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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

What is Paralysis?

Paralysis is defined as loss of muscle function resulting in inability to move the affected part. The cause behind paralysis does not lie in the muscles but in the nervous system. The main causes of paralysis are stroke (poor blood flow to brain leading to cell death), trauma, nerve injury, poliomyelitis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Paralysis can be localised or generalised. Localised paralysis affects the face, eyelids, hands and vocal cords. Generalised paralysis includes monoplegia (paralysis of one limb), hemiplegia (paralysis of an arm and leg on one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of both lower limbs, the urinary bladder and rectum are also usually involved) quadriplegia (paralysis of both arms and legs).

Advantage of Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy offers a wide range of Homeopathic medicines obtained from natural plant sources to treat paralysis. The extent of recovery varies from person to person. The earlier the Homeopathic medicines are started, the higher are the chances of a positive outcome. Homeopathic medicines for paralysis are safe for long term use and have no associated adverse side effects.

Recommended Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

The top recommended Homeopathic medicines for paralysis are Causticum, Plumbum Met, Conium and Arnica. Causticum is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the face, vocal cords, urinary bladder, eyelids and limbs. Paralysis following sudden exposure to cold air also demands prescription of Homeopathic medicine Causticum. Plumbum Met is one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the limbs where the condition is accompanied by emaciation. Homeopathic medicine Conium is known to effectively treat ascending paralysis. The symptoms begin in the lower limbs and ascend upwards. Arnica is rated among top grade Homeopathic medicines for paralysis following stroke and spinal injuries.

Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Causticum and Cadmium Sulph – Top grade Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of face (Bell’s palsy)

High grade Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the face include Causticum and Cadmium Sulph. Causticum is one of the best Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of face on the right side. The symptoms worsen with opening the mouth. Paralysis from sudden exposure to cold air or from suppressed skin eruptions also points towards use of Causticum. Homeopathic medicine Cadmium Sulph is recommended for facial paralysis of left side. The mouth gets distorted, with difficulty in swallowing and speaking in such cases.

Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna – Effective Homeopathic medicines for paralysis after stroke

A stroke is mainly a brain attack arising either from obstruction of blood supply to the brain or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Prominent Homeopathic medicines for paralysis after stroke are Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna. All three medicines are equally effective in treating paralysis resulting from a brain stroke. These medicines are natural and focus on healing loss of muscle function after a stroke.

Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid – Best Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of ascending type (Guillain-Barre’s syndrome)

Guillain-Barre’s syndrome is a disorder whereby the immune system attacks the nervous system and causes weakness and tingling sensation in lower limbs which ascends to the upper part of the body. Homeopathic medicines for ascending paralysis include Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid. These are the most effective medicines for treating ascending type paralysis. Conium is selected when the complaint starts with weakness in legs and difficulty in walking. This initial complaint is followed by the symptoms spreading upwards. Plumbum is one of the most useful Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of ascending nature where atrophy and emaciation accompany the loss of muscle function. Picric Acid is prescribed when tired, weak heavy sensation begins in the legs and moves to the upper body parts. Burning in the spine also appears predominantly in such cases where Picric Acid has shown remarkable results as the best among Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the ascending type.

Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph – Top Homeopathic medicines for paralysis after spinal cord injury/trauma

On the list of Homeopathic medicines for paralysis from spinal cord injury, Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph are majorly indicated. All three medicines are equally reliable and can be considered as effective treatment options while dealing with cases of paralysis from spinal cord injuries. These medicines, as all other Homeopathic medicines, are natural, with no linked side effects.

Cocculus and Causticum – Wonderful Homeopathic medicines for paralysis that is localised

For localised paralysis of the vocal cords, Cocculus and Causticum are rated among the best Homeopathic medicines. To deal with localised paralysis of upper eyelids, Physostigma, Gelsemium and Causticum are considered the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for paralysis that is localised. These medicines are the most prominently indicated and need to be administered for quite a long time to get positive results.

Stannum and Lachesis – Top rated Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of one side (hemiplegia)

Stannum and Lachesis are remarkable Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the left side. On the other hand, significant Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the right side are Plumbum Met and Opium. The selection of medicines is based on the detailed case history of the patient which is painstakingly recorded. The extent and time of recovery depends upon various factors including duration of the disease, severity of the disease and how early the treatment is started.

Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum – Best Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of lower limbs (paraplegia)

Homeopathic medicines Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum are the most reliable among Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of the lower limbs, also called paraplegia. The person who needs to be prescribed Picric Acid will have paralysed legs. The feet may appear cold. Burning sensation in the spine is another prominent symptom. Lathyrus is indicated when emaciation of lower limbs appears along with loss of function. The legs may appear bluish in colour in such cases. Spastic paralysis of lower limbs also points towards use of Lathyrus as the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for paralysis of lower limbs. Homeopathic medicine Causticum is most helpful where the urinary bladder and rectum also get paralysed along with the lower limbs.

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  1. DR,G,R,G,Krishna swamy says:

    Dear dr.sharmaji,,,my uncle is suffering from right at home on spoon feeding,,,chewing well……physiotherapy doing…….english medicine treatment completed……..even though i am a children specialist…..i had great trust in homeopathy……MRIbrain report is left intrenal cerebral artery thrombus(no hemorrahage)he is fully concious…….face paralsis improvoed,but right side both limbs paralysed ,,,,with help he is able to sit in chair ,but need support……….i willbe life long thankful ifyou can send medicine by pot…..we will your consultation&medicine fees to your account OR if medicines if you prescribe through e mail we ccan buy from homeo medicine shopif commercially available…..patient age 84 yrs ,male, no other problems like B.P,DIABETES.he was a hard worker in cultivating land…..when he was middle aged he used to smke cigar…now for the last 33yrs he stopped smoking….please send your advie….we can not bring patient personally to you……..he is living in town SAMALKOT-533440,,,,,,,yarlagadaa ramarao-his name c/o sri rama kanakadurga medial shp….opposite railway kalyana mandapam,,,,east godavri district,,,,andhra pradesh….india….if any more detais you need ..i can emailyou sir….please help there any hope with hameopathy…..he got STROKE 2 months back,,,,,he has voice ,but husky&not cleaar.he can spell small words in very low voice….THANK YOU Awaiting yor reply ..he is with urinary catheter,,but he can feel urine coming sensation……coming sensation…during nights,,, for our comfort foleys catheter kept.,,,2weeks back canged to new catheter

  2. Good evening sir My husband has got left side paralysis 4 months back Now he walks but no knee and feet movement while walking .no movement in arm and hand.kindly suggest best homopathic medicine

  3. G K Mishra says:

    Good Morning and Happy new year
    My wife paralysed left side hand leg and also in face area, I have given Causticum 1M in 10- days inerval,
    Some improvement is getting in Left Leg bu there is no improvement in Left Hand, So suggest Best effaective Homeopathic Medicine for Paralysis

    G K Mishra

    • G K Mishra says:

      Good Morning and Happy new year
      My wife paralysed left side hand leg and also in face area, I have given Causticum 1M in 10- days inerval,
      Some improvement is getting in Left Leg bu there is no improvement in Left Hand, So suggest Best effaective Homeopathic Medicine for Paralysis

      G K Mishra

  4. dear sir,
    my father is with paralysis .right leg and arm get affected kindly help is plumbem met and opium helpful.

  5. sir, jai hind, my 12 year dog has suddenly got his rear legs paralysed, otherwise in good health. pl suggest what medicine should i give. i fully trust homeopathy. for last one weak , my dog is being given arnica montana 30c and hypericum 30c ,4 drops of dilution thrice a day. being a sportsman myself i have always got relief using homeopathy. pl suggest a remedy.

  6. Kishore Pujari says:

    Dear Dr.
    Good morning. I have one Rotwheler aged about 5yr.
    Her back person is paralysed. No movement of the back portion. Please advise me the homoepathy drugs will be effective.
    Thanking you.
    Kishore Kumar pujari

  7. Spine L1FACTURE urine stool problem

  8. Russell Harrison says:

    Dear sir I suffered and survived a hemorrhagic stroke in 2010 and I am paralyzed on my left side arm and leg and I am looking for ways to restore the use of my times I was watching a clip on YouTube about homeopathy and Googled to research more and came across your website. I am asking for recommendations. Thank you in advance.

  9. Sanjay kr Mahato says:

    Meri ma ki age 65 hai .aur authorities vi hai.aur left side effected hai paralysis se .from 1 yrs. Plz bataye ki kon sa medicine use kare.


    —————-Sanjay kr mahato. INDIA

    • Om Prakash Verma says:

      Sir, my mother aged 80 yrs has sudden paralysis due to cold exposure in morning after bath. The affected parts are right side and not able to speak. In CT scan there is blood clotting and tests are normal. Please suggest medicines.

    • Hello my mother had paralysis attack on right side 4 week ago she is diabetic and has hypertension
      Now she can walk with support but feels weakness
      Physiotherapy is going on
      What to do kindly tell

  10. shiv dev kumar sehgal says:

    sir after singles/hypes joster I am feeling pain in my little fingure and ring fingur of my right hand and pain in palm on these fingur sides .my both fingurs feel burning not able to grip .plese advise.

  11. Raktima Dangui says:

    My daughter 21yr had met with an accident on 21st jan 2018 she had spine injury.she has been operated with inserting rod but she is paraplegic with catheter having uti mostly..please sir help .

  12. Basant pal says:

    My mother had a back fall. She was diagonsedto have little fracture in D12. The doctor advised not to go for operation. Her both limbs have paralyzed after fall. The incident took place on 20 th of sept 2018. Main problem is that she can’t sit for a while and complains of acute and chronic pain at lower back and hip.we are treating allopathetic but no use. Physiotherapy is going in. Is there any medicine to solve the problem of acute pain in homeopathy at once . if yes let me know the treatment.

  13. Gopal Krishan Mishra says:

    My wife met brain stroke date on 04-09-2018 in Right Brain and left side body effected , Left side Hand and Leg movement is ZERO, She is feeling sensation in Left Hand and Leg
    First day I have given Causticum 200 and then 1000 weekly, Kindly suggest more effective medicine for left side paralysis

  14. Dr.Husna Afeef says:

    Welldone sir, u have defined every medicine very well and differenciate wisely. Sir what remedies will suit to treat paralysis caused by polio of left leg.

  15. Mam i m feeling tingling sensation of right face muscles including eyelids n both lips from past two days nw feeling like my lip becme little crossed wt cn i do i m feeling tensed

  16. B RAMAMOORTHY says:

    siri am suffering with HEMEPLEGIA SINCE FOUR YEARS.I HAVE UNDERGONE MITRAL STENOSIS SURGERY IN THE YEAR OF 1980.In the year of 2016 i was attacked with pancreatis my age is 61 and i am non diaetic my left lower limb and upper limb are not functioning.can you kindly suggest me recovery procedure frm hemeplegia

  17. Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu says:

    My mom had a stroke attack about 16 weeks ago. Her speech is much better now. But she is unable to move or even stand on her own.
    Can you please recommend anything for us?

  18. Sir, my father had brain stroke in the mid-June. His left side is not working. Voice and left eye sight has gone and he is just lying on the bed after two months ICU treatment. His condition is as same as at the time of stroke. Please suggest medicine and time period we have to wait till his recovery. His age is around 73.

  19. Can u help me with abdominal muscle paralysed
    Hii I’m 20 years old and when I was 14 years that time I was sucking stomach belly inside and holding breath for long hours. And it’s been several years. my problem is breathing. I’m experiencing chest breathing not adominal breathing and my abdominal muscles are not expanding its like ribs are tight.  and I was holding tight abdominal inside…

  20. Gurudas Dutta says:

    Left leg paralised after a stroke before six months. Pl. Mentione dose of medicine.her age is 69 years.

  21. Gurudas Dutta says:

    Left leg paralised after a stroke before six months. Pl. Mentione dose of medicine.

  22. My wife 62 years old. She is heart & diabetes patient. She paralysis on 19 /11 /2017, during Angioplasty due to blood clot in brain. After treatment she able to walk. & do some light work with hands. But she has not full sansation In left side, not able to wear Chappell freely & fingers of left hand not bent completely. Please Advise for further treatment.

  23. Rajneesh Kapur says:

    Sir, my mother is an octogenarian. She had a brain clot last 25 August weakening her right side followed by a slight stroke. Now she is able to move her limbs slightly but not in her senses. Kindly suggest a potent medicine. I am a student of homoeopathy but you are expert in it. Please reply at the earliest.

  24. I have chronic inflammation and the Drs do not seem to know what is causing it, after blood tests etc. It came on very suddenly after pregnancy, where the pregnancy itself was fine, postpartum I dramatically lost range of motion in most of my major limbs and developed incredible weakness out of nowhere. I have always been stiff from the waist down but after having babies (I am a married woman, in my thirties now) something changed and I am now unsure of my feet because my reactions are slow and I feel internally weak. This has prevented me from exercising as I feel I would only do my fragile body damage and I cannot briskly walk like I used to. Now I am overweight and have some minor spleen/ gallbladder issues as well as puffiness in extremities which I have no explanation for. I know Homeopathy is meant to be very good for a whole host of things and I have tried all sorts of other things to no avail. It has been a few years since my last pregnancy now and I thought things would have moved on by now or stabilised, but aside from getting slightly better, I am still afflicted. What is your opinion, or advice please?

  25. Pardeep saini says:

    I have problem of vericose veins in left side used R42 dr.rwckweg for at least 7 months no progress. Noticed same position suggest me some effective medicine for this

  26. My penis going to curving shap

  27. Shashi Freeman says:

    hello Dr Sharma
    a friend’s husband is prone to depression , is an alcoholic, smokes, and was suddenly paralysed in the
    legs. X ray shows the spine is ok, lying in hospital bed. please help. Thank you

  28. Dear sir, My mother is 66 yrs old ,she paralyzed right side of body (right leg and right hand) since one year.walking after medical treatment but after stop the medicine,she is now filling again repeating the same. She is also diabetic since last four years….pl advise me. Thanks &regards RK Singh.

    • LALIT DHINGRA says:

      Dear Dr,
      I am 39 years old. 15 years back I had a brain stroke due to rheumatic heart disease. I have difficulty in speech and numbness in left side of my body.

