. My body doesn’t absorb iron. Due to celiac condition I can’t eat wheat regularly. Hypothyroidism is under control. I also can’t take iron tablets or tonic as it gives me loose motion. Kindly advice if there is any scope in homeopathy

  56. Jason Fernandes says:

    I have a 2 year old son who haemoglobin count is low. He had loose motions and appetite has aso reduced. There are times where he also womits. Please suggest a homeopathic remedy

  57. hi
    I am suffering from anemia with low hb 6.9

  58. Mahendra R Nilekani says:

    My mother feels like some times cold in the body or it may be some times like vibration she also tell that in the morning after brake fast she feels pain in her head and some sweet is it because of iron deficiency or what else is it.
    Pls refer remedy

  59. AK Bhandari says:

    Frequent stomatitis (mouth ulcers) despite no costipation.

  60. Pushap raj says:

    Dear Dr.
    My ten years old son suffering from haemolytic jaundice. Please advise me for his treatment. I am very upset .Please help. ..

  61. Sushil Kumar Jain says:

    Hemoglobin level 102 after operation 3 months ago.
    pl advise how to increase hemoglobin level

  62. Dear Dr,
    My sister is diagnosed with Kidney disease and her haemoglobin is around 9. Which homeopathic preparation can normalize her haemoglobin level and increase her RBC.

  63. birbal ram says:

    I am birbal ram bishnoi having low bp as on stair case climbing time having some darkness in eyes for some time and bp is also remains with low side as 88/60, 90/70, 100/70,110/70 like thishemoglobin 12.40, red cell distrubutions width 16.60, monocytes 11.20,,triglcerides 189, LDL CHOLESTROL 118, HDL CHOLESTROL 37.2,VLDL CHOLESTROL 37.80& CHOLESTROL 193T3,T4 & TSH are normal,
    My body is shrinking seems week as compared to before, feeling to much tiredness in morning time and day time , i am taking nice diet every day my weight is 65 kg and height is 5 feet 11 inches.
    Please guide me as a year before my b.p was 120/80 for whole year and after it become 110/70 and now it goes to 88-89-90/60 some times.
    what dietry remedy as well as homeopathy , please guide and oblige.

  64. jyoti durga says:

    heloo doctor
    my sister hv minor thalisymia she has low homoglobin 8 some tym it drop can you suggest some homopethic treatment or medicine

  65. My hemoglobin is 13.4 I am a female of 19 years but I have less ferretin levels which is why I have iron deficiency and I am extremely thin please tell me what do I take.

  66. Chetan Singh says:

    My haemoglobin’s is 4.5.please suggest the syrup for it.

  67. Angeline Rita says:

    I am suffering from low haemoglobin level and very tired and lazy most probably in the evening.iam 43 years old and often get angry which I can’t control. Suggest some medicine to overcome this problem. awaiting for your reply. Thank you sir, Angeline

  68. Hi this is Haseeb. Please suggest me the medicine for insufficient Hemoglobin level which is 6.7. Kindly suggest the dose and frequency of the medicine.


    My wife always want to lie down and her BP is 160/100 she has no other problem like diabetes etc. She feel s herself unable for daily domestic/household works she suffers from gastric problem also. She is little constipated , which is not a big issue. Please advice.

    R K Garg- Agra-U.P., India

  70. Deep seth says:

    Dear sir
    Greetings of d day
    Please suggest how much dose of ferrum phose should be consumed by my wife as she is having low hemoglobin count of only 8 mg during her pregnancy.

  71. Muhammad Arshad says:

    in every spring season i suffer sneezing, cough and suffocation in open air and feel better in the close room. plz advise me the medicine

  72. Anju Khare says:

    What is the remedy for minor thalesimia

  73. Hi Dr SHarma
    I am a women 66 years old. I went visiting my son and some symptoms begin to manifest at the point that I cancel my trip back home, because in the morning, five minutes after i wakeup, I begin to feel nausea, weakness, I go to the bath room at leats 3 times.
    I went to measure my blood preasure and it was 18, the doctor gave me a pill that i am taking for 5 days now. Dduring the day i am ok, but in the mornings i feel i am dyeing. I did an blood exam and my levels of iron are low, under the minimum requiered. So I began to Take Natr Mur, calc phos,and ferr phos, two days ago. There is a little improvement, as the symptoms that were at the begining manifest during all day, now are reduced to the wake up time.
    Nevertheless, i am afraid to jump in a plain for two days, alone, back home in these circumstances.
    Thanks for your help.

