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6 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Athlete’s Foot

What is Athlete’s Foot?

Athlete’s foot is a contagious skin condition also known as ‘tinea pedis’. It is mainly a fungal infection and can easily spread via contaminated towels, clothing or floors. It is easily transmissible in common places such as swimming pools or the common locker rooms where a person walks barefoot. Athlete’s foot commonly occurs in persons who wear tight fitting shoes and have sweaty feet. The main sign and symptom of athlete’s foot are rashes between the toes with itching, scaling, flaking and blister formation. The rashes may extend to the soles and sides of the feet. The person experiences intense itching as soon as he removes the shoes and socks. Athlete’s foot may spread further to the other foot or even the hands if a person continuously keeps scratching the infected area.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines have shown remarkable results in treating athlete’s foot. Homeopathy is a wonderful science of healing with medicines which are made up of natural substances. It offers a wide spectrum of treatment that is safe. Homeopathic medicines that boost the body’s own immune system to heal the disease rather than suppress symptoms have the ability to prevent recurrence of the disease. They fight the infection at the root level and completely eradicate the condition, promising great treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines for Athlete’s Foot

Top grade Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot are Graphites, Thuja, Silicea, Baryta Carbonica, Nitric Acidum and Petroleum.

Graphites – One of the top Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with cracks

Graphites is one of the most popular Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot where the condition is accompanied by cracks. The person complains of dry, rough skin along with cracks between the toes. Moist and crusty eruptions which ooze out a sticky exudation are treated well with Homeopathic medicine Graphites. Also, in cases where the eruptions in the folds break easily and are very slow to heal, Graphites is the best among Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot to prescribe.

Thuja – Top rated among Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with eruptions only on covered parts

Thuja is another of the selective Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot cases with eruptions only on the covered parts. The person has dry skin, which is very sensitive to the touch. The eruptions are accompanied by violent itching or burning. Scratching and cold bathing makes the condition worse. Athlete’s foot with needle pricking sensation will also respond well to Homeopathic medicine Thuja.

Silicea – One of the most prescribed Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with boils

Athlete’s foot with boils is treated well with Homeopathic medicine Silicea. Silicea acts well on boils coming out in crops along with foul pus on the feet and toes. Intense itching, especially during the daytime and evening, is also well attended well with Silicea, making it one of the highly rated Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot.

Baryta Carbonica – Remarkable among Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with intolerable itching

Baryta Carbonica has shown the most remarkable results in athele’s foot cases with intolerable itching, making it one of the most reliable Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with these symptoms. The person feels a peculiar burning sensation and needle-like pricks with violent itching. Excoriating and oozing athlete’s foot cases with difficulty in healing are also treated best with Homeopathic medicine Baryta Carbonica.

Nitric Acidum – One of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with splinter-like pains

Nitric Acidum is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with splinter-like pains. Other symptoms for prescription of Nitric Acidum are unhealthy skin with pus formation where crusts form and fall, along with severe pain. The person may have dry skin, eroded and cracked at every angle. Another prominent symptom is violent itching, especially on undressing.

Petroleum – Prominent among Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with marked rough and cracked skin

Petroleum is rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot with marked rough and cracked skin. The person complains of deep cracks in the skin folds, especially in the toes. The skin gets hard and raw, and the cracks bleed easily. Thick greenish crusts with marked burning, itching and bleeding are usually seen in such cases where Petroleum will show the best results among Homeopathic medicines for athlete’s foot.



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  1. Veronica says:

    Dr Sarma

    I don’t have crackling skin or itch between the toes. I only have a terrible icth in the center of my foot, the left one. I sign sof rash, just a terrible itch at night when I go to bed. What should I do?

  2. Pratima Singh says:

    Hi sir I am suffering from hardening of lower foot skin which causes cracks which are very painful, itching is also there tried medicine but after some time symptoms appear again

  3. Hlo Doctor, how are You. Im Satbir from ludhiana near jldhr byepas chwk, can you help me, im suffering from fungal infection on foot and sometimes its also due to rain, now in summer i am again suffering frm this, im not well by english medicine, but with homeopathy i feel some relief…. If u study on this please help Me with ur idea…

  4. Ruchi Sharma says:

    Hello Doctor
    I’m 49.Going through menopausal symptoms.Experiencing mood swings, fatigue,heavy bleeding with clots. Heavy periods are very disturbing. I feel like cutting sensation during periods. Plz. suggest remedy.

  5. Hi, I’ve had a bad case of Athletes Foot on both feet and all toes and toe nails for the past 2 years and tried EVERYTHING!!! Emu aid has worked well on the toe nails but I’ll think the toenails are healed and then it comes back. The two big toes toenails and 2 small toes toenails are fighting it again. My symptoms are 1) Toenail issues are yellowish toenails, 2) Red, hot burning feet, 3) Itchy / prickling, 4) Feet have to have no socks or shoes on or all gets worse…can’t wear socks or the HEAT and BURNING sensations becomes unbearable in both feet. 5) Raynaud’s Syndrome where both feet are red but also blue/black color.

  6. Ian Lancaster says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    Is that Graphites as tabs, cream or ointment?

    thank you.

