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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Anger Control and Management

What is anger?

Anger is a strong emotional state of being upset or frustrated which makes a person hurt someone for doing something unkind to them. The causes of anger are multifactorial. Abusive past, suppressed emotions, stress, living in an environment where people get angry often, poor self-esteem, low tolerance levels are a few factors that make a person prone to getting angry easily. Genes, too, play a significant role in how a person reacts to a situation and the intensity with which he/she reacts to a situation. Anger is a natural emotion and is safe as long as it is mild, expressed appropriately and resolves quickly. It is when anger swings to extremes, is aroused by the most trivial issues, leads to disturbed relationships or is difficult to cope with that it becomes a condition that needs treating.

What are the different types of anger?

Anger has various types. Major among these are as follows:

  • Verbal anger – In this type of anger, the person expresses anger in words.
  • Passive anger – People with this type of anger are never direct about expressing their anger. Instead, they use tools such as sarcasm (sharp, bitter remarks) to show their feelings.
  • Self-inflicted anger – People prone to this type of anger tend to harm or punish themselves for some wrong they believe they have done. Such persons may start to eat too much or too little or show self-destructive behavior.
  • Sudden anger – Such persons lose their temper quickly, but get out of the angry frame of mind just as fast.
  • Overwhelmed anger – This type of anger appears when a person is unable to cope with the circumstances or situations taking place around them anymore. This type of anger is mostly expressed by shouting.
  • Chronic anger – Chronic anger is prolonged anger and is often linked with depression.

What are the long-term effects of anger?

Getting angry makes a person prone to various health issues, both on the mental and physical plane. The physical complaints include high blood pressure, digestion problems, headaches and migraines. The mental complaints include depression, insomnia and anxiety issues.

Homeopathy can help control anger

There is great scope in Homeopathy for treating anger issues. Homeopathic medicines work on a dynamic plane, going to the deeper levels of the brain to modify angry temperaments. They help balance the mood and negative thoughts that lead to anger. Homeopathic medicines used for treating anger are natural, safe and are not habit-forming. The appropriate medicine is selected after a detailed study of the case history and symptoms. Special emphasis is placed on the childhood history of the person to trace the root cause of the anger. Some top rated Homeopathic medicines used for treating anger issues are Nux Vomica, Chamomilla, Staphysagria, Aurum Met and Tarentula Hispanica.

Homeopathic Medicines for Anger

Nux Vomica – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for anger over trivial things

Nux Vomica is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for anger control and management. It is the best choice of Homeopathic medicine for persons who get offended easily and will become angry over non-issues. They are averse to conversation and could be offended by the most harmless words. They turn violent and abusive during anger episodes. Other features of their constitution include a strong will, fault finding nature, ambition and workaholism. Nux Vomica is also recommended for persons who develop an angry disposition after loss in business.

Staphysagria – Top rated among Homeopathic medicines for suppressed anger with violent outbursts

Staphysagria is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for anger, especially where the person has long suppressed anger and is now given to violent outbursts. There are periods of suppression, followed by periods of angry outbursts in persons who need Homeopathic medicine Staphysagria. Such persons may throw or break things during their anger outbursts. Some history of mental/physical abuse, humiliation can usually be traced to persons who need Staphysagria.

Aurum Met – Most effective among Homeopathic medicines for anger when contradicted

Aurum Met is another excellent Homeopathic prescription for anger control and management. The persons who will benefit most from this medicine are the ones who get angry over the slightest contradiction. Such persons are sensitive to contradiction which leads to a sudden, explosive outburst from them. In addition to this, such persons may be melancholic in nature, suffer lack of self-worth and a very low self-esteem. Hopelessness and self reproaching behavior is also observed. Aurum Met is also the best among Homeopathic medicines for anger linked with chronic depression. Suicidal thoughts may prevail in persons in whom Aurum Met will show best recovery.

Tarentula Hispanica – Top grade among Homeopathic medicines for anger when attended with destructiveness

In cases where anger is attended with destructive behaviour, Tarentula Hispanica is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for anger control and management. There is a tendency to throw things when angry. Such persons tend to strike themselves or others in anger. Impatience, obstinacy and high levels of irritability are other traits to look out for in persons for whom Tarentula Hispanica will be the most suitable choice among Homeopathic medicines for anger. Such people may be impulse, lack emotional control and be excessively restless as well.

Chamomilla – One of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for anger in children

Chamomilla is one of the most highly rated Homeopathic medicines for anger when it is seen in children. The child who needs Chamomilla is very irritable and loses temper easily. The child may also be obstinate, fretful and restless. The children, in such cases, want many things at the same time and get cross and angry if their demands are not met. They get snappish when angry and will not talk in a civil manner.


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  1. Lakshmi nidhi says:

    My brother’s wife has overwhelmed anger.always out burst.well educated yet agrresive to get rid of this problem?

    • Lakshmi nidhi says:

      My brother’s wife has overwhelmed anger.always out burst.well educated yet agrresive to get rid of this problem?

  2. My adult son is easily and quickly frustrated when he’s not able to do something or figure it out. He’s often moody (dark, quiet, unhappy?) and can be angry often but does not express it in any violent way. He’s hard on himself with recriminations. He’s negative, holds a grudge. I don’t know if I’d quantify him as depressed… I don’t think so? He is also loving and kind, polite. He’ll prefer to be alone rather than with people but is very social when he is with others and can have a great sense of humor. It’s the dark side, the quick to anger that I’d hope could be remedied for him. What would you suggest? He is very open to the use of homeopathic treatment.

  3. Pooja Parkash says:

    Dear Dr sharma i am suffering from anxiety and depression for long time. I am also taking homoeopathic medicine as well. But I am getting very aggressive day by day I try to kill myself. I also did this many times I cut my wrist. No on e in my family cares about me they neglect me they insulted me. I got very aggressive I thought I take some sharp object and kill myself and when my blood goes out I feel pain then I feel relax but no one understands please help me. Consider me an orphan

  4. Monalisha Halder says:

    Hello Dr. I am 21 yrs old. I am suffering from extreme anxiety and I usually can’t control my anger because of excess stress for carrier pressure and huge relationship problems. And sometime I become so violent that noone can stop me. Sometimes I become senseless after the violent activity. Please suggest me what should I do?? Actually day by day I am losing myself I don’t know what to do as I become harmful for my family…please help me

  5. is there a number to call ?

