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Effective Homeopathic Medicines for Proctitis

Inflammation of the lining of rectum is referred to as proctitis. Rectum is the terminal part of the large intestine. The rectum extends between the sigmoid colon and the anal canal. It is where the faeces are stored until they leave the body through the anus. Proctitits is the condition where the lining of the rectum gets inflamed. Proctitits may be acute or chronic in nature. Diagnosis of proctitis involves looking down the rectum with a proctoscope.

Causes of proctitis

The major among the various causes of proctitis are inflammatory bowel disease (crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis), sexually transmitted infections in persons involved in anal intercourse (the sexually transmitted infections mainly include chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes simplex virus 1 and 2), radiation therapy for cancer, trauma and antibiotics. In some cases, proctitis may arise idiopathically i.e. without any known cause.

Symptoms of proctitis

The symptoms of proctitis include a continuous urge to pass stool, feeling as if the bowels were not evacuated completely following bowel movements, fullness in the rectum, rectal bleeding, passage of mucus from rectum, irritation in the anus or rectum, pain in the rectum, pain in rectum while passing stool and left-sided abdomen pain. Due to bleeding, signs of anaemia may arise. These include weakness, pale skin, dizziness and shortness of breath.

Homeopathic treatment of proctitis

The Homeopathic mode offers wonderful treatment for proctitis. Homeopathic treatment of proctitis is based upon symptomatic presentation of the case. Homeopathic medicines are selected individually for each case of proctitis. These medicines help reduce the inflammation of rectum and the associated symptoms in a very safe and gentle way, without any side effects. The most prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for proctitis are Aloe Socotrina, Nux Vomica, Merc Sol, Ratanhia and Nitric Acid. The ideal Homeopathic medicine is selected based on the symptoms that show up.

Homeopathic Medicines for Proctitis

Aloe Socotrina – Top grade Homeopathic medicine for proctitis

Aloe Socotrina is one of the top grade Homeopathic medicines for treating proctitis. The person needing Aloe Socotrina mainly complains of a constant bearing down in the rectum. Urgency to pass stool may be marked. The person rushes to pass stool immediately after eating or drinking. Involuntary passage of stool is observed in some cases. Along with this, burning in the rectum and anus may also be felt. Cold water application may provide relief from the burning. Soreness of anus may attend. Another accompanying symptom is passage of jelly-like mucus with stool.

Nux Vomica – Best Homeopathic medicine for proctitis with continuous, ineffectual urge to pass stool

Nux Vomica is an excellent Homeopathic medicine for proctitis cases where there is a continuous, ineffectual urge to pass stool. Persons needing Nux Vomica feel constant uneasiness in the rectum. However, scanty stool is passed each time. Sharp pain in the rectum may follow the passing of stool. The urge to pass stool renews soon after. Stool is unsatisfactory and there is always the feeling that some stool has remained in the rectum. Ineffectual urge to pass stool is most prominent.

Merc Sol – Reliable Homeopathic medicine for treating proctitis where blood and mucus accompany stool

For proctitis cases where blood and mucus accompany stool, Merc Sol is the most effective prescription. Burning and rawness at the anus may be present. Itching at anus is also noted in a few cases. Stools are frequent. Tenesmus of rectum is marked with a “never get done” feeling. Weakness after stool is also marked. In a few cases, a feeling faintness may arise. Chilly feeling may attend.

Ratanhia – Homeopathic medicine for proctitis with severe rectal pain while passing stool

Ratanhia is a well indicated Homeopathic medicine to treat proctitis with prominent pain in rectum while passing stool. In a majority of the cases, burning at anus is also present. Burning at anus may continue for long hours after passing stool. Knife-like stitching pain at the anus is also noted in a few cases. Another key feature deciding in favour of Homeopathic medicine Ratanhia as the best choice is sharp pain in the rectum as if from stepping on broken glass.

Nitric Acid – Effective Homeopathic medicine for proctitis with tearing pain in rectum on passing stool

Nitric Acid is the most suitable choice of Homeopathic medicine for proctitis cases where the person complains of tearing pain in the rectum on passing stool. It is also indicated for treating proctitis where there is cutting pain in rectum after passing stool. Bright bleeding from rectum may be present along with stool. In some cases, irritation or itching at the anus is also observed. Irritability and weakness after passing stool is another attending feature.

