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Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney Pain

What is Kidney Pain?

Kidney pain is felt in the back below the lower ribs. It can radiate to the flanks, abdomen and groin. The main causes of kidney pain are pyelonephritis (kidney infection), kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease and kidney cancer. Kidney pain from stone is referred to as renal colic. Kidney stones cause pain when they are trying to enter the ureter from kidney. The attending features of kidney pain are pain in the flank, painful/burning urination (dysuria), blood in urine (hematuria), frequent urination, offensive urination, fever, chills, nausea and vomiting.

Advantages of Homeopathic Treatment of Kidney Pain

Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain are highly effective remedies procured from natural sources. As the medicines are natural, there is no risk of toxic side-effects and gentle healing results. Homeopathic medicines can manage acute renal colic from stones. They are also effective in dissolving kidney stones and removing the tendency to have recurrent calculus. Homeopathic remedies are very helpful in kidney pain from infection (pyelonephritis) as well. Here these remedies help by boosting the body’s own healing mechanism to fight the infection. Homeopathic medicines can successfully treat acute as well as chronic kidney pain in a safe manner.

Homeopathic Medicines for Kidney Pain

The recommended Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain are Berberis Vulgaris, Lycopodium, Cantharis and Terebinthina. Berberis Vulgaris is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from stones. It is helpful in renal colic of the left side. Lycopodium is a natural Homeopathic medicine for right sided kidney pain. Cantharis is recommended for highly painful and burning urination accompanying kidney pain while Terebinthina is useful for kidney pain attended with blood in urine.

Berberis Vulgaris, Lycopodium and Cantharis – Best Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from stones (renal colic)

Natural medicines Berberis Vulgaris, Lycopodium and Cantharis are rated among the most effective Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from stones. Homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris is indicated for left-sided renal colic. The pain radiates from the left kidney to the ureter and bladder. The urine may contain blood cells and appear turbid. To deal with renal colic of the right side, Lycopodium is an excellent choice of Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain. Pain from the right kidney may radiate to the urinary bladder and is worse before urination. Also, the urine may be loaded with red sediments. Cantharis is useful where pain and intolerable burning while urination accompanies kidney pain from calculus.

Terebinthina and Apis Mellifica – Top Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from pyelonephritis

Top rated Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from pyelonephritis are Terebinthina and Apis Mellifica. Terebinthina is of immense help in case of burning, drawing pain in the kidney. It is accompanied by dark, cloudy or smoky urine which contains albumin and coffee ground sediments. Constant tenesmus may also appear with these symptoms. Homeopathic medicine Apis Mellifica is recommended when the person complains of the kidney feeling sore and bruised from pain. The person also complains of burning, stinging pain in the urethra while urinating in such cases. Urge for urine is frequent, but scanty urine is passed. Marked strangury is also observed in cases where Apis Mellifica will work as the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain from pyelonephritis.

Berberis Vulgaris and Hedeoma – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain on left side

Major Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain on the left side are Berberis Vulgaris and Hedeoma. Berberis is indicated for radiating, shooting pains in the left kidney. The pain often travels downwards to the ureter or bladder. The kidney region is highly sensitive to the touch. Motion worsens the pain. Homeopathic medicine Hedeoma is needed for dull pain in the left kidney. The pain may be of drawing and dragging nature. Frequent urge for urination is also present. The person has difficulty retaining urine even for a few minutes once the urge begins. Hedeoma stands among Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain on the left side that have shown the most remarkable results.

Lycopodium and Sarsaparilla – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain on right side

Lycopodium and Sarsaparilla are wonderful Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain on the right side. Lycopodium is suggested for aching pain in the right kidney. The pain is worse before urination. The person finds relief in kidney pain after urination. The urine stream is weak and may contain red sand. Homeopathic medicine Sarsaparilla is effective when marked dysuria appears along with right side kidney pain. Urine is scanty, slimy and may contain white sand.

Cantharis, Phosphorus and Terebinthina – Homeopathic remedies for kidney pain with blood in urine (hematuria)

Prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain accompanied with blood in urine are Cantharis, Phosphorus and Terebinthina. Cantharis is indicated in case of bloody urine along with kidney pain. Marked burning while urinating is also observed in such cases. The pain in kidney is cutting and burning in nature and the kidney is very sensitive to touch. Phosphorus is utilized when dull pain in kidney is accompanied with hematuria. The pain in kidney is most marked when lying on the back. On the other hand, Terebinthina works well in kidney pain when urine appears smoky, dark with blood which has a ground coffee coloured appearance, making it one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain of this type.

