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7 Homeopathic Medicines for Pus Cells in Urine

Appearance of pus cells in urine is medically known as pyuria. Passing a few pus cells in urine is normal. If someone is passing too many pus cells in urine, then it indicates the presence of some sort of infection in the urinary tract. The infection is most likely in the lower urinary tract that includes the urethra (urethritis) and urinary bladder (cystitis). The infection may also be present in the upper urinary tract including kidney or ureter. Other reasons for pus cells in urine are prostatitis and STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). Mycoplasma and chlamydia are the major STD’s that lead to pus cells in urine. Homeopathic medicines to treat pus cells in urine are natural remedies that cause no side effects.      homeopathic medicines for pus cells in urine

Symptoms of Pus Cells in Urine

The symptoms that arise from pus cells in urine include pain/burning while urinating, frequent urination, cloudy urine, a smell in urine, lower abdomen pain and fever.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pus Cells in Urine

Homeopathy is a symptom based science that treats a person based on the individual symptom presentation. Homeopathic treatment for pus cells in urine is also symptom based. The most suitable Homeopathic medicine for pus cells in urine is selected after symptoms experienced by the person are noted down and studied in detail. After complete analysis of the case, the most appropriate Homeopathic medicine is prescribed. Some highly effective Homeopathic medicines to treat pus cells in urine are Cantharis Vesicatoria, Berberis Vulgaris, Apis Mellifica, Sarsaparilla Officinalis, Nitric Acid and Uva Ursi.

1. Cantharis Vesicatoria – For Pus Cells with Intense Burning while Urinating

Cantharis Vesicatoria is one of the most wonderful medicines for pus cells in urine. Burning during urination is a sure sign that Cantharis Vesicatoria is the ideal choice among medicines for pus cells in urine. The burning may continue after urination. In some cases, burning in urethra before urination may also be felt. This is attended with a constant desire to urinate. Tenesmus of the bladder is marked. Tenesmus means constant, ineffectual urge to urinate with a feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. Urine passing drop by drop is also indicative of Cantharis Vesicatoria as the treatment.

2. Apis Mellifica – For Pus Cells with Burning at the End

In case of burning, scalding sensation in urethra while passing the last drops of urine, Apis Mellifica is the ideal prescription. Urine flow is slow. Stinging pain in urethra while passing urine is another key symptom guiding use of Apis Mellifica as the most effective among medicines for pus cells in urine. Urgency to pass urine is also marked.

3. Berberis Vulgaris – For Pus Cells with Burning without Urination

Berberis Vulgaris is a prominently indicated medicine for pus cells in urine where the guiding symptom is burning in urethra even when not urinating. Along with this, pain in kidney region and thighs may also be present. Constant urge to urinate, with scanty urine, is another indication that Berberis Vulgaris will show the best results. There is the sensation of some urine remaining in the bladder after urinating. Cramping or aching pain in the bladder while urinating is another symptom showing Berberis Vulgaris as the best prescription.

4. Sarsaparilla Officinalis – For Pus Cells with Severe Pain

In cases where the person experiences severe pain at the conclusion of urination, Sarsaparilla Officinalis proves to be the ideal choice among medicines for pus cells in urine. Pain in urethra may extend to the abdomen. Painful distension and tenderness in the bladder may also be present. Urine stream is also feeble and thin. Sarsaparilla Officinalis is also the most suitable among medicines for pus cells in urine among children. The child screams from pain before and while passing urine in such cases.

5. Nitric Acid – For Pus Cells which is Highly Offensive

Nitric Acid is the most excellent choice among medicines for pus cells in urine where the urine passed is very offensive. The urine is also scanty and dark in colour. It may also be turbid or cloudy in some cases. Burning and stinging sensation on passing urine may be present.

6. Uva Ursi – For Pus Cells with Blood

Uva Ursi is the most beneficial among medicines for pus cells where blood is passed along with pus cells in urine. Urine may also contain tenacious mucus. There is frequent urging for urination. Irritation in the bladder is observed. Cutting pain in the urethra may also be present along with the above features.

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  1. Sunita singha modak says:

    Sir,my brother has urine infection with pus cell 25-30/hfp and bacteria + which homeopathy medicine is best for him please kindly help me

  2. High pus cell plz suggest mi cheap rate medicine

  3. Leena Ahuja says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My husband’s urine is cloudy and he feels like frequently urinating (approx once every hour) Pus cell count is 80-100 in the urine culture report. There is no burning sensation or pain while passing urine.

    Recently we put a cathedral also for 20 days.

    Kindly advise

  4. Rajesh Rai says:

    Sir I hv kidney infection with pus cells >150 /HPF Post kidney srones operation. There is burning sensation towards end of urination.I hv back pain also since past 2-3 days.Kindly advise Homeopathy med.
    Rajesh Rai
    47 years

  5. Subhash Kushwaha says:

    Dear sir
    Kindly give me suggestions for urine infection and increase pus cells are 12 to 14 and smell in urine .sir what I do
    Thanks & Regards
    Subhash Kushwaha

  6. Usha Krishna says:

    My head is heavy with stuffy feeling towards right side of head like ear and jaw is clinched and does not open properly.
    Eyes are smarting
    Lower back pain
    Urine examination shows 8 to 10 pus cell/hpf
    4-6 epithelial cell are also there.

