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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Colorectal Polyps

Abnormal growths that arise from the inner lining of the colon (large intestine) and the rectum are known as colorectal polyps. These may be flat or have a stalk. The size of colorectal polyps varies from few millimeters to several centimeters. The use of homeopathic medicines to treat colorectal polyps can help avoid surgery, which is a common course of treatment.

homeopathy colorectal polyps

Homeopathic treatment for colorectal polyps.

Kali Bromatum, Calc Phos, and Ammonium Mur are the top homeopathic medicines used to treat colorectal polyps.

While the colorectal polyps may arise from any part of the colon, in most cases they emerge from the left side of the colon and rectum. Colorectal polyps may be benign, or some may be precancerous (tend to turn malignant).

Homeopathic Treatment of Colorectal Polyps

The homeopathic system of medicine offers holistic treatment for colorectal polyps. These remedies are made of natural substances and hence are safe to use without any side effects. Homeopathic medicines help in the symptomatic management of colorectal polyps and also help shrink these polyps. Some of the majorly indicated homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps include Kali Bromatum, Calc Phos, Ammonium Mur, Nux Vomica, and Phosphorus. The most suitable homeopathic medicine among them for a case is selected as per the individual symptoms that vary from case to case.

Top Homeopathic Medicines for Colorectal Polyps

Kali Bromatum – Homeopathic Medicine for Colorectal Polyps

Kali Bromatum is a natural homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps in cases where the bowel habits become altered. They may have either diarrhea or constipation. The diarrhea is mostly painless but may be attended by a feeling of chilliness. In some cases, blood or mucus may appear in the stool. If there is constipation, there may be many days where there is no bowel movement and stool, if present, is hard or dry with missing of days without a stool.

Calcarea Phos – Homeopathic Remedy for Colorectal Polyps with Diarrhea

Calcarea Phos is an effective medicine for colorectal polyps that is indicated for individuals who get diarrhea. The stool is watery, hot and slimy. White flakes may pass in the stool in some cases. Offensive fetid flatus may attend the passage of stool. Stitching pain in the rectum appears in some cases.

Ammonium Mur – Natural Medicine for Colorectal Polyps with Constipation

Ammonium Mur is an effective homeopathic medicine for colorectal polyps in people who have constipation. The stool is scanty and hard and is passed after a lot of straining. It also tends to crumble at the verge of the anus. A glairy mucus may be present with the hard stool in some cases. Burning or smarting sensation in the rectum may assist. Another feature that may be present is passing mucus of greenish color from the rectum.

Nux Vomica – Natural Homeopathic Remedy for Colorectal Polyps with Ineffectual Urging for Stool

Nux Vomica is a natural treatment for colorectal polyps where the person experiences a constant, ineffectual urging to pass stool. The person passes frequent, scanty stool, and there is a constant uneasiness in the rectum. A dragging sensation in the rectum may also appear, along with abdominal colic.

Phosphorus – Effective Homeopathic Treatment for Colorectal Polyps that Bleed

Phosphorus offers a natural cure for colorectal polyps that bleed. Bleeding from rectum appear while passing stool. Other accompanying symptoms include a painless, watery stool, weakness after passing stool, and cramps in the rectum. In some cases, needle-like stitching pain may appear in the rectum. Phosphorus is also a well indicated homeopathic medicine where rectal polyps and inflammation of the rectum are present at the same time.

Causes of Colorectal Polyps

The exact cause for colorectal polyps is not known, but it is thought to arise from changes in the genetic material of the cells that line the colon and rectum. The risk factors for colorectal polyps include an age of more than 50 years, a family history of colorectal polyps, being overweight, inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis), uncontrolled type 2 diabetes, and use of alcohol and tobacco. There are also some hereditary disorders that can cause colon polyps including familial adenomatous polyposis, gardener’s syndrome, serrated polyposis syndrome, and Lynch syndrome.

Types of Colorectal Polyps

The main types of colorectal polyps are adenomatous polyp and hyperplastic polyp. About 70% colorectal polyps are the adenomatous polyp, and they have a high tendency to turn malignant. The hyperplastic have no or minimal chances to get malignant (majorly those arising in the right side colon tend to get malignant).
Other types include hamartomatous and inflammatory polyps. Inflammatory polyps are those that link with inflammatory conditions like ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. Hamartomatous and inflammatory polyps don’t turn malignant.

Symptoms of Colorectal Polyps

Colorectal polyps are asymptomatic in the majority of the cases, and a person comes to know about them incidentally. When symptoms arise in colorectal polyps, they mainly include blood and mucus in the stool. Abdominal pain and cramps is another symptom that may appear. Change in bowel habits – diarrhea or constipation may be present.
A polyp with a large stalk may sometimes be seen protruding from the anus. Iron deficiency anemia may occur from chronic bleeding from the polyps.

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  1. Abdullah khalid says:

    Rectal polyp

  2. I m 49 years TVs test done uterus very bulky polyp 14mm ehoic lesions maximum 17 mm pep smear n blood test report ok but doctor said it can b turn into cancerous later on so hysterectomy advised is there any homeopathic treatment available now as I strongly believe in homeopathy pls suggest what should b done

    • Pramod ojha says:

      Hello doctor..i am 32 years old
      Multiple polyps are found in my large intestines and biopsy of them reveal low grade dysplasia…my ACP gene was likely to be pathogenic…presently don’t have any symptoms..
      Sir can homeopathy medicines will help to subside these polyps

