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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Heel Pain

What is Heel Pain?

Heel pain can arise from various causes. The first major cause among these is plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of plantar fascia that is present at the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia is a tissue band that connects heel bone to the toes at the bottom of the feet. The pain in heel from plantar fasciitis is most marked when getting out of bed in morning on taking first few steps. The second common cause of heel pain is a heel spur (abnormal bony growth at the bottom of the heel). Pain from a heel spur is worse on walking and standing. Thirdly, Achilles tendinitis is another prominent cause of heel pain. Achilles tendinitis is the inflammation of the achilles tendon – a band of tissue that connects the calf muscle in the back of leg to the heel bone. Heel pain can also occur due to rheumatoid arthritis – an autoimmune disease affecting the small joints of the body. It leads to inflammation, pain, stiffness and deformity (in very chronic cases) in affected joints. Lastly, heel pain can arise from gout. Gout is a disease arising from high uric acid levels. When uric acid gets deposited in various body joints, it leads to marked pain, tenderness and swelling.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines are highly effective in treating heel pain. Heel pain from inflammation of joints/tendons/fascia, high uric acid, bone spurs are all curable with natural Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines for heel pain are very safe and carry no risk of adverse side-effects. They are helpful in both acute and chronic heel pain. They act at the root to stop recurrence of the disease process. They stimulate the disease fighting mechanism of the body. As the healing system of the body is strengthened, the pain is completely eradicated. Homeopathic medicines can be safely used among persons of all age groups to treat heel pain.

Recommended Homeopathic Medicines for Heel Pain

The top four recommended Homeopathic medicines for heel pain are Rhus Tox, Aranea Diadema, Calcarea Fluor and Colchicum. Rhus Tox is effective for heel pain from tendinitis, plantar fasciitis as well rheumatoid arthritis. Rhus Tox is also one of the best Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from over straining, over stretching the structures of the feet as from prolonged standing and running. Aranea Diadema and Calcarea Fluor form the most effective Homoeopathic prescription for heel pain from spurs. Colchicum is the most suitable among Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from gout.

Homeopathic medicines for heel pain

Rhus Tox and Pulsatilla – Top Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from plantar fasciitis

Rhus Tox and Pulsatilla are two wonderful Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from plantar fasciitis. Rhus Tox works well when over stressing, over stretching, tearing of plantar fascia leads to heel pain. The pain in the heel gets worse with every step as one starts walking, but gradually decreases as the person continues to walk. Pulsatilla is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for heel pain where pain in the heel is worse in the morning time and when rising from a seat.

Aranea Diadema and Calcarea Fluor – Effective Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from spurs

Effective Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from heel spur (calcaneal spur) are Aranea Diadema and Calcarea Fluor. Aranea Diadema is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from spurs. It is indicated for boring, digging type of pain in the heel from bony outgrowths. Numbness in the heel may be alternated with pain in a few cases. Calcarea Fluor is highly helpful in dissolving bony spurs in the heel. Calcarea Fluor is a natural medicine which has shown excellent results in heel spur cases.

Rhus Tox, Ruta and Ledum Pal – Best Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from achilles tendinitis

Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from achilles tendinitis are Rhus Tox, Ruta and Ledum Pal. Rhus Tox and Ruta are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from achilles tendinitis and can be used where heel pain appears from overuse or injury to the achilles tendon. Over-stretched, over-strained achilles tendon leading to inflammation and heel pain can also be treated effectively with Rhus Tox and Ruta. These medicines help reduce pain, tenderness and stiffness in the heel from inflamed achilles tendon. Ledum Pal is the best suited among Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from achilles tendinitis in cases where the pain ascends upwards to the legs.

