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Homeopathic Treatment of Bullous Pemphigoid

Bullous pemphigoid is an autoimmune skin disorder where fluid-filled blisters appear on the skin. It is a rare condition mostly seen in older adults over the age of 60 to 70 years. Its occurrence in children and younger adults is very rare. Homeopathic medicines for bullous pemphigoid help moderate the overactive immune system. These remedies work in two ways – they help prevent further progression of the disease and help heal the existing blisters and manage the associated itching. Natrum Mur, Anacardium Orientale, and Dulcamara are the top homeopathic remedies used to treat blisters on the skin in bullous pemphigoid.

homeopathy bullous pemphigoid

Homeopathic remedies for bullous pemphigoid.

Typically, our immune system functions to fight against the bacteria, virus and other harmful foreign invaders that enter the human body. They fight infection by producing antibodies. Autoimmune disorder refers to a group of diseases where the immune system of the body starts to destroy the body’s healthy tissue out of a misdirected response (in the absence of any real infection.) In bullous pemphigoid, the immune system begins to damage the skin and lead to blister formation. The particular factor that triggers the autoimmune response in bullous pemphigoid is not clear, but it seems that certain medicines (like etanercept and sulfasalazine), ultraviolet light therapy and radiation therapy may trigger it.

Homeopathic Treatment of Bullous Pemphigoid

Homeopathic medicines can help in treating bullous pemphigoid in a safe, gentle manner. The best suited homeopathic medicine for bullous pemphigoid is selected depending upon the individual case. Prescribing a homeopathic medicine in case of bullous pemphigoid requires a complete analysis and evaluation. Hence medicines for bullous pemphigoid should be taken after consultation with a homeopathic physician and self-medication should be avoided.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bullous Pemphigoid

Natrum Mur – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Blisters Having Clear, Watery Content

Natrum Mur is a natural homeopathic medicine for bullous pemphigoid. For using Natrum Mur in bullous pemphigoid, the key indication is blisters that contain clear and watery content. There may be little itching in the blisters. A burning sensation on the skin may precede blister formation.

Anacardium Orientale – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Multiple Blisters on Skin

Anacardium is a natural medicine prepared from the layer between the shell and kernel of the nut of a plant named Malacca bean or Marking Nut. This plant belongs to natural order Anacardiaceae. Use of Anacardium is considered when multiple blisters appear on the skin. The size of blisters varies from pin-head to pea size. The skin redness is present in a marked degree, and the blisters may be itchy. The itching tends to get worse during the evening. There may be a burning sensation present in the blisters.

Dulcamara – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Blisters on Red, Inflamed Base

Dulcamara is a natural remedy prepared from the fresh green stems and leaves of a plant named Woody Nightshade or Bitter-sweet. This plant belongs to natural order Solanaceae. Dulcamara is indicated for bullous pemphigoid when blisters are present on an inflamed red base. The blisters are as large as the size of a pea. The blisters are widespread over the body, and the skin feels hot and dry.

Populus Candicans – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Large Blisters

Homeopathic medicine Populus Candicans is useful for cases of bullous pemphigoid with blisters that are very large (the blisters may reach the size of a walnut.) These blisters contain a watery fluid. Burning, prickling on the skin may precede blister formation. The skin feels dry and cold in general.

Rhus Tox – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Blisters, Redness, and Itching

Rhus Tox is an effective homeopathic medicine for bullous pemphigoid with blisters present with skin redness. The blisters contain a clear liquid. The blisters are itchy, and the itching tends to get worse after midnight. A burning sensation may be present in the blisters.

Apis Mellifica – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Hives like Rash

Apis Mellifica is a natural treatment for bullous pemphigoid where there are hives like rash present on the skin. There may be raised patches or wheals present on the skin with a marked stinging sensation. Marked itching and intense burning may also be present and cold applications bring relief. Being in the open air also brings relief.

Lachesis – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Bloody Serum in the Blisters

Lachesis is a homeopathic remedy for bullous pemphigoid where there is bloody serum in the blisters. Lachesis is also indicated for large blisters that are initially yellow initially and then turn dark. The blisters may be itchy with a burning sensation.

Merc Sol – For Bullous Pemphigoid with Blisters in the Mouth

Merc Sol is a prominent homeopathic remedy for cases of bullous pemphigoid with blister formation in the mouth. Excessive saliva may be present in the mouth. A metallic, coppery taste in the mouth or an offensive odor is usually present. The mouth may be inflamed and swollen, and the mucous membrane of mouth is red.

