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Homeopathic Treatment for Hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus, also known as water on the brain, refers to a condition in which there is too much build up of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) in the ventricles of the brain.  Homeopathic medicines for hydrocephalus only play a supportive role in managing the symptoms and should be considered only with conventional treatment.Homeopathic medicines for hydrocephalus

These ventricles are the cavities within the brain where lies the choroid plexus that produces CSF. This fluid flow through ventricles and eventually flows in spaces that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It provides nutrients to brain and also act as shock absorber in case of any jolts and hit to the head. This fluid undergoes a cycle of constant production and reabsorption. When this fluid exceeds a normal amount then it increases the size of ventricles and puts pressure on the brain and can cause brain damage. Though it mostly occurs in infants, children and elderly people over 60 years of age, it can occur at any age including younger adults. 

Homeopathic Medicines for Hydrocephalus

They provide symptomatic management in such cases. There are numerous natural homeopathic medicines to manage this condition which are selected based on an individual’s symptoms. Some of these medicines are described below. None of these medicines should be used by self medication. One should opt for its use after consulting a homeopathic specialist who after taking case details doing its analysis can best judge the medicine required as per each individual case.

  1. Apis Mellifica – Top Grade Medicine 

It is a leading homeopathic medicine to manage acute cases of hydrocephalus. It is especially suited to manage hydrocephalus in children. It is prominently indicated for acute cases (of recent origin). The head appears large and the eyes are prominent in children who need it. Sometimes they have a squint in one or both the eyes. They appear very irritable and restless and may cry or scream suddenly. They are lethargic, have weakness and low energy levels. Their sleep is excessive and deep. They may have dullness in their heads and may bore their head in the pillow.  In few children, pain in the head especially the back part of the head is present. Heated sensation in the head is also noted. Nausea can attend above symptoms. They can scream sharply in sleep.  Another symptom that they may have is trembling and jerking of limbs. In some of them scanty urine or suppression of urine can accompany above symptoms. Seizures in hydrocephalus also indicate its use. It is also the best indicated medicine for hydrocephalus and meningitis.

  1. Calcarea Carb – When Head Appears to be Too Large 

Calcarea Carb is a well-indicated medicine for managing cases of hydrocephalus in which the head is too large. It mostly helps chronic cases (means present from long duration) of hydrocephalus. The children needing it may have delayed closing of fontanelles along with head enlargement. They usually have a tendency of excessive sweating over the head. They may have weight loss. They may also show delayed growth or delayed learning to talk and walk. 

  1. Cina – When Child is Very Irritable

Cina is prepared from plant Cina Maritima of family compositae. It is beneficial for children who are very irritable and cross. They may cry a lot and strike those around them. They are restless too. They also have a desire to be carried. With this they frequently turn their head from one side to another. They may cry in sleep. They may have an attending inflammation of the brain.

  1. Helleborous – When Child Rolls Head from Side to Side

This medicine is prepared from the root of plant Helleborus Niger commonly known as Black Hellebore, Christmas Rose or snow – rose. It belongs to family ranunculaceae. Its use is considered in cases where a child rolls head side to side frequently day and night. He also screams a lot. He may have trembling hands. His eyes have a vacant look and sometimes squinting eyes may be noted. Deep sleep is another symptom that is present. Next symptoms he has is impaired vision and speech difficulty. He may have inflamed meninges too with hydrocephalus.

  1. Ipecac – With Nausea and Vomiting

This medicine is prepared from the dried root of plant Cephaelis ipecacuanha that belongs to the family rubiaceae. It is a valuable medicine to manage cases in which a child has nausea and vomiting. The fontanelle may be open in them. Their faces look pale. The back of the head and neck may be  sore.

  1. Phosphorus – When Child is Dull and Sleepy

This medicine is well indicated for cases where a child is dull and very sleepy. He tends to sleep all the time, has marked weakness and low energy levels, and may also vomit a lot. 

  1. Digitalis – For Sudden, Sharp Cries 

Homeopathic medicine Digitalis is prepared from plant Digitalis purpurea which belongs to the family scrophulariaceae. It is indicated for children having sudden sharp cries. With this they have vomiting on eating anything. Their eyes are sunken, dim and pupils are dilated or have squint. Their head may fall backwards from weakness of neck muscles. Other symptoms that indicate its use are boring head into pillow, involuntary urination, scanty urination and loss of vision.

  1. Lycopodium – For Pain in Back of Head

Lycopodium is prepared from plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as club moss. This plant belongs to family lycopodiaceae. It works well in children having pain in the back of head especially in the upper part. It can be followed by unconsciousness. They also feel heaviness in the head. Other symptoms that they frequently have include sleepiness, speech problems and screaming out in sleep.

