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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Pyorrhea

Pyorrhea, also known as periodontitis, is inflammation and destruction of the tissues and bone surrounding the teeth. Periodontitis mainly begins with gingivitis. Gingivitis refers to inflammation of gums as a result of plaque formation due to poor oral hygiene. Gingivitis, when left untreated, leads to periodontitis. Homeopathic medicines for  pyorrhea  help  provide  symptomatic  relief. Homeopathic Medicines for Pyorrhea

Gingivitis is a milder form of the disease and in gingivitis, no irreversible changes take place. However, persistent gingivitis leads to the formation of deep pockets between the gums and teeth. These pockets get filled with plaque and bacteria over time and start to damage the tissue and bone surrounding and supporting the teeth. Eventually, the teeth lose their grip and fall off.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea

Symptoms of pyorrhea include swollen gums, pain, and tenderness of gums, red/purple gums, bleeding gums, spitting of blood after brushing, bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth, receding gums and loose teeth in sockets.

Homeopathic Medicines for Pyorrhea

Homeopathy has shown wonderful results in dental diseases, including pyorrhea. There is a huge list of medicines for pyorrhea. These medicines bring symptomatic relief. The most suitable medicine is selected based on the individual case presentation. These medicines are natural and therefore, safe from any adverse side-effects. Merc Sol, Carbo Veg, Kreosotum, Phosphorous and Lachesis are the top remedies for pyorrhea.

1. Merc Sol – Top Grade Medicine for Pyorrhea

Merc Sol is considered one of the top listed medicines for pyorrhea. The symptoms indicating the use of Merc Sol are very swollen, tender and bleeding gums. The gums may be bluish red in colour. Accompanying symptoms include a metallic taste in the mouth and offensive breath. An increase in saliva may also be noted. Few persons may also complain of loosening of teeth in the sockets. In all such instances, Merc Sol works wonders as one of the most effective medicines for pyorrhea.

2. Carbo Veg – For Pyorrhea where Brushing Teeth makes Gums Bleed

Carb Veg is one of the most excellent medicines for pyorrhea, especially recommended in cases where the gums show a tendency to bleed on cleaning the teeth. These gums have usually receded and are somewhat blackish in appearance. These symptoms are attended with a toothache. This toothache gets worse when chewing food. A bitter, sour taste in the mouth may be complained of in such cases where Carbo Veg will show remarkable results as the choice of medicines for pyorrhea.

3. Kreosotum – For Pyorrhea with Putrid Mouth Odor

Kreosotum is known for its effective positive action on teeth and its surrounding, supporting structures in pyorrhea cases. Kreosotum is best recommended where the symptoms include bluish, puffy gums with an intensely putrid odour from the mouth. Bleeding of dark blood from the gums is another key symptom to look out for prescription of Kreosotum as the best choice among medicines for pyorrhea. The tooth may be dark, decayed or crumbly in such cases.

4. Phosphorus – For Pyorrhea with easily Bleeding Gums

Another medicine placed prominently on the list of medicines for pyorrhea is Phosphorus. It offers help in pyorrhea cases where the gums bleed easily. Phosphorus is an anti-hemorrhagic medicine. Along with bleeding, soreness and pain in gums are noted in such cases. The pain in gums gets worse from both heat and cold.  Pain in the teeth may also arise along with the pain in gums.

5. Lachesis – For Pyorrhea with Swollen Cheeks

Lachesis is considered the most suitable among medicines for pyorrhea when attended with swollen cheeks. The gums appear dark purple and highly swollen. This is accompanied by burning in the mouth. Peppery or coppery taste in the mouth is another unique symptom. Pain in the teeth often extends to the ears in such cases where Lachesis will aid the fastest recovery among medicines for pyorrhea with these symptoms.

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  1. Henrie Arengh says:

    Sir , my gum problem started 18 years ago. One of my tooth has also loosened and fall out and my gums are very sensitive to cold drinks. I have very offensive breath which troubles me most of time. Please advise me which homeo medicine will work for me and in what dose.

