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Top 5 Homeopathic Medicines for Endometriosis

The endometrium is a tissue that normally lines the inner mucous membrane of the uterus. This tissue grows and thickens under the influence of hormones and is shed during menstruation every month. When this endometrial tissue grows in body parts other than the uterus, it is termed as endometriosis. This endometrial tissue may grow in ovaries, fallopian tubes, back of the uterus, intestines, rectum and urinary bladder. This misplaced tissue undergoes proliferation simultaneously along with the normal uterine tissue under hormonal influence. These areas bleed at the time of the menstrual period. Scarring and adhesions result in these areas. The exact cause of endometriosis is unknown, but various theories like surgical scars, retrograde menstruation explain the probable cause of endometriosis. The genetic factor also plays an important role in predisposing a woman to endometriosis. Homeopathic medicines for endometriosis play a supportive role in the treatment.  homeopathic medicines for endometriosis

Symptoms of Endometriosis

The main symptoms of endometriosis are pelvic pain that may extend to the back and legs, painful periods (dysmenorrhoea), heavy bleeding, dyspareunia, dysuria, rectal pain, bleeding from rectum or bladder at the time of periods. Lack of energy, tiredness, anxiety, depression are also observed along with the other major symptoms. Infertility is a major complication arising from endometriosis.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy offers natural and safe management of endometriosis. Homeopathic medicines are derived from plants and are, therefore, non-toxic. They prevent further progression of the disease. The primary aim of Homeopathic medicines for endometriosis is to provide symptomatic relief to a patient. In the process, they also treat related issues, majorly infertility arising from inflammation, adhesions, and scarring within fallopian tubes.

Homeopathic Medicines for Endometriosis

Medicines for endometriosis that come highly recommended are Sabina, Sepia, Xanthoxylum and Ammonium Mur. Sabina is useful when the pain in the pelvis, sacrum, and pubis is very marked. They are mainly described as bearing down type or colicky in nature. Sepia is indicated for stitching, clutching, bearing down and griping pain in the pelvis. It is also one of the best medicines for dyspareunia. Homeopathic medicine Xanthoxylum is recommended for excruciating pains in the pelvis, thighs, and legs during periods. The periods are profuse in such cases. Ammonium Mur is the most effective among medicines for endometriosis with rectal bleeding and pain during menses.

1. Xanthoxylum and Cimicifuga – For Endometriosis with Painful Periods (dysmenorrhoea)

Significant medicines for endometriosis with painful periods are Xanthoxylum and Cimicifuga. Xanthoxylum is best suited when periods are very painful, with excruciating pain in the pelvis, back, thighs and legs. The menses are profuse and exhausting. Cimicifuga is another useful of medicine for endometriosis with pain during periods. It is indicated in case of severe, bearing down pain in the lower abdomen, uterine region, and the lower back during periods. It is also prescribed for darting pains in the pelvis from hip to hip. More the menstrual flow, more the pain. Sharp electricity-like pains may appear in various parts of the body as a reflex from uterine/ovarian irritation in such cases where Cimicifuga will prove one of the best medicines for endometriosis.

2. Sabina, Sepia, and Pulsatilla – For Endometriosis with Pelvic Pain

Sabina, Sepia and Pulsatilla are rated to be the best on the long list of medicines for endometriosis with pelvic pain. Homeopathic medicine Sabina is indicated when colicky or labour-like pains appear in the pelvis. Marked pains in the small of the back and from sacrum and pubis are also observed in such cases. The menses are profuse, partly fluid and part clotted. Sepia is another of the reliable medicines for endometriosis indicated in case of marked bearing down pains in the pelvis. Women prescribed Sepia may also complain of gripping, stitching, clutching pains in the pelvis. Pulsatilla is the most effective among medicines for endometriosis for pelvic pain during periods, attended with chills, restlessness and tossing in bed.

3. Sepia and Platina – For Pain during Intercourse (dyspareunia)

Sepia and Platina are top grade medicines for endometriosis with dyspareunia. Both work as best prescriptions in case of women who complain of marked pain during intercourse. Burning and soreness is also present. The genitals are sensitive to touch. In fact, women prescribed Sepia usually have a low sex drive while those needing Platina have an increased sexual desire.

4. Nux Vomica, Ammonium Mur and Lachesis – For Endometriosis with Rectal Symptoms

Nux Vomica, Ammonium Mur and Lachesis are helpful medicines for endometriosis with rectal symptoms. Nux Vomica is prescribed when pain in the rectum appears during periods. Ineffectual urging for stool may accompany rectum pain. The stool is unsatisfactory, scanty and incomplete. Ammonium Mur and Lachesis are the most suited medicines for endometriosis with a bleeding rectum during menses. The bleeding is usually accompanied by pain in the rectum.