  29. My father have paralysis in left side after stroke ,also diabetes .age 65.
    He is enabled to walk and see.
    I read through Google .
    Please suggest for .
    Waiting for your valuable response.

  30. arvind rawat says:

    my father aged 63 after a stroke not able to speak and walk

  31. Kaushik Sarraf says:

    Nov 2017 stroke , was on RT feed , current situation unable to speak and eat properly left side weak . Problem in walking.

  32. Randhir Kumar says:

    Homeopathy for senseless knee

  33. Sandip Kumar Saw says:

    Dear Sir,
    My father age is 52 years and he is engaged in a job.
    But his voice is not clear after stroke everything is fine but voice is not clear .
    Stroke date 13 Aug’2016.
    Please suggest me which medicine is suitable for my father .
    Also i would like to inform you that his open heart surgery done on 13.07.2003.
    RHD valve replacement.
    So please carefully suggest me sir.
    I hope you help me on this matter.


    Ma maman a fait un AVC en 2008 et s’est totalement remise. Après plusieurs années et de micro AVC elle est aujourd’hui à 73 ans, aphasique, démente, déambule et fugue dès que possible.*Elle se met tout le temps en danger et touche à tout.*Elle ne mange plus toute seule et a besoin d accompagnement pour tous les gestes de la vie.
    Parfois elle penche de côté.
    Ses doigts sont toujours entrelacés et elle sers fort quand elle tient quelqu’un et pince .
    Merci de vos conseils

  35. Dear Dr . Sharma,

    I love Curry Curry/turmeric has Brain repair, DNA repair, restored motor deficits benefits, but there are 4 elder ladies living in my host family house in Portland, you can’t let 4 elder ladies eat curry except for Asian elder ladies. I was diagnosed with brain cancer for 16 years, I suffer paralytic right hand and right leg for 9 years. (needs to restored motor deficits)

    “Homeopathic medicine Causticum is most helpful where the urinary bladder and rectum also get paralysed along with the lower limbs.”

    After chemo, I wetted my clothes/pants so many times, do my urinary bladder and rectum also get paralyzed? Does Causticum help me?

    Thanks, Kind regards,

  36. MOHAN THATI says:

    Dear Sir,

    My mother age of 75 years she has got a stork on 15 june 2017 and paralysis of left hand and leg . We have taken to hospital sand injection is given within 4 hours she has recovered and came to normal. again nest day shed had got more blood clot in the brain and attacked the left leg and hand and we are given physiotherapy from last one year she can walk only somebody support only 10 meters and she will get more pain. please advise for homeopathy medicine


  37. Ashok Sharma says:

    My Mother suffereda stroke on 27th June morning and wa shospitalised for about 10 days .

    Now she is back home but cannot speak , recognise and no body movement . She has been paralysed for her right side .
    She is taking food and medicine orally through ryle tube .

    Advise how to treat her .
    warm regards
    email- mobile 9999998601.

  38. Sir
    My father had a paralysis attack 8 months ago. Currently he is not able to move through his both legs. He finds difficulty in walking. He slowly walks max of 10 meters at a time . He is too weak to walk and move.
    He is not diabtic. Sometimes he suffers from high BP

  39. My mother-in-law aged 76 had a brain stroke on 4th may 2018. We rushed her to care hospital and there they diagnosed it as brain stroke after the CT scan. they put her on ventilator for 3days. When she got the stroke her lips moved to left side,she lost speech and her right arm and leg got paralysed. After 12 days the doctors advised us to take her back home and the same treatment can be given at home too. We brought her home along with oxygen cylinder as they advised. She was almost unconcsious for 4days and the feeds were given through nasal pipe. All the 4 days her glucose level was above 500. Then we administered 20 points of insulin 3 times a day for about 20 days. Past ten days we are giving her homeopathic medicine. We started with one dose of Arnica 200. The next day one dose of Lachesis 200. Then the next day on dose of Clematis {bach flower remedy) followed by gelesemium 200 with one dose on the next day and then causticum 200. Now her lips have come to normal. After about 4 days of this treatment her vocal cord has improved. we are able to hear the sound but there is no clarity in her speech. Past four days i’m giving her mashed cooked rice with rasam and dal through the afternoon feed and she is relishing it and able to swallow as it is mashed. The day i brought her home, she is only on the liquid feed through nasal pipe with 9 feeds per day with an interval of 2hours per feed. Every afternoon at 12 and 2pm i give her vegetables boiled and mashed soup with drumstick leaves and any 4 or 5 vegetables. The other feeds are oats soup, raagi soup, jwar soup, barley soup. She is on the bed with urine bag. I noticed that after giving her food through moth she is able to pass motion more frequently than earlier. Can her food pipe be taken out? At home i’m onlygiving her physiotherapy. Now she is trying to move her right arm holding with left arm.Now she is aware about her self. she is listening to the songs over the mobile phone. She is recognizing people who come but is not able to speak clearly. What further treatment do you suggest for her improvement. What diet can be given? is it oral or nasal feeding? She is refusing to take the vegetable soup orally as there are green leafy vegetables. She is a diabetic and cardio patient.

  40. Nehru pal says:

    Cerebral parenchyma abnormal t 2 flare

  41. HEMANT SHUKLA says:






  42. GAGANKANT says:

    My mother aged 87 had a fall on 18th Jan 2016 which resulted in paralysis of the right side. Now she is unable to walk, doesn’t talk properly, she has loss of memory and is unable to do her personal work.
    Another patient my wife is a patient of MS since 29th Aug 1996 she has undergone spinal surgery after that she used to stand up now at present she is unable to walk do her personal work she is also unable to talk properly because of speech problem she has been administered ATT on the onset of MS assuming that at this age of 32 one doesn’t have such problems.
    Please guide me as I am alone to look after both the patients.

  43. nemchandra says:

    Hi Dr Sharma
    I am 64 years old and have suffered paralytic attack 2-1/2 years back. My left side body including both hand and leg not functioning. I took Ayurveda/acupuncture treatment and also have been doing physiotheraphy. But still not able to stand, walk. I only walk with support of walker and still lot of stiffness in hand & leg. Can you please suggest.

    • Mohit Goel says:

      My Mother 63 years old and have suffered paralytic attack 7 Months back. Her left side body including left hand and leg not functioning. She is taking Ayurveda/allopath treatment and also have been doing physiotherapy on regular basis . But still not able to stand, walk and still lot of stiffness in hand & leg. Can you please suggest

  44. Surinder Kumar says:

    My daughter is pregnant (6 month running and complete on 15 june.). On 7th June, her left side face feel as tienes and shee is not abe to fill air in her mouth. When she drinks water , the same meaning from the side of her mouth. She have some difficullty in speaking. Hand have mild pain back side of her left aise ear. Please suggest medicine. Not she has 6 months pregnancy.

  45. Naresh kumar says:

    Sar mery patni age 60 ka 1year pahle heart ka by pas kraya tha opretion thik ho gaya tha dusare din night ko bp down ho gaya thaorsans lena band ho gya dimak me oxizon ki kami se hypoxia ho gya jis karn dono hath pero me peralaicis ho gya margdarsan kre

  46. My Mother had a light stroke ,which led to her one hand not functioning Please can you help.

  47. imran hossen says:

    my mother is injured from 7 years . her left sides are effected from her
    please kindly tell me some solution for my mother. we are very unhappy of this matter .

  48. My was suffering form paralysis from last 5 years and he walks with support with stick and now past one month on wards sugar doun and he can walk properly and he can stand alone if we take Homeopathi medican he walk he age is 72

  49. Hay sir mera naam Bantu hai agra se sir
    Vocal cord paralysis hai voice nahi nekalti hai kya karo

  50. Manjeet singh says:

    Sir mere bhai ko high bp ke karan right side ka hisse me stroke aaya h .age 28 bp something 180 190

  51. Dipak kumar mohanta says:

    Dear sir Mera age 35 hai. Mera ser main chhakar aati hai. Ghum Kar baithne se or sone se or subha uthna se. 4/5 saal pehele Mera Ek ankho main kuch samay dekhai nehi diya tha. My sugar levels 180. Ab 120 hai diobonil use karta hun. Pressure normal hair. Please sir help me. Chakar main Bhi kami aye hai.


      sir, my mom is petint of paralysis one side from last 3day the ataac is minar she moved har hand very slow but her left leage is not moving
      her dibatic is normal and BP NORMA
      her age 66

  52. masood ahmed says:

    sir I have suffering paralysis of leg and hand left side since two years too many medicine I tried but cannot cure is there any hope in homeopathy

  53. Ashoke Kumar Giri. says:

    I have been suffering fron paraplegia due to since 1999. Pl.assure me how I can revive with homeo medicine.

    • Ashoke Kumar Giri. says:

      I had a spinal injury at D3 section,1999.l have been suffering from paraplegia since the moment.Every limb below chest is beyond sensation.Pl.suggest ,how to get over from this hellish situation.


    One of my friend had suffered injury in his both legs. Now it is difficult for him to bear weight of body on these legs. Can Homeopathy help him treating the said problem. Is any homeopathic medicine out of – ARNICA 200, SYMPHYTUM 200, RUTA 200 and CAUSTICUM 200 shall be helpful for treatment of his problem. Please advise for any other medicine, if required.

    V.K. MITAL

  55. Mahmud Hossain says:

    Hello, I am Mahmud Hossain from Bangladesh. I have a question to stem cells 21. My mother was affected by brain stroke 1 years ago and it does not complete or recovered. He has already stroked three times. He was recovering even after two consecutive strokes But after a third stroke, he is not getting well. However, no side effect has seen her body but Can not eat and not talk with the mouth.she can recognize everyone and every organ is active. My question is whether there is any treatment or medication that can be recover my mother ?

  56. Priyanka khedekar says:


    My husband 37 years old suffered a spinal cord shock on 2nd Sept 2017 and was operated for cervical decompression with laminectomy c5-c6to d2 with d1d2 dissectomy. Now he is paralegic.He just lifted sofa for few mintues and after 3 days he had spinal shock at home. and the sugery was done very next day within 24 hrs. only his hand were working and chest down he was pralayse

    At present physiotherapy is going on and he is walking with braces(kfo) and walker .his upper body is able to balance well till his waist.

    He can sense bowel and urine but cannot control it.

    kindly guide regarding homepathic medicine.

  57. Abbas Khan says:

    Kindly help my father who is suffering from brain stroke for the past one month..


  58. Debasis Ghosh says:

    What type of Homeopathy medicine you suggest for a partly paralysed (left hand) aged 86 years female patient.If any medicine suggested by you then please recommend the dosage.
    She surpassed a cerebral attack a year ago but it was not known about Homeopathy medicine.

  59. Pintu kumar roy says:

    Mera left hand pure sukh gaya hai. Kam karna band kar diya hai. Accoding to EMG/ncv report se mera bimari Anterior horn cell bimari hai. Yah 12 saal purana bimari hai.
    Sir please hemeopathy treatment battle.


      sir 3 january 2017 ko mary do mohray dab gae the jis ki waja say meri haram magaz ki nus dab gae the mera urain block ho gaya tha or stool bhi pass nahi ho rah tha or dono legs sun ho gae the ,neuro surgan ka mashwara tha k oprat ho ga jo meny karwaya magar oprat k bad mera urain out of control ho gaya ha stool bhi pass nahi ho rah ha or legs bhi sun ha magar pehly say behtar ha mardangi bhi khatam ho gae ha meri age 39 year ha koe behtar mushwara de may zidagi say tang ho gaya ho pichly 1.4 year say

      • QAMARUDDIN MEMON says:

        Hi ! Dr. Sharma

        sir 3 january 2017 ko mary do mohray dab gae the jis ki waja say meri haram magaz ki nus dab gae the mera urain block ho gaya tha or stool bhi pass nahi ho rah tha or dono legs sun ho gae the ,neuro surgan ka mashwara tha k oprat ho ga jo meny karwaya magar oprat k bad mera urain out of control ho gaya ha stool bhi pass nahi ho rah ha or legs bhi sun ha magar pehly say behtar ha mardangi bhi khatam ho gae ha meri age 39 year ha koe behtar mushwara de may zidagi say tang ho gaya ho pichly 1.4 year say


  60. Sir my mum got stroke in the month of jan27 2018 at that time she can slowly manage to speak little bit but again on 28 of March she had her second stroke and now to she can speak nor she bring out her…… So sir what will be the best for condition. She is 76 years of age. At present we are continuing with physiotherapy

  61. Chandru Gurbaxani says:

    Post viral bronchitis and pneumonia my mother’s (78yrs) CN IX nerve is not working. Hence she is required to breathe through trachestomy suggest homeopathy remedy

  62. Ajay kumar swain says:

    my mother suffering paralysis patent-ion right sight arm and leg not working properly since 2012 to

    how i treat …..

  63. Rajan sharma says:

    Sir an accident occour With me on 25 Dec 2011as a result about 15 stiches are back of head in means part as a result head injury occored with me nowa days i facing problems like
    Diplopia in very small extent in right eye
    No stiffness in right shoulder and arm and little bit in chest
    Balance problems
    Stiffness problems from upper right sholuder to
    Rigt foot
    Problem in writting in standing positions
    Means right part of the body is not active and slightly parslysed
    Please suggest me proper homophathic medicens with potency

  64. paritoshmadhab chaki says:

    homoeo medicine for afemale patient of 55years her legs are becoming weak very slowly and she is almost unable to walk patient prefer cold chilly sour

  65. Gillian Boardman says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I wrote to you a while ago. Our son is recovering from Guillian Barre, three years and four months now. He is making progress and has some set backs he fell and broke his foot a year ago. He is back on his two crutches again now. His balance has improved but is still not fully there his left leg is a lot stronger and he is still having some bladder iusses having to pass water at least once or twice a night. He is still having physio and doing lots of rehab his self he won’t stop till he walks again.Could you tell me the homeopathic remedies for his balance,bladder iusses and full strength in his left leg he can put weight on it and walk it is his balance which is holding back. I would be grateful if you could tell me which remedies our best for these problems. He lives alone in Australia we his parents live in the Uk. I am worrying everyday it would be such a help if you could advise which once are best of each iusse. Kind Regards Mrs Gillian Boardman

    • Mrs Gillian Boardman says:

      Hi Dr Sharma, I wrote to you some time ago about our son he is still recoverying from Guillian Barre, now three years and seven months. The problems he has he is stilling working hard and execisesing every day and has physio to get full balance back it is a lot stronger but still not fully recovered and he still has to get up at leases once or twice in the night to pass water. His left leg is still a bit weak but much stronger than it was and he has muscle and strength to put weight on it and walk on it. His balance is holding him back. Could you recommended a homepathic remedy for his balance and to help with his bladder. He lives alone in Australia we his parents live in the Uk. I would be so grateful if you could help with theses issues. The worry for us as parents is terrible. Look forward to your reply. Kind Regards Mrs Gillian Boardman

    • my sister now hands and legs not movement,16th april2018 GBS ATTACK and ccu comma 12 days after seance came,now position 3nd position not movement body,hands and legs.more weakness,dry all body. what medicine taken for increased good life.