  1. Artemisia Vulgaris – With Presence of Seizures (fits)

It is prepared from the fresh root of the plant mugwort of family compositae. It is a helpful medicine when seizures are there in case of hydrocephalus. In cases requiring it the seizures occur frequently with bending of head backward or sideways. Unconsciousness can occur after seizure. Apart from this it is indicated when there is sharp, shooting pain or heaviness in head and confusion of mind. 

  1. Calcarea Phos – With Open Fontanelles

Calcarea  Phos is useful for both acute as well as chronic hydrocephalus cases where a child has open fontanelles. Along with hydrocephalus meningitis can be present. It is also indicated for cases of congenital hydrocephalus (present since birth).

  1. Kali Iodatum – With Squinting of Eyes

This medicine is beneficial when squinting of eyes is present along with other symptoms. These symptoms include crying, vomiting, trembling of limbs on the left side. Sometimes seizures are present. It is also indicated for blindness in these cases. 

  1. Merc Sol – For Decrease of Memory, Imagination, Reasoning Skills

This medicine is given when there is diminution of memory, imagination, reasoning skills. Along with this head is enlarged. Shrieking, heaviness of head, weakness, nausea and vomiting are present.  There may also be dullness and sleepiness with this. Seizures can also be there. Another symptom that can accompany is involuntary urination. Meninges can be inflamed too with fluid build up in the brain.

  1. Apocynum – With Loss of Eyesight

This medicine is indicated when there is loss of eyesight. With this forehead is projected and there is difficulty in thinking. Involuntary motion of one arm and leg often attends these symptoms.


Hydrocephalus results when there is an imbalance between amount of CSF produced and amount of CSF absorbed into the bloodstream. Firstly, it can happen if there is an obstruction in the normal flow of CSF within the ventricles or from ventricles to space surrounding the brain (Non-communicating/obstructive hydrocephalus.)
Secondly, It can arise if there is improper absorption of this fluid (Communicating/non-obstructive hydrocephalus.)
Thirdly, in very rare cases it can happen if CSF is produced at a higher speed than it is being absorbed.

Hydrocephalus can occur before a baby is born (means congenital) or can develop shortly after birth. Associated reasons include a birth defect called neural tube defect in which the spinal column doesn’t close properly and an opening remain in  it, aqueductal stenosis (in which the passage between the third and fourth ventricles of  brain is narrow that hinder drainage of CSF), certain Infections (like rubella and syphilis) in the uterus during pregnancy, bleeding in the brain ventricles during delivery or soon after it. The reasons in infants (babies less than one year) and among all other age groups include central nervous infections like meningitis, trauma / injury to the brain, bleeding in the brain, tumours of the brain or spinal cord. In some cases no reason can be found behind hydrocephalus.


The symptoms of hydrocephalus vary as per the age of the sufferer.

  1. Infants (child less than 1 year of age)

In infants the signs include a rapid increase in head size, bulging of fontanel (soft spot in the skull) on the top of head. The head may appear unusually large with this and the eyes are fixed downward (sometimes called sunsetting of eyes). With this the babies may be highly irritable, fussy, cranky and have poor appetite. Other symptoms that they may show are excessive sleepiness, vomiting, seizures / fits, decreased muscle tone and strength. Babies born with this condition (congenital hydrocephalus) can have permanent brain damage causing long-term complications like learning disabilities, vision problems, speech problems, memory problems, epilepsy and problems with physical coordination. 

  1. Toddlers and Older Children

The signs and symptoms that can appear in toddlers and older children are an unusually large head, eyes that are fixed  downward, changes in facial appearance, headache, blurred / double vision, squint of eyes. They may have high pitched cries, excessive sleepiness, low energy levels, irritability, seizures, lowered appetite, nausea or vomiting, muscle spasms. They may have poor coordination and have problems with walking, speech or other acquired skills till date, or may have loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence). A child may have delayed growth, have personality changes, difficulty concentrating, reduced performance in school.

  1. Young and Middle-aged Adults

The symptoms in these people are chronic headache, tiredness, loss of coordination, problem with walking, difficulty in concentration and  a drop in memory that affect performance at job, vision changes and bladder problems (including frequent urination or loss of bladder control.) 

  1. Older Adults (aged 60 years or above)

Symptoms in elderly include frequent urination or loss of bladder control, memory loss, problems with reasoning skills, poor coordination, balance issues, and problems with walking.

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  1. Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My father is 74 and has been diagnosed with Hydroceplaus.
    Has all the symptoms, Cant walk, headache, very week legs, no control on urine etc. Cant do surgery because of other surgeries he is been through.
    Please advise


    Dear sir,

    Recently my grand son age about 5 months done shunt surgery and now looking quite fine but i am feeling that his neck not taking weight of his head his head flooting right and left and most of time his head tillet at back .

    kindly advise what we can do in this problem is homeopathic tratment cure this neck problem and revamp the natural CSF drain system.

