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7 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Jaundice

What is Jaundice?

Jaundice is a common condition caused by high bilirubin level in the blood. It is manifested as yellow pigmentation of the skin, in the white of the eye (sclera) and other mucus membranes. Another term for jaundice is ‘Icterus’. Jaundice symptoms are indicative of liver damage as bilirubin is mainly processed by the liver. Jaundice can occur in both children and adults. The condition is just as common among new born babies, where it is known as neonatal jaundice. Mucus membranes of the mouth also show yellow pigmentation in some cases. Other symptoms include pale coloured stool and dark urine. Jaundice, if not treated well in time, can lead to liver failure.

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathic medicines for jaundice are natural and safe to use, especially given that the liver is affected. Homeopathy as a science takes a holistic approach to healing. Homeopathic medicines are deep acting and have no side effects on the body. Unlike the conventional mode of medicine, Homeopathic medicines do not supress the disease and its symptoms. In fact, they attack the disorder at the root and set off the body’s own restorative processes, making it strong enough to completely eradicate the disease. Supressing the disease process makes it stubborn. Once the body’s own immune system is strengthened, it prevents further recurrence of the disease.

Homeopathic Medicines for Jaundice

Top grade Homeopathic medicines for jaundice include Chelidonium, Phosphorus, Myrica, and Chionanthus. Chelidonium is an effective Homeopathic medicine for jaundice with constant pain under the inferior angle of the right scapula. Phosphorus works well for jaundice, fatty degenerations and acute hepatitis. A very weak, empty, gone sensation in the entire abdominal cavity is also attended well with Phosphorus. In case of complete jaundice, with bronze-yellow skin and loss of appetite, Myrica is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for jaundice to prescribe. Chionanthus has also shown remarkable results in jaundice and other hepatic derangements. The person complains of gripping pain in the umbilical region, along with clay coloured stool and dark urine in such cases.

Lupulus – Effective among Homeopathic medicines for jaundice in newborns or neonatal jaundice

Lupulus is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for jaundice in newborns, also known as neonatal jaundice. Lupulus is also a tested Homeopathic medicine for infantile jaundice. The symptoms to look out for are yellow pigmentation of the skin and a slow pulse.

Chelone and Chelidonium – Top Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with pain in  liver

The most prescribed Homeopathic medicines for jaundice where it is accompanied by pain in the liver are Chelone and Chelidonium. Homeopathic medicine Chelidonium is recommended where the symptoms include yellow pigmented skin, especially for constant pain under the inferior angle of the right scapula. The white of the eye (sclera) appears dirty yellow. Other symptoms include a yellow tongue, imprints of teeth and a bitter taste in the mouth. Chelone is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with pain and soreness in the liver. The pain extending downwards from the left lobe of the liver is also treated well with Homeopathic medicine Chelone.

Leptandra and Nux Vomica – Best Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with diarrhoea

Natural and safe, Leptandra and Nux Vomica are two well recognised Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with diarrhoea. Leptandra is prescribed in jaundice cases with profuse clay coloured, fetid stool. The person experiences severe pain at the umbilicus. Symptoms that merit prescription of Nux Vomica as the best suited among Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with diarrhoea are pale or yellowish coloured skin, a yellow tongue, incomplete and unsatisfactory stools.

Phosphorus and China – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with great weakness

Top rated Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with great weakness are Phosphorus and China. China is one of the most prescribed among Homeopathic medicines for jaundice with great weakness and exhaustion. Liver weakness due to alcohol or poor diet is also treated well with China. Phosphorus works best for jaundice with great weakness and a pale, sickly complexion. The person feels especially weak after passing stool.

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  1. Hello mam
    My neighbor’s daughter of age 4 years have jaundice so can u please suggest any remedy mam.

  2. Liver cirrosis and high bilurubin

  3. Dear Doctor: My daughter 54 years of age is suffering from cirrhosis of liver with bilirubin 4.6. Kindly advise homo medicines

  4. M Razzaque says:

    Fatty liver g2 in Bangladesh usg and g1 wtth multiple cyst in Indian usage. Treated in alopathy. Now urine is yellow tounge is yellow light. Age 65. Taking bryonia 200 but result is not satisfactory. Kindly suggest me.