  66. POMESH SAHU says:

    My problem is neurological disorder my full body witness Ian not able to walk both leg and arm affected speek well start my problem back pain one weeks after then left leg suddenly week problem to walk than I admit to hospital after four days full body is affected

  67. My mother age 88,had severe pneumonia.She had stopped recognizing also had speach problem.She was admitted on 3rd March n was treated but she had paraletic attack on 8th affecting speach,n right side .She is still in hospital kindly advise.

  68. 1) i had paralysis from scissor leading to Right brain hemorrhage in 2013…
    My current issues are
    – Paralysis in left leg
    – Urine Incontinence , Erectile dysfunction and recurring UTI due to inability to void bladder

    Can i take arnica for my healing of brain nervous tissues and take causticum along.. (if yes, kindly suggest on dosage and frequency);
    or any other medicine would you suggest

  69. A. jerang says:

    My both legs is not moving for waking properly and my foot and toes are numbness and burning. But sensitive in both the legs. It’s happened from lower back. For thise disease any hameiophetic medicine to cure it.

  70. Bibhu Prasad Mohanty says:

    I am paralysed after brainstroke in last July..y left sodeface and shoulder. have problem please suggest medicine

  71. हेमन्त यादव, 20/2, यादव कालोनी, जबलपुर-482002. says:

    डॉ साहब,
    मै 58 वर्ष की उम्र का व्यक्ति हूँ।मै विगत 5 वर्षो से पेरप्लेजिया से पीड़ित हूँ, मैं चलने में असमर्थ हूँ, मैं स्वयं से उठकर बैठ नही पाता हूँ केवल बिस्तर में लेटा हुआ हूँ।मेरी फिजियोथेरेपी दिन में एक बार होती है।मल की सफाई स्वीपर करते हैं, मूत्र त्याग मैं स्वयं पॉट मे कर लेता हूँ।कृपया उपचार बताएं, ताकि समान्य जीवन से जी सकूँ।

  72. Pinakin payel says:

    My grandmother is 65 she have left side paralysis she suffer for bp pls give advice sir

  73. Prasad rawool says:

    My mother is 60 year age she have right side paralysed last 10 Years .she have BP and diabetes .she cant walk .sit.cant talk.

  74. बोबी पंडित says:

    श्रीमान जी मेरे पिता को लकवाग्रस्त हुए एक साल हो गया है उनका बायीं तरफ का पूरा हाथ से लेकर पाँव तक का हिस्सा बेजान पड़ा है सभी प्रकार की दवाई दे चुके हैं पर ज्यादा फर्क नही पड़ा।वो अब भी असमर्थ है । कोई होमेओपेथी दवा बताये जिससे उनकी स्थिति सामान्य हो सके। डॉक्टर ने बताया कि उनके दिमाग की कोई नस ब्लॉक हो गयी हैं जिस वजह से ये हुआ।उन्हें कोई और बीमारी नही है ।लेकिन वो हार्ट की दवाई लाते हैं कई साल से डॉक्टर के परामर्श से। उनकी आयु 68 वर्ष है।कृपा कर कोई दवा बताये ।

  75. ramchandra rai says:

    sir my mother is paralyis due to high bp i taken medicin from neuro logist i also consult homeopath doctor who giving injection & forbade me to taking any allopath but my mother is sugar & diabetic patient of 65yrs . suggest me what to do.

  76. Dr.Sharma,
    Good morning! My sister 55 years is suffering from right side paralysis. She has undergone different tests including MRI. but nothing has come to indicate the cause. She is taking physiotherapy help regularly. If you could suggest some homeopathic yreatment it will be very kind of you.

  77. Ramanuj prasad says:

    My father suffring from paralises(R.side) he is 84 years,not working Arm& Leg please send me proper medicine.

  78. Donald Teagle says:

    I’m an paraplegic, injury level c7 Asia a. Also, my lower back injury t1 t2.

  79. Sameer ranjan says:

    My grand son of 7 year old is suffering from GBS as detected by neurologist at I.S.I.C. Delhi .pl.suggest the treatment procedure

    • Sameer ranjan says:

      My grand son of 7 year old is suffering from GBS as detected by neurologist at I.S.I.C. Delhi .pl.suggest the treatment procedure

      • Sameer ranjan says:

        Sameer ranjan ,my grand son is suffering from GBS since last 2month as detected by neurologist at I.S.I.C.delhi PL suggest the proper homeopathy treatment. He is unable to sit down and stand up but to move slowly.

        • Sameer ranjan says:

          Sameer ranjan ,my grand son is suffering from GBS since last 2month as detected by neurologist at I.S.I.C.delhi PL suggest the proper homeopathy treatment. He is unable to sit down and stand up but to move slowly.

  80. Dhiraj Kumar says:

    Sir my father in low suddenly fallen in paralysis the symptoms are that his voice suddenly come stuck we took him to hospital after checking the dr. Said blockage in heart so voice is coming stuck. As you understand my situation please provide a best medicine. As soon as possible. This is first time.Thank you.

  81. Surinder kumar says:

    R/m My pet hind( back legs is not working ,bcz she was effected with tetanus but it’s now ok but problem is his legs are tight and state ,Shee can not move and up and down ,so I give him arnica 30 + causticum 200 continue about one month now I started arnica + lathyrus 30 si plz help me which medicine is best for this problem Thanks

  82. Sriparna Dutta says:

    I have suffered a brain atroke in june2017. Left side fully paralysed. With physiotherapy i have recocered to asome extent but my problem being i cant open my left arm fingers . I can make a fist but not beingable to open. Also my left arm does not have much
    Kinsly suggest me what medicines will help.
    Will be grateful.
    Thanking you
    Sriparna dutta

    • sir my father suffring paralysise from one month ago he is 77 years old , not working lift arm and leg please send me proper medicine

  83. Manoj Pandey says:

    My mother is suffering paralysis full body atack,age 72plus, only breath & eye was & medicine given by Mali,urine bag also

  84. P.N Angurala says:

    My wife aged 64 years had blocked heart artillery and also suffered with high blood pressure. She might have suffered mild heart stroke as a result of which she developed weakness in right side of body. She has imballance gait, often forget while speaking. Kindly suggest some homeopathic medicine.

  85. Pius francis says:

    Dear dr.
    I had a stroke and my left side is week .so pls which medicine I use and how to get through online

  86. Jameswar Prusty says:

    My mother today got sick in right side paralysis. We immediatly checked in our local homeopathy doctor. He has also given medicine for 15days.
    Kindly give us advice how to get cure through your homeopathy medicine.

  87. rajeev goyal says:

    Dr. sharma

    greeting of the day


    i get through your informative site, it’s very helpful in general, i convey my regards as well as many many thanks from me to help us.


  88. Abid Hussain says:

    Dear Sharma Sb,
    I am in Pakistan Karachi living, some few month have problem of my mouth vocal cord swelling’s damage
    my voice very low and and change to mouth, my ENT Doctor check and define vocal cord swelled and say to me we operate this cord, so if you have other one treatment pls tell or suggest Medicine and Availability in Pakistan we have no fever and pain in body only my voice is down and not clear pls help if possible In Pakistan i don’t believe of doctor who make money i can not afford one hundred thousand Money.
    pls if possible send your medicine for me thanks for you time …….

    Abid Hussain

  89. Tushar gupta says:

    Right side paralysis suggest homio medicine

  90. shivaprasad says:

    dear sir
    my name is shivaprasad aged 49 years.i underwent brain aneurysm sugery in 2016 may, after that my leftside has been fingers are clenched and i cant straight my hand. my wrist is very stiff.please prescribe some good medicines for me

  91. Krishnendu Chatterjee says:

    My wife Anindita chattopadhyay+(41 yrs now),in 2004 she was suffering from severe encephalitis for 15 Days.she was admitted in hospital for 1-2 month.she had infarction many spot in brain.she has haemiphlagia in left side.speech problem(poor pronounciation), balance problems during kindly give me homieo medical suggestions.thank you.

  92. umang agarwal says:

    Dear sir
    My father age is 58 year old .My father had a stroke in the right side of the brain and he is parlysed in left side. he is parlyhis for 6 month . his left side leg and hand not working properly plz suggest a medicine for remove cloting of the brain. Please suggest homoeopathic medicine

  93. Stacey Scotia says:

    I have vertebrae fracture and compressed spinal cord. My legs have not worked for over a month and I’ve lost bladder control. Would it be good for me to take Lathyrus, Causticum, Arnica and Hypericum?

  94. Dear sir
    My father has suffered brain stroke in the last year. The treatment is going on for haemorrhage of the brain was diluted and glosis due to old infarcts in the right occipital and right parieto occipital lobe.Vision is not properly due to clots in brain. I want to know the best treatment for the above.

  95. Good morning sir, it is that my father(age-62) has been suffering from a chronic sore throat about two years and doctor’s report shows air bubbles in the wind pipe and left vocal cord palsy. A lot of allopathy medicines have been taken but all in vain. Plz tell me what should be done now.

  96. Dr.renu sharma says:

    Hello sir my father is 70 year old he had CVA 8year ago but after recovery he able to walk and do normal work but memory not good after long period sudden one day he is sitting in chair and falls down then he not standing and bed return BP is normal MRI report old problem not new but father complaint so much pain in legs and hands and Lt part of body not working and some time he Kipp food and water in Mouth & forget . Please suggest homoeopathic medicine

  97. kiran kumar . yeluru says:

    Hi Sharma Sir , I’m Kiran from Andhrapradesh , Nellore dt (Thurimerla (Vi), , My father venkata krishna reddy.y age 55 , suffering from PARALYSIS from past 11 months , we admitted so many hospital still not recovered , even we tried level best , day by day his health condition and walking condition completeley down , now his unable to sit also more than 1 minute , his completly on bed , please help me out sir .
    How to comeout from this situation

    my contact number
    im working in hyderabad (UHG company )

    my babai chadra sekhar reddy contact no

    Please help me out sir

  98. Dear Sir

    My DAD had a stroke in the right side of the brain(50%) and he is parlysed in left with no swallowing capaicity

    please suggest the medicines

  99. Rampal Singh says:

    The patient is Mr Rampal Singh. He got brain hemorrhage and hemiperisis in rt portion of the body on 30 May 17. He was undertaken treatment at Rainbow Hosp Agra under Dr RC Mishra, Neurosurgeon wef 30 may 17. During the check up, he was found with stones in both the kidney. Therefore, he was regularly suffering from UTI. The patient is 60 yrs old and getting treatment from Dr Dassan health care wef 10 Sep 17. Till now he has been taking medicine from Dr Dassam since last four months. Now he can walk without support. He can bind his mutthi but he cannot open his mutthi. Tongue is not clear.

    • Rampal Singh says:

      The patient is Mr Rampal Singh. He got brain hemorrhage and hemiperisis in rt portion of the body on 30 May 17. He was undertaken treatment at Rainbow Hosp Agra under Dr RC Mishra, Neurosurgeon wef 30 may 17. During the check up, he was found with stones in both the kidney. Therefore, he was regularly suffering from UTI. The patient is 60 yrs old and getting treatment from Dr Dassan health care wef 10 Sep 17. Till now he has been taking medicine from Dr Dassam since last four months. Now he can walk without support. He can bind his mutthi but he cannot open his mutthi. Tongue is not clear.

  100. sashibhusan grhacharya says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My father is a brain stoke patient. He had a stroke in midnight while sleeping 4 years back & one side (left) became paralysis. He was admitted in hospital for one month & recover from paralysis but could not get back normal life what he was maintaining. Since then he has been under treatment of Neuro medicine professor. Now his age is 83 years old. He is loosing memory & can not recognise people immediately more over his left leg & hand is not functioning properly some sorts of imbalance is there.

    I came to know that some homeopathic medicines can be of help to him

    Could you pls suggest/advise something on the above patient so that he can lead little better life.

    thanks & regards

    Shashibhusan Grahacharya
    Odisha, 7381095930

  101. arvind kumar says:


  102. Hello sir my father suffered a stroke for at least good two year he is not moving his right side. I will be great full when you help me

  103. Jay Shankar Mishra says:

    Iam a stroke patient since 2009,It occurred in right side of my body.Iam taking alopathic medicine ,diapride m1,remister h5,neurica m75,avas10preva.Right side mein bharipan rahta hai sir plz give suggessions and treat me,

  104. Rajeev Goswami says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    My father 84, suffered a Hemiplegia (LHS) after a brain stroke 2 months ago. He is bedridden now. Unable to move limbs. He can now speek in low voice. Can feel senses in both LHS limbs. Complaining needle like pain in Paralysed limbs. Speeks with repeating words though memory is fine, responds on every part except left limbs movement.
    I would be thankful if you guide me.
    Thank You

  105. Sushil kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am Sushil 50 y Male from Greater noida U P India. I have suffered a strock 1 years & 4 months back. It has effected my Right hand and leg. By grace of God I am not bedridden I am able to walk slowly,but I see my hand and leg is stiff and there is no much change.
    I would be thankful if you guide me with your treatment
    Thank You

  106. Laila Sumitra says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am Laila Sumitra from Bangalore India. I have suffered a strock 2 years & 4 months back. It has effected my Right hand and leg. By grace of God I am not bedridden I am able to walk slowly,but I see my hand and leg is stiff and there is no much change.
    I would be thankful if you guide me with your treatment

    Thank You

  107. Devesh Tomar says:

    Hi Sir,

    My father got paralysis attack on 15 nov 2017 (14 days ago) and after that his was not able to speak properly almost 90% voice is gone , he is understanding but unable to speak, his tongue is not lifting,

    so we have consulted the allopathic doctors and they gave us prescription with blood thinners medicine and repairing of brain cell which was died due to attack.

    he is improving as his right hand was also not working properly which is improving slowly. now he is able walk and eat with some difficulties.

    can we give him homeopathic medicine along with allopathic medicines ?

    but he is very depressed due to unable to speak , his right side mouth and tongue has effect of paralysis. his voice is low and not clear and sometimes he got confused with words.

    he is a diabetic patient for last 4 years.

