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8 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Giardiasis

What is Giardiasis?

Giardiasis is a most common parasitic infection in humans caused by Giardia lamblia. A person contracts the infection from taking food and water contaminated with the infected excreta of human or animals. Close contact with person with giardia infection can also lead to transmission of the infection. Giardiasis is common in rural areas where chances of contaminated water are high and sanitation methods are low grade. Giardiasis is an intestinal infection. The symptoms include diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, bloating, gas, belching, anorexia, weight loss and weakness.

Advantages of Homeopathic Treatment of Giardiasis

Homeopathy is a natural science of healing. It works by boosting the infection fighting mechanism of the body to eradicate giardiasis infection at the root. The medicines used for treating giardiasis are all natural and safe. They can be used among all age groups without any risk of toxic side-effects.

Homeopathic Medicines for Giardiasis

Recommended Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis are China, Cina and Natrum Phos. China is highly useful when the person with giardiasis infection complains of diarrhoea. Flatulence and bloatedness also are well marked. Prostration and weakness are also present in such cases. Cina is the most useful among Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis when colicky, crampy pain in the abdomen is present in persons with giardia infection. Such persons may also suffer weight loss. Homeopathic medicine Natrum Phos is recommended when giardia infection is attended with much belching of acrid, sour nature.

China and Arsenic Album – Best Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with diarrhoea

Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with diarrhoea include China and Arsenic Album. China is indicated when loose stool with undigested food particles is the prominent symptom. The diarrhoea gets worse after eating. Weakness follows diarrhoea, together with bloatedness, flatulent and colic. Arsenic Album is another wonderful Homeopathic medicine for giardiasis with diarrhoea. Arsenic Album is prescribed when the stool is watery and highly offensive. The urge for stool appears after drinking or eating anything. Prostartion is also marked. Burning in the abdomen may also be present. A person in need of Arsenic Album may complain of nausea and vomiting along with the diarrhoea.

Cina and Colocynth – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with abdominal cramps

Effective Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with abdominal cramps are Cina and Colocynth. Cina is the most useful among Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis infection with cramping, cutting, colicky pain in the abdomen. It also helps relieve twisting, pressing pain around the navel. Colocynth is another of the useful Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with abdominal cramps. It can be used when severe cramping is present in the abdomen. The person gets relief by putting hard pressure on the abdomen or by bending double. The cramps get worse after eating or drinking.

Lycopodium and China – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with excessive gas and bloated abdomen

Lycopodium and China are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis infection when attended with excessive gas and a bloated abdomen. Lycopodium can be taken in case of excessive gas, mainly in the lower abdomen. Bloatedness is also present and eating a little food worsens the condition. China is the best suited among Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis cases with gas in the entire abdomen and marked bloating. Bloatedness reduces a little with movement and leads to abdominal colic.

Nat Phos and Carb Veg – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with belching

Nat Phos and Carb Veg are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with much belching. Natrum Phos is mainly prescribed in case of belching of sour taste. Carbo Veg is indicated where the person experiences rancid, bad and putrid tasting eructations. The eructations get worse with eating and drinking in such cases where Carbo Veg will prove most effective among Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis.

China and Nat Mur – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis with weakness, weight loss

Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis infection where it is accompanied by weakness and weight loss are China and Nat Mur. China is majorly used where excessive weakness is present from recurrent bouts of diarrhoea resulting from giardia infection. Prostration is also marked in such cases. The person may experience fainting spells. Natrum Mur offers the best help among Homeopathic medicines for giardiasis in case of emaciation and prominent weight loss.


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  1. What is the dose and power of China for my 7 year old son suffering from giardiasis?

  2. Pardeep Kumar Bansal says:

    which medicine to take to cure giardiasis resulting in to low grade fever during evening?

  3. My daughter was diagnosed with giardia. She has been experiencing watery diarrhea, weight loss , vomiting and excessive gas.
    She has never had an antibiotic in her 16 years of life. I am not about to start now.
    Which is the best remedy to give her.
    Thank you!

  4. Dear doctor,
    I am deepak ,male,aged about 38 years and resident of Delhii.I am suffering with these symptoms such as loss of appetite,gastritis,loose stool, diarrhea or greasy stools loss of appetite, excessive gas abdominal pain.I got my stool tested on several occasions presence of giardia was detected. I am suffering with thess symptoms for the past 2 years or more.I have tried allopathy,homeopathy.Is there sure cure treatment in homeopathy?If much time will it take to cure.Whether these symptoms may cause cancer in the long run if neglected?I do not know for sure if these symptoms are suggesting giardiasis .I am really worried about chronic malabsorption and other symptoms.

