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Top 10 Homeopathic Medicines for Hydrocele  

Hydrocele involves collection of fluid around the testicle. This leads to swelling in scrotum. Hydrocele can be congenital i.e. a child may be born with hydrocele or it may develop later in life. The causes of hydrocele developing late in life are inflammation or injury within the scrotum. The person with hydrocele primarily complains of painless swelling in the scrotum. In some cases, pain, redness and a dragging sensation in the scrotum may also be present. Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele, if started well in time, can save a person from surgery and related side-effects. homeopathic medicines for hydrocele

Homeopathic Medicines for Hydrocele

Hydrocele, which is considered a surgical condition in the conventional mode of treatment, can be treated effectively with Homeopathic medicines. Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele are of natural origin, making them safe for use among children as well as adults. They do not carry any toxic side-effects. Homeopathic medicines help reduce swelling in the scrotum as well as any associated symptoms such as pain or dragging sensation.

Recommended Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele include Rhododendron, Digitalis, Arnica and Pulsatilla. Among these medicines, Rhododendron is useful for hydrocele both from birth or acquired later in life. Swelling in scrotum is present in such cases and may be attended with drawing or contusive pain in the testicles. People with this condition may complain of a crushed feeling in the testicles as well. Homeopathic medicine Digitalis is helpful for hydrocele with marked dropsical swelling of scrotum. The scrotum seems like a bladder filled with water. Bruised pain may accompany the condition in such cases which will respond well to Digitalis. Homeopathic medicine Arnica is well indicated for hydrocele arising from trauma or injury. There is swelling of scrotum with bruised, sore pain. Pulsatilla is considered one of the most suitable Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele with burning and aching pain in scrotum together with swelling.

1. Arnica and Conium – For Hydrocele caused by injury

The best medicines for hydrocele caused by injury are Arnica and Conium. Hydrocele caused by blows, falls, contusions, accidents, and trauma all respond very well to Homeopathic medicine Arnica. Arnica is indicated for hydrocele caused by trauma of both recent and remote origin. The testicles get swollen and take on a bluish-red appearance in cases where Arnica will prove the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele. The condition is further characterised by marked sore, aching and bruised pain. Homeopathic medicine Conium is helpful in hydrocele of traumatic origin, with sharp, cutting pains in the scrotum, testes and spermatic cord making it one of the popular Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele.

2. Berberis Vulgaris, Nux Vomica and Clematis – For Hydrocele with Pain

Helpful medicines for hydrocele with pain are Berberis Vulgaris, Nux Vomica and Clematis. Berberis Vulgaris is helpful for hydrocele with smarting, burning type of pain. It is also indicated for stitching pain in the testicles and scrotum from hydrocele. Nux Vomica is considered one of the most appropriate Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele with drawing, sharp or constricting pain while Clematis is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele with bruised, burning and sore pain in testicles. The pain may extend from the testicles to abdomen in certain cases.

3. Clematis and Rhododendron – For Hydrocele, right and left sided

Clematis is one of the most effective medicines for hydrocele of the right side. A person in need of Homeopathic medicine Clematis experiences bruised pain in the scrotum and testes. Burning pain and soreness may also be felt in the testes and spermatic cord. Pain from the testes may extend to the abdomen. To treat hydrocele of the left side, Rhododendron is an excellent choice among Homeopathic medicines for hydrocele. Rhododendron is indicated when the left testicle is swollen and painful. Drawing, contusive or crushing pain is felt in the testicle on the left side. Pain from the testicle may extend to the thighs or abdomen.

4. Abrotanum, Pulsatilla and Rhododendron – For Hydrocele which is Congenital

The most wonderful medicines for hydrocele where the condition is present from birth are Abrotanum, Pulsatilla and Rhododendron. All three are extremely effective and capable in treating congenital hydrocele. These medicines are of natural origin and entirely safe for use among children.

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  1. right side me andkos problem hai koi upaye

  2. hello sir mera right me sujan hai koi upaye batayiye

  3. Hello
    My right side testicular is swollen but no pain ,can u plz tell me which medicine is effective and how can i get this to go back to normal.