5. Sepia and Natrum Mur – For Endometriosis with Urinary Troubles

Beneficial medicines for endometriosis with urinary complaints are Sepia and Natrum Mur. Sepia is considered the most useful among medicines for endometriosis where it is accompanied by urinary urgency and frequency. A bearing down sensation in the pubic region may be felt. Pain while passing urine from endometriosis lesions also indicates use of Sepia.  Pain in the bladder of aching (dull) and burning nature during menses also points to the use of Sepia. Natrum Mur is one of the most effective medicines for endometriosis which is mainly prescribed when bleeding from the urinary bladder appears simultaneously with the menses.

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  1. Mrs shama sheikb says:

    my daughter is taking homeopathy medicine for endometriosis for the last 7 months but size of the cyst increasing and no releif from pain. kindly let me know is it cureable by homeopathy

  2. my daughter is taking homeopathy medicine for endometriosis for the last 7 months but size of the cyst increasing and no releif from pain. kindly let me know is it cureable by homeopathy

  3. I undergone uterus removal surgery one year back. Presently again I came to know that endometriosis cyst is developing in size. What is homoeopathic remedy. For this

  4. SELIYA SUNIL says:


    • SELIYA SUNIL says:


  5. Daljit saluja says:

    I am 59 yrs old . My endometrial echo is thickened and measures 7.9 mm. It diagnosis from ultrasound. Few tiny cys tic foci seen in endometrial cavity.I m suffering from vagina vulva side lips itching. No other symptoms. I believe in homeopathy.please suggest medicine.

  6. I m taking sabina for severe pain in my right side c section scar endometriosis but not getting relieved. Any othermedicine u could suggest .Please!

  7. Gloria lyall says:

    My endiomatic thickness is 12mm .I happened to know this incidentally through an abdominal ultrasound.there are no symptoms what so ever like bleeding or pain.i am 70 years old and my manaupose happened around 50.allopathic drs are suggesting hystectomy but I believe I can be cured with homeopathic treatment.pkease suggest medicine.
    I have been taking sepia 1 m every week and nux 200 Ch every night.


    I have pain in rectum and ovaries due to Endometriosis

  9. Hi I have pudendal neuropathy, vulvodynia and sore bladder :urgency, can you recommend the best remedies for me please?

  10. Narayanan.K says:

    My wife aged 46 has been once earlier diagnosed with endometrial hyperplasia and had one D&C earlier followed by Homeopathic medicines. Then she switched over to Siddha treatment for one course and discontinued (one year back). Now she has been diagnosed with the following condition :
    1. Bulky Uterus with heterogeneous myomerium – Suggestive of Adenomyosis
    2.Mildly Thickened Endometrium.
    3.Simple Left Ovarian Cyst.

    Kindly suggest whether Homeopathy treatment can make her fully get rid of these problems once and for all.

  11. My daughter aged 21 yrs suffering from endometriosis ovary cyst. She is a student. She is suffering ddrom the last 5 years and on endoreg 2 mg this is cureable by homeopathy

  12. Dr. Supriya says:

    I had a hysteroscopy and D&C where my report said that mycobacterium tuberculosis was detected.I had gone in for the procedure as my endometrium had thickened to 7mm.I had menopause 1 & 1/2 yr ago.This was all incidental as I had gone for a health check. Can you suggest some remedy or will have to fall into the hands of these doctors.I am 56 yrs old.

  13. Subrata das says:

    My girlfriend has multiple cyst with chocolate cyst on left f tube r blocked , utures add with ovary .laproscopy done . Need suggestions she is 29

  14. 34 yrs old female suffering with endometeriosis , bilateral hydrosalphinx, low AMH . I have no kids, but have severe pain every month.

    I want to have my own baby . is this possible.

  15. Saba Hussain says:

    Hi, I have endometriosis and looking for a homeopathy treatment for that. I have started experiencing pelvic pain and and pain in my lower back on the right side. I also experience pain in my upper thighs and hip. Need some remedy. Please let me know if u can help. Thsnkd

  16. Hi,I’m Dr.Sudarshan Ranwade ,BHMS,doing general practice,my mother Has 15 mm Endometrial thickness,hers age is around 48 yrs,which medicine should I gave ?she doesn’t have any medical history except Hypothyroidism (medicine going on) ,she had periods after 1 yr , periods last for 15 days this time,I knew it’s may be perimenopausal symptoms,and on this basis it’s difficult to find Homoeopathic medicine ,but please suggest me Homoeopathic medicine ,so I can start ,and let u know the result

  17. Rosana Martinez says:

    I was recently treated for a blood clot brought on by BCP. I suffer from horrible cramps and now I cannot take Naproxen, which was the only thing that helped somewhat when paired with BCP. Both are off limits. I’m looking for a natural remedy. I came across Nux vomica, Sabina, and Sepia that seem to address my issues.
    #1 Are these safe to take while on a blood thinner?
    #2 Can all three be taken together?