    Can you please suggest some Homeopathic medicines for his concentration and voice improvement ?

  108. MADAN MOHAN AHI says:


  109. Ravinder reddy says:

    Gud evening sir,this is ravinder my grand father aged about 80 suffering from paralasis from last month,now he is able to move left leg and left hand hardly used sompraz,neurokind forte,roslaygold tabs but now he is suffering from high bp so please suggest me some medicines for his problem

    • Good after noon Sir, My father aged about 84 suffering from high BP ( 160 to 200/80 to 110) due to this he is suffering form partly paralasis , left leg left hand and left Eye from last one Week and his NCCT Brain report as Under
      Opinion – Findings are consistent with chronic Infarcts in B/L MCA Territories with patchy areas of degenerative demyelination in periventricular and subcortical white matter S/O ischaemic gliosis and generalized parenchymal atrophy as described above.
      please advice

    • Surajbhann singh says:

      My father 75 years old.brainn hemraj.right side paralysis. Bed patient. Give me advice for best treatment in hemopathic

  110. Polio k liye b koi med bataye right leg m polio h 25 prsent koi med bataye jisse ye bilkul theek ho jaye leg thodi thin h

  111. Basuki nath Pandey says:


  112. Amal Kanti Seal says:

    I had a spinal chord injury in 1976 in the L5S1 region. After which I had experienced severe pain with emaciation of left thigh muscles and loosening of left knee cup. Orthopedic surgeon showed me by just rotating the knee cup. After that I developed UTI with E-coli infection in prostate that gradually spreaded to kidney-ureter-bladder and also to urethra. From 2003, my kidney became infected. Can this infection or malfunction of kidney be attributed to the spinal injury of 1976? If so, what are the homeopathic remedies to cure that injury and kidney problems arising therefrom?
    Kindly tell me whether it is treatable. If possible which remedies should we consider?
    A. K. Seal

  113. Ram Mohan murmu says:

    My mother is aged about 70 years. She is suffering from left side paralysis. Now she can’t swallow any food even water. She has also high BP. What medicine will be given? Please give me suggestions

  114. My mother has been suffering from hemeplegia after brain stock . Age 75 , thin body , dry skin , left hand and limb , left side face , tongue paralysis . She would be suffering for 7 years. I was applying Rhus tox30 +causticum 1M.
    result : same
    Please sir has been given good succession


  115. My husband got brain strock b4 2 yr thn aft he was right side paralysed n unable to speak n lost of memory. Right now he walks with the support n not getting power in hand n fingures. I hv seen rajiv dixits video n started rushtox n causticum 1m . Also he forget to reading n writing also.

  116. liaqat Shah says:

    R/sir I LIAQAT the homeopathic student my Czn who is 50 years old and he is a cva patient from 6 years. His right side is paralys an abdominal dysfunction.and he feeling severe burning on his right face what should I have to use him plzz support me


    Good evening sir
    Myself SATYA PRAKASH SONI from Jhansi.
    I have problem of pain and dryness in left eyes, ear, head,forehead,nose,mouth and jaws in left part of face.And severe pain in hands joint neck ear and head and forehead and left part of mouth teeth and jaws and face also.i have tried too many treatment but all goes in vain.please sir guide me for best solution for my problem, i have ct scan and MRI normal.i also have some numbness in left ear and almost half paralysed face.


  119. Pankaj Yadav says:

    Dear sir I m c7t1 quadriplegic patient 9 March 17 ko AIIMS m operated hua that BT pero m koi movement nhi hai pls help me

  120. Krishan saini says:

    Hello sir,
    My brother is left side paralysed from 2014 . He is 34 yr. Old. He can walk bt feet movement is not proper. Left side arm not working . Nd cant speak properly. Which medicine is good for him. He has diabities bt under control.

    • Hana Khaled says:

      My baby is having spina bifida mylomeningicele and his operation is done the second day of his birth.Doctors says that the nerves that connect to his legs are all infected and they couldn’t find any nerves during the surgery.And they say that he cannot walk and bladder and bowl there any treatment for that?

  121. DINAKAR NAIDU says:


  122. Pankaj K Falodia says:

    Dear Sir,

    My grand mother aged about 83 year have half paralysis on right side after stroke in mind since last 5 months. after this they have voice problem also. they have aching problem on stomach and near by areas.

    kindly guide us best medicine for her.

    thank you,

  123. Md. Abdul Hai says:

    আমার বয়স ৬১। কিছুদিন যাবত ডান চোয়াল ও গলা হয়ে কাঁধ পর্যন্ত ঝিরঝির করে,ডান হাত দুর্বল হয়ে আসে। দুই বাহুতেই এবং ঘারে কিছুটা ব্যথা আছে। আগের মত শরীরে শক্তি পাইনা। হাটার গতি ধীর হয়ে গেছে। অবসরপ্রাপ্ত কর্মকর্তা।

  124. Rakesh mathur says:

    Mummy ko paralysis ki problem ho gai hai right lag mai pahle bhi ho chuki hai upaya bataye Age 76 weight 70 high blood pressure mri karwai hai

  125. Dear Sir (Mr. Sharma)
    I am age of 53 year now & having Back pain for last 15 years and it was acquit during 2010 & 2012. I had to take long rest for it. But last few years i took care it like walking everyday/Yoga to eliminate it and it was helped me a lot.
    Last few month i am feeling some pain in my right side of Lumber.
    Generally i feel better when i use Lumber belt and pain remove if i use it for 2/3 hours. But this time it is lingering though it is not in Acquit.
    I never take much pain killer in the whole of my problem since my back pain is started but i consult with doctor here in Dhaka.
    But last few days I felt little weakness in my foot of the Right Leg and sometimes i feel weakness starting from main/elder finger of right leg coming toward to the middle point on my foot. I decided to consult with a doctor and therefore i refer this issue to you if you suggest me on Home line of treatment…

  126. Manish Agarwal says:

    Dear Doctor, my mother age 65 years, weight 43 kg, suffered a brain stroke. MRI has detected a clot in her right side of brain, due to that her left side is got paralysed. She is a diabetic. Kindly advise some good medicines for early recovery.

  127. Mrs. Shakuntala Bhawate says:

    My Mother of 68 years old were admitted in ICU in Hospital on 11/09/2017 due to brain strock owing to high blood pressure . surgery of brain were carried out on 25/09/2017 due to swelling and bleeding of brain. her pumping of heart is only 20%. please suggest homeopathy treatment

  128. Hello My Father gor a severe brain stroke in 2012 and he lost on his speech. now he feels shy to face public too. any medicine or line of treatment in homeopath that he can revover speech and fight depression

  129. chandra sekhar dolui says:

    my father in low nepal jana age 65 , he falldown by fish tolar and injur and broken sirdara,
    kolkata medical hospatal admeted 10 november2016 .doctor 2 time operation this time. but no responce legs.

    this time he paralises.
    Please this problems solves.

  130. Segran Nair says:

    My name is Segran Nair,In 2012 doctors did surgery on my spinal cord to remove a toumer,since then my hip down is paralyzed.

  131. Harsimran Singh says:

    Hlo sir my mother was paralysed last month 8 August 2017 her left side was paralysid her age is 74 year she is suffering from diabetes and bp(blood pressure) .
    She can not do anything with her right side . She is also not able to sit . In her MRI report their is a blood clot in her brain left side. Sir plz reply best advise and medicine for my mother

  132. Col VP Karad Retd says:

    Dear Sir, good morning to you. My mother-in-law is 74 years old and is suffering from paralysis since last 5 years. Since last two moths her left side is also affected badly. She is bed ridden and needs help to do all the works. She was admitted in a private Hospital in Nanded, Maharashtra for two weeks and is showing signs of recovery. All her tests are negative and brain, heart, lungs. liver, kidneys are perfectly functioning. She has been advised by expert doctors in Nanded to reduce her dependency oxygen, which she is not allowing us to gradually reduce dependency on oxygen. I also wish to take homeopathic medicines, if they are of help. Please advice.

  133. Syed Shaheen Hussain says:

    At the age of 12 the girl had paralysis I attack in her left leg below knee. She was given homoeopathic treatment. That stopped further affecting. She is having closed spina dysraphism. Now she is 27 years old and mother of three with younger daughter one and half year old . She is showing incontinence. May be the problem is ascending upwards. Please suggest medicine.

  134. ashok kumar sharma says:

    I got paralysis effected to my left side of body in 2013 i took various medicine from Ayurveda & allopathy still i am feeling stiffness in my leg below to knee and leg limbs and fingers are bending because of stifness
    do you have some medicine in homeopathy for stiffness in legs.
    kindly advise at
    ashok kumar sharma mobile 9650015153

  135. Shahzad Iqbal says:

    Patient is 60 year old has Spastic paraplegia for last 25 years. No bladder control and walks up to toilet with great effort on walker. Patient is week in appearance.

    Which medicine and dosage you recommend.

  136. Kulen Kalita says:

    My mother is 63 years old. It is long history of Stoke. In January 2015 she encountered first minor brain stroke which resulted loosing energy in her body. She could walk with support but as time passes she became more weekend. Since last couple of month she looses minimum strength. We need to hold her when she walk. On 24th of September 17, during morning after having her breakfast, she said that she felt spinning in her head and vomiting tendency. By 11 AM she did vomiting. She then she had been vomiting end numbers of time. Primarily doctor said that due to hyper gas this was happened. However since 26th of September we have observed that my mother is feeling trouble in speaking. Her face got bend one side. It is sure that she got stroke simultaneously vomiting which resulted paralysis symptoms. I have read your page. With a hope I am mailing you. Kindly give me a fruitful suggestions.

    • Kulen Kalita says:

      My mother is 63 years old. It is long history of Stoke. In January 2015 she encountered first minor brain stroke which resulted loosing energy in her body. She could walk with support but as time passes she became more weekend. Since last couple of month she looses minimum strength. We need to hold her when she walk. On 24th of September 17, during morning after having her breakfast, she said that she felt spinning in her head and vomiting tendency. By 11 AM she did vomiting. Since then she had been vomiting end numbers of time. Primarily doctor said that due to hyper gas this was happened. However since 26th of September we have observed that my mother is feeling trouble in speaking. Her face got bend one side. It is sure that she got stroke simultaneously vomiting which resulted paralysis symptoms. I have read your page. With a hope I am mailing you. Kindly give me a fruitful suggestions.

  137. Shaik Dastagir Basha says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, May God reward you for this service to the public.
    I am 85 years old. I suffered a stroke on 8th feb 2017. my left side suffered paralysis. I was admitted in CCU and after 10 days of observation discharged for taking physio therapy for recovery. since then i have been taking physio therapy. my foot had recovered to some extent and i was able to walk with a hand stick with some difficulty. My left hand also got some improvement in the sense that I am able to lift my hand to some extent and there is some movement in the fingers also, but no grip. The problem is at this stage my leg and hand are swollen. The swelling is persistent and unrelenting. Consequently my foot and hand have become heavier and I am unable to lift my foot or hand. I am given a diuretic but it is not helping. The worst part is that with physiotherapy and exercises the swelling tends to get harder and more and more painful. I was very well progressing for recovery to my hand also when this problem of swelling is taking me back a lot of steps. Now even walking with a stick to the toilet room is getting impossible every day because the foot is heavy.
    I am now at Riyadh living with my son. It is very difficult for me to be unable to walk at least upto the toilet. The physiotherapist who works on me on a daily basis is exasperated, as also the doctors who are treating me have no clue at all.
    I want to get rid of this swelling on my foot, my calf muscles are and the hand, the fingers and the shoulder joint are the problem areas. Slowly the swelling appears to be hardening and getting heavier.
    I am a great follower of homeopathy, and earlier I had taken constitutional homeopathic treatment for about 12 years from Dr. A.P. Chandran of Bhadra Homeopathic Forum, Bangalore. I am a diabetic since 1975 and I am taking allopathic medicines for diabetes, hyper tension and chronic urine infection, and all things are under control except for this swelling.
    I am prepared to consult you online and pay you for your services. If you so desire I can send you a detailed case history, but meanwhile I want a resolution of this swelling problem so that I can benefit from the physiotherapy. I am now occasionally (almost twice a week) taking Causticum 1M but not finding any benefit.
    An urgent reply will be highly appreciated.
    Shaik Dastagir Basha

  138. sidharta das says:

    my mother had an CVA on 23.9.17 with haemorrhage resulting difficulty in speaking and right hand paralysis with splurred speech . noi she is admitted in ICU but i started homoeopathic medicine arnica 1M once daily….. plz guide me the pathar.

  139. Hello sir
    My husband got brain strock b4 2 yr. He is right side paralysis. We r taking physiotheraphy treatment bt dint get power ..from 1 month we hav started causticum 1m n rustox 30. In a wrak we got gud sir plz suggest more meficine to come out as possible .

  140. Dear Dr. Sharma je
    My name is Sribash das
    2 years back my wife was in hospital for deliver our second child . She was in C-section
    Doctor give her the wrong medicine (Digoxin)to up-drill then she was in coma for three days she had a brain hemorrhage Lost her short times memory now she’s paralyzed last two years from her waist down but her bran are working fine so please help us to give her what kind of medicine
    Thank you

  141. Yogesh Aggarwal says:

    Respected DR. SHARMA,
    my mother had a severe brain homearrage 7 years back leading to midline shift. She was operated at AIIMS and now victim of hemiparalysis on right side involving loss of speech as well.
    look forward to your help.