  6. fine

  7. Are these remedies for anger to be given during a period of anger or anytime to help combat the outburst? My 5 year old son gets super angry if something is done to him. Turns red in the face and his neck muscles bulge. Then he yells from within, sometimes chasing after the offending sibling. The initial anger subsides quickly but turns into glares. Once he is over it, he is over it and is very kind and generous again. Wondering if giving a remedy that matches is to be given in that moment or not? And what if they just had something to eat? Thank you

  8. h.dr.laeeq ur rehman says:

    nux vom 1 m 1 dose then carcinocin 1m 1 dose then use other similimum then it must be work.
    dr.laeeq ur rehman

  9. Looking for the best remedy for 8 year old with short temper and anger, especially when not getting her way (when being told no). Can’t calm down, cry’s and throws tantrum, gets short of breath from crying, punches pillow and bed.

  10. devender mudgal says:

    Hi sir, I want your contact details.

  11. Dear Sir,

    I am having almost continuous twitch in my left eye and vision slightly impacting every 4-6 months. When in anger or nervous it aggravates.

    I tried Physostigama 200, Zincum Mat 30, Avena Sativa 30, Agericus 20, 1M but not relief.

    Can you help?

  12. Atam prakash says:

    I am nearly 70yrs male, somewhat of shy nature from beginning, had tonsillitis frequently, frequent sneezing for many years, had panic attacks.. Less now, have hi BP, fears-crod, people, dentist…
    NOW MAIN… I have memory loss for recent memory, Hard Hearing both increased to interfere life.
    Can not tolerate Kali phos.
    Very irritated mood, always in hurry, very impatient…
    Pls suggest homeopathic medicine for Memory problem

  13. Sir, my wife have high anger, and use abusive language. It is only restricted to me. She become violent and abusive for very trivial issue or no issue. When she goes outside then there is no issue. When he she talked to outsiders, then she becomes very soft and humble.

  14. caroline hanasab says:

    My son has autism and he is 11 years old with crazy outburst. He is takling chaMOMILLA,, STRAMONIUM, COFFEE CRUDA AND NUX VOMICA. What else should I try? I am weaning off his medication so his behavior is tough. He gets frustrated and bites his t shirt. what else should I try?Thanks

  15. Hi Doctor Sharma, I am a 60 y.o. man with overall good health. 5 months ago my right hand started to shake out of a sudden. try with levodopa-carbidopa for 2 weeks and got much wanted and low cardiac result. I cut it out and now the neurologist gave me amantadine to try. My hand shakes but it is ok at moments and I go to sleep just fine. When I get excited it shakes more when calm it shakes little. I am about to start Mocuna pruriens and CDS from Dr. Andrreas Kalcker. Can you suggest some homeopathic remedies? I know it is not up to you to prescribe anything and it is up to me to make a desition. Thanks a lot.

  16. Hi Dr Sharma,

    I am looking for a remedy for a 60yr old female client who has been the family scapegoat all of her life. There is suppressed anger to keep the peace but has tried to voice her truth but told to shut-up so has had to do so, which then creates her being cut-off from the family and left to deal with the emotions on her own.
    She also self sabotarges due to feeling not good enough and does not deserve, even though she tries to boost her own confidence levels and tries to keep positive.
    She has deep grief and hurt as she has been continually cut off from the family or she has cut her self off from them just to be able to cope mentally.
    She has gained alot of weight over the last few yrs due to sabotarging tendencies – binge drinking and eating poorly which has caused digestive bloating and inflamation.

    In the last year she has been physically assaulted by woman on two separate ocassions which has created her to feel worthless, this has been hard for her as she usually keeps going when things have happened to her, she now has no job and feels less motivation especially with her personal work passion.
    Their mother was sexually abused as a child and she feels this has contributed to the abusive family situation.
    She is the only one in the family who wants to talk about things, everyone else doesn’t want to , she has also been humiliated by her parents on many times.
    Thanks for your help in advance.

  17. Dr.sharma my son is 3 & half.if he wants something & v dont give him he never listens but wil stick to his demand no matter what v do.he wil start beating the person who does not fulfill his demand, start throwing things & screaming.I am very upset about him .plz prescribe me the medicine,its potency & how i should use it.thanx

    • My son is doing his own business and he is stressed a lot in it. He is married (less than 5 years – no children) and wife works with him as a director. They often have disagreements in family and official matters. Most of the time, wife’s negligence, attitude to distract the points, slipping away from actual issues etc leads him to top anger. He shouts, abuses and recently threw his phone on such issues. But he is a very decent gentleman at other times – caring, loving, compassionate etc.

      Request your advice.

  18. Neha Jhunjhunwala says:

    I am trying to help my brother who has anger outbursts, after reading the above i feel Nux Vomica and tarentula hispanica can help her. What should be the dosage and potency that I should give her and for how long. Earlier also he took homeopathic medicines to cool down for few years that helped her. So i want her to start again. Can you pls guide here. He is 39 years old, weight 66 kg

  19. anjanie prasad matta says:

    my daughter, 23, suddenly stopped psychotic medicines last December and since developed lack of sleep and hunger. The problems of extreme anger and suspicious nature emerged strong. what is homeo medication which can be administered without her knowledge as she is refusing any treatment formally.

  20. My 19 year old son has adhd will learning Dissability and serious anger issues. I have tried allopathy for 6 years but nothing seem to work . Can you please advise wether homeopathy has any treatment for this case?

  21. LNPATTANAYAK says:

    My grand son is 8year old and under treatment of speech therapy is getting engry somewhat often. I came to know that effective homoeopathic medicines are there to control and manage enger in children. Kindly advise and prescribe medicines, we are very much upset.