Cantharis, Merc Cor and Pareira Brava – Recognised Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain with painful urination (dysuria)

Known Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain with painful urination or dysuria include Cantharis, Merc Cor and Pareira Brava. Cantharis can effectively manage kidney pain with marked burning while micturition. The urge to urinate is constant and urine appears in drops. Strangury is marked.  Merc Cor is selected when urine is scanty, hot with intense pain. Urine is brown, and passes in drops in cases where Merc Cor will prove the best among Homeopathic medicines for kidney pain. Pareira Brava is needed when painful micturition accompanies kidney pain. Urge for urination is almost content. The pain often extends down the thighs from the kidney and bladder while urinating in such cases.

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    Creatinine 1.41
    eGFR BY CREAT 52

    what would be the best homeopathy treatment

  2. Mujhe policyst kidany hai.19 mm ka stone right kidany hai.stone calcium oxilet ku hai.

  3. Saifullaha khan says:

    گردوں میں درد ہوتا ہے دونوں میں

  4. Homeo Dr kausar jabeen says:

    What is the homeopathic treatment for hypogenic kidney

  5. Ray Parker says:

    Holep op 2 years ago stuck on self catheters. Currently ruq abdomen pain-pyelonephritus? Lower left pain too. Dipstick urine tests show no problem but pain and chills every day ? Stomach aches are a common symptom. Aged 74 now and able to walk ok despite pinched nerves in neck and lumbar regions.
    Past history of urine retention up to 1.6 litres before holep.
    Currently some bloating and distention. Weak constitution and anxious a lot. Headaches most days with hiatus hernia for 20 years now up to 5cms, with barretts oesophogus. Don’t feel well every day now?

  6. Bakiyalakhsmi says:

    வணக்கத்திற்குரிய டாக்டர்
    பாக்கிய லட்சுமி எனக்கு வலது புரம் விலா வுக்கு கீழே துடிப்புள்ள வலி என்ன மருந்து சாப்பிட உங்களுடைய ஆலோசனை கொடுங்க டாக்டர் நன்றிங்க

  7. Abid Javed says:

    گردے کے مقام پر درد ھے۔ رات کو بایاں ساءیڈ پر سونا مشکل ھے۔ دوای تجویز کر دیں۔

  8. Mathilde Ramakrishnan says:

    AKI warning stage 0

    blood test shows eGFRcreat(C KD-EPI) 1.73m 2 53 mLmin >range 60.00 L/min

    am 85 years old – thanks for your advice

  9. I have no colon. As a result, I get chronic kidney stones. Right now I am in pain on both sides and know that I have stones. I have had 7 past surgical removal of the stones. If there is a way to stop the pain and expell them without surgery, I would be very grateful. I am 67 years old and have autoimmune issues.

  10. H/Dr Siraj khan says:

    Dr Shara thank you very much. We greatly benefit from your advice۔

  11. Donna I Gauthier says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    Thank you for the opportunity to chat with you via the web. I have a dull kidney pain that comes and goes. The pain seems to come when I take an herbal product. Most recently, I took a new product 500 mg of L-Tryptophan for digestion. I only took one capsule. The other supplements that I take is Ester-C 500 mg, Berberine 333 mg and N-Acetyl Cysteine. My age is 59.

  12. Samina Mughal says:

    I am suffering kidney pain on my left side from last few days. I am also diabedic with age of 55 year women

  13. md.ruhil amin says:

    pain in both side prominent in left.about 7months.

  14. Guneshwar Prasad Singh says:

    Pain on left side kidney for a month, pl adv homeo med
    G P Singh, 72
    Suffering from prostate ailment from 2010

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    After sleeping at night, when I urinates in morning my right kidney is in pain. I would be grateful if you could prescribe any medicine for this.

    • Geraldine Fenton says:

      Can you help me I am a 61 year old woman getting constant kidney infection for the last year I am looking for an alternative to antibiotics

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  17. Dr Cibi Raj jayaraman says:

    I want Homoeopathy medicines for right kidney swelling

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