  142. Dear sir,
    My father was brain stroke 9 month ago he’s age 60 he left side paralysed now recovered 60% which medicines can help him to recover
    Pls reply
    thanks for advice

  143. P. Stroke 3 yrs, 43yrs male, left side paralysed, 75% recovered. Which homeopathy medicine is helpful for me to recover? Please reply. Thanks in advance.

  144. Dear sir, My mother in law is effected right side paralysis. Her age is 60 years. english medicine karate thak gaya lakin wo thik nahi hui. exercise se unka right pair se dhire dhire chalna suru kiye hai lakin reigh hand se kuchh nahi hota hai, awaj halka halka saaf hua hai. unko paralysis mare hue 8 month ho gaya kya karu aur kon si homyopaithy medicine du.

  145. I had stroke in June, 16 since then I am paralyzed on left side, till then suffering from facial droop, foot drop, muscle spasticity in arm with very slow recovery. Earlier I was taking allopathic medicine, but since 3 months I have started taking homeopathic medicine as many people recomendded to start treatment in homeopathy. But recovery is still slow. Please help.

  146. Dr mitanjali dash says:

    Respected sir, my father suffering hemiplegia last six year. He regularly using gels,plumbum andcaust 200 . But now a days his larynx paralysed .and Brain responding less,rt side knee is weak and he has been suffering rt side paralysis last six yearnow my question is next what is the medicine for my father

  147. Hi Sir,

    My father got paralysis 15days back. he have blood clot in brain of dimensions 5.7×3.4cm. he can’t able to move his right side of body. he is trying to speak but, it is difficult for him and us also to understand.
    Doctors told that he has to recover slowly there is no other medicines to melt the clot. Please suggest the treatment or medicine for him

    Thanks & Regards,

  148. 5yrs ago I had sudden exposure to cold air in march 2012 and had acute cold -followed by parallysis partial in left hand and left leg both limbs are able to move normally but less power ;burning sensesion , Jakran and jhun-jhuni in leg .

  149. ANOOP SHIVAPPA says:

    Sir , I am Anoop Shivappa from Bhilai (Chhattisgarh )
    My father , 85 yr. had problem of lower limbs in 2011 had operation at CMC Vellore at C-4 To C-6 and fixed some plates there. Again in 2016 he had the same procedure between C-1 to C-2 in CMC . The diagnosis is quadri Paralysis .When I read this column and observing the condition of my father , I think it is PARAPLEGIA in stead of QUADIPLEGIA as he is having urinary problems (tube is inserted from blader) and rectum problem (suposetary is inserted for motion ) including problem of lower limbs . In your column , CAUSICUM is recommended for this . Please advice me for this and the dose , potency etc.

  150. Korumilli immanuel babu says:

    My name is immanuel babu
    Iam suffering from daibeties , hbp,hyper acidity, and high tryglicerides and sex problems premature ejaculation ….totally unfit now….

    Please suggest some homeopathy prisciption….

  151. prasad rawool says:

    my mother have paralysed last 12 years she cant walk ,paralysis on right side of body due hemmhorage in brain.her hand cant move her in in finger cant move .she talks but some words are talkig .if they angry all the words are talking .her age is 65and weight is 45kg height is 4ftshe bp snd diabetes also.plrasr give Homeopathy medicine sir..

  152. prasad a rawool says:

    my mother is paralysed on right side of body she canot walk ,canot move her hand she cant talk ,she paralysed in the year 2000 .Ct scan report is hemmoeage in brain .my mother age on today is 65 years old wt is 45 to 50 kg height is 4ft she have diabetes, bp also.please give the homeopathy medicine sir…thanks.

  153. Hi doctor,

    I got stroke after 7 days of my delivery on 16 Nov 2014,and I m under treatment. Requesting you for suggestion.

  154. divyajyoti says:

    im highly thankfull to you .for such very very important information of homeopathic medicine.
    you are always guide us and differtation of deases as well as remedy too.
    thanks alot

  155. Sir,Brain clouts ko hatane ke liye koi medicine

  156. sushil kumar says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am suffering with Spastic Para-paresis & you have also mentioned best homeopathic medicines for paralysis of lower limbs as above. – (Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Custicum)

    Please also mentioned the Potency & Doses of said medicine for daily basis & also mentioned how long we can take these medicine.

    Waiting for your reply………..


    MOBILE: 9999511618

  157. Good evening Dr.Sharma my name is nails and my husband is a paraplegic and I was wondering about your homeopathy being that I’m very much into natural healing g-d willing I’ll be waiting on your response
    Until then a safe and bless rest of the evening

  158. My father had brain Stoke in July 2015 and suffering left side peralysis now his leg is working but fingers of hand and foot not working .Arm are little bit up down.Now he is also suffering from urine stricher . please suggest me what I do

  159. Hi,

    My husband had brain stoke( DVT) in year 2014 . It has impacted his left side which is recovered a bit now . Main impact is his eye sight as his left side is blank and he cant see things on left side . Also speech is impacted and there is no improvement in speech and eye sight after all types of treatment . Few doctors suggested that these may not be recovered but I am hoping that homeopathy will have some treatment on this .

    Can you please suggest ?


  160. Somesh Sharma says:

    My age is 61. Suffered paralysis attack in2011.MyFingersa and thumb of left hand do not move properly. Kindly advise suitable homeopathic medicine.


    Hi sir this is Janardhanrao age 47 yrs. I am suffering from left spastic hemiplegia capsuler bleed since October 2006, but not recovered properly still today even though taking regular medicine and doing exercises and also taken Botex injection.


    Hello Doctor Sahib, Sadar namaskar.I am a man of 60 years. I had brain stroke on 5th June 2015 and paralysed right side. I have been almost recovered and there is only a problem of tingling in my fingers of right hand while I am doing continues exercise. Although I can pick up weight up to 20 the same but I feel uneasy in writing and feel a little bit pain in my fingers. Sir please let me suggest if any medicine and cure in homeopathy to get relief. With regards.

  163. Sujith Thannickal says:

    My cousin sister age 35 fell off the terrace on 27/07/2017 and ended up with compression fracture of spinal cord @D11 vertibre. Emergency surgery was carried out at a reputed hospital who classified her case under Paraplegia Asia grade A complete. Both legs are paralised. Initially there was no sensory and motor function but now she can slightly move one of her fingers of her leg. Also is now slightly able to sense touch. What is ur advice? Plz help. I’ve heard there is good chance of recovery in homeopathy.

  164. Hasan Jafri says:

    My wife age 55 is with with stroke on right side for last 10 days right hand not working but rich leg is taking a bit lode, left side is schetika effected for last 12 years in working condition Dr. Sahib you are requested to please suggest medicines and obliged


    Hasan Jafri

    • Sir, My mom got stroke in the year 2017. Her right side is paralyzed. My self is a physio. I’m still working on her, but no result. Still she has swelling on her legs. Plz advice me some medicine. Thank you.

  165. JOHNNY BAQUE says:

    hi i have tongue paralysis after surgery my whole tongue not moving it may be the hypoglossal nerve damage i just want to know witch would u recommend for this situation

  166. Dr. Shab good evening, sir it is that my father has been suffering from a chronic sore throat about two years and we met a reputed physician he asked that it is a case of left vocal cord palsy. The physician prescribed a lot of allopathy medicines But all in vain. We have got the X-ray, CT scan and larynx testing … The report shows air bubbles in the wind pipe. He is 63years old. Plz give some information about this which homeopathy medicine………

  167. Rajkumaringle says:

    Hello sir my self rajkumaringle from nagpur sir due to my car accident In which my spinal cord D3&d4 was fracture & compression so my surgery was done last year on 7/5/2016. So in which I was Paraplegic at present movement there is no movement below the chest level & no sensation_&also bowel & blader also affect. So please tell me medicine for recovery

  168. Sir my mother is attacked from paralysis before 7 years can it be curable now

  169. Hey! U enjoying ur best
    My grandfather is age of 70 suffered from stroke one week before.. It’s heamorhagic stroke casing partly hemiplagia of left side . He is diabetic last 3 years and hypertensive for last 18 years

  170. Nageswarrao p says:

    Hai sir
    My father (age 72)suffering left side paralysis in lost two year above given physiotherapy.his now 50 to 60% recovered.if any better recovery in homeopathy

  171. Mohammad A. Awal says:

    my brother is paralyzed after a bad operation in the hospital. he had stroke on spinal cord and the nerves from T9 to conus were affected. he has no sense from belly button to toes. Also he is blind due to nerve problems. He had stroke in 2/23/16, is there any treatment for him?

  172. how to stop partial paralysis of the tongue that was caused by side effect of chemo and radiation therapy.

  173. rajendra kumar says:

    Sir my mother has got paralysis with burning sensation in left side body in 2010.she is 60 years old. She is still having burning. She has blood sugar and blood pressure also. Can u tell me she can cure or not, if it is possible then tell me treatment and how long it will take.

  174. Mrs Gillian Boardman says:

    Hi Dr Sharna, our son is recovering now 3 years from Guillian Barre he has been on crutches for 3 three years now. His balance is still not fully recovered he is having problems with muscle tightness in his legs at the moment. This hindering his walk badley at this time this illness as left a weakness in his left leg, He also has bladder weakness going in the night at least twice. He is a strong person has worked very hard to recover. He was thirty four 2014 when became ill. He is now thirty seven just wants to go back to work and hopefully be able to walk unaided or with a stick, He lives in Australia we his parents live in the Uk. We are here in Australia at the moment trying to help with his recovery, he has fallen twice over the 3 Years and broken both feet at different times, He has spent thousands trying to recover. I as mother am broken hearted for him. I believe in homeopathic remedys they have helped me from time to time, just hope it could help our son. He lives here on his own, I am desparate to find him some help he has suffered so much. Would be very grateful if you could help us. Kind Regards

  175. Sir my father suffering left side paralysis from 6jul 2015 and his age is 55 years

  176. Satish Dewajwar says:

    My Name is Satish Dewajwar I have right side vocal cord palsy as per ENT and Cancer specialist Dr. Kothalkar, Nagpur and Laryngeal nerve damage As per Dr. Govt. Medical College and Hospital all have test my vocal cords. I don’t want to go with surgical solutions Hence please tel me homeopathic medicine, It may be thyroid problem to me once before I tested and it was positive. Vocal palsy occurred since 5 years.

  177. Pravin Mundhe says:

    My daughter Ashlesha is 8 now. She is unable to stand and walk. She is diagnosed Spastic Diphlegia. Please suggest some homeopathic medicine which we can use from medical shop without any side effects.


    Pravin Mundhe

  178. Is there any homeopathic medicine for radial nerve palsy

  179. Maxwell Sumitra says:

    Dear Dr.Sharma,
    My wife 57 years had a stroke in august 2015. She the doctors report says Left Thalamic Haemorrhage Intraventricular Extension. According to now she walks does some household works etc, but for her right hand and legs are stiff ( her fingers are not straight also her ankel ) At this stage is there any medicine to treat her, at times experience pain in arms and leg.I was advised to take Dr.Reckeweg R54 Memory Drops.
    Please advice

  180. anil Kumar says:

    Hi sir this is a anil I have a stroke one year back.. Upto now I go through a physio therapy but still I don’t recover.. Is there any medicine in homeopathy.. !

  181. S.Akhtar says:

    Adab, my Mom is suffering paralised since five years,she is 80yrs old, her right hand and right leg could not move. She is taking physiothrepy but in vain. Whole day she sleeps. Homeopathy can cure her? Sir, I need your help.
    Thanking you,

  182. nitesh kumar says:

    Hello sir…
    Mera accident two year phle hua tha..
    Jisme spine me d4-d5 lbl fracture hone se compression ho gya tha…
    Back bone ko surgery krke plate lga ke fix kr dia gya tha..
    Bt tab se injury lbl se bellow full body mai paralysis hai..
    No movement and no sensation ..
    Plz bataye kya treatment hai aapke center main..

  183. Melissa Madho says:

    My husband recently had a fall in which he suffered Diffuse Axonal Injury. He also suffered a stroke on the right cranial lobe. His left side foot is moving but his hand seems to not want to move. I have been doing excercises with him and the left hand opens and closes but it’s almost as though he is mirroring what he sees me doing. He spent a month in de hospital.
    When he came home I noticed he cannot walk properly, he has this shaking in his right hand an feet and head. He does this thing whereally he crosses and un crosses his leg.
    He remembers things from before but I could tell him I’m going to do something and next time he sees me he will ask me the same question.
    Can you suggest anything for me to use for him.

  184. Abhay Tiwari says:

    Hi sir this is abhay tiwari . I m paraplegic since 2014 with loss of bladder bowl also involved. First diagnosed with port spine then non hoadking lymphoma . 4th chemo is complete but still no recovery . Is there is any chance of recovery pls suggest if possible then start my treatment I can afford any cost , the only thing I want is my recovery so pls guide if you have solution for my problem.

  185. Prabhakar Rakshe says:

    I am spinal chord injury patient c-5 burst in 2012 Nov.
    Quadriplegic patient. Doing physiotherpy activity daily basis.
    Urine and bowel control is lost. Bowel control partially restored. SPC catheter is having.
    Can stand without buckling of legs 3 minutes
    with support

  186. johnny baque says:

    i have been diagnost with tongue paralysis because of the hypoglossal nerve so my tongue is paralysied
    all happenafter a jaw surgery can u tell me what can i take to maybe help with this

  187. Dr. Sharma,

    I have a 12 year old Labrador Retriever mix who is eating well, happy and healthy in every way according to the vet’s lab results. She was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis and the vet says she has arthritis although she’s never been tested just watched her walking. I don’t know if it really is arthritis or a spinal issue. She is a mix and has the wrong hind legs and had a hard time getting up even when she was a puppy. We had to lift her hind end to help her up, then she ran and played fine. She eventually grew out of that. You suggest causticum 30 for paralysis of the throat. How long and dosage would be helpful. Also anything else and/or what for her “arthritis” would also be appreciated. We desperate because she’s so happy and healthy otherwise. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.

  188. Diana Summers says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    We have a cat with sever tick paralyses in the Vet Hospital on the breathing machine . I have given Rescue Remedy and Carbo Veg.

