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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Paralysis is defined as loss of muscle function resulting in inability to move the affected part. The cause behind paralysis does not lie in the muscles but in the nervous system. The main causes of paralysis are stroke (poor blood flow to brain leading to cell death), trauma, nerve injury, poliomyelitis, spina bifida, Parkinson’s disease, Guillain-Barre’s syndrome, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. Paralysis can be localised or generalised. Localised paralysis affects the face, eyelids, hands and vocal cords. Generalised paralysis includes monoplegia (paralysis of one limb), hemiplegia (paralysis of an arm and leg on one side of the body), paraplegia (paralysis of both lower limbs, the urinary bladder, and rectum are also usually involved) quadriplegia (paralysis of both arms and legs). Homeopathic medicines for paralysis offer supportive treatment.

Homeopathic Medicines for Paralysis

Homeopathy offers a wide range of medicines obtained from natural plant sources to treat paralysis. The extent of recovery varies from person to person. The earlier the medicines are started, the higher are the chances of a positive outcome. Natural medicines for paralysis are safe for long term use and have no associated adverse side effects.

The top recommended medicines for paralysis are Causticum, Plumbum Met, Conium and Arnica. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of the face, vocal cords, urinary bladder, eyelids and limbs. Paralysis following sudden exposure to cold air also demands prescription of medicine Causticum. Plumbum Met is one of the most effective medicines for paralysis of the limbs where the condition is accompanied by emaciation. Conium is known to effectively treat ascending paralysis. The symptoms begin in the lower limbs and ascend upwards. Arnica is rated among top grade medicines for paralysis following stroke and spinal injuries.

1. Causticum and Cadmium Sulph – For Paralysis of Face (Bell’s palsy)

High grade medicines for paralysis of the face include Causticum and Cadmium Sulph. Causticum is one of the best medicines for paralysis of face on the right side. The symptoms worsen with opening the mouth. Paralysis from sudden exposure to cold air or from suppressed skin eruptions also points towards use of Causticum. Cadmium Sulph is recommended for facial paralysis of left side. The mouth gets distorted, with difficulty in swallowing and speaking in such cases.

2. Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna – For Paralysis after Stroke

A stroke is mainly a brain attack arising either from obstruction of blood supply to the brain or rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Prominent medicines for paralysis after stroke are Arnica, Phosphorus and Belladonna. All three medicines are equally effective in treating paralysis resulting from a brain stroke. These medicines are natural and focus on healing loss of muscle function after a stroke.

3. Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid – For Paralysis of Ascending Type (Guillain-Barre’s syndrome)

Guillain-Barre’s syndrome is a disorder whereby the immune system attacks the nervous system and causes weakness and tingling sensation in lower limbs which ascends to the upper part of the body. Medicines for ascending paralysis include Conium, Plumbum Met and Picric Acid. These are the most effective medicines for treating ascending type paralysis. Conium is selected when the complaint starts with weakness in legs and difficulty in walking. This initial complaint is followed by the symptoms spreading upwards. Plumbum is one of the most useful medicines for paralysis of ascending nature where atrophy and emaciation accompany the loss of muscle function. Picric Acid is prescribed when tired, weak heavy sensation begins in the legs and moves to the upper body parts. Burning in the spine also appears predominantly in such cases where Picric Acid has shown remarkable results as the best among  medicines for paralysis of the ascending type.

4. Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph – For Paralysis after Spinal Cord Injury/trauma

On the list of medicines for paralysis from spinal cord injury, Arnica, Hypericum and Natrum Sulph are majorly indicated. All three medicines are equally reliable and can be considered as effective treatment options while dealing with cases of paralysis from spinal cord injuries. These medicines, as all other medicines, are natural, with no linked side effects.

5. Cocculus and Causticum – For Paralysis that is Localised

For localised paralysis of the vocal cords, Cocculus and Causticum are rated among the best medicines. To deal with localised paralysis of upper eyelids, Physostigma, Gelsemium and Causticum are considered the most effective among medicines for paralysis that is localised. These medicines are the most prominently indicated and need to be administered for quite a long time to get positive results.

