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Photophobia – Homeopathic Remedies to treat Light Sensitivity

Photophobia or light sensitivity is a symptom where a person experiences discomfort or pain in the eyes upon exposure to bright light. People who have photophobia tend to blink often, squint, are unable to open their eyes fully on exposure to light and tend to close their eyes. People who have light sensitivity are troubled by bright light, but in severe cases any sort of light is intolerable. People having photophobia tend to experience symptoms like eye strain, eye pain, burning in the eyes, and excessive tear production. They may also experience headaches. Homeopathic medicines for light sensitivity (photophobia) work in cases where the cause of photophobia is not related to any serious issue related to the eye or brain.                                                        homeopathic medicines for light sensitivity

Homeopathic Medicines for Light Sensitivity

There are excellent medicines in homeopathy to manage the complaint of photophobia. Homeopathy medicines help manage photophobia effectively by correcting the root cause of it. The top listed medicines to treat photophobia are Euphrasia, Belladonna, Natrum Mur, Conium, and Glonoine. Before using these medicines for photophobia, it is important to rule out the cause of it. Cases of photophobia where some critical eye or brain disorder is suspected should be treated immediately under the conventional mode of treatment.

1. Euphrasia – Top Grade Medicine to treat Photophobia

Euphrasia is prepared from a plant Euphrasia Officinalis commonly known by the name of Eyebright. The natural order of this plant is Scrophulariaceae. Euphrasia is top listed medicine to treat cases of photophobia. Eyes are very sensitive to light, and there may be spasm of the lids in some cases. Photophobia is worse during the day and in sunlight, and the affected person has a desire to remain in a darkened room. Eye pain and pressure, aching and darting-type pain is felt in the eyes when exposed to light. The eyes become red and there may be itching. Burning, biting in eyes, with smarting, hot, excoriating lachrymation is also present. A sensation of dust or sand in eyes is felt. Euphrasia is prominently indicated for photophobia in cases of iritis, keratitis, conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers.

2. Belladonna – For Photophobia with Dry Eyes

Belladonna is prepared from a plant named Deadly Nightshade. The natural order of this plant is Solanaceae. Belladonna is useful to manage the complaint of photophobia with dry eyes. There is intolerance to light with a desire to remain in dark room in cases needing Belladonna. The eyes get congested and look very red. Photophobia worsens on exposure to artificial light. Along with this, a gritty sensation in the eyes may be felt. Pain in the head and eyes are present, and it may be stinging or shooting in nature. It gets worse from movement and light. There may be a heated sensation present in the eyes. Belladonna is also indicated for keratitis with a congested eye, pain in eye and photophobia.

3. Natrum Mur – For Spasmodic Closure of Lids

Natrum Mur is a significant medicine for cases of photophobia where the eyes tend to close on exposure to light. The eyes may water and there may be a burning sensation. Severe pain in the temples may be felt along with blurring of vision. Natrum Mur is also a high-grade medicine to treat cases of blepharitis where photophobia is marked. In such cases, other symptoms are also present that include acrid eye discharge and burning/smarting in eyes.

4. Conium – For Photophobia with Excessive Flow of Tears

Conium is a well-indicated medicine for managing photophobia with an excessive flow of tears. The photophobia is severe and the flow of tears is profuse. The person feels better in a dark room. The borders of the eyelid may be swollen. There may be ulcers present on the cornea. This medicine is indicated in cases where the eye pain gets better by pressure.

5. Glonoine – For Photophobia with Headache

Glonoine is highly beneficial for photophobia that appears with a headache. The headache is throbbing and congestive in nature. Headache is marked in the temporal region, and the person feels as if the head would burst from pain. Heat is also felt in the head, and there is a marked sensitivity to light. Flickering or black spots may also be seen before the eyes. The eyes get red, and there may be a dimness of vision. In some cases, vertigo also accompanies the above symptoms.

6. Arsenic Album – Where there is a Burning Sensation in the Eyes

Arsenic Album is a helpful medicine for photophobia with a burning sensation in the eyes. The eyes are sensitive to light, especially to sunlight. The person may lie in bed with the face buried in a pillow. Profuse, hot and acrid lachrymation is present, and the eyelids may stick together due to it. The eyes appear red swollen, the vision may become dim and a tearing pain around the eyes may arise from exposure to light.

7. Phosphorus – For Managing Photophobia with Pain in Eyes

Phosphorus is a helpful medicine for managing photophobia with pain in the eyes. The pain is intense and shooting in nature. There may be dimness or blurring of vision. The person may see black points or sparks before the eyes. Phosphorus also helps in cases of glaucoma with intense photophobia.