    The vet gives us a 50/50 chance of survival.

    What would suggest please.

  189. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    I have a 2 month old daughter who was born with myleomeningocele Spina Bifida. She has undergone a urodynamics test of the bladder and it showed she has a small over reactive bladder. The doctors want to put her on conventional meds that
    Have major side effects any suggestions as to what remedy would be best? Thank you

  190. Mere. Pitaji k leg a and hand me left side ka kam nhi Karl raga hai, do may pahle attack hua that local Dr me koi medicine diya that par koi kan nhi kiya.

  191. ashok sharma says:

    i am filling back ach and can not write by my fingers and can not thought thoroughly and having speech problem by my tounge and have sight problem as something invisible in my eye feeing in present i am taking plubum met 30 3times daily & arnica 1M 3 fays at night please suggest me the medicine please do better for me i am suffering from last 5 years

  192. ashok sharma says:

    i am filling back ach and can not write by my fingers and can not thought thoroughly and having speech problem by my tounge and have sight problem as something invisible in my eye feeing in present i am taking plubum met 30 3times daily & arnica 1M 3 fays at night please suggest me the medicine

  193. ShuklaAB says:

    Paralysis ka homeopathy me safal ilaj hai ya nahi yadi hai to kitne dino ka treatment hai

  194. ashish kumar akela says:

    My father is suffering from localised paralysis

  195. Bhavnesh kaushik says:

    Sir my sister get L2 injury in an accident ,so that her legs not working .its being 9 month of oprate now her single leg work pretty well but not in one.

  196. Rudra Pandey says:

    Cow get paralyzed not standing on his feet what are the homeopathic medicine we should give to the cow

  197. My mother is weak and today in the morning her right hand and leg stopped moving she has got weak so what kind of medicine can we use for her.
    It’s an emergency doctor

  198. Ranbir Kumar Parashar says:


    Myself aged 54 year height 164 cm and weigh 86 Kg

    Had stroke before two year left hand and left foot.

    Numbness and senseless in left hand and left foot

    Tingling left arm is rigid upto shoulder.

    Hand is working 80-90% . I can walk easily

    Only I face problem side ways and inward movement while open hand. Little finger remains bent in word.
    20% of hand is not work properly

    As per MBBS Dr some cells and portion damage which provides signal to heart to send blood toward left hand and left foot.
    MRI digonised the CEVARAL ATTORPHY

    One High blood pressure tablet.

    In homeo I takes CONIUM 200 & CALCAREA FL 6

    • Prashant Rokde says:

      My father is 78 years old. He has paralysis of left side. His left leg & left hand is not working. His leg can move little bit but he is unable to walk. He is suffering from this diseases since 4 years. At present he is advised to take ecosprin150 & PALSENERON tab with ekangvir tab daily. I want at least he should walk no matter if his hand can not work because the neorilogists have opined that he has not much part of his brain affected so he must walk but unfortunately no any medicine work properly. His memory & voice is well. So pl. help & guide me.

  199. My mother 81 years old having right side arm and leg paralysis since one year speechless. she had brain stroke on left side of brain. Plz. Treat it with homeopathic medicine. Thanks

  200. Sunil deshmukh says:

    Sir I have serious attac of paralysis due to high BP thyroid on 4th Nov 2015now I will take only allopathic med. 1for thyroid Thyrox25 cilakar The for BP morning and evening 1tab of diplat150 now I can do my all work but my right hand first three fingers r not working properly for writing and shoulder problem Pl suggest ur medicine thanks with regards sunil deshmukh akola my. So.

  201. Baswaraju C Meda says:

    Dear sir, I am trouble in talking in little bit so I am talking.

  202. Zehra hasa says:

    Name Zehra Hasan 70years left slide paralyse 2014 can walk littilbit with walker left arm is spastic please can you give me homeopathic remedy to improve my condition

  203. i have been suffering from rightside slow moment on the legs and arms.with back pain occationally.everyday morning i feel exhausted.

  204. ashok shrirang chavan says:

    Hello sir .My mother suffering from paralysis from last 8. Months left side weakness in her body her left hand can’t pull anything and also problem to walk .Sir give me a medicine for her.

  205. Manoj Wijewardana says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma

    I am sufering paralyisis sine 5 Years time.
    Having medicin and now i can wolk. But thing is itd not recover 100 % Musules not working. i need know what medicin helpful for my sickness

  206. Santosh shukla says:

    My mother’s age is 71 years she has neuropathy pain in her body now her body hands and legs moves without any reason sir please prescribed best medicine for her she is take this time pregabalin and me cobalamin capsule and microffilyne tab and rozavel 10 mg sir she is not in good condition by allopathy please tell us homeopathy treatment

  207. Geeta bajaj says:

    My husband aged 70yrs suffering with vocal cord paralysis since12th feb 2017.left vocal cord paralysis

  208. santosh kumar says:

    Half body right side paralysis from11days pls help Doctorsaab is my father.Age 62years

  209. Maninder Batra says:

    Dear Sir I was mild paralysis on 10/06/17 on my right t side leg , hand heavy Ness I feel my leg and hand having weight
    at prsent my leg and hand working and I am able to walk slow
    please advise me which mediccine i take .Mhy age is 55 year

  210. dinesh pal singh says:

    Dear Sir I was paralysis on 12/02/17 on my left side leg , hand and face
    at prsent my left leg working and I am able to walk slowly but my left hand still not working0
    please advise me which mediccine i take .

  211. Bhajahari Mohanty says:

    Sir my father is 63years and he is suffering for paralysis from one years + right side leg hand and he doesn’t talking on her mouth also which. Medicine i used
    Please help me sir i will which medicine of paralysis treatment .

  212. Bhajahari Mohanty says:

    Sir my father is suffering for paralysis from one years + right side leg hand and he doesn’t talking on her mouth also which. Medicine i used
    Please help me sir i will which medicine of paralysis treatment .

  213. Dear Sir,

    My brother Mr.Praveen got the accident on 22 feb 2107 and we have shifted in trauma center Aiims Delhi. Finally as per Dr. he has been lost sensation in lower part of body. In medical science he have paraplegia and his spinal cord fractured D12 and his cut spinal vein due to can’t walk and stand by both lega as per Dr.

    Please guide me can we curable his disease by with your treatment.

    • Vineeta Gupta says:

      Sir, my mother got left side paralysis attack before 6 months. Her left leg is working little bit but her left hand is not working on. Her fingers are not working. Is there any chance of recovery? Please help me.

  214. Manohari G says:

    My grandmother fell down and affected by paralysis. She is unable to talk and her right legs and right hand got affected by paralysis. Her age is 81. Is there any chance of recovery.
    Thanking you,
    Manohari G

  215. ARMAN ALI says:

    Left side body me like upchar kya ha hamari age 50 sales ha today ill

  216. Madhu bajaj says:

    My husband age 69yrs old suffering with left cord paralysis. Problem in swalling food.

  217. shivam dhyani says:

    Sir i m suffering from serious nerve avulsion pain my brachil plexus nerve torn from the spinal cord of left hand
    Is there is any medicine who help me please sir help mep

  218. s.k.singh says:

    Sir, How to use conium,plumbum,picric acid & What are his potency. Please help !

  219. GURDEV SINGH says:

    My mother 71 years old having right side arm and leg paralysis since one year speechless.alopathic and ayurvedic treatment done.but no improvement. Plz. Treat it with homeopathic medicine. Thanks

    • Sir i am 40 years old having left side paralysis since 5 yearspeechless.alopathic and ayurvedic treatment done.but no improvement. Plz. Treat it with homeopathic medicine.

  220. tejinder singh says:

    dr .sharma…my father is of 42 years old..his problem started from left leg…firstly he got pain in left leg ..then the problem moves upward to left arm and then it is moving to whole body….but there is no pain to my father but he usually say that they have little pain in their head…the diesease is slowly increasing from 7 months and all reports doesnot show any fault…so please suggest me best medicine for curement….plzz sir help me

  221. dr. sharma my grand mother is ill paralysis ..she is age 57 years … unki tounge me paralyise ho gya hai 6 mnth se … unse bola nhi jata hai …

    You have suggested some Homeopathic Medicines ?

  222. DIBYENDU SEN says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am a male 43 years of age ,mara 20-11-2016 ma .ak mail stok hogiya , stokka bad mara left shide girgiya. avitak hamara left hand & leg thiksha cam karta nahi. ake upya batyana thik ho jaue.

  223. Tito Gradanozo Galamay says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    I am a male 56 years of age and got a mild stroke last October 2016 which caused my left side body paralyzed. I can stand, walk work but with difficulty. My speech is not affected.

    Now that it is winter here in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the coldness makes my paralyzed body very much susceptible to cold and it becomes very hard like I was frozen. It is very difficult for me to move and at times my stomach and breast feels like i was tied in an elastic rope that is pulled tighter and tighter that it could hard me breath properly.

    My regular peeing & poo has been changed as well. When I was still normal my poo is daily before taking a bath in the morning and my pee is every after 1 or 2 hours day and night. Now it’s very seldom and very hard to pee & poo; I fart very often and smells so bad.

    You have suggested some Homeopathic Medicines. Are these available in Bahrain?

    Doc, please help.

    Thank you and

    God Bless,

    Tito G.G.

  224. My dog was hit by a car & doctors believe he suffered brachial plexus avulsion. Is there a homeopathic medicine we could look into that could help regenerate nerves (radial)(assuming it is not a complete tear) we are doing everything we can think of therapy wise but I don’t want to have to amputate his leg if there is a possibility that he could keep it with the proper care..any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  225. Helloo sir… father is suffered from left side paralysis, no positive response in hospital in panipat,
    Doctors are saying it will take time3-4months,
    Left aide paralysis – hand is not working,left leg working with weakness,… Pls help

  226. Group Capt k j s sekhon says:

    I got an ischemic stroke a year back,recovered a lot but tingling in right leg up-to mid thigh ,hot and cold feeling in right leg ,right arm and shoulder remains.also 2 months back I got is stable now.why it came,no answer from doctor.I was taking Telvas 40 medicine for blood pressure control,could this have caused vertigo .please advice and please clear my doubt,any home medicine for me to make a full recovery,I am a retired fighter pilot of 62 yrs,was physically very fit before this attack.

  227. May I take lathyrus 30 and cal.phos.6x homeopathic medi.with ailopathic medic.baclofen and macabolamin

  228. Hi doctor
    I have a Persian cat at home. And yesterday he was about to go out and I unfortunately pulled his tail harshly. From that moment till an hour he was normal . Later on he developed paralysis in both legs and he was unable to move. I am giving him rustox and arnica in an interval of half n hour. Can you please suggest medicines with concern.

  229. Yogesh Kumar yadav says:

    My sister age 50years. 1 year ago she hassufferring from left side paralysis. After Allopathic treatment she becomes week she has second time suffered from right side paralysis attack. Please suggest me homoeopathic medicine.

  230. BALWANT SINGH says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma,
    I m suffering with hemiplegia ( left side paralysis) since 25th Nov 15 due to high BP. Presently I can walk with stick slowly. stiffness in left leg & hand. No motion of fingers ( left hand & left leg). No proper motion of left hand & leg.can’t run on stairs freely.

    Request you to kindly suggest highly effective medicine with its potency for me.

    Already used Homeo medicine:-
    1. Causticum 50 M
    2. Curare 1 M
    3. Arnica 30
    4.Gelsemium 200
    5.belladonna 200
    bu no improvement seen.

    • I m suffering with hemiplegia ( left side paralysis) since 25th Nov 15 due to high BP. Presently I can walk with stick slowly. stiffness in left leg & hand. No motion of fingers ( left hand & left leg). No proper motion of left hand & leg.can’t run on stairs freely.

      Request you to kindly suggest highly effective medicine with its potency for me.

      Sir i am 40 years old having left side paralysis since 5 years peechless.alopathic and ayurvedic treatment done.but no improvement. Plz. Treat it with homeopathic medicine.

  231. Dearest Dr I am frantic for help; western medicine has confused me with Dr’s coming up with different THIS & that.
    I have MS (?) severe right side paralysis, ascending leg on up to head shaking. Usually extreme muscle hardening & strain feeling hits before the paralysis.
    Which ones of these meds mentioned would be for me? Thank you

  232. GAUTAM MALHOTRA says:

    Hi Dr Sharma

    I am Gautam Malhotra Living in Gurgaon. I am suffering with the Problem of SULCAS VOCALISTS of my left Vocal Chord from last 2 months , because of which I am not able to speak comfortably with my natural vocal volume, problem in breathing and throat clearing also. I have tried Hep sufer , Causticum , ARGENTUM METALLICUM as per advise of Homeopathic dr. between this period also doing speach theripy, becaus of witch found some relief in breathing and Vol, but still not I am tired when speak more then 2 of 3 minuets my throat dose not allow to speak for longer time. Currently taking ARGENTUM METALLICUM from last 15 days 3 times a day.
    I have allergy from change of season , which results in cold and cough. And problem of Constipation also but that is seasonal only.
    I am very confused which medicine suits me best for sulcus vocalists of my left vocal chord. pls suggest a good medicine so that I can continue.
    I have tried 2 homeopathy dr. one is saying for Hep sulfer and Causticum and other is saying ARGENTUM METALLICUM . Triesd both for 15 , 15 days . I just want a fix medicine for my left vocal chord Scar . pls help me sir, Iam a Singer and SW Engineer.

  233. Dr rupesh tiwari homoeopath says:

    Thanks sir to increases our knowledge

  234. Sir please help mi brother is suffering due to paralysis of left hand leg rt side face is OK for some extent as I gave him causticum 200. He has taken drink three days back and no taken any food, so it is effected
    I think so. Without job and money & even family members v r only 2 old persons .pl try to help us by gvg good medicine names.
    Thanks & regards.
    Nagoraos123 @
    90327 11076

  235. jaspar sangma says:

    sir can you help me because one of my friend is sick with paralysis in quadriplega

  236. Ahmad Faisal Aya says:

    Sir my mother age 54 years old is paralyzed since june 2015 . Left sided
    Her leg is a little better now but she cannot move her left arm. She finds difficulty in speaking too.
    I will be grateful to you if u advise me some good medicine for her. Which will stop spreading the paralysis in her body and make her healthy again. We love our mother very much

  237. jaspar sangma says:

    sir can you help me because i need your help

  238. Rajeev Saxena says:

    Dear sir my sister ,age 48 is suffering paralysis attack on left side of body since one month her left hand and leg is affected she is also having heart valve problem.I’ll be very thankful to you if you could please recommend treatment.

