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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Colorectal Polyps

Abnormal growths that arise from the inner lining of the colon (large intestine) and the rectum are known as colorectal polyps. These may be flat or have a stalk. The size of colorectal polyps varies from few millimeters to several centimeters. The use of homeopathic medicines to treat colorectal polyps can help avoid surgery, which is a common course of treatment.

homeopathy colorectal polyps

Homeopathic treatment for colorectal polyps.

Kali Bromatum, Calc Phos, and Ammonium Mur are the top homeopathic medicines used to treat colorectal polyps.

While the colorectal polyps may arise from any part of the colon, in most cases they emerge from the left side of the colon and rectum. Colorectal polyps may be benign, or some may be precancerous (tend to turn malignant).

Homeopathic Treatment of Colorectal Polyps

The homeopathic system of medicine offers holistic treatment for colorectal polyps. These remedies are made of natural substances and hence are safe to use without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines help in the symptomatic management of colorectal polyps and also help shrink these polyps. Some of the majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps include Kali Bromatum, Calc Phos, Ammonium Mur, Nux Vomica, and Phosphorus. The most suitable homeopathic medicine among them for a case is selected as per the individual symptoms that vary from case to case.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Colorectal Polyps

Kali Bromatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Colorectal Polyps

Kali Bromatum is a natural homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps in cases where the bowel habits become altered. They may have either diarrhea or constipation. The diarrhea is mostly painless but may be attended by a feeling of chilliness. In some cases, blood or mucus may appear in the stool. If there is constipation, there may be many days where there is no bowel movement and stool, if present, is hard or dry with missing of days without a stool.

Calcarea Phos – Homeopathic Remedy for Colorectal Polyps with Diarrhea

Calcarea Phos is an effective medicine for colorectal polyps that is indicated for individuals who get diarrhea. The stool is watery, hot and slimy. White flakes may pass in the stool in some cases. Offensive fetid flatus may attend the passage of stool. Stitching pain in the rectum appears in some cases.

Ammonium Mur – Natural Medicine for Colorectal Polyps with Constipation

Ammonium Mur is an effective homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps in people who have constipation. The stool is scanty and hard and is passed after a lot of straining. It also tends to crumble at the verge of the anus. A glairy mucus may be present with the hard stool in some cases. Burning or smarting sensation in the rectum may assist. Another feature that may be present is passing mucus of greenish color from the rectum.

Nux Vomica – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Colorectal Polyps with Ineffectual Urging for Stool

Nux Vomica is a natural treatment for colorectal polyps where the person experiences a constant, ineffectual urging to pass stool. The person passes frequent, scanty stool, and there is a constant uneasiness in the rectum. A dragging sensation in the rectum may also appear, along with abdominal colic.

Phosphorus – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for Colorectal Polyps that Bleed

Phosphorus offers a natural cure for colorectal polyps that bleed. Bleeding from rectum appear while passing stool. Other accompanying symptoms include a painless, watery stool, weakness after passing stool, and cramps in the rectum. In some cases, needle-like stitching pain may appear in the rectum. Phosphorus is also a well indicated homeopathic medicine where rectal polyps and inflammation of the rectum are present at the same time.

Causes of Colorectal Polyps

The exact cause for colorectal polyps is not known, but it is thought to arise from changes in the genetic material of the cells that line the colon and rectum. The risk factors for colorectal polyps include an age of more than 50 years, a family history of colorectal polyps, being overweight, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, and use of alcohol and tobacco. There are also some hereditary disorders that can cause colon polyps including familial adenomatous polyposis, gardener’s syndrome, serrated polyposis syndrome, and Lynch syndrome.

Types of Colorectal Polyps

The main types of colorectal polyps are adenomatous polyp and hyperplastic polyp. About 70% colorectal polyps are the adenomatous polyp, and they have a high tendency to turn malignant. The hyperplastic have no or minimal chances to get malignant (majorly those arising in the right side colon tend to get malignant).
Other types include hamartomatous and inflammatory polyps. Inflammatory polyps are those that link with inflammatory conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Hamartomatous and inflammatory polyps don’t turn malignant.

Symptoms of Colorectal Polyps

Colorectal polyps are asymptomatic in the majority of the cases, and a person comes to know about them incidentally. When symptoms arise in colorectal polyps, they mainly include blood and mucus in the stool. Abdominal pain and cramps is another symptom that may appear. Change in bowel habits – diarrhea or constipation may be present.
A polyp with a large stalk may sometimes be seen protruding from the anus. Iron deficiency anemia may occur from chronic bleeding from the polyps.