    Thanks & Regards


  3. If we done shunt surgery after that homeopathic treatment available for hydrocephalus my nephew is 1years old now firstly he diagnosed meningitis then we done surgery to remove pus from head after that doctor diagnosed a hydrocephalus then they do shunt surgery now don’t know 3months gone I can’t saw any good recovery in Him …he becomes weak day by day what we do now please help

  4. If we done shunt surgery after that homeopathic treatment available for hydrocephalus

  5. Nand kishor tiwari says:

    Provide your clinic address to my mobile no 9748412040

  6. Anurag pandey says:

    Hello sir my grandfather is 86 years old he is sufferring from NHP in 2019 .some times he forgets things , sleep and people can you suggest me treatment in homeopathy .

  7. A.Acharyya says:

    Dear Doctor, I am contacting uou for consultation regarding my Daughter’s neurological problems. She is 13 years old studying in Grade 8 and has been diagnosed by MRI to be a patient of Hydrocephalus with Dialated 3rd and 4th ventricles.
    I wish to inform you about her case history as below:
    1. Last 9 months she is attending school (Grade 8) online due to COVID. During this period we maintained strict social distancing, and she couldn’t have any effective interactions with other kids. While, last 4-5 months we have noticed she developed balance problems, which is manifested during her walking, and other regular courses of actions. During acute period, 3 months back, actually she was not able to walk properly, and While walking, she had inclination towards right side. This has improved a lot over the last 3 months by regular walking and free hand exercise, but still it is there.
    2. Trembling hand during any work, and during writing, painting, etc.
    3. She is lathergetic and slow in general and wants to avoid any hard work including any sports and games
    4. Has hand eye coordination issues
    5. Has hypothyroidism for last 5-6 years coupled with atopic dermatitis, constipation, hair loss etc.
    6. In general she is fearful about everything and needs specific instructions to do things.
    Other information: She has her first period only 3 months back, and currently she is taking Euthyrox 100 mcg as a regular medicine.

  8. Idrakshi sahu says:

    2.5 month girl baby treatment Hydrocephalus problem

  9. Hai sir my is suffering from hydrochephalu since three years. I am consulting local m.d in homeo. my son head is normol but he can’t walk in voluntuerly.he is walking support of stools like that. He tlalk only two or three words. Recognised ma. Or faa but not talking. Sugeest suitable medecine s for my child. Now his age is 4 years are old.he is suffering in 3rd month of baby.

  10. Hi dr my son is suffering from non communicated hydrocephalus what is the treatment

  11. Hi I was diagnosed with normal pressure hydrocephalus anything can help I’m already taking acetazomide 250

  12. Preeti Pahade says:

    Hello Sir my sister is suffering from hydrocephalus. She is 40days old is there any medicine in homoeopathy to cure my sister

  13. Hello, my daughter is still in utereo, at 29 weeks. my wife underwent fetal surgery to repair a myelomeningolcele. She also had Chiari II malformation. after the surger it looks as though the Chiari malformation is reversing which is great news! she does however still show signs of severe hydrocephalus. I’m heavily researching the use of my wife taking homeopathics for the rest of her pregnancy that our daughter can utilize in utero to help bring her brain back into balance with its CSF absorption and creationm etc. Do you have any cases or research about homeopathic rememdies that canb help? I am wondering about any snake remedies by chance?

  14. D.R Please let me know about my problem of congenital hydrocephalus . As I got treatment for this in sir ganga ram hospital Rajender Nagar Delhi but due to medical negligence on the 3rd day I born I left with severe physical handicap in the left side of my body and I also unable to concentrate on my graduation study due to this as it disturbs me more when I bend my head to make my IGNOU B.A. assignments please guide .

  15. My baby is suffering from gross hydrocephalus .he is 1 month old .is there any medicine in homeopathy to cure my baby ?

  16. Gurbinder kaur says:

    My father 73yrs is suffering frm hydrocephalus…can homoeopathy help ….??

  17. Rajiv Sharma says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    From Rajiv Sharma

    I had meningitis 42 years ago my CT scan done in 2008 and 2020 indicate Ventricles enlargement and a possible onset of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. Is there any treatment in homeopathy as I don’t want to have a neurosurgery.



  18. Hi Mam,

    My mother is 48 years old,and we had done a CT scan 2 days before the doctor told that there is very slight accumulation of fluid in the brain.So is there any way to reduce it at this stage only,because we don’t want to go for any surgery ..

  19. Rosetta Watson says:

    I have Hypertension and poor blood circulation. Within the past few years I am experiencing swelling in the feet, ankle and legs. The amount of swelling is not equal in both legs. Is there a homeopathic that can cure or control the hypertension and the poor bloods circulation? I am 72 years old and suffer with Polycystic Kidney Disease and severe incontinence.

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