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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Foot Pain

What is Foot Pain?

Foot pain can be caused by various reasons. The major among these are bone spurs, achilles tendinitis, gout, peripheral neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. Pain in the foot may affect ligaments, tendons, fascia, bone and joint.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy offers a large number of effective medicines to deal with foot pain. Homeopathic medicines provide complete treatment in foot pain, whether of recent or chronic origin. Foot pain from high uric acid, inflammation of tendons and fascia, bony outgrowths and pain of nervous origin respond very well to Homeopathic medicines. These medicines are natural and therefore, safe from harmful side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Foot Pain

Homeopathic medicines recommended for foot pain are Rhus Tox, Colchicum and Aranea Diadema. Rhus Tox is best indicated where repeated stress and strain leads to pain in the foot. Colchicum is a wonderful medicine for gouty pain in the foot, while in case of pain due to bone spurs, Aranea Diadema works as one of the best Homeopathic medicines for foot pain.

Aranea Diadema, Ammonium Mur and Calcarea Fluor – Top Grade Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from bone spurs

Bone spurs are sharp, pointed bony outgrowths. Bone spurs in the feet are mainly present in the heel, causing severe pain while stepping, standing, walking and running. Effective Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from bone spurs include Aranea Diadema, Ammonium Mur and Calcarea Fluor. Aranea Diadema is a top grade medicine for the boring, digging kind of pain from bone spurs in the heel. Ammonium Mur works well in case of stitching, tearing pain in the heel due to bone spurs. It is also indicated when heel pain worsens from walking. Calcarea Fluor is an excellent Homeopathic medicine to reduce heel pain as well as dissolve the bony spur, making it one of the best Homeopathic medicines for foot pain.

Rhus Tox and Ruta – Best Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from achilles tendinitis

Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation of the achilles tendon (a tendon that connects the calf muscle in the back of the leg to the heel). The cause behind achilles tendinitis is excessive stress and strain on the achilles tendon. Top rated Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from achilles tendinitis are Rhus Tox and Ruta. Rhus Tox is one of the most recommended medicines when swelling and pain in the achilles tendon appears from over straining. The pain is felt in the back of the leg above the heel. Tenderness and stiffness are also felt along with the pain. The symptoms are worse in the morning after rest. The symptoms improve with activity and motion. Ruta is another highly effective medicine for tendon complaints. It is used when severe pain is felt in the achilles tendon, together with soreness.

Colchicum and Benzoic Acid – Top Homeopathic medicines for foot pain due to gout

Gout is a condition where the joints get swollen and inflamed due to high uric acid levels. The main target area of gout pain in the feet is the big toe and heel. Colchicum and Benzoic Acid come highly recommended as Homeopathic medicines for foot pain due to gout. Colchicum shows great results in gout of the big toe and heel. The affected part is swollen and very painful. The pain worsens with the slightest touch and motion. Benzoic acid works well for persons with gouty diathesis. Gouty deposits with nodes in joints are observed in such cases. The nodes are very painful. Complaints include tearing pains in the feet.

Kali Phos and Phosphorus – Effective Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy results in pain, numbness and tingling in the feet from damage to peripheral nerves. The pain is burning, sharp and stabbing in nature. The condition mainly results from diabetes, alcoholism and nerve trauma in the feet. Top rated Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from peripheral neuropathy are Kali Phos and Phosphorus. Kali Phos works best for prickling pain in the feet with numbness. Phosphorus is prescribed when a tingling sensation, formication accompanies the pain in foot. The feet may be icy cold in such cases where Phosphorus will prove the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for foot pain.

Pulsatilla and Rhus Tox – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from plantar fasciitis

Plantar fascia is a tissue connection between the toes and heel at the bottom of the feet. The main symptom is heel pain and inflammation that worsens in the morning while taking few initial steps, from standing and rising from a seat. Homeopathic medicines for foot pain from plantar fasciitis are Pulsatilla and Rhus Tox. Pulsatilla is highly valuable among Homeopathic medicines for foot pain for plantar fasciitis where pain in the heel gets worse when rising from the seat. It is also indicated when heel pain gets worse while taking the initial few steps when beginning to walk. Rhus Tox is indicated when plantar fasciitis has resulted from repeated stretching and tearing of plantar fascia. The main symptom is pain in the heel that gets better with walking.