Rhus Tox and Bryonia – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from rheumatoid arthritis

Rhus Tox and Bryonia figure among the best Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from rheumatoid arthritis. Both are equally effective for rheumatic pain in the heels. Rhus Tox is prescribed when marked pain in the heels is felt while resting. Walking relieves pain in such cases. Marked stiffness in the heel is also felt. Rhus Tox is also the best prescription for rheumatic heel pain episodes that get worse in cold weather, during the winter. Bryonia is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for heel pain indicated in cases where the pain worsens with movement and gets better by taking rest. Pressure also worsens the heel pain in such cases. Swelling and heat in the heels is also felt.

Colchicum and Lycopodium – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from gout

Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from gout are Colchicum and Lycopodium. Colchicum is one of the most wonderful Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from gout where swelling is present along with acute pain. The pain gets worse with movement and touch. Lycopodium, on the other hand, is the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for heel pain from gout which is chronic in nature. A person who needs prescribing Lycopodium will have severe pain in the heel from uric acid deposits. The pain gets worse with each step. Pain while walking feels like a stone pressing under the heel.


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  1. Hi mam sever heel pain cant walk. Only right heel…and sever tail bone pain afer sit. Cannot stand

  2. Wendy Van Buren says:

    I am so happy I found your website. It seems like the excruciating heel pain came out of no where. I thought it started because of less than quality winter boots, tight calfs from a year inside from COVID. I went to the natural market today and told the woman about my symptoms. I read about Pulstatilla in a remedy book she had and it sounded like a right fit. Thank you for confirming this! I have Rhus Tox also. Can you help me with dosage of both. Excruciating in the morning and at night when sitting on couch and then staring on my heel, so painful to walk anywhere so I am not letting my heel hit the ground. I am so upset : ( but practicing self-love!


  3. Thank you doctor, for my heel pain I started with a combo of Rhus Tox and Pulsatilla 1M.
    Took one dose everyday morning for one week and repeated after a break of one week.
    I feel so good, literally I can jump out of my bed everyday morning as I used to do.
    Thank you again as always your pages are brief and informative, makes selection of medicine easy.

  4. Sujatha Janardhan says:

    Can you please prescribe medicines for Bursitis due to Heel spur?

  5. Ranjeet kumar says:

    My heel pain problems In 1years old thats for homeopathy medicine name

  6. Ibrar hussain says:

    Hi dr. My age is56 ,pls recommend me Me
    dicine for heal pain(planter) .suffering from. 8 years. Thanks.

    • Hi doctor,
      My name is Raju. I’m suffering from uric acid with heal pain (back heal pain) since three years please send me medicine name and suggestion

  7. Priya Ragu says:

    Hello Dr.
    I ve been suffering from heel spur for several months. Can you please recommend homeopathy medicine?
    Many thanks,

  8. Dr Sir, Regards,my age 63, having no other ailment except heel pain on the left toe for the last couple of months along with iching on both foot lower side.I have not taken any allopathic medicine till date.I am purely vegetarian excluding Onion and garlic.Please prescrib me the best and right homeopathic medicine.

  9. Virendra Bajwa says:

    No inflammation .No pain while sitting. Right heel, left of centre 2 inches, shooting pain as if nail has is gone in ,while getting up in the morning. No weight on that point hardly any pain.

  10. sanjay mahat says:

    hi doctor good evening,
    I am having hill pain and shoulder pain since one which medicine should I take. I did x ray and MRI scan but doctor said no issue on bone and nerve . but I am having pain on hill and shoulder . so kindly suggest me.

  11. Gargi Verma says:

    Hello Dr.

    My name is Gargi from California, USA. I have questions about treatment for heel spur.
    Last year I had an xray and my doctor told me that I have calcaneal heel spur and asked to think about surgery. I was limping with my left foot and had lot of pain and frustrations. I did some research and did self medications and took Ezorb tablets which is Calcium aspartate anhydrous. Fortunately, I stopped limping and my left and right foot were compeletly cured and no issues at all since then.
    Now, for last 3-4 months, my right foot again pains in the same heel spur area. I am still continuing ezorb and vitamin D3. I am still getting pain and right foot is limping. Is there a way to dissolve my heel spur and get some treatment? I was reading lot of articles about homeopathy medicines but do not know which one to take. My entire heel area pains very badly. Every time, I tried to site and after some time, get up and set my foot on the ground, it pains and limping for sometime and again alright and again pains. Please advice and guide me which medicine should help.
    I am providing my email which is the best way to contact instead of phone because of time zone.

