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9 Supportive Homeopathic Medicines for Osteomyelitis 

Osteomyelitis refers to an infection and inflammation of a bone that can arise from bacterial or fungal infection entering the bone. The bones commonly affected are the long bones in the leg and upper arm, pelvis and the spine. In some cases the infection in a bone can occur suddenly while in others it develops gradually in some time period. Homeopathic medicines for osteomyelitis cannot reverse the damage already done, but can help halt further progression of the condition. Osteomyelitis

Causes and Risk Factors 

Majority of its cases result from infection by a bacterium called staphylococcus bacteria. In osteomyelitis infectious agent can invade bone via different modes. Firstly, infectious agents from some other body part may enter bone through blood stream (for example an infection from from the lungs or urinary bladder can travel to bone via blood stream). Secondly the infection can occur directly in the bone as from some surgeries like joint replacement and repair of fracture. Thirdly it may follow an injury. In this case puncture wounds, deep cuts in a body part can get infected and the infection can spread to the nearby bone. Infection of a bone may also occur from direct bone injury that result in breaking of the bone with a part of bone coming out of the skin.

Elderly people are at high risk of this osteomyelitis.

A person having a recent injury or surgery to bone is also at risk.

Next persons with poor blood circulation are at risk of bone infection (this is because in case of poor blood flow the cells that help fight infection  can’t reach the  infection site properly in the beginning and the small mild infection of the initial stage tends to get bigger and can infect the bone). Some of the diseases that have poor blood circulation include peripheral artery disease – PAD  (a circulatory problem in which arteries are narrowed that result in decrease in  blood flow to the limbs. In this disease the blood flow to legs, arms but mostly legs is reduced than what is normally required for proper functioning. This disease mostly occurs from build up of fatty deposits in the arteries), uncontrolled diabetes, sickle cell disease (a group of inherited disorders that affect the red blood cells.  The healthy red blood cells are round and carry oxygen to all parts of the body. But in these disorders the red blood cells look like crescent moon shaped or like C-shaped farm tool known as sickle and become hard and sticky. These sticky cells tend to die early resulting in shortage of the red blood cells and these cells also can get stuck in the blood vessels  that result in slow blood flow and deficient oxygen supply to the body parts).

Other than this use of urinary catheters, intravenous tubes, dialysis machine tubes, artificial joints can also lead the germs in the body and increase chances of an infection that can  also lead to osteomyelitis.

Apart from these suppressed immune systems as in uncontrolled diabetes, cancer treatment and use of corticosteroids raises risk of infection. Lastly smoking, alcoholism and use of  non – sterile needles  also increase the risk.


The complications that can arise in it include death of the bone from obstruction of the blood flow, bone collapse, growth impairment of bones in the children and infection of the joints. In case an open sore develops with pus drainage then the skin nearby has increased risk of developing squamous skin cancer. 


The signs and symptoms of this infection include pain, swelling, warmth and redness in the infection site. It may also be tender and stiff. Next weakness, irritability and unwell feeling may be present. Fever can also be there. It may be accompanied with chill or sweating. Other than  this there can be difficulty to use the affected limb or limping may occur. There may occur drainage from the infected area. But in some cases no signs and symptoms occur. Most times in children this infection is acute that  comes on quickly but in adults it can either be acute or chronic. In children it mostly affects the long bones of the arms and legs while in adults it usually affects the spine, hips, and feet.

Homeopathic Medicines for Osteomyelitis 

Homeopathy offers supportive help to manage the cases of osteomyelitis along with conventional treatment. Though the homeopathic medicines can’t reverse the damage already occurred but can help in halting further progression of condition. These medicines help the body to fight with the infectious agent by increasing the body’s self healing mechanism and reduce the bone inflammation. These also help to manage its symptoms including swelling and pain in the bones. This condition is serious and can lead to severe complications so it is advised to take homeopathic medicine for its management only under supervision of a homeopathic physician and never do self medication. Use of these medicines is recommended in mild to moderate cases but in severe cases, and in those having complications it is advised to take urgent help from conventional mode of treatment

  1. Aurum Met – Top Grade Medicine

Aurum Met is a leading medicine in homeopathy for managing osteomyelitis. It is well indicated when bones are inflamed and attended with pain especially at night time. For using it mostly the bones of the face are inflamed. The bone damage is attended with pain. The pain can be boring or tearing. It can also be stitching or burning in nature sometimes. Mostly the bones of the forehead,  upper jaw,  nose  are swollen where it is required.

  1. Fluoric Acid – For Damage to Long Bone

This medicine is indicated for cases in which damage occurs in the long bones. Pain is present in the bones in cases needing it. The pain is worse at night. Excessive weakness usually accompanies it. It is also indicated for cases where pus drainage is there from bones. 

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Bone Swelling and Damage

It is the next medicine having marked action on bones. It is beneficial to manage bone swelling and damage.  In cases needing it pain in the bones is felt. The pain is boring or stinging in nature. In some of the cases the pain can be pulsating type also.