    • I have severe tinnitus in left ear with it getting louder roar- buzzingsound. new to homeopathy. Ringing has stoppedal six times for period for 30 min to 120 min with chiropractic services.
      thanks for assistance,
      Joan Miller

  74. Qasim from ksa says:

    I am Qasim sir and from childhood I was facing too motion too much and and after that I concern to a Dr for treatment of motion he treated then I m was OK but when medicine finish again I was going to weak now I m in gulf country sir and I had attack of ulcer and too much days I was facing for this desease then endoscopy and Dr said that I have anemia plz sir I m going to weak day by day plz sir any solution I m Very confuse from this desease

  75. Maher Tabbara says:


    I got lymphoma/cancer and my red cells are very much down, the lowest they got was 65. I have done 2 chemo sessions so far and will do 4 more, I am taking b17 lethrile pills and DCA sodium di chloro acetate for cancer in addition to cancer treatment/chemo I witness shortness of breath, palpilation of heart, extreme fatigue and waking up every 45 minutes at night to drink and pee which is very annoying ,, how caan I increase my red cells? thx a 10000000000

    • Lynette Jensen says:

      This sounds very much like what my husband is experiencing now. Was there a reply given to this or do you have one now? Hemoglobin level is down to 10 and we’re thinking that is what is causing the symptoms rather than the lung cancer.

  76. Dimple Juneja says:

    Hello Sir..i want to know whether homeopathy medicines r really helpful to improve much time it will take to improve.we have to Continue the medicine forever to improve the my case its the absorption problem…if I stop eating iron rich foods it will automatically come down…pls suggest if there is any permanent solution for this problem

  77. seema balai says:

    I am pregnant 34 weeks and 5 days and my HB level is 8.3 that is anemic condition which medicines can help me

  78. kindly light on which potency to use ofthese medicines?

  79. patel hetal r. says:

    I m 27 years old. I suffered r.a. since last 3years and iron deficiency anemia homeopathic medicine can help me in r.a

  80. Dear doctor . Sharma
    From birth I have suffered from Thalassima which has caused chronic haemolytic anaemia, I’m 25 years old, when 5 years of age I had splenectomy, I have had two pregnancies and had blood transfusions throughout the preganancies my hb levels are varied between 50-60 which is very low , I have jaundice with 3.7 bilirubin , fatigued, Please tell me what homeopathic medicine will help me in my case,

  81. ujjal das gupta says:

    My wife is a patient of SLE and I know that SLE is not curable. But she suffers from anaemia. HB level varies from 7 to 9. Can Dr. Sharma help? I myself took treatment from Dr. Sharma for Allergic Rhinitis and benefited. If treatment of anaemia possible please let me know. 9431918182.

  82. Rajeshri - 09422122275 says:

    My haemoblobin is not increasing beyond 10.5 inspite of taking Iron capsules , B12 and folic acid.
    It goes upto 11.2 then stops . I feel tired ,sleepy , week , thirsty . poor digestion , constipation , acidity- increases in night ,
    My kidney , liver , Complete blood count normal .

    suggest medicine for increasing my haemoglobin level.

  83. Sir I am suffring from defeciency Of vitamin B12 and calcium cn u suggest homeopathy treatment I need veg .I am pure veg sir

  84. Saji Joseph says:

    My mother is a case of chronic anemia since the year 2000.Sbe was on iron supplements and was doing well.She is 81 yes now and she developed congestive heart failure and pulmonary edema as complications and she also had severe mitral valve regurgitation and atrial fibrillation. She was started on cardiac medications and that unfortunately led to gastrointestinal bleeding. She received many blood transfusions.Still the problem is ongoing.she is ok for 1 week after blood transfusion and again gastrointestinal bleed comes and HB go down to 4 or 5.Is there any treatment in Homeo for her.She never took Homeo medicines.

    • Hello,

      I have Thalasemia Intermedia, Which means I have blood transfusion every 6 weeks.

      I have recently been accepted for a job as Cabin Crew, my medical and course won’t be for a few months yet, I’m worried my condition and treatment might mean they won’t accelt me as fit to fly.

      Is there a homeopathic remedy to help raise my heamoglobin? I can’t have more iron as I have too much from the transfusions, I’m taking Exjade which helps remove the iron.

      I hope there is a chance for me.

      Thank you Dr Sharma in advance.