  12. Rama Shankar Bhagat says:

    डां साहब नमस्कार मैं दो साल से एडी़ के दर्द से परेशान हूँ एडी़ के सन्धि पास जब कुर्सी पर एक या दो घंटे बैठ जाता हूँ तो सूजन (फुल) जाता है रात में सो लेने के बाद सुबह में ठीक हो जाता है पैर के दोनों घुटने में भी दर्द रहता है मुख्य रूप से तीन 1 heel & ankle pain 2 heel swelling 3 knee pain

  13. Ajit Kumar Mallick says:

    Respected Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter is 41 yrs and overweight. She is no suffering from spur with with pain little above right heel and below ankle. Which homeopathic medicine she should take. Is it ARANEA DIADEMA or CALCAREA FLOUR OR ANY OTHER? Kindly advisee.

  14. Sheo Kumar Bharti says:

    Hello Dr . Sharma,
    I am Shiv Kumar Bharti, I am suffering from joint pain from last three years. I have taken so many treatment in allopathic by many doctors but i don’t get any relief. Now i am using homeopathy . May I request to please suggest the best medicine for relief of joint pain.
    Shiv Kumar Bharti

  15. Shilpa Ghosal says:

    Sir good evening! I have heel pain on my leg feet since last 9 months. At the time when I wake up in the morning, I unable to walk properly as if I m a lame. Then after some time it gets normal. Still I have an acute pain. Moreover, the worst part is, I m feeling that my right leg is also getting the pain day by day. Please help Sir!

  16. beautyful work

  17. Hemant Kapur says:

    I have pain on left heel while walking and standing. While sleeping and sitting there is no pain since last 4/6 weeks. I am 74 having good Health & Very Active. Some times the Pain reduces on its own and sometimes its kind nagging pain while moving around.
    Care to suggest A Homeo Medicine which can treat effectively.

  18. P Krishna Mohan says:

    Sharmaji Namaskar.
    My wife is now 51 years. Since two months she had bad left heel. Kindly suggest best homeo medicine for her. Kindly mention the potency and duration.

    Thanku Sir,
    P Krishna Mohan

  19. Easin Khan,Old Malda,Malda. W.B says:

    when Uric acid pertained for heel pain? give me a good suggestion .

  20. ayesha warsi says:

    i have heel pain and stiffness in both heel plz prescribe me medicine

  21. surendra singh negi says:

    Dear sir ,
    since long time I am suffering Heel pain .Digital X-RAY Report show pain is due to the bone size increase
    pl help me I am 60 years old uric acid is normal.

  22. I have calcaneal spur plantar fascitis in heels
    Please help

  23. K K SARAWAGI says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I have pain on left side of my left thigh while walking and standing. While sleeping and sitting there is no pain. Since the last one week, I am having pain in my left heel also.

    I request you to kindly advise me homoeo remedy for the same. I have been given Pregab M 75 allopathic medicine which I am taking since last 20 days once daily. This has not worked at all. I am a diabetic patient since 25 years and my age is 66 years. I am taking insulin both times since last one year. Earlier, I had tried homoeo and ayurvedic medicines for diabetes alongwith allopathic medicines. Only allopathic medicne could control my diabetes so long. Now my diabetes is under control and I request you to kindly advise medicines for left side of thigh pain and heel pain.
    Thanks & Regards

  24. Avadhesh kumar says:

    Sir me calcarea flour f6 air rhustox 30 potency ko lagatar 15 din she heel spur ke case me le raha hun koi vishesh fayda nahi ho raha an bhi subah uthakar chala nahi jata hai kafi der take chalne ke bad pair jameen par aa pata hai pair Upar kar lu to ruk ruk kar dard ka fluctuations (lapakan parhati rahti hai mujhe salah deejye air medicine bataye

  25. Ashok Kanaujia says:

    Sir Mau Ashok Kanaujia suffreing with full edi and toe pain last 5years si many Medicine taken but not got any responce till now presently severe pain contnue age 55 and colour fair please suggest suitable Medicine.