Signs and Symptoms of Bullous Pemphigoid

The main presenting feature of bullous pemphigoid is the formation of large blisters on the skin. The diameter of the blisters may be up to 5 cm. The blister contains clear fluid, and when touched, it does not rupture easily. Sometimes slight blood and itching may be present in the blisters. The itching may start a few weeks before blister forms. The blisters mainly appear on the lower abdomen, thighs, and arms. The blisters are located along the skin folds. In severe cases, the blisters may form inside the mouth.

In some cases, a hive-like rash appears. Bullous pemphigoid is not infectious and does not spread by direct skin to skin contact to a healthy person. A severe complication that can arise in bullous pemphigoid is sepsis from infection of the ruptured blisters.

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  1. Good morning dr,
    My daughter age of 10years having bullous pemphigoid I have start homeo medicine pls help me how much time take to cure properly

  2. Nidhi Sharma says:

    Hi Doctor,

    My mother having this bulluos pemphigoid 3 months back, we are taking homeopathy from nearby clinic but still not getting enough relief. She is having blisters some watery & some are blood ones, also blisters in mouth & itching in the body. Day by day it’s getting painful as well specially in thighs. Mostly blisters are on arms & legs & 1 or 2 on stomach. Pls help us out

  3. Afrin Sontakkey says:

    Hello Dr I am diagnosed by Iga pemphegus last year and I am taking prednisone 10 mg calcium 500 mg with vitamin d3 and rentac 150 mg daily. I am fed up of taking this medicine daily plz help me out from this.
    Thank you

  4. যুগল সাহা says:

    আমার অন্ডকোষে প্রথম কোন ফুসকুরি বা ঘা ছাড়াই জ্বালা ও চুলকানি শুরু হয় তারপর হাতে লাল গোটা ও ফুসকুরি বড় ও ছোট দেখা দেয়।কয়েকটা ফোল্ডার মত হয়েছে। ভীষন চুলকায়। প্রায় দুই মাস হল এলোপেথি চিকীৎসা চর্মরোগ বিশেষজ্ঞ ডাক্তারকে দিয়ে করাচ্ছি, কোন লাভ হচ্ছে না। হোমিওপ্যাথি চিকীৎসা করাতে চাইছি। দয়া করে পরামর্শ দেবেন।

  5. যুগল সাহা says:

    আমার অন্ডকোষে প্রথম কোন ফুসকুরি বা ঘা ছাড়াই জ্বালা ও চুলকানি শুরু হয় তারপর হাতে লাল গোটা ও ফুসকুরি বড় ও ছোট দেখা দেয়। ভীষন চুলকায়। প্রায় দুই মাস হল এলোপেথি চিকীৎসা চর্মরোগ বিশেষজ্ঞ ডাক্তারকে দিয়ে করাচ্ছি, কোন লাভ হচ্ছে না। হোমিওপ্যাথি চিকীৎসা করাতে চাইছি। দয়া করে পরামর্শ দেবেন।

  6. R K Gupta says:

    Sir, same for my mother, infact I hade changed her sugar medicine(was with giletine), now body is recovering with allopethic medicine- stroid + azoram 50- will continue till major recovery and the start with rhus tox in consultation with Doctor 9212576906

  7. Dr PC Goyal says:

    My wife Dr. K. Gupta is a diagnosed case of Bullous Pemphigoid for last 3 years or so, she is having recurrent eruptions of small millet size to almond size blisters all over body, including mouth, with some itching & mild erythema. No benefit with allopathic treatment so far. Kindly suggest homeopathic remedy for her. She is diabetic and we are avoiding steroids.

  8. Sapana Chandak says:

    Myself sapana Chandak suffering with bullous phemphigoid

  9. Shashank katkar says:

    Mam i am suffering bullous phemphigoid disease from 6 month so what i can do tell something plzz mam i am in trouble . I want best homeopathy treatment for this disease .

  10. Hi, my husband has pemphigoid mucus membrane disease in the mouth, throat,with discomfort as it seems to be getting worse and traveling to tongue. He uses a nasty mouthwash I think is some kind of antibiotic . It has kept it from worsening until now. Is there some remedy you might recommend for this nasty disease in mouth. Thankyou.

  11. Karen Klementis says:

    My 68 yr old sister has Bullous Pemphigoid. She is losing her mind from itch. Some blisters as large as a pea, one size of golf ball, redness at base. Steroid treatment led to uncontrollable rage. Please please help? Would nosode help?
    She has great thirst and Lymhedema also.