  239. Mahavir Singh says:

    Sir I am paraplegic chest down DUE to spinal cord injury and want homeopathic medicine

  240. Ranjeet kumar says:

    My grandmother age about 100 years she is suffering from left side paralysis

  241. Summiyah malik says:

    Hello my small nephew he is 2 yrs old he got paralysis dr. Are saying that he got paralisi in right hand and right leg can u please suggest some treatment to cure it immediately

  242. Shivaji p karache says:

    Paralus; Right side effected. Do not speech, hand movement good but left not working but cense is present.

  243. Shanmukh sai says:

    I am shanmuk sai a ischemic stroke survivor affected with left hemiplegia now I recovered well but unable to open my fingers can you treat me

  244. Fathema bibi says:

    My friend who lives in Tunisia has got a cat who was attacked by wild animals and is paralysed from back legs. Every time you try to massage his legs he screams and he is finding it hard to go toilet. They took him to the vets but they don’t do X-rays or scans. What medication would you recommend for a cat, I don’t agree in putting an animal down as this cat is a fighter and every animal deserves a second chance.

  245. I am suffering from the left vocal cord paralysis from last 2 month please suggest me a medicine for that

  246. Rajiv ranjan says:

    There is infract in medula region. And so the patient have respiratory problem. Patient had bypass ,high BP,high sugar.kindly suggest me the medicine.

  247. My name is Suruchi from street dog suddenly stp walking she is not able to walk form back legs plz tell me the medicine for her .i have also talketalked to Ngo of manyna gandhi the dr did
    Not come plz tell me the medicine

  248. RAJESH KUMAR SUNA says:

    Respected Dr.Sharma sir
    I am Rajesh Kumar suna from ODISHA
    Sir,my father 55 years old have affected on Hemiplegia since February 7th 2015 .I had admitted him at hospital and initially he improved but after 3 months the health condition of my father is like before that..So I would like to request you sir there any medicine to recover…?Could my father recover fully ?Is there any possible to recover ?kindly advice me sir which medicine I’ll give my father to have…

  249. Mohinder parmar says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    A couple of montha ago i had a mild stroke. I am ok now and have feelings in all my body parts. But i have intermittent numbness in my right leg, right foot/toes, right side of my buttocks and right hand.

    I have full use of all my limbs. My right hand and leg are a bit wesker than left after the stroke. Please advice me what medication i should take.

    I am seventy yesrs old and retired.

    Mohinder Parmar
    587 700 6200

  250. hello sir , i am suffring from paraplegia from feb 2010 , i have took lots of homeopathy med like cousticum, cocculus, arnica may be lathyrus , so is there any hope for recovry mob 9898173648

  251. ravikant beedkar says:

    Hi Sir, my dad age 67 was paralysed left side in 2009, and god well recovered within a month, but after that his health gradually getting worse and this left hand and leg are getting stiffed. though he can walk a little, do all his work by own , he is still not being able to get his body power again. kindly suggest as his health is getting worse now.
    THANKS in advance

  252. Satya Narayan tripathy says:

    Respected sir,
    My grand father,aged about 80yrs, is suffering from paralysis in both hands since 1yrs. He is unable to use his any of hands. Please help me in :
    (0) 8984504025

    With regards,

  253. Ram Balak sharma says:

    Hello Dr Sharma

    D12 L1 has displaced and spinal cord damage.
    So please suggest which homeopathy medicine should take

  254. Hi my name is Gayle I. Had a CVA in 2010 left me with left side tightness paralysis I’m walking with with a side Walker and vane cannot move wrist hand or finger or toes in Left side do you Ave any suggestions for me have range of motion by home health every day ad pt once every two weeks call me. At440-723-0903 may be God Bless you!!!

  255. sunil pandey says:

    my father is suffering from plyrasis from two year .he can not speak clear but all body working good .

  256. mohit bassan says:

    My mother got a stroke about 6 months ago
    But now she is much better but left limbs are not fully working properly is there any medicine for this?

  257. Muhammad Rafique says:

    Hello Doctor Sharma

    I have been patient of paralysis ( falij) for 3 years and 5 months on right side. I am from Pakistan. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine.

    I will be very grateful to you.

    Muhammad Rafique
    My mail address:

  258. my mother have safring in miner paralysis attaché last one year .In her minded right side a small clothing .When she is sleeping right side then she
    is filing (चक्कर ) please tell me what can I do for her

  259. sharin moore says:

    i had stroke 20 years ago/ im paraluized on left side. i dont walk much or too far for i have copd and cant breathe any suggestions

  260. Yogesh kumar says:

    I m a paraplegic patient due to a bike accident. My spine has damaged . my lower limb can’t work.I have lost my control and sensation on urinary ballder and stool. Please guide me how I can get relief

  261. LOKESH KOTIAN says:

    Respected Dr, Sir My name is lokesh age 57 I had a paralysis attack called stroke on 15.4.2011. It is on left side of the brain Now i am able to go to office with the help of stick in my hand Please suggest if Homeopathy can offer some thing better to my left hand

    Warm Regard


  262. Mam I want to parallised in a one side part of body by which medicines and how to be get it
    plz it’s very important for our family.

  263. Dr C .k. Roy says:

    Respected sir
    May I know the name of medicine with dose n duration of treatment in case of right sided hemiplagia with facial palsy due to brain stroke (haemorrage) 6 month back.presently physiotheraphy going on.Within 6 month once he had convulsion. Warm regurds ,dr. Roy.

  264. Jayraj Salvi says:

    Respected Dr. Sir,
    My name is Mr. Jayraj Salvi, residing at Nerul, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

    Sir, I am 46 year old. Now, for around a years time when I work at my office, I feel as if my left hand does not lift up. So, unknowingly I start working only with my right hand. Also, for some time now I am having severe pain at the base of my left feet since last 3-3-1/2 months. Most of the time I feel heaviness at my neck part, also, I feel as if my left feet is becoming heavy. Also, after sitting for long time Iam unable to ground my feet. I have to stand slowly applying pressure on my left feet. After 20-25 seconds I am able to completely rest on my feet and walk.

    For last 2 months Iam taking Ledum Pal 200 Liquid & Lachesis 200 Liquid thrice a day after searching for treatment online websites.

    Kindly suggest me if Iam taking correct medicine and intake interval.

    Warm regards,

    Jayraj Salvi

  265. Lady 55 yrs diagnosed with Anterior horn cell disease……complete loss of voice! Tongue feels large. Tongue protrusion in and out weak. Slight loss of smell and taste. Liquids more difficult to swallow (choking effect) than solids. Masticating power less. Prefers normal tap water. Saliva droops out.
    Pls advise appropriate drugs, potecy and dosage. thank you!

  266. Mohammad Idrees says:

    My father stork on the right site brain only both hands every time is please tell me some medicines. Thahks

    • Kamal kishore says:

      Respected Dr. Sir
      Sir my wife (45yrs) is suffering from left side paralysis since Feb 2016. She is recovered to walk with stick but her upper limb is not working and unable to lift the hand. Please suggest medicine.

  267. Dear Sir,

    My grand mother(0 Years Old) is suffering from paralysis since May 2016, One Side, no movement. not able to speak any thing, Please suggest any medicine.


  268. ram solanki says:

    Hello Dr.Sharma.
    Iam 46 year old ex ddefence year 2010 april i had brain hammorrage followed by paralised at right hand and leg.
    i have recovered to walk with right hand is also not in working ç there homeopathic treatment to make me workable.


  269. Harsew Singh Saini says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I was operated for extra-dural intra-dural neuro-fiberoma in region of C4-T1 on 17 Oct. 1974 . After about one year, I started walking with a little staggering gait . I was paralised very fast, after unsuccessful MYLOGRAM in the LUMBER region in the month of June 1989 . I have the following symptoms at present .
    1.Exhaustion with a little exertion .
    2. Shoulder pain goes up to fingers .
    3. I feel as something(like mud ) is pasted over spinal chord in 6”x3” area of lumber region .
    4.Neck get tired very soon while chewing , looking down , and cold air .
    5. When I try to move my legs , feet and fingers , these do not move but I feel the movement, similarly I feel erection of penis but actually nothing .
    4.Left hand no grip, right hand weak grip .
    5.My left thigh is thinner than the right thigh but the right leg below the knee is thinner than the left side. Legs look normal to see .
    6. Perfuse sweating with a little exertion and pain anywhere on the body(specially when I keep my right foot anywhere for 15-20 minutes) . Perspiration stops when I change my position or I move my right foot . Right side cold and left side is hot .

  270. My grand mother age is near about 100 and just before 1 day she affected with paralysis left side on face and rest of the body is working so what if if we go on homeopathy and will result will be positive as age is also main concern

  271. Sanjit Mahato says:

    Hi Dr,
    My mother has been suffering from paralysis( whole one part of the body) for last 4 months. She is having homoeopathic medicine. Initially she improved, but for last one month she is feeling burning sensation in legs and hands which has become unbearable from last week. Please suggest if the pain can be reduced with homoeopathy.

  272. Matiur Rahman says:

    D/sir, I’m suffering from left side paralysis . Now suffering hardening with vertebrae with neck & detorating position day after day. Heaviness of head & leg & it is going to right side & already start right side .I’ve diabetic .sensitive with cold.Pl. suggest me homeomedicine . 60yes. old, increased numbness of left side up to skulls & middle of back side.alopathic failed.

  273. Yogesh kumar says:

    Dear sir
    I am suffering from paraplegia since last 7 yrs after a bike accident .MRI shows fracture of D2,D3&L1 .sir please tell me in my case any medicine to get relief .iam on wheelchair I have loose my urine and stool contral and sense

  274. Dr.HAYAT ANSARI says:

    Dr.Hayat Ansari
    Sir, I am sufferig from PARALYSIS ater strock,clotting blood in the brain last 6 years.Now I can walking but my right hand finger easly not open.The finger shut but not open.The paralysis is right part of body. DATE OF BIRTH 30.12.1965

  275. Vikash Sinha says:

    Sir, My father in law is suddenly affected patalysis stroke. Due to which there is no movement in left side of hand and left side of leg. He ia under alopathic treatment.
    Please suggest homeopathic remedies for him. His age is about 60 year. Also patient of high blood pressure.

  276. Gokul Singh says:

    Dear Sir,

    My Father has a paralysis stroke 2 months back, it is left side of brain, now there is very less movement in right hand and right leg. he is not able to eat from hand even not able to move the hand. Alopathic teatment is going on in between I have tried Aurvedic treatment as well but there is not much improvement, we are conitiniously giving Phiothreapy tratment to him as well for last two month, My father age is 74 years. Please suggest if homepaty can offer something better?

  277. sumitchaturvedi says:

    L1 d12 spinal cord injury dicies for parraplezia injury date 22 06 2013 no movement exident time movement for this time thai me movement hai lekin foot me nahi boker se calte hai sir treatment aur medicine bataye

    • सर मेरे बड़े भाई का छत से गिरकर रीढ़ की हड्डी टूटने से spine की नस दब गयी तुरन्त कमर से नीचे का भाग शून्य हो गया डाक्टर ने आपरेशन करके रीढ़ की हड्डी को प्लेट लगाकर जोड़ दिया लेकिन कमर से नीचे पैरो में पावर नहीं आया अब डाक्टर कहते हैं कि पावर नहीं आयेगा कृपया आप इसका इलाज होम्योपैथिक में इलाज बताइए

  278. Gaurav Upadhyay says:

    Dear Sir,

    My son has got Paralysis attack after clouting in Head, he is suffering for 2 years.

    Please advise best treatment.

  279. pankaj kumar says:

    petent fall on hight 16 04 2016 MRI exame on 17 04 post traumatic collapse and frecture of L1vertebra with significant retopulsion produces hyphotic deformity at L1 causing marked indentation on thecal sac conus medullaris complex results in swelling and contusion of conus medullaris from D12 to uppar part of L2 conus medullaris syndrome Facetal dislocation along with adjacent soft tissue contusion is also seen at respective level after Mri riport nurosarjan surgery Transpedicular fixation on note D11 D12 L2 L3 Transpedicular screw rod fixation with L1 laminectomy Incision D9 to L3 midline longitudinal After oprate and bifor oprate patent both legs urin and stool have no sence about After 5 Months MRi of Dorsolubar spine riport Laminectomy defects noted at L1 well defined hyperintensity noted in the cord extending from D10 upto conus on T12 wtd images It display isoto hypointense signal on T1 wtd images suggesting myelomalacia such pationt can be walk on his legs hi can stend on his legs if yes then how and where Either ayurved naturopath or alopath

  280. Md. Matiur Rahman says:

    I am also diabetic patient. And suffering from hardening with numbness of vertebrae with neck from 5 years & gradually detorating the position day after day. Pl. suggest me homeo remedy.

  281. Md. Matiur Rahman says:

    Hardening & numbness of vertebrae with neck due left side paralysis & gradually increase the symptoms day after day .suffering from five years.

  282. ALOK KUMAR VERMA says:

    I am 58. For the last two days i am feeling problem in spiting & taking hot tea. My left lower lip is not functioning properly I feel that a very mild attack of paralysis on the left side of lower lip.

    I am diabetic since 2005 and taking regular medicines.

    Please advise me some medicine for the stroke problem.

    Thanks & Regards

  283. komal dudeja says:

    My husband having stroke in feb 2016 and his left side is fully paralyzed . its been 7 month now .. he is able to walk but heaviness is his arm and leg .. little bit numbness are there when he walking .

    is these medicine are works after 7 months ? is he fully cured from paralysis .

  284. Hi dr.sahib, i am facing problem with radial nerve palsy and ulnar nerve palsy from last 5-1/2 months. My wrist and fingers are not working. Little finger and ring finger are curving inside. My dr is giving me plumbum, rhus and arnica but it does’nt work. I am taking this medicine from last 2-1/2 months. Is there any other treatment in homeopathy. Waiting for ur reply…..