  2. Sanjeev kumae says:

    नमस्ते सर. मेरे मुँह से बदबू आती है खून भी निकलता है मसूड़े दांतो से
    नीचे खिसक रहे है दर्द भी रहता है
    सर.. जी दवा बताये

  3. Aurangzeb says:

    Sir I’m diabetic patient so the bleeding from my teeth what medicine should I use and how.?

  4. Sasikala bal says:

    Sir good morning.Sir can you tell me how many days I will take this medicine to cure my pyorrhea disease.Will this homeopathy medicine cure me purely.

  5. parvizayub says:

    some time back dentist filed my wisdom teeth. I have now swollen gum and sometime puss on gum.
    Whats the remedy for puss.


  6. Hi sir my mouth gum is bleeding and very bad smell comes from my mouth and in the morning my mouth smell to much

  7. Mohammad Shadab says:

    I am Pyria Patient from Last 6 Month Yellow Liquid Matter is appears on teeth & Swallen gums also during brush bleeding of blood from teeth.
    Plague of teeth also seen as black colour Solid on teetb
    Kindly suggest best Medicine for Me.

  8. Amit Mishra says:

    sir hamare daant se blood aata hai koi medicine bata de

  9. anil anand says:

    Sir, I have a problem, where I feel that my teeth are surrounded by cotton like particles. My tongue always try to clean but to no effect. However, the particles are invisible and do not come out even while brushing. The feeling is in the inner part of teeth.

    Pl suggest some medicine and gum paint so that the urge for cleaning of teeth with tongue goes away.

  10. Pinky koley says:

    I’m suffering from payoreya, sir please help me…..

  11. ritik jain says:

    Hello sir
    today school in table for teeth demezed on neighbour doctor said me your teeth in no blood connection
    and after time my teeth in black .
    sir please suggested me medicine as my problem
    Ritik jain
    age 17

  12. Hello sir
    I am suffering from teeth problemso like gum receding, bleeding and pain also. Which medicine suitable for me . Can homeopathy help me for recovering gum recession. Sir please suggest me medicine as my problem is very severe?
    Age 38

  13. Hello Sir I am suffering from pyorrhoea from last 30 years and some my teeth are in very bad condition can I can cure this problem now

  14. Hi sir! Iam 30year old girl & i m suffering from pyrrohea as per your symptoms.My teeths are getting loose,having problems like gum swollen,bleeding while brushing,pain in teeths,sometimes bad smell, &ome more thing dat when i wake up in morning,bleeding occurs while washing mouth.i think its been aproxx seven year or more..
    So plz u r requested to please suggest me the medicine( with times how & when to take) which would help me to overcome out of this..

  15. Dear sir I suffer from swallen gum and bleeding and bad breathing sir pl guide me useful medicine.

    • Doctor,My husband has pyorreha.his teeth become brownish and a very bad smell in his mouth. Olease suggest a medicine for him.

  16. Swollen and red gums pain bleeding and loose teeth in sockets

  17. Respected sir,
    Kindly guide me how to take the medicine for pyorrhea.I am suffering from bleeding gums and bad breath

  18. Sir i am 20 years old. I am suffering from bad breath/phyorea. I want to know homeopathic solution and the use of these components.
    How i make it?
    How much/when/how still i use these mixing solutions?

    • Manojbhai Ashirvadbhai Baleva says:

      Sir, my age is 40 years and I myself teacher but my problem is very serious. Perhaps I am suffering from pioriya and that is why my gums are totally became weak. So I want to treat my gums. Pls send me your address.

  19. Hello doctor
    Pls suggest me medicine for Pyria I tried all thing I brush 2 times and I tried home remedies but still I face a problem. Pls suggest medicine.

  20. Sir I am 34 years and suffered from pyria for about 20 days please tell me some medicine

  21. jayashree ashok jagtap says:

    44 year old