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  1. Stephen Bloom says:

    I don’t see specific recommendation for metatarsalgia. I get this occasionally and it seems to come out of nowhere – but I’ll wake up in the AM one day and when I step down there is pain in the ball of one foot. This time it is the left foot but it has not always been. I have had a couple of bouts of gout over the years – always in my right foot, but from what I have read it is possible they are related. Although it is not normally mentioned for gout, Apis has on one or two occasions seemed to help. But not specifically with the ball of the foot pain, which is there when I step down and when I flex my toes but not when I am at rest

  2. Dr. A.K. Gyan says:

    Helpful explanations.

  3. Madhu Maniar says:

    Please help for Morton’s neuroma. In right foot. It’s in second & third toe. PLEASE

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  5. N.C.Kapoor ,9216110673 says:

    I have pain in Right foot heal for last about one month. It worsened after morning walk. Stopped going for morning walk last ten days. Early morning the pain was more. Now there is sever pain in calf muscle during rest. It reduces after walking few steps. Have a feeling of splinter in heel. Standing feel this splinter in the middle of heal. But when press middle of heal no pain. Experience pain on pressing at corner of heel where it tapers down towards bottom of feet. My Ex-ray report is as under:-
    There is planter and posterior calcaneal spur seen
    There is no evidence of fracture or dislocation.
    Bone mineral density is preserved
    Rest of the visualized bones and joints are normal.
    The soft tissue appears normal.
    CONCLUSION:- Planter and posterior calcaneal spur right.
    My Uric Acid Report:- 11.6. Reference range 3.4 -9.6.
    I have high Blood pressure problem and taking Dytor 10 the water pill daily.

    Please let me know how and when I can collect medicine.

    My phone No.9216110673 ,House No.111 Sector 18 A.

  6. Manisha Gaur meena says:

    🙏doc …my daughter age is 5+ n oftenly she do complaint of foot pain after playing.please give me some medication for her foot pain relief .thanks

  7. Please help my 82 year old mother who has Alzheimer’s has a swollen right foot that gives her pain . She stubbed it outside on a stone about 1 week ago and no real swelling until 2 days later.. a few days after that I noticed it was more swollen and redness around big toe… one doctor , her primary wanted to give her antibiotics just in case of infection, but am hesitant because of side efffects of those… her podiatrist says the stubbing of foot exasperated her arthritis and it can take 2 weeks to get better… meanwhile my poor mother is in pain

  8. Parminder says:

    Parminder 09:14
    Hi , I have front foot/toes pain with numbness. Some time pain is too much that i can’t bear even soft touch . I get relief while I walk . Pain is more in night time. I have pre diabetes. HBA1c 6.2. Fasting sugar remain between 100 and 110. And border line uric acid near to 7 . Not taking any medicine at the moment . Please suggest any good medicine with some quick relief.

  9. Hi, I have sharp pain on inner left edge of my right foot at the point where my foot arch starts. What homeopathic medicine of the above is most suitable for that?

  10. I have sweer pain in my foot it is unbearable I can’t walk please suggest me a helpful. Medicine. Please help me in solving this problem

  11. I have sweer pain in my foot it is unbearable I can’t walk please suggest me a helpful. Medicine

  12. asif paul says:


  13. G yedukondaly says:

    Madam foot burns last two days

  14. Dr.Subrata Bhunia says:

    very very valuable for practitioner .

  15. David Davis says:

    I have pain in my toes and also a numb feeling especially in the big toe, they always feel numb.

  16. gulshan kumar mehta says:

    feel like chilli in foot specially in night.

  17. Iftikhar Chughtai says:

    I am suffering with diabetic and feels pain and numbness in toes and some of fingers of feet. Mouth dryness is also felt .Urination problem with short intervals is also there. Kindly advise homeopathic treatment with potency, dose and duration.

  18. Hello.i am 50 years old
    First of all I tell u that I am over weight therefore I have problems.
    2nd I have pain and swelling in my toes.i feel better when I press my toes
    Plz suggest me good medicine

  19. I am 73 year old woman. I have severe pain in the front part of the soles of both my feet. There is no pain in the heel but only in the front part of the soles. I also have chronic pain in both knees. Doctor has diagnosed me as a case of osteoporosis. Please suggest any homeopathic medicine. I avoid taking any allopathic pain killer because of my kidney problem.