  5. Shrila Chakraborty says:

    My son acute alcoholic jaundice, kindly help me sir


  7. Edmund marak says:

    Hello sir I am jaundice and typhoid 7 months during
    Sir IAM treatment 5 Dr treatment all cruising is after
    To typhoid positive no good sir advice now

  8. dr ,my mother got obstructive jaundice and operation is not possible ,she is under going treatment ,aged 80
    bilirubin is high


    Sir, my father is suffering from jaundice.his billuribin count is 18.7. this is due to gall bladder stones please suggest me a homeopathy treatment.

  10. DRS AJAY KUMAR says:

    Hii sir myself Ajay kumar i am also suffering from jaundice so many year .my problem is when i take homeo.medicine am cure but after somes times i have suffer from again jaudice and i think 4 times i have jaundice and all times my billiurbin count is 1.6…sir plz sugguest me how this condition completely cure ….sir plz inform

  11. Hello

    How can homeopathy medicine treat Dark yellow urine and light yelloe eyes?
    What to use and how?
    This is for an adult person

  12. Harninder takhar says:

    Hi sir.
    My bilirubin is 2.8 mg%
    So i cure can witch homeopathy Madison..

  13. Md Safiullah Sarker says:

    Good Morning Dr. Sharma,
    I am a Biochemist and working nearly 25 years in Virology research. I am good fan of Homeopathy. I can fine the remedy as per symptoms from web. I am confused about dosing. My mother (82 Years) has COPD and pressure and take allopathy medicine (Montilucast-10 and losartan-hydrochlorothiazide) regularly. For last one week she is complaining about itching the whole body. I gave antihistaminic drug as well as Rustox-30 in a regular basis. But it is not working. Due to corona situation I cannot move her to clinic or hospital. She is fat and do not want to move. I asked my doctor friend and he suspect that she has obstructive jaundice. The bile can make irritation. Actually she cannot properly say her stool color. I can see her eyes or body is normal color. If I select Nux vom what will be the dose. I have Nux vom-30 in palate form. I have china or Phosphorus in 30 potency. But bit confuse about the dose. I used 2-3 palate in 15 ml distilled water and gave nearly 5ml(1 Tea spoon full) three times a day for seven days. Please help me about dosing and refer me a weblink. Thank You, Md. Safiullah Sarker,PhD.

  14. azfar husain says:

    hello sir
    I have a daughter 7 years old. her eyes pupil yellowish and hands also she has no feeling of hunger what suggest to take medicine and symptoms

  15. 5 day old infant. very high bilirubin (15.6) normal pulse and not pain. good bowel movements mom and baby are incompatible blood types

    • Batul Mandal says:

      Iam50years old having diabetes suffering from jaundice, bilirubin 2.36
      Which medicine would be prescribed for me

  16. Carla Rollins says:

    My daughter n law has yellow jaundice eyes a long with a distended stomach..and to add on top of this she is having gum problems an abcess. What can she do to get rid of the jaundice medically and as far as her food diet? Need help in Arizona..

  17. Rajvinder Singh says:

    Sir treatment for bilirubin 1.39

  18. Navid Anwar says:

    Sir, what treatment you suggest for bilirubin 1.8

  19. Pranshu Sharma says:

    Sir, My grandson Pranshu Sharma,19 has jaundice and liver swelling, his tests: SGOT:137 SGPT:442, AlkPh:271, Bilrub:6.6.. CLSHARMA

  20. KUMAR RAJVEER says:

    Bilirubin total : 2
    Bilirubin direct : 0.6
    Serum Bilirubin : 1.40
    S.G.P.T: 48
    Hepatitis b and c : negative
    Sir any advice

  21. Vikas Verma says:

    My kid is just 16 days old, his skin is light yellow or we can say it seem initial stage of jaundice. So my question is, will homeopathy work for him? Or we need to hospitalize for this?

