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Blisters on Hands – Homeopathic Medicines for Pompholyx

Pompholyx or dyshidrotic eczema refers to a skin condition where tiny blisters/vesicles form on the sides of fingers and palms of hands. Sometimes this condition may also affect the soles of feet. Homeopathic medicines for pompholyx are deep acting remedies of natural origin that helps in healing the eruptions associated with the condition and also manage other symptoms.       homeopathic medicines for pompholyx

Some factors that predispose or trigger pompholyx are mental or physical stress, skin sensitivity, the tendency of excessive sweating, reaction to certain metals (like nickel, cobalt), detergents, soaps or other chemical, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections of skin. A person having a family history of pompholyx is also at risk to develop a similar condition. Females are more affected by this condition as compared to the males, particularly between the ages of 20 to 40 years. 

Homeopathic Medicines for Pompholyx

Natural medicines treat both acute and chronic cases of pompholyx in an effective and natural way. These remedies further help in gradually eradicating the tendency to have recurrent pompholyx. The top homeopathic medicines for treating pompholyx are Graphites, Natrum Mur, Mezereum, Petroleum and Sulphur.

1. Graphites – For Vesicles Discharging Sticky Fluid

Graphites is most helpful for pompholyx with vesicles discharging sticky fluid. The vesicles appear between the fingers and toes. They discharge sticky, gluey, watery and transparent fluid. The vesicles may itch and burn intolerably. Graphites is also indicated for cracks, fissures, roughness on the affected skin.

2. Natrum Mur – For Vesicles having Watery Fluid

Natrum Mur works well in cases of pompholyx with vesicles containing watery fluid. The vesicles rupture and leave a thin scurf on the skin. Burning on skin may precede vesicle formation. A general aggravation from heat and warmth is usually seen in most cases needing Natrum Mur.

3. Mezereum – For blisters on the Sides of Fingers

Mezereum is prepared from the fresh bark of plant Daphne Mezereum commonly known as Spurge Olive. The natural order of this plant is Thymelaceae. Mezereum is indicated for pompholyx when blisters form on the sides of fingers. The blisters are surrounded by a red areola. The blisters are attended with intense burning sensation. Itching also appears in blisters. The blisters may discharge sticky fluid, get dry leaving scabs. Skin of hands may be rough.

4. Petroleum – For Dry, Cracked Rough Skin on Palms and Soles

Petroleum is very effective for pompholyx with dry, cracked rough skin on palms and soles. The cracks may be deep. It is attended with excessive burning and itching. Blood may appear from the cracks. It is also indicated for vesicular eruption with thick scabs that may be greenish.

5. Sulphur – To Manage Itching and Burning in Vesicles

Sulphur helps in managing itching and burning in vesicles of pompholyx. Vesicles with watery content or pustules may be present. Most cases needing Sulphur show worsening of itching in the evening and at night. Burning appears after scratching the skin. Sometimes bleeding appears from scratching.

6. Carbolic Acid – For highly Itchy Blisters

Carbolic Acid is well indicated for pompholyx with highly itchy blisters. In some cases itchy pustules are also present. The itching gets slightly better by rubbing or scratching. It may be followed by burning pain. An offensive odor on the skin may be present.

7. Rhus Tox – For Blisters discharging Yellow Fluid

Rhus Tox is significant medicine for pompholyx with blisters discharging yellow fluid. The blisters appear on palms of hands. The blisters may be tiny or large. It is attended with intense itching. The affected skin is also red and inflamed.

8. Arsenic Album – For Blisters on Soles of Feet and Toes

Arsenic Album is prominently used for pompholyx with blisters on soles of feet and toes. The blisters have dark edges. The blisters may discharge light yellow colored liquid. The discharge mostly occurs during the night and may be offensive in nature. Intense burning in blisters may be present. For using Arsenic Album, the blisters may also be present on the fingers also along with the soles and toes.

9. Ranunculus Bulbosus – For Blisters having Bluish Appearance

Ranunculus Bulbosus is prepared from a plant commonly known by the name of Buttercup. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Ranunculus Bulbosus is indicated for pompholyx with blisters having bluish appearance. Most times the vesicles appear on palms of hand and fingers. The vesicles are tiny and come up in crops. The eruptions tend to itch and burn. Stinging sensation may also be present in them. After scratching, redness and swelling arise. Thickening of the skin may also occur.

10. Hepar Sulph – For Infection when Eruptions Discharge Pus

Hepar Sulph is an important medicine for pompholyx with infection when there is a pus discharge from the eruptions. The pus may be offensive and tinged with blood. Sometimes the pus is dark coloured. Affected skin may be sensitive to touch.

11. Cantharis – For Vesicles with excessive Burning

Cantharis is a helpful medicine for pompholyx with vesicles attended with much burning. The vesicles are painful, tend to appear between fingers and toes. These may be large and exude watery content.

12. Anagallis – For Cluster of Small Blisters on Palm

Anagallis is prepared from a plant Anagallis Arvensis commonly known by many names including red chickweed, scarlet pimpernel and weather-glass. The natural order of this plant is Primulaceae. Anagallis works well for pompholyx with a cluster of small blisters appearing on the palm of hands and fingers. The blisters are attended with itching. In some cases, smarting sensation also appears in the blisters. There may be a discharge of yellow or brown fluid from blisters. The blisters then dry off. Following healing of these blisters, a new crop of blisters appears. The skin of hands and fingers is usually very dry in cases needing Anagallis.

13. Silicea – For Excessive Sweat with Blisters

Silicea is considered for cases of pompholyx where excessive sweat appears along with blisters. The blisters appear on palms, soles along with intense sweating. The sweat may be offensive. There may be prominent pus discharge from the blisters. Like Hepar Sulph, Silicea is also used to treat infected cases of pompholyx with pus discharges.

Signs and Symptoms of Pompholyx

The signs of pompholyx include small fluid filled blisters on the palmar surface of hand and sides of fingers (and sometimes on soles of feet.) In most cases, intense itching and burning on the skin precedes the blister development. The blisters tend to appear in clusters/crops. The blisters in pompholyx are usually small. These may club together in some cases to form large ones. The blisters can be very itchy as well as painful and may ooze fluid. They heal and are followed by dry, cracked, peeling, red, tender skin. Sometimes the affected skin can be infected following intense scratching. In infected cases the blisters ooze pus, get very painful and become covered with crust.

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  1. Nirmlya Mahato says:

    I am suffering from pompholyx on palm and fingers in hand and also in leg fingers during 1and half year. Please give me best suggestion for over come the situation.

  2. blisters on my feet sole and some finger of feet with itching and some rashes on my both arms and red rashes on back itching. Small blisters on toes and fingers of feet .two blisters are having pus and 2-3 blisters are some time discharge White fluid not always on feet advise what medicines are to be taken to get rid of this who many days it will take to get rid off

    • Nirmlya Mahato says:

      I am suffering from pompholyx on palm and fingers in hand and also in leg fingers during 1and half year. Please give me best suggestion for over come the situation.

  3. Dear Dr Sb I was got operated for prostate After that I am dry orgasm. So pl suggest Homeopathy medicine. I always get ur medicines for different decease

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