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Top 7 Natural Medicines for Knee Injuries

The knee joint is made up of four main things bones (three bones including femur, tibia, and patella), C – shaped tough, rubbery cartilage (medial and lateral menisci that act as shock absorber between femur and tibia), ligaments (collateral and cruciate ligaments that join bones together), and tendons (that connect muscles to the bones). Homeopathic medicines for knee injuries help reduce the pain and swelling of the knee in case of injury and promote efficient healing.        homeopathic medicines for knee injury

The knee joint is quite vulnerable to injuries. The injuries that are common to the knee include – fracture, ligament tear, dislocation, meniscal tear, and sprains. A knee injury can arise from fall, overuse, misstep, sudden twist. Athletes who participate in sports like soccer, football and basketball are at risk of knee injuries.

Homeopathic Medicines for Knee Injuries

Homeopathy carries an excellent scope to treat knee injuries. Knee injuries of various kinds can be treated with homeopathy. But in cases of major injuries like extended ligament tear, these medicines have a limited role to play, so in such cases, they can be used in conjunction with conventional help for symptomatic relief. The top remedies for knee injuries are Arnica, Rhus Tox, Ruta, Bryonia, and Symphytum.

1. Arnica – For Injury due to Fall, Blows, Trauma

Arnica is a natural medicine prepared from the root of a plant Arnica Montana of the natural order Compositae. Arnica is a top grade medicine for treating a knee injury arising from a fall, trauma or blow. Arnica is helpful for both acute as well as remote injuries of the knee. The knee feels extremely painful, sore and bruised and the person fears to touch the knee because of intense pain. The knee is also swollen and feels like it is dislocated. A weakness of the lower limb of the affected side is also felt and there is a lack of strength in the knee when walking.

2. Rhus Tox – For Injury arising from Overuse, Misstep, Sudden Twist

Rhus Tox is top listed medicine for treating knee injury arising from overuse, misstep and sudden twist. Cases of sprain and injury to the ligament of the knee are treated well with Rhus Tox. A person needing Rhus Tox may have pain and swelling in the knee. The pain may be tearing, stitching or burning type and tends to get worse during rest. Motion helps to relieve the pain and the knee may also feel intensely stiff. A tensed and pulling sensation is also felt in the tendons of the knee. Hollow of the knee also feels heavy with the above symptoms.

3. Ruta – For Treating Sprains of the Knee

Ruta is prepared from a plant Ruta graveolens of the natural order Rutaceae. Ruta has marked sphere of action to treat injured tendons, ligaments Ruta is a helpful medicine for treating sprains of the knee. There are sore, aching bruised pains in the knee. The person is unable to bend the knee joint and there is a sensation of contraction in tendons of the knee, they feel as if they were shortened. The knee joint also feels weak.

4. Bryonia – When Slightest Motion of the Knee is Painful

Bryonia is prepared from root of a plant Bryonia Alba of the natural order Cucurbitaceae. Bryonia is helpful for knee injuries when slightest motion of the knee is painful. While walking knees tend to knock together. The knee is also painful to touch and complete rest is needed for getting relief in the knee pain. Warm applications also help relieve the knee pain. the pain may be drawing, tensive, shooting, cramp-like or stitching in nature and may extend down the leg in some cases.

5. Symphytum – For Bone Cracks, Fracture of Knee Bones

Symphytum is prepared from a plant Symphytum officinale of the natural order Boraginaceae. Symphytum is an excellent medicine for fractures. It is used as a prime remedy in homeopathy to aid healing of fractured bone. It boosts the activity of fibroblasts cells to help union of fractured bone speedily. Symphytum can be used with conventional treatment for prompt healing of a fracture. Symphytum is also indicated for cases of fracture to resolve pain that remains at fracture site even after complete bone healing.

6. Calcarea Carb – For Managing Knee Pain

Calcarea Carb is useful for managing knee pain in injury. The pain in the knee is of stitching, tearing or stinging in nature. Sometimes drawing pain is felt in the knee. Pain is felt when standing, sitting or when walking. The pain may radiate down the toes from the knee in a few cases. There may be a marked weakness along with pain and swelling. Knee feels as if dislocated in many cases where Calcarea Carb is indicated.