8. Sulphur – For Photophobia with Stitching Pain in the Eyes

Sulphur is suitable for cases of photophobia where stitching pain in the eyes is present along with sensitivity to light. There may be a feeling of fullness in the eyes when exposed to bright light. In some cases where Sulphur is indicated, there may be violent, pressive pains all around the orbit of the eye that arises upon exposure to sunlight. Redness of eyes is also marked. A sensation as if the eyes are full of sand is prominent. Itching and burning sensation in the eyes may also be present. Ulcers on the cornea with excessive photophobia and intense redness of eye also point towards the use of this medicine. Another indication for using Sulphur is keratitis with photophobia.

9. Merc Sol – For Burning Pains and Acrid Lachrymation

Merc Sol is indicated for cases of photophobia with burning pain in the eyes along with acrid lachrymation. There is a flow of hot tears from the eye. Along with this, tearing pains in forehead attend. Pain in the eyes may be present along with inflammation.

Causes of Photophobia

The causes of photophobia vary from mild to serious. The most common cause of photophobia is migraine headaches. The eye conditions that can lead to photophobia include corneal abrasion, dry eyes, conjunctivitis, keratitis, iritis, uveitis, blepharitis, detached retina, and cataracts. Sometimes photophobia arises following eye surgery. Photophobia may arise in certain brain conditions including encephalitis, meningitis, brain injury. Some medicines including furosemide, quinine, antihistamines, non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and sulfonamides can also lead to photophobia.

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  1. Hello Dr Sharma

    I am looking for help with extreme light sensitivity.

    Thank you Michelle

  2. Optic neuritis in right eye since 2003 mri scan showed nothing out of ordinary,
    last two years floaters and light sensitivity and reduced vision in left eye

  3. Prakash Kulkarni says:

    My father aged 62 is facing vertigo.he is also facing left headache,neckpain. sound in ear,closed noseand ear.he also facing double vision,cloudy vision,photofobia.

  4. Dr. Sharma Good day,

    i was reading your blog on photophobia as i think i started developing it. I am a 41 year male software professional. From last 5 years i started getting addicted to daily share trading, with my application screen black and red & green light blinking on it as the price moves upward or downward.

    For last 2 years i thought it is dry eyes , since i dont have any eye number, but now i am realising as i drive in night and opposite vehicle light cause pain in my head eyes and temple area (from eye to ear).

    I wanted to consult from you on the treatment of photophobia. I have Hypothyroid since last 14+ years and on 50 mcg thyroxin.


  5. Ahasanol Hasan says:

    Greetings, Dr. Sharma
    I’m Ahasanol Hasan
    From Bangladesh I’m a homeopathic medical college student, I like homeopathy.
    My age is 25 years. Also, I’m a freelancer, I’m feeling eye disease from the last 2 years like light-sensitive. When I’m focusing on the light I see shadow beside the light and light shade come to my eyes. Sometimes I see double text when using a mobile or computer. In low light or night time, light sensitivity is facing.

  6. Tapas samal says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,

    i am just conform migraine pentameter solve ya not??? because im suffering for migraine Light sensitive & sound before 1.5 year ….now use yelowpathy medicine but nothing result…can you tell me its problem permanent solve ya not for homeopathy medicine.

  7. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    I am MUSTHAFA from lndia, aged 55 yrs.old, suffering from Major depression, severe anxiety, panic attack with agoraphobia, head ache, giddiness, vertigo, OCD, Eye dryness, eye pain and strain, burning sensation of my eyes, glaucoma in first stage etc. Since 1978, am suffering from photophobia. This began when l met a colour film near the screen. I seen man ophthalmologist, Psychiatrist, Neurologist s. MRI Scan is normal, EEG is normal. I feel always severe fear without any reason. Kindly inform me any treatment available in homoeopathy.

  8. Hi
    I have a 14 year old son with photophobia, cluster headaches,
    Sensitive to touch, achy legs
    Likes to be active but tires quickly and photophobia prevents him from leaving his room
    His anxiety is high

  9. I have photophobia and want to try some of these remedy. Do they come in liquid form? Which form is better to use tablet or liquid?

  10. Good Morning, I have had this light sensitivityfor a couple of years. It has gotten worse – I get lots of mucus in eye and my eyes are so sensitive to anything in them. I can’t drive to far because of this – I’ve seen an eye doctor – he said I had severe dry eyes – he even put tear duct plugs in but my eyes rejected – now I’ve been getting migraines occasionally . No one can help me.
    I am 60 years old, female. I’m on nature thyroid but it hasn’t helped get my thyroid under control.

    Sometime I wonder if it is from the chemicals that are being put in the sky to create more rain.

    Thank you

    Pamela Corby

  11. Thank you Dr Sharma for your very interesting article about photophobia.
    I like to add that, 2 years ago (2017), I treated successfully this particular condition with a good complex B’s vitamins – vitamin B2 deficiency is linked with photophobia; you must take a complex B as the different B’s (vitamins) work in sinergy. with each other(s).

  12. Mieke Wolters says:

    And… Sometimes Photophobia may arise in certain brain conditions: as a whiplash !! Been there…. And 2 friends, and a neighbor and at least 3 others I talked about….

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