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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Low Testosterone

Testosterone is majorly a male hormone produced by the testicles. A small quantity of testosterone is also produced by the adrenal glands. Female ovaries also tend to produce a very small amount of testosterone. In males, testosterone production begins as soon as seven weeks after conception and it increases till age of 30 years. After 30 years of age, testosterone levels begin to decline.  Homeopathic medicines for low testosterone levels are Agnus Castus, Nuphar Luteum, Kali Phos and Avena Sativa.

Homeopathic Medicines for Low Testosterone

Homeopathy offers help in many hormone related health conditions including low testosterone. These medicines are safe and work on the root cause of the condition to improve testosterone levels in males. The treatment option available in the conventional mode of medicine is hormone replacement. These are temporary measures and carry a host of side effects. Homeopathy uses natural medicines to treat low testosterone levels and therefore, does not have any toxic side-effects. They help by stimulating the testes to produce sufficient testosterone hormone needed to carry out normal functions rather than temporarily supplementing testosterone from an external source.

Agnus Castus is used to treat erection difficulties arising from low testosterone levels in males. The genitals are relaxed with inability to attain erections in such cases. Nuphar Luteum is recommended to enhance sexual desire that is lost from low testosterone levels. Kali Phos and Avena Sativa are the best tonic for low energy levels and fatigue resulting from low testosterone.

1. Agnus Castus and Caladium – For Low Testosterone causing Erectile Dysfunction

The most effective medicines for low testosterone causing erectile dysfunction are Agnus Castus and Caladium. Agnus Castus is indicated when the genitals are relaxed and flaccid. Along with this, there is inability to attain erection. Sexual desire also diminishes in such cases. Caladium is one of the most useful medicines for low testosterone when erections are absent or weak. The condition is accompanied by mental depression and sadness. Sexual desire is present, but power is lacking.

2. Agnus Castus, Sabal Serrulata and Nuphar Luteum – For Low Testosterone Causing Low Sex Drive

Prominently indicated medicines to treat low sex drive resulting from low testosterone are Agnus Castus, Sabal Serrulata and Nuphar Luteum. Agnus Castus helps lost sexual desire. The genitals are relaxed and flaccid, with inability to attain erections. Sabal Serrulata is prescribed for loss of sex drive with atrophy of testes and is rated best among medicines for low testosterone cases of the type. Nuphar Luteum is recommended as one of the best medicines for low testosterone leading to complete loss of sexual desire. The genitals are relaxed. Involuntary emissions during stool and urination may also be present in such instances.

3. Acid Phos, Selenium, and Baryta Carb – For Low Testosterone causing Hair Loss

Medicines to manage loss of hair from low testosterone are Acid Phos, Selenium, and Baryta Carb. Acid Phos and Selenium are useful for treating hairfall from whiskers and genitals due to low testosterone levels. To deal with hair falling from the moustache, Baryta Carb and Selenium are indicated among the best medicines for low testosterone. Along with hair loss, erectile dysfunction may accompany such cases where these medicines will work as the most effective medicines for low testosterone. The dysfunction varies in terms of loss of erection, feeble/weak erections and premature emissions.

4. Kali Phos and Avena Sativa – For Low Testosterone that Causes Low Energy

Kali Phos and Avena Sativa are rated among the best medicines for low testosterone cases where the condition causes fatigue or low energy. Kali Phos offers immense help when marked fatigue and prostration are present. The person feels exhausted all the time. Depression, sadness, dullness of the mind and weariness are some accompanying symptoms. Avena Sativa is another powerful tonic to enhance energy levels. It is indicated when intense debility and exhaustion appear. Difficulty in concentration, sleeplessness are other related complaints to look out for while prescribing Avena Sativa, rated among the best medicines for low testosterone. It is also one of the best medicines to deal with weakness associated with over indulgence in sexual activity.

Functions of Testosterone in Men

In males, testosterone plays a primary role in the development and maturation of male sexual organs such as testes, penis, scrotum and prostate. In addition, it helps in developing secondary sexual characters in males. These characters include increase in muscle and bone mass; growth of hair in armpits, beard, mustache, pubis and on chest; voice deepening; maintaining sex drive and normal sperm development.

