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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Paralysis is defined as loss of muscle function resulting in inability to move the affected part. The cause behind paralysis does not lie in the muscles but in the nervous system. The main causes of paralysis are stroke (poor blood flow to brain leading to cell death), trauma, nerve injury, poliomyelitis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Paralysis can be localised or generalised. Localised paralysis affects the face, eyelids, hands and vocal cords. Generalised paralysis includes monoplegia (paralysis of one limb), hemiplegia (paralysis of an arm and leg on one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of both lower limbs, the urinary bladder, and rectum are also usually involved) quadriplegia (paralysis of both arms and legs). Homeopathic medicines for paralysis offer supportive treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines obtained from natural plant sources to treat paralysis. The extent of recovery varies from person to person. The earlier the medicines are started, the higher are the chances of a positive outcome. Natural medicines for paralysis are safe for long term use and have no associated adverse side effects.

The top recommended medicines for paralysis are Causticum, Plumbum Met, Conium and Arnica. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of the face, vocal cords, urinary bladder, eyelids and limbs. Paralysis following sudden exposure to cold air also demands prescription of medicine Causticum. Plumbum Met is one of the most effective medicines for paralysis of the limbs where the condition is accompanied by emaciation. Conium is known to effectively treat ascending paralysis. The symptoms begin in the lower limbs and ascend upwards. Arnica is rated among top grade medicines for paralysis following stroke and spinal injuries.

1. Causticum and Cadmium Sulph – For Paralysis of Face (Bell’s palsy)

High grade medicines for paralysis of the face include Causticum and Cadmium Sulph. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of face on the right side. The symptoms worsen with opening the mouth. Paralysis from sudden exposure to cold air or from suppressed skin eruptions also points towards use of Causticum. Cadmium Sulph is recommended for facial paralysis of left side. The mouth gets distorted, with difficulty in swallowing and speaking in such cases.

2. Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna – For Paralysis after Stroke

A stroke is mainly a brain attack arising either from obstruction of blood supply to the brain or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Prominent medicines for paralysis after stroke are Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna. All three medicines are equally effective in treating paralysis resulting from a brain stroke. These medicines are natural and focus on healing loss of muscle function after a stroke.

3. Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid – For Paralysis of Ascending Type (Guillain-Barre’s syndrome)

Guillain-Barre’s syndrome is a disorder whereby the immune system attacks the nervous system and causes weakness and tingling sensation in lower limbs which ascends to the upper part of the body. Medicines for ascending paralysis include Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid. These are the most effective medicines for treating ascending type paralysis. Conium is selected when the complaint starts with weakness in legs and difficulty in walking. This initial complaint is followed by the symptoms spreading upwards. Plumbum is one of the most useful medicines for paralysis of ascending nature where atrophy and emaciation accompany the loss of muscle function. Picric Acid is prescribed when tired, weak heavy sensation begins in the legs and moves to the upper body parts. Burning in the spine also appears predominantly in such cases where Picric Acid has shown remarkable results as the best among  medicines for paralysis of the ascending type.

4. Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph – For Paralysis after Spinal Cord Injury/trauma

On the list of medicines for paralysis from spinal cord injury, Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph are majorly indicated. All three medicines are equally reliable and can be considered as effective treatment options while dealing with cases of paralysis from spinal cord injuries. These medicines, as all other medicines, are natural, with no linked side effects.

5. Cocculus and Causticum – For Paralysis that is Localised

For localised paralysis of the vocal cords, Cocculus and Causticum are rated among the best medicines. To deal with localised paralysis of upper eyelids, Physostigma, Gelsemium and Causticum are considered the most effective among medicines for paralysis that is localised. These medicines are the most prominently indicated and need to be administered for quite a long time to get positive results.

6. Stannum and Lachesis –For Paralysis of One Side (hemiplegia)

Stannum and Lachesis are remarkable medicines for paralysis of the left side. On the other hand, significant medicines for paralysis of the right side are Plumbum Met and Opium. The selection of medicines is based on the detailed case history of the patient which is painstakingly recorded. The extent and time of recovery depend upon various factors including duration of the disease, severity of the disease and how early the treatment is started.

7. Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum – For Paralysis of Lower Limbs (paraplegia)

Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum are the most reliable among medicines for paralysis of the lower limbs, also called paraplegia. The person who needs to be prescribed Picric Acid will have paralysed legs. The feet may appear cold. Burning sensation in the spine is another prominent symptom. Lathyrus is indicated when emaciation of lower limbs appears along with loss of function. The legs may appear bluish in colour in such cases. Spastic paralysis of lower limbs also points towards use of Lathyrus as the most effective among medicines for paralysis of lower limbs. Causticum is most helpful where the urinary bladder and rectum also get paralysed along with the lower limbs.

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  1. Sarah Meyer says:

    Hi! I’m trying to discern the remedy for our jersey cow that fell on her right side Monday after stepping into a pallet. She’s eating, drinking, and defecating normally and doesn’t seem to be in any pain. She’s calm. However, she’s unable to stand herself since then even when we tried hoisting her up today with ropes. Back legs seem weakest. Gave her solution of tissue salts calc flour, calc phos, mag phos, Kali phos twice today, and this was first day she acted as though she wanted to get up.

    We would appreciate any direction you might provide.
    Thank you!
    Sarah Meyer

  2. Muhammad azhar Iqbal says:

    kimdly guide me which is best medcn for treatmnt of sided weakness.unable to speak.

  3. My mother, 78 yrs, suffered a stroke on 1st Dec, with complete right side hemiplegia & aphasia.
    She is also a diabetic & hypertensive. Please suggest some medication so that she can regain some strength

  4. Maria Silvestri says:

    I have been sick for 10 years with Idiopathic Spastic Paraparesis. Nothing has helped. What approach do I need to take when incorporating homeopathy? Combining, dosing, and duration.

    Thank you and many blessings.

  5. My wife age 58 paralyse left leg and hand can send u mri Pls advise

  6. Er Sumer Agarwal says:

    Left vocal cord palsy

    • Er Sumer Agarwal says:

      After severe infection in which PCT went upto 8.3 and WBC 15000

    • Er Sumer Agarwal says:

      After severe infection in which PCT went upto 8.3 and WBC 15000

      Giving reason, which was not given before

  7. sushil kumar says:

    Prograssive Spastic Paraparesis since 12 years, with stiffness in both legs, short step, uncontrol on movement, cramps in right thigh along with jerking pulling while sleeping.

  8. Shah Hussain says:

    My wife is suffering MND Motor Neuron Disease. Can you help us by Homeopathy medicines.
    If you need more details please ask us.
    Thanks so much
    With best regards

  9. Jessy Anto Therattil says:

    I am suffering from mild stroke and so I can’t walk properly. Which Homoeo medicine I want to take.plz give your great advice

  10. Deepak Kumar says:

    सर मेरी मां दो साल से सबड्यूरल हेमाटोमा है। लगभग 14 सेमी का है उम्र ज्यादा होने के कारण डाक्टर ने उनके हेमाटोमा का आपरेशन करने से मना कर दिया। होम्योपैथी में इसका इलाज कराया लेकिन कोई फायदा नहीं हुआ। अब उसके दाहिना भाग में पैरालिसिस अटैक हो गया है सही ढंग से पानी भी निगलने में दिक्कत होने लगा है। 8 महीने से पूर्ण रुप से बेड पकड़ ली है शरीर धीरे धीरे सूख रहा है। इसका इलाज के लिए दबाई बताएं सर।

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