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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

A person having a weight below the range that is considered normal as per his/her height and age is believed to be underweight. Many persons may be underweight simply because of their genetic makeup. Others may be underweight because of other factors such as eating less or taking a diet insufficient in nutrients. There are a few medical conditions that make a person lose weight and fall in the underweight category. These medical conditions include IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), tuberculosis, Crohn’s disease, and liver problems. A person who is stressed or depressed may also lose weight. Homeopathic medicines for gaining weight help put on weight naturally. Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

Being underweight makes a person prone to lowered immunity. A weak immune system increases the risk of recurrent infections. Anaemia, tiredness, hair loss, weak bones, osteoporosis are other negative outcomes of being underweight. In women, being underweight puts you at a greater risk of amenorrhea, difficulty in getting pregnant and complications during pregnancy.

Homeopathic Medicines for Gaining Weight

Homeopathy medicines are extremely helpful for persons looking to gain weight. Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines that can help underweight persons gain weight in a healthy way. The selection of medicines for gaining weight is based on individual case presentation. The medicines help gain weight while at the same time building immunity. In fact, Homeopathy medicines work by correcting the underlying medical condition that has caused the weight loss in the first place, thereby improving the overall health condition of the person concerned. Iodum, Natrum Mur, China, Cal. Phos and Ferrum Met are the top remedies.

1. Iodum – For Gaining Weight

Iodum rates among the most suitable medicines for gaining weight. Iodum is most useful in cases where a person continues to lose weight even while having a balanced diet. Such persons have a good appetite and eat well, yet go on losing flesh. They look thin and emaciated. Great debility, nervousness, heated sensation are other complaints. Iodum is also considered a great prescription for underweight persons who have an overactive thyroid gland. It is considered one of the exceptionally effective Homeopathic medicines for gaining weight again in such cases.

2. Natrum Mur – For People Losing Weight due to Long-standing Grief, Depression

Natrum Mur is one of the most preferred medicines for gaining weight in persons who lose weight and start to look emaciated due to grief or depression. Persons who need Natrum Mur have severe depression. They constantly dwell on the past and shut off from society. Weeping and lack of self-care are key symptoms. Such persons avoid meals and look extremely thin. Natrum Mur helps overcome depression and restores good health in such cases.

3. China – For Weight Loss due to Chronic  Diarrhea

China is one of the top listed medicines for gaining weight in people with long-standing diarrhea. Such persons have low weight, marked weakness and fainting spells. Excessive flatulence and bloated abdomen are other complaints. Homeopathic medicine China helps to regain the healthy state that has been ruined because of chronic diarrhea. It is rated among the best medicines for gaining weight and restoring good health in this category.

4. Calcarea Phos – For Underweight People with Weak Bones

Calcarea Phos is another of the wonderful medicines for gaining weight in persons who suffer weak bones in addition to weight loss. The bones are thin, brittle and prone to fractures. Calcarea Phos helps to gain weight and strengthen bones at the same time. Calcarea Phos is also helpful in persons having a weak spine disposed to curvatures. It is also an extraordinary medicine to promote weight gain in underweight children who are emaciated, thin and show weak and tardy development. This child also shows slow development of speech, late dentition and is slow in learning how to walk.

5. Ferrum Met – For Underweight People with Anaemia

In underweight persons who are also anemic, Ferrum Met is one of the most beneficial medicines for gaining weight. Such persons also complain of weakness, lack of stamina, debility, pallor of the face, blue circles around the eyes and palpitations on exertion. Bleeding tendencies may also prevail. Ferrum Met is the ideal prescription among medicines for gaining weight in such cases.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    My son age 19 years is presently undergoing dialysis(Hemeodialysis) since 6 Mar21. His blood group is AB-ve. He has also been administered 3 units of blood.
    On 11 Mar21 they carried out surgery and inserted Cather and will be doing Peritoneal dialysis sometime next week (maybe 22Mar21 on wards).
    Brief back ground : In Aug2003 my son had dysentery for a week was admitted in Hospital. But was discharged without cure. After being discharged through out the night he could not sleep, next day I rushed him to the hospital and Dr attending him transferred him to another hospital and thereafter they sent him to Command Hospital Kolkatta ( I was serving in the Army). At the hospital they carried out 32 dialysis and he became absolutely fine.
    In around 16Jan2016 he complained of stomach ache due to constipation he was treated by a Allopathic Dr for 3 days thereafter he changed the medicine but without any respite. Then we got his blood test done and it was found that his Creatinine was3.5, Urea around 100; Uric Acid 6.1; Hb around9.
    Since then he has been taking Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicine. On 28Feb21 he suddenly collapsed but got revived after couple of mins. On 5 Mar21 got his blood test done it revealed HB5.1;Cr7.1;Urea175;Uric Acid8.1. and thereafter on 6Mar21 we got him admitted in the Hopsital.
    His bone has become very brittle and has multiple hair line fractures on both the thighs and left knee completely immobilised. He hardly eats anything and has a very poor appetite (1 small/half chapptai with little veg/dal/ and now we have started giving him egg also on Dr advice.
    Present Height is 5Ft (since 2016) ; weight is around 30kgs. Mentally very alert and sharp. On restricted water intake around 1 ltrs and out put is 820ml. His Urine out put has always been between 1200 to 1500ml (prior to 6Mar21).
    Request advice.