    • Hello.i am 50 years old
      First of all I tell u that I am over weight therefore I have problems.
      2nd I have pain and swelling in my toes.i feel better when I press my toes
      Plz suggest me good medicine

  20. Respected sir,

    My father aged 77 years suffering from swelling and severe burning of feet because of that he is not able to stand. Further his toes are bent hence he looses balance while walking.
    Kindally reply which homomepathy medicien curies

    Thank you

  21. Asia Bhattacharya F56 says:

    Respected Dr
    I have got a severe pinning pain over the left foot
    and that makes walking painful.
    Put on shifting compress
    I have two Sizerian babies, after that my belly got a big shape.
    Please help me Dr.

  22. B D Vishwakarma says:

    The foot fingure cellulutis… Infection gone but swelling and pain is still there. Inflamation not reducing after even two months though it is less swelling. Foot fingure are still inflamed to some extent with light pain. I have use rtox. Calandula. Apis mel eyc.
    Please advice and guide.

  23. deeptiG devikar says:

    Hello Doctor , I have been experiencing pain beneath the second and third toe of my left foot since many months . Earlier it seemed to be a result of the workout that I was doing as I started a rigorous one after years and standing on toes was difficult in the beginning . But now I have not been doing it for the last 1.5 months and the pain still remains . I rarely wear heels and if I wear something too flat it hurts more . Due to pain in right leg and SI joint issue I took muscle relaxants for 2-3 weeks but this pain remained . Please advice

  24. Davinder Mohan Singh says:

    Good Evening Dr Sahib. Dr Sahib this is Savinder Harleen’s Mom . My brother is having severe pain , Swelling & Burning in Rt foot . Foot feels like tied up . Can’t even touch . Can’t cover even sheet . I will send you his Colored Doppler Rif you provide me your WhatsApp # . Cause I lost My phone . I will send you consultation fee please Trust me

  25. I have been experiencing a burning pain (moderate) on the outer side of my left for. I have had this at times and it has cleared up on its own. I’m a male in his 50’s. The discomfort is not due to an injury and has been constant this time.

  26. B.S.Hanumanthappa says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am a 73 years old male. I have three problems.

    1) Pain in feet on walking almost in the middle of the foot both on upper and lower side. pain can occur any time of the the day on walking. One can say there is pain when the foot is folded on walking. Exercises and allopathy medicines have not helped me.

    2) I have enlarged prostate. Allopathy medicines have not helped. Surgery has been recommended

    3) Gas formation in the evening and at nights while sleeping.

    Can you suggest homeopathic medicines?


  27. kulbir singh says:

    Gmng Doctor
    Can u pl recommend a homeo medicine for matataslgia of the foot

  28. Siva itika says:

    My wife’s feet pains on daily and she sometimes even does not want to stand and when she rests also the pain and soreness remains the same.

    The Lower legs calf muscles get tight and hard and further increase the discomfort.

    Have used allopathy medicine but it is only temporary relief.

    She is now 44 yrs and weighs about 73 kg and also diabetic as PPF count is 172 though on fasting is 100

    Pl provide your best advice.


  29. What is the right medicine for feet burning on alternate days?
    All readings (sugar, cholesterol etc.) are normal.

    Thank You

    • Judy Miller says:

      Dear Dr. Sharma, I have pain on the top of my left foot, my instep I guess. Mostly one spot, where if I wiggle my big toe I feel the bones move where it hurts. I live in Mexico where there are lots of cobble stones to walk on. I don’t have a car so I walk and my foot hurts. Sometimes there is a burning feeling on the skin where the pain is. No numbness or tingling. Sometimes when I get up from sitting my ankles feel stiff. I am 69 years old. Is there a homeopathic remedy that might help me? Thank you…

  30. SYED ABDUL WAJID says:

    I am a lecturer and all day long educational and lecture activities with full exertion. I face severe leg pain from to fingers especially in left leg from several years. I also dislocation problem in back bone in lower disks. I am non-diabetic, non-alcholic, no uric acid. please suggest a remedy.

    yours sincerely,

  31. Tapas Roy says:

    leg / foot front finger of both feet becoming hard, senseless type, burning, pain in inside, sometimes like inside bone pain since long time. please suggest me the correct medicine

  32. Haseen Madani says:

    Good day, Dr. Sharma ,
    I will highly be obliged if you may guide me for any Homeopathic Remedy for “Metatarsal”Pain, balls in the foot sole. Also I have problem of my foot upper skin become hard as it is of glass and will be broken soon, this problem arose after curing Psoriases, I think still I have psoriasis , previously it was in whole body now it is only in feet.