Causes of Low Testosterone

The normal total testosterone levels in males vary between 300ng/dl – 1000ng/dl. A total testosterone level below 350ng/dl is considered low. When testicles produce low testosterone, the condition is referred to as male hypogonadism. The causes of low testosterone levels are congenital abnormality (Klinefelter’s syndrome), undescended testicles, orchitis, injury to testicles, pituitary gland disorders, obesity, stress, alcoholism, radiation exposure and HIV. In addition to this, testosterone levels start to drop down after age of 30 years.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

  • In foetus life, low testosterone leads to underdeveloped genitals
  • During puberty, low testosterone levels impede growth of testicles, penis, and hair. Development of muscle mass and bone density are also hindered
  • In adults, low testosterone levels cause erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, infertility, low sex drive, hair loss, breast development, loss of muscle strength, decreased bone density (leading to weak, fragile bones prone to fracture – osteoporosis) and lowered energy levels

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  1. Sir i have low testosterone level at the age of 39 years old. At the age of 8 year old i got my one testicle back into into scrotum due to surgery . So kindly issue of reason of my low testosterone level

  2. Raza bhatti says:


    • Raza bhatti says:

      Helo sir i am 24 YRES OLD i am very tense


  4. Jill wheatley says:

    I’m looking into treatment for low testosterone for women as I’m having many issues with fatigue , heat, chills,nausea, forgetfulness etc

    My blood work shows very low testosterone

  5. hi

    My energy level is very low.My age is 32 year.Having tiredness all day,
    Plz suggest me for treatment…..

    sonu 8130250907

  6. Mehwish latif says:

    Hi it’s mehwish here my husband have low sperm count and viable as well please do let me know what I have to do

  7. Low testoviron level I have plz help

  8. Abdur Rahaman says:

    I am 68 years old,a diabetic patient. I am suffering from erectyle dsfunction since a pretty long time. More over my penis retracted and it is hardly one inch. There is frequent urination and there may be secretion of prostatic fluid. I am very weak . One homoeopath gave me Lycopodium 200 once in a day for 7 days but the situation worsen and I became very weak. Agnus castus, baryta carb, conium, selenium also given. But I got no result. Now I am taking allopathic medicine for diabetis.
    Please suggest me some homoeopathic medicine so that my penis does not retracted. It became so small that when I pass urine then urine falls on my pant or clothings. Please suggest some medicine so that I may be recovered.
    I shall be thankful for this act of kindness.
    Thanking you,
    Abdur Rahaman

    • dilip wareatkar says:

      sir’ I am 69 year old I am suffering premature ejeculation my penis becom short not sufficient blood supply ie erectile disfunction also feeling low energy level
      facing difficulty in day to day routine work pl suggest medicene to solve problem. Thank you.

  9. Anupam Saraswat says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I am 40 years old. From past one year i am having problem in maintaining erections.
    Last year my testosterone level was 216.
    Erections stays for a shorter durations and a regular need of physical stimulus is required .
    please suggest whether homeopathy can be helpful in naturally increasing the T levels and erection problems.

    • Peter j de Luca says:

      Hi Dr.

      I am 68 years old and have low testosterone. I have low energy and low sexual drive. I can still get an erection and occasionally have a sexual desire. But the erection is not strong. My attitude is good and I am creative in life. My health is very good. I eat mainly a plant based organic diet. What homeopathic medicine do you suggest?

      Peter de Luca

    • Low testoviron level I have plz help

  10. Hello,
    I am 22 years old and I was born with my testicles located below my stomach. They were then operated and brought to their natural placement. Years went but still there was no growth and almost both are dead leaving me with a tiny old sex drive. Due to this reason I suffer from lie testosterone levels and no facial hair and even with a small hight. Kindly do guide me for Homeopathic treatment. I’ll be really glad if you could help me.

  11. N.Ramachandramurty says:

    i am suffering with right side testicle swollen since one month small pain please suggest correct homeo medicine for reducing the testicle swollen

  12. Addsh mandhan says:

    Namaste Sir ,
    Mujy left testis me pain hai or sex drive b low h morning erection b nai hota .. to kindly suggest me someting good .thanks

  13. Aviji Dasgupta says:

    I am 47, I am suffering from ed & pme, testosterone level below 350mg. Pls suggest medicine

  14. Aftab Alam says:

    Dear Dr Sharma I am 32 years old and I have erectile dysfunction problem for 5-6 years and this is not sexual desire and secondly testis vans are narrow. Please prescribe the homeopathic medicine for this problems.