  7. I HV cracked reddish and disorder skin from toes to foot. It’s very hard in touch. Sometimes feels very intolerable itchy. Within cracked there is burning sensetion also. unable to walk properly when there is burning sensation. Please suggest
    Thanks and regards

  8. B. Venkaiah says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma garu,
    Regularly I wearing Shoes with sox. And taking cold water bath.
    I’m suffering from the following things from my both the Feet –
    – Fungus between side 2 toes of my both Feet and between 2 side fingers of the both the Hands since
    several years (20 years). When ever used Anti- Bacterial Ointment, tempararly the probem will be
    solvled and again after some time (4 or 5 monts) it willbe started.
    – Burning sensation skin colour changing to Black colour of the both the Feet since 2 years. Black
    colouring spread up to the bellow of the both of the knees slowly.
    – And Dryness of the skin from both theFeetoints up to the both legs and the Hands. Slowly it is
    spreading to entire body.
    6 monts back I aproached one Skin Doctor in Hyderabad. She told that its belongs to Eczima and she gave some tablets for 10 days and one bottle (for 1 mont) of Dr.Reddy’s ANUSIA Body Lotion. I used
    that medicine upto the finishing the Lotion. Then I felt little bit better. After that I negleted to go the
    Skin Doctor again. After 5 months I realized that all the above said problems increased very much.
    Now again i bought the ANUSIA Lotion since 10 days. Temparely i feel better. When ever I stopped that
    Body Lotion, the Burning sensation and the Skin Dry-ness is increasing rapidly.
    Could you please prescribe any Homeopathy Medicine for me for parimanent cure ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  9. Indra Mohan Sigdel says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    Dear Sir,

    I have been suffering from a kind of blisters in the sole area that itch too much. The blister contains a kind of fluid, which is slippery. In the beginning, about 15 years before, the blisters used to be small. But now they are as big as bean seeds. After being broken it covers a big area like a ringworm, which itches very much.

    I consulted different doctors and they prescribed me medicines. I felt comfortable when I used medicine but appeared again after the dose was over. One of the ointments I was advised to use was Keralin. It used to control itching and heal the wound when applied after breaking the blisters.

    Lastly, I consulted a doctor who said it was a Tinea. He carried out a KOH test, which I think was positive. He prescribed me Sebifin tablets and some other ointments. He advised me to use medicine for three months, which I completed. It was OK for me. I again asked the Doctor If I can use this medicine more. He said OK and advised me to take medicine for 15 days more. Then I stopped.

    After few months, it reappeared. I got frustrated. I used to wander with my itching feet hither and thither. Once I met a friend who noticed something wrong in my sole. He watched it carefully and said he had the same problem before. Then he advised me an ointment named Candid-B (Clotrimazole + Beclomethasone) cream and bought a tube for me.

    I have been applying it in the sole area since then (about 2 years before). Blisters disappear and no itching is there so long as I continue applying. Blisters start appearing if I stop.

    Please advise me what should I do?

    Indra Mohan Sigdel, M/62 years

  10. Bette Giangualano says:

    I have athletes foot fungus that spread to the the big toes
    I thought it was fungus toes but I do not believe so as I have itching under the BIG toe
    I bought today Thuja occidentalis
    will that work?

    • My daughter has athletes foot between hers toes. Itches and burns, very red. How often would you recommend giving thuja 30?

  11. Chandan Basu says:

    I have athlete foot since ten years. I want to treatment by homeopathic medicine. Please suggest me.

    • Bibaswan Biswas says:

      I am Bibaswan Biswas suffering tinea pedis. Visit with medical practitioner gave sertaconazole 2% oinment cream and terbinafine tab 250 mg for one month i feel better but not cure properly. What yoy suggest for better treatment and parmanently cure.

  12. Anaar hariff says:

    The skin on the soles of my feet, particularly the right foot, is crazy. I have callouses on both feet anyway, but this seems more than that.
    Please advise, I know I did have extremely itchy soles a while ago and often need to put my feet out of bed sheets at night.

  13. Basudeb Chakrabarti says:

    Sore in the toes in each foot. Skin colour has got white. There is itching and pain in the affected areas. Oozing and other symptoms described in the article are not present.

  14. Ruma Pramanik says:

    When I walk in salt-water in river, I gat itching severely.

  15. Neha Bharti says:

    My husband has white skin between his 4&5 toes… It doesn’t get cured from long time. There are no other symptoms. Please suggest effective homeopathic medicine.

  16. Gayathri says:

    Dear dr,

    I have lots of blisters with yellow & white liquids in my feet. After few days it dries and until I remove that water I couldn’t walk….
    tried all fungal creams for 4 yrs. any remedy in Homeo?

    • प्रिय डा,

      मेरे पैरों में पीले और सफेद तरल पदार्थ के साथ बहुत सारे छाले हैं। कुछ दिनों के बाद यह सूख जाता है और जब तक मैं उस पानी को नहीं निकालता, तब तक दर्द देता है । होमो में कोई उपाय?

      जवाब दे दो

  17. Sudhir Kumar says:

    Itching my feet .how can get rid of .plese some homeopathic medicine remove this.

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