  3. Surender Bhatnagar says:

    I am 86. I have problem of haemorrhoids and constipation.
    For the past two years, there has been no bleeding, but these have swollen a lot. One near the anal opening has become very large and hard also. The surgeon said that it appears that a polyyps has grown under it and would need to be removed by surgery. I would request you to advise whether it can be shrunk or cured by homeopathic medicine and if so can you please prescribe a treatment.
    Another problem is macular degeneration of eyes. One had we and the dry. The central vision in the one has been lost already.
    The other with dry type the eyesight has become. much weaker. Is there some remedy to halt further progression and save this eye.
    I shall be grateful for your help

  4. Dear sir
    My mother 60 year age and she had a blood when passing of motion. We consulted Gastroenterologist they done colonoscopy and found malignanat in rectal lower part of anus. And done biopsy also in report it shown as it’s ADENOCARSINOMA
    Done MRI scan and CT scan in that it indicated no spread of cancer in any parts except lower colon . Doctor suggested me to consult radiologist and onocologist for next follow up. I am worried that they will remove anus and bypass motion to bag.
    Can you suggest in homepathy any medication which cure this type of issue.

  5. Geeta Mehta says:

    My wife Geeta Mehta is having polyp of 4-5 cms in colon and it is non cancerous. Pls suggest can homeopathy treatment is available.
    She discharges frequent mucus also and sometime constipated also.
    She is 62 years old lean healthy.

  6. ian quilty says:

    i have 8 cm polyp 2 cm from anus,doc want to remove it all,is there a natural way to cure or shrink this polyp

  7. sugyani nayak says:

    hello dr.
    i m sugyani …i hav 4 yr baby girl…n she has problm w8th blood in stool since 1 yr….i tried homeopathy medicine….bt its warking when she hav medicin…bt whn she stop medicin it stat again…..plz rply…m so worried abt her…is polyp cause cancer in later age…

  8. Biswajit DATTA CHOUDHURY says:

    I have 1 cm polyp in hepatic flexure.. I passes normal stool …can homeopathy medicine remove it completely..if so how many days it will take time..

  9. Santosh deshmukh says:

    Still awaiting your reply

  10. Santosh Deshmukh says:

    I had fistula removed by laser surgery in 2017, however the fistula opening was not closed and it started oozing pus, so I started takin hepar sulp 200,calcerea sulp 200 and graphitis200. The opening was closed in feb 2019. In may I went to USA and within a month I got abscess in my bottom as this I was hospitalised and the abscess was punctured. After that the Eden’s kept resolving however did not heal. Therefore I approached Asian institute of gastroenterology . There in the MRI it was found that the fistula had two tracks one 9.5 cm at 6 o’clock position and on the roof of ischirectal Goa 2.5 cm.the MRI showed suspicion of polyp 13 min the side of the rectum above the anorectal junction. But no petite gal lympnodes or retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy was there. There was also 12x8x22 mm sized T2 hyper intense well defined focal lesion in the right peripheral zone of prostrate- not malingnancy may be cyst. The doctors performer surgery and inserted a thread. Which will get removed over a period of time. A piece of polyp was sent for biopsy but the report is still awaited though one week has elapsed. Now I do not have the strength to undergo another surgery as the fistula surgery in post operative is proving very painful and has put me out of work. The the hardened abcess grew more after the surgery and so I started takin hepar sulp 200 and graphitise 200 and because of I it seems to be dissolving because pus has started coming from the incessiion hole made in USA. Doctor what remedy can you provide for my complete recovery keeping in mind the thread inserted during surgery.

  11. I have a stalk polyp in my rectum size is 1.5cm.stool pura pass nahi hota eskay karin …jalan c hoti h stool pass karnay k bad 4 Ghantay tk….aur ye Jalan mere testees tk jati h damagh sun ho jata h plz koi medicine recommend let dain thanks

    • I have a stalk polyp in my rectum size is 1.5cm.stool pura pass nahi hota eskay karin …jalan c hoti h stool pass karnay k bad 4 Ghantay tk….aur ye Jalan mere testees tk jati h damagh sun ho jata h plz koi medicine recommend let dain thanks

  12. ian quilty says:

    good day i have a rectal polyop thats 8.3 cm and 3 cm from anus,doctor want to cut everything and put a bag on my side,is there any other options

  13. Rk surana says:

    My son aged 25 having large Rectal polyps found
    Is there any treatment in homeopathy medicine

  14. Dear Doctor
    My son he is 14 years old. Recently he had bleeding from rectum
    On colonoscopy a polyp was found in his rectum which the doctor removed. After few days endoscopy was done and it was found clean.
    The doctor has asked to visit after a year for colonoscopy
    Can u pls advice any treatment for this issue so that
    It doesn’t reoccur.

  15. S.Majumder says:

    Sir my wife aged 40 years is facing pain in passing tool and two 5-6 mm mass are protruding out from her anus. She is scared of passing stool as sometimes if she pressurises, blood spots appears with stool. Please advice if nom surgical cure is possible.

  16. I have multiple polypes in rectum without cancer. How can treat it in homeopathy.

  17. Sumit Kumar says:

    Sir mujhe stool ke sath bleeding hamesha hoti rahti h, kgmc me aur ek doctor Ko aur dikhaya to checkup karke bataya ki rectal polyps aur fissure hai, aur upar thoda thoda piles dikha h. Iske mai 9month se homeopathic medicine liya but abhi bhi thik nhi hu

  18. prof.dr,haridas ghosh says:

    Dear Dr.
    i am retired Hom. prof. doctor from Govt college. i am suffering from rectal polyp with a large stalk may sometimes be seen protruding from the anus during stool. i am a patient of IBS stool soft but not clear with profuse mucus and pain causing stool recently, Give me valuable suggestion please,


    My name is satyendra Tiwari sir my son have facing problem with rectal polyps which age is 3years sir plz help me

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