  15. Age 46
    Sperm low quantity( in my 30 it was more even if i did 5 or 6 times)
    2nd times erection difficulty( earlier can do 6,7 times)
    1st time premature ejaculation
    Second time less desire for having sex
    Hight 5.7′ wieght 96kg
    Is it low testosteron condotion
    Head hair loss rapidly

  16. I m 52 yrs old male facing muscle destrophy for last about 15 yrs. MD type is limb girdle. Homeopathic treatments for me is available?

  17. Harpreet says:

    I am 50 years old dealing with erectile dysfunction, hair loss and weight loss. I am having erectile dysfunction for last 3-4 years. I recently diagnosed with diabetis and prescribed with Metformin. Please help me out with this situation.

  18. I Have Diabetis .Very low in sex power. Its seem like low in Testosterone. Takeing metformin for suger control. Could I use Testostheron Thanks!

  19. Supratim Bhowmik says:

    What is the best medicine for boosting testosterone levels

  20. Veronica’s says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma! I have a 14 year old son, who is extremely tall for his age. Doing all the testing, his only abnormality is low testosterone due to undecended testicles. What homeopathic medicine would you recommend for him ? His thyroid is well, and all other books work is normal. Thank you!!!

  21. Asim Mirza says:

    Hi, i am suffering from severe joints and bones pain. In the diagnoses process, i have got number of medical tests. From sime of them i have receive abnormal situation like.
    Low vitamin D as 15
    Low testosteren
    & uric acid 6.5.
    I am also facing the issue such as:
    Hair loss
    Forgetting things
    Low sex drive ( sometimes getting discharge before start)
    Erection issue on 2nd time preparation.
    Stess and depression ( fear to face people and matters)
    Unknown fear)
    Getting white hair befor the age of 30 and now i am.35.

    Plz guide me whats ahould i do to cure above stated issues.

  22. ANUJ saxena says:

    Hi …I am 45 years old men.i am having no body hair ,chest hair and very less beard.but having no sexual problem .I am taking testis sicatti 2 tab 3 times daily,Will it be effective..or else suggest me some other medicines.

  23. Gerber Pure says:

    Have Diabetics and my bally getting bigger and bigger. Very low in sex power, can’t hold it even 10 seconds….. Its seem like low in Testosterone. Takeing metformin for suger control. What do you think about bally fet + low sex power can be cure by homeopathic. Thanks!

  24. Alison mark says:

    Can you please tell me where I could buy these herbs in the US for male low testosterone
    Thank you

  25. Hello Doctor,
    I found some hair growth on face, chin, upper and lower lips, on breast and Fordyce granules on my lips. I am 30 years old and I have a one child 10 years old. I found small amount of muscular body like men. Please suggest me some homeopathic medicine. My period is still regular. All this symptoms found in this month.
    Thanking You

  26. Hi sir have done many out of which one was testasterone test as there was offer going on in per report testterone level is only 188 and vitamin d level is 15 only.
    After going through many articles came to know any hypogonadism. By reading article Now fearing.also pls suggest

  27. Hi, I want the real stuff. I want homeopathic testosterone for my husband and homeopathic estrogen-progesterone or something similar that works just as good. We have tried herbs and it didn’t work. We want this so that we can get pregnant. We are both in the 1st year of periMenopause/periAndropause. We eat really healthy and we go to guru’s meditation teachers.
    Husband has lowered energy levels after work and my husband has no sex drive. He sleeps well. My biological age is not the same as my chronological age because of being around enlightened beings. But my husband drinks alcohol to relax and destress, one to two glasses of wine every other night before bed and it makes his heart beat fast. So I have had to sometimes sleep in the other room because his fast heartbeat makes my heart beat fast. If you believe that all of the nerves are connected in the body then I need to tell you about my husband’s health. He had strabismus in one eye due to nerves in that eye. The ophthalmologist injected the nerve in his eye with a chemical and now his eye is straight. Does that affect the nerves in the erectile part of the penis, I don’t know? Then also in high school, my husband was kicked twice in football (Peyronie’s disease? He doesn’t have hard tissue in that area.) Please let me know if you can help. Thanks

  28. small penis size and scrotum
    hair loss , premature ejaculation, nervousness during bike drive