  22. Abnish yadav says:

    सर मेरा नाम अबनीश यादव हैं सर मुझे 5साल से पीलिया है मुझे पेठ में जलन काफी होती है मेरा इलाज अगरा के सिनरजी पलस डा. दिनेश गरग से चल रहा है मुझे कोई आराम नहीं मिल रहा है सर कोई उपाय बताओ

  23. Bikki Burma says:

    Hello sir my self bikki burma
    Bilirubin (total)-2.6
    Hepatitis-B-surface antigen-non reactive
    Anti hepatits C virus-negative

  24. Sir my grandson seven days baby is suffering from infantile jaundice baby weighs 2.290kg please suggest amedicine

  25. Mainak Roy chowdhury says:

    Having jaundice with high bilirubin Dr. Suggested alpha Liv and Liv 52

  26. Khilji Adam shameem says:

    Hello sir,
    My name is shameem,my son Faisal just now completed 16years he has jaundice 3.1 ,so please suggest me good medicine so that he can cure quickly.thank u

  27. bile alt ast i.e 122 176 bile 1.9 in blood of my daughter i am homeo doctor how can i reduce these

  28. tej dandsena says:

    suffering from viral hapatitis +jaundice.[accdording to doctor]
    please suggest homiopathy medicine.

  29. Deepak gupta says:

    Bilrubin 1.83.bilrubin indirect serum 1.55. Sgpt 96. Sgot 45. Alkeline phosphate 134. Mchc 31.4. Platlet count 125. What can i do.

  30. Kamalesh Rudra says:

    Hello, am Kamalesh my father is having bilirubin 6 something, he had not taking any kind of food and he had also installed a spacemaker, so which the best medicine for him?? Please help me

    Thank you

  31. KNV RAMAREDDY says:

    sir, I would like to bring to your notice tha I have been suffering from Hepatiis B. Recently I have recieved a virol load report from a lab it is just 86 UL/mg. To day I have received a LFT report from a Lav, It shows S.bilirubin Total: 1.0(normal Value .1 to 1.0) S.Bilirubin(Conjugated)0.4(Normal Value 0.1 to 0.3) Unconjugated S.billirubin0.6(Normal Range)0.1 to 0.5) Please advice me how can I reduced the levels of S.Bilirubin conjugated and unconjugated) Please suggest me.. thank you sir

  32. Manisha Rajawat says:

    Hi Dr sharma,
    My daughter is 2months old and she had her kasai operation 10 days ago as she had Biliary Artesia .

    Her skin color is getting yellow and her stool is also vey light yellow.

    Can u let me know if homepathy treatment can work on Biliary Artesia.

    Kind regards,

  33. I think I have jaundice , I have not eat food , only have omitting & full body pain MY eyes also yellow, I have drinking habit

  34. Poonam Kulshreshtha says:

    My husband is having bilirubin total is 3.93 bilirubin direct is 2.62, bilibrubin indirect is 1.31 what is best homeo med

  35. My 4 years daughter about a week agoi have 99 fever for two days then she have abdominal pain and vomits now form two days her eye white become yellow urine is dark yellow and stool is greyish white is this jaudiance or what plz tell white medicine is good for her

  36. Girish Chandra joshi says:

    Respected Dr Sharma ji I am 58 years male suffering by Gilbards syndrome .On 8 Sept 18 I had harniya sargery.after three weak dry iacthing starts .After 5 week I tested my blood from Lal Path my liver function are normal but total bilirubin reached 5 %.Before it it Fartunet between 2 to 3.5%.So please help me I am from a remote district of uttarakhsnd.Is there any cure or cantrol of Gilbards syndrome in homoeopathy.Can you please advice me medicine and how to pay your fee.Hopping your kind reply lot of thanks.

  37. Namaste sir my eyes dirty yellow,liver side pricking pain,dark yellow coloured urine,please help me out

  38. I am 56 year old healthy man. Recently during check I found that my blurriben Is 2 but sgpt is within normal. I had nausea feeling and vomiting that’s why I visited to doctor.. I am also suffering from constipation and severe gas problem.. Pl suggest medicine.

  39. Raj kumar says:

    Sir my son is 10 year old His SGPT level is 256
    On 26th august 18 now he is allopathay teeatmentpls suggest medicine

  40. Susovan Roy says:

    I am 34 years old . I am suffering from jaundice since 2-3 years . Now my jaundice level is 2.10 according to blood test have done last week. My main problems are poor liver condition, sleeping disorder. Suggest me please

  41. Tapas Samanta says:

    No cause of Jaundice found medical test.

  42. Vivekanand Sinha says:

    A boy is now seven years old. He was suffering from jaundice from birth but he has no jaundice right now (according to the doctors report )some years ago he can move and speak property but now he can’t move or walk and speak clearly, he can walk from parents finger. Now his physically structure is well. Please reply me what is suitable medicine in homoeopathy for best results.