  2. Vijay Arora says:

    I am 75,stented in heart on medication for eight years,all test of blood ,urine,thyroid,kidney,liver,sugar are normal except creatinine 1.6,since eight years,but loosing weight for last 2years unintended,please advise

  3. Good evening mam!I have a problem of hyperthyroidism before one year .my weight is only 44kg and have infertility problem my age is 36 yrs,I have no baby despite treatment becouse of this problem pls reply what should I do now ?can I take iodum ?

  4. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I’ve suffered from weight loss and had depression for years and wanted to see my option on Iodum – For Gaining Weight.

  5. I am underweight,i am low confident,weak immunity,easly tensed,get mouth ulcers often,irritated sleep,sometimes i feel like my body is in heating at nights and get sores in the mouth.

  6. Khemraj Adhikari says:

    Hello docter meh 26 sal ka ladka hu mera height 6 feet hai or weight 61 kg hai meh 2 sal se anxiety ka dawa ve sewan kar raha hu or dawa ghatkar hapte meh sirf 3 din leta hu kya es rog ya dawa ke baje se mera weight nahi badraha hai ya or kuch hai? Mere liye weight gain karne ke liye kuch sallah dijiye.

  7. S Shaikh says:

    I am 36 years old, married and father of 2 but I look very skinny and pale.My eyes and cheeks look sunk in and never gained a single kilo since I was 22-23 years unmarried then.
    I feel weak tired and stressed all the time as this issue is contributing to my mental health as it has adversely affected my social and professional career.I practice yoga,I was former boxing athlete and coach,a personal trainer and very active but none of these skills helped my own self.
    How can homeopathic medicine help and which one do you recommend.

  8. Abid Hassan says:

    Myself Abid Hassan.. From last few month my weight has been lossing continuously. A month ago I consulted with a alopathy medicine doctor who tasted my blood for HIV and sugar and result came normal and he prscribe me some medicines but i noticed even after taking these medicines for last 20 days there is no change in my body.
    Sir, kindly help me as I dont know why I am lossing weight although I fel my body has no problem.. I can eat and sleep normaly… I have a little stess because of some financial problem but i dont think it is the only cause.
    Sir., please suggest me and help me.
    Abid Hassan

  9. Himanshu Thaker says:

    Hello !! My son 22 years was suffering from diabetes with weight loss problem while eating good & proper diat how can he gain weight he ias 49 kg please guggest

  10. Prakash kumar says:

    Sir….mai apne health ko lekar bahut hi depression me hu ..mai22 years ka hu or mera weight only 47 hai kahi bhi ghumne se chid aata hai apne aap se nafrat hone lagta hai aine me face dekhne ki iccha nahi hota or to or mere frnds log bhi mera mazak udata hai plz reply me kya ye homeopathy me possible hai jisse mera weight gain ho sake plz sir reply me…🙏🙏

  11. Respected sir,
    I am a male with the age of 28 currently , my current wait is approx. 50KG and my Height is 6 not increasing my weight , as i did all thing as suggested by me .

    You are requested to suggest HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE , so that i will try to increase my wait without any side effect .

    Please help me sir.,.

  12. Respected Sir ,
    I am a male with the age of 30 currently , my current wait is approx. 64KG and my Height is 5.8 not increasing my weight , as i did all thing as suggested by me .

    You are requested to suggest HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE , so that i will try to increase my wait without any side effect .

    Please help me sir.,.

  13. I am a female of 47 years and diabetic type 2 since 5 years and on allopathic medicine – Metformin 500 mg. My weight was 58 kilos before diabetic but due to the medicine I have lost 6 kilos in 5 years and now 52 kilos. My height is 5’4″. Please advice me homeopathic medicine to gain back my weight as I don’t want to look lean. I shall be grateful to you for advice.

  14. Sir my daughter weight 15 she is 4years old she nothing eat very well lam very distrube plz give a suggestion plz sir

  15. James Olaleye says:

    Hi Dr,

    Please, i need your help. Because have been going through a mild pains in my right ball and around the right pubic hair also am feeling the pains in my right leg.

    I have been to my doctor and i was referred to see urologist.
    On been there after all the test e.g. blood test, urine test, ultrasound all came out negative they couldnt find anything and they refused to give me any medicine. Even i asked for antibiotic the dr said No.

    Kindly help me.
    What do i need to do to get rid of this pains.