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  1. Jennifer Wood says:

    Dr Sharma,

    I heard of a homeopathic remedy I think called SR 44 – a combo for rectal tenesmus, passing of gas with little relief and other serious smptoms. I cannot locate sr 44 on line but was told it costs about $13. Do you have any info. Am deathly ill.

  2. Hello Dr Sharma
    Sir, I am having occassional rectal bleeding once in about a week. There is no itchiness, pain but sometimes I have lot of gases and the after going for toilet this occures. Next day it stops.
    I am taking homeopathic medicines three times a day. Once at , next 4.30 pm and last at 10pm.
    I am also taking LACTULOSE 10 ml so that stool in not hard.
    Medicines are Ratanhia 30.Nux vomica30, Arnica 1 m, Hammamelis 1m, Causticum 30,Aswculus 30.
    I take 6 small globules.
    Along with this I take Silicia 12x,Kalimur 12x and Calkeria fluorica 12x.
    Can I take Zandu Panchaarishta along with these. I am 78 years old.

  3. I think I have herpes proctitis. Very swollen colin with pencil size stool. Have had for4 months. I do have ulcerative colitis controlled by diet for 40 years. I have done uv blood…ozone enemas…lysine protocol . Lymphatic therapy…vibrational therapy. Very sore anus and to poop takes over a day.

  4. Avtar Singh says:

    Hello Dr. Sharma
    My father aged 76 years diagnosed with mild proctitis(mild erythema in rectum) in September 2021 and he found it after Sigmoidoscopy test.
    He had typhoid in April 2020 and Sep 2021 as well.
    Symptom’s for proctitis are
    1)Urge to Pass stool after every hour. But only in little amount(Not hard not soft). No pain no blood during passing. Sometimes pass liquid as well.
    2)lost weight by some kgs
    3)Skin at thigh get rashes(dry skin).
    He also suffering from Hernia-(a) large left sided Inguinal (b)small umbilical and(c)Anterior abdominal wall hernia as well.
    Please suggest me homeopathy medicine for proctitis and hernia separately.
    He doesn’t go for allopathy. Please help.

  5. Kanika sarkar saha says:

    Hello doctor my daughter 7yrs old. she is pained by rectum inflammation and there is an obstruction in the mouth of Passing stool point. What should we do?

    • I am a cronic constpn. Patient wtth nil bowl movement when i a take churn only 40% stool pases i feel itching in anus after lunch alittle pressure is felt but failing to dischArge stool causing bloating and laziness weight loss anamia .i alwaYs feel thAt waste is still avilBle in intestine .before some time colonoscopy done and vaadi piles was reported i never feel severe pain only mild ithing is felt .i feel obstrction and narrow size of rectum

  6. Dhatt gurbachan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma
    18 months after radiation of prostate and pelvis I am having occasional rectal bleeding appearing on tissue after wiping.
    No itchiness, no pain, no constipation.
    But I feel may be I should take some natural care.
    Sure I use kala jeera oil as massage and drink one teaspoon.

  7. Deepanshu rajora says:

    Dear sir I have suffering ulcerative PROCTITIS before 4 years ago when I was known this decease this is not very affect my body but now it’s very harmful for my body I have just burning sensation in my rectal area Nd feel uncomfortable after the one time bowel movements in morning Nd I am going to washroom again again and mucus also come with loose motions. Plz help us Thank you, Regards Deepanshu Rajora 9760049385

  8. Dr.Anil Kumar Gangotia says:

    I have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in March 2020. Dice than I am taking allopathic treatment with no result . I also took homeopathy- merc sol 200 of and belladonna 30 3-4 times a day. But still not better.
    I have the severe pain in anus while try to fart.
    As well I have continuous urae to pass stool specially in the morning I have to go to toilet 4-5 time stil not felt relieved and incontinence of stool also happen as I have to rush to the toilet nearby my the evening also when I go for normal walk sudden urge arises and many times incontinence occurs .please advise.

  9. Nelson Babu says:

    Hello sir, I am from vellore, tamilnadu, India, age 41. I have Proctitis problem for the past 1year. Bleeding while passing stools also loose stools 2 or 3 times a day. May I get your advise/treatment regarding this?