  4. Vericocele grade 1 before two moth and mild hydrocele left testicele shrink and pain when touching tell me best homeopathy medicine for me


    Sir mujhe right andkosh me hydrocill ho Gaya hai lekin dard nahi hai Mai Kya karu kuch upay bataiye pllz .

  6. P D Agarwal says:

    My right side testicular is swollen but no pain ,can u plz tell me which medicine is effective and how can i get this

    • Randy Stern says:

      I went to the doctor and my right testicle area is swollen with fluid, like the size of a small tennis ball. Do you recommend any of the Clematis and Rhodedendron Homeopathic medicines. Which ones and do you know where to buy this ? How long will i need to take them ?



  7. Manish Sharma
    Sir mujha hydrocele 8yrs SA hai,Mai 2month pahla Right hydrocele SA injection dwara Pani nikala Gaya thA aur usma ayurvedic medicine Dala Gaya tha,
    Ilaj karwana ka bad bhi bilkul thik nahi hua
    Right hydrocele bahut Kara aur. Bara hai aur left hydrocele bhi halka bada ho Gaya hai
    Sir homoeopathic medicines SA 3month mein problem solve ho jayaga

  8. Ravi Kumar says:

    Sir left testiclessizes increase more than normal size and right testicles also minimal from normal size report on the basis of usg scrotal testicles

  9. Muhammad umer says:

    Sir before one year ago the left testicular is lay down suddenly and pain is start standing and sitting left side testicular ultrasound is clear only 2 se 3 cc Hyderocele how to clear this fluid is clear . Pain is countinously during sitting is start and uncomfortable in life

  10. Santanu Das says:

    Sir I am 45 years old and suffering from Hydrocele since last 15years I have taken some homeopathy medicine in intervals but have not got any results. Please suggest me a medicine for my disorder. My Hydrocele is in the left side.

    Regards Santanu

  11. Kaleemahamad9611@gimil.c says:

    Mere bete ka Umra do saal se kam hai ise Ek Taraf hoga to Kya Kare please solution De Kya Karen

  12. sir,
    i been having this pain in the left testicle now may be for a 7-8 months mostly sometimes it comes and goes. but most of time its there, i have gone to a doctor and was diagnosed with benocide forte, and had it for 3 weeks and for a moment the pain stopped but now days its coming again.
    seems my left testis is smaller then the right one, not so sure on that. in regard to all this hope if you could guide me with my pain, though haven’t noticed any swelling of any kind.

  13. Daniela Magozzi says:

    My son has a hydrocele on the right side from birth. He just turned 3 and the urologist wants to operate. There is no hernia and it causes him no pain.
    Can homeopathy help?

  14. Sir my right side testicular is swollen but no pain ,can u plz tell me whichedicine is effective and how can i get this

  15. Kulwindersingh bhasin says:

    Sir my left side scrotum testicular is swollen and have a mild pain some time please suggest me some good homeopathy medicen to make testicular ball equal, & I am suffering from colon ulcer I am using nux comical hydrastis mother tincture and mersol please help me


  16. Zafar Khan says:

    I, Zafar Khan have problem in left hydrocele. It is bigger in size there in little pain some time. But major thing is I am always felling discomfort.
    It is three times than right testicle.
    Please suggest medicine

  17. Saurav Kumar says:

    I, saurav Kumar have problem in left hydrocele. It is bigger in size but there in no pain and any problem.
    It is three times than right testicle.

  18. Rahmath says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    Since two months I find the left side of my scrotum bigger, I fear it my be hydrocele . I would appreciate if you could suggest if this condition can be treated by homeopathy medicines. I would be too much thankful to you for your advice.

  19. Bhagaban Sahoo says:

    I have been suffering from hydrocel for more than 6 months. Swelling of right side testicle without any pain is the symptom yet found.

    Expected cause:- In order to reduce weight I used to walk for two hours daily at about 5 to 8 K.M. Some times heavy weight are carried with the right hand too.