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  1. Hello i am diagnosed colorectal cancer. Please guide

  2. Ankur saxena says:

    Dear sir,My son of 7 years is having constipation for a long time and blood was also observed in his stool since last 5 to 6 months and now finally short colonoscopy was done and two rectal polyps are diagnosed.
    So please suggest sir…..can i go for homeopathic treatment.
    Are these polyps are curable by homeopathy or i have to go with surgery.

  3. i am spina-bifida disabled. my name is mr.satyam. my sigmoid scopy shows 2 cms polyps in my colon
    i am heavily constipated. i am wheel chair user. kindly prescribe me the best homeo-medicine / drops
    to reduce my colon-polyps . plz prescribe Homeopathic medicines urgently.
    mobile- 09769891231

  4. i am spina-bifida disabled. my name is mr.satyam. my sigmoid scopy shows 2 cms polyps in my colon
    i am heavily constipated. i am wheel chair user. kindly prescribe me the best homeo-medicine / drops
    to reduce my colon-polyps . plz prescribe Homeopathic medicines urgently.

    • Noor Mohammad says:

      Colonoscopy indicates circumferential growth 2cm from anal verge, polyp at ascending colon, kindly suggest medicine without surgery

  5. Brenda Amrein says:

    My husband has a polyps that keeps returning after 3 colonoscopys next time they will remove that part of colon.

  6. Good afternoon Doctor,

    My name is Narender , I am 47 years old, have a habot to smoke .

    I am suffering from this issue for alsmot last 2 years.

    Infact I went for VIDEOCOLONOSCOPY as well, as pe doctor he told me to take care of my food habits as more or less I am on travel for 20 days in a month.

    then I went for Homeopathic medicines –

    Paeonia Officnalis
    Hamamelis Virginica O
    Sulphur 30
    Calcarea Phos

    but the result is not as good as i was expecting.

    I went through the above written medicines, need to aknow what should be the gap in medicine written on top, I mean interwall.




  7. SIR,

  8. Mohanlal Ghosh says:

    Can 3cm sigmoid polyp be cured by homoeopathic medicines?

    • 🙏
      I took allopathy medicine for uti. Due to medicine s side effects, I am feeling just like swelling in my upper rectal area, difficulty in sitting. Feeling some blockage type. While sitting feeling pressure and slightly painful, sometimes slightly burning type ,uneasiness. So the whole day maximum time I prefer to lie down or some walk or routine work while standing. Standing more also cause uneasiness.I hve to take trifla powder to ease stool. Otherwise I have to face constipation. drinking more water, even then feeling dry mouth. In the morning after taking whole night rest, feeling better but after doing some work while standing, again feeling pain etc.
      I want yr precious advice on this.
      I will be thankful to u.


    After Colonoscopy in rectal I have pea size padunculated polyps . Plz suggest me.

  10. Tapan Kumar Das says:

    Sir ,I have digonosied with colon ployps and doctor advised me for need your help..

  11. my name is mr.satyam age-54 years living in borivali-mumbai. since birth i am a wheelchair user due to spinal-neuro locomotor disability. i am suffering from chronic hard constipation due to neurogenic bowel.
    my sigmoidoscopy shows 2 cms polyps in colon. how to shrink-polyps to cure my chronic constipation ?
    kindly suggest the best effective homeo-medicine for elimination of colon-polyps & acceleration of regular
    bowel movements for gentle defecation . i am disabled so i cant come to your clinic
    so please sir mail me the homeo-medicines

    • resp dr.sharma sir, i have a 2 cms polyps in my colon. my disablity called spina-bifida since my birth
      year-1969. i am a wheel-chair user. due to my neuro-disability i am suffering from chronic constipation
      my sigmoid scopy shows 2.cms polyps. so i am suffering from very hard constipation. my stool shows
      blood. i am living in borivali-mumbai. so kindly prescribe by mail the best homeo-medicines for
      colon-polyps elimination so i can by homeo-medicines from homeo-shop in borivali
      due to my neuro-disability ,surgery of colon-polyps not advisable. plz reply me soon
      thanks from mr.satyam [age-54] a disabled from borivali-mumbai

  12. Pradyot Biswas says:

    Recently a colonoscopy, after an incident of fresh blood drop wise release from anus, reveals that there is a second degree ples and a small sessile polyps on the left side of colon wall. The polyp was not removed and I was asked for a 2nd colonoscopy and removal of polyps followed by biopsy after 3 months. I am male of 70 yrs. age. I had a history of constipation, hard stool and missing of faeces for 1 or 2 days prior to this finding. Can you kindly suggest homeo. medicine for removal of polyps. I shall remain grateful for your reply.