    Thanks for your help.

    James Olaleye

  16. Abhishek singh says:

    Sir i am 26 year old and my weight 35 kg plzz suggest medicine for weight gain properly


    I am 69 yrs old man. I was gradually loosing wieght- from 63 kg at the age of 59 yrs to 58.5 kg now.

    Kindly suggest proper homeo medicine for me.

    • I am a female of 47 years and diabetic type 2 since 5 years and on allopathic medicine – Metformin 500 mg. My weight was 58 kilos before diabetic but due to the medicine I have lost 6 kilos in 5 years and now 52 kilos. My height is 5’4″. Please advice me homeopathic medicine to gain back my weight as I don’t want to look lean. I shall be grateful to you for advice.

  18. I am 38 years old my weight is only 38kg.
    What can I do to gain weight in homeopathic medicine. My waist is 28 and my breast is 30.
    Please help me

    • Bidyut Baul says:

      My wife 25yrs.she has a girl ,her age is 1yrs2months.But my wife weight44 kg,she is very slim and under weight. Please some homeopathy medicine prescribe then a good healthy body Thank u.

  19. Hello sir Mera weight gain hi nhi ho Raha he mene bahot sare weight gain ke product use kiye lekin koi fayda nhi hua me 25 year ki hu Meri hight 5,2″ he or abhi Mera weight 36 kg he.
    Sir please help me mujhe apna weight 10 se 15 kg gain karna he 3 month me, kyuki 3 month bad Meri shadi he so please help me

  20. Bijan Pramanik says:

    I am 53 year age . I have no problem. I want to increase my weight and health. My present weight is 56 kgs. Please suggest how can i increase my weight .

  21. Please tell me something to regulate periods

  22. Mushtaq Ahmed Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Hope you are doing well.
    I am 62 years of age and an ex veteran. All my life I have been under weight ( 60 to 64 kg) despite eating a balance diet and doing exercise. My motto has remained a balance between eating, sleeping and diet. I have no diabetes or high BP. My height is 5 feet 10 inches. Leading a happy married life.
    Can you please suggest me the right medicine?
    Thanks and best regards
    Col Mushtaq (Retd)
    +92 332 555 9113 (whatsapp)

  23. kamal.saini says:

  24. Hi i m 18 yrs/ female i m so so weak my weight is 28 kg and from 5years i m not gaining any weight i m also taking mother tincture but honestly saying from 3 months i didn’t gained any weight i also consultat my doctor they rook my thyroid test or also took stomach scanning but everything was normal thry used to gave medicine for calcium but i didn’t gained weight so stopped itt the thing is my waist is 26 and wright is 28 my friends my neighbours used to tease me they used to skeleton and bone i feel so bad i tried everything my don’t care too much and they used to ignore them but the thing iss nothing fits me at all my breast is zero please help me please i will be so thankful to you will you help i just want die i can’t handle it anymore please help me

    • I also have same problem… everyone makes fun of me ..I hate my self one understands our feelings …I also want to die 🙏 pls help us


      I m 38 years old my weight is only 48 kg what can i do to gain weight in homeopathic

  25. Mam um suffering from hyperthyroidism and my weight is very less day by day um getting weaker can uh suggest me any medican for gaining healthy and long-term weight

  26. My 2 year old doesn’t eat well, starting to get dark eye circles, looking too thin & seems more tired, what do you suggest?
    Also, I have a 14 year old who isnt growing much & shortest kid in his grade now for several years. Anything u recommend to gain height? Thank you.

  27. sir mere age 19 h mera weight 51 hai and height 5.7 inches h y btaeye m enme s kon se medicine lu
    plz hlp me sir

  28. Vivek kumar says:

    Sir mere age 38 hai .mera weight 48 kg hai .mai sahi tarika se khana bhi khata hu fir bhi mera health aur weight me koi farak nahi par raha hai . Sir mujhe is duble patle sarir se chutkara dilaye .

  29. D RASTOGI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am 78 years, 5ft 11 inches 58kg lean thin and bony person since childhood. I do not suffer from any disease, eat well, sleep well , and enjoy good flexibility, mental agility , good bone strength and perform yogic exercises including jogging, walking 3km a day, sit ups etc. Have no work stress but suffer from anxiety syndrome. I am an evening bird. Feel drained if asked to wake up early in the morning. Do you suggest any weight gain homeo medicine for me. I feel my lean bony structure is genetic.

    D. Rastogi

    • Mam um suffering from hyperthyroidism and my weight is very less day by day um getting weaker can uh suggest me any medican for gaining healthy and long-term weight

  30. Aarif Shaikh says:

    Hello Dr… I’m Aarif Shaikh from India… I’m 24 year old… my hight 5.6inch & weight just 48kg my problem is I can’t eat properly .. & digestion problem… so.. I want to gain my weight… please advise me… & tell me medicines name.