  43. Gourab Sen says:

    What should be dose of Phosphorous and China? And How many times an adult will take those medicine in a day?

  44. Manoj Kumar Teli says:

    My newborn baby girl is just three days old and she’s got jaundice, please suggest what to do, her total bili level is 15.80 as per the blood test results.

  45. R. K. Jha says:

    Sir, my son 21 years old has billirubin 4.8 with high sgpt and shot for last two and half months. otherwise he is fit and fine. Please give the suggestions. He has taken cheledonium q for one month.

  46. Heidi Reeves says:

    Dr. Sharma
    We are desperate for any information, guidance, education and assistance. My 5 year old grandson D’Angelo was just released from the hospital where he spent the last 4 days. We went to the ER because the whites of his eyes were yellow, they said his bilirubin levels had skyrocketed 9.5 and they were admitting him. The entire experience from beginning to end was horrible long story short we were discharged and his levels were at a 10.7 which was higher than when we came. They have run tests and ruled out hepatitis A B&C they have took lots of blood samples but other than that we don’t know anything else has been ruled out. His eyes are still yellow, I’m unable to get any answers and have to wait for a follow-up appointment with the doctor that did not care to come in and let us know that his levels of bilirubin had risen instead of decreased as hoped. I’ve always been a believer of homeopathic medicine unfortunately I have to admit I’m not well informed or educated. I’m looking for any thing you can tell me that we can do to heal, diagnosis, or assist his body back to health. Homeopathic doctors are not covered by his insurance, the experience at the hospital dissolved every bit of trust in the traditional medical profession I had. I’m desperate for anything you can tell me that would help.

    Thank you for your time & hope to hear from you

    Signed, I’m His Meemaw

  47. Sunil yadav says:

    My baby (boy) 9 days old and his billuriban is 13.5 please suggest medicine.

  48. Margaret Albert says:

    Dr. Sharma – my newborn grandson (b: 4-30-18) has jaundice with bill levels in the mid-teens. He was a large baby at birth (11 lbs) with heavy bruising in the head and face area. We are concerned that the hospital will push for a blood transfusion, as they have suggested the possibility. His levels have gone up and down within a day. He seems alert, eats well and has been urinating several times per day and bowel movements twice a day with some light movement afterwards and some bowel substance when he passes gas. Today, he had his first “curd-like,” dark brown movement. He is a breastfed baby. It seems like lupus would be the homeopathic remedy to use, but what dose size and how often? My daughter was hoping we could also find something that would increase the number of substance bowel movements to help move the bilirubin out of his body. Thank you for your advice.

  49. Rajendra kumar says:

    Sir,my spleen was enlarge 156mm now it is 122mm.i am suffering from jondice since s.bilurvin is 1.6 sg.p.t–80.0 sgot_80.66 now. no weakness no malria no diarhoea.please tell me homeopathic medicine for liver and enlarge spleen.may I take. Chelone and chelidonium and how till when..

  50. P.C. PRIYADARSHI says:

    If cheledonium Q , 5 – 10 drops thrice given to the mother of a week ahead born baby will help to minimise albumin traced in baby.

  51. Tapas Palit says:

    Respected Dr Sharma,

    I am a post liver transplant patient (3 yrs)presently suffering obstructive jaundice as there is problem in bile duct. The doctor has done ERCP than RXHJ surgery. PTBD is also not possible as it would be risky too. At this time, I need your guidance. Please suggest what should I do?


  52. Md Abdullah Khan says:

    A person have serum bilirubine level is 5,87 and sgpt is 168
    What is the homoeopathic med. Plz suggest remedy

  53. diksha Hadki says:

    hello doctor my husband recently got diagnosed with jaundice and his rbc count is very less can u advice me any treatment. thank you

  54. Philip O'Dwyer says:

    I have jaundice due to alcohol abuse. I quit drinking over week ago.

    I tried to find the Phosphorus and China on the internet to no avail.

    Any suggestions?

  55. Deepak kumar paswan says:

    Good morning sir. My mother is suffering from jaundice and hepatitis B from about 50 days. Her billurbin is 3.3.

