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Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines for Hangnails That Work

A hangnail is a very common condition in which tiny, torn skin pieces or tag hang loosely around the fingernail. In this the skin separates partially from the surface around the nail and partially remains attached at the base of the nail. This condition can very rarely develop around the toenail. Homeopathic medicines for hangnails are also very useful to reduce swelling and redness in case of inflamed nails.

The term hangnail is a misnomer (means an inappropriate term) because it is a skin condition and doesn’t indicate any condition that affects nails despite its name. Homeopathic Medicines for Hangnails


Hangnails arise when there are cracks around the nails. It also commonly results from dryness of skin of the hands for eg, it carries more chances to happen in winter season that makes the skin dry. Repeated hand washing or excessive exposure of hands to water like during dish cleaning or excessive swimming in chlorinated water also makes skin dry and makes a person prone to get hangnails. 

Next they can arise from injury (for eg from excessive finger picking) to skin close to nail and nail biting. It can also arise from protein deficiency. Some people in certain occupations are at its risk like cooks, doctors who tend to wash their hands quite frequently. Other than this excessive use of detergents, nail polish, hand sanitizer also tend to make skin dry and predispose to hangnails. 


In these cases a small, torn piece of skin is visible around the nail.  There may not be any attending symptoms in many cases while in other cases irritation, discomfort, pain and tenderness can be present in this area. The pain can arise from touching it or when they caught on clothes. 
If a person pulls or bites the hangnail then it can lead to bleeding and raise chances of infection. The hangnails occur around the base or side of the nail. The blood vessels and nerve endings are abundant in this area. Hangnails can get inflamed and when that happens they press and irritate the nerve endings that worsens the pain further. Redness, swelling along the side or bottom of the nail occurs if it gets inflamed. Hangnails can also get infected from bacteria or fungus. In such cases along with redness, swelling, heat around nails pus may form around the infected area surrounding the nail. Pain may occur around the nail or whole finger in such cases. The infection that occurs on the skin around the nails is known as paronychia. The skin around the nails is called cuticle and it functions to protect nails from outside infections. When it gets damaged, infection occurs from entry of bacteria or fungus from the damaged site. If hands are not kept clean and a person keeps touching dirty surfaces, then the infection can get worse. In some cases the infection travels to the nail bed where nail colour gets changed and nail becomes weak, brittle and distorted in shape. Rarely in very severe cases there are chances that the infection can be spread to other parts of the body.

Homeopathic Medicines for Hangnails 

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating complaints of hangnails. Homeopathic medicines are highly capable to help in healing the skin tears. They also give relief in attending pain. Other than this homeopathic medicines also offer help in case of associated infection with complaint of hangnails. They are beneficial even in cases when there is pus formation around the nails. 

  1. Natrum Mur – Top Grade Medicine for Hangnails

Natrum Mur is a leading medicine for treating hangnails. In cases needing it, a torn piece of skin hanging around the nails is seen. Skin surrounding the nails is very much dry and cracked in such cases. Its use is also recommended in case of nail infection arising from hangnails. In some cases requiring it fluid filled blisters may be present on the fingers.

  1. Silicea – For Inflamed Hangnails 

Silicea is prominently indicated medicine when inflammation around the nails or under the nails is there. Along with this pain mainly lancinating type is felt around the nail. In some cases needing it inflammation may even extend deep into the tendon, cartilage and bone under the nail. Ulceration about nails can also be present. In addition to above the nails can become rough, yellow and brittle. They can be damaged too sometimes. Other than above it is also well indicated when pus forms around the hangnail from an attending infection.

  1. Merc Sol – For Hangnails and Inflammation/Infection Around Nails

Merc Sol is another beneficial medicine to treat hangnails. It is also helpful in cases where inflammation or infection of the tissues occur near a fingernail. In case of inflammation pain around nails is present. Mostly the pains are throbbing and shooting type where it is required. 

  1. Sepia –  For Inflamed Hangnails with Beating, Stitching Pain

This medicine is considered in cases of hangnails when inflammation is also there. In such cases pain, especially violent beating or stitching in nature is felt around the nails. With this there may be a tendency of excessive sweating on the hands. In some cases needing it there may be marked yellowish discolouration of the finger nails.   

  1. Sulphur – For Hangnails which are Infected with Pus Around and Under Nail

Sulphur is a very valuable medicine to treat a number of skin conditions including hangnails in a very effective manner. Its use is mainly indicated for hangnails with pus surrounding and beneath the affected nail. Along with pus swelling and inflammation is marked around the nail in cases requiring it. Intense throbbing, stitching and boring pains attend it. The pain tends to get worse at night where it is required. Pain can also worsen from touching the nail. In severe cases the nail falls out from infection and is followed by a thick, yellow distorted nail.

  1. Thuja – For Hangnails with Discoloured, Brittle Nails

Homeopathic medicine Thuja is prepared from fresh twigs of plant Thuja Occidentalis commonly known as Arbor Vitae. This plant belongs to family Coniferae. It is well indicated for cases where hangnails are attended with discoloured and brittle nails. The nails also are dry, crippled, distorted or crumbling. For using this medicine there may be multiple hangnails in a person.

  1. Hepar Sulph – For Cases with Pus Formation around Nail

Hepar Sulph is effective for cases with pus formation around the nail. Pus is offensive. Inflammation, heat and swelling is also there. Persons needing it also complain of beating or throbbing pain around the affected nail. 

  1. Apis Mellifica – To Reduce Inflammation around the Nails in Case of Paronychia

It is useful to reduce inflammation around the nails. With its use swelling, redness and pain reduces. To use this medicine the pain can be stinging, burning or throbbing type. The area around the nail is also very sensitive  to touch. 

  1. Nitric Acid – For Infection Around Nail with Splinter-like Sensation 

This medicine is considered in cases having infection with splinter like sensation around the nail. A sensation like a glass piece surrounding a nail is also experienced with this. Yellow discolouration and crumbling of nails is another complaint that can be present with this.

  1. Dioscorea – For Managing Early Stage of Infection around Nail

This medicine is prepared from fresh roots of plant Dioscorea Villosa having the common name wild yam. This plant belongs to the family  dioscoreaceae. It is indicated for the initial stage of infection around the nail. People needing it complain of pain around the nail which is a sharp, pricking type. 

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