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Natural Homeopathic Solutions for Flatulence

Flatulence is a term used for excessive accumulation of gas in the abdomen. Flatulence is mainly caused due to the breakdown of digested food and its malabsorption in the intestine. Flatulence can be passed from the mouth in the form of belching or from the anus in the form of flatus (gas). Flatus may be noisy and may or may not have an odor. A bloated abdomen often accompanies flatulence. Obstructed flatulence may lead to a colicky pain in the abdomen. A headache often accompanies flatulence. It affects people of all age groups but is more prominent in older adults. It can develop as a result of consuming farinaceous (starchy) food like beans, cabbage, etc. The various gastric disorders like irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, and food allergies can lead to excessive flatulence, and post-operative flatulence is also a common condition. Homeopathic medicines for flatulence are made of natural substances and help inhibit the recurring tendency of this condition.  homeopathic medicines for flatulence

Homeopathic Medicines for Flatulence

Homeopathy offers an excellent alternative treatment for Flatulence. These medicines for flatulence are made of natural substances, and therefore do not cause any side effects. Homeopathic medicine provides symptomatic relief from the condition and helps treat the root cause of the disease.

1. For Flatulence with Belching

Asafoetida – For Flatulence with Vomiting.

Asafoetida is a medicine used to treat flatulence with regurgitations of liquids. Explosive belching that smells of garlic and has a rancid taste and forcible belching of gas are also indicative of this medicine.

Carbo Vegetabilis – For Flatulence with Putrid Belching.

Carbo Vegatabilis is a medicine used to treat flatulence coupled with sour and putrid belching that occur after eating or drinking. Belching provides temporary relief.

2. For Flatulence with Bloated Abdomen

Magnesia Phosphorica – For Flatulence with Bloating.

Magnesia Phosporica is a medicine used to treat flatulence coupled with a bloated abdomen and a sensation of fullness. Flatulent colic that forces the patient to bend double, loosen clothing, walk, and constantly pass flatus are indicative of this medicine.

Raphanus – For Flatulence with Distended Abdomen.

Raphanus is a medicine used to treat flatulence with a distended abdomen. Flatulence may be retained and not get passed up or down. This medicine also works well for post-operative gas.

3. For Flatulence after Eating

Argentum Nitricum – For Flatulence after Eating.

Argentum Nitricum is a medicine used to treat flatulence that causes distention of the abdomen after eating. There also may be a desire to consume sweets, which worsen the problem.

China – For Flatulence by Liquids.

China is a medicine used to treat flatulence caused by consuming tea, beer, wine, impure water, fruits or milk. Flatulence in the stomach that stays for a long time after a meal is indicative of this medicine.

Lycopodium – For Flatulence with Bloating.

Lycopodium is a medicine used to treat flatulence that is noisy and is accompanied by a bloated abdomen. The affected person may experience a feeling of fullness immediately after a light meal. A constant sense of fermentation in the gut, like yeast working continuously, is present.

4. For Flatulence that is Offensive

Aloes – For Accumulated Flatus.

Aloes is a medicine used to treat flatulence with abdominal pains that get better after passing burning, offensive-smelling flatus. The flatus gets accumulated and causes twisting pains in the abdomen.

Carbo Vegetabilis – For Flatus with Excretion.

Carbo Vegetabilis is a medicine used to treat the condition where the flatus is hot, moist and offensive, and it is released with the feces. Heaviness and fullness in the abdomen along with sour, putrid belching are also indicative of this medicine.

5. For Flatulence with Abdominal Pain

Lycopodium – For Flatulence with Shooting Pain.

Lycopodium is a medicine used to treat flatulence that is accompanied by shooting pains across the lower abdomen from right to left side. The pain gets better by rubbing the belly and drinking hot water.

Colocynthis – For Flatulent Colic.

Colocynthis is a medicine used to treat flatulent colic (pain in the abdomen due to flatus) that comes in waves and gets better upon doubling up and applying hard pressure. A sensation of cutting, twisting, contracting and bruised pains in the gut is also present.

6. For Flatulence with Headache

Robinia – For Flatulence with Dull Headache.

Robinia is a medicine used to treat flatulent colic accompanied by dull, frontal headache. A sour-feeling stomach as a result of consuming foods like pastry, ice-cream, warm bread, cabbage or other flatulence-causing foods may be present.

Nux Vomica – For Flatulence with Throbbing Headache.

Nux Vomica is a medicine used to treat flatulent distention with a severe, throbbing headache. Incarcerated flatus with loud rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen, especially in morning is present.

7. For Flatulence in Seniors

Lycopodium – For Noisy Flatulence.

Lycopodium is a medicine used to treat noisy flatulence that develops immediately after eating in elderly people.

Natrum Carbonicum – For Flatulence with Bloating.

Natrum Carbonicum is a medicine used to treat flatulence along with indigestion, gas and bloating of the abdomen in older adults. The flatus may move within the stomach.

8. For Flatulence (Post Operative)

Arnica – For Flatulent Colic.

Arnica is a medicine used to treat flatulent colic that may occur after surgery or trauma. The stomach is distended with flatus passing upwards and downwards.

China – For Post Operative Flatus Pain.

