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7 Homeopathic Medicines for Nystagmus that Work

Nystagmus is a condition characterized by uncontrollable involuntary movements of the eye. It may affect one or both the eyes. Nystagmus is also known by the name of dancing eyes. Homeopathic medicines for nystagmus are prepared from natural substances and cause no side effects. homeopathic medicines for nystagmus

Homeopathic Medicines for Nystagmus

Homeopathy offers a natural treatment for nystagmus. Homeopathic medicines can treat nystagmus very effectively and are very safe to use without any side effects. The type of nystagmus and the attending complaints of blurred vision, sensitivity to light, dizziness, and problems with balance are all considered while making a homeopathic prescription for nystagmus.

1.Physostigma – Top Grade Medicine for Nystagmus

Physostigma is a natural medicine for nystagmus that is prepared from the bean of a plant called Physostigma Venenosum or Calabar Bean, of the natural order Leguminosae. Physostigma is a top listed homeopathic medicine for treating nystagmus. Symptoms that indicate the need for Physostigma include dimness of vision or blurred vision, involuntary eye movements, sensitivity to light and a drawing sensation in the eyes.

2. Agaricus -Effective Medicine for Nystagmus

Agaricus offers a natural cure for nystagmus in cases where there is obscured vision and dizziness. Reading often becomes difficult for them, and the letters seem to move while reading. Sensitivity to light is also present, along with pain and soreness in the eyeballs. A heated sensation in the eyes and lachrymation (stinging tears) may also be present.

3. Cuprum Met – For Side to Side Movement of Eyes

Cuprum Met is a natural remedy for nystagmus with a side-to-side, pendulum-like movement of the eyes (horizontal nystagmus). The rotation of eyeballs is quick and rapid. Aching or pressing pain in the eyes may be present along with a bruised pain in the eyes.

4. Benzinum Nitricum – For Up and Down Eye Movements

Benzinum Nitricum offers a natural treatment for nystagmus where there are up and down eye movements (vertical nystagmus). The eye movement is constant and slow, and the vision may be distorted or blurred. Photophobia (fear of light) may also appear. A sensation of the eyeballs being enlarged may also be present.

5. Stramonium – For Nystagmus with Constantly Rolling Eyes

Stramonium is an effective homeopathic medicine prepared from the plant Thorn-Apple, of the natural order Solanaceae. Use of Stramonium is considered for cases of nystagmus where the person rolls eyes constantly. An attending complaint of strabismus (squint) is present in many cases, along with heaviness of the eyes. The vision becomes dim and the letters seem to move and get blurred while reading. Twitching of lids along with intense sensitivity to light may also be present.

6. Gelsemium – For Nystagmus with Dizziness and Balance Problems

Gelsemium is an effective remedy prepared from the bark of a root of a plant called Gelsemium Sempervirens of the natural order Loganiaceae. For using Gelsemium in treating nystagmus, the eyeballs move from side to side. Dizziness and problems with balance are prominent. Dimness of sight and double vision are accompanying symptoms.

7. Magnesia Phos – For Nystagmus and Srabismus (squinting)

Magnesia Phos is a natural medicine for squint accompanying the condition of nystagmus. Dullness of vision, headache, vertigo, and sensitivity to light is present. Spasm of eyelids along with watering from eyes (lachrymation) may be present.

Cause of Nystagmus

Nystagmus arises when the part of the brain and the inner ear that regulate eye movements don’t function properly. Nystagmus may either be present at birth (congenital nystagmus) or develop later in life (acquired nystagmus). Nystagmus can be related to many conditions that mainly include eye problems like strabismus, cataract, a family history of nystagmus, head injury, brain tumours, stroke, multiple sclerosis, inner ear problems like Meniere’s disease, albinism, certain medicines like lithium or anti-seizure medications (phenytoin), Vitamin B 12 or thiamine deficiencies, and alcohol or drug abuse. In many cases, there is no reason specific reason for nystagmus.

Signs and Symptoms

The primary symptom of nystagmus is a rapid, uncontrollable movement of the eye. The movements may be present in one or both the eyes. These movements can be from side to side (Horizontal nystagmus), up and down (vertical nystagmus), or in a circle (rotary or torsional nystagmus). The person may move and keep the head in certain positions that help in reducing eye movement and facilitate better focus. A person with nystagmus may have blurred vision and complain of difficulty seeing in dark, sensitivity to light, dizziness, and problems with balance. Tiredness and stress tend to worsen the symptoms of nystagmus.

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  1. Sudisht Mohan says:

    Hello mam,
    My daughter is 5 years ,she has congenital nystagmus,how can we reach for your consultation,is there any treatment for congential nystagmus.

  2. Imdad Khan says:

    Sir, my son is eight years old and he has been suffering from congenital nystagmus. He is using spec of – 6 in both the eyes.

  3. Trish Aulenbach says:

    I have been suffering with nystagmus for almost 4 years now. I had a brain bleed in my brain stem due to a cava noma that ruptured in my brain stem. My right eye shakes up and down and my left eye shakes up and down and sometimes to the right and left. They are constantly shaking and never stop. I was wondering which Homapathic medicine would be best for me.

  4. Md Dilnawaz Alam says:

    Hi sir
    My 5 year son have nystagmus since birth . He received medical treatment from opthalmologist and neurologist , but problem still remain.
    Requesting you please guide me if there is any treatment from your side.
    With regards
    Md Dilnawaz Alam

  5. Suchit Surana says:

    Dear Dr
    My daughter is suffering from Nystagmus
    I want to show her to you how can I get an appointment

  6. Mohammad saqib says:

    Hi sir
    My 5 year son have nystagmus since birth . He received medical treatment from opthalmologist and neurologist , but problem still remain.
    Requesting you please guide me if there is any treatment from your side.
    With regards
    Mohammad saqib

    • Abdullah pate says:

      Hii Sir
      I am suffering from nystagmus since birth & when i concentrate on one thing there is involuntary mild movement of neck

      • Hello doctor good morning i have an nystagmus by birth and my vision is 20/60 with glasses so is there any way to see better then this any medication to treatment available let me know thank you

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