  285. Richa Agrawal says:


    My brother Rishi Agrawal, age 26 yrs met with a car accident on 14-04-2016 and is in unconscious state. According to PET Scan report severely reduced FDG uptake was seen in right temporal cortex, moderate reduced FDG uptake was seen in right parietal and right occipital cortices, moderate reduced FDG uptake was seen in right caudate nucleus and right thalamus, normal FDG uptake FDG uptake was seen in bilateral frontal, left temporal, left temporal, left parietal and left occipital cortices, left caudate nucleus, and left thalamus. moderate to severely reduced FDG uptake was seen in cerebellar cortex. I kindly request you to throw some light on the homeopathy treatment for my brother. Looking forward to your reply.

  286. Namaskaar dr.sahib, i m facing prb with radial nerve palsy and ulnar nerve palsy frm last 5 and half months. I m taking homeopathic medicine frm last 2 months. Mere dr plumbum, rhus and arnica de rahe hain. Is it ok ji. Waiting for ur reply…..

  287. mere father ki age 80 year hai left side efective hai unhe kon si medicine diya jayega 1 year ho gaya

  288. Chhabilal Behera says:

    My father is suffering from paralysis on right hand in May 2014. After the alopathic treatment it subsided but paralysis remained at forefinger near metacarpal. On May 2015 it affected right leg. And after the alopathic treatment it subsided but located paralysis right leg second toe near metatarsal. On April 2016 again stroke affected right leg same place.sir whether it’s curable or not. The age of my father is about 73year. Please give me your suggestions and remedies. Thanks you a lot.

  289. Rakesh kalia says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma

    My father age is 76 years and he got paralysis attack on Jan.2016. But after giving ayurvedic treatment, He is not getting well. His right side face, arm, hand and leg is not moving smoothly. There is lot of pain and heat producing in all body.
    So I want homoepathic treatment get started.
    Plz give me suggesion for the treatment.

  290. Shirish Varma says:

    Good evening Dr. Sharma,

    My father had brain hemorrhage and paralysis attacked in the year April, 2013. His right side hand and leg is having issue due to which he can not walk properly. Also he can not speak anything now. He try to say something but we are unable to understand. I had kept 24 hrs care taker for him. After reading your blogs
    Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis , I found some confidence in Homepathic since it does not have side effects.

    I love my father very much. I will be thankful if you will advise Homeopathic medicine for him.

    Right now we are giving him warfine (blood thinner), vitamin tablets and syrup for stool which Neurologist had asked to give life long.

    Kindly advise.

    Shirish Varma
    (m) 9699 55 88 43

  291. Hello Dr. Sharma,

    I recently am suffering with a paralyzed left vocal cord along with hot and cold sweats and pins and needles. The pins and needles were just in my hands for about to years but now all over.
    And suggestions? This has curtailed my daily living.

  292. Hi
    I am wondering what remedies would be effective in combating paralysis on my right side, particularly the right arm ,hand and leg ….not a full paralysis, but partial as a result of a systemic infection…..the whole right side has been affected…..muscle wasting etc, though no loss of sensation, but tremor in my arm when I try to move it
    Thank you for your advice

  293. Mamata Sharma says:

    My wife aged 50yrs is suffering from paralysis ranging from her chest to legs on both sides for last 10 months sensory neurons of the right leg n loss of motor neurons on left leg. She had difficulty in passing of urine n motion.Specialist say trnsevers mylaetis here n stroke of the spinal chord by Nibhana. Can it be cured? She is also suffering from diabetes n thyroid for last 8 yrs

  294. i got stroke,in 11/2/11,left,side
    Sugar-8 years
    BP.-8 years
    pl,help me

  295. My father age is 65 yrs . He suddenly had a brain stroke on 05 august. We had not understood any thing that what had happened. So we admitted to hospital, now we get discharged from hospital . I believes in homeopathic treatments and it has more results than allopathic and ayurvedic. So what treatment should be there . I am from pune ,so i want your reference doctor in pune

    • Bhajahari Mohanty says:

      Good evening Dr. Sharma,

      My father had paralysis attacked in this year Feb, 2016. His right side hand and leg is having issue due to which he can not walk properly and not talking properly . Also he can not speak clearly anything now. He try to say something but we are unable to understand. I had kept 24 hrs care taker for him. After reading your blogs
      Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis , I found some confidence in Homeopathic since it does not have side effects.
      Right now i used on English medicines but i thing stop this medicines and use on Homeopathic medicines of this month which medicine i have used please sir help me what will be do ,
      Kindly advise.

      Bhajahari Mohanty


  296. Paras ram sharma says:

    Sir I have paralysis right side onleg and arm on 27 aug 2012.I was taking Aruvedic medicine.I have come to know that homeo medicine is more effective.I have started walking, but my arm is still have the impact.please suggest me homeo medicine.My phone no is 08054798177.I am from Pathankot.Thanks

  297. Karamchand says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma ji,

    Greeting of Day.

    Sir my father is about 80 year old , 5, 4″ ht , about 58 – 62 kg wt , physically fit , No BP ,NO sugar , etc .

    He has two problem …..

    1. he feels pain in both legs , can’t move fast. After sitting he can’t stand up without support . .below hip feels pain in both legs like thieve .

    2 . Eye sight , he has undergone cataract operation for both eye , 4 year back , in one eye doctor says that in one eye ratina problem is there.

    Sir we are financially weak and can’t afford costly treatment .

    Pl suggest.


  298. Shivddat Yadav says:

    Suffering from left side since December 2010 Dr. plz tell me best advised for homeopathy medicine get movement leg hand and fingers at fast I’m 52 year old now . Sir if you advice me I will be oblidge

  299. nandkumar nimbre says:

    suffering from leftside paralysis since aug’2011. doctor pls let me know homeopathic medicine to get movement of leg,hand and fingers at fast. I am 50 years old now. sir if you advice me I will be oblidge.

  300. Kamal K Sharma says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma.
    Looking for some remedy in homeopathy for left side paralitic patient having problem in mussle contractions for left leg and left hand. can’t straight up leg and left arm. fingers are starting twisting. Left legs seems shorten by 2-3 inches due to mussle contaction under left knee.

    Actually the patient is my wife, age 57 got massive stroke due to blood clot in artery supplying blood to brain, on 18 May 2013 and 2nd stroke in November 2013. The outcome of stroke was left side paralysis affecting left limbs (Arm and leg, foot) left side of mouth affecting food particles comes out of left side of the mouth and she does not have sense of that. Left vision is also affected(left Neglect) And very less control over bowel movements and urination

    Very high level of BP and high level of Blood Sugar were the main cause of Stroke. Now BP and Blood sugar is being controlled by regular medicine and insulin injection three times a day but no medicine for recovery from paralysis. She is confined to bed or wheel chair and transfer process is with the help of lift machine. Can’t sit or stand at her own needs help of other person.

    If you can suggest some remedy to improve her condition will be most appreciated.

  301. BK pokhriyal says:

    Dear sir my daughter suffered ADEM attack in yr 2011 may. Her complete body was paralysed and she was was life support sys for 37 days gradually her condition improved .breathing is normal no other side effects except she can not get up and walk. she can walk with support but for few meters. she is now 18 yrs and studying B tech in computer science . She has ful sensation but in lower limbs below knees in some places pain is not there. She has movement and control but no power .please advice if homeopathy can help her.

    BK pokhriyal

  302. Md.Matiur Rahman says:

    Dear sir, I’m 60 yr.old 4yes.back suffering from left side paralysis & now become problem hardening of vertebrae & day after day it becoming serious . pl. suggest me homeo med.

  303. Girish Pande says:

    Girish Pande
    June 4, 2016 at 7:11 am
    Sir, I m effected with Paralyses to my right side (leg and hand) my speaking is also effected this was the case of May 2013 although it is improving but smoothness is not there my BP is regularly check up which is okey only problem is that my functions are not Smooth in writing it become very tough and I feel my hand is very heavy,
    My right leg tow is turn to right side not at center, and while walking my right foot some time struck up and when I keep down to my leg my finger side touch first later on tow.
    Pl suggest Sir any medicine so that I can over come to the problem and right hand side hand and leg also KAMPAN / KAPNA.
    Thanking You sir.
    Your Sincerally
    Girish Pande

  304. khaleeq ahmed says:

    sir, my father paralyzed since oct 2015 at right side ,
    day by day he has lost his memory and
    his right hand completly un concious only fingers move a little bit, and feell too much pain in upper portion of hand
    left lag move a little bit., but can’t bear weight
    he not able to inform for passing urine or stool

    doctor diagnosed by mri that water is exsisting in brain and need to minor surgery to put a drain line (vain) for draing water to stomach
    age=74 years
    angioplasty was done in 2010


    • adbul aziz says:

      Sir,my mother is 73 years old. She is suffering lag pain. She could not walk. Now her left lag be inflated by water. Have any medicine in homeopathy to recover this disease.

  305. HARJEET SINGH says:

    I am unable to walk now.
    before to 2003 i was able to run.
    slowly and gradually i am unable to walk. after doing mri many times the nuro physicians have suggested some types of injections , which my doctors told contin steriods do he didt gave me those injections, also onw of the nuro had sugggested to take injections of vitamin b-12 in a week , i did that, but could not see any effecet of that.

    symtoms. : TREMBLING

    kindly suggest
    age 48 yrs
    harjeet singh

  306. shivram choudhary says:

    Dear sir,
    my brother in 47 year old had a stoke in december 2014 he has beeling in internal part of brain and there is no case of surgery, within one week after the stroke he recovered much faster.after that its going to slow and slow, now the current position is he can walk ,speak,but no perfectly .
    position of right hand is not good he cannot hold something with figure.
    postion of blood pressure is 140/90 almost
    stiffness of hand is very bad,normally when he walk hand is going to bend

    pls guide me sir,what i have to do,

  307. Navin Kumar says:

    Dr. Sharma,
    My Father (63 Years) had a stroke last year september.
    He has Left MCA infract and after that he survived.
    He has problem in right side of body part.
    Power in hands and leg slowly came back (50%) but both have stiffness (Knee and feet very stiffed).
    He speaks but speaks purposeless words.
    Physiotherapy is going on.
    Normally he lives ok, but after a certain time frame of 8-10 days he feels too much weakness.
    In that situation he cannot speak , he cannot get out of bed.

    Please guide me Doctor, what I have to do?

    • SANJEEV KUMAR says:

      dr Sharma
      sir iam suffering left side paralysis since Jan 2013 aftwer brain stroke , now my left hand finger and left leg not working smoothly pl suggest me for bettermy age 43 yr
      (sanjeev kumar)
      Ph. 9897677011

  308. Catherine Pandolfi says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My daughter, who was 33 at the time in 2014, suffered a rare spinal stroke due to a blood clot which left her a semi-quadriplegic. She had surgery for the insertion of a suprapubic catheter in 2015. She has become healthier with organic foods and supplements recommended by a naturopath, exercises, and lives at home. What remedy would you recommend for her condition, and how would it help her? I’ve also read that cream with mimosa pudica may help regenerate nerves.

  309. do you have any classes on “cats” & homeopathy? Symptoms & the remedies to correct the issues in a book for cats? Thank you. Lj

  310. stage 4 chronic kidney disease progressing towards stage 5. will not do dialysis. what can I do.

    Thank you!


  311. Iam from PERIODONTITIS and my teeth are moving. The gums bleed and swell have hurt. I think this is due to my low immune system of great sadness because of the death of my mother.
    Thank you in advanced

  312. Sajid Iqbal says:

    I found this article very helpful for homeopathic practitioners, specifically the categorization you made. Please keep it up for humanity. I will recommend you for difficult cases.


  313. Valentina Voronova says:

    Hi dr Sharma!
    I was diagnosed with ALS
    I am a homeopath. I sow a few homeopath,but nobody can hep me
    Please let me know which remedy is good for kind disease

    • Pintu kumar roy says:

      Mera left hand pure sukh gaya hai. Kam karna band kar diya hai. Accoding to EMG/ncv report se mera bimari Anterior horn cell bimari hai. Yah 12 saal purana bimari hai.
      Sir please hemeopathy treatment bataye

  314. Patricia Jordan says:

    I am a veterinary homeopath but know of a person whom was paralyzed almost 30 years ago falling backwards off a roof while helping a neighbor. He has been confined to his bed all of these years and has pressure sores ulcers that are also a problem. Could homeopathy still be used even though the injury was so long ago? He is of course willing to try anything. They had him at Duke Medical Center or Chapel Hill after it happened but conventional medicine had no results. Thank you for discussing this issue.
    Patricia Jordan

  315. Zafar Jafri says:

    I am experiencing loss of memory
    Have Arthritis of fingers shoulders
    And joints
    Frequent urination
    Any recomendations please
    Zafar Jafri

  316. MD. Firoz Ahmed says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My father aged 60 is suffering from severe problem.
    Can you kindly advise me on the below problem about the care to be taken and about medications…
    we consult many dr. but they are suggesting operation.
    From my Father MRI scan, the impressions found are :
    i. Herniation of disc at the level of L4-L5 compounded by ligamentum flaval hypertrophy that results in severe spinal stenosis and severe compression on the thecal sac and roots of caudal as well as impingement upon the bilateral exiting L4 nerve roots.
    ii. Mild disc bulges at the level of L1-L2,L3-L4 and L5-S1 that causes indentation of thecal sac not producing significant neural compression.
    iii. Lumber degenerative changes.
    which medicine are perfect for those problem?
    Now My father take medicine Nuro B & Calbo D,neurolin,. It is Doctor prescribed.

    Sir,He don’t know what kind of disease.

    So, He do not exercise, what kind of perfect exercise for him.

    What can I do now.
    plz help me.

  317. Respected sir,
    i have suffering mild TR ( tricuspid regugration) since 5 years. in this , i have continously pain in my chest left and right also.sometime my heartbeat is increased and i felt anxious, shimmring in my hands also.i consulted many cardiologiest but didn’ t got a complete plz sir help me .and i want to know that my problem is cureble or not.if yes so plz give me ur valuable suggetion.i m waiting ur phone 9761020667.
    thanx and regards
    preeti patel

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