  26. Sovon Mandal says:

    I have suffring form left hill pain last 6 month.The pain in the heel gets worse with every step as one starts walking, but gradually decreases as continues to walk and pain in the heel is worse in the morning time and when rising from a seat. I have tasted my Blood for uric its 6.37.
    Please Recommend Homeopathic Medicines for my problem.

  27. Hello Sir. I have pain in upper part of foot also in heel.sometime feel pain in dorsal part of foot which is very distressing. Ist movement is trouble le some after that feel better. But always feel pain on updet p art of foot. Sparking in nature. Pl what medicine Shall otake and what is the reason of pain. D.C.Kar.

    • Hello Sir. I have pain in upper part of foot also in heel.sometime feel pain in dorsal part of foot which is very distressing. Ist movement is trouble le some after that feel better. But always feel pain on updet p art of foot. Sparking in nature. Pl what medicine Shall otake and what is the reason of pain. D.C.Kar.

      Is the pain due to calcaneum spour or other reason as pain is mostly feel dorsal portion of feet.but in heel also

  28. jk jauhari says:

    Dear Dr,
    I have heel pain with calcarious spur. What should be dose of Arenea diadema 30 drops and calcarea flour?

    • My daughter aged 4 years has heel pain since 2 years. She gets swelling in area between heel and toe that is the arch area. Sice 4 months ther is contstant swelling. Kindly recommend medicnes and dosage.

  29. Sandeep Khadekar says:


  30. Subrata Mondal says:

    Dear Sir,

    In the year 1995 one small white spot of 0.5 inch diameter was observed. Immediately doctor intervention was sought and he detected it as Hansen’s disease. Full coarse of treatment for a period of 18 months were given and it became ok. One year later after the treatment was over my pareneal nerve of both the leg gradually started becoming weak which forced to drag both my foot during walking, because I was unable to raise my toe for proper loco-motor action. A full blown foot drop problem got developed since 2005. I am still carrying that with its worse effect. I had tried it many places, for its recovery but fate never turned up for me. Therefore, I am conveying my pain, may be by God’s grace, to you for a solution. Who knows that you may be my the very God to me. Rest is with you. Looking forward hearing from you very soon.

    Subrata Mondal

  31. kishore kumar jha says:

    Dear Sir,

    Heal pain in the morning when wake up. walking some steps then relief in pain. When sitting on chair for some times then stand take some steps then pain in heal.The pain in the heel gets worse with every step as one starts walking, but gradually decreases continues to walk. Kindly give suggestions. I am waiting your reply.

    Kishore Jha

    • Heal pain in the morning when wake up. walking some steps then relief in pain. When sitting on chair for some times then stand take some steps then pain in heal.The pain in the heel gets worse with every step as one starts walking, but gradually decreases continues to walk. Kindly give suggestions. I am waiting your reply.

  32. siba Padhy says:

    I am suffering from Heel pain in both the foot. Morning while waking up from bed , its unbearable.
    If sit for a while than stand up , the pain subsequently increases.
    Shown to orthopedic dr but after two months of medication , the pain still persists.
    I have checked the Uric acid & found in higher side. Now using silicon caps on heel with shoes.
    Please suggest a best medicine of Homeopathy.

  33. Genie Monaghan says:

    I have the condition of Achilles Bursitis – where I have a bump on the back of my heel. I have been taking Ruta 30c – two pellets 3x per day. The swelling has gone down and the pain is less but it is still there. Should I switch to Rhus Tox? A stronger strength? How many times per day should I take the remedy? Please let me know what you think.