  22. My son turned 14 last years and he was Amrit dari Sikh for 3 years but now he don’t want to be Amrit Dari anymore . He shouts on both of us . From last one year he got taller then me and put on weight around 98kg and 6.1ft in height . He continuesly in anger almost . Whenever he don’t get his things he get angry and tried to leave house and say u won’t find me alive . As now we are in Lockdown situation still he won’t good food and he get hyper too quickly so we don’t say him any word . He don’t do any study at all and no prayer a lot whole day he playing TV games and then snapchat and mobile gaming . But he’s becoming too hyper and aggressive now . What could I do . I need your suggestion .

  23. liona k shareing says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I am not clear as to which one is useful for overwhelming anger? I have been experiencing frustration on trying to get my medical needs met with my Insurance company, and given wrong information, or simply the run around in getting the facts or who the providers are that I may see in my area.
    I spent 4 hours yesterday and 6 today without getting any real concrete answers. This has been an ongoing problem over the last few years. My BP was usually normal around 120/80 but today after the calls, it was 166/100.
    I’m at the point I am overwhelmed, and the frustration turns to anger and usually after several hours, tears.
    Which remedy would be the most effective?
    thank you for your help. Liona

  24. I need serious help to help and heal my son 17 years old, 6’2″ 225Lbs. whom will bang his head against dry walls, mirrors, cast iron bars, his own knees using a pillow or with out it. Braking throwing things, banging hard with his forehead, sometimes to bleed.
    I have a daughter also, 18 and 8 m.
    My daughter anger is so deep that she believes he is spoiled and should kill him…
    Sad is both suffered from his own father neglect, abuse physically -emotionally and I fought to protect them the entire judicial system. We need to heal.

  25. Sir, my wife is suffering from Psoriasis skin problem. She used to get more anger, frustration and a sort of dejection attitude. I think more of her anger, jealousy, frustration and dejection attitude has made her to this Psoriasis skin disease. She is now using Allopathy.

    I understand that there is remedy in homeopathy. Can you kindly suggest some remedies which could be help to her in alleviating the problem.

  26. I am 65 and unmarried. From my boyhood i had been ssubjected to situations genersting anger and i had to suppress them. Now i have a group of diseases like lack of appetite very frequent micturition more during day and raised levels of creatinine. What medicine i should take. My whatsappnumber9496423542.

  27. Is there tasteless anger control homeopathy medicine for agresive anger

  28. Suvendu Ghosh Dastidar says:

    If I want to prescribe Chamomilla to a boy of 6* age, What will be the doses and of what potency,

  29. Dear Sir
    My 11 and 1/2 year son is stubborn and agressive ,please recommend best remedy for that.

    Thanks & Regards


    • Domina Madeli says:

      Hello Dr Sharma
      My Son aged 12 yrs is an Autistc. He is on autism spectrum. He sometimes get aggressive capable of hurting himself and hurting others. Kindly help me out of this. I undertake to pay all requisite charges

  30. Bipasha Gulta says:

    Nux Vomica – Is Homeopathic medicines for verbal burst of anger over trivial things for about 10 minutes right for a young lady of age 42 . She is an extrovert and jextremely jovial person otherwise. What is the dosage and how long she should be taking this?

    • My daughter aged 46 year unI married suffering fm depression for last two years due to loss of business and love affair Gets angery over small matters and confide to home only

    • My daughter aged 46 year unI married suffering fm depression for last two years due to loss of business and love affair Gets angery over small matters and confide to home only

  31. Can sulphur 6c be used for anger anxiety

  32. Ashok Modi says:

    मेरा लड़का २७ साल का है, पिछले ७-८ साल से उसको बहॉट क्रोध आता है, जब उसे क्रोध आता है तब वह मदद, तोड़ फोड़ जैसी नकारात्मक प्रवृत्ति करता है, कभी कभी १० मिनिट के भीतर कंट्रोल कर पाता है, कभी कभी ३ ५ घंटे लग जाते है। ऐसा रोज नहीं होता कभी कभी दिन में दो तीन बार होता है, कभी कभी १०-१५ दिन में एकाद बार होता है। उसे पहले मृगी की बीमारी भी थी। लेकिन एलोपैथी दवाइयां ११ साल से चालू है, उसके बाद कभी तकलीफ़ नहीं हुई, उनके जन्म के वक्त फिर सेप डिलीवरी में ब्रेन में इंजरी हुई थी, ओक्सीजन उस वक्त नहीं मिला उनकी वजह से लेइत प्रोग्रेस हुआ किन्तु अभी एकदम फिट है।
    वह लिख नहीं सकता है ओर उसे बेलेंस में थोड़ा तकलीफ़ होता है फिर भी स्कूटर चलाना सीख लिया है, लेकिन हम चलाने नहीं देते।
    मुझे २४ घंटे उनके साथ रहना ही पड़ता है गुस्सा की वजह से
    इस लिए काफी समय से में मेरा जॉब नहीं कर पाता हूं।
    उसने कोंप्युतर का सरकारी डिप्लोमा भी शुरू किया था, हालांकि लिखने की वजह से पूरा नहीं हो पाया फिर भी अच्छा कम कर पाता है वेब डिजाइन ओर सॉफ्टवेर में ज्यादा रुचि है।
    कृपा करके मुझे कोई मार्गदर्शन दीजिए।

  33. Naresh Sharma says:

    My daughter Age 17 years gets too much irritated when someone does not act according her plan or contradict her Plan. She utters harsh words and gets upset v quickly.

  34. Mohan lall chandani says:

    My daughter aged 29 years get angry every now and then without understanting the things.Her mother was a pateint of Hungtington desease.She do not understand anything and never accept her fault.what is the treatment

    • Deb Mukherjee says:

      I am 20 years of age. I suddenly become angry and intend to beat my parents without any cause. What medicine can be helpful to me ?

  35. Puneet Rajput says:

    Respected sir my wife is having negative thinking about me since last 2 years. She always doubts on me. She always shows negative behavior to me and my kids. I have 3 kids 22 years daughter perusing BDS (III year).17 years daughter in 12th standard and13 year old son in class 7th. My wife is 45 years old. I am a teacher in a public school with 22 male faculty and 70 females. I am the examination incharge of the school. If any lady teacher call me on my well then she becomes angry. She is so much possessive about me shat she take every such step negativity. What can I do please suggest me. Thank you. Regards Puneet Rajput

  36. We are raising our grandson who has fetal alcohol syndrome and is prone to aggression and impulsiveness. We have tried many pharmaceuticals all with adverse reactions. Is there anything more along the homeopathic line that will help him with his outbursts?