6. Stannum and Lachesis –For Paralysis of One Side (hemiplegia)

Stannum and Lachesis are remarkable medicines for paralysis of the left side. On the other hand, significant medicines for paralysis of the right side are Plumbum Met and Opium. The selection of medicines is based on the detailed case history of the patient which is painstakingly recorded. The extent and time of recovery depend upon various factors including duration of the disease, severity of the disease and how early the treatment is started.

7. Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum – For Paralysis of Lower Limbs (paraplegia)

Picric Acid, Lathyrus and Causticum are the most reliable among medicines for paralysis of the lower limbs, also called paraplegia. The person who needs to be prescribed Picric Acid will have paralysed legs. The feet may appear cold. Burning sensation in the spine is another prominent symptom. Lathyrus is indicated when emaciation of lower limbs appears along with loss of function. The legs may appear bluish in colour in such cases. Spastic paralysis of lower limbs also points towards use of Lathyrus as the most effective among medicines for paralysis of lower limbs. Causticum is most helpful where the urinary bladder and rectum also get paralysed along with the lower limbs.

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  1. Alex Smilansky says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    My mother (80 years old now) had an ischemic stroke three ago that has left her paralyzed on her left side (both arm and leg) and affected her memory and cognition very badly. It also affected swallowing liquids. The stroke was in the frontal and parietal lobes and was severe. It was a progressive stroke, where symptoms appeared and increased gradually over days and weeks. Symptoms begun with weakness and tingling in the legs, then progressed to fingers. Left foot has been bluish/purplish since the stroke unless it is elevated. We have tried Plumbum Met and Opium, but saw no improvement. Is there anything else we can try?

  2. Robin Karania says:

    Good morning Dr. My father suffering from left side paralysis sice 2016, he can do all his work but left side of body not work smoothly, left hand and leg works but not upto the mark. Left arm and leg are tight and not in pproper movement. Can it be treated after four years of paralysis due to BP High.

  3. CHANDAN KUMAR says:

    Sir my mother have right side paralysis 3years old pleases support medical advice

  4. Good Evening ma’am! My mom had brain stroke some 45 days before resulting right side body paralyzed, vocal chord issue and swallowing water/food. She is around 60 years. She had heart valve issues as well and medicines are continuing for thinning blood.
    She was sitting outside around 4 pm evening and suddenly attacked by brain stroke. All sort of allopathic treatments were given. Kindly help us with homeopathy treatments.
    Please please help, ma’am!

  5. Hi plz tell me the medicine for stomach ulcer which is duodenal, peptic gastric, and esophageal ulcer… And always feel very weak and dark brown stool. And pain and stinging pain on center upper part of stomach always… Plz tell

  6. Dear Doctor

    I m the patient of left side paralysis from last 3 years my left side is totally weaked there no any movement in my left arm including hand and my finger also not moved please recommend me best treatment I m smoker, before attacked also was a drinker my age is now 40 years

    I appreciating you for a good treatment in this

    Best regards

  7. PRAJEEV NAIR says:

    Cervical Spondylotic Melopathy-Spinal injury at C4-C5-C6-C7. Paralysis below neck. Allopathic treatment for 1 month-Hospitalisation. Medicines Continuing- Tetrafol Plus/Pregabid NT/Liofen 10.
    Present Condition- Numbness(pin-prick sensation of all extremities-esp.soles & palms-left side more prominent; lower back & abdomen. Unsteady gait. Imbalance while standing & stooping.
    Other Problems-
    Chronic Constpation (only Kayam tab is helpful)
    Diabetic (DB2)
    Hypothyroidism (taking Electrosin 100mg)

  8. S.H.Sheshachalam says:

    Halo doctor I am 62 male suffered thalamice haemmorage 15 years back please recommend me to recover by homeowners medicines


    my mother in law 74 years , by pass sergery for heart in 2014 , was all ok last two years back she had slipdisc then got loose motion problem since 8month & now she is on bed & cant walk properly her own, we do take care by takling her to bathroom etc last one moth she got burning issue in urine also which is better by CANTHERIS , as per DR she got problem of low calcium .
    i need help to get her recover from 1. loose motion 2. lower part strenth.3.urine issue. we pray for her to recover & walk herself ,else she willbe quite & said i may not be move.
    please suggest medicine

  10. now am in Dubai working.two years ago I had problem in toe finger numbness and unable to walk as quick as before, now am taking homeo medicine for this and getting result also.but still my right toe not that much active.please advice me some medicine for this.