  34. Roshan Kumar Sinha says:

    I have been suffering from gout in heels and high uric acid from 2 years along with obesity after taking light meal kindly suggest best medicine


    I am 59 yrs, suffering from both leg hill pain since last 3 months. I am taking medicine Telma CT 80 – 625 everyday 1 pc. in the morning for control my pressure. Also note that there is no other disease.

    Please suggest me, name of homoeo medicine for my said hill pain, so that I can relief from said desease.


  36. My 10 year old son has heel pain. He plays laceosse and is very active. He going through a huge growth spurt. What treatment do you recommend?

  37. Maqsood arshad says:

    Respected sir
    I have severe pain in both heel and very severe in the right along with pain in both feet with burning. Worse in standing and walking slightly relief during rest. Desire to put pressure. Now I am unable to walk even to toilet. Please suggest me a remedy.

  38. Asit kanti Deb says:

    I m having bone spur,pain in the heel becomes severe when get up from bed in the morning and after prolonged seat,when pressed with finger in the heel pain becomes toomuch.initially when I complaint to doctor he suggested me to undergo uric acid test ,it was then 5.9 i started to take furic but uric acid rises to 7.14 then stop taking ,last month it reduced to 6.8 ,also from x ray report doctor said bone spur,recently along with heel pain i feel some uneasyness in the calf ie just below the portion of knee.wat should I take to get relieve

  39. Surajit pal says:

    Heel pain. First movement highly pain. Then slitely relief, continue walking it’s increase highly.

  40. RAJIB SIL says:

    Pain in heel. sensetion on heel is low.
    Corn on the heal due to foreign particle enter in the heel,20 years ago
    Please suggest medicine

  41. RAJNI SINGH says:

    Sir I have a problem of Retro calcaneal Bursitis B/L with pain on walking and swelling.

  42. Dear Doctor,

    To sure my symptoms I believe I need Rhis Tox and Pulstilla. Please advise me what dosage should I take to get rid of the paining Helen’s calves in the morning. Thanks


    I male, 65 yrs, 62kg, 5’7″ mudium built, having left heel pain for 2 yrs.

  44. ranjit gaikwad says:

    doctor i have Achilles tendinitis,urlier Paine was mild and i had taken rhus tox 200 potency for 2 month but now Paine is started again and it is much higher state in both heels, kindly suggest correct potency of rhus tox and ruta combination and how long i should take it so problem will get solved permanently.

  45. Dr Basanta Kumar Dash says:

    Age of the patient_38 years, weight_68kg, height_5′.5″, medium built, fair complexion.

    Heel pain while walking on hard rock, sharp or pointed edges. Aggravated on morning, after a prolonged sitting while begins to walk. Muscles all over the body painful most of the time

  46. Mayur lakhani says:

    Dear sir,i have heel pain which starts when i stand for long or even sit or drive car for long time and i feel less pain with high heel shoes but with flat shoes it pains badly,do suggest me which medicines should i take.

    • Nayeem Ahmed says:

      Dear sir,
      I have been suffering reumoarthritic from last fourteen years. I am 57 years old. Mentioned here when first digonosist I took allopathy medicine only eight months. After that I didn’t take any medicine 10 years. Now when the joint pain again I feel I have been taking 01 pill per day. Now I don’t feel any joint pain of not shown any swelling in body. But from last year I have been suffering heel pain . It is feel more when I stand up from seat or start walking. But it is graduallly reducing when long time walk. To me it is not the causes of arthritic or related arthritic. Recently fel the pain in cuff and thai area along with heel. One of my friend who is practicing hemeopathy advise me to take Rush tox or pulsatilla. Another doctor advise me to take Ledum pal and Ruta. Can you please advise me which one is better and potency for me.
      Awaiting for your Lind advise.