  37. Budida.Aparanji says:

    Tarentula Hispanica dosage.Hoe to use this medicine

  38. PUSPAJIT Mahalder says:

    Hello, I am PUSPAJIT Mahalder of 47yrs.I have been suffering from sudden anger disease for more than 4yrs.I am very desparate while angry.During that time I hurt my child brutaly.After sometime,I also realise that it was wrong. Now my child don’t love me .what shall I do ? What is the homeopath remedy.Please advise me .

  39. Rajiv kothari says:

    My wife age is 46 she get agressive all of a sudden she cannot listen of others .She used to have all the things very neat and clean and if anything goes beyond her she burst after that she started .please help which medicine will be good for her .Apart from this she is very jolly in nature very hard worker she isvery good in each field but when the things are beyond of her situation she burst .please help

  40. Khushnud says:

    My son aged 31-unmarried was diagnosed at the age of 4 years “Absence Seizures” the most mild form of epilepsy, taking tagrol tablets and other medicines to suppress the disease.Most of the time he suffers from fits of anger, gets abusive even wants to beat or hit parents. Three times he has quit the job and is reluctant to do job at another opportunity as well.
    Gets irritated in no time over trivial matters. appears as furious all the time. Treatment of Neuro-Psychiatrist and sessions with concerned experts to improve have failed so far, Whatever exercises and practices are advised he promises to do but practically does not do.
    Kindly advise if some Homoeopathic medicine can do improvement.

  41. Susan Allen says:

    I have a 15 year old son with anger isssues. has had these issues from birth. His birth mother did drugs, cocaine, and it messed with the front lobe of his brain, his emotions and impulses. He had had several homeopathic remedies for other issues and it is the only thing that seems to help him. (Our Dr. retired). His anger is out of control. He screams, cusses, throws things, hits walls. He doesnt remember or realize how bad he gets. He hates it when he cant control his anger. He says it is something in his head and he cant stop it. He is very sorry afterwards and apologizes and cries. He is afraid I will give up on him and I am all he has to depend on. He does not like crowds, people, noise or commotion. I homeschool him because he can not learn with alot going on around him, he needs quiet. He was also born with a cleft lip and palette due to her medication for seizures (which she never had and was on 3 different meds from 3 different doctors). So he has had several operations and at one time died on the operating table. This resulted in years of him having “no breathing” issues, which homeopathic medicine cured. (He was 2-4 at the time).
    Can you please help us. He does not want to be labeled or take medicine. His goal is to go into the army and he is afraid that will mess up his chances. He trust homeopathic medicine.

  42. Good Morning dr Sharma
    My Son
    Age 22
    He gets too much irritated when someone does not act according his plan or contradict his Plan
    He utters harsh words and gets upset v quickly

    Although he may have his right view but he can’t explain it with respect and calm
    Please assist

  43. Doctor, my daughter is 34 year old. No kids. She is some times moody. She cannot retart to her colleagues at job front. If someone insults or humiliates she takes it with pain but cannot react sharply. Since 4 or 5 years whenever she is irritated she is beating her forehead with hands wildly and later complains very dizzy and vertigo feeling. She is very bright in studies and her husband is equally bright. Both of them are frustrated for not having kids. Though they are trying various processes, not fruitful. Is her anger and panic attacks related to children? What medication in homoeo can keep her cool ? Bnk Reddy

  44. Neelam singh says:

    My daughter is of 17 years she is too short tempered. She fights for nothing too abusive…Tom boyish type.wat she wants if not given them she behaves badly…can homeopathy help in this case..She can sleep for 18/19hrs non stop…if she sleep less then this sometimes she gets fever…

  45. Tapas Ranjan Dhar says:

    My son is 7 years old. He is very ill tempered and he does not have interest in going to school and if he goes school he does not enter his class room. He can not control anger and he beats me , his mother and grandmother . How can we control his anger and behavior by homeo medicine.

  46. Emily Hancock says:

    Very interesting. I have had underlying anger for a lifetime (am now over 70). I do not lose my temper. However, frustration instantly leads to an angry response. This gets me into trouble. I think that Nux Vomica is the best fit BUT I am afraid to use it because – wouldn’t it negate my WONDERFUL response to Natrum Carbonicum – my constitutional remedy? Then what?

  47. soumitra halder says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My wife, 30 years old, lose her temper quickly, but get out of the angry frame of mind just as fast.
    What is solution?

    • hi doc I m 33 years old I ve two kids.I usually loose my temper and start shouting at kids many times when they dont listen me I also slap my son.I felt very bad I want to control on my anger or temperament kindly suggest me which homeopathy med is best for me

    • H Doctor,
      My wife, 40 years old, lose her temper quickly, but get out of the angry frame of mind just as fast.
      What is solution?


  48. Hi! I just got off my anti-anxiety drugs due to PTSD. I am very angry and get easily frustrated and cry. I am very irritable with my family and especially my husband. I have been taking Aurum Metallicum 200c For about a week only one time a day and it is helped a lot with my anxiety. But I am still struggling with irritability. Please help me and thank you

  49. Kavita rana says:

    Hello sir, my sister is mentally retarted but physically very healthy, she has thyroid problem by birth. Now she is getting very aggresive , voilent. She used to cry and angry almost all the time, we have tried a lot of doctors but have no gain. Kindly suggest me some homeopathy .