  33. Aziz Ahmed Qureshi says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am 70 years old and diabetic for the last 30 years. Now I am suffering from Peripheral neuropathy with pain, numbness and tingling in the feet. Also always feel fatigued.
    Can I use Kali Phos and Phosphorus?
    Aziz Ahmed Qureshi
    from Pakistan

  34. Sir i have acute metarsalgia pain in my right foot. I am 48 year old lady. Kindly suggest treatment.

    • Maclovia G Martel says:

      I have Mortons neuroma in both feet. It Hurts when I try to where anything with a heel. Very painful.
      What can I take?

  35. Amarnath Gupta says:

    Sir After viral fewer pain started in my feet and it is having very painful for last 4week.pathology test of uric acid and RA factor is normal.kindly advise me a cure

    • Shakti vishal says:

      I have constipation for a long time in case shoud go toilet very hardly.
      Normaly i have headache and my stomach always full without eating the food. Sides of my stomach always gets pain.some doctor say it is sangraniand very dangirious for you .i take many medicine but not get relief .i haue so weak please guide me any homyopethic medicine. Thanks

  36. Rajesh Mehrotra says:

    My wife is suffering from foot Diabetic neuropathy. Request suggestions etc. On insulin & has uncontrolled sugar level. Vitals are o.k.

  37. P. Pramanik says:

    Feet swelling near bigger thumb, excessive pain, red surrounding,
    Uric acid 8.3
    Need homeocare.

  38. Stephen Corazza says:

    What is better for plantar fasciitis, Pulsatilla or Thus Tox?

  39. Aarti Shrivastav says:

    I am 56years old female. Since 2009 i have pain in my lumbar region whenever i pick some heavy material.. Since 20th july 2017, my pain increased and it feels like a needle pain. I took MRI test. And the report stated that i had a develpomental defect in bone which presses my C1 level. Also the fluid of my spinal canal enters my nerve tract known as arnoid chiari Grade1. The pain is more in my right leg and right lumbar region. Also there is heaviness and burning senstion in my right leg and right hand.

  40. Dianne Newman says:

    I have had right foot pain since last August. It came on suddenly & is very painful when taking the first steps of every day. Also, when I get up after sitting, it hurts. My question is how to use homeopathy to heal my foot. I wear a boot at night which helps but never makes it go away. I do not take any over the counter pain relievers. Thank you for your help.

  41. Immanuel H says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I am suffering from
    1. Severe pain in righ upper gum where teeth were removed years ago. Pain shoots to right ear.
    2. Toes become numb when I start walking.
    3. Gas stuck in chest.
    Am 75 yrs. Heathy male.
    Immanuel H.

  42. Rajeev Pathak says:

    Dr Sharma I m having pain in my legs n foot which is more in morning.i m give solution .I m 45 yrs

    • Vijay Kumar gupta says:

      I am 70 yrs. Old I have Thalemic pain resulting seviour pain in my both foot (chronic) since last 5 yrs. I feel pinching pain in my both feet.Pls. Suggest home athic medicine for quick relief for my foot pain.

  43. James D'Amico says:

    I have high c reactive protein. It is idiopathic. I would love to use a homeopathic remedy or remedies to bring the number down. It was measured at 8.75. I am 80 years old.

  44. KAPIL DEV SURI says:


  45. KAPILDEV SURI says:


  46. mohinder singh bajwa says:

    1) I am getting burning in my feet toe (half) only .When I put my feet in cold water getting better relief.Same time getting red top and bottom.If I tuch with hand it is normal .
    2)on top of my feet getting like electric shock in both feet in difference places on feet. Iam not diabetic, nether having B H P .Sir,may I request for medicine advice .Thanking

    • sudhir sood says:

      I have been having symptoms of peripheral neuropathy in both feet starting almost an year ago; I am 76 years of age and am taking alopathic medicines for diabetes, bp and cholestrol. These problems are somewhat under control; I used to jog and walk long distances till an year ago when these neuropathic symptoms occured; now walking is naturally not as comfortable as it used to be; I am quite active; I swim in the season and attend yoga sessions for an hour every day. I was wondering if Kali phos would help me get some relief from this neuropathic problem; will be grateful for your advice.