    Homeopathic medicines yet used:- (i) Arnica, Kalimur, Rhosucs for a period of one month.
    (ii) Rhododendrum, Lychopodium for three months.
    (iii) Clematis, Conium & Calcarea Flour 30 X for one month.
    (iv) Bryonia 30 for 15 days , Bryonia 200 is continued since last 4 days.
    No change is found. Rather swelling increases when walking and weight lifting are to be taken for urgent need. Allopathy doctor suggests surgery. I want to be cured by Homeopathy without operation.
    Suggest me what to be done. I shall be grateful to you.

  20. Sir ji aap apna no do my no 9873406818

  21. Manoj kumar says:

    My left side scrotum is swollen and suffering from mild pain…Kindly prescribe the medicine…

  22. Dhananjai, Age-65, says:

    My both testis are paining and heaviness with swelling in scrotum before 10 days.what can do .
    Please advise per doctor kirti you tube video rhododendron , clematis can be taken.

  23. Dhananjai, Age-65, says:

    Pain in my both testis and heaviness with swelling in scrotum,Please advise me .

  24. Dear dr.i have slow pain below of my left side hydrocele from one weak please give me some advice

    • SUNDER SINGH says:

      Dear sir,
      Mera naam Sunder hai or meri age 38 years hai,
      Mujhe last month unrine infaction hua tha, urine infaction Ka treatment chal raha hai, achanak mere right testicle ka size increases ho gaya or pain suru ho gaya, doctor ko check karawaya to doctor ne hydroceal bataya or Dr. ne hydroceal main surgery advice ke hai. Please advise



  25. Prashant Kumar says:

    Sir mujhy 3year se right side hydroceal hai. Mai aapse treatment karana chahta hun. Help plz

  26. BENNY NINAN says:

    dear doctor sharma
    I have hydrocele with no pain. I took ultrasound and already consulted with urologist and came to know that only option is surgery. I was wondering if there any effective medication I an use in homeopathy. please e-mail or call me at 267-324-8322

  27. Hi I’ve had a small left sided hydrocele that was never an issue for many years and now at age 35 after my 3 year year old daughter jumped on me my hydrocele is the size of a baseball. I went to my urologist and he said as such.

    It’s hard to sleep as I feel crushing pain and discomfort from the size. I feel it in my abdomen from the pressing against from the hydrocele.

    I am taking warm epsom salt baths but not sure what else to do.

    I read that rhododendron homeopathy would help? Can you give me your opinion if I should use this and if so how much and how frequent the dose?



  28. PRAMOD KUMAR says:

    Hi Dr sir,
    I have left side hydrocele since 10 yrs.. no pain or problem..
    only size is medium and due to this problem in sitting and wearing pants..
    kindly suggest the suitable medicine for this..

  29. Sir I have a hydrocele in left testicles last 2 month. No pain but enlarged now. I where langot and feel comfortable. Without it enlarge sensation feeling. Please advise.

    With Regards
    A Kumar

  30. hemant sharma says:

    sir my name hemant sharma
    mare son ko hydrocill ki bimari hai he has 2 year old uske left side pani bhar gya hai
    koi medicion batye



  32. Sir,
    I am 38. Having swelling in left testicle for last 20 years. There was no pain so ignored it. Now for the last 4 months there is pain in both left and right testicles.. Left testicle is thrice that of normal size. No pain when touching.. Its just hanging swelling.. Still i am anxious. Dont need surgery.. Pkease advice me

  33. Samir Sethi says:

    Good morning Dr…… I am 47 years old male & developed Hydrocele last 2 years now on right side in the size about tennis ball. Kindly advise best medicine with 100% acccuracy to solve the issue.

  34. Samir Sethi says:

    Good morning Dr…… I am 47 years old male & developed Hydrocele last 2 years now on right side in the size about tennis ball. Kindly advise best medicine with 100% acccuracy to solve the issue.

  35. My age is 32 past 5 days I found my size of my left hydrocele is increased i don’t know how it happens i don’t feel any pain please suggest me is it danger for my life and please tell me how should I cure it . Or it effects my sexual life .

  36. My age is 32 past 5 days I found my size of my left hydrocodone is increased i don’t know how it happens i don’t feel any pain please suggest me is it danger for my life and please tell me how should I cure it . Or it effects my sexual life .