    Thank you!

  18. asim singha says:

    Dear sir,
    My wife last 10 years suffering from endometriosis of her uterus and large left ovarian cyst.
    she have suffering heavy pain problem during menses time , full body pain , mainly lag and back side pain. she have suffering heavy gasses problem during this period.

    Thanks and regards
    Asim singha
    Guwahati assam
    phone 09101469877

  19. sameer shukla says:

    Drar Dr. Meri patni ki age 40 year hai. Hamari shadi 2013 me hui thi. Shuruat me hamne bachche ke liye prayas nahi kiya. Jab karna shuru kiya to wife concive nahi kar pa rahi thi. Fir allopath dawao ka treatment karte karte kisi tarah se year 2016 sep. Me usne ek bachche ko janm diya. Ab hum dusre ke prayas me hai .lekin wo fir concive nahi kar pa rahi hai . Alopath Dr. Treatment kar rahe hai. Endromtriosis bata rahe hai. Kah rahe hai ureter me sujan hai ye kisi bhi hal me thik nahi ho sakti. Dr. Sahab kya Homeopath me ya kisi bhi pathy me endromatrosis .ureter se sujan khatm karnne ki koi sure medicine hai. Ya hum ek bachche ke bad ab ummid na kare. Mai allahabad se hu. sameer shukla. 8957559191

  20. hi.. im 35 yr old unmarriwd.. n have severe endometriosis pain.. im.tired of having ibuprofen painkillers as it has side effects. i tried homeo magnesium phosphorus of high potency but it didnt help me in pain..
    pls help me which is the strongest in homeo without side wffects that can relieve my pain is as if somebody twisting n crunching my lower pelvis area n it spreads to thighs.if 1 -100 is max pain then i have 150..with heavy bleeding..pls pls help im having my first day today n i can go grab

  21. Praseetha Ramesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    Good Morning

    I am suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis. In 2002 i gone though a surgery for this. Now it reoccurred. am taking meprate tablet twice every day to stop the period. The size of the cyst is very small. Is there any permanent cure for this in homeopathy. I would like to stop meprate as it is having many side effects. My age is 40. looking for your valuable suggestions. Presently am in Pune

  22. Arnabi Sen says:

    Respected Doctor, I need a treatment which will shrink ovarian cysts do not return menstrual period, remove abdominal pain and rectify bowel movement

    • Hello, Doctor. Please help, I have been trying to conceive for 4 years. I have found an endometrioid cyst that is 4: 4 in size. Is there any alternative, or just an operation.

  23. Arnabi Sen says:

    I had had complex ovarian cyst from 2014 symptoms had been spotting and occasional profuse bleeding. Now for this year there is no bleeding but sharp pain in right abdomen and bowel movement almost after every meal but does not get cleared. As per USG report the cyst has enlarged from 6mm to 12 mm. Doctors suggest surgical treatment. But my situation quite sensitive

  24. hello sir,
    I have endometriotic cyst in my left ovary and size of my cyst is around 8 cm i.e 7.7×6.4 cm. please suggest me something. I am a married women. My marriage was in feb.

  25. Hello Dr, this is aneeta (26 years)I am suffering from endometriotic cyst on right ovary size is 3.6*4.2 cm from past 8 months… I am also having similar pain in left ovary since 10 days…. I have done CA 125 test it is normal…. Can this cyst be cured completely … How can it be treated

  26. Simmy Raj says:

    Hi Dr

    Iam suffering drom endometriotic cyst and my age is 28. I was did laproscopy 2years back and removed 4.5 cm cyst from right ovary but again it grows up to 8.5cm within 6 months and i had started ayurveda medicine to suppress it. I am fed up with this it is more painful in periods time. i was stopped every medicine now i got married since December 2017 and looking for conceive. Please suggest to me what should i do.


    • Dear Dr. SHARMA,
      I am suffering from endometriosis and adenomyosis. Is it possible to get rid of pain and this illnes.


  27. LIYA ANDREWS says:

    Doctor my age is 29. In 2014 my left ovary removed because of hemorrhagic cyst. Last year diagnosed that my right ovary having endometrium cyst in the size of 5.2 cm and uterus having small fibroid also. Married since 2017 and trying for conceive but no result. I have been regular period but more painful.
    Kindly suggest me your medical advice doctor.
    Thank you.

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