  47. Khushveer Engineer says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    My mother aged 81, has lack of blood circulation in her toes, due to which there is pain in the toes at times itching on the instep, at times burning sensation on the toes. She can’t wear sandals also. She’s not a diabetic, neither has high BP.

  48. I have tingling in my left foot for last about two years. Tingling has started in right foot also
    Corn has developed in left feet small finger
    Heels in both feet dry
    I am diabetic type two for last thirty five years. Fluctuates. Since last two years on insulin 12-14 units per day besides other medicines
    With left feet feeling pain while walking

  49. I feel foot pain ago 2 months.there while let down on bed. Then I’ll consultant tje homeopathy docter. He says the foot growth is increasing. I feel very bad. In early morning the two foot are pain heavy. Kindly advise me. Plz

  50. R. C. Srivastav says:

    I feel pain in foot, while let down on bed. Feels acute pain at the upper side of the foot. As analysed by Allopathic doctor my Uric Acid is 5.59 my, while my CRP is 9.0 mg. Kindly advise me a Homepathic treatment.

    • R. C. Srivastav says:

      I feel pain in foot, while let down on bed. Feels acute pain at the upper side of the foot. As analysed by Allopathic doctor my Uric Acid is 5.59 my, while my CRP is 9.0 mg. Kindly advise me a Homepathic treatment.

  51. Riyaz Ahmed says:

    My right foot toe is paining too much after getting up from bed as well as getting up from sitting position
    After taking some steps near about ten to fifteen pain gets reduced. Please recommend homeaopathic medicine to cure heel pain.


    “hello sir, mujhe heel pain hai jo ki 4 saal se hai. Lekin abhi ye dard bahut jyada badh gaya hai. ye heel pain 4 saal pehle wrong footware ki vajah SE chalu hua tha. Pehle pain sirf heel PE ho raha tha lekin ab toe/foot tak badh gaya hai. Mujhe lag raha hai ki ye planter fascities hai. konsi medicine mujhe leni chahiye please bataye ? kis Power me ? aur liquid ya tablets ?”

  53. i am a diabetic patient.for past one month suffering from periperal neuropathy pain particularly in the heel early morning when get up from the bed difficult to walk some time. i am taking gabapentine with alfa lipoic acid but no relief. pl advise homeo medicines

  54. Shanti Rajgor says:

    Namaskar Sir. My age 55 Female .Shanti Rajgor. I suffering from sever pain in Foot pedi born continuasly some time crying due to pain cant stand even. So please give me absolute medicine. Thanks

  55. M.Balakrishnan says:

    For pricking pain on soles of a diabetic, Pl. suggest a remedy.

  56. Rabi Kanta Barman says:

    Dear Dr I have been suffering from chronic peripheral neuropathy for 10/12 years. Pain is present in foot, ankle, calf, buttock with burning and numbness sensation. many drugs taken but did not help. So pls suggest me effective remedy. Thank you.

  57. ardella holshoe says:

    I have heal pain but also just pain in the foot. When walking often my toes will be so sore. I have been diagnosed with plantar fascia by a foot dr, but the exercises, the injections, etc only help for awhile or not at all.

  58. Alice lester says:

    I have a lot of pain in the ball of my feet
    Burning pain
    Really really painful

  59. Amitava Chatterjee says:

    Respected Sir,
    I am a T2DM patient taking Insulin for last 14 years. My age is 53. I am now suffering from pain, numbness and tingling in the feet just for last 7 days. Please advice me .

  60. Harikrishna S says:

    Dear Sir,
    My son 8 years old complaints about pain at the bottom of the feet at the centre. Please suggest a remedy.
    Thank you and best regards,
    S. Harikrishna

  61. Dear Dr. Sharma
    I’m 80 years old (male). Three years ago I became ill with CLL. I was treated with radiation and since then I have been under surveillance and everything is fine. For many years I suffered dehydration in my mouth and my eyes and recently I was diagnosed with SJORN.
    After the radiation, I felt the tingling of my toes and gradually it spread to my fore leg with pain. Besides, I’m healthy in the full sense of the word.
    I strongly believe in homeopathy so I turn to you for help. A year ago I was offered two conventional drugs but I didn’t use them because the hard side effects.
    Thank you
    Isaac Debi