    • PRAMOD KUMAR says:

      Hi Dr sir,
      age 43
      I have left side hydrocele since 10 yrs.. no pain or problem..
      only size is medium and due to this problem in sitting and wearing pants..
      kindly suggest the suitable medicine for this..


  37. P K B NAYAR says:

    Dear Doctor-ji,
    I have a hydrocele probem for the past few years. Two years ago I had a surgery for hernia and then the allopathic doctor told me about it and said I need a surgery. But since my hydrocele does not do me any
    pain nor any inconvenience, I am carrying with it. Now I find that you are giving advice to patients out of good will . Can I beg of you for an advice on my case. Can I get complete cure through homeopathy.

  38. D R Chowdhury says:

    My both testies are in hanging position always. Sonography report says primary stage of hydrocele. No medicine for alopathy. Now I am taking Rhododendron 200 twice daily and Spongia Q twice. I am seeking your advice very soon.

  39. Amanda Poling says:

    Hello my son was born with hydrocele. I have ordered rhododendrun and pulsatilla nigragins from ABC Homeopathy. I am wondering about the dosage that I should give him I ordered the tincture.

  40. Sir my left testis is swelling with pain and the pain extends to upper left side and side of left kidney ,but I have pathology that show no problem in kidney ,the pressure of urine in toilet is low and has to go toilet frequently and not clear the bladder, I have tested barbarie, belladona ,cantharis but it work some what not cure me ,when some pressure of urine in bladder my whole body becomes so hot and irritated give some suggestions my phone is 088 01715752908 from Bangladesh

  41. debasis pandit says:

    left side hydrocele with out pain

  42. Virat Mishra says:

    Sir I am Facing Hydrocele Problem in my Left Testis from age of 15 year, please snuggest me medicine for this problem.

  43. Rahul kumar says:

    sir mera hydrosele me dard hai right side wala vain Mota h or dard karta hai uske liye mujhe kya karna chahiye.???

  44. Bikram burnwal says:

    I have a hydrocil problem from 4-5 year in right side scrotum, and now it become moderate size. What medicine I can use, plz suggest me sir..
    Thank you..

  45. Rizwan Ahmad Shaikh says:

    Dear dr
    I have done my colour Doppler of testicles sonologist diagnose its epidydimitis orchitis with mild hydrocele
    Dr recommended agumentin for 21 days feeling better but need to continue hydrocele treatment please suggested what are medicine i will continue to treat hydrocele from root

  46. PURUSHOTTAM warkade says:

    Sir mere ko hydrocele ka problem h.mujhe defence jobs me Jana h .to kon si medicine leni chahiye .

  47. I have a hydrocele problem from last 2 yrs.. it is because of infection. Pls suggest me which hoemopathic medicine I will take..

  48. Hello Doctor, I am 46 years old, I have developed visible Hydrocele on right side & it’s embarassing to handle it. It’s almosr size of tennis ball & I would need right medicine to handle this.

  49. D.K.Sinha says:

    My 1.5 year old boy is having problem of swelling of right testicle where fluid moves upward
    when pressed and again moves downward to testicle with pressure in lower abdomen.motion aggravates swelling in testicle & rest feeling of any pain
    one doctor has prescribed Rhododendrun 200 M+E. taken for more than one month but no relief.
    Today other doctor prescribed 1) Lycopodium 200-once 2) Cocculus Indica30 thrice.
    kindly advise proper medicine on priority basis.We are very much worried.

  50. niraj kumar jha says:

    right side problem.never pain in any condition only hydrocel.last three or four years.but never feel pain

  51. vijaya kumar says:

    i have hydrocil in left side during last ten years but . can it reduce after the treatment. my age is 58
    awaiting your reply. thanking you


  52. Dev sarkar says:

    Mera age 32 years hai, hydrocele lag vag 12 saal purana hai. Kripaya mujhe koi dawa ka sujhav de kar madat kare sir. Thank you.

    • Prithwish roy says:

      Sir 3sal se testis pin pet tak thory jhula app dono testis se spermatic card fulla pin sir costipeson.pilles hai sir homeo dawa uskie thek nehi huye app dawa dije kripa kare 29age plez sir

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