  31. Bherulal Rathor says:

    Meri Age 17 year ki ho gai hai aur mera weight 52 kg hai,lekin mai bahut dubla-patla dikhta hoon. Mere chest ki bones bahar nikli hui hai .Body bone structure jese dikhati hai iss wajah se mai bahut depress hoon.Mera blood group 0+ hai. Meri blood report general hi hai.mujhe Anemia jaisi koi bhi problems nahi hai aur body mai koi bhi parasites nahi hai.mujhe bhookh bahut kam lagti hai,mujhe Gas, headache,bally pain,Chhakkar Aana depression me rahna jaisi problems rahti hai.Fresh sahi se nahi Aati hai.Mai Aashwagandha syrup and Capsule ka and Chwayanprash ka sewan kar chuka hoon aur energy tonic, Antioxidant bhi le chuka hoon lekin mujh per koi effect nahi hua hai.
    Mujhe lagta hai ki yah problem bahut badi hai.mai Expect karta hoon ki Aap mujhe Solutions ke baare me jald se jald inform karoge.
    Aap information Hindi me send karna.
    Have a great day

  32. kiran khan says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma, My name is Kiran and I am from The USA. My problem is whenever I am in stress or I have depression attack I can’t eat or sleep because of that I am losing weight really fast and hard to gain. I am really upset because of my weight. My doctor did all my tests plus Thyroid to check if that’s the reason but everything is normal. I an 36 years old my height 5.4 and my weight right now is 106lb. I feel really tired, my muscle hurts all the time because of that. This feeling I always have whenever my weight is losing. please help me with that.


  33. Sir,i am sk habib.i live in west bengal,in india.i am suffering underweight problem, food could not dijest properly.i also suffering nightfall .age 29,hight 5″3 , weight49kg.please,sir help me,i am very thankful to you.

  34. Raj kumar Jana says:

    Sir, my name Rajkumar Jana. I live in west Bengal,in India. I am suffering underweight problem, food could not dijest properly, I also suffering skin problems like acneacne. I am very depressed & tension. I am a student of BCA. Age 22. Height 5.5 inch. Please help me what can I do & how grow my weight ,digestive power . Can I eat Alfawhey medicine. How slove acne problem. Please sir if you help me I am very thankful to you. Thank you.

    • Sir mera name sanjay kumar yadav hai .mera age 25 year old hai. Mai kafi din se under weight ko lekar paresan hu .mera hight 5.5 inch hai mera weight 54 kg hai .ar mai aapna weight badana chahta hu .please help me.
      Thank you

  35. vipin datey says:

    namaste sir, myself vipin datey.i am suffering from somatoform disorder as doctor said, i have heaviness in head and stomach flatulance. i am taking ezeepam plus 5 and libotryp tab since 4 years, also i have insomnia and constipation cronic problem.
    plz suggest homeopathic medicine


    what is homeopathy body grow medicine??pls ans me?

  37. Dip sanyal says:

    My height 5″7 and my weight 48kg.i am a 31 yrs a boy.12 yrs continue I have same weight.some time I feel neck and left solder pain.and continue 5yrs I have gastric and asthma allergy problem faced.
    So plz suggest what can I do..and what type medicine better for me….

  38. My height is 5’11” and my weight is 69
    But my arms shoulder and legs are thin
    I want to make my body healthy and want to become my shoulder arms and legs become thick and healthy
    Please advise me homeopathic medicine

  39. can we take alfalfa Q for weight gain reply pls

  40. Patrik joshi says:

    I have IBS problems last 12 years and my body is very week , so
    Which medicine I take ?

  41. Hello sir my name is Somen my age is 31 but my weight is not proper with my age. My weight is 52 kgs. Sir, please help me how to increase my weight, and how to gain fat.

  42. shabnam faiyax says:

    Hello dr.sharma as iam new mom very worried about my baby my baby born weight is 2.8 kg she is now 9 month + she look thin i want to gain her weight plzz suggest any goid medicine she doesnt like to eat anything i tried every thing she eat only 1 to 2 spoon food what ever i give she only want to drink milk only… plz hepl me out

  43. Priyanka Patra says:

    Hello sir, meri naam priyanka hai aur meri age 18 years hai, meri height 5.”3″ hai aur mei bohut hi Jada patli hu meri weight 40kg hai, mujhe bukh v bohut kam lagti hai aur khane ka Mann bilkul nahi karta hai, please sir help me n tell how to gain my weight within 1-2 months.

    • Hi. My name is Neha jha and I am very skinny .i am struggling with my weight .i am 20 yrs old and my weight I 39 kg from 2 yrs I am struggling with my weight plz help me to gain weight.

  44. anil singh chouhan says:

    Hello doctor,
    Mera naam anil singh h meri age 22 year h or mera wait 48 kg hi h me apna weight increase krna chahta hu plz muje koi treatment de.