  1. Mezereum – For Bone Pain Worse from Least Touch

It is a natural medicine prepared from fresh bark (gathered just before the plant flowers in February and March) of plant Daphne mezereum having the common name spurge Olive. It belongs to the family thymelaeaceae. This medicine is useful when the pain in bones mainly long bones is there which is worse from least touch. It also worsens at night in bed. It is also beneficial to manage burning, boring types of pain in the bones. Next it helps when there is pain in the bones of the thigh and leg. Lastly pain in feet bones at night is also indicative of its use. 

  1. Silicea – For Sensitive Tender Bones

It is the next medicine for managing cases where the bones are very sensitive and tender to touch. The bones are inflamed, swollen and damaged. It is suitable when the nasal bone is painful when touched. It is sore. It feels as if this bone is beaten. Other than this it is helpful for managing pain in the bones of the face. For using this medicine the facial bone pain is mostly shooting in nature. Lastly it offers help when there is swelling and damage of the bones of the lower jaw.

  1. Phosphoric Acid – When it Affects Hip Joint

This medicine is effective for managing osteomyelitis of the hip joint. Apart from this it is beneficial for inflamed bones accompanied with burning type of pain usually at night time. Next it is also prominent medicine for cases in which there occurs a smarting type of pain in bones of limbs  at night. Another indication for using it is smarting pain in bones which is better by motion. It is also useful for swelling of bones of the hands and feet. Last characteristic symptom indicating its use is bone pain at night with sensation as if bones are being scraped with a knife.

  1. Conchiolinum – When Ends of Bones are Inflamed

Use of this medicine is considered when there is inflammation of the ends of bones. It is attended with pain, swelling and fever. Extreme pain on the slightest touch is also present. There may also occur pus formation. The bones mainly involved for using this medicine are  bones in the upper limb (humerus, radius, ulna), bones in leg (tibia, fibula), bone of lower jaw,  scapula, tarsal, and metatarsal bones.

  1. Achyranthes Calea  – For Acute Osteomyelitis in Adolescents

This medicine is prepared from dried plants commonly known as herb of fever. It belongs to the family amaranthaceae. It is a rare but well indicated medicine for managing cases of acute osteomyelitis in adolescents. 

  1. Carcinosin – For Chronic Cases

The last medicine in the list of homeopathic therapeutics for managing cases of osteomyelitis is Carcinosin. This medicine is specifically indicated for chronic cases of bone infection.

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  1. Sanjib Kumar Roy says:

    I am suffering from chronic Osteomyelitis since 2017, though the portion of affected bone removed, still there is discharge from the bone. Is there any remedy for permanent solution in homeopathy? Please advice.

  2. Dr. sb

    AFter leg surgery, implant installed 8 month ago , i have puss at site. Staphyloccous bacteria

    no relief even after antibiotic


    Can homeopathic medicine cure acute osteomyelitis?

    • On 02.12.2020 i have injury on left leg below knee and above ankle and rod implanted.
      On 15.06.2021 alot of infection/puus created after daily dressing around 15 days Clindamycilin antibiotic tablets and injection taken.
      But again infection starts in August 2021 so atlast implanted rod at the time of injury was removed on 28.08.2021.
      But again infection/puus created in December 2021 again i take antibiotics but at atlast again a medicated rod was Implanted to remove infection on 12.02.2022 i suffering from chronic osteomyelitis in my left fractured leg.
      Kindly help
      So in near future this problem not create

  4. How to apply arnica Montana hair oil sbl company

  5. Hi Dr Sharma,my left leg bone got infected and after multiple surgeries (8) hip joint was replaced and after that infection is found in Knee joints and doctor’s not able to find exact place where infection is found in leg bone….. every time they advised me to do surgeries whenever required.It is horrible situation for me and pls suggest best medicine to cure bone infection.


    My friend has severe diabetes and had to have big toe amputated due to bone infection. Now he is losing the next toe. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

  7. Can we treat chronic osteomyelitis through homeopathy simultaneously with allopathy treatment

  8. Padma Ciel says:

    Good Evening Dr. Sharma,
    I humbly request your advice for our rescued ‘Bobby’ cow; a steer named Ryker who is now 4.
    He has lumpy jaw. We have been treating him with herbs and immunity boost, also poultices of flaxseed/herbs under his large jaw abscess. The abscess was reducing but just recently he doesn’t want to walk; he limps then shuffles, then sits. It is too painful to walk I think ? Is this a symptom of his lumpy jaw? (Like osteomyelitis but with a grainy sand like discharge along with foul smelling pus)
    We don’t want to lose him. We worked so hard to heal him. The vets anti biopics did nothing. He has pain and swelling.
    Could you recommend a remedy please?
    Kind Regards
    Padma Ciel

    May all being s be happy and safe.

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