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9 Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis refers to vaginal inflammation arising from an imbalance of naturally occurring bacterial flora in the vagina. Both good bacteria and bad bacteria are present in the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis occurs when the natural balance between these bacteria is disrupted and bad bacteria (anaerobic bacteria) outgrows the number of good bacteria (lactobacilli that keeps vagina slightly acidic and keep a check on overgrowth of bad types of bacteria) residing in the vagina. Homeopathic medicines for bacterial vaginosis majorly helps to reduce the vaginal discharges, vaginal itching and complaint of burning during urination.   homeopathic medicines for bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis is not a sexually transmitted infection (STI) but it puts a female at risk to get a STI. This is because the vagina becomes less acidic in bacterial vaginosis, which means that there is a reduction in the natural defence against infection.

The risk factors that increase the chances of developing bacterial vaginosis include multiple or a new sexual partner, women having female sexual partners, vaginal douching, using scented soaps, using vaginal deodorants, use of intrauterine devices and cigarette smoking.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bacterial Vaginosis

Homeopathy medicines are highly effective to treat cases of bacterial vaginosis. The top grade medicines to treat bacterial vaginosis are  Sepia, Natrum Mur, Merc Sol, Kreosote and Medorrhinum. The most suitable medicine among them to treat bacterial vaginosis is selected based on the symptoms in every individual case.

1. Sepia – Top Grade Medicine for Bacterial Vaginosis

Sepia is a top listed medicine for treating bacterial vaginosis. Females needing Sepia complain of vaginal discharge. The colour of discharge varies and may be yellowish, greenish, milky or clear as water. It has a excoriating nature causing itching and burning sensation in the vagina. Violent stitches in the vagina may be present. The discharge also has a fetid odour and is most profuse after urinating. An urge to urination is also present with above symptoms.

2. Natrum Mur – For White Vaginal Discharge

Natrum Mur is beneficial medicine for bacterial vaginosis with white vaginal discharge. The discharge is very profuse, thick and acrid. This causes itching and smarting sensation in vagina. It is attended with excessive debility. In some cases needing Natrum Mur, the discharge may be transparent, watery in the morning hours. Burning and soreness in the vagina is also felt after urinating.

3. Merc Sol – For Green Vaginal Discharge

Merc Sol is highly useful for bacterial vaginosis with green vaginal discharge. The discharges are very acrid causing itching in the vagina. Violent burning follows scratching. Itching of vagina worsens while urinating. Cold washing also aggravates the itching. The discharge get worse at night time in females requiring Merc Sol.

4. Kreosote – For Vaginal Itching

Kreosote is a significant medicine to treat bacterial vaginosis with vaginal itching. The itching is very violent and intense in nature and gets worse during the evening. Soreness and burning in vagina follows scratching. Soreness in the vagina is also felt on urinating, and a stitching pain also be present. There are vaginal discharges that may be white or yellow in colour. These discharges are highly putrid and offensive in nature. They tend to worsen while standing and walking. Profound weakness appears with the vaginal discharge. The discharge is worse between the periods in most cases needing Kreosote.

5. Medorrhinum – For Fishy Odour of Vaginal Discharge

Medorrhinum is well indicated for cases of bacterial vaginosis with fishy odour of vaginal discharge. The discharge is thick. It has acrid and excoriating nature. It causes intense itching in the vagina. Itching is relieved by rubbing. Washing with lukewarm water also reduces the vaginal itching.

6. Pulsatilla – For White or Creamy, Acrid Vaginal Discharge

Pulsatilla is prepared from plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known as wind flower or pasque flower. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is a wonderful medicine for bacterial vaginosis with white or creamy vaginal discharge. The discharge may be thin or thick. It is acrid causing itching, burning and biting in the vagina. The discharges tend to get worse on lying down where Pulsatilla is required.

7. Alumina – For Acrid, Burning Vaginal Discharge

Alumina is a prominent medicine for treating bacterial vaginosis with acrid, burning vaginal discharge. The discharge is transparent and profuse. In some cases it is flesh – coloured or light yellow in colour. It is worse in the daytime. In many females needing Alumina, vaginal discharge gets worse after periods. Washing with cold water offer relief. Fatigue appears with profuse vaginal discharges.

8. Sanicula – For Fish-smelling Vaginal Discharge

Sanicula is another medicine for bacterial vaginosis where fishy smelling vaginal discharge are present. The discharges are profuse. They may be milky or yellow coloured. It has a strong fishy odour. In cases needing Sanicula vaginal discharge is noted after intercourse that has fishy odour. The odour is very strong and not even removed after bathing.

9. Cantharis – For Burning on Urination

Cantharis is an excellent medicine for managing burning while urinating in cases of bacterial vaginosis. The burning may also be present before and after urinating. There is also increase in the frequency of urination along with burning, especially during the night. There is also urgency to pass urine and the stream may be weak and pass in a drop by drop manner.

Signs and Symptoms 

In many cases of bacterial vaginosis, no signs and symptoms appear. When they do appear, it includes abnormal vaginal discharge that is foul smelling or have a peculiar fishy odor. The fishy odor of vaginal discharge is most noticeable after sexual intercourse. The discharge may be thin, white, green, gray in colour, and there may be vaginal itching and burning while urinating.

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  1. Hi doc
    I m a female and i m not sexually active for last two years bit I have a bad smell down there after urination.
    Pls reply

  2. JANE-DORA says:

    I am 64 year old female. I do not have sexual relations with anyone. Very very dry, sore and itchy down below. Calendula lotion helps. There is no discharge. Dry as a bone. No odour. I am one of those people that urinates a lot too, but rarely stings accept across the skin which is already very sore. Thank you for your kind assistance. I understand btw that Canesten treatment for this condition causes abdominal pains for some. This makes me very wary! I have used homeopathy all my life. Any suggestions? Thank you so much.

  3. Graham ali says:

    Patient has greenish urine without pain pl.tell me homeo medicine for her

  4. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Please advise on the issue below.
    My daughter, 36 yrs has recurring BV, as diagnosed by the doctor in USA.
    Curdy white deposits accumulate in vaginal region with burning and discomfort, between her menstrual cycles. I shall be very grateful if you can Please suggest the treatment .
    Thank you.

    Mrs. Bal

  5. I am 39yrs female hvng severe cervix erosiin, itching burning acidic in urine and rectum, pain in cervix , nabothian cyst, whitish yellowish thick discharge , nausea , pain on touching lump on ,cervix sitting , backache, pain extent from down to upward, weightloss . urineroutine pus cells 8-10, urine culture normal, Pap smear shows inflamation and bacterial vagnosis only. swab test normal hiv and hpv also normal. please suggest homeo medicine for cervix wounds , pain , infection, nsbothian cyst. i am taking argentium nitricum 30 but little effect.

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