  11. nice work dr sahib

  12. Hi,
    My mother is 52 and has had MG ( Myastenia Gravis) since the age of 20.
    She was in remission for about 10 years thanx to homeopathy ( after taking Ignatia ( her constitutional remedy), considering the difference homeopathy has made in her life she even went on to study it and now practices homeopathy in Split, Croatia.

    Past year and half there are no symptoms anywhere else in the body except in her face.
    Right side more affected then the left, bottm eye lid slightly detached, unable to close the eyes, eyes are often watering.
    Muscles around the moth have dropped I can send you a photo as well.
    The important thing to mention that this all started happening after some dental work that had to be done.

    She also struggles to swallow and her overall condition is greatly affected by overwhelming emotional situations.

    This whole time we’ve thought the current issues are linked to MG however we have come across someone who has Bells Palsy and the symptoms are pretty much what she is experiencing at the moment, so we are seeking for help and advice PLEASE.

    Being so caught in it all my mom finds it hard to treat herself and we’d really appreciate some guidance and advice.

    She is such positive person and her “sad” face does not match what is inside,

    And I as her daughter would give anything to see her smile again 🙂

  13. Vibhav Srivastava says:

    Hello sir
    My mom got brain hamorrhage last year on 29th july 2018. After that her left side got paralysed. After long session of physiotherapy and massage and other Modern Medicines she is now able to stand on her feet and can walk slowly without support. But still she has not retain her normal life as her left hand is still not working properly. She has strain in her left hand and she cant move her finger. Plz suggest me what can be done so far to take my mom to her Normal Life.

    • Good Morning Sir,

      My Mother aged 64 years has got left side paralysis 3 months before because of brain infarct. Now she walks with help but no movement in arm and hand.kindly suggest best homeopathic medicine.

      • Good Morning Sir,

        My Mother aged 64 years has got left side paralysis 3 months before because of brain infarct. Now she walks with help but no movement in arm and hand.kindly suggest best homeopathic medicine.

      • My Mother aged 64 years has got left side paralysis 5 months before because of brain infarct. Now she walks with help but no movement in arm and hand.kindly suggest best homeopathic medicine.

    • Pitambar panda says:

      Hello sir, my grand mother age 75 got brain hammarage befote 7 month,after that her left side got paralysed.Now she cant able to stand without support.she feel pain in her left side leg and knee. Her left hand is inactive .She walk slowly with support.
      Sir kindly suggest me proper medicine for her

  14. Ghulam murtaxa says:

    My penis has paralysis, and retracted unable to perform intercourse .pl give me proper medicine
    I,m also diabitic

    • Narinder K.Sharma says:

      Dear Dr Sharma

      Kindly suggest homeo medication for Meningomyocele June 13. 6 yrs male child developed paraplegic leg .Mentaly quite intellectual,phycally just draging the lower body.

  15. Nitin Advani says:

    Hello doctor,
    I am a brain stroke survivor, my left side is affected with paralysis & it’s been 8/ 10 yrs now, can u help me plz.
    I can walk limping around & my hand moves but my fingers r tightly closed in the wrist

  16. Ashish sengupta says:

    My brother aged 52yrs got stroke and paralysed on his left hand and right leg slight bend,he can’t move the left hand, but move the leg, for last 3yrs. All treatment including physiotherapy done but no result comeout. He spends all his money even belongings for treatment and all his hopes for recovery ended in smoke. Now Sir can you help him without thinking for commercial, pl help him Sir, God will help you

  17. My father who is 84 years old suffered paralysis on the left side of the body. He cannot speak and he is disoriented. He keeps hitting his right hand and leg on the cot and makes noise. His feed is thru RT. Which is the medicine to be given to him.



  18. Surendra kumar Guin says:

    I have been suffering from right side facial and hand fingers paralysis.
    Now I am taking allopathic medicine Storax plus and ayurvedic medicine of gluco health and flax oil of Vestige company.
    But I am unable to recover from it.
    So you are requested to kindly recommend me some useful medicine for this purpose.