  47. Please send me details to buy Homeopaty medicine for heels source
    Send me details on my E mail

  48. dear doctor how to take rhus tox and pulsatilla for heel pain and which potency?

  49. B. K. Shukla says:

    Sir my wife about 55 years old is suffering from heel pain .please suggest her favorite homeopathic medicine.
    B. K. Shukla

  50. I am suffering from heels pain 2 month is very fast pain in Eving and morning but analgesic use to its OK but 8 hours after again pain hardly. My age 50 and I am female . Please help me sir

    • Ranjan kumar says:

      I am suffring from hillpain from 2 months my age is 25 . My uric acid level is 6.5 . Which medicine i can take for it.

      • B.Bhattacharya says:

        My wife is suffering from heel pain from few months . She is 47 yrs old . The pain is acute in the morning and subsequently fades away after she starts walking later on .
        Kindly advice me regarding the medicine and the dosage by return mail.

  51. Mohit Bhandari says:

    i have pain in my heel. i can’t walk properly. please suggest me medicine

  52. Nikhilesh Kumar Jha says:

    Thank you sir. You have given a very good combination of medicine and perfect guidance for treatment.


    My wife (age-38) is a diabetic 2 patient for last 8 years . Her diabetic is under control but facing heel pain ( spur calaneaul( heel spur) for last 02 years as per the x ray report. Kindly suggest me how to solve the problem and can we get a appointment to you at kolkata.
    please advice your chamber details & phone no.

  54. my mom is 43year old and suffering from worse heel pain and swelling . difficulty in walking at full day, no specific time for pain.

  55. bhabendra kumar bera says:

    My age is 80 years.I am a diabetic 2 petient. I take gluconorm SR 1g once daily (metformin hydrocjloride sustained release tablets I P.1000mg , ecosprin av 150/20 once daily, urimax 0.4 once daily, cardace 2.5 once daily, rivotril 0.5 once daily(clonazepam), lubrijoint od once daily( glucosamine u s p 1500). I had heart by pass surgery 8 years ago. I have lumbo spine radculopathy, I have to some extent prostate problem. Foot and leg numbness are my great problem. I can not walk more than 250 meter at a time. From waist to the foot get paralysed. I , then, have to sit on the spot some where sit is available. After 1/2 minutes the sense is recovered , paralytic symptom gone. Again I walk and again same thing occurs. Can this leg and foot numbness that developed from lumbo spine radiculopathy be cured by any selective homoeopathic medicine?

  56. Arun Malhotra says:

    I am facing heel pain since last five months , pl suggest me proper medicine and doze
    With Regards
    Arun Malhotra

  57. Ajit Chakraborty says:

    I am severing from heel pain last 15 days X-RAY reports showing Early spur is present in inferior tubercle of right calcaneum is it curreable in Homeopathy medicines. Kindly advise.

  58. Superbly very well.I feel it long frty yrs. Thank u

  59. Superbly very well.

  60. Ashutosh Gupta says:

    Dr there was a small coin size lesion on calcareous bone just below the joint. It was due to an old hairline fracture i got in childhood. The lesion was removed and filled with some bone matter from waist. The ankle was plastered and i was on bed rest for 1 month complete. Then partially started to move. This was in 2012.
    Now 5yrs later today i felt same kind of pain i used to feel before surgery. The doctor said that the matter (lesion) can regrow. After taking a combiflam single dose now am fine after 2 hrs. It was paining as hell. Is there a treatment in homeopathy, as i do not intend to undergo that painful surgery time.

  61. Prita Suaris says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I am suffering from heal spur , visited a homoeopath in Mumbai. he has prescribed RHUS TEX 200 and CALC – FLior 3 . I am not sure about the dose he asked me to take, he said three tablets half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner, but nothing after lunch , breakfast and dinner. Do you think this is the right dose I am taking. I am confused, bcos I can see two medicines have been given. please advise what is the right dose I am supposed to take ?

