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Dissolve your Heel Spurs – Top 7 Homeopathic medicines for calcaneal Spur and Heel Pain

Homeopathic medicines for Calcaneal Spurs

Pain in the heel not only restricts movement, but the general discomfort while walking or on standing affects the personality of a person. The pain can be attributed to a medical condition known as Calcaneal Spur/ heel spur. It refers to a sharp, pointed, horny outgrowth on the calcaneal bone present in the heel. The main symptom of Calcaneal Spur is pain in the heel around the the spur.

Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines offer a very safe and complete treatment of Calcaneal Spur. The homeopathic medicines for Calcaneal Spur are made of natural substances and have no side effects. They are very strong and powerful in treating the condition.  Homeopathic medicines, which are completely safe to use, help in both, relieving the pain in heels due to spur and in dissolving the spur, thus providing complete treatment for Calcaneal Spurs.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Calcaneal Spur

Calcarea Fluor, Aranea Diadema, Ruta, Rhus Tox are the top remedies for Calcaneal Spur.

1. Calcarea Fluor – Best Medicine For Dissolving Calcaneal Spur

Though there are several homeopathic medicines to dissolve heel spur, but Calcarea Fluor tops the list. It is a natural medicine with the best healing power to dissolve a Calcaneal Spur. This remedy is of great help in all cases of Calcaneal Spur whether painful or not. Calcarea Fluor acts as the best resolving agent for Calcaneal Spur and is considered the first choice of remedy in every case of Calcaneal Spur. Not only heel bone, this medicine is equally suitable to dissolve spurs in any bone in the body. This medicine is also indicated for extra bony outgrowths that tend to form after an injury.

2. Aranea Diadema – For Heel Spur With Boring Pain In Heel

Aranea Diadema is the next best medicine for Calcaneal Spur. This remedy is best for getting rid of digging and boring type of pain in the heel. The pain initially aggravates on moving the feet but is relieved after continued movement. The pain may alternate with a feeling of numbness in the heel. Extreme sensitivity to cold air can also be predominantly present.

3. Ruta – For Heel Spur Formed After Stressed Ligaments, Muscles And Tendons

Ruta works well in cases where ligaments, muscles and tendons are repeatedly stressed following which bone spurs gets formed. It is indicated by a shooting pain in the heel. The pain from heel radiates to the Achille’s tendon. The tendon that connects the calf muscle present in the back of the leg to heels is known as Achille’s tendon also known as Tendo Achilles. For patients who have pain in the heel due to Calcaneal Spur with the extension of pain in Tendo Achilles, the best remedy for relief is Ruta.

4. Rhus Tox – For Heel Pain On Stepping (Putting Pressure On Feet To Begin Walk)

Rhus Tox is the top natural remedy for pain in the heel felt when stepping on foot. It gets worse from standing. If pain in the heel troubles you on the first standing in the morning, Rhus Tox is the best medicine. The person needing it feels as if he/she is stepping on a pin with the first step taken, though pain gets better by continuous walking. Rhus Tox also helps in repairing the muscles and ligaments covering the heel bone, thus preventing further heel damage.

Its other action is to dissolve the spur. Rhus Tox thus acts in three spheres for Calcaneal Spur patients — pain relief, strengthening the muscles or ligaments, and dissolving the spur. The pain experienced by the person on standing is most of the times stitching in character. The person may feel the pain as being similar to that caused by a splint. Another expression used may be sharp pain as from a nail under the skin.

5. Ammonium Mur — For Pain In Heel On Walking

Ammonium Mur is a very beneficial natural medicine for Calcaneal Spur. This remedy is of great help when pain in the heel is felt on walking due to Calcaneal Spur. Ammonium Mur helps in decreasing the pain as well as dissolving the spur. Apart from specific worsening of pain on walking, the person also complains of pain in the heel in the morning. A few people needing Ammonium Mur may get relief by slight rubbing of the heel. The pain may be stitching, tearing or ulcerative in nature.

