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5 Best Homeopathic medicines for Conjunctivitis

Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitisRedness in the eyes that is accompanied primarily with a yellowish discharge is a manifestation of the condition called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is essentially an inflammation of the conjunctiva (membrane lining covering the white of eye). This infection warrants looking at homeopathic medicines as a safe and natural cure.

The biggest plus point that homeopathic medicines enjoy over other traditional treatments for conjunctivitis is that their success is attained by employing the constitutional remedy internally. No external application is applied or recommended for treating conjunctivitis with the help of homeopathic remedies.

 Causes of conjunctivitis:

The main causes behind conjunctivitis are infections (including viral, bacterial), allergy and chemical irritants.

Symptoms of conjunctivitis:

The main symptoms arising from conjunctivitis include redness, swelling, itching, and watering from the eyes. In viral conjunctivitis, the eye discharge is thin and watery, while in bacterial conjunctivitis the discharges are thick, mucopurulent varying from yellow to green color. Viral and bacterial conjunctivitis are highly contagious. Other symptoms of conjunctivitis include agglutinated and sticky eyelids from eye discharge, a gritty sensation in the eyes, increased sensitivity to light, and blurred vision. In allergic conjunctivitis, sneezing, and nasal discharges may accompany the eye symptoms. This is termed as allergic rhino conjunctivitis.

Benefits of homeopathic medicines in curing conjunctivitis:

Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis are highly effective natural medicines. They can well manage the eye discharges, the swelling, redness and gritty sensation in the eyes. Homeopathic medicines help in quick recovery from conjunctivitis. If taken well in time, they shorten the disease course. They are safe to use without any side-effects.

 Top Homeopathic Medicines for conjunctivitis:

The top-grade homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis are Belladonna, Euphrasia and Pulsatilla. Belladonna is the best choice for acute conjunctivitis. It is used when the eyes are markedly red, dry and swollen. Euphrasia is recommended when inflamed eyes are accompanied with acrid discharges. There is marked redness, burning and itching in the eyes. From the above mentioned homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis, Pulsatilla is utilized when mucopurulent discharges from the eyes are present. The discharges are green colored.

 Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with marked redness and swelling:

The most suitable homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with marked redness and swelling are Belladonna and Euphrasia. Belladonna is very effective when the eyes are markedly swollen, red, dry and congested. Photophobia may also accompany. Euphrasia is also an excellent choice when marked redness and swelling of the eyes is accompanied with discharges. The discharges are acrid, watery and of irritating nature with intensely itchy eyes.

 Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with watery eye discharge:

The prominently indicated homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with thin, watery eye discharge include Euphrasia and Aconite. Euphrasia works well when there is a thin watery eye discharge. Along with thin discharge, itching, redness and swelling in the eyes is marked. Aconite is selected when the thin watery eye discharge is accompanied with heat, swelling and a gritty, sand-like sensation in the eyes.

 Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with mucopurulent discharges:

Calcarea Sulph and Pulsatilla are top-grade homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with mucopurulent discharges. Calcarea Sulph is the best choice of medicine when the eye discharges are thick and yellow colored. The eyes are also inflamed with itching and burning. Amongst the list of homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with mucopurulent discharges, Pulsatilla also gives excellent results. It is specifically used when the eye discharge is thick and greenish color. Burning and itching in the eyes is also prominent.

 Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis from allergy (Allergic Conjunctivitis) :

The most frequently used homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis from allergy include Euphrasia and Allium Cepa. Euphrasia is the top-grade medicine for allergic conjunctivitis. It is used when the eye discharges are acrid with burning and itching in the eyes. Along with this, bland nasal discharge and sneezing may accompany. The indicating features for selecting Allium Cepa are exactly opposite to Euphrasia. Allium Cepa is selected when the eye discharges are bland with marked sneezing and acrid nasal discharge.

 Homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with agglutination and sticky eyelids:

Borax is one of the best homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with agglutinated and sticky eyelids. It is used when the eyelids are loaded with dry exudation, causing the eyelids to stick together. Mainly the agglutination is marked in the morning time. The next effective medicine from the list of homeopathic medicines for conjunctivitis with agglutinated and sticky eyelids is Argentum Nitricum. Argentum Nitricum is prescribed when copious mucopurulent eye discharges are present with sticky eyelids. The conjunctiva is markedly red and swollen.

 Management of conjunctivitis:

  • Maintain personal hygiene.
  • Avoid rubbing of the eyes.
  • Washing eyes with cold water is recommended.
  • Avoid coming in contact with allergens if suffering from allergic conjunctivitis.
  • If the sufferer uses contact lenses, it is advisable to avoid wearing them while having conjunctivitis.


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  1. Manjeet Kumar says:

    For one and half yr old baby, eye conjectivitis which medicine is better to be used,

  2. Vera Tiflides says:

    my eyes are pink and watery with a whitish sticky discharge. no pain no itch

  3. i am currently undergoing radiaition treatments to the eyebrow for cSCC with PNI. the side affects will include but are not limited to conjunctivitis, dry eye, keratitis and other ocular symptoms. i have not experienced any yet with the first 3 treatments but have 27 more to go! what can i take as a possible preventative (dosage & frequency) and then what when symptoms appear? thank you so much for your help!

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