  5. Pushpak R patel says:

    please help my wife – geardiases pesant – very long time form this geardiases- sorry but a no English lagvege

  6. Iren Belceva says:

    My 1 year and a half old cat, male, neutred and coming form a rescue center has been diagnosted with giardiasis. I don’t want to give him medecins for he has been foud on the street when he had 1 mont or so and thus not abreta immonity power. what can I give him in natural cure , homeopatic or herboristic, i don’t know in order to reinforce his immune system and cure the giardiasis – he has diarrhea, not strong but creamy stools, sometimes cough and whistling snoozing. for the rest he is quite fine . Please, be so very kind as to give me a nname of product i can find here in France where i live. thank you so much!! Best regards and have a nice day! i’m eagerly waiting your prompt answer – thank you so much again! Iren Belcevaef

    • Hello , good evening Dr . Sharma . I am inquiring about how to go about treating giardia In my cat …please help !

  7. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    China, arsenic album and colocynthis are the best for my patient but how much dose pottency timing?

  8. Which medicine would be more effective if Giardia cyst causes skin infections around private parts . These itchings are like ring .

  9. Biswabrata Bhattacharya says:

    Hello doctor , I am Biswabrata Bhattacharya 34 years old .I have suffering from giardia’s my chronic disease because I treated with allopathy medicine but it reappears after some months.the problem I am facing that sudden gas formation in my stomach .I also heard that it absorbs the protein from our body thus way our health couldn’t I would like to know is this curable with homeopathic medicine ? what should I do ? kindly advise.

  10. Hi. Dr . I suffered from giardiasis a month ago… my doc treated me with vermox ( alopethic) now i again got the same symptoms( like greasy stool, cramping, bloating, bleching, burping, vomiting and loss of appetite… i visited the homoeopathic doc this time… and he prescribed me broworm syrup….. is this ok???? I think this is for worms only….. plz suggest me the right medicine because i m feeling v sick…

  11. Giardia lambilia infection

  12. Subha Kundu says:

    I have a chronic stomach upset syndrome and every 2 to 3 weeks I have loose motion issue with abdominal cramps. Is this Giardiasis? The stool is a bit fishy in smell and sometimes with undigested food particles. Plz help me remediate it.

  13. How much time take for this treatment?

  14. I have anal itching, bloating and flatulence. Pricking pains in knees and hives and rashes with exposure to cold air. Piles

  15. Sir i ve been suffering from giardia since last 2 yrs.i ve completed course in allopathy but no relief.dr. says that u r sufferd by appendix bz sometimes i feel pain in right lower stool r semi solid .i m not getting weight.plz sir help me.

  16. Sadia Syed says:

    My cat has giardiasis. Thank you for this page.

    Also 2 of my cats have had accidents that ended up in their losing the ability to walk. I was treating them with hypericum and the results were unbelievable. So unbelievable that veterinary doctors were not willing to accept the fact that homeopathy works. But my treatment came to a halt because of this giardiasis outbreak in the cat family. Recurrent infections were rampant and English medicines only made them sicker (enlarged liver)
    So now thanks to this page their giardiasis will be cured and I hope I can continue to give medicines that will allow them to walk again.

  17. My son is 2 years old.for the past 1.5 years he has been passing semi solid stool on an average 4 times a day. Though he is very active and his height is also good but he is putting on weight very slowly.He is just 9.8 kg. When he was six months old he had stomach infection and diahorrea . His digestion is weak. I doubt he may have giardisis. Please suggest.

  18. Rajiv Agrawal says:

    My 1.3 years old year suffering from giardia cysts since last 6 to 8 months currently i am giving Nixonide before that i have given metrogyl kidogyl but
    It is not getting cure
    Is there some helpful remedy in homeopathy without side effects. Please guide me.

  19. Shivraj Singh says:

    Sir, I am suffering from giardiasis from last 4 month. Also my stool sample detected with ascarisis . Symptoms are 6 to 7 bowel movement a day , Tenderness around stomach area feel bloated,gas, nausia,dizziness, headache and weight loss.
    I first tried homeopathy for 3 week but nothing help its gives me temporary relief.
    I went to a doctor prescribed me bandy plus and satronidazole .I feel quite good for 2 to 3 days but symptoms return after that now the drug do not have any effect on the buggs. Went to another doctor tried Tinidazole and one drug for faultulance . but is also gives temporary relief. I live in Delhi now don’t know what to do as my doctor is saying that take pain killer for your fevar and take acid blocker for gas problem. Can some one please help me and suggest me good doc in Delhi or any advice on drug resistant giardiasis As the below are not working Metrogyl Tinidazole Satrogyl-o Albandzole Nitazonxide.
    Please help I lost all hopes and now at the end of rope

    • Sir i ve been suffering from giardia since last 2 yrs.i ve completed course in allopathy but no relief.dr. says that u r sufferd by appendix bz sometimes i feel pain in right lower stool r semi solid .i m not getting weight.plz sir help me.

  20. s. k. pandey says:

    I am saffaring from giardiasis with havies last 5year .sir tell me medicine

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