  7. Sarbaz khamosh says:

    Dear sir, I am writing from Kabul, Afghanistan where the medical facilities are equal to none. My doughter who has pus cells problem has taken a number of antibiotics but the result is negative, could you please recommend me third generation antibiotics if it help her to be treated. We don’t have access to online purchase of medicine. Many thanks

  8. Rakesh sharma says:

    Sir my father right foot facture before 4year but Infaction in foot Puss he is taking havy entiwite and he have been operate for Puss clean 8 times but any operate not suss a fully so please sir guide for best tertmant…

  9. urine test m mere push cell 6 se 7 asyi doctor new ise urine infection btaya push aate time na to blood na hi burning or na hi pain 6 month phle bhi test kraya to usme bhi 8 se 10 push cell aayi bich m kuchh din shi rha ab sir btayein ki homeopathic m kon si dva lu

  10. my is pregnant but her private parts are itching every time she urinate.also there is an indication of cell pus

  11. B.C.Mohanty says:

    My grand daughter of 2 years age had a history of UTI from the age of 1 year. Regular urine culture was done and accordingly antibiotics are prescribed. After initial treatment, regular urine culture was done and every time different bacteria and some times same bacteria viz. E.Coli, Staphylococcus, Klebsiella are detected. Though pus cells nearly 10-12 % detected there was no symptoms like fever , pain etc. Doctors including Nephrologist suggested for no treatment till symptoms surface. Water intake by the kid is O.K. The kid is healthy , active.
    Any remedy in Homoeopathy to reduce the pus cell for this asymptomatic UTI ?
    Please advice.


  12. Muhammad Umair. says:

    Dear Doctor sir. Mujy pervious 8 month sy puss aa rehi hy is ki wja sy mujy bohet weekiness ho gi hy . Main homeopatiteh medicn use kr reha hn medicen name Rene Qure.or Berberis Vulgaris . But i feel not better sooo plzzz kindly help me… Thanxx. I am Male Age 26 Year.

  13. Rajeev Sharma says:

    Hello dr Sharma
    My nephew is 11 years old had just suffered from gullaine barrey syndrome & ADEM together
    He was having respiratory problems for 2 months
    Now he is ok with breathing problems
    His tracheostomy is removed
    But his lower lims are not working
    He is still not having urinary bladder sensation
    He uses foleys catheter
    We are very afraid of UTI
    Will he be ok or not

    We have almost lost hope
    Today 3 months have been completed
    He was admitted in hospital on 5th april 2017

    • Kawsar Ahmed says:

      Dear Sir,
      My self Kawsar Ahmed. My wife has suffering for UTI. Can not overcome from it and can not cure. She is 32 years old. She has typhoid also. Burning sensation and itching all the time inside vagina and urethra. Now from 10 days light green color PUS come from her urethra,Right kidney side also have some pain. lower abdomin also pain have some time, every night fever come . From 3 days her eye upper lid fold inside have ulcer type things that itching and today morning i found nose inside the same things.
      Please Sir help us.
      What should we do Doctor?

      Thank you.


    Sir mera Treatmenttwo year se TV ka chal raha tha but TV ka treatment pura hone par mujhe urin main white puss aane laga kuch time baad iski maatra jyada aani suru ho gayi so sir, give me a best sugetion

  15. Dear Dr. Sharma,
    It is my pleasure and honour to address my wife’s problem. She is a cancer patient (CA Breast). She was operated in Nov 2012 and her left side was removed. She went through chemo and radiation till july 2013 and her condition some what got settled. But she was given FEMARA Tab (one per day). In Jun 2016 she got UTI. Test revealed E coli, Was given different medicines but it was persistent. In Nov 2016 the test revealed cancer in her bones. It affected L4 &L5, WAS GIVEN RADIATION, the pain subsided but she has become bed ridden, can’t even turn her body and we have change her positions, which is painful. Therefore urine bag is being used. It is not working because of puss cells and sometimes it is carries blood. She is also feeling difficulties in gulping liquid and her voice is diminishing and getting hoarse. She is heart patient and blood pressure, is on insulin. These days she is having low blood pressure.
    I need your assistance/advice as well recommendations of medicine on HOW TO:-
    1. Over come urine problem so that her flow is not interrupted due to clogging OF the pipe of the bag and the blood in the urine is stopped.
    2. resolve the problem of THROAT?
    4. cure pain in the body.
    I shall be eagerly for the advice.
    Thanking U in anticipation.

  16. Deepti sinha says:

    I am Deepti.suffering by chronic uti.BP and diabetic patient. In September suffered by kidney sepsis.again in24 Feb suffer by uti.wbc count goes to 24000.admitted for 15 days.I am chroni uti patient since 15 years. Kidney function is Sonography urin retention is80 ml.they r giving Seldu allopathic .I am taking cantheris 200.once a day.can you help present pus cell is10 to 12 hpf.Dr not giving antibiotic as I have taken two antibiotics IV for 10 days.drinking 3 Lt water daily

  17. Manisankar panchadhyai says:

    I’m suffering from uti plenty of pus cell fever returning after few days of allopathic treatment.please suggest to get rid of fever.pain in urination. Prostrate operated successfully.

  18. patil yogesh jagannath says:

    Sir .my name is yogesh.i am only 23years old unmarrid .sir my problem is in sonography very high bladder neck due to this urine not passing generally .after urinating .i am filling not empty bladder .sir please bataiye sir mai is problem se bahut pareshan ho chuka hoo.

  19. rg kushwah says:

    (Urine infection)

  20. Dear Sir,
    My name is AK Panda. I am from Sambalpur, Odisha. I have a chronic folliculitis since Oct-2014. I have tried a lot of antibiotics (R-cin 600) prescribed by a reputed dermatologist.He told that it is bacterial infection (staphyl). I have also tried homoeopathic medicines,prescribed by a MD who is a gold medalist.He prescribed me Ars alb, R23,sulpher,graph etc.Finally I tried ayurvedic medicines. final Result is zero. During the above treatment process I checked my sugar level but it is normal.

    Kindly help me Sir…

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