  45. dear doctor…i am 22 years old…my face is very thin and slim as compared to my body…l eat a lot…but nothing happen good with my face….kindly suggest me something….facial yoga was not also helpful for me….plzzz tell meee…what can i do…..plz rply me

  46. Ankit kumar says:

    I am 19 years old . i am suffered from under weight.and physical weakness. my weight is 42kg. and my height is also short . my height is 5ft3inches. My BMI is very low. please sir help me what i do? and tell me what should do?

  47. Ahmad nazir says:

    Assalamualaikum sir IAM in Pakistan.iam 20 year old and my weight is 55 kg please tell how I can weight body shape so week and thin.

  48. Gaurav Ojha says:

    Hello sir,
    I have an question, can I mix above medicine in a bottle for use.

  49. sir, I am a male, 39 years of age, 5’11” height, 60 kgs of weight. I look thin and emaciated. stamina is not so great. my diet is average but regular. don’t get nourishment from the food. can’t digest rich food. hemoglobin level tends to be around 9. timid and anxious disposition. lack of confidence and self doubt. very much hesitant and shy. worry a lot. think a lot. difficulty in reaching conclusions. Eczema in feet (since childhood). graying and lose of hair (50% gone). history of pneumonia, bronchitis and tuberculosis of the lungs. chest is emaciated. sunken eyes. hypersensitive and empathetic. can’t handle stress well (especially emotional stress). suppressed and depressed personality.

    will you please suggest me a remedy that could address my chief complaints (underweight, loss of hair, eczema, indecisiveness and inability to cope with the stress).

    thanks and regards

    • Sir I am 45years old. My weight is losing from last few months. My diet is very good. I also feel myself sexually weak. Sir please. Tell me what to do

  50. Sir, i am thirty eight yr old & diabetic since last two yr i am very thin having no body mass can i take iodem 200ch for looking healthy is it beneficial.

  51. Viddya Kumari says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am Viddya Kumari, age-26 years, Sir i am suffering from mucus since 6 years, i am taking homeopathy medicine for mucus continuously still not relief permanently our mucus present in stool red+white,our weight is also underweight-40kg only, please suggest me hou to cure my mucus problem.and how to get weight.
    our contact no is-7903698540

  52. Prakash Shaw says:

    Sir I m 27 years old my height is 6ft and weight is 56 kg, I want to gain weight as soon as possible advice me homeopathic medicine and how to use.

  53. Good day Dr.Dharma
    Thank you for so much for taking time to explain different uses of the homeopathic weight gain drugs.
    Please where can I find these drugs,am from Nigeria and I reside in Nigeria. Are these drugs available in my country?
    Thanks Benjamin.

  54. Ram Milan kannojia says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is ram I am suffering from lower abdominal pain in morning basically and sometimes. And I suffer some problems like evening headache, bloating, constipation in stool, not passing gas in manner way, my weight loss gradually right now my Weight 45 kg aprox. So I have take some medicine like chinchona, carbo veg, belladonna, and ceanothus americanus mother tincture. Please give right medication for cure my problem. Some doctor said i suffer Ibs problem because my all reports are normal. And my ultrasound report say mild hepoto spleanomegailly. So what can do for relax. And I follow some yoga aassan.

  55. Hi i am 22 years old and my weight is 40 I want to increase my weight and I dnt have perfect figure I want to increase……. my marriage in summer but dnt have any personality I want to grow my breast with help of u I need medicine list ….plzz i request u to suggest me …

    • Ram Milan kannojia says:

      First of all please you take balance diet. And drink plenty of water. And get up early morning and follow some yoga. And follow doctor suggestions. And feel free to asking any dought. So that please follow yoga then after take medicine.

  56. amit kumar says:

    I m 24 years old…my weight is now 50…I increase my please suggest me any homeopathy medicine without any side effects…

  57. Shruti mathur says:

    Hello doctor.. I am 24 year old female.. my weight is 40kgs and I want to increase my weight … I have periods problem also that is my pattern is alternate months.. so can u suggest me suitable medicine to increase my weight.

  58. Qamar Abbas says:

    Dr . Sharama
    Nabastay Dear Sir my age is 40 and my weight is less than 60 I am too woried about weight problem I want to gain weight in this connection I also tried some dangerious english medicine such as sustanon 250 injection with a gape of one weak for three month some dangerious sight affect occured on me and I had to undergo a knee surgery in liaquat national hospital karachi a huge amount of money was spent by my brother who works in goverment department. I am a poor man and runs a small shop in karachi . Had my borhter not helped me I woundnt have cured . now my problem is same as it was before using english medicine please tell me some homeopathic medicine so that i could increase my body weight I shall be very thankful to you

