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Top Grade Homeopathic Medicines for HPV  

HPV is Human Papilloma Virus. More than 150 types of HPV are presently known. Among these, the majority are benign in nature causing warts (skin or genital warts) while few types of HPV are carcinogenic, leading to cancer lesions (majorly cancer of cervix in women). Top three recommended homeopathic medicines for HPV are Thuja, Causticum, and Dulcamara.homeopathic medicines for HPV

Transmission of HPV

HPV can be transmitted via three routes. The first among these is through broken/damaged skin, leading to skin warts. The second route is sexual intercourse/anal sex leading to genital warts and the last mode of transmission is from the mother to child during childbirth.

Signs, Symptoms of HPV

HPV infection causes skin growth of varying shapes and sizes known as warts. Warts from HPV infection can appear on the skin (skin warts) or genital organs/anal area (genital warts). Skin warts may appear in clusters or as a single growth. These may be tiny, large, smooth, rough, raised, flat or cauliflower-like in appearance. They may be painful and may bleed occasionally. The genital warts are small flesh coloured growths or cauliflower-like growths. Genital warts in women may appear on vulva, vagina or cervix while in men, they appear on the shaft of the penis or scrotum. The anal area may be involved in both men and women. Genital warts can be painful, itchy and may bleed.

Recommended Homeopathic Medicines for HPV

Conventional medicine considers warts arising from HPV infection to be a surgical case. Cauterization or surgical removal of warts is mainly recommended by them. The results from such methods are temporary and also carry the risk of scarring. Homeopathy, however, follows a mild and gentle approach while dealing with HPV infection causing warts. Homeopathy treats warts from HPV in a very effective and natural manner. Homeopathic medicines work by boosting the body’s own infection-fighting mechanism to eradicate warts at the root. The Homeopathy mode of treatment offers an effective solution to warts from HPV, without any harmful side-effects. Unlike conventional medicine, it does not suppress symptoms, making Homeopathy an ideal treatment option in Human Papilloma Virus infection.

Thuja is one of the most wonderful medicines for HPV that cause warts on any part of the body. Thuja is an excellent anti-sycotic medicine for treating warts. It is indicated for large, jagged and cauliflower-like warts resulting from HPV infection. Causticum is useful for warts appearing mainly on the eyelids, nose, and fingers. Warts that bleed easily also point towards the use of Causticum. Dulcamara is one of the best medicines for HPV with flat, smooth warts.

1. Thuja, Causticum and Dulcamara – For HPV with Skin Warts

Homeopathy medicines for HPV causing skin warts are Thuja, Causticum, and Dulcamara. Among these, Thuja and Causticum are useful for large, jagged warts. These warts may be sensitive to touch and may bleed occasionally. Thuja and Causticum are also helpful for pedunculated warts. Dulcamara is rated the best among medicines for HPV with flat and smooth warts. Also, for warts appearing in crops, Dulcamara is very helpful.

2. Natrum Sulph and Nitric Acid – For HPV with Genital Warts in Men

Useful medicines for HPV infection leading to genital warts in males are Natrum Sulph and Nitric Acid. Natrum Sulph is best suited when warts appear on the penis and scrotum. Itching and discomfort is often present. And, Nitric Acid is one of the most prescribed medicines for HPV in males with genital warts which are very sensitive to touch. Burning and soreness mostly accompany this condition. The person complains of splinter-like pains. Genital warts that bleed when touched are another signal for prescription of medicine Nitric Acid.

3. Calendula, Merc Sol and Thuja – Top rated Medicines for HPV with Genital Warts in Women

Effective medicines for HPV leading to genital warts in women are Calendula, Merc Sol and Thuja. Calendula is indicated for warts appearing on the cervix. Merc Sol works well for genital warts appearing on the vagina. Itching and burning are often present in warts when Merc Sol is prescribed. Thuja is indicated for cauliflower-like warts in female genitalia. Bleeding genital warts in women also hints at the prescription of Thuja as the best among medicines for HPV. Also, in cases where Human Papilloma Virus causes warts around the anus, along with the genitals, Thuja is of immense help.

4. Nitric Acid and Thuja – For HPV with Cauliflower like Warts

Nitric Acid and Thuja are rated among the best medicines for HPV where the infection leads to cauliflower-like warts. Both these medicines are highly effective in treating warts arising out of this condition on any part of the body. They are equally helpful when these warts show occasional bleeding.

5. Dulcamara and Sepia – For HPV with Flat Warts

Flat warts are smooth warts with a flat surface. Well indicated medicines for HPV causing flat warts are Dulcamara and Sepia. Dulcamara is best suited for large, flat, smooth warts mainly appearing on the face and hand (palmar area). Homeopathic medicine Sepia works well on flat warts that are small in size. Itching flat warts also point towards use of Sepia.

6. Nitric Acid – For HPV Infection with Painful Warts

Nitric Acid is considered one of the most effective medicines for HPV infection with painful warts. Painful warts appearing on any part of the body can be treated well with Nitric Acid. The pain can be shooting, stitching, pulsating or shooting in nature. The warts can be very sensitive to the touch. Itching may also accompany this condition where Nitric Acid will prove the best choice among medicines for HPV infection.

7. Causticum and Nitric Acid – For HPV with Bleeding Warts

Causticum and Nitric Acid are well-indicated medicines for HPV infection with bleeding warts. Causticum is used when warts are large, jagged, bleeding. These warts are mainly present on the face, eyelids, nose, and fingers. Nitric Acid is helpful when warts bleed mainly on washing. Splinter-like and stitching pains may be present.

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  1. I have been diagonosed with HPV in gums. I had surgery twice, but it is still there. No itching, cauliflower like growth.
    Kindly prescribe.

  2. Ashwini Subash says:

    Sir ,
    Am Ashwini ., 29 years old.. From Kerala .. Am affected with this virus… Candyloma accuminata, a cauliflower wart appeared with bleeding… Doctors said that virus already affected my uterus .. and some fibroids are there , uterus is in retroverted position.. They done pap smear and told , infection is there .. but they are not providing me proper treatment… Plzz do help me … There’s pain in my pelvix and side walls of stomach .. I can’t even sleep

  3. Hello sir . Can these medications fight hpv mouth ?

  4. Eilene Beck says:

    What is good for a cervical Pap smear that detected HPV?

    Vinegar treatment was tried – pap came back still positive after treatment.

  5. Hello doctor ,

    Could this work if the pappiloma is on my right vocal cord ? I was considering thuja oil for sometime

  6. Hello Dr,

    Are these oral medicines and can they provide a permanent cure for HPV?

    I been detected with HPV and it’s been few months I have been searching for a cure?

  7. Hi Doctor,

    I have got multiple warts in head and genital area. I want to trear myself, near genitals it is cauliflower-like warts.
    Please guide me.

    • Hello Dr,

      Are these oral medicines and can they provide a permanent cure for HPV?

      I been detected with HPV and it’s been few months I have been searching for a cure?

    • Start using garlic paste to burn these warts completely for 30 mins and wash off , repeat once a day till you get rid

      It’s a good home remedy

  8. Benu Tarafder. says:

    I have a tiny growth at my junction of right tonsil and tongue since 2019 which diagnosed as papiloma by an E.N.T spl. and proposed to operate my right tonsil. In this case what can I do?

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