6. Aurum Met – For Calcaneal Spur Which Causes Pain At Night

The pain in the heel at night due to Calcaneal Spur is best relieved by natural remedy Aurum Met. It is a very appropriate and efficient homeopathic medicine to get rid of pain in the heel at night arising because of the spur.

 7. Mezereum – For Calcaneal Spur That Hurts By Touching

For patients complaining of pain in the heel spur when touched, natural medicine Mezereum is the best remedy. Mezereum is of great help in treating the heel spur pain that worsens by touching. The patient may show increased sensitivity to cold air.

8. Pulsatilla – For Heel Pain Like From Pricking From An Iron Nail

This natural medicine works well when a person feels pain in the heel as from pricking from an iron nail. There is inability to walk barefoot. Heels feel sore, pain gets worse with walking. Heel pain tends to increase in evening.

Symptoms Of Heel Spur

1. Heel spur mainly leads to sharp pain in the heel.The pain arises from injury in the soft tissue in the heels caused by bony spur. Thepain gets worse when a person steps on the ground after a period of inactivity, especially in the morning following long rest. The pain increases while walking, running and standing. The character of pain may be described as sharp pain, dull pain or pain as from pin-pricking.

2. Heel may be inflamed, swollen and warm to touch

3. Heel may be tender to touch

4. In long term cases, a bony growth may be visible on heel

5. However in some cases, there may be no symptoms

Cause Behind Heel Spur

The bony outgrowth is the build-up of calcium deposit on the heel bone. Heel spur forms when excessive stress and strain is put repeatedly on ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia of the foot.  Due to repeated stress and strain, there is damage to muscles, ligaments, tendons and plantar fascia (a band of tissue connecting heel bone to base of toes) that cover the heel bone. As a result, the heel bone is also stressed and becomes prone to trauma and formation of Calcaneal Spur. A single stressful episode on the heel like from a sports activity does not cause heel spur. These develop with repeated stress put on the heel over a period of time.

Risk Factors For Heel Spur

1. Recurrent stress on the heel from walking, jumping, jogging, running especially on hard surface is the main risk factor

2. People who are either obese or athletic are prone to develop Calcaneal Spur

3. Having Plantar Fasciitis (inflamed plantar fascia) increases risk of developing heel spurs

4. Wearing high heels and ill-fitted or worn-out shoes also puts a person at risk of formation of calcium deposits on the heel bone.

5. Having arthritis (joint inflammation), flat feet, diabetes and gait issues (it affects balance and coordination as a result of which the sufferer is unable to walk correctly) also puts a person at risk of heel spur

Are Heel Spurs And Plantar Fasciitis Same?

Heel spur and Plantar Fasciitis are often confused because both cause heel pain but both these conditions are not the same. Heel spur is calcium deposit that forms a bony outgrowth on heel bone. Plantar Fasciitis is a condition where the plantar fascia (a tissue band that connects heel bone to the base of toes) is irritated and swollen. Plantar Fasciitis increases the risk of heel spurs.

Diagnosis Of Heel Spur

Heel spur causes heel pain that may arise from other reasons as well (for example Plantar Fasciitis, gout, arthritis) and heel spur is not visible from outside, when we look at the heel, so it is difficult to confirm diagnosis only on the basis of symptoms.

X-ray is the most commonly used investigation to detect a heel spur.

Measures To Prevent Heel Spurs

1. Select soft surfaces to run or jog rather than hard surface

2. Wear properly fitted shoes that support heels well

3. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes as much as possible

4. Try to lose weight if obese to reduce the pressure on the foot

5. If possible, avoid standing for long time periods

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  1. Susan Snyder says:

    Husband has multiple heel spurs, looking for best calcarea fluor to dissolve them, and weather will interfere with blood pressure meds, cholesterol med

  2. Sanghmitra singh says:

    Hello I am 64 have pain in inside part of the heal when I touch & press it a& sometimes after my morning walk not during the walk . Which homeopathic medicine is best for me


      I have probably bone spur on top of foot. It is painful on walking, putting shoes and touching. Which medicine shall I take.