    CELL PHONE 0311-8444322

  59. Punam Mishra says:

    Hello sir my age is 23+ but my weight is only 40kg so I’m under weight… So can u kindly suggest me any homoeopathic medicine to increase my weight without any side effects??? Calcarea phos kya ye medicine mere liye helpful hi sakti hain… Because I’m just irritated with me because I’m too thin… Please sir kindly reply me whenever

  60. hi sir kya aik sal ka bcha cal phos 6x LA sakta h weight gain k liy

  61. Miserable mom says:

    Im a miserable mother of an 18 ye old girl.
    She was premature. She has multiple health issues. I hav tried every available medical help, here in islamabad…but her condition has gone worse. Im going to list her problems here. Plz do help me out.
    1. When she was 3 mnths old, she developed severe skin allergy….it comes and goes…doctors call it dermititis. Very dry, scaly skin…especially on the underside of elbows and knees…and on her face…very small pimples appear and skin becomes very itchy.
    2. Scalp is very dry n scaly…hair hav become dry n brittle n r falling.
    3. When she was 3 yrs old, she developed allergic asthma. Now her breathing is tight n wheezy…most of the time. Very little physical work aggravates her condition n initiates cough.

    4. She has lost her appetite. I hav to force her to eat.

    5. Weight….34 kg

    6. Height…4.9 ft

    7. Very low energy level

    8. Stays very depressed n hav lost all her confidence

    9. Dark circles under her eyes…no teenage glow on the skin
    Please help me out…Im very worried about her

  62. sir mera beta 2sal se oper ha mager boht kamzor h wase active ha hight b achi h mager kamzor boht h plzzzzz help me

  63. Dhruva Bhaimon says:

    I am aged 27 and my weight is 60kg fron last 4years ..Im very thin, a chain smoker and a drinker..also a asthmatic patient….I want to gain weight within a month if possible anyhow.. Wat type of med sud I tek which gives a quick reaction & no side-effect to gain a perfect weight ….

  64. Satish Kumar k says:

    Hi sir i am Satish Kumar k my age 28, I got diabetes in the age of 21 of my weight is 80kgs, so I’m lost my weight now iam 45kgs so I want to gain my personality now I’m using Homeopathi international tablet, so please give me a suggestion how to gain my personality again back

  65. abbas makandar says:

    general weakness tiredness acidity lack of sleep constipation stress depression

  66. Santanu Mahapatra says:

    Hello doctor.i am santanu mahapatra from WB of india 21 year old but i look like 12 year boy my friends and other people laught at me..please sir give me some tips/medicine.
    Don’t mind sir if there any wrong in writting.

  67. souvik kr naskar says:

    How can i recover my muscle as i am a thin person. Please tell me some medicine that can help me to gain muscle.i am 18 years old.

  68. Jatin Bali says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Greetings for the day ,
    The details you mentioned on website regarding weight gain is very useful information, but I have doubts how homeopathy works because i have read on most of the articles on Google but everywhere it is mentioned that it is alternative medicine,it is placebo,it does not work.please clear these doubts ,if is effective why it is written so. And why the name of the medicine not given is there any medicine or its just a in mind that you are taking medicine that has positive effects on health

    Thanks and Regards
    Jatin Bali

  69. DILESH JENA says:

    I have been taking practin and dexamethasone for 5 years. I want to stop it but cant do
    Please tell me some homeopathy meducine to stop these medications

  70. K SWAMINATHAN says:

    Baby girl, now three and a half years, suffering from hirschsprung disease since birth. Surgery (pull through) done. She is just 11.2 kg and grossly underweight. She is also having cow milk allergy. Request medication to bring about weight gain.

  71. Noorain khan says:

    sir i suffer frim weight loss ,thin body ,body look like skinny ,nightfall

  72. Excellent prescription

  73. Hello,sir my name is Adarsh and I am 19 years old and 6 feet 2 inches tall and my weight is 45 kg and I am very thin,so what can I do for gaining weight and become fit and strong.
    And one thing I want say that my digestion is also very poor and I have constipation problem.
    How can I get rid of this,please help me

  74. Mohsin Shahab says:

    Dear Dr, i am Mohsin Shahab from Pakistan. I am 26 years old, weigh 53 kg and stand 5 feet 6 inches tall. Being a male, I consider myself underweight. Boys of my ages normally weigh 60-80 kg. I also have a problem of Palmer Hyperhidrosis and Thalassemia Beta. I’ve also been through cholecystectomy. If there is anything more important you want to know, please let me know. Suggest me some medicine for weight gain. I’ll remember you as my messiah.



  76. Aashish Sharma says:

    Hello Sir
    I am Aashish . These days I am suffering from kidney stones. In right side kidney I have 9mm stone and left kidney I have 3-4 mm stone. And another problem of mine is lossing weight . I am 28 years old married nd height 5.10″ . But my weight is only 70kg these prier my weight is 80 kg. These days I feel some weakness like all time pain in legs and back . Please Dr. Sir help me out . Out m very much worried about my health.