  56. Respected Dr. Dharma..
    My brother is suffering from jaundice since two months .. His total bilirubin count is 0.9 . He has lost weight . He is having vomiting almost once everyday , specially in the morning hours. Plz suggest me medicines for his speedy recovery. He also is having constipation now and then .
    Thank you,

  57. Sanjay Malviya says:

    Hello Sir

    My father is suffering from Lever cancer and obstructive jaundice as there is problem in bile duct. The doctor has done ERCP but he said there is multiple small lesions so the process is not possible to be implemented. PTBD is also not possible as it would be risky too. At this time, I need your guidance. Please suggest what should I do?


  58. UPENDRA VERMA says:

    Sir good evening my urin is being yellow and being eatching in all body but yesterday I checked my bilirubin witch is on .86 total please suggest me the medicine for this problem.

    Upendra Verma

  59. Deepti thakur jejurikar says:

    Sir ,mere husband ka liver transplant hua hai….(june 20/2017)ko….before transplant unki condition bahut kharab thi,liver damage hone saath2 kidney infection & pet mein pani bhi bharne laga tha…..phir june mein transplant k baad unki condition ahle se better hui 21 days hospital mein rahne k baad July mein jab ye ghar aay to hame weakly check up.k liye hospital jana padta tha(abhi bhi ham har 10 din mein check up k.liye jate h)….but after 1month hi wapas inke sgot n sgpe lecel badhna shuru huye phir bilirubin badha….according to doctors n test reports immunity badhne k karan body donor organ ko accept nhi kar pa rahi jis wajah se rejection ho raha….anti rejection treatment hone k baad bhi inka bilirubin 39 tak pshunch gaya tha…..doctors ne jab haath khade kar diye to phir hamne ayurvedic n kuch homeopathy medicine shuru ki(homeopathy medicine ka naam malum nhi h)…but ye medicine shuru karne k karan ya ATG (anti rejection drugs)k karan hua par inka bilirubin 39 se 5.19 tak aa gaya h.par last 15 days se is point par aa kar atak gaya h…..kya homeopathy mein post transplant patient k liye jaundice,sgop-sgpt,ALp level ko kam karne k liye koi medicine le sakte h….Please suggest me….

    • Hi
      Sir mujhe jondice huaa isame se kon si medicine better rahegi .

      Aur mera sir (head) bhi pakada Huaa h .
      Chalane per sar dukhata h

  60. SARUP manual says:

    Sir Ji namashkar mere wife ko piliya h 1.7 kabhi kabhi 2.bhi go jata h last 6 month se medicine d raha hu par puri Tarah se samapat nahi ho raha h body face koi khas pilapan nahi h pet m koi dard bhi nahi h Alopathy medicine se faida na hone par syrup jondila or carica Papya Q de raha hu par or ziada ho raha h hemoglobin bhi 7 ,8 K karib raheta h body weight bhi kam h Sir Ji koi best medicine batayen dhanaybad

  61. My child aged 4 is suffering from jaundice for a week with yellow scalera,face,urin and stool. Being treated with Carduus M Q and Nat Sulph 6X dayly 4 times each. The drugs proved very effective , within 3 days of use the yellowness in eyes, face,urin and stool cleared by 70%. Now she has developed acute itching in whole body without any irruption. Two days back Sulphur 1M one dose given yesterday morning didn’t act. Kindly suggest immediately.

  62. S.K.Choudhary says:


    I am suffering from Jaundice the bilirubin level is above 2.5 mg .and due to this I feel pain in my upper abdomnal , What is the Top Homeopathic medicines to cure it . Kindly advise me and how much time it will take to cure it.

    Warm Regards
    SK Choudhary

  63. Subodh Kumar says:

    My indirect bilrubin is 1.40,total bilrubin is 1.70,Serum Creatnine is 1.55,Platelet count is 103000 and hemoglobin is 15.5,gall bladder removed in 2014.
    I am a male aged 47 year. Please advise me

  64. Pankaj Karn says:

    Meri beti abhi 7 din ki hi. Usko jaundice ho gaya hi kon medicine usko de. Plz help me urgent…

  65. Kafeel Abbas says:

    Mujhe urine peela ata hai bhook bhi nhi lgti head aur face khushki allergy hai jissam bhi weak hai jaundice hai konc medicine use kron????

