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Homeopathic Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus

Oral lichen planus (OLP) is an inflammatory condition affecting the mucous membranes inside the mouth (inner surface of the cheeks, tongue, gums inner surface of lips and palate). This condition leads to the development of white, lacy patterned lesions or sores in the mouth. Homeopathic medicines for oral lichen planus help heal the lesions and sores and also treat the attending symptoms like pain, burning sensation, and bleeding from the lesions. Merc Sol. Plantago and Borax are the top homeopathic medicines for oral lichen planus.

homeopathy oral lichen planus

Homeopathic medicines for oral lichen planus.

Oral lichen planus is an auto-immune disease. The T-cells of the immune system get activated and attack the lining of the mouth, resulting in inflammation and lesions. Some trigger factors linked with oral lichen planus include hepatitis C virus infection, some medicines (like those used for high blood pressure and diabetes), mouth injury, allergic reaction to dental materials like dental fillings. Oral lichen planus is also seen to run in families.

Homeopathic Treatment of Oral Lichen Planus (OLP)

There are excellent medicines in homeopathy to treat cases of oral lichen planus. The homeopathic medicines are of natural origin and ensure safe and natural recovery in cases of oral lichen planus. These remedies are selected individually as per the prominent features presented.

Homeopathic Medicines for Oral Lichen Planus

Merc Sol – Top Homeopathic Medicine for Oral Lichen Planus

Merc Sol is a natural medicine for oral lichen planus and works very effectively in cases where there are red and inflamed patches in the mucous membrane of the mouth. Multiple sores appear in the mouth along with lesions inside the cheeks, tongue and the gums. The sores may be painful and have a burning sensation. The mouth and gums are inflamed with sores that tend to bleed. The tongue is thickly coated along with a with a characteristic symptom of excessive saliva in the mouth. A bad, offensive, fetid odor from the mouth is present in a majority of the cases. A metallic, coppery taste in the mouth is present along with the above symptoms.

Plantago – Natural Remedy for Oral Lichen Planus

Plantago is a natural homeopathic medicine prepared from a plant Plantago major commonly known by the name of Ribwort. This plant belongs to the natural order Plantaginaceae. Plantago works well in cases where there are sores in the mouth and bleeding from the gums attended with a putrid smell from the mouth. The tongue is also coated white. In my clinical practice, Plantago has proved to be highly effective in many of my patients suffering from oral lichen planus.

Borax – For Oral Lichen Planus with Painful Sores in Mouth

Borax is next very useful homeopathic remedy for oral lichen planus cases. Its use is considered in cases where there are painful, tender sores in the mouth are present. Mostly the sores appear on the tongue and inner surface of the cheeks. The sores (especially on the tongue) may hurt due to movement of the tongue as well as spicy food. The sores on the inner surface of the cheek and tongue also tend to bleed. A heated sensation and a bitter taste in the mouth is predominantly present in the mouth along with lesions. Borax is also a well-indicated homeopathic remedy for oral lichen planus attended with fungal infections of the mouth.

Natrum Mur – For Oral Lichen Planus with Lesions with Burning Sensation

Natrum Mur is an effective homeopathic remedy for oral lichen planus lesions attended with a marked burning sensation. The sores appear on the tongue, inside the cheeks, and on the gums. There is an intense burning sensation in the sores. This is aggravated when food or drink comes in contact with the sore. The speech also becomes difficult due to the burning pains in the sores. The sores are also very sensitive.

Nitric Acid – For Stinging Pain in Sores in Oral Lichen Planus

Nitric Acid is a useful homeopathic medicine for managing stinging pain in the sores of oral lichen planus. In some cases, pricking and splinter-like pains are present. The sores are present inside the cheeks, the inner side of lips and edges of the tongue. The sores are deep and have a swollen surface. The tongue may be coated white or yellow coated. A foul odor from the mouth is also present.

Kali Mur – For Oral Lichen Planus with Sores and Fungal Infection of Mouth

Kali Mur is a natural medicine indicated for oral lichen planus with sores and fungal infection of the mouth, in a manner similar to homeopathic medicine Borax. The sores form inside the cheeks and lips and are white with a grey base. There may be stinging and burning sensation along with a sour taste in the mouth. The breath is fetid, and the tongue is coated greyish white.

Phosphorus – For Oral Lichen Planus with Bleeding from Sores

Phosphorus is a natural medicine for treating cases of oral lichen planus. In cases requiring Phosphorus, the sores appear on the inner surface of the cheek, tongue, gums and the palate (roof of the mouth). These sores tend to bleed easily. Increase in watery saliva is well noted with bleeding lesions. The saliva may have a salty or sweet taste.

Kreosote – For Oral Lichen Planus with Sores and Inflammation of Gums

Homeopathic medicine Kreosote offers a natural cure for oral lichen planus in cases where there are sores and inflammation present on the gums. Those affected may have bluish red, ulcerated, inflamed gums that tend to bleed easily. A putrid odor from the mouth is also present in most cases.