  77. kuntal chatterjee says:


    Please note that for several months I am losing weight,and looking thin,though I am all along not fĺeshy. I have blood sugar range below 200 pp.
    Please guide me to gain weight and control of sugar.

  78. Shivam Mishra says:

    Respected Sir,

    My name is Shivam Mishra. I am a Life Member of
    And a side hobby but serious body builder

    I belong to Agra city and I am suffering from irritable bowel syndrome since 2014 and moreover tonicity from childhood and result is I try my level best to hold the size of my body but
    Unfortunately I failed so pls tell me sir how can I manage both the problems in single time.

    Thanking you.

    Your’s Sincerely

    Shivam Mishra.


  79. Dear doctor, my daughter is 6 years 8 months old. She was delayed in her motor skills like walking, writing etc. for which no medicines were given. She has very slow hair growth. Her skin is quite dry. (I looked in internet and I think she resembles the Silicea child who is pale and dry). She eats normal but remains underweight. She is very fond of cheese. She likes eggs (both boiled and omlette) and meat. But I have to control her food, else she tends to get dysentric. I allow one egg a day with some misses. And meat is also allowed once in weekend. Her stool is generally large and hard. She responded well on Bryonia for her cough. She used to be very nagging wanting to be carried and wanting her work to be done.( I had to leave her with domestic help while I am out for the day from when she was 6 months, not sure if it is a result of that. ) I am giving her Calc Phos 6x one tablet daily (since 2 weeks) and I see change in her mood. I am thinking on increasing that to 2 tablets a day. And, she is has to be more clothed than her peers, otherwise she has tendency to catch cold. She is very thin. I am thinking if I should give her Calceriea Carb. And if so then can I start with Calcerea Carb 30, and what are the signs to watch for to understand whether it is working for her? Kindly advise.

  80. Mrs.Preeti Ingole says:

    Hello sir , My baby is 4 months old. His weight gain is unsatisfactory. He is just 5.5 kg.At birth he was 3.2 kg. He is too active . His all other activities are perfect . Kindly suggest me something . Thanks

  81. Hell doctor
    I am 43 years female have two children suzerains for both deliveried, height is 5feet 5 inches weight 55kg with thin built and small face features, I eat moderately but work a lot both physically n mentally
    During childhood very week n low immune outgrown alongwith age but in my age people suffer with obesity , I look thin , inspire of several effort I am not gaining weight pl advise me to gain weight

  82. Hi Dr.

    I have underweight issues..I have a very good appetite but am still struggling to gain weight..My homeopath has ruled out diabetes and thyroid disorders..I have tried alfalfa drops for the last few months but this made no difference. I see you mentioning iodium..What type/strength of Iodium would you recommend for me? I feel as if my homeopath is not understanding what effect my weight is having on my self-confidence. Please advise.

  83. dipak kumar saha says:

    Sir i am only 55 kg with a heigt 5.8 ft…i am livin outside the home..proper food is not avaailable for me….tell me another way to gain weight…

  84. Respected Dr sir,I am 46 years old/male,heght 5ft 4inch but my weight is 45 weight is reaming same for more years. only one time at the age of 34-35 it was gained upto 48-49 kg.and then some physical chage of slight healthy appearance was come.i was also checked my tsh level and sugar level 3-4 years ago and report was normal.Recently i am feeling few weakness in my i shall be highly oblige if u give me some advice to improve it.

  85. Sir/mam I m 35of age. My weight is around 48 n hgt is 5″ft. All the tm I feel like vry tired , lazy,no stamina …..I’m going dull day by day .I want to gain my wait .which homeopathic medicine Shud I take to gain weight. N which also help me to improve my skin skin is very dull n dry n my face is full of black,brwn spot(mole). Plz do tell me .I’ll b vry grateful to u.

  86. ratna kumari says:

    Sir I m 24 years old and my weight is 45.5 kg can I gain weight in just few months

  87. I narsi ram sir i have 170 cm height and 56kg weight and looking very thin so sir i am underweight sir i want 7 – 8kg grow weight and looking body in bigger size

  88. I am17 year. My height is 5feet 5inch. My weight is 48kg. I want to gain some weight. So please tell me homeopathic medicine .

  89. Hii sir
    I am pavan Shinde I am 29 yrs old my night is 5.3″
    And weight is 48 kg so plz sir tell mi how to gain my weight

  90. amit kumar deb says: im a student of 17 years old…i have a problem of being lean and thin…I eat well..alot actually but still have this kind of lean and thin body structure! I’m helpless…please help me out…i want to gain weight more my friend always mocks me on my figure.. Please suggest me some medicines which will help me out without any side effects! Doctor..please help me out! I sometimes feels like not having food…bt sometimes eat more…i don’t know why!!