  12. Nilesh Dussal says:

    Hello sir, I am suffering with skin disease from January 2020 on penis head..blood filled blister while sex and on arms and in mouth on gums . In Septemb 2020 it got diagnosed as poor phemphigoid by skin biopsy. So can it get cured by homeopathy.

  13. Ben Mulder says:

    Good day, Dr Sharma.
    I am living in Edmonton, Canada, and am 86 years old. The first 85 years I were blessed with very good health but it all changed at the beginning of 2019 when I were diagnosed with Bullous Pemphigoid. Prednisone was prescribed and I started off with 60 mg a day. It stunted the illness and I tapered the medication off to 5 mg. As soon as I were down to 5 mg it flared up again, and I had to increase the dosage. (At this stage I were still in South Africa. My wife and I emigrated in November 2019.) I were desperate to discontinue Prednisone due to the side effects eg pre diabetes, thin skin, swollen lower limbs, weak muscles, diminishing eyesight etc. I visited a Dermatologist in Edmonton who prescribed Taro Clobetasol ointment which I have been using in conjunction with Prednisone since February. It assists, but the outbreaks continue. No more space to continue my story. Therefore, please help!


    Hello Resp Dr Sharma.
    Best therapeutics on Pemphigus vulgaris. Very surprised to read medicines Lachesis m, merc sol, nat mur, rhus tox, dulcamara.
    I have a patient of this disease today at my clinic. This page really guide me for selection of medicine. i.e. Lachesis and merc sol on similimum basis. ( appearance of blisters colour. Thirst but can’t drink due to agg of symp. Trembling of tongue. Agg in spring and summer. Merc sol on ulcers of mouth and salivation. Many thanks dr
    Tributes from Pakistan.
    Plz reply for encouragement.

  15. Shaibal Roy says:

    My 80 years old mother is suffering from acute bullous phemphegoid with large blisters all over her body and feet. Please suggest best homeo treatment to cure this disease fast?

    • Mary Swapan says:

      Doctor, my 84 year old father has Bullous Pemphigoid since about one year, with a recent flare up for which he was hospitalised. There, he was put on steroids (40mg/day, then reduced every week till dose brought down to 5mg. Then stopped.). Now he is on topical treatment of blisters with CLOBETASOL+soframycin cream. He gets large reddish blisters all over body.
      I must also mention here that after steroids, his symptoms of dementia and memory loss worsened considerably. Please help!

  16. Jeanette Bowlan says:

    My mother has this condition and it is severe. She has advanced Alzheimer’s and I am worried she will get an infection. I put gloves on her at bedtime. I need help for her skin is in bad shape! Thank you, Jeanette

  17. Vijay agarwal says:

    My grandfather has this type of disease plz help me out with the best Medicare
    My contact no. 9869313918

  18. Shivani says:

    Sir I m suffering from bullous or liner iga from 2 years I m 37 year old female first I m in dapsone and wysolone now wysolone and doxy but i m not taking doxy only wysolone 5mg but when I miss wysolone I start again sometimes in between also. Please help me.

  19. Sasikala says:

    Good evening sir / madam…. My mother in law is suffering from Pemphigus bulloid… From February 2018. After few allopathic steroids treatment, we took homeopathy treatment which went out smoothly for 2 months ..but she was losing her haemoglobin percent and was weak… She got one bubble inside her mouth
    ….she was unable to take food…. Whole body was with blister wounds… We rushed and joined in KIMS secunderabad… After biopsy report, she was given controlled steroids….. Better than previous, but they said there is no permanent cure…. I am attaching photos also sir… Heard about you through our relatives and made a call sir… We will be happy to hear a suggestion from you sir…. She is 65 years old sir…

    • Pintu Ghosh says:

      Age 84 male non diabetic , hypertensive with medicine amlodipine & metoprolol , lipid normal creatinine 1. 3 , Bullous pempigoid last 5 yrs occasionally oral steroid and daily steroid use local skin surface & suppress the disease ,now severe itching & eosinophils 30 ,pls help itching reduce….

  20. Hello Sir,

    My mother is suffering from bullous pemphigoid and because of corticosteroids her calcium levels has gone down and diagnosed with osteoporosis. Hence in order to avoid corticosteroids we have approached a homeopathic doctor and he gave medicines for one month saying that the medicines will trigger severe blisters for 2-3 months postpone which the disease will be cured. As he said too many blisters we’re formed on my mother’s body and she is unable to bear itching and pain. Doctor says that it is expected and she should bear the pain and itching for couple of months so that the disease can be cured. But I’m unable to see my mother’s suffering. Please guide if this is the right approach. Thanks

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