China is a medicine used to treat postoperative gas pains. The affected person gets no relief by passing gas. Weak digestion, fermentation and bloating of the stomach are also present.

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  1. Carole Gibbons says:

    Hi Dr Sharma,
    My 5 year old grandson has been vegetarian from birth. His poos have always been very smelly, but recently his farts have become excessively offensive and the smell lingers a long time. He isn’t bloated at all, but sometimes has a painful tummy.
    I really don’t want him to get a reputation at school for being smelly and wondered if you had any suggestions for him.
    Thank you so much.
    Carole Gibbons

  2. Dear sir greetings

    We are suffering from excess flatulence problem
    All day bad smell release continue through Anus.
    From months it’s happening daily and full day

    From 2 many antibiotics doctors giving me but no relief

    Please help me with best medicine

  3. T k Ganguli says:

    I am 74 yrs old. Suffering from “bowel obstruction more than 3 yrs for heavy flatulence in large intestine”. I fell bowel motion, but no evacuation. I have to take strong allopathic purgative once in a week for abdominal pain & discomfort. Otherwise bowel can’t clear at all. Pl. prescribe your remedy. My best regurds. T. K. Ganguli. ( kolkata).

  4. i am 48, male, weight 108 kg, suffering from flatulence and bloating. pl suggest remedy, my waist is 44inch. i had history of thread worms also. still feel crawling around anus sometimes

  5. My son, 21 years, is having severe hallucinations and having craze to travel in bus. He had paranoid and delusion before which got treated by homoeo medicines.

  6. A. C. Chakraborty . says:

    I am a retired man of 74 yrs. I suffer from flatulence and belching. The gas moves upwards causing much discomfort. I used Lycopodium 30 which gives me some relief but not complete cure. Please advise me .

  7. Suresh Kumar says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I am 71 year old male. I have chronic blotting of my abdomen. Ì get gas aftrresting meals with slight coljc pain.
    I have gall bladder stone of 13×12 mm size.
    I have tried triphla, isbgol,gssex unizyme tablet

    Pls suggest homeopathy medicine
    Suresh kumar

  8. Virginia Desai says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I suffer with continuous flatulence which is accompanied by bloating and a very offensive smell. My stomach gets very distended . What can I do for this. Please advise.

  9. Susan Watene says:

    Kia ora Dr Sharma
    My husband had a cancerous Bowel tumor removed 11 years ago. He has had no complications but has extremely bad smelling flatulence. He needs to be close to a toilet if we go out for dinner but we often leave early so he can go home, he is very mindful when we are out but in our home he does worry about passing wind and the odour is extremely offensive. What can I get to help him, I don’t want to offend my husband but it is quite embarassing if people arrive unexpectedly.

  10. Debjit Ghosh says:

    Hello Dr Sharma I am 48 yrs old male diabatic experiencing tremendous gas with large sound and bad smell. Please help me out.

  11. Good morning Dr. Sharma, I am 56 thin male. I run 3 miles alternate days and practice yoga daily. Vegetarian. Never smoke or drink. Not even tea or coffee. Bowel does not go daily. Stools usually hard in the beginning and soft later but never liquid. This does not cause any problem or any pain. I notice no smell but notice sound with flatulence. This bothers me in meetings. Carboveg did not help. What do you suggest to get rid of this farting? I had this problem for two plus years. Eating dal increases. So stopped eating dal. Thank you very much in Advance.

  12. Cristina De Perfetti Ricasoli Strada says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Since several years I suffer from gas and flatulences in my lower belly. Especially at night when I go to bed, my colon starts to make noises as gas bubbling in water, it contracts not in a painful but disturbing way. When my colon start to actively contract, it gives me a sense of anxiety that can cause insomnia or a very troubled sleep. Some time when I wake up I have a headache like fog in my brain, I feel depressed and very heavy. Sometimes I have to spend all the day in bed because I don’t have the energy to get up. I am normally a very active person, I practice regularly yoga and meditation, I eat well and despite this problem, most of the time I feel full of energy and dynamic.
    I am 62.

  13. Srija Ghosh says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, In am aged 16+. In 2016, I have suffered in severe Jaundice, where bilirubin test report was 13.5 and SGPT test report was 1176. Since then, I am suffering from excessive gas till today from dawn to dusk. I have worm too. Day by day, I am loosing my hair and weight. Sometimes, I feel breathing trouble. Nowadays, I often loose my sensation in slip, when I can’t move my hands or legs or unable to respond where I can hear that someone is calling me. I compelled to take sleep thrice or more in a day. I have consulted with doctors, but all efforts went in vain.
    So, please help me and advice me as early as possible

  14. Owais Ahmed Zubairi says:


    i m 49 year old and diabetic from july-2004 due to careless my body reduce day by day my blood sugar normally as 300 to 425 my problems as below.

    very weakness
    sex problem premature erection and very little sex duration due to hand practis
    inorder digestive problem

    it hope to help me and advice me medician i m waiting for you pl.


  15. Masood Akhtar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma, I am aged 42, two years back I went through surgery (gallbladder removal) however since then I m suffering from excessive gas( flatulence) after eating, it gets worse with spicy foods, cheese and dairy products. Your kind guidance is required pls.

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