    • Dear Sir
      My daughter is a student and she is 19 year old and weight around 40 kg, being lean and thin, some time she gets into depression because of low weight. She eats well. But not gaining the weight. I shall be thankful if you could suggest some medicines to gain weight. Look forward for your reply. best regards

  91. Raja Gopal Mukherjee says:

    Remedy for joint pains post viral fever.

  92. hello doc, i would like to know some medication for my mother shes is suffering from severe osteoporosis and her weight is only 35 kgs it’s been consistent for many years now and she doesn’t put on weight anyhow so i would like to know what possibly could be done to help her put on some weight so that she may feel good… she is not diabetic nor has she any thyroid problem but yess she does have poor digestive system and 20+yrs ago she was diagnosed with peptic ulcer , i have got her blood tested few months ago and reports are normal , so would you plz be kind enough to tell me some medication for her so that i may start is asap because she’s too weak

  93. hello sir i m priya and i am 29 years old and my height is 5.2 but my weight is 38 kg. so i m not satisfied with my weight and personality. i consulted to many doctors for this and gave me different types of medicines like vitamins and all they ask me to do some tests to like thyroid, T.B,and other but all reports were negative . and according to me my diet is also fine but i can not see the results in mt weight .so please help me and tell me good medisine for my problem..

  94. aman bir singh says:

    I was 69 kg 3 to 4 months ago. But now I m continuously loosing weight and now I am 58 kg. My diet is proper . Hunger is also ok .

    Please suggest sone homeopathic medicines to gain weight.

  95. dr tanveer says:

    dear dr.
    Nice your recomendation selection of medicine please i want to know about best medicine for weight gaining

  96. hello sir i m priya and i am 21 years old and my height is 5.2 but my weight is 38 kg. so i m not satisfied with my weight and personality. i consulted to many doctors for this and gave me different types of medicines like vitamins and all they ask me to do some tests to like thyroid, T.B,and other but all reports were negative . and according to me my diet is also fine but i can not see the results in mt weight .so please help me and tell me good medisine for my problem..

  97. Helllo sir m 21 year old hu meri problem ye h ki m bhut zyada weak hu jiski wajah se m bhut pareshan rhta hu so plz meri help kre mujhe apni body maintain krne me meri help kre

  98. respected mam my age is 30 years and i have two child .my weight is 38 kg .i want to gain weight.plz tell me about this

  99. Sir,
    I have gastrointestinal problem , irrational during bowl movement and itching in anal area. Sometime ago had little blood in stool and taken allopathic medicine for that infection.
    Nowadays I M facing frequent urination alongwith slight discharge of whitish material at the time of applying pressure for bowl.
    Please provide genuine advice and medicine.

  100. santos gupta says:

    i have a weight loss due to the stress.kindly help me to gain weight and fight to reduce stress.

  101. atulesh chauhan says:

    my father is suffering from weight loose problem…bcoz of diabities and acute constipation.He is 61 years old.

    • Sir mera name sanjay kumar yadav hai .mera age 25 year old hai. Mai kafi din se under weight ko lekar paresan hu .mera hight 5.5 inch hai mera weight 54 kg hai .ar mai aapna weight badana chahta hu .please help me.
      Thank you

  102. devendra singh says:

    respected doctor sir i have many problem which are following
    hydrocele- i feel something mild solid near and around right testicle,dragging and pain when running,standing for a long time or riding a bicycle
    pyorrhea-bad breath,decay of gums,dark gums,bleeding sometimer
    urinal problem-there is much urine, i go for urine many times
    tinitus-i hear ringing and wind blowing sound in my ears
    sir i taken many medicine alopathic ,ayurvedic as well homeopathic but there is no satisfactory result
    sir please please help me as soon as possible

  103. a pawlowsky says:

    rectal relapse

  104. i feel so much weakness in my body. And my digestive system also not properly working.. plz help me how i solve this problam

  105. Raja m Arif says:

    Dear Dr Sb
    I have gall stones in gallbladder ultrasound shows size 1.2 mm and 3 cm collectively. I was 67 KG in weight but now my Weight is only 61 kg my height is 5′.5″ and is I am 50 years old. I am found of walks and Jim exercises. I have no pain due to gallstones accept loose motion in the morning stool. Please me some good Medicines for removing gall stones without surgery and also medicines for gaining weight. Please also advise me of diets.

    Thanks and best regards

  106. Mark Prahlad Morgan says:

    Hi Sir I am Mark Prahlad Morgan my occupation is sr. Radiographer I having Rt. Side maxillary sinus it is totally block my x-ray & CT is done so plz sir treat my disease in homeopathy

  107. Anu Talwar says:


    My son is 6 years old and is very thin. He eats normally but doesn’t like sweet things. Even milk he takes without sugar. His weight is 20 Kgs. Pls suggest how to increase his weight. His nose also often gets blocked and chest is congested. Please advise.

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