      I’m looking forward to hearing from you 🙏

      Kind Regards


  85. Rajendra Das says:

    I am urbashi nayak. My age is 56years.i have been suffering in hyper plastic anemia since 1month. I want to treatment in homeopathy medicine.hemoglobe is 4to 5.i am taking 2times platelate & bloods.

  86. Debasish Chattopadhyay says:

    My daughter is suffering from anemia, Normally her blood level ranges aground 9 to 10. In July 16 when we were touring at agra, suddenly she felt I’ll by a stomach upset and periodic discharge since middle July 2016 and finally admitted to a nursing home at Agra. She was pushed two saline pouch.and was released on the same day evening. There after we came back to Kolkata, Now after 1.5 months after since over a week again she suffered stomach upset and got severe loose motion, and family facing fall of blood level ranging 6.8, My family physician has prescribed China mother 20 drops twice daily, and kali phosphorus 6x twice for loss of blood and vertebra, nausia and discomfort in stomach after meal. China mother is continued for 3 days and kali phosphorus 6x, from last night. Problems sustains till now. Your kind advice is highly solicited Sir.

  87. plz tell the potency in which we have to take the medicines

  88. B D Ghose says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am 64 yr. my heamoglobine levei is 9.9. I am taking alopathy medicine regularly even though the level is not incerasing , I am a diabatic person. Kindly suggest me Homeopathy good medicine so that my Heamoglovine level.
    Thanking you,
    b d ghose

    • M.A.NARASIMHAM says:

      Respected Doctor,
      I am 72 years old,weight 58 kgs, height 5’1″. I had angina while walking alittle distance and will become normal if I wait for a couple of minutes and could walk slowly further. I had Angiogram which showed blockes in arteries ranging from 60 to 90 percent and was advised for BYPASS SURGERY.
      But I had EECP treatment for 35 days along with 20 infusions of chelation therapy 3 months back. I am feeling better than earlier and my BP AND SUGAR are under control and I am taking only 1 tablet for BP and 1 tablet for Sugar.
      Recently I got lipid profile and haemoglobin tests. Cholestrol levels are in normal range but HAEMOGLOBIN is only 10. Kindly sugest some homeo pathetic medicines for increasing the haemoglobin levels.


  89. Mazahir Zakaria says:

    Dear Doctor
    my brother is suffering from anemea with palpitition and a lots of weakness. His sugar level is nomal but heamoglobin is 9% He is 65 years old and very much nervous person. And because of nervousness his palpatition increase. so many investigation has been done but no result. His lymphotic cell are showing 73% which i think is not medically normal. what to do?

  90. 73 year old man, diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, he is doing well except for the anemia which leaves him exhausted at any physical exhertion…he has had a blood transfusion (2 pts) which helped a lot, but B-12 shots don’t seem to be doing much for him.
    Would appreciate advice on homeopathic remedies.
    Thank you.

  91. Is that any medicine in homoeopathy which increase the Vit B12 level?

  92. Hello doctor. I am female,36, mother of a 6 yr old. My problems are:
    •low bp 90/60
    •low rbc 3.6 hemoglobin is ok at 11.8
    •Burning sensation in the eyes
    •fatigue throughout the day
    •frequent urination almost once an hour.
    What homeopathic medication shud I take?

  93. Sulochana says:

    Can Homeo help me from anemia. My hb is low 5.5 , serum iron 10 ferritin 4.5 transferrin 2 TIBC 457
    Reticulocyte count 0.25.
    I was taking Homeo for past 1 yr.. currenlty I am taking Alumina..
    But no change in hb in fact it reduced. Please suggest..

  94. Moinul Hoque Choudhury says:

    Good morning Sharma sir, My Baby daughter 13 months.weight 6,300 grm. Can’t sit herself. Can’t stand herself.weak.sweat at night. .blood tested. Hemoglobin only 6%.please advice .~Moinul Hoque, Mankachar, Assam.

  95. munsif khan from pakistan says:

    dear sir i have the disease of sickle cell age is 26 years old.i am so weak.i have a lot of pain in my hands,legs and in chest specially in winter season.i have also a problem of stomach like gastric sir kindly suggest me some cure for my disease.i will be very thankfull to u.

  96. Harmohini Gupta says:

    My sister is 17 year old and she has anemia and low bp, high palpitation and imsomia and she got fever every night and she is afraid of hospitals and always say that she never get better and talk so sad, and she also have pain in legs and left hand, chest and back and she is not very weak but she is very feared of her palpitation. Dr please tell me some good. medicine for her we always belive on homeopathic.