  19. Dear dr,
    Two years ago, my father got paralysis at right side of his body, now he is physically fit but mentally not fit, even he cannot speak well. Please suggest some homeopathic german midicine for him.
    I shall be very thankful to you for this favour.
    Abid from punjab

  20. Tarak nath kanjilal says:

    My father 79 has been suffering from vasecular parkinsonism last 3 years. Presently right side difficulty with stiffness. Blurred vission affect after every multi act almost blind. No thinking ability.Frequently urinination.other medical aspect is normal. Low pressure tendency.swollen leg. But creatinine normal.please advise me to recover this condition in homeopathy if possible

    • Ali khan age 60 left side paralysis says:

      My father has been suffering from paralysis for 11 years. Left side .. Please sir provide some medicine ..there is no sense of left side .It urgent sir ..

  21. Dear Dr Sharma,

    My brother suddenly lost the ability to walk due to a thoracic bone infection. Surgery was performed today to clear infected tissue. Post surgery, he has feeling in his legs but cannot move them. He begins rehab process now – can you suggest remedies to assist with regaining leg mobility.

    Thank you very much,
    Lisa Duran

  22. Muni devi says:

    One side hole bady paralaisis

  23. rashid mahmood says:

    My father suffering brain stroke due to right side from 9 years ago and paralysed on right side total arm and leg as wel. we are giving them allopathic medicine (rivotril 2mg, prothedan 75mg) . His age is 68 years. they can not walk and talk. having speach problem cant get out the words from mouth . so much weekness has been facing. so please suggest a good medicine please

    • M.L.I.PERERA says: father suffering paralysis since one month. It was brain stock . Left side .I gave firstly ARNICA 200m. After CAUSTICUM .
      But he was sleeping . So gave him OPIUM .But didn’t cure .so gave LACHESIS 200m one day and CURERA one tabelet
      daily for 15 days .but didn’t cure . now giving PLUMBUM MET
      one tabelet daily since two days. but not cure and he can’t standing . Then should i gave him? Sir please suggest a good homiopathy medicine .
      Thank you.

      • Abdul MOHEED says:

        Please give him M 89 drops of mystic company from Hyderabad for all types of paralytic symptoms

  24. kuldipsingh sethi says:

    my wife suffered brain stroke due to left side clotsix months ago and paralysed on rightside arms andleg.she is on allopathic medicines .she is 70 with physiotherapy she is almost ablle to walk.but she is having speech problem and can not talk properly but she is quite conscious and has good presence of mind.But she forgts what she has to say. Please reply how she can be cured with homeopahic medicines.Iam living in Delhi..

  25. i am suffering from stroke(haemorrage) from past 4 years on my left side of my body my left leg foot drop and full spasm and hand is very weak always feeling lazy upset sleepy and im having high hemoglobin high uric acid high cholesterol thyroid

  26. DR,G,R,G,Krishna swamy says:

    Dear dr.sharmaji,,,my uncle is suffering from right at home on spoon feeding,,,chewing well……physiotherapy doing…….english medicine treatment completed……..even though i am a children specialist…..i had great trust in homeopathy……MRIbrain report is left intrenal cerebral artery thrombus(no hemorrahage)he is fully concious…….face paralsis improvoed,but right side both limbs paralysed ,,,,with help he is able to sit in chair ,but need support……….i willbe life long thankful ifyou can send medicine by pot…..we will your consultation&medicine fees to your account OR if medicines if you prescribe through e mail we ccan buy from homeo medicine shopif commercially available…..patient age 84 yrs ,male, no other problems like B.P,DIABETES.he was a hard worker in cultivating land…..when he was middle aged he used to smke cigar…now for the last 33yrs he stopped smoking….please send your advie….we can not bring patient personally to you……..he is living in town SAMALKOT-533440,,,,,,,yarlagadaa ramarao-his name c/o sri rama kanakadurga medial shp….opposite railway kalyana mandapam,,,,east godavri district,,,,andhra pradesh….india….if any more detais you need ..i can emailyou sir….please help there any hope with hameopathy…..he got STROKE 2 months back,,,,,he has voice ,but husky&not cleaar.he can spell small words in very low voice….THANK YOU Awaiting yor reply ..he is with urinary catheter,,but he can feel urine coming sensation……coming sensation…during nights,,, for our comfort foleys catheter kept.,,,2weeks back canged to new catheter