    • Dr.Ajay saigal says:

      Chelidonium,kericA papaya , phosphorus,myrica kalmegh sabka mothertincture 20 boond din mein 4 baar lene se 1weak mein Jaundice chala jayega jad se

  66. sharukh ali says:

    Iam 22,i suffered frm jaundice when iam ,2,4,11,12, and aso in between,but now im suffering since one year,when I stops taking medicine again blrubn levels increses,all the tests r positiv only the problm is blrubin.
    I tougt take lond term med like homeopathy
    Sir What u suggest?

  67. Prodip kumar chanda says:

    In april I had a severe vommitting and after that I have a distorted smell.some smell is ok ,some have distorted and some not at all sensed. My age 52.

  68. RANJU KHOWARE says:

    My mother got jaundice just one month before and after given enema in AIIMs she got slowly recovered from that, but now she got skin rashes and jaundice attack again, now she cannot even sit or walk with lot of weakness and feeling nauseated with any food please suggest something

  69. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    Please help me 25 years old and was told bilirubin level
    Is 12.50 .his eye whites are yellow and was told may have a cyst or tumor pressing . They aren’t sure which.
    Please help us.

  70. DR. NAFEES IQBAL says:

    Dear Dr. Sherma.
    What you suggest for 2 years baby who is suffering in high Biluribin which is now 28.

    Dr. Nafees Iqbal.
    Multan Pakistan.

  71. Gyan prakash says:

    Sir mere dost ko piliya h uske halt but kharab h kya krna chahiye

  72. Rohit Raj , contact no:-8002641830 says:

    Sir i’m suffering from jaundice for one month
    and according to diagnostic test of SGPT 1.9 and level of bilirubin is 80 i.e abnormal
    Note:-sir i’m also suffering from depression and anxiety from 2014 treatment under a neuropsychiatry from patna 2016.
    I also take powerful antidepressants sometimes which could be better for me or side effects of its .
    Sir i’m very confused what could i do ? .
    Please help me sir which homeopathic medicine is best for treatment of jaundice and depression.

    • If u really want to recover then come to jamshedpur. Jharkhand. Here u ll find a doctor named Dr. M n akhtar, is best homeopathy practitioner and prescribe German medicine.
      Call 7677671092

  73. Vijay Kumar rai says:

    I am suffering from jaundice for 14 LFT test results:-
    Total billirubin-2.46
    D billi-1.10
    What should i do?
    Please suggest me the best homeopathic medicine.
    Doctor says it is congenitalhyperbillirubeanimea.
    Whe i go to my gastroenterologist he says you are ok but I feel very weakness and gas problem with constipation.

  74. sanjay kumar sahay says:

    sir i am suffering from jondish3.2what i can do and what remady in hemiopathy

  75. Muhammad Hafeez says:

    My daughter is 15 old . she is having jaundice with biluribin level of 115 and .kindly prescribe best suited homeo medicine .

    • SBL LIV-T and SBL Chelidonium 200CH is best homeopathic medicine in the treatment of jaundice so please take it and immediately consult your homeo Doctor…

  76. i want to know, after jaundice (4-5) years which medicine make my liver strong ??


    My daughter is studying for one year at Kota(Rajsthsn). Please suggest me which medicine for prevention from jaudice may be taken as precautions rather she is in good health. In Kota jaudice is a common disease and many students comes from other parts of India fears effected from it.

    • I think SBL LIV-T is best for your daughter.And Once more thing prevention is better than Medication.In homeopathy important thing is be vegetarian and avoid from oily food,junk food and drink plenty of water(filtered).

    • And in case of jaundice take chelidonium 200CH and consult your doctor immediately .

  78. Nikhil Karkhanis says:

    30 days back Bilrubin reading 4.7,but after taking village ayurvedic medicine & Rehaptin capsules come down to 2.2. I deel weak now

  79. Aabid Mushtaq says:

    Hello sir I’m suffering from joindice can you suggest me the good medicines by which I get early cure plzzzzzz reply in mail

  80. Where do I get phosphorus and china

  81. Inderpal kaur says:

    I have jundice and liver damage. Pleez from where l can purchase medisin

    • Please Consult A Doctor, Don’t Find Treatment In Online Discussion Site. You Said, Liver damage then it is a serious issue. I am also suffering from jaundice.