  50. Dr. Hema. C says:

    My son 14yrs has ADHD with LD.. Arrogant and Aggressive Behaviour accentuated as teens. He has behavioral issues like non compliance, disobedience and temperamental. Obstinate stubborn strong willed. Impulsively.
    Family history of Suicide Suicidal tendency with bipolar traits and depression. Aggression. Impulsivity

  51. iqbal khan says:

    My daughter aged 22 years behaiour is very much aggressive. she has excessive anger from the age of 15 years which was some how managable at that time. But from previous three months her anger has taken a very violen tturn. Started from one night she even slapped father mother , brother and sister and uncontrollable. i called my younger brother and her grandmother then on;y she could be pacified.After that incident she has done three times similiiar things but lesser extent. During her anger she used to say one thing that a boy who was his class fellow in 9th and 10 th class harrass her a lot and accused us that we have not changed her school.
    However her conduct outside the home is very decent. She used to go college without problem. she talked in mobile phone very decently. I have taken her to phycarist. She has talked very politely. she has refused to take medicines after taking two or three dose. I hope if some medicines can be given in her food

  52. Surendra d godse says:

    Anger control nedecin

  53. krishan kumar says:

    My grandson is 4 yrs. Veh TUTLA Kar Bolta hai. Please suggest some medicine ?

  54. Hi
    I have an teen ager boy who is 17 years old with mild mental retardation. His IQ is 65 and having 50% disability. He is very aggressive and having self-harming tendency.He screams at the top of his lungs if his demands not met and starts harming himself.He doesn’t take interest in study and addicted to mobile where he used to see movies or hear songs. We have tried so many treatments like respradone etc. We are looking for help desperately. Please let me know if you can help to calm him down.
    Thank you.

  55. ANIL KUMAR says:


  56. Durdana Nurjis says:

    I have an autistic teen ager boy who is 17 years old. He is non verbal. As school is off he is staying home and he is getting very aggressive, easily showing his meltdown. He screams at the top of his lungs.We can’t say no to him.He doesn’t take interest in any thing. We have tried so many treatments like detoxification, giving gluten and casein free diet., but nothing works. He has two older sisters. We are looking for help desperately. Please let me know if you can help to calm him down.
    Thank you.

    • Alok Kharbanda says:

      Hallo Dr.
      Good Morning,
      My son aged 16 years studying in class X, he is in Hostel. He is very intelligent and sharp in understanding but for last three years he has gradually developed a compulsive desire to play with and mobiles and watching TV till late night thus does not find interest in studies. even he neglects following routine of timely bath, food etc until forced which irritates him. When denied such play, he becomes extremely reactive , negative and angry. Before such change in negative attitude, he was very well appreciated in school as very good boy with immense potential. Because of such reactive and negative attitude, when we out of frustration also get angry with him and he also reacts.
      I look for your suggestion of remedy through homeopathy.
      He is thinly built, height 5 ft 8 inches. He is good Player and used to go JIM daily , He is not not very keen to eat vegetables but likes non veg food and pizza , pasta etc..

      Recently last Friday in Hostel due some hard talk with his friend he get angry and smash his right hand in Glass window and get injured 25 stitches applied in his right hand in 4 different places on right hand. Sir, We are very much worried , Pl help us .

      Should you want to know any other / more details I would be happy to provide . Look forward to your kind response.
      Thank you

  57. Vaishali desai says:

    My son ia 16 years old he is in tremendous depression. Because of his some behiever, his friends call him “Abnormal” and he has become very much angree on him. Some times he make small injury to his friend. Pls write me some medicineto contro” his anger. Thanks.

  58. Ayush Anand says:

    Hello sir,
    My dad is 50 year old, he is very short temper person. He react too much even for little things. He is too impatient he cant tolerate anything. He always try to find out only negativity from any kind of situation, person etc…
    Please prefer a good homeopathy medicine for my dad.
    Thank you.

  59. Sudhindra Narayan Das says:

    My grandson aged 15 years is very intelligent and sharp in understanding but for last three years he has gradually developed a compulsive desire to play with TV games, Play Station and mobiles thus does not find interest in studies. even he neglects following routine of timely bath, food etc until forced which irritates him. When denied such play, he becomes extremely reactive , negative and angry. Before such change in negative attitude, he was very well appreciated in school as very good boy with immense potential. Because of such reactive and negative attitude, his parents out of frustration also get angry with him and he also reacts.
    I look for your suggestion of remedy through homeopathy.
    He is thinly built, height 5 ft 2 inches. not very keen to eat vegetables but likes non veg food and pizza , pasta etc. He is constipated and usually has hard stool. He is very less thirsty .

    Should you want to know any other / more details I would be happy to provide . Look forward to your kind response.

    Thank you


    Dear Sir,
    I am 64 yr old and my wife is 63.My wife is getting angry suddenly when any thing happens or any talk against him. Also she believes that I have made her unhappy since my marriage in the yr 1976.

    She is arrogant and is not ready to hear any thing good or comfortable to she also. She keeps things and incidents of
    so many years back make unnecessary quaral any time. She
    is speaking lier too when something comes on herself.

    She believes that I am the most uncomfortable husband to him and always dishonoring and insulting her. Me and my two sons age 40 yes and 38 yrs are also disappointed by her behavior. Before few days she also attacked on my back head with small hammer. I had forgive her but she didn’t felt any guilty conscience.
    Please guide me in this case, so that we and our family can live happily.
    Thanks and regards,
    Lalitchandra Kapadia

  61. Hello doctor Sharma,

    I was prescribed staphysagria for stress relieve and suppressed anger with my superior, but I want to ask whether it may have side effects and especially on raising the pulse rate? I was experienced that from pyrogenium and it was stopped but how about staphysagria? Thank you,


  62. Doctor sir, meri umr 33 saal hai aur mera ek beta hai..
    Mujhe choti choti baat par bahut hi jaldi gussa aata hai aur main bahut hi jor jor se chillane lagti hu jiske karan mere sir main dard aur meri body kapne lagti hai gusse se..
    Kharab kharab bolne lagti hu..
    Mera family relation kharab ho raha hai iss karan se.
    Please help me sir…madad kare please…please

  63. RAGHUNATH says:

    Doctor sir, My daughter aged about 24 years has of late become very angry person. For trivial things she shouts and makes home hell. She is also very stressed due to office pressure. She cannot relax and is restless. She says she gets bad dreams and feels low in the morning. Please suggest effective medicine to help her to get rid of her sufferings. Regards, worried father.

  64. Pls suggest medicine for a patient he
    Associated with


    (caused by an injury(kicked by a man))
    Related reflection of

    *SEVERE ANGER* (angry)
    (Often/sudden) by

    *Keeping over discipline
    *Doing perfect in everything (expect the same from others)
    *Spiritual pure attitude

    52 aged
    No any mistakable habbits

    Salt desired
    Peaceful desired

    Including homeo Treatment is under going past several in allopathy..
    No proper result

    Kindly suggest medicines and other ways..