  62. Malika sohail says:

    Dear doctor,
    My feet have 50 to 60 percent sensation . Feel funny specially left foot .
    There’s no pain at all

  63. Swallow feet due to old age .
    I have sugar , thyroid and price acid issue .

    Suggest for homeopathic medcin

  64. My daughter 17 years with b12 deficiency,resulting in peripheral neuropathy,pain in fingers of feet,continuous pain,

  65. Surinder Malhotra says:

    For the last one year I have been suffering from pinpricking all over my both feet, thereby causing sleeplessness at night. Excessive urinary frequency at night has further added to the problem of sleeplessness. It is requested if a suitable homeopathic treatment could be advised.

  66. I am feeling burning sensation in both the heels and sole for sometime while sitting on sofa or chair legs downwards.Problem is somewhat relieved if feet are placed upward or kept on a cushion or if not in touch with floor/ carpet.Pl. prescribe some suitable remedy for treatment.

  67. I have peripheral neuropathy and numbness which has affected my balance and gait. It appears to be from malabsorption of nutrients. I have not found traditional medicine to be helpful. Would there be a homopathic medicine that could help?

  68. Muhammad Akram says:

    respected Dr. sherma sb.

    My name Akram from Lahore.I am 80 years ols I suffer from Dabte for last 30 years my sugger is almost control,I have a pain my foot sol. This pain is in standing and walking condition ,in sitting and laying no pain at all ,This pain is between heel and food palm.My feet remain ice cold even summer.I have to use socks all the time, My head remain very hot and also feel pressure uper lid and eye boll which increses hot close room, and feel better by potting cold water and in AC room.kindly recommend suitable Medicion for me. thanks

  69. Hi
    Can you give me the best treatment for diabetic neuropathy pain which has occurred in last few years.

  70. Hi
    Can you give me the best treatment for diabetic neuropathy pain which has occurred in last few years.

  71. Avijit ghosh says:

    I have pain below my both feets no swelling. When i sit and get up to walk the pain is there below my both feet. When i sleep and get up and walk after sleep again the pain is there.

    Thereafter after walking sometime the pain subsides. Pls send medicine. And do help

  72. Subhendu bikash mandal says:

    Due to wearing unfit shoes at run practice Last one year i felt pain on midfoot inside at moring initial first few steps . Now i feel since one months pain on matatersal joint spcially where first cuniform bone with burning sensation and pain to leg muscle and thigh muscle erea . Done several bood test x ray shows normal . Please recommend good homiopathic medicine.

  73. R.K.Mahajan says:

    I am an old man of 70 years. Suffering from numbness in toeand fingers of feet for the past two years. For the last two months feeling pain on the inner side of left foot. No relief from allopathic medicine. Gets some relief from after walking for some time. If I wrap crape bandage around the painful part I get relief. Suggest some good homeo medicine.

  74. Nafisa Hashim says:

    Hello doctor, I am a woman, 54 yrs of age. For many months, I am suffering from foot pain. The pain usually occurs at night, specially in the hollow middle part of foot. During the whole day, there is no sign of pain at all. Because of pain in the night, I am unable to sleep. I am not diabetic, or heavy weight. Pls suggest the treatment. Thank you.

  75. shyamvanwari says:

    i had 3 surgeries on my left foot in 18 yrs , incl amputaion twice
    how to improve circulation in foot and reduce neuropathy pls suggest remedy

  76. A.B.Pandey says:

    I am suffering from burning and tingling pain in my both heels, more in right heel for the last two years. There is pain in the morning when I get down from the bed & subsides after walking a few steps. Same problem after rest in day time as well. The pain increases towards evening & worse at night while going to sleep & subsides after some time. There is pain in right ankle also. Kindly suggest medicine.

  77. A.K.Sarmah says:

    Hello sir
    Sir please suggest me homeopathic medicine for my daughter as sometime as she is 13 years of age suddenly she is feeling burning sensation in hand and feet.

    Can you kindly advice me should I go for homeopathic treatment so that she can cure permanently.

    Your advice will help me a lot.

