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3 Homeopathic Medicines for Postherpetic Neuralgia

Herpes Zoster is a viral disease leading to painful skin eruptions caused by varicella-zoster virus. Varicella zoster virus is the virus that causes chicken pox when a person gets infected with this virus initially. Though the person recovers from the chicken pox within weeks, the virus remains in the nerve cells, in an inactive state. This virus can reactivate anytime it finds a suitable trigger like lowered immunity. Homeopathic medicines for postherpetic neuralgia are deep acting remedies that can help resolve the problem.    homeopathic medicines for postherpetic neuralgia

When the dormant virus gets reactivated, it leads to herpes zoster or shingles with painful skin eruptions. The rash of herpes zoster resolves within two to four weeks’ time.  In some cases, even after the skin eruptions completely resolve, the pain continues for months or years together. This nerve pain that persists for more than 3 months is referred to as postherpetic neuralgia. The postherpetic neuralgia results from damage to the nerve caused by the herpes zoster virus. The pain may vary from discomfort to severe, stabbing pain. Along with pain, burning, increased sensitivity, weakness of affected skin area may also arise.

Homeopathic Medicines for Postherpetic Neuralgia

Homeopathy is highly effective in treating neuralgic complaints i.e., nerve pain. As a first step, Homeopathy controls the intensity and frequency of pain in postherpetic neuralgia. Then the medicines work to remove the chronicity of the pain. The burning sensation, hypersensitivity associated with this condition also heals under the use of homeopathy for postherpetic neuralgia. Apart from post-herpetic neuralgia, other nerve pains that find proper treatment in Homeopathy include sciatica, trigeminal neuralgia, and intercostal neuralgia.

1. Mezereum – For Postherpetic Neuralgia with Intense Burning

Mezereum is rated among the best medicines for postherpetic neuralgia. It is the best-suited prescription when postherpetic neuralgic pains are violent and attended with marked burning. Mezereum is the most helpful among medicines for postherpetic neuralgia in postherpetic pains located in the face. The pain in the face may get worse while eating. Warmth brings relief. Mezereum is also helpful during active herpes zoster where eruptions are present. The key symptoms to look out for before prescribing Mezereum during herpes zoster infection are violently itching vesicles with shining red areola and intense burning.

2. Ranunculus Bulbosus – For Pains coming in Paroxysms

Another of the prominently indicated medicines for postherpetic neuralgia is Ranunculus Bulbosus. It is indicated for sharp, shooting, postherpetic neuralgic pains that come in paroxysms. It is also one of the top listed medicines for intercostal neuralgia following herpetic infection. Ranunculus Bulbosus is also indicated for herpes zoster when the vesicles eruptions are bluish in colour. The eruptions are attended with itching and burning symptoms which worsen on contact.

3. Rhus Tox – One of the best Medicines for Postherpetic Neuralgia

Rhus Tox also figures on the list of highly effective medicines for postherpetic neuralgia. It is one of the best medicines for postherpetic neuralgia where the pains are attended with marked restlessness. The skin is sensitive to cold air in such cases. In herpes zoster, Rhus Tox is the most preferred among medicines when the vesicles are yellowish with itching and stinging.

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  1. Asha Reddy says:

    I am suffering from PHN for 5 years, l am 77 years, please suggest me home medicine.

  2. Khalil Ahmed says:

    please can you adviser me best homeopathic medicine for Postherpetic Neuralgia. I am 63 yrs old male. The nerve pain is always there and the burning and constant itching.

  3. Rob Skinner says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma, I was diagnosed with herpes zoster in February 2014. After the initial painful rash the pain never stopped. I was diagnosed with post hepatic neuralgia. It has been 5 and one half years with constant pain in my right shoulder, neck and back. I have had 5 nerve blocks, acupuncture, tens, light therapy, touch therapy, every pharmacy drug that you can think of. I currently get acupuncture and massage every week. I am a 65 year old male in excellent health except pain. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thank you for your time.

    • Lisa Jordan says:

      We would like to know the same please

      • Ajay Ghosh says:

        Dear Dr. Sharma
        I had Harpes along the right shoulder and neck ,soulder front as well as back. It is two months now still I have pain in the nurve and unable to sleep at night. It was shining red before forming blisters. And pouring hot water over the soulder gives relief to me , as per you description Mezereum is my medicine but at what potency and doses.
        Ajay Ghosh

  4. Kathleen Gregg says:

    Can you adviser please best homeopathic medicine for both constant shingles and phn. I am 82 yrs old. Female. Also suffer from osteoarthritis. The nerve pain is always there and the burning and constant itching.