  82. Gyanesh shendye says:

    Skin color become yellow….no eating…drinking…nausia…very weak condition…
    Please prescribe some really effective medicine…patient is getting critical…he is 14yrs male

    • Patients Is Just 14 Yrs Old, If serious treatment not done in time, then liver damage can happen. Please Consult A Doctor (Alopathy) or any Govt. Hospital……. continued

    • They Will Diagnose The Bilirubin level in blood and also they will look at symptoms which is important. As of now Please Dont Give Him Non-Veg, Milk or Milk products. Patients Can Take Veg food with no oily and spicy flavors. Boil Water and let it be cool, you can give this water. If You Add Glucose with water, it will be the best because in this condition, patients will eat less than usual. He may not have enthusiasm towards eating. But Force Him To Eat. Himalaya’s Live 52 is an ayurvedic Syrup. Most Doctors Prescribe it.
      It will be effective for liver.

  83. Gyanesh shendye says:

    Skin color become yellow….no eating…drinking…nausia…very weak condition…
    Please prescribe some really effective medicine…patient is getting critical

  84. Narender cobra says:

    Hello sir ,am suffering Gilbert syndrome with herditery sphrosites from 9year and these deases am suffering jaundice sbilirubin tottal 12g/DL direct 4g/DL and ot ,pt normal and enlarge spleen ,weakness ,loss of weight ,low appettic so please sir help me and take any homeopathic treatment …

  85. Vishal jaiswal says:

    Resp sir my daughter born on 11may 17 her skin slightly pale yellow ie 3 days baby. Please proscribe medicine with potency n dose

  86. muralidas says:

    new born baby, now 90 days having yellow color in eyes. after several tests we found bilirubin is in very high level. he dont have any block in gallblader. please advice

  87. Dr Mukhtar Ahmad says:

    My Mother suffering from cholingiocarcinoma.
    Sirum billirubin is 15.6mg/dl.whole body skin is dark. Problem created to stool pass.stool is very hard. Weakness feeling.please help me.please prescribed treatment

  88. Sir,
    My mother was suffered by jaundice and diagnosed hepatitis B. She passed away 8.3.17. Now my dad has same hepatitis b positive infection. I dont want treat him in alopathic. Kindly advice this can be cure permanently in homeo. He dont have in physical pronlem at present. Biliurubin 1.4

    • Please Give Him, Himalaya’s Liv 52 HB a very effective ayurvedic medicine for Hepatitis B. But Please Consult An Alopathy Doctor Also.

  89. Vikram Kumar says:

    Good Evening Doctor,
    I am suffering from jaundice with serum bilirubin 9.76mg/dl .Within 3 years this is twice I am suffering from Jaundice. Doctor has precribed me Udliv 150 BD and Liv 52 DS 2 tablet TID.But I want to know homopathic medicine to cure jaundice which may because of alcohol or food habits I don’t know specifically .So please suggest what medicine to take and how long to cure it completely and diet chat to follow.
    Thanking you,
    Vikram Kumar

  90. mrs.Anjum says:

    kindly tell the potency of chelidonium and china.

  91. g,srinivas says:

    i am suffering from one month with jaundice, at the time of starting 3.60, after 15 days i have 1.6. now i am taken live52ds tabs once day 2tabs, can i take homeopathic medicines like China are Phosphorus now?

  92. shalti kedare says:

    Sir… father age 69 is facing the jaundice and in liver has one tumour in biopsy report they are mentioning this was a hepatocellular carcinoma after that bilirubin tests are out n the bilirubin level is 19.3 .so please suggest can homeopathy will helps me to reduce the bilirubin level and cure the tumour from liver…. please sir give me reply I m waiting for your reply please don’t ignore

  93. Abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment and medicine

  94. M.Srinivasan says:

    Srinivasa.M. 78 yrs. For the last one month taking homeopathy medicine by homeopathy dr, for Uti treatment instead Of Jaundice. From Today taking alopath medicine Udiliv 300 1-1-1 STLYBON 140 1-1-1. BLOOD counting more over referange range, but liver function test report not gives un normal. Sbt 15.6 – sbt D 13.4. Sgot. 107.9 – Scpt 152 – alkalline phosphatasae. 364. I am feeling very tired, and unable to take normal meals. Instead of alopath like to consume homeopath medicine. Pl help.

  95. Vinay Yadav says:

    My mother (55 years)is suffering from severe Jaundice with bilirubin level is 17 she is diabetic also and all hepatitis test are negative but it is still increasing.

    We are already taking allopathic treatment but no visible effect.

    Could you help us with some advice or medicine?