  10. dr lekhnath neupane says:

    i am dr lekhnath neupane from nepal . i am treating a case of proctatis . he is thin tall 40 years pt. pain abdomen with frequency of stool with blood . no tenesmus or srraining . i prescribed acid nit . bleeding reduced pain reduced but still pain and bleeding . constitutionally sulphur 0! fifty miisimal running . whar may be other remady

  11. Gaurav Sethi says:

    Do you have branch in delhi


      I’m suffering to proctitis from last five years, biting in rectum when eating spicy food, difficulty in passing stool.
      Please give me medicines with potency.

  12. chris carchiolo says:

    Hey Doc, really hoping you can help. Been dealing with proctitis for 20 years, been on all the meds, had many colonoscopies etc. Nothing has worked, I am currently getting a severe flair- every other week that lasts for about 3-4 days. Do you really think one of your products (I was thinking Nux Vomica- this matches my symptoms the best will actually help. If so, is this med oral, how often do I take it and how much would this cost me a month. I am in great need of some help but don’t have a lot to spend on this ( I am a social worker) and barley make ends meet as sit is but I need relief. I greatly hope you respond, hope you are doing well yourself

  13. Gufran Ahmad says:

    Hello sir,
    My name is gufran
    I am 38 year old.
    From last 12 months I am a fecing of waterly anal leakage after passing the stool my anal area is wait and I fill sticky water like thing out side my anus area.

    Could you prescribe some medicine.

  14. dipankar roy says:

    I am suffering from proctitis for 8 years please help me

  15. partha ghosh says:

    Dear Doc. Sharma,

    My mother is Cervical Adenocarcinoma (Stage-II) survivor. The big C was successfully operated in December-2016 with Radical Hysterectomy and there after she has undergone 21 sitting of Radiotherapy and 3 sittings of Brachytherapy by April-2017. Recently in December she has developed “Radiation Proctitis” and after effect of prolonged Radiation in her Abdomen and Pelvis area. We have got to know this after proper prognosis done by Medical, Surgical & Radiation Oncologists. Althouhg the Radiation Proctitis is mild but she sufferes from Blood passing with stool everytime she goes for nature’s call. Her stool contain mucus and she goes to toilet 3 times daily mainly after having food. Due to radiation proctitis she has also developed acute tail bone pain and at times pain in her thighs. Her FBS is 104 currently although she is not a diabetic ever. Her water and food intake are normal. She has mild BP for last 15 years for which she consumes amlodipine tablets of 5mg daily. She also has mild spondylitis (detected 9 years back) for which she regularly takes Calcium supplements.

    Can you help us.

  16. dear dr
    my name is amit sethi and suffering from ulcerative colitis from last 6 months and there is no cure in alopathic medicine but still I am taking alopathic medicines and get relief.symptoms are also there.I want to confirm that is this problem can cure in homipathic permanently.can I live symptom free life.

    amit sethi

  17. Sarala Jagannathan says:

    Dear doctor,
    My mother, 68 yrs old suffers from ulcerative colitis and has been having a flare up for the past few months. She was bleeding and the doctor had given Entofoam enema for some time. The bleeding subsided but the frequency of motions didn’t stop resuting in recurring ulceration of rectum. She takes Pentasa granules 1 gm twice a day and Wysolone 10 mg 3 times a day. She passes frequent stools and the feeling of incomplete voiding is always felt. She has lot of pain passing stools and even after passing it she has constant pricking sharp pain in the inner lining of her rectum. What homeopathy medicine can I give her to heal the rectal ulcers? I also would want to know how the homeo drugs will interact with the allopathy medicines she is already on.
    Thank you.
    Sarala Jagannathan

  18. Arun kumar chauhan says:

    I am suffering from ulcerative colitis/proctitis since three years .since twenty five years l have been taking homeopathic medicine for All my health problems. Initially i took homeopathy for this problem also but when there was no improvement in this so i had to switch over to allopathic where after colonoscopy i was diagnosed with colitis in 2015 by doctor sarval. After that i continued with allopathic for almost 3 to 4 months though there was improvement but it aggrevated many other problems like rashes on skin. Around 6 months back i have been diagnosed with diabeties. Now i am on medication for sugar as well as blood pressure allopathic and for proctities i am continuing with homeopathy but there is no releif.

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