Signs and Symptoms of Oral Lichen Planus

The lesions in oral lichen planus appear in the form of white, lacy, thread-like patches/as red, swollen, painful patchy lesions, or as sores in the mouth. The lesions may appear on the inner surface of cheeks, tongue, inner surface of lips, gums, and palate. The sores can be painful, may have a burning sensation and may bleed too. Eating, drinking, speaking worsens the pain mostly. The sores may be sensitive to hot and spicy food. Some complications of lichen planus include intense pain in lesions, stress, scarring of lesions, fungal infection in the mouth, and weight loss when the person avoids eating because it causes pain in sores and increases the risk of mouth cancer.

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  1. Kalpana Chaturvedi says:

    I have been diagnosed with erosive oral Lichen Planus! Doc has put me on 100mg of Dapsone! My body is not dealing with it well! Can’t take steroids either! Have Sarcoidosis on skin & in lungs! They tried steroids for that and that backfired with bad reaction!
    Need to try Homeopathy treatment. If there is any?

  2. Marina Bennett says:

    Hello, I have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus by a dentist. He just subscribed a steroid mouthwash which I’m not happy with as it just addresses the exterior asthetics and not the underlying cause. It’s a fairly recent eruption in the mouth within the last couple of years but I have had itchy skin on arm, legs and body for decades with rashes, but they heal up ok. My mouth is sensitive and sore to certain foods and fluoride toothpaste, I have white scar like lesions on side of tongue and inside cheeks. It’s getting worse and the steroid mouthwash isn’t working. I think it’s associated with my underactive thyroid.
    Please could you recommend a certain homeopathy treatment with dosage and what form it has to be in; liquid or capsules…ect.?
    Thankyou so much for your help.

  3. Sayyed Salman ali says:

    Hellow i my name is salman i have also burning sensation in my gums some time i feel like white but dnt know exactly still am. Not diagnosed but please help why is burning in my gums

  4. Margaret Novosel says:

    I have very painful sores on my tongue and have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus. Doctors have tried many remedies but nothing has helped. Please let me know if there are any natural remedies for this. Thank you.

  5. Ajay Kumar Mishra says:

    Sir,one night before 25 yrs,I got sudden heavy thrush in my whole mouth and tongue, every test bud grown like long means hair type ,tongue vains becomes bluish,that night I used alcohal rum,eaten packaged tind mutton in my defense mess,that night iued one gutha also but I slept withouty mouth gargaling,taken so many homeo, allopathic and ayurvedic also , on base of tongue soany fixed painless bp is there,pls advise effective way to get rid of .

  6. JOGENDRA Kejriwal says:

    I am suffering from oral lichen planus more then 6 yrs.
    Left side of my tounge is affected so I can’t eat spicy and hot food .

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey, same here and my cheeks included. Possible dental allergy from my denture/partial from the materials used in the alagam base. As well some teeth work done, bio compatibility testing for dental material might help?

  7. Neena Sharma Nguyen says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    I have been suffering from Oral LP for about 7 years and although inside my mouth it has been for the most part controlled the lesions on my lip come and go and when they come each episode is more painful and each time treatment takes longer to heal. This time my doctor gave me tacrolimas 0.1% but the lesion is burning and almost pulsating. Do you have any recommendations.

  8. Hi Dr Sharma I have OLP 3.5 years and also systemic lichen planus. I have tried many remedies including merc sol which made my symptoms do bad I had to stop. I’ve also tried ignatia and nux vomica which does nit seem to have had an effect. My gums are red raw and bleed when brushing. Can you please advise on any remedy you think might work. Many thanks

  9. Amol Sawale says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have OLP since long time (from 2 year). Situation very chronic, I not able eat regular food. Weight loss. Lesions are spread in all over in mouth. Please help me.

    • Sayyed Salman ali says:

      Hellow i my name is salman i have also burning sensation in my gums some time i feel like white but dnt know exactly still am. Not diagnosed but please help why is burning in my gums

  10. Sandra Murray says:

    Can you help please. My mam is 75..has olp, lesions & blood blisters & daily pain, has listcweight, has a cough, and is very depressed at this stage as we have tried lots of things. She takes warfin from a previous heart valve replacement so we need to try something help her pain that will not interfere with her warfin. Can you help us at all please
    Sandra Murray

    • Hi, I have OLP, but not sure which homeopathic medicine to take. Symptoms are white, flakey marks, burning tongue and mouth in general, gums are iinflammed and bleed a bit. None of the syumptoms are severe, but I can’t eat spicy foods anymore. I thought ignatia and nat mur, but really am at a loss.
      Any help is appreciated.

  11. R S Tyagi says:

    Good evening Dr. Sahab,
    Previously, I was suffered with Lichen Planus on my body which has been cured by Homeopathic medicines. Now I am facing OLP for which I was treated with Homeopathic medicines. This time, inflammation occured after taking spicy food has reduced, but still not cured. I am not aware which medicine was given to me by Homeopathic Doctor. Which medicine should I take? I am also suffered with osteriopacis and sinus.

  12. Sunita kapoor says:

    Hi dr sahib.

    I hve oral Lichan planus since long time

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