  78. B R Chowdhury says:

    Dear Doctor,

    I am suffering from acute diabetis since last 20 years. at present my age is 68. though my sugar level is now within control by taking medicine and insulin (fasting 105, pp 127,creatinine ratio 1.67),
    but recently I am suffering from peripheral neoropathy. would you kindly prescribe homoeopathic medicine for the same.

    • B R Chowdhury says:

      Dear Doctor,

      I am suffering from acute diabetis since last 20 years. at present my age is 68. though my sugar level is now within control by taking medicine and insulin (fasting 105, pp 127,creatinine ratio 1.67),
      but recently I am suffering from peripheral neoropathy. would you kindly prescribe homoeopathic medicine for the same.

  79. s.subramanian says:

    Hallo sir, Greetings. My wife aged 67 years is having hib pain, leg and foot pain. She is a diabeic and hypertensive patient taking medications. She has a tender stomach and hence if she takes any allopathetic medicine, she gets gastritis and stomach upset. Kindly prescribe homeopathic medications for her leg pain, foot pain, diabetics, hypertension and gastric stomach problems.

  80. NASIM AHMAD says:

    Hello sir good morning
    Sir plz suggest me homeo medicine for a patient aymptoms are following

    Patient feels pain in his feet at rest time
    He feels relief by pressing

  81. Dr. Naveen Vishnoi says:

    Sir I Have rubber like sensation in balls of toeswith pricing needle sensation for last 7 months. Have diabetes. Please suggest to remove this problem. Thanks Dr. Naveen

    • Dr. Naveen Vishnoi says:

      Sir I Have rubber like sensation in balls of toeswith pricing needle sensation for last 7 months. Have diabetes. Please suggest to remove this problem. Thanks Dr. Naveen

  82. rama chandra Sahoo says:

    My feet are feeling pinching of pin and also in whole body, feet ar getting som relief when covered with shocks or bed sheet, I am a diabetic patient with FP-140-150 an one hour PP with 160 afte diabetic medicne taking of GlyChek-M-Forte, Kindly advice me which Homeopathy medicine I will take

  83. Srikumar Bhattacharya says:

    During sleep at bed time pain in right foot spreading to fingers so much that could not sleep pls suggest any homeo medicine for my daughter presently working at London , UK.

  84. Pronoti ghosh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma, I hv been suffering frm ankle heel & toe pain. Swelling of ankle. Muscle stiff. Age around 49 yrs (F). Two months bk sugar detected. Having sugar med. & medn for bp. Pl suggest homeo medn

  85. Dear Doctor

    Greetings! My son up to the age of 2 years was walking normally, on his 2nd birthday he suffered from a viral fever. After that he was unable to walk properly. he was walking on his fingers in the right leg. he was not putting his full feet down. on consultation with doctors it was diagnosed that he is having Achilles Tendonitis tightness. Physiotherapy exercise is advised but we did not get good results. At the age of 5 he has to undergo a Z type operation on his TA. Also a operation at the knee Z pLASTY OPERATION. nOW HIS HAMSTRING IS Tight, due to which is bending his knees while walking. Now he is advised the physiotherapy to reduce the tightness of hamstring muscles.

    Do we have any homeopathy medicine to cure this . awaiting for your valuable response.

  86. namasthe. I suffer from periphrel neuropathy since last two years. It started with pullingness starting from fingers of left foot. Now after neurologic medication it feel heavy tightness and frozen feeling in my left foot. It is very much uncomfortable. pl suggest homeo medicine for this.

  87. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I’m a 49 years old woman. Two weeks ago I’ve been diagnosid with plantar fascists, the pain on the heel of my feet is unberable. The podiatrist prescribed some insoles to take forever as he says that I developed this problem due to my “incorrect position of walking”. It’s more painful on the left foot (heel) and after a 40 mins walk I feel pain everywhere my soles!
    I can see you suggest PULSATILLA + RHUS TOX, could you tell me how to take them exactly please? And if I have to avoid the homeopathic cure together with other .
    Thank you in advance. Dani

  88. Pushpinder Bawa says:

    I have planter fascia inflatmation or tenderness in left foot . It’s very painful or problem to walk . Any suggestion pls

  89. To.
    Dr sharma.

    sir, with respect.I am sufferin g of the following diseases. pl please advise me Hpathy remedy.


    bone pain

    mucus in chest


    liver swallow

  90. sunli kumar tank says:


    in this time my all joints so pain aney movemant,my r factor will be high-5.4 how to control it

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