  13. Ashok Chakraborty says:

    I get operated thro colonscopy to removed my colon polyps. Biopsy result was negative. All this has been done in the year 2015. Now I need some medicines to prevent my colon polyps. Kindly suggest. My contact no is 7299226644.
    At present I am taking Thuja 1m , four drops once in two days


    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 74 yrs old. In colonoscopy recently found a small sessile polyp in sigmoid approx. 40 cm from anal verge. Removed and sent for biopsy. Diagnosed as adenomatous polyp with mild to moderate dysplasia. Pls. let me know how to avoid recurrences of such polyp grown in future.

    With warm regards

    Cell: 8170039965

  15. Sandip Manohar Ramji says:

    Adenomatous polyps in large intestine

  16. Prof. Ashfaque Ahmed says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Two polyps were noticed in my colon during colonoscopy.

    One at 38 cms from anal verge polyp measuring 5-8mm and another one at 30 cms from anal verge pedunculated polyp measuring around2.5cm with thick stalk measuring 2cm is seen.

    Doctor suggests removal.
    Do you have any treatment in homeopathy.
    Please suggest

    • Sandip Manohar Ramji says:

      Adenomatous polyps in large intestine

    • Jessamy says:

      Good morning, I am a 70 year old fit lady, I have a fairly good diet, but have a sweet tooth, I have just sent a bowel test to the doctor and it has come back that I may have polyps and may need a colonoscopy, I have varied bowel movements and sometimes have trouble eliminating, I have used homeopathic remedies for years and have recently put on some weight around my stomach, I often massage my stomach to enable the large intestine to eliminate. I would like to know which remedy would help so I don’t have to have the colonoscopy or take any drugs, thank you. Regards Jessamy JAMES

    • Ferdause Iqubal Ratul says:

      Sir ,
      Colorectal polyps and Intestinal polyps…..
      are they same desease ?

  17. Santosh Kumar patro says:

    Hello, good morning mam.I have constipation,hard stool, bloating,light pain in stomach,and sigmoid polyp,,please help me.

    • Mir Hussain says:

      Madam, I am 60 + man, just few months back, retired from service. When in my home felling pain in anus, also bleeding, not cleared stool, then I take doctor advice in Nov, 20 and done colonoscopy. In colonoscopy, it come to known that I have Anal Canal Polyp with ? marks. Doctor advice me for removal. But Madam, from last december, 19, 2020, I have continusly taking Homoeopathy Medice Like 1. Repl Dr. Advance No. 44, 2) Hamamelis q, 3) Pilen fort orak drop, and 2 other more . Madam, my symptoms is not till now cure. Feeling hard stone in anus, feeling mild pain, diarrhea, some time seen blood in tissues. Madam, its needs removal . Pl. Advice me for next course of treatment. Thanking you Mir Hussain.

    • DR. Vikas Bhatt says:

      My son was diagnosed a polyp in large intestine nearly 17 cm inside verge. Polypectomy done and cured. Now the similar symptoms are being felt after 5 years.
      Seems the polyp has grown back.
      Is there a reliable treatment in homeopathy which can cure it permanently?
      If yes, how long will it take?

  18. Anup Kumar Mukherjee says:

    I have long standing constipation. Medicines work till I’m taking them regularly. No bleeding ever. Colonoscopy 2016- Nothing found. Now no urge to stool. Have to strain even for soft stool. Had IBS & GERD. Presently feeling some constriction in rectum.

  19. vijay kushwaha says:

    Good Morning Sir,

    I am 60 year old. supernnuated in march. having problem of acute constipation, no urge for going to toileet. very difficult in passing stool. so not able to clear stomach. i am taking isabgol, triphala but no help. I have no pain, no bleeding, pass gas normally, no acidity. please suggest some remedy for immediae relief. the shape of stool i pass is abnormal in shape. it seems something in colon is stopping stool to pass, i feel.

  20. Ashok Chakraborty says:

    Removed colon polyps in the year 2015 thro colonoscopy. Biopsy result is ok I mean negative.
    Please suggest some preventive medicine to avoid colonoscopy.

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