  62. Tasneem Khan says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    What potency of these medicine should be used for heel spur.
    Aranea Diadema and Calcarea Fluor

    Thank you.

  63. Ashis KR chakraborty says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from left heel pain since last one month .I feel pain from rest position to walking .then pain become less to some suggest me .

  64. I am sufring from heel spur since 7 months .know using ledum 30 three times a day 5.drops
    Is it ok

  65. Ramdhani Singh says:

    Sir, please prescribe me best homeopathic medicine as I am suffering from severe heel pain around the heel including heel sole for last 8 months. Thank you and will be grateful to your mercy

  66. Sir,My Heel pain 9 month please tell me homeopathy medicine

    • Tara chand Garg says:

      I have pain on the back of left heel.I have uric acid at 9 as agains 5 normal range, I have distended abdomen .From rest position to walking pain is too much.Continuous walking relieves pain.Memory loss is there.I am 72 years old man. Kindly suggest remedy.

  67. Dina Mody says:

    I am suffering hill pain last six months. I can’t stand and walk more than 15 minutes. Dr. Told me do exercise. I am doing exercise but its pain. Blood test also done for acidic acide and thyroid test, all is normal. So please sujjest homeopathic medicine.

  68. namrata sinha says:

    I have been suffering from plantar fascitis for few months now.please suggest immediate relief..have trouble in walking . Have pain on the heel ankle and on the upper part of foot .this is in both legs. Please doctor I want immediate relief. Thanks and regards
    Namrata Sinha

  69. Iam having pain in my right heel for last one month .iam 38 female.have also shown to ortho he confirmed there is no deformity in bone.although iam taking allopathic med please suggest some med in homeo.

  70. ;akshman says:

    dear dr. i am from sri lanka. how to get homeopathy medicine. is it available in normal pharmacies.

  71. Dr Shivashankar says:

    I am having pain in my left heel .this began mildly about 6 months ago but in the last one week has become worse. At home, I find it difficult to walk barefooted . so, I have started using chappals. I am a regular walker but now with this pain I find it difficult even to walk one km. sometimes, the pain appears even while I am on bed. I tried soaking my heels in warm water mixed with epsom salt for 10 minutes for a few days but i have discontinued it now. I took homeopathic medicine for one month and continuing with it even now. But I do not see any improvement. I am diabetic but my sugar is well under control all the time. Hb1Ac last time was around 6. Kindly advise.

  72. K.M.Patnaik says:

    Dear sir,
    My Wife age 40 year she has suffering from heel pain since 3 month, she used Aranea D, -30, and al Flour 12X, not get an fruit full result kindly give any suggestion.

  73. Dr.Radha Maheshwari.. says:

    Namaska Dr.Sharma.Sufferimg from sever feet pain increases in nyt while sleeping .I Day also while sleeping or sitting. Ithapoened after chikungunia. Suffering chikungunia from 25 th April to 5th May.

    • Kathleen kastenholz says:

      Good morning,
      I am a 59 year old women. I started feeling pin in mya feet after long periods of standing all day on stone. Over the last few months this ha become progressively worse to the point I can barely walk in the morning it is so painful . My right foot appears to be the worst . The pain is prodomitatly in my heel and feels like it is from the center of my heel. Which homeopathic medicine would be best to use? Thank you for taking the time to help

  74. I am 56 years old women I feel pain on my pantar,ankle and specially my heel when getting down from my bed in the morning and when getting up from my sit after i walk three steps i feel ok and i feel pain when am standing pls help me with ze right mecicine

  75. megha Timmagalla says:

    I m of age 46 I m having pain in my heel and also get sprain in my angkel.kindly help me with the right medicine

  76. Hello Doctor I have heel spur have tried every medication but no relief, do you think homeopathy will help me t
    Thank you .

  77. Gautam Manna says:

    I am 43 years old suffering from my glance of Panis .After intercross the skin of glance has been ruptured. Some ras has been covered in the glance every day. But previously I have no phymosis. After urination some urine has been stayed in urethane.