  96. Namaste sharma garu

    my daughter suffering with jaundice. treatment started last three days. she is 11 yrs old.
    Recently one month back matured.Homeopathic medicine given by doctor ie LIV AID syrup and Liv-2000 tab and crocin for fever.but she going very weak.
    what diet she take
    please give me good diet sir

    • Hello sir my wife is suffering jaundice we get blood test but doctor said there is no problem but my wife feels

      • Please Do Another Blood Test In Future If You Have Same Issue From A Trusted Pathology Centre. There are few common visible symptoms of Jaundice,yellow tinge to the skin and whites of the eyes, dark urine, and itchiness.

      • Patients May Predict A Disease, But the treatment should be done according to symptoms and diagnosis reports. And Also You Can Consult Another Doctor (Alopathy).

  97. Sudhakar Sutar says:

    Dear Sir,
    Good morning. We did blood test of my wife for jaundice and found that indirect bilirubin has increased to 1.9. Direct bilirubin also increased but not that much. She is also claiming pains in abdomen, stomach.
    Please suggest medicine so she can get relief from Jaundice and pains
    Thanking you
    Sudhakar Sutar

  98. Kya new born baby koala joundis Mai homeopathic medicine dene se ggt increase hota hai

  99. Sudipta Pradhan says:

    Hello sir I am suffering from gas and high amount of acidity and also weakness during heavy job. I am a railway employee. So I am doing a lot of heavy work in very hot atmosphere and also getting weak. Normally my urin is normal coloured but when doing work it’s really turns yellow. I suspect I am suffering any type of jaundice but I have no abdominal pain and any other symptoms and my stool is also not cleared and the colour of the stool is not so yellow rather than darker side. So plz help me what can I do and I am only taking homeopathic medicine. So plz reply….

  100. I am suffering from Jaundice since 12 years, as and when I check up my billrubin i.e. goes up 3 – 4 points. Its goes up and down. when its goes up at that time I feel backbone pain.

    Please advise a suitable homeopathic medicines if available.

  101. Md Masudur Rahaman says:

    Hello sir, . This is to inform you that I am a student of class ix and my age 14years.I suffering from hepatitis-A from one month ago and symptoms that yellowish of skin,eye and urine. Sir.please give me the better treatment for this condition.

  102. Gaurav Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    This is to inform you that i have been suffering from yellow eye since 2 years…
    But i never fell weakness in my body. please tell me what is the region behind this condition.
    After all I am doing work in good condition.
    Now I am says that once upon a time when I was eighteen year old, i have been sufering from jaundice upto 6 month.
    Please sir give me a better advice.



  104. Hello sir,
    I am from bangladesh. My only daughter age 2.5 years.her probleam is only yellow yellow skin & eye no other symptoms. Nux 30 recently i use but sometime her urine is clear and sometime not in a day that mean if morning urine is clear then aftetnoon is not.
    Sir please help me.

  105. hello sir . i am sonu pal . my job is lab technician belongs to karnal haryana my age 26 yers male and my problem jaundice biluribion and bodar line 3.5 old problem 5 yers plese sir my help . marko 3.5 bilribioun rehta hai 4 se 5 sall ho gay hai sir plese gyde me. my mob no and what shape no 8397095781

  106. Ravi Shankar Prasad says:

    Namskar My daughter age about 8.5 years old she is first time suffering from jaundice sr. billu. is 3.5 what medicine given to her

  107. Gabriela says:

    Good day, I have a 5 week old baby, who suffers from reflux- vomiting also, crying a lot, sleeping poorly-, with breastmilk jaundice and also constipated. I read that it’s good Nat phos and nux vomica, but I would like to know the dosage and how to administer and for how long. Also, these will help also with constipation? Thank you in advance

  108. Deepak Bhardwaj says:

    Hello Sir,

    Believe that you are fit and fine.

    I am facing issues related to my hair. I am facing this issue from last 2 years. i am 28 now, i found that my hairs are getting grey and my shave also having grey hairs. 1 year back i diagnose with Fatty liver and infection in my intestine. After this i notice that my hair turning grey.

    I am getting upset with this.
    need your help, kindly suggest homeopathic remedies which reverse my grey hair into black once again.

    I having strong believe in Homeopathic and in you.

    Waiting for positive reply from your side.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Deepak Bhardwaj

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