  65. Dear Doctor

    My son is 18 years old. He is the only child. The problem with the boy is when he is angry he behaves in a destructive manner. He breaks everything when his demands are not fulfilled. He is not stable.He is spoiling his academic career. He is behaving as well mannered with outsides but differently behaving with family members. I have shown to doctors but no change in his behavior. so I heard that homeopathy
    has good effective medicines. We are scared by his violent behavior. Can you suggest me a medicine which gives positive results to his brain.

    With regards.
    Devi {parent}

    • Biraj Das says:

      My daughter is 16 years old. she is the only child. The problem with the girl is she is angry to us and not want to take any advices from olders. she behaves in a destructive manner. He breaks everything when her demands are not fulfilled. she want to eat chocolate & Chips and she is of if she sit alone in front of TV. .He is spoiling hir academic career. He is behaving as well mannered with outsides but differently behaving with family members. I have shown to doctors but no change in his behavior. so I heard that homeopathy
      has good effective medicines. We are scared by his violent behavior. Can you suggest me a medicine which gives positive results to his brain.

  66. m a bagwan says:

    i have been suffering from uncontrolled anger. i break things at my disposal, i abuse, i also regret for what i do. this has hardened all my relations with people. i need to control my anger in a natural way. kindly provide me good homeopathic treatment and medicines….
    thank you

  67. Sabrina Hasan says:

    Hello Dr.
    My son has anger problem and I think he has all the problems you mentioned. He is 24 now. When he is 14 it has started. Once I gave him Platina 30 and platina 1 m. But didn’t work. Please advice me. It is really painful when he swears, breaks and get hurt himself.
    It is so difficult to talk to him. It is difficult to give him medicine too. Once I gave him nux vom too. He says it makes his mouth dry.
    Thank you

  68. ramashanker diwan says:

    मेरे बेटे की उमर 25साल उसे बहुत गुस्सा आता है गुस्साने पर सबको मारने की इच्छा होती है उपचार बताऐ

  69. safe hassan says:

    hello doctor sharma,
    its safe from pak. my daughter is 2.4 ,since birth she has been a diffrent and yet difficult kid with intense mood swings, crankiness and anger. she was 3 when she started screming and throwing things away every child does she would b better by the time this was my thoughts. but as i mention her age above she is one ofthe most stubborn and cranky child ,one other thing she is v v loud her vocals are too high ,I am v furstrated cox at this early age i have done all possiable tips and tricks what are needed ( with love with a lil strickness and finally a slap on butt) bitall are in a vain.
    if she wants any thing its mean she will take otherwise a huge and long crying and screming period with refusing every thing to calm her )which is getting on my nervous. i am suffring chronic anger and mood swings and deprassion. kindly help me to cope up with this.
    PS i am single mother and feel helpless some time to manage her behaviour.

  70. Harjitbarey says:

    Respect fully sir my daughter aged 31 years has spoiled her marriage life .She married 6 years before.and have 5 years old baby boy.

    Her angriness has right reason but have high volume. Resulting gone for future. As divorced.
    Kindly advise. Harjit 9811609021

  71. says:

    Respect fully sir my daughter aged 31 years has spoiled her marriage life .She married 6 years before.and have 5 years old baby boy.

    Her angriness has right reason but have high volume. Resulting gone for future. As divorced.
    Kindly advise. Harjit 9811609021

  72. My friend’s husband has a great deal of suspicion rgarding her relationship with her ex class fellow in whom she was interested but their relationship did not turn out to marriage. Before marriage she shared all this with her husband and gave him her facebook password. He looked into all her messages and found some messages of the class mate. From that day he has become suspicious of his wife who is really true and caring to him. Further he shows her anger and hatred sometimes by verbal abuse and sometimes by keeping bitter silence and leaving to talk to her for weeks. The latter has more common now but he says bitter sentences and does not even care of someone else’s presence. There are repeated episodes. He also shows apology and regret when resumes from bouts of anger. He refuses to take any medicine regarding this issue and said ‘I will not take any medicine’. Can she give medicine by some hidden means so that her married life could get normal?Please advise some medicine and its way to give indirectly

  73. S c singh says:

    Dear sir
    My poti aged 2and half year is extremely violent without any causes. She shouts and use nails to damage another child or person.
    Plz advise me which medicine is suitable for this girl.


  74. My father(age 65) got angry fast and shouting louldy and also out angryness frame within hour. he has negative thought and doubt for others for normal matters.whole night he has dreaming on whole day thinking and in eraly morning he will be shouting on any one in home.
    Please give guidence about medicine

  75. My husband id suffering from depression for past three years he is scolding each of my relatives using foul language he is always angry and becomes aggressive over petty issues he does not sleep at night till four o clock

  76. Hi sir !
    My mom is angry at the litil bit things very hard, some time cryes and thinks saidly moments and some times gets fall things,and after day she behave very politly with ever.
    So please choose for her homio. medicin.

  77. i had a lot of problems in my college and in my family…i can,t able to control my stress so i shot at any one to cast my feelings….because i dont want to cry before anyone,.,, it seems iam losing them plss help me out

  78. Sir…my wife got angry very fast..anf always break household things like chargers. She is very jealous of me..because everybody praise me in front of her..she has got her hair 95% grey.she do such things which makes me also angry.

    • Hi sir I’m worried ab my son.he is 17 he was very well behaved ND obedient before some years but from last year he suddenly changed started misbehaving ND disobedience.suddenly became very violent in small things . threw things in home ND destroyed even shout ND try to harm himself aswell others . After some time he became very normal as nothing happiness of my family get messed.can u plz help me

  79. Prashant Singh says:

    I feel that I have symptoms of sudden anger . I become angry quickly and then calm cool in few seconds or in a minute. Please suggest medicine to get rid of this shortag temper.