  97. Md.mobinul says:

    Hello doctor,my hemoglobin is 14 but iron level very low.i seek for anamea last 2 years but cant get solution.kindly suggest me medicine for best iron level in my body.

  98. My children is 4 years her low hemoglobin is 9.4 pls advice what is the home medicine for .


  99. Mehreen says:

    My son aged 6 years has been diagnosed with unstable haemoglobin disease. He has been anemic since birth and has splenomegaly and passes dark(brown) coloured urine. From the age of 3 years he has required blood transfusions on and off. The frequency is now increasing. I have tried homeopathic treatment before but not with much success. He was advised ceanothus and arsenic Alba which was given for 8 months. Please give your expert advice.

  100. BRN Saxena says:

    My wife has been detected with low hb :9.4

    She has low bp, high pulse rate , fatigue, tiredness, swelling on lower legs in evenings. Constipation. Weakness

    Please suggest medicine.


  101. my son is 15month old and his hemoglobin is 7.7 from last 1month he is having alopethic syrup of iron by did not get any result. please advise me best hemopethic medicine to increase hemoglobin of my child. waiting for ur help full reply.

  102. Ashim Bhattacharjee says:

    Your suggestion about any kind of medicine are very helpful to us, kindly suggest us the medicine for breakage as in Sickle Cell Anemia.

  103. Helo Dr Sharma. My baby boy is suffering herdaitry spherocytosis problem and his hemoglobin is 8. He is now 11month age. Which type of hemo medicine is will be give him. Please recommend me dose also

  104. My spouse suffers from DMII, HTN,RA Urea 144 Cretinine 3.5 sugar fasting 68-118, PP 130 around, at 8PM sugar 214-392 , BP 148-173/80-90 . How to solve the problem of CKD and avoid tests on kidney?

  105. Jeneva Mangsang says:

    Dear sir, with respected Dr. My daughter Rimi age 17, i already diagnose and low hemoglobin now 7.9 report from diagnose she is anemia
    . she is now low hemoglobin and thin. May i get any medicine from homeopathy treatment?




  107. Hello dr. I have iron deficiency and m taking ferrum nd calcarea from last two weeks continuously. But i am taking very frequently. Like m finishing half bottle both medicine as i cant control on my mouth to take this . Is it safe to have too much medicine in a day??? I am 33 yrs old … Nd thalesmic too…

  108. SANJOY DAS says:

    Respected Doctor Sharma,

    My mothter aged 71 yrs is suffering from anemia since 7/8 months and under allopathy treatment. But there is no improvement. She is also suffering from loss of apetite, severe weakness. I read the symptoms of Pernicious Anemia the symtoms is quiet similiar to my mother. I’ve so many pathological test including Blood (CBC, Iron Serum ). The level of haemoglogin is to low ( 6.1 as on 12.10.2015 ). Please suggest some medicine alongwith dose and period to be continued. If you require some more information regarding various Test results, feel free to mail me.

    Sanjoy Das

  109. t v premkumar says:

    Dear Dr,

    My brother’s grandson (aged 10 months old) has inherited Alpha Thalassemia and getting blood transfusion every four weeks and also iron celation treatment, Is there any way out remedy in Homeo.

    Also my brother and myself are beta thalassemians and is there any medicines for us to increase level of haemogobin and towaards better living condition.

  110. Hello Dr Sharma
    My daughter is going to be 2 in November. She is having hernia. Which needs to operate. But her hemoglobin is just 7 .her waight is 10,she doesn’t like to eat anything. Drinks milk with feeder. although she is super active.How can I increase her hemoglobin.. Plzz help

  111. M.Attaur Rub Siddiqui says:

    Hai! Dr.Sharma my sister is 43 years old she is a teacher and her hemoglobin is low as she has treatment of Tuberclosis of a year about 13yr before and her gall bladder removed a year ago, she feels very tired and dos’nt like to eat much.

  112. Sir. Mujhe 2years se ulcerative colitis he me ne allopathic me Bohot treatment kiya per ussey temporary relief milta hai automatic stool me blood aane Lagta hai mera weight Bhi Bohot loss ho Gaya hai aur haemoglobin Bhi Kam ho Gaya hai meri fynenshial condition Bhi thik nahi hai me iske liye Jyada mehnga treatment Bhi nahi kara sakta hu plz aap meri help kijiye aap Mujhe koi treatment bataiye ki meri problem dur ho jai Mujhe stool me blood Bohot nikal raha hai Mujhe jald se jald Aaram lag jai plz meri help ki jiye

    • SIRAJ BANERJEE says:



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