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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

A person having a weight below the range that is considered normal as per his/her height and age is believed to be underweight. Many persons may be underweight simply because of their genetic makeup. Others may be underweight because of other factors such as eating less or taking a diet insufficient in nutrients. There are a few medical conditions that make a person lose weight and fall in the underweight category. These medical conditions include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease, and liver problems. A person who is stressed or depressed may also lose weight. Homeopathic medicines for gaining weight help put on weight naturally. Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

Being underweight makes a person prone to lowered immunity. A weak immune system increases the risk of recurrent infections. Anaemia, tiredness, hair loss, weak bones, osteoporosis are other negative outcomes of being underweight. In women, being underweight puts you at a greater risk of amenorrhea, difficulty in getting pregnant and complications during pregnancy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

Homeopathy medicines are extremely helpful for persons looking to gain weight. Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines that can help underweight persons gain weight in a healthy way. The selection of medicines for gaining weight is based on individual case presentation. The medicines help gain weight while at the same time building immunity. In fact, Homeopathy medicines work by correcting the underlying medical condition that has caused the weight loss in the first place, thereby improving the overall health condition of the person concerned. Iodum, Natrum Mur, China, Cal. Phos and Ferrum Met are the top remedies.

1. Iodum – For Gaining Weight

Iodum rates among the most suitable medicines for gaining weight. Iodum is most useful in cases where a person continues to lose weight even while having a balanced diet. Such persons have a good appetite and eat well, yet go on losing flesh. They look thin and emaciated. Great debility, nervousness, heated sensation are other complaints. Iodum is also considered a great prescription for underweight persons who have an overactive thyroid gland. It is considered one of the exceptionally effective Homeopathic medicines for gaining weight again in such cases.

2. Natrum Mur – For People Losing Weight due to Long-standing Grief, Depression

Natrum Mur is one of the most preferred medicines for gaining weight in persons who lose weight and start to look emaciated due to grief or depression. Persons who need Natrum Mur have severe depression. They constantly dwell on the past and shut off from society. Weeping and lack of self-care are key symptoms. Such persons avoid meals and look extremely thin. Natrum Mur helps overcome depression and restores good health in such cases.

3. China – For Weight Loss due to Chronic  Diarrhea

China is one of the top listed medicines for gaining weight in people with long-standing diarrhea. Such persons have low weight, marked weakness and fainting spells. Excessive flatulence and bloated abdomen are other complaints. Homeopathic medicine China helps to regain the healthy state that has been ruined because of chronic diarrhea. It is rated among the best medicines for gaining weight and restoring good health in this category.

4. Calcarea Phos – For Underweight People with Weak Bones

Calcarea Phos is another of the wonderful medicines for gaining weight in persons who suffer weak bones in addition to weight loss. The bones are thin, brittle and prone to fractures. Calcarea Phos helps to gain weight and strengthen bones at the same time. Calcarea Phos is also helpful in persons having a weak spine disposed to curvatures. It is also an extraordinary medicine to promote weight gain in underweight children who are emaciated, thin and show weak and tardy development. This child also shows slow development of speech, late dentition and is slow in learning how to walk.

5. Ferrum Met – For Underweight People with Anaemia

In underweight persons who are also anemic, Ferrum Met is one of the most beneficial medicines for gaining weight. Such persons also complain of weakness, lack of stamina, debility, pallor of the face, blue circles around the eyes and palpitations on exertion. Bleeding tendencies may also prevail. Ferrum Met is the ideal prescription among medicines for gaining weight in such cases.

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  1. ashish jain says:

    age 37
    pl suggest me for weight gain

  2. Ruma chakraborty says:

    My name is Ruma from West Bengal, l have diabetes, l loss my weight. Please help me. How can I gain my weight

  3. Saquib Hafeez says:

    I’m celiac patient. And unerdweight since childhood. Usually have less appetite.

  4. Palak chaubey says:

    Sir mujhe weight gain krna h kuch btayiye kya kru mai

  5. Clayton Haynes says:

    Hi Dr .Sharma, My name is Clayton Haynes, all my life I have struggled with gaining and maintaining weight , I am now 52 and weigh 12 kg less than I did at 19 , I am currently 62 kg and would like to get back to 74 kg .

  6. Ajaydeep kaur says:

    Please guide me how can i find hyper or hypo thyroid.?main 7 years se medicine kha rahi hoon thyroid k liye but koi doctor bolta hai mujhe hypo hai koi bolta hai hyper hai.mera weight kmm ho raha hai mujhe kidney issue hua to uske treatment k liye homeopathy doctor k pass gyi to wo mujhe check krke bolte hai k aapka thyroid to hypo hai lekin weight kmm ho raha hai ..main bahut confused hoo.can you help me?

    • Feram mate medicine ko hum conium maculatum sath me use kar skte hain kya mjhe vertigo ku prblm h islye suggest kijiye

  7. Dr. Shubh Karan Jain says:

    Losing weight for last 2yrs .I am diabetic. Not taking any anti diabetic last 4yrs I had 4surgeies no fasting sugar 140 hba1c day suddenly my sugar came down to 32. Can u suggest some homeopathic medicine to gain weight.i have very good weakness.cholecystectomy prostectomy dental abscess dental extraction in last 4 yrs

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