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10 Natural Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Infections

Homeopathic medicines for ear infectionsThe swimming season may see you ending up with an earache or a common cold may also give you a pain in the ear, for which you could seek the help of homeopathy. Ear infections can affect the outer ear or middle ear. They can be caused from viral, bacteria or fungal agents. The outer ear infection is medically termed as otitis externa. One can contract outer ear infection from swimming in polluted water or from damaging the skin in the outer ear by putting objects in the ear like a key, ear buds or pen. The middle ear infection is termed as otitis media. The middle ear infection is basically secondary to some nose or throat infection. Cold, throat infections usually trap the middle ear in the infectious process. The infection from the throat travels to the middle ear through the Eustachian tubes. The Eustachian tubes are the channel that connects the throat to the middle ear. The biggest advantage that homeopathic medicines for ear infections promise over conventional cures is that they work through a holistic approach to healing and treat not only the symptoms but also the root cause of the infection.

Symptoms of Ear Infections

The main symptoms of ear infections are pain, ear discharge (varies from fluid to thick discharge and from white to yellow-green color) and pressure feeling in the ear. Fever may accompany acute infection. Diminished hearing and noises in the ear (tinnitus) and vertigo may also appear.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ear Infections

Homeopathy offers complete recovery from ear infections. These are natural medicines that work by boosting the natural defense mechanism of the body to fight with the infection process. They also provide immunity against contracting ear infection in the future. They can effectively manage the pain, discharge from the ear and also the fever accompanying the ear infection. They also provide a shield in preventing complications resulting from an ear infection, including hearing loss, eardrum perforation, and mastoiditis.

The highly recommended medicines for ear infections are Belladonna, Kali Mur, Merc Sol, and Calcarea Sulph. Belladonna is indicated when acute pain appears from an ear infection. Kali Mur is one of the best medicines for an ear infection with white colored ear discharges. Merc Sol works wonders when ear discharges are offensive and bloodstained.
Calcarea Sulph is recommended for an ear infection with yellow colored ear discharges.

1. For Ear Infections to Relieve Acute Pain in Ear

Two wonderful medicines for ear infections to relieve acute ear pain are Belladonna and Chamomilla. Belladonna is selected when the pain and sensitivity in the ear are marked. Pain is severe, throbbing and pulsating in nature. It is the best choice when the ear infection has followed throat infection.
Chamomilla is effective when ear pain is of a stitching nature. Even a slight touch worsens the earache. A pressure in the ears with stoppage sensation also appears. Pain could make the person angry and irritable.

2. For Ear Infections with Ear Discharges

Some highly useful medicines for ear infections with ear discharges are Kali Mur, Calcarea Sulph and Pulsatilla. Kali Mur is very helpful when the ear discharges are white in color. Calcarea Sulph is a suitable medicine for ear infection with thick yellow ear discharge. And last medicine Pulsatilla is prescribed for ear infection with green colored ear discharges.

3. For Ear Infections with Pus Discharges

Silicea, Hepar Sulph and Merc Sol are the best medicines for ear infections with pus discharges. Silicea and Hepar Sulph are wonderful natural medicines for ear infection that aids in pus absorption. And Merc Sol is a beneficial medicine when along with pus blood also starts oozing from the ear.

4. For Ear Infections with Offensive Ear Discharge

Psorinum and Tellurium are suitable medicines for ear infections with offensive ear discharge. Psorinum works well when ear discharge is fetid, offensive, and putrid. It may be brownish in color. Intolerable itching in the ear may also appear. Tellurium is a good prescription when ear discharge is acrid and offensive. The discharge is of a fishy odor and is very irritating in nature.

 5. For Ear Infections Accompanied by Fever

Belladonna and Hepar Sulph are excellent medicines for ear infections accompanied by fever. Belladonna is suggested for ear infection with high fever. The body is extremely hot to touch. And Hepar Sulph is indicated for an ear infection with pus-like discharges and fever. Fever with a marked chill is present.

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    Good afternoon mam
    This is Uma. I experienced second and first degree burns in an fire accident on January 8th. and admitted in hospital. Now I’m discharged and in home. But skin formation is delaying around neck and on hand wrist. Left ear drum is perforated and right ear is having perichondritis with pus. Pls, help me suggesting medicines. Im unable to go for surgeries again for the above defects

  3. Rehan Khan says:

    Hello, I’m taking Zocor 10mg for my cholesterol level, Does this interact with my medication?

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  6. I have nothing like above mentioned syndrome. I have vey itchy ears all the times there is nothing in the ears they both are clean. But left side ear I feel something in very deep when blowing the air out or fill air in the mouth. At that time I feel some squeezing in the left ear. Any medicine for that

  7. Stephanie says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma , my 6 yr old son got an ear infection (right ear) that ended up rupturing and draining white fluid with no smell. I took him in to Urgent Care and they missed the rupture so I took him back in to his pediatrician and said the eardrum had ruptured but healed but now had fluid and infection behind the bulging eardrum and prescribed 10 days of antibiotics. My son has no fever, no pain but does hear a crackling sound when he swallows. Also very congested nose. Does he need antibiotics or can homeopathy help. It’s day 8 he feels fine, doesn’t complain at all, no fever, eating well. Sharp pain stopped when ear drum ruptured.

  8. Magdalena Ribarska says:

    Hi, my 3 year old was diagnosed with otitis media she had pus in the ear that needs to be discharged as it is still stuck in the ear. She has high fever 40 degree celcius for 4 days now with chills. What homeopatic can i give her

  9. मनोज पांडे says:

    कान में दर्द खुजली ,आवाज ,दवाव महसूस होता है।

  10. I have a chronic illness due to infection in my left ear and pain frequently pus discharge and have to take antibiotics after every two three months. There is perforation. Could you please prescribe any homeo medicines for this.

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      Mere kaan me pichle 6 mahino se hawa ki jaisi awaaz aati hai,kaan me bharipan bhi mahsoos hota hai, please koi medicine btaye 🙏

  11. Namaste Dr Sharma ji,

    The above article doesn’t tell which medicine to use if kids have first time ear rings and ear whole area infection or the infection due to wearing tight ear rings etc. Please advise. Thank you


  12. Namaste Dr Sharma ji,

    The above article doesn’t tell which medicine to use if kids have first time ear rings and ear whole area infection or the infection due to wearing tight ear rings etc. Thank you


  13. I have a long term ear infection. It arrived after a cold day outside 3 years ago. Very quickly it travelled to a root canal which then had to be extracted under emergency circumstances . It doesn’t really hurt badly but feels pressure and is uncomfortable, causing mild fevers, especially on waking. There is no discharge. I’ve been taking All-c & Kali Mur. This improves it but still hasn’t irradiated it. I also have sinusitis which was present before the ear infection. Are there other remedies you could recommend?
    Thank you for any advice. Jaimie.

  14. Mian Farooq says:

    I have left ear surgery due to hole & infection. After 5 months start itching in both ears, Now liquid starts coming out from left ear.both ears have inflammation or swelling.Itching is the worst and problem.

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