  80. I m facing all the long term effects of anger as written above. I have lost all my health beauty I want to end my life . The reason is my husband who has ni sense of his basic behaviour. Copying him my son n daughter I n law are becoming like him all the three insults me use me n throw me till their next service as a result now Since 2015 I.m with my daughter I want to shift in Old age home.

  81. lily rajput says:

    Dear Dr. i am Mrs lily rajput.. i m very short tempered and get angry within a fraction of seconds but due to this my relations are getting spoilt.. i request u to please suggest me medicine to control my anger so that i can become a good listener rather than being a listener
    Thanking You
    Lily Rajput

  82. Anita Thakur says:

    Hello Doctor.
    My son gets very much angry and abusive. All same things what you have written in nux vomica medicine. From mid night till evening he has negative thought for others. And afterwards he feels fresh and said what happened to him. But again next day he starts same and abuse people. He abuses people for petty things which was done 2,3 years back.He has a good job but he is not satisfied with it because this job is not according to his qualification. He is not ready to take medicine. Many times he had met homeopathy and allopathy doctors when he is in good mood. But doesn”t take medicine. Please suggest some homeopathy medicine and doze. Please suggest medicine that skip his negative thoughts. Kindly mail medicine and suggestions on the following mail.
    Anita Thakur

  83. My wife, aged 35 years, gets angry on trivial matters. We got married in 2000. After one year of our marriage she came to know that I have seen with my old girl friend once at a university. After then she become violent and hospitalised. This condition gradually cleared and she become ok. For the past 15 years there was no problem. But the last one year she talks about that incident and becomes angry and even shows the sign of fits. Often shouts and questions me again and again and cries out. The same thing asks again and again and becomes totally exhausted. She shouts and abuses our children if they came to us. She always wanted me, loves me very much. But whenever we got some free time together instead of enjoying she talks negatively and begins to cry and abuses me.
    Please advice me if there any suitable medcine for this problem.

  84. Louise Benham says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    My son is 8 years old and very loving and caring, but his anger issues are having an impact at home and at school, when he is angry he can hit out and he gets angry over the smallest of things even when his classmates get too noisy or his little brother annoys him (which is quite often as he is 3 years old). I have the headmaster on the phone about 3 times a week. We are all working together, but it is really getting him down and upsetting him.

    Kind Regards


    • Dr. Sharma,

      I have become very passively angry. I have suppressed anger and grief from an extremely abusive/traumatic childhood. And it doesnt get released due to not one family member acknowledging or wanting to talk to me about it. I am dead inside. What homeopathic treatment do you recommend?

  85. Subhrakanta Pattnaik says:

    My son who is now 21 years is often getting angry by remembering past issues where I had reprimanded him of his wrong doings. Becomes violent, destroys things, getting physical at me and my wife.

    Also for past 4-5 months keeps himself in his room, only comes out of his room when feels hungry, does not talks to us, avoids family get together, does not attend his class, moves around only with a select friends and indulges in intoxication by taking alcohol & marijuana. Demands money, gets violent if it is delayed by even 10 minutes.

    Does not cooperates to visit Doctor, once went to see the doctor but throws away the medicine.

    Can you recommend any safe homeopathic medicine without steroids and side effects to be given to him without his knowledge, means mixing the medicine in his food ?

    Please advise.


  86. Hi sir,
    My father, will get angry for small small matter
    He can’t control is angry and he will shout loudly,
    His age is almost 58. If he gets angry he will throw
    Particular item in his hand which was it he doesn’t
    Seen. And he not listen our word in home. So please
    Suggest any medicine sir…..

  87. My sis in law is very moody.and her anger is disturbing my brother s marital life.plz suggest some medicine.

  88. My son has the largest heart in the world and the largest temper. Outbursts, school has gotten crazy, gets angry very easy and shows definite signs of anxiety. He has a hard time focusing.He is 13 and I refuse to put him on chemical medication.

  89. namrata sinha says:

    Doctor, my son is 21 yrs old autistic non verbal . lately, he’s showing anger restlessness disobedience showing no interest in studies etc. Hitting over slight dissent . Banging doors , always having paper scroll in his hand pacing up n down whole day.
    Any meds for above symptoms . Specially for anger restlessness disobedience n help him get speech too.please help. Im v. V helpless. Regards

  90. Rahmat Hassan says:

    Im 41 years old, I have all the above mentioned anger, which medicine is best for me. I’ve been suffering from agresive nature since my childhood.

  91. I have all the above traits of anger… Which medicine should I take… Please help me out

  92. My daughter is 16years old .she gets anger very often.eapescially her demand is not fulfilled.what medicine she needs??

  93. Vikash Kumar Gupta says:

    Dear sir I am 29 year old .when some one repeatedly told me any think I became anger.when some one miss behave me , insufficient sex, someone not doing work accordingly my way I became angry.After the anger I highly abusing any one in my family also.i through,distroy,break the things.when I became anger I feel like everything is blank and mute surrounding me.

    • Vikash Kumar Gupta says:

      Dear sir I am 29 year old .when some one repeatedly told me any think I became anger.when some one miss behave me , insufficient sex, someone not doing work accordingly my way I became angry.After the anger I highly abusing any one in my family also.i through,distroy,break the things.when I became anger I feel like everything is blank and mute surrounding me.

  94. nitin srivastava says:

    Dear sir
    i live in gorakhpur up. my mother whose age is 65 years. she can not control herself and get angry without any reasons she is also in depression during agression she abuses on my my self .my wifes and on sisters also. during that period no one can talk with her.
    so you are kindly requested to plz suggest us homeopathy medicine to cool her mental status.

  95. sanjaya kumar pradhan says:

    Good sir. This is Sanjay here. Sir please help me how to control angry.

  96. Manoj Kumar saha says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,

    I live in kolkata , I belongs to lower income group. I am facing a great problem.I need your help. My Daughter is suffering uncontrol anger problem.

    My Daughter becomes angry without any reason .some times she get violent and destroy things in my house. some times 5 to 15 days she becomes good ,after this period she gets angry without any reason .During angry she did not take enough food ,she did not go to school ,stop her study and she sleep most of the time. some time she watches T.V

    My daughter is under treatment. but we are not getting satisfied result.
    Please Please please help us and save my daughter.