  27. Good evening sir My husband has got left side paralysis 4 months back Now he walks but no knee and feet movement while walking .no movement in arm and hand.kindly suggest best homopathic medicine

  28. dear sir,
    my father is with paralysis .right leg and arm get affected kindly help is plumbem met and opium helpful.

  29. sir, jai hind, my 12 year dog has suddenly got his rear legs paralysed, otherwise in good health. pl suggest what medicine should i give. i fully trust homeopathy. for last one weak , my dog is being given arnica montana 30c and hypericum 30c ,4 drops of dilution thrice a day. being a sportsman myself i have always got relief using homeopathy. pl suggest a remedy.

  30. Kishore Pujari says:

    Dear Dr.
    Good morning. I have one Rotwheler aged about 5yr.
    Her back person is paralysed. No movement of the back portion. Please advise me the homoepathy drugs will be effective.
    Thanking you.
    Kishore Kumar pujari

  31. Spine L1FACTURE urine stool problem

  32. Russell Harrison says:

    Dear sir I suffered and survived a hemorrhagic stroke in 2010 and I am paralyzed on my left side arm and leg and I am looking for ways to restore the use of my times I was watching a clip on YouTube about homeopathy and Googled to research more and came across your website. I am asking for recommendations. Thank you in advance.

  33. Sanjay kr Mahato says:

    Meri ma ki age 65 hai .aur authorities vi hai.aur left side effected hai paralysis se .from 1 yrs. Plz bataye ki kon sa medicine use kare.


    —————-Sanjay kr mahato. INDIA

    • Om Prakash Verma says:

      Sir, my mother aged 80 yrs has sudden paralysis due to cold exposure in morning after bath. The affected parts are right side and not able to speak. In CT scan there is blood clotting and tests are normal. Please suggest medicines.

    • Hello my mother had paralysis attack on right side 4 week ago she is diabetic and has hypertension
      Now she can walk with support but feels weakness
      Physiotherapy is going on
      What to do kindly tell

  34. shiv dev kumar sehgal says:

    sir after singles/hypes joster I am feeling pain in my little fingure and ring fingur of my right hand and pain in palm on these fingur sides .my both fingurs feel burning not able to grip .plese advise.

  35. Raktima Dangui says:

    My daughter 21yr had met with an accident on 21st jan 2018 she had spine injury.she has been operated with inserting rod but she is paraplegic with catheter having uti mostly..please sir help .

  36. Basant pal says:

    My mother had a back fall. She was diagonsedto have little fracture in D12. The doctor advised not to go for operation. Her both limbs have paralyzed after fall. The incident took place on 20 th of sept 2018. Main problem is that she can’t sit for a while and complains of acute and chronic pain at lower back and hip.we are treating allopathetic but no use. Physiotherapy is going in. Is there any medicine to solve the problem of acute pain in homeopathy at once . if yes let me know the treatment.

  37. Gopal Krishan Mishra says:

    My wife met brain stroke date on 04-09-2018 in Right Brain and left side body effected , Left side Hand and Leg movement is ZERO, She is feeling sensation in Left Hand and Leg
    First day I have given Causticum 200 and then 1000 weekly, Kindly suggest more effective medicine for left side paralysis


      My wife met brain stroke date on 04-09-2018 in Right Brain and left side body effected , Left side Hand and Leg movement is ZERO, She is feeling sensation in Left Hand and Leg
      First day I have given Causticum 200 and then 1000 weekly, Kindly suggest more effective medicine for left side paralysis

  38. Dr.Husna Afeef says:

    Welldone sir, u have defined every medicine very well and differenciate wisely. Sir what remedies will suit to treat paralysis caused by polio of left leg.