7. Apis Mellifica – For Marked Swelling of Knee

Apis Mellifica is beneficial to treat marked swelling of the knee in cases of an injury. There is marked swelling, soreness and sensitivity. Pain of stinging or shooting nature along with a burning sensation may also be felt in the knee with the above symptoms.

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  1. Hi. I am a 46 years old male. I play golf. I have severe pain in both my knees (knee joints and ligaments) It gets aggravated with any sudden twist or with continuous exertion. Can’t walk properly, can’t climb stairs without aggravating the pain. I think Arnica and Rhus Tox can help my case but can you please recommend which medicine is better and what dosage? Thanks

  2. Kerri Hartley says:

    Our 20 year old daughter blew out her ACL playing competitive soccer this week. Had an MRI and is need of surgery.
    I have her taking Arnica, Hypericum, Ruta, Rhus, Bryonia, staphysagria and symphytum.
    Question is should she take ALL that and if so does it have to be 15 min between each one and not around food or drink?
    Any insight is appreciated. Also how often each day?
    We are devastated.
    Kerri Hartley

  3. I have a complex medial meniscus tear in the left knee and pain is not subsiding since last two months.. Only little better , I have tried Arnica, Ruta, Rhustox and symphytum. Please suggest

  4. Knee injury by sudden accident swelling in knee 3 month ago taking pain killer no benefit suggest some medicine

  5. Praveen kumar says:

    Hello,my name is Praveen I have a problem in my knee. my knee ligment was partial thickness tear.i don’t know which homeopathic medicine cure my problem for the rejoin of my knee ligment

  6. Rene Russell says:

    Hello, my name is Rene. My daughter is an avid volleyball player she plays for both the school and travel. Eight months out of the year she’s playing. Six actual games two additional months just practice. She is the Libero, defense specialist meaning she does the diving and digging and passing the ball so she’s hitting her knee quite often. We have tried knee braces icing it but it remains swollen and painful for her. I’ve given her Arnica I truly don’t believe I get it often enough But I do know that there are a few others that I might possibly need to give her what would your recommendation be? I’ve grown up taking and using homeopathic remedies my mother was very active with that. I know how they work and that they work so I would really like to take this route before any other. Thank you

  7. Dr. Deepak Paliwal says:

    Hi…myself dentist.. actually this is regarding my mom’s case..she is having maniscus pain..grade 3 radial tear diagnosed one year ago.. physiotherapy going on as surgery cancelled due to arthritic changes n poor prognosis…. Physiotherapy give relief but aftr 45days its still not treated completely…can homeopathy have option to treat it completely

  8. Anupam Nath says:

    Meniscus tear medicine

  9. neeshaarora says:

    Sir, my father is 56 years of age . After Chicken Gunya attack, he recovered from fever but his ankles had swelling and knees haves pain on movement. He stopped taking allopathic pain killer and started

    Eupatorium Perfoliatum 200 ch before meals
    Rhus Tox 200 ch after meals

    Both 10 drops three times daily with a gap of 30 minutes

    He is feeling much better and both the above medicines worked wonders

    Please advise if the above medicines are good enough to continue and if there is some other complementary homeo medicines he should take together

    Thank U and Kind Regards

  10. Dear Sir,I have tenderness in medial meniscus in both the knees.I don’t have acute pain but I feel like my legs have lost all the strength and I feel shortened. Also,I have swelling in my left knee. Can this be treated with homeopathy even If it is a torn meniscus.Please reply!

  11. i am 68 yrs.i have been dignosed meniscus tear in my left knee in MRI .my knee is locked when i standup to move from sitting or lying position .it is perhaps the result of jerk taken while playing game 10 yrs ago .i can walk easily but locking of knee is a big problem

  12. Mehul Sharma says:

    Can we heal a torn meniscus with the help of homeopathic medicines? I met with an accident before 1.5 yrs which resulted in a torn meniscus

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