  3. Bela shah says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    I have calcaneal spur in my heels which I got to know from the xray… I hv spur in both legs however the pain is only in the right heel… It’s more in morning, while walking n after a rest period… It would be helpful if u suggest a perfect combination of the medication n help me get rid of the pain n the spur

  4. Sekhar Sengupta says:

    I have hill spur in both ankles like potato size and getting severe pain while walking or on rest sometimes.I am using doctor’s shoe which is soft.Pls get rid of me from the painful hill spur.

  5. I have calcaneal spur please suggest medicine to dissolve it

  6. Litten Hald says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    I feel that Ammonium mur Could be my remedy..
    Even though I don’t know if I have a spur or not (can it be seen on a X-ray).
    I was thinking it’s inflammation of the muscle that runs under the heel as the pain can also shoot to the sides even when I’m not Standing on it but laying down.

    What potency are u recommending
    And how to dose ?

    Thank you

  7. D.Sarkar says:

    Greetings of the day.I am suffering from calcaneal spur both legs last 3 years.please prescribe some medicine for pain and dissolving spur.

  8. My son has a bone spur. What dose should someone take for that. And how often. He wants to try the Rhus Tox or the Calcarea Fluor.

  9. Piyali Acharjee says:

    I doctor. I have heel spur in both legs cause heavy pain while walking in the morning and also after rest. Please prescribe some medicine for relief

    • Arjun korgaonkar says:

      I have heel spur in both legs since last 3 years which cause heavy pain while walking in the morning and also after rest. Please prescribe some medicine for relief. Age 43

  10. Roshini Nair says:

    Calcanealspur in both legs causes heavy pain while walking and especially during night

  11. Jk pandey says:

    After walking and resting, when I stand up there is pain in my right leg ankle.
    Even while standing for sometime the pain in the heel starts.
    While sitting for an hour the lower back pains.
    Age 62, Male
    Thank you

    • I have been diagnosed with bilateral calcaneal uric acid is 5.2 .pain is affecting my all activities and posture. pl suggest some medication

  12. Calcaneal Spur… Pain in Heel on Walking and morning standing in severe pain

  13. Sukhvinder Singh says:

    Can Thiosinaminum 3x a patent take for calcaneaus spur/heel spur

  14. Sukhvinder Singh says:

    I am suffering from heavy pain in my left legs heel.

  15. Dr SC Das says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, Many thanks for providing the list of Homeo medicine to get rid of Calcaneal Spur. I have been diagnosed (digital X-ray) for Spur on left heel since Feb, 2021. My Friends (BHMS) prescribed Ruta-30 & Bryonia 6 for a week, followed by Ledum Pal-200 one week followed by Calcarea Flour-200 one week. Not getting any relief/ improvement. I sincerely request your advise for further Homeo doses. With Personal regards, Dr SC Das, Principal Scientist ( Vety Public Health)

    • Biswajyoti Talukdar says:

      I am suffering from heel pain for the last 1 year. I was prescribed calcarea Flour (12 x), Ledum Pal (1M) & Antim crud. Still continuing the medicine with no relief from pain at all.

      Could you pls suggst some other medicine.

  16. I’m having heel spurs. Is calcarea fluor 6xand rhus tox 30 good medicine for it? Pls suggest.

  17. Dr sushila says:

    One of family member having calcaneal spur in Right heal and vry painful since last 6 month suggest some medicine to dissolve if any. Thnx

  18. Nanine Locke says:

    Dr. Sharma I have two heal spurs
    One on the bottom of my foot and it is causing plantar fasciitis

    The other on the back of my foot and is very large. It is called interstitial tendinitis. It is painful to wear shoes.

    The tendon that is behind my ankle bone and connects to the Achilles tendon doesn’t move well and feels like it is tearing when I walk.

  19. Vishal Gupta says:

    I am suffering from heel spur since last few weeks
    Iam taking calcaria flourica 6x rhus tix 30 and Ruta 200.will it be useful and how many days I have to take this
    It pains on standing and walking

  20. Jashan Dhaliwal says:

    Increase size calcanous bone

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