  39. Mam i m feeling tingling sensation of right face muscles including eyelids n both lips from past two days nw feeling like my lip becme little crossed wt cn i do i m feeling tensed

  40. B RAMAMOORTHY says:

    siri am suffering with HEMEPLEGIA SINCE FOUR YEARS.I HAVE UNDERGONE MITRAL STENOSIS SURGERY IN THE YEAR OF 1980.In the year of 2016 i was attacked with pancreatis my age is 61 and i am non diaetic my left lower limb and upper limb are not functioning.can you kindly suggest me recovery procedure frm hemeplegia

  41. Adwoa Serwaa Bonsu says:

    My mom had a stroke attack about 16 weeks ago. Her speech is much better now. But she is unable to move or even stand on her own.
    Can you please recommend anything for us?

  42. Sir, my father had brain stroke in the mid-June. His left side is not working. Voice and left eye sight has gone and he is just lying on the bed after two months ICU treatment. His condition is as same as at the time of stroke. Please suggest medicine and time period we have to wait till his recovery. His age is around 73.

  43. Can u help me with abdominal muscle paralysed
    Hii I’m 20 years old and when I was 14 years that time I was sucking stomach belly inside and holding breath for long hours. And it’s been several years. my problem is breathing. I’m experiencing chest breathing not adominal breathing and my abdominal muscles are not expanding its like ribs are tight.  and I was holding tight abdominal inside…

  44. Gurudas Dutta says:

    Left leg paralised after a stroke before six months. Pl. Mentione dose of medicine.her age is 69 years.

  45. Gurudas Dutta says:

    Left leg paralised after a stroke before six months. Pl. Mentione dose of medicine.

  46. My wife 62 years old. She is heart & diabetes patient. She paralysis on 19 /11 /2017, during Angioplasty due to blood clot in brain. After treatment she able to walk. & do some light work with hands. But she has not full sansation In left side, not able to wear Chappell freely & fingers of left hand not bent completely. Please Advise for further treatment.

  47. Rajneesh Kapur says:

    Sir, my mother is an octogenarian. She had a brain clot last 25 August weakening her right side followed by a slight stroke. Now she is able to move her limbs slightly but not in her senses. Kindly suggest a potent medicine. I am a student of homoeopathy but you are expert in it. Please reply at the earliest.

  48. I have chronic inflammation and the Drs do not seem to know what is causing it, after blood tests etc. It came on very suddenly after pregnancy, where the pregnancy itself was fine, postpartum I dramatically lost range of motion in most of my major limbs and developed incredible weakness out of nowhere. I have always been stiff from the waist down but after having babies (I am a married woman, in my thirties now) something changed and I am now unsure of my feet because my reactions are slow and I feel internally weak. This has prevented me from exercising as I feel I would only do my fragile body damage and I cannot briskly walk like I used to. Now I am overweight and have some minor spleen/ gallbladder issues as well as puffiness in extremities which I have no explanation for. I know Homeopathy is meant to be very good for a whole host of things and I have tried all sorts of other things to no avail. It has been a few years since my last pregnancy now and I thought things would have moved on by now or stabilised, but aside from getting slightly better, I am still afflicted. What is your opinion, or advice please?

  49. Pardeep saini says:

    I have problem of vericose veins in left side used R42 dr.rwckweg for at least 7 months no progress. Noticed same position suggest me some effective medicine for this

  50. My penis going to curving shap

  51. Shashi Freeman says:

    hello Dr Sharma
    a friend’s husband is prone to depression , is an alcoholic, smokes, and was suddenly paralysed in the
    legs. X ray shows the spine is ok, lying in hospital bed. please help. Thank you

  52. Dear sir, My mother is 66 yrs old ,she paralyzed right side of body (right leg and right hand) since one year.walking after medical treatment but after stop the medicine,she is now filling again repeating the same. She is also diabetic since last four years….pl advise me. Thanks &regards RK Singh.

    • LALIT DHINGRA says:

      Dear Dr,
      I am 39 years old. 15 years back I had a brain stroke due to rheumatic heart disease. I have difficulty in speech and numbness in left side of my body.

  53. My father have paralysis in left side after stroke ,also diabetes .age 65.
    He is enabled to walk and see.
    I read through Google .
    Please suggest for .
    Waiting for your valuable response.

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