  78. Mohan Raj says:

    I am 66 years old. About a month back I walked 2 Kms to locate a house in the neighbourhood and after half an hour walked back home same 2 Kms. After two days I felt little pain in both heels. The pain is more on my left heel and the morning. It gradually reduces after some steps. I have added insole in my shoe to make more comfortable and soft. The right heel pain is very minor. But on the left heel if I walk some time the pain increases (though not uncomfortable) and I can feel slight pain in my calf muscles.

    From internet I saw Pulsatilla may be right medicine but do not know doses. Can you please advise me.

  79. Masood Akhtar says:

    I am 56year old and suffering heel pain for sevral years.It become worse while standing or putting foot on surface in siting position on chair.Sometimes pain uccur in legs.
    Please sugest any Homeopathic medicine
    Thanking you,

  80. Narayan Sarkar says:

    Dr.Sharma, I am 53 yrs and suffering from left heel pain for the last 3/4 months.pain starts while standing,putting foot on the earth partcularly in the morning when I get down from bed and very difficult to walk.On x ray growth of bone is observed at the heel.I earnestly request you to prescribe homeopath medicine so that I may relief from the heel pain.


    • Hello Doctor I have heel spur have tried every medication but no relief, do you think homeopathy will help me t
      Thank you .

  81. Rajender Singh says:

    My right heel pain when I wake up in the morning. Kindly advice the medicine/treatment.

  82. My heels and soles hurt while sitting and lying down. Walking relieves it completely. Yet Rhus Tox has failed to even alleviate in a small way; Pulsatilla and Sulphur yield better results. There are these awful pull sensations and a sense of the feet being tightened by a wire band til cramps are unbearable. My right big toe is always very sore and the pain is worse on the right side. Have also tried Lycopodium and Silica.

  83. dr.sharma, i am 66 yrs and suffering from left heel pain for the last 3/4 months.pain start while standing,putting foot on the earth and very difficult to walk.the uric acid is 5.7,5,4.7 range.iam taking rustok 200.previously taking calcarea flour,calcarea phos,lycopodium,sometime magneshia ph os. kindly guide the best suitable med.and the diet to take and not to take.thanking you very much

  84. My heel has bad pain for three weeks now I cannot walk in the morning then slowly when I have my shoes on it works also I have pain on my right foot little above the last two fingers it hurts there too and the heal. Please guide me

  85. Sir i am 50 suffering from sudden loss of hearing . One evening my l

    t ear giving cee sount and close listioning in winter november. Dr said natural death of hearing no treatment. Some dr are saying treatment is there. Not listioning mobile,t any normal sound. Left ear not listioning any word or understand word. Some 1% sound come and gunjta hai on high volume of radio rear sound, vibrating. Now right ear listioning slow. In child my ear are flowing upto 9yrs age. I have migrain from 11 -22 years age and before loss of hearing. U may ad ise clearly that can u treat this problem and can i hear again normal. Please give your reply with clear advise for treatment. Thanks for cooperation, with kind regards. C sekher patna

  86. R K SHUKLA says:

    Age 53 years
    Swelling and enlarged right testicle. No pain . discomfort in putting on trousers and long walking.Please suggest drug.

  87. medicine for heel spur, both right & left

  88. muhammad saeed says:

    Iam chronic diabetic and hypertensive
    For about two months suffering from right shoulder and joints pain taking insulin but pain killer does not respond. Also suffering from impotence.

  89. p.v.subba rao, hobbist says:

    thank you sir, good information

  90. Jasbir Singh says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am 69 yrs. old.i have pain in heels and soles when I stand or walk for the last 33yrs.i have tried various treatment including various homeopathic treatments with no relief.i have undergone MRI,x Ray ,blood tests ,every thing is are requested to suggest a treatment.
    Jasbir Singh,

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