  97. My boyfriend of 17 years ( we are both 52 and have a14 year old daughter together) has a growing anger issue. When he’s around other people he’s very witty, funny and most times personable, especially if those people ate complete strangers. When he is at home, he gets angry at the littlest things, we’ll make smart comments towards others, and will not respond when you try top speak with him unless its about something trivial or something that he can make you laugh about. He loves to be the center of attention, but if the attention is taken off of him he gets angry over the littlest things. His main focus in life is getting up for work going to work. He will spend excess amount of time preparing his uniform, making his lunch, Etc. Once he comes home from work he watches TV he eats and takes naps. He is verbally abusive towards me, towards his parents. He does take vitamins so I am wondering what supplements would be good to help his anger issues and keep this family together. I’m at my Wit’s End and I’m ready to walk away yet again from him. I know he’s a good person, I just don’t know how to help him control his anger, and he doesn’t see that he has a problem with it. As long as he goes to work comes home pays the bills nothing else seems to matter to him. Please let me know which supplement you advise. Thank you

  98. Meenoo Sharma says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Hello want your help I loose my temper very soon, get irritated very soon and low patience levels when angry I just feel like throwing things and specially breaking glass, I get anxiety also, but my anger is for short period I cool down fast and please help me I want to get rid of my anger please suggest good homeopathy medicine.


    Dear Doctor

    My son at age of 14 years 6 months, he is very angry and restless from his very early age, he is loses his temper easily. He want many things at the same time and get cross and angry if their demands are not met. He do not have any concentration about his study, he is in class IX now, He get snappish when angry and will not talk in a civil manner. please advice me what to do. My self and my wife both are very worried.

    Sukanta Chatterjee
    Mob- 9830116203

  100. Dr Sharma
    My daughter becomes angry and shouts loudly
    She is very jelous becomes angry on small issues
    Most unadjusting with her immediate family members
    She is not married and unemployed
    Does not work in the house
    Eats good food
    Is given resperidon forte
    Does not take medicine
    Very possessive for mother

    • RITU TANEJA says:

      My son who is autistic and aged 21 years is very aggressive and show tantrums and destroy things. He does self hitting also. Physically he is perfect and goes to special school. At times it becomes very difficult and the atmosphere at home is always very bad. Please help.

  101. sharleen says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I am very thankful to have found this article. I have been battling anger and rage for quite sometime now and it has worsened as a parent of a 2 and 5 year old. I find myself screaming over every little thing they do. And at times I say hurtful things to them and then find myself feeling beyond guilty. I don’t seem to have control over it. It takes over. I have had a very difficult childhood and teen years and went through a lot of things a young girl should not have to. I’ve gone to counseling, I pray a lot and I try my best but I really need help. I feel I am ruining my kids. I’m starting to see anger in both the kids and explosiveness. I don’t even know you and I am writing all this to you but it’s because I am desperate. I believe in homeopathy and prefer this route over medicine. I would appreciate any help. I am not sure which remedy to purchase from the above article on anger. Thank you so much in advance.

  102. Pratap Kumar nayak says:

    My son about age 14 become very angry in any situation shouted in high voice and making urguement in every expect how he control from this

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  104. We adopted our son from China. He is now 8 years old. He was in an orphanage early in his life and he exhibits many of the traits that other children from orphanages do. He gets so angry a the slightest thing (e.g. he can run out of the room screaming because we made something for breakfast he did not want that day or he woke up before we got him up and he gets angry and disregulated and goes downhill from there. He often curses. He also gets violent and has thrown things and often hits. He also talks in a baby voice when he gets disregulated (even if he is not angry).

    What do you suggest to help him with his dysregulation? When he is not disregulated, he is the best child, so kind, loving and helpful and full of wisdom and insight.

  105. Dear Sir,

    My husband is short-tempered for anything and everything. He doesn’t have a social life. He always pinpoints at me always shows a dissatisfied behavior that I don’t care for him. He is a knowledgeable person but not know how to show it. Very spiritual as well.Application level is very low. He is now 41 yrs. Sometimes shows a very stubborn and ugly egoistic attitude towards me. We have a daughter who is 4 years old now.

    Kindly suggest me some medicine to treat him and bring him back to normal behaviour.


  106. Lathika saxena says:

    Gets angry ,irritable n cranky sometimes for no reason.find fault with husbands every action n losses temper .stopped having periods for last 1 year .i know it is not right but can’t control myself n also have a feeling of remorse


      Hello Sir,
      I want to know whose medicine is suitable for my 14 Years old Daughter, she is suddenly loose the temper , Pin point her younger sister, shroud voice, non obedient, fast irritable, suggest medicine

  107. yasin chowdhury says:

    My son age 19yrs tall and healthy colour white weight 68 killo.From his childhood very restless.Always broken household and very he be come more restless more anger.he prepares for madical exam.As a student he is very good.But now he change more anger and outbrust.if you kindly advise me what to do?or suggest a medicine for him..hoping your kind help pls reply as early as. Possible.Thanks



  109. Hello doctor.. I have a serious issue with my behaviour I sometimes get angry, infact very frequently.. Actually we can call it irritation.. I easily get irritated during any conflict of views with my partner, and I then loose the control over the situation… and at sever times I start shivrering… which is a serious issue… sometimes I get irritated with some kind of loud noises like noise of a cracker or a person speaking loudly.. sometimes my mood gets off for no any specific reason and at that time i take all the things angrily…. moreover I am over sensitive to certain issues and take all things to my heart and keep on thinking over n over regarding the pros and cons of the thing… I want a serious help..

  110. Tejinder singh Bhatti says:

    Dear doctor, my father gets angry on every small issues and even when there is no issue. He find faults in everything and everywhere. He os always angry and sometimes very abusive in nature. I was going through your article on website regarding anger management and found that NUX VOMICA is most suitable. When when I was serching it online there are many variables of this medicine. Like 6CH, 12CH,30, 1M so on. Whoch would be most suitable buy. Kindly help doctor

  111. Hello Dr

    I take nux vomica 200 as prescribed by a local
    homeopath. He has asked me to take it once a week.
    Is it too much if I take it daily since I feel better
    taking it but have read on the internet that it is

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