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9 Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction That Work

The urinary bladder is a hollow muscular organ in which the urine collects after being formed by the kidney. The urine from the bladder then passes in the urethra through which it exits the body. The bladder has four parts – fundus, body, apex and a neck. The neck part connects the bladder to the urethra. The bladder neck muscles remain tight to hold urine in the bladder. They relax when urine has to enter urethra for voiding (exit from the body). When the bladder neck is blocked, it doesn’t open completely during urination thus reducing or stopping the flow of urine into the urethra leading to urinary difficulties. Natural homeopathic medicines for bladder neck obstruction can help manage the symptoms effectively.

Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction 

If not treated well in time, it can result in complications including urinary incontinence, UTI, stones in bladder, urinary retention, kidney damage and bladder diverticula

Homeopathic Medicines for Bladder Neck Obstruction 

Symptoms that are managed well with homeopathic medicines in such cases include difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine, slow or weak urinary stream, interrupted urinary stream, increased urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, pain on passing urine,  dribbling at end of urination. The top grade homeopathic medicines for bladder neck obstruction includes Chimaphila, Pareira Brava, Clematis, Conium and Cantharis.

1. Chimaphila – When There is Straining to Initiate Urination

Chimaphila is prepared from a plant Chimaphila Umbellata commonly known by the name of Pipsissewa or Prince’s Pine. This plant belongs to natural order pyroleae, a tribe of the Ericaceae. Chimaphila is a wonderful medicine for treating bladder neck obstruction cases where urine flow is initiated with difficulty after much straining. There is fullness in region of bladder. Urinary stream is also thin like a thread or divided. Cutting or scalding pain may be felt while urinating. In many cases, it is easier to pass urine is passed better by standing with feet wide apart and inclining the body forward.

2. Pareira Brava – Where There is Intense Straining to Pass Urine

Pareira Brava is prepared from fresh root of a plant Cessampelos pareira also known by the name of Velvet Leaf. The natural order of this plant is Menispermaceae. Pareira Brava is a valuable medicine to manage bladder neck obstruction cases where intense straining efforts to pass urine are required. Person needing Pareira Brava has to strain so hard by getting on the knee – hand position and press head against floor to pass urine. Pain in urinary bladder also appears while urination and radiates to the thighs. A constant urge to pass urine is also present.

3. Clematis – For Weak Urinary Stream

Clematis is prepared from the leaves and stems of a plant Clematis erecta. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Clematis is an excellent medicine for persons having weak and slow urinary stream from bladder neck obstruction. Straining is needed to pass urine. Flow of urine is also interrupted. Urine frequency is increased with continual desire to pass water. Urine is scanty and is sometimes emitted drop by drop.

4. Conium – To Manage Interrupted Urinary Stream

Conium is a well-indicated medicine for cases of bladder neck obstruction with interrupted urinary stream. In such cases urine flow starts and stops many times. Along with this, pain of sharp, pressing, stitching nature may be present in the bladder. Pressure is also felt in neck of bladder and it tends to get worse while walking, and better when sitting. There may be  a constant urge to urinate in addition to the above symptoms.

5. Cantharis – For Managing Pain During Urination

Cantharis is very effective to manage pain during urination in cases of bladder neck obstruction. The pain in the bladder may be burning or cutting in nature. Pain may also be present before and after urination. Heaviness in bladder is also noted. Complaint of increased urinary frequency is also present but urine is scanty. Cantharis is also top grade medicine to treat UTI (urinary tract infection) in cases of bladder neck obstruction.

6. Merc Sol – For Managing Increased Urinary Frequency

Merc Sol is highly beneficial to manage increased urinary frequency in cases of bladder neck obstruction. In cases requiring Merc Sol there is increased frequency of urine both in day and night time. There is desire to pass urine almost every hour. The urine flow appears mostly in a thin stream. Sometimes burning, biting pain also appears while passing urine. There may be an attending complaint of urgency to pass urine along with increased frequency. A lot of soreness is felt in the region of bladder on touching.

7. Sepia – To Manage The Urgency to Pass Urine

Sepia is useful to manage urgency to pass urine from bladder neck obstruction. If desire to pass urine is not immediately attended then urine passes involuntarily. Smarting pain may appear while urinating. Urine may be offensive. There is pressure on bladder always with sensation as if bladder is full. Painful bearing down is also felt in pelvic region.

8. Lycopodium – For Stitching Pain in Bladder

Lycopodium is prepared from spores of plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as Club Moss or Wolf’s Claw. This plant belongs to natural order Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium is a significant medicine to manage stitching pain in bladder in cases of bladder neck obstruction. Other attending features to use Lycopodium are difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine and frequent urination mostly at night time. It is also indicated for treating bladder stones.

9. Baryta Carb – For Dribbling at End of Urination

Baryta Carb is indicated for managing dribbling at end of urination in cases of bladder neck obstruction. Urinary frequency is increased with inability to retain urine. Much urine is passed at night time. Burning may be present while urinating.

Causes of Bladder Neck Obstruction 

The important reasons for bladder neck obstruction are an enlarged prostate; a scar tissue in bladder neck following injury; surgery done for prostate enlargement or from radiation treatments done to treat prostate cancer; and bladder stones. Other reasons include cystocele and tumors in  the prostate, rectum, cervix and uterus. Elderly men are at risk for bladder neck obstruction. A person may also be genetically predisposed to bladder neck obstruction if there is some defect in bladder structure or surrounding muscles from birth.

Symptoms of Bladder Neck Obstruction

The symptoms of bladder neck obstruction includes difficulty starting urine stream, straining to pass urine, incomplete bladder emptying and feel like some urine remains in the bladder after voiding. Other symptoms include interrupted urinary stream where urine flow starts and stops many times, increased urinary urgency, increased urinary frequency, pelvic pain, pain on passing urine, slow or weak urinary stream, dribbling at end of urination.

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