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Having Difficulty in Concentration ? – Homeopathic Medicines can be of great Help

What is difficult concentration?

Difficult concentration refers to a decrease in ability to focus thought, think clearly and maintain attention while doing a task. It is normal for a person to face issue of difficult concentration, absent mindedness and distraction temporarily for few days,  or at some point of their life as from being under some sort of stress. But if it is persisting for a long period of time and not subsiding , then it could be a symptom pointing towards some medical condition .

What can cause it?

The various causes that can lead to poor concentration are as follows:

1. Cognitive problems

ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention deficit disorder) and learning disabilities like dyslexia (a learning disorder that cause difficulty in reading, spelling, writing, and speaking)

2. Psychological causes

Depression, anxiety, emotional trauma, stress, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), BPD (bipolar disorder) and schizophrenia are the psychological causes that can lead to concentration issues

3. Medical causes

Chronic fatigue syndrome, traumatic brain injury, cushing syndrome (that arises when body is exposed to high levels of the hormone cortisol for a prolonged period of time), hypothyroidism, dementia, epilepsy, restless leg syndrome, pain syndrome, sleep apnea and stroke.

4. Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes experienced by female during menopause , pregnancy can cause lack of concentration

5.Other causes

It includes alcohol or drug abuse, insomnia (sleeplessness), side effects of certain medicines, heavy metal poisoning ans poor diet.


What are its symptoms?

Its symptoms include difficulty in focussing, giving attention to a task (even the simple ones) and doing careless mistakes. One may have problem in thinking clearly . One may experience intrusive thoughts in mind and may feel as if their mind is constantly jumping from one thought to another. They may have difficulty in forming thoughts, reading, communicating and carrying a conversation. With this forgetfulness can appear as an important symptom .  frequently losing things is also a sign of concentration issue. One  may experience trouble remembering where certain things are kept, or what occurred a little while ago. They may have difficulty in keeping track of  their  ‘to do’ tasks and staying organised. They may also face problem with making decisions . Difficulty in sitting still is also a sign of this disorder

Symptoms in children

Difficulty in paying attention in class leading to reduced academic performance in school. They have trouble concentrating while writing, reading, or watching television. They are easily distracted and have trouble focusing on homework. Even activities of interest might pose a challenge for them  . They show  difficulty in following instructions. They are unorganised in doing tasks or playing. They seem distracted and lost somewhere when talked to and appears as if they are day dreaming. They may lose things very often. They may also have trouble sitting still.

Symptoms in adults

They have difficulty in focussing because of which they might take much longer to complete a task. They might have trouble multitasking and poor time management skills. One may also get easily distracted and would  seem to be los in their own world while spoken to .  They can be forgetful. One might also feel as if their brain is blocked. Reading may also seem a difficult task . They may have poor performance at work place. They also remain disorganised.

Homeopathic management

Homeopathy offers a lot of help in improving concentration and focus ability.  Homeopathic medicines are helpful to improve concentration in people of all age groups. These medicines are of natural origin hence they work gently towards managing this complaint That too without any side effects.

Homeopathic medicines for improving concentration in children


1. Baryta Carb – Leading medicine for concentration difficulty in children

Baryta Carb is top grade medicine to treat for concentration difficulty in children. Most children needing it have poor concentration, inattentiveness and weak memory. They have confused mind and show signs of slow learning. They also tend to forget easily what has been taught.  While speaking they tend to forget frequently ; they can fail at even the most familiar words. They also have poor attention in studies. Apart from above they may have issues of developmental delay.

2. Carcinosin – for poor concentration with hyperactivity (ADHD)

It is indicated for poor concentration with hyperactivity i.e in cases of ADHD. Children needing it have difficult concentration and inattentiveness. They are hyperactive, restless. They tend to get bored easily.

3. Lycopodium – for difficult concentration with dyslexia

Lycopodium is prepared from plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as club moss belonging to family lycopodiaceae. It offers great help in cases of difficult concentration with dyslexia. In cases needing it there is confused thoughts and confusion about common words. The child needing is unable to fit the right words and makes frequent mistakes in writing and spellings . He mixes up letters or omits parts of a word. He has confused speech and makes mistakes in speaking  He might be unable to express himself correctly

Homeopathic medicines for improving concentration in adults


1. Kali Phos – for poor concentration from over stressed mind

Kali Phos is a very effective medicine to improve concentration in persons who have an over stressed mind. They have marked weakness and fatigue of mind from excessive mental work or overstudy. They have dullness of mind, weak memory, forgetfulness along with poor concentration. They may also suffer from sleeplessness.

2. Cannabis Indica – for a foggy mind

Cannabis Indica is very helpful for persons who show lack of concentration and are unable focus on one subject. For those who require Cannabis Indica a feeling of having a  foggy mind and an inability to think clearly is a key indication . Cannabis indica patients  are absent – minded and quite  forgetful. While writing or speaking they frequently forget what they were about to write or speak. They start with a sentence and seem  get lost in between and  as a result are unable to finish it. They forget their last words and ideas. They may also have crowding of many thoughts in brain.

3. Lycopodium – for  confusion of thoughts

It is mostly used  when there is difficult concentration with confused thoughts. Persons needing it have difficulty to find fitting words for a given thing and uses wrong words for a correct idea. They also have poor concentration while taking a conversation. Their comprehension is also slow. They may be absent minded too. They have difficulty in taking decisions. They are usually sensitive, irritable personalities with poor self – confidence levels.

4. Gelsemium –  concentration issues  in chronic fatigue syndrome

Gelsemium is prepared from root bark  of a plant Gelsemium Sempervirens (common name yellow jasmine).This plant belongs to family ‘loganiaceae’. It is an excellent medicine to help cases of poor concentration associated with chronic fatigue syndrome. People who need it have inability to focus attention on something with great weakness. Their brain feel empty when try to concentrate. They have vanishing of thoughts on doing some brainy work. They are unable to do anything that needs thinking. With this they feel dullness and drowsiness. They also feel tired, weak all the time.

7. Natrum Mur – for poor concentration in depression cases

It is a well suited medicine to improve concentration arising in depression cases. People needing it have difficulty of thinking, absent mindedness and scattered thoughts. These symptoms appear along with extreme sadness and desire to be alone .



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