  29. I am 46yrs old feeling weak erection, premature ejeculation and low sexual desire.

  30. Manoj Pandey says:

    My age is47 years and I am suffering from erectile dysfunction when I stretch my penis in bathroom I get erection but loose it at the time of intercourse please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  31. Muhammad Rafi says:

    i was sufring last 20years testical problem no testis produce testosterone and sperms i already test last 5 year ago . no sperms count . i have used 2 years homeopathic medicine dr vikram kirti videos ashoghandha & damiana mother tincher with conium 200 tistes 200 and caladium 200 but this time no restule and no responce . last 10 years ago i was surgery left tistes report doctor ask your tistis is puncher no produce testosterone in your body and no sperms . plz ask me what i do

  32. Mere testosterone level low hai
    Sperm count bhi low hai
    Penis size chota aur patla ho Gaya hai
    Hair fall ho raha h aur growth bhi slow ho raha hai

  33. Rizwan Sheikh says:

    i have low testosterone related metabolic condition. i used testosterone replacement and stopped it because of hypertension and other side effects.
    is there an effective homeopathic way of boosting your testosterone levels

  34. Gyanendra Sabharwal says:

    I taking saball serrulata and ferry pic for BPH . Can I take agnus castus also for ED

  35. m sharma says:

    nill erection and small penis problem low sperm

  36. Dear doctor.
    I am 40 yrs old. I consult my doctor for laziness and weakness issue. He suggest a test of serum testosterone. And result is 126. Pl advice

  37. Mohd Ahmad says:

    Nil sperm man
    Are you sure ?
    I take testis siccati 3x
    Please clear above homeopathy medicine
    My problem solve or not
    Thanks Doctor
    Mobile phone 8081555138

  38. mahfuzur Rahman age 47 y says:

    i am suppering from one year ago for empotency when i go to near my wife than my penis is very lose not response in the time of intimate pls give me solution or what medicine use for my empotency or erective disfunction

  39. Rajendra Singh Chauhan says:

    To increase testosterone which Medine may be effective for me. I am 50 yrs. Old and now my teststerone level is low.
    Kindly suggest.

  40. Nagendra swain. Age 55 yr says:

    I suffering errectile dysfunction,low sex activity and hairloss on head.

  41. I am 45 years old man and weak in health. Since last . December I have found that my penic is unable to erect properly.if it erects then it discharge

  42. Dr. Aatif Majeed says:

    Hi this is Dr. Aatif from Pakistan. I have patient aged almost 46 years happily married since last 18 & half years and father of 6 children 2 elder daughters then 3 sons and then one younger daughter of 6 years of age. He has a unique problem of erectile dysfunction i.e. he has no problem is sex desire, at times he finds premature ejaculation but not all the time and he told me that he has learned the art of controlling premature ejaculation by adopting different useful measures. The main and only problem he has is unique semi erection and this problem he has since pre marriage he got the full erection at the time of foreplay and even at the time of intercourse but that full erection does not provide the full strength to the organ. Like at the time of full erection the organ does not still like a piece of wood and it can be bended or folded to lower side and this erection also does not last for a long time. He has adopted many treatments like Homeopathy, Allopathy and Tib e Unani but could not get rid of this problem. He knows that he is not able to satisfy his partner due to this lackness especially at this stage and age of life so he is more worried about that now.
    Could you help me out suggesting a best remedy/treatment for him to get rid of this long outstanding problem and ease out his future life a bit.


  43. YATENDRA KUMAR says:

    Asphalt Q is good or not for sexual desire?

  44. YATENDRA KUMAR says:

    I feel weak erection of penis ,I also effected from disturb of sleeping,and taking alopetic medicine so I can take ashwagadha

  45. I have low testosterone level. It is 257. I feel
    severe erectile dyfusion.
    Please give me suggestions.

  46. Hello, sir

  47. Satendra singh says:

    Sir my age 28; my testosterone level 384 what I do ; pls suggest me …

  48. Am having problem with my sexual not getting enough interest for the activity.and taking lot of time for penis is getting small and having disfunction for erection.and the volume of semen also very less on normal intercourse.yle masturbation am not having any problem

  49. Hi,i can help you in this can call me on 8655970882

  50. Imran khan says:

    How long we have to take this medicine to gane normal level of testosterone

  51. s h Prasad says:

    I’m 61; diabetic and BP for 17 years. Has sexual desire but erectile dysfunction. Please suggest medicine

  52. Liaqat saeed malik says:

    suffering from erectile dysfunction and almost end of sexual desire. What medicine to take me. Kindly guide me. My age is 55 please suggest some medicine

  53. SAJIEED SHAIKH says:


    I have low Free Testosterone level. ED Problems, Short Penis 4″ length 1.5 ” round.
    I want Increase Free Testosterone level. solve ED Problems and upto 8 ” x 6″ Penis size
    I have More Belly Fat age 42 running

  54. Hello doctor I am 41 yr male suffering from hypothyroidism since childhood and now my testosterone levels are very low and doctor advised me for trt but I hv heard very side affects of this. So pls advice me. I need ur help.

  55. surinder Gupta says:

    Dr. Sharma
    My testosterone level is very low and i feel tired , lethargic and started having knee joint pain recently.
    My Vitamin D3 level is also low. kindly suggest some medicine.


    Surinder gupta

    • Testosterone kya hota hai Gynycomastia ko testosterone kahty hein?

    • Asok Ray says:

      I Asok Ray , 47 yrs. have suffering from erectile dysfunction and almost end of sexual desire. What medicine to take me. Kindly guide me.

  56. Penis becomes very small like a child when flaccid, problem causes since my childhood now my age is 30.

  57. Hi, I am 43years male. I am 5ft 8inches. My weight is 58kg. Since early days I was having pretty mature ejaculation. From last 6monts I feel significant reduction in ejaculation. Quantity is very less and feel ache in muscles after ejaculation.
    And I got major hair loss in last 3 years. Please suggest some medicine with dosage.

  58. Dhananjay singh says:

    Dear Sir
    I am about 30 years old. And I have very less no. of beard. I want a dense beard. By the way I have dense moustache. And I am confirm that this is not a hereditary problem with me as my father or grandfather have dense beard and moustache.
    Please help me.

  59. Dhananjay singh says:

    Dear Sir
    I am about 30 years old. And I have very less no. of beard. I want a dense beard. By the way I have dense moustache. And I am confirm that this is not a hereditary problem with me as my father or grandfather have dense beard and moustache.
    Please help me.

  60. Ankul verma says:

    Sir meri urine ke sath white drop ate hai aur bahut jyada pain hota h iske liye hum kya kare

  61. My name is Ram Das. I am 23 years old. I want to know that how to get hard erection of my penis and how to build my sperm thick and how to increase sexual time like 30 minutes? Can I develop these through homeopathy treatment? Which medicines are effective for improvement Kindly send me the name of proper homeopathy medicine and tell me how much quantity I have to use. Don’t need to call please mail me as soon as possible Hope to get a positive reply Thanking you .

  62. 80 years old male diabetic on insulin for more than 35 years has very low Testorone level. I have used Agnus Castus 30C for 6 months & still no improvement.

    I am trying to be active & use weight exercises & walking.
    Please advice me. Thanks

  63. Akhilesh kumar says:

    Elevated FSH HORMONE,SMALL TESTICLES,LOW TESTESTERONE HORMONE,THIN AND 4″ PENISE SIZE age 34 years weight 70kg kya eska treatment possible hai? Please tell me right now.


    I suffered from erectile dysfunction and pre-mature ejaculation. I am taking homeopathy medicine since 10 days. Pls tell m how many day will take place to cure the said problem.

  65. Vinit Agarwal says:

    I m 398 years male suffering from sugar,high bp thyroid nd erectile dysfunction .My certain level is 1.03,tsh is 3 ,sgpt 25.
    I have 1 daughter but wish to hav another child but cannot because of erectile dysfunction problem since 7-8 months.Pls Help.

  66. Hi doctor I’m Sunil i am 27 year and i am suffering from klinefelter syndrome and in this time my penice and testes undeveloped I’m use testosteron injection every 21days but I’m not satisfied with the treatment pls tell me some treatment in homeopathy

  67. Sir i am 39y old.i got married 8 years ago but no child. According to my report i have nil sperm, my fsh is 22, Lh is 15, testesterone is 264 and my testicle size is small( 1.5 inch in length 1 inch thick) and my testicles remain tight maximum time in day and some time they are loose/hanged pain in testicles. My semens is very thin. Please suggest me best homepethic medecine for this. Thanks

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