    • Vijay Kumar Saxena. says:

      I had herpes joster for last one year. Now I am suffering from PHN please Advise best homeo medicine.

  5. ramnath paranandi says:

    I am 78 years old. I have PHN (Post Herpetic Neuaralgia with pains coming in paro

  6. Ashok jogi says:

    Dear Doctor, I had an attack of herpes in the month of October 17. The eruptions were clear within a weeks time but the pain is still continuing.Could you please suggest me some medicine so that I am relieved of their problem.

  7. Manmadha. says:

    My father is suffering from prosthetic neuralgia from last 1 year. He is getting pain one side in forehead area.we were using gabapentin other medicine combinations prescribed by neurologist. But pain and itching is not controlled. Do we have any treatment to reduce pain and cure postherpitc neuralgia ?

  8. Sarika Sharma says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma my Mother In Law aged 69 years is suffering from post herpes neuralgia since last two months in the lumbar region. The pain is severe and unbearable… I request you to please suggest some medicine and its consumption dosage. For your kind information she is a CKD paitient who undergoes dialysis twice a week since November 2016 and also had undergone bypass surgery in Feb 2016. She is diabetic since last 15 years and also suffers from thyroid dysfunction.

    • I am suffering from post herpes zoster pain since last few days. The blisters have subsided with anti viral medicine and local ointment , but I have intense burning pain at the site , the left chest front and back & middle at the back, even touching is very painful, I can’t wear a dress properly.
      I am 63 years old female and having thyroid, blood sugar & Np problem though controlled with allopathy medicines. since 12 years,

    • I am suffering from post herpes zoster pain since last few days. The blisters have subsided with anti viral medicine and local ointment , but I have intense burning pain at the site , the left chest front and back & middle at the back, even touching is very painful, I can’t wear a dress properly.
      I am 63 years old female and having thyroid, blood sugar & bp problem though controlled with allopathy medicines. since 12 years,

  9. Deepak Jindal says:

    Dear sir, my father ,aged about 85 years, suffered from herpes zoster in the month of January 2018 on the right side of he is complaining about post herpetic pain and itching in that area.What can be the best treatment for this in Homeopathy? Please suggest

  10. Surendra Kumar Nathany says:

    Am 74 yrs.old and pure veggie. Was suffering from herpes on the right chest in the year 2012, and then it got converted into PHN under right chest and since then suffering from PHN. Also am a patient of ulcerative colitis since last 50 years. Sometimes, though rarely, blood also comes with stool. Want treatment of PHN. For ulc.colitis taking ROWASA.

  11. Aakshar BAPU says:

    I am suffering from herpes zoster since 10 th may. The blisters have subsided with anti viral medicine and local ointment , but I have intense burning pain at the site , the left chest front and back , the left side of face and neck.even touching is very painful, I can’t wear a shirt.
    I am 66 years old male and suffering from generalized myasthenia since 2 years, so most of the allopathy medicines are contraindicated.
    I have stabing and burning pain and intractable itching, I am crying in frustration , doctors say, it is post herpetic neuralgia and may last long.
    Please suggest me any homeopathic medicines and oblige. Thank you

  12. Mahendra Kumar pareek says:

    I am 63 year. Safring herpise from last20 months allopathy and homeopaths but still pain,stiffness in nerves and touch sansaistion .please advise

  13. Deepak says:

    In Feb month I am suffering herpes zoster on my back and waist area but nerves pain not remove on this area please advice sir

  14. subramanya gopal rao says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I had suffered from herpes zoster about 40 days back .Herpes zoster virus attacked my left eyes,scalp and forehead. It all started with left eye infection for which eye doctor prescribed antibiotic eye drops. There was no rash or skin eruptions. As soon as I started using eye drops I got more pain and some skin eruptions /lesions on my scalp and fore head. I thought It is allergic .Next day I went eye hospital they declared it is erpic zoster(opthalmia) and provided necessary treatment with in 24 hours. Dermotologist and neurologist also started treatment within 24 hours. within 10 days things were in good shape. After that conguvities attacked both the eyes. One of the neuro medicine was allergic to me and burnt my throat, lips and mouth.I was not in any position to open mouth for 15 days. I lost about 12 kgs and had post herpes pains on my scalp,eye brows and lost sleeping metabolism. I used to get only sleep for one to two hours in the night. I stopped neuro tablet and other alternative provided by doctor. Now i AM HAVING SLEEP FOR 1 TO 2 HOURS in a frequency of one hour. I have burning sensation, pain, little itching on my eye brow,scalp, forehead on virus attacked spots. Pl advice How I can come out of this post herpes trauma asap. thanks subramanya

  15. Hi Doc sahab ,

    I had suffered with herpes zoster on half face and scalp part , main medicin i took OCUVIR 1200 MG for 7 days then 3 days i took 800 mg , now its cured but the post herpes nuralgia is too much painfull .
    Effected arem till now with pain , eitching , high sensation , tickling , itching , mainly too much in eye .
    What should i do , i am too much worried ,
    please advise is it curable ????? how muchtime it will take ? please doc sahab advise me …..

  16. Stevie Wonder says:

    Funny how this “Dr.” has yet to answer even one of the question under the comments section…..

    • Thats because he is an Indian..highly competent but lethargic where TIME OF THE ESSENCE JUST DOES NOT EXIST IN HIS MODUS OPERANDI. There is a very good chance that the doc is shaking his head side to side wondering what his next move will be.

  17. heather wylde says:

    My Shingles started 4 weeks ago followed by the rash 1 week later, although the rash is going now I am still experiencing intense pain. The affected area is my right hip with numbness covering the whole area and is very sore and tender. The greater pain is in my hip bone with shooting dull and sharp stabbing pains travelling down my groin and into my stomach.
    What remedy would you recommend for the intense pain please. Dont know if this is relevant but I am 73 years of age but very fit

    • Stevie Wonder says:

      I got the shingles on May 1 2009. I have had post herpetic neuralgia since then. The only thing(s) that have worked for me was a Tens unit with 4 pads. I kept it on too long, so my tissue started becoming almost degraded, so I quit that. The other thing that worked was acupuncture, but only when the needles were actually in me.
      All of this other “crap” has been a waste of money and hope.
      I have somewhat adapted to the pain, though it is likely the same as it was 9 years ago.
      On Gabapentin, but would have to take literally thousands of milligrams to even touch this.
      I have found that anything that occurs within the affected dermatome, inside or on the skin causes the symptoms to flair up. I hate this crap, especially when doctors say it is a hypersensitivity,…no, it isn’t, it varies from pain to stabbing pain. Shirts, air from the ceiling fan, sheets, showers, peristalsis, being touched, skin tags,…….and the list of what causes pain goes on and on.
      I wish all of you luck in your endeavors,…just allow yourself to be humbled or all of this is just a painful waste…..Thanks

  18. Sanjoy Chatterjee says:

    My wife suffered harpes zoster,one month passed now the blisters are drying up but pain and burning sensation remains, she cannot sleep at night. Aloeupathic medicine no use. Please advice me some homeopathy medicine for speedy recovery and safeguard against postherpetic neuralgia damage.

  19. Dear Dr my mother is 70 years old and had shingles in November 2017 currently she is suffering from nerve damage can you please advice.

    • hello Dr, i had herpes 3 months back but the pain has not gone. the rashes disappered in a weeks time. but not the burning pain. what can i do?I am 65 years old. female and diabetic for the last 15 years. my vision is also affected thanks .

      • Krishna Lata Singh says:

        I had Herpes 4 months back but the pain has not gone yet. The rashes went in 2 months but the pain exists. I am 63 years old female and diabetic for the last 10 years. I am continuing with Pregabalin 150 mg three times daily. What should I do?

  20. Fatima Rubino Adams says:

    Dr. Sharma,

    My name is Fatima Adams. My husband is complaining about his ear for few months. He went to the regular doctor and not much helper… Finally the doctor said the ha Herpetic Neuralgia. I have can see that his ear is starting to to have more pain. Before it was once a month or so. Now, he had this pain on and off for 2 days… I understand that as soon start the treatment is better in order for not damage more nerves. I’m from Brazil, and we use Homepathy very often. My husband is American, and people here in USA are very ignorant in knowledge about Homepathy. Before I put my husband in contact with you I want to hear from you about RESULTS for this condition. I do respect Homepathy, and I want to help my husband in his condtion as to help him to understand the beauty of the alternative medicine as Homepathy. If it is the case I’m advicing him to sign for 6 months and TRY. I would like to know about your experience with this condition and RESULTS are positive or not? Can you clarify my questions, please. Also, if he signs for 6 months treatment, how often he’ll access for you advice and how often. Is there other to assist you with client as my husband and others? thank you for your time

    • Mahendra Kumar pareek says:

      I am 63 year. Safring herpise from last20 months allopathy and homeopaths but still pain,stiffness in nerves and touch sansaistion .please advise

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