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10 Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Pityriasis Alba

Pityriasis alba refers to a skin condition in which there appears red or pink patches on the skin, initially with fine scales. Afterwards, these patches clear up leaving behind pale marks on the skin. It is not contagious and doesn’t spread from direct skin to skin contact with a person having this condition. Homeopathic medicines for pityriasis alba help to halt further progression of complaint and recover from spots already present.Homeopathic medicines for pityriasis alba


The exact cause behind it is still unknown. But it is thought to be a type of eczema (low grade) or related to eczema. Eczema is a skin condition in which there occurs itchy and inflamed patches on the skin. Next, it may be a result of excessive use of topical corticosteroids used for treating eczema. Other than this people who have excess sun exposure and who take frequent hot baths are at its risk. People with sensitive skin are also predisposed to it. Most commonly it occurs in children (between the ages of 6 years-12 years) and adolescents. Both boys and girls are equally affected by it. 


In this condition there appear pink or red coloured patches on the skin. These are dry and covered with scales. The scaling is fine in these cases. These patches may be round or oval in shape. These may even be  irregularly shaped sometimes. The margins of lesions may be well demarcated or ill defined. The number of spots can vary from 4 to 20 in a person. Their sizes vary from small to big ones. The patches develop most commonly on the face (mainly on the cheeks and chin). Next they may also show up on the neck, arms, shoulders, chest, back and abdomen. The patches may be raised or flat. These don’t have any attending symptoms usually. But some of its sufferers may have itching in these spots. The scaling is most noticeable in the winter when dry air is present and humidity is low. These patches may last from few months to several years altogether varying from case to case. On healing these leave light coloured pale patches on the skin. These look prominent in summers from tanning of the surrounded skin surface.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pityriasis Alba

Homeopathy carries a great scope in treating these cases. With use of these medicines the spots on skin gradually start to fade away. These also reduce the dryness, scaling over the spots and help to relieve itching in the spots if present. The homeopathic medicines for treating it are prepared from naturally occurring substances. So these are very safe to use and don’t cause any side effects. Gentle, safe and effective recovery occurs with these medicine uses. 

  1. Arsenic Album – For Dry Rough Spots with Scales

It is a very effective medicine when there are dry rough spots on the skin covered with scales. It may get worse from the cold. The spots are red coloured. Itching may be present in the lesions. Overall skin is very dry with this. Apart from above it is also indicated for white spots on the skin. 

  1. Calcarea Carb – For Pityriasis Spots on Face

This medicine offers great help in cases where pityriasis spots on the face are marked. Red patches may be marked on the cheeks when this medicine is needed. This medicine is also well indicated for pale spots on the face.

  1. Thuja – When it Affects Face and Neck

This medicine is prepared from fresh twigs of plant Thuja Occidentalis having the common name Arbor Vitae. This plant belongs to family coniferae. It works well when pityriasis affects the face, forehead and neck. In most cases it worsens from washing with warm water. In cases requiring it the skin looks dirty. There are brown-white spots  or red spots on skin. Sometimes there is dry skin with brown spots on arms.

  1. Merc Sol – For Spots on Forearm and Chest

It is the next well indicated medicine for pityriasis alba. For using it the red spots are present on forearms and chest. They begin as small spots that enlarge gradually in a circular form. They are rough and dry. They are also covered with small whitish scales. The spots may be itchy. Itching worsens from warmth in the bed where it is required. 

  1. Silicea – For Red Spots on Neck

It is useful when there are spots on the neck on its front side or back side. The spots are red coloured. These are covered with slight scales. It is also indicated when skin is dry, yellowish covered with spots of  pityriasis. 

  1. Arsenic Iodatum – For Dry Scaly Lesions

This is a very beneficial medicine for cases having dry scaly lesions. Persons who require it have itching in it. Sometimes a burning sensation is also felt in it.

  1. Phosphorus – For Spots on Abdomen and Chest

It is beneficial when spots appear on the abdomen and chest. In cases needing it the spots may be brown, reddish brown or pale colored.  The skin can be dry and scaly with this.                                                                  

  1. Psorinum – For Scaliness Over any Body Part

This medicine is indicated when scaliness occurs on any of the body parts. Skin looks dirty with this. There is much itching with scaling with desire to  scratch. scratching gives temporary relief. It is  a good remedy for rash on back and neck.

  1. Sulphur – To Manage Itching

It is a leading medicine for managing itching on skin. Most people needing it have worsening of itch at night and from the heat of bed. Itching may also worsen from washing. This is attended with scratching but it worsens itching. Skin is dry, scaly where it is indicated.  

  1. Colchicum – For Pink Spots 

It is prepared from a bulb of a plant Colchicum autumnale having the common name Meadow Saffron. It belongs to the family melanthiaceae of the liliaceae. This medicine is indicated for pink spots on the skin. For using it the spots can be present on back, chest or abdomen. The skin is dry where it is required. 

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  1. Hi, my son is 14 years old and has white patches on his face similar to Pityriasis Alba. The patches are lighter than the skin tone. The skin is dry, and he is exposed to the sun daily for an hour. Allopathy doctors have recommended skin creams for pigmentation. Our family trusts homeopathy treatment, thus I think my son can recover from homeopathy treatment. My Dad is also a homeopathy practitioner. He has recommended Arsenic Alb 30, Calcarea Carb 30 and Thuja 30. I want to confirm these medicines from your end too. Kindly support. Thank you.

  2. Geetanjali says:

    My 18 months daughter has pale white spot on right cheek oval little rough 2 to 3 in number . Can you suggest any homeopathic oinment for that .
    I will be thankful

    • sir my doctor recommended bacillinium 200 for pityriasis alba , please help if this is right

      • Hlo sir,or mam.mere bete ko chote chote ovel or round shape mei face mei white dry Patches huy h 3 months ho gye h .skin k doctor ko dikhaya h unhone cream lgane ko di or multivitamins.but maine cream nhi lgai..kuch side effects ko pdkr.unhone bola ki ye p alba h…pls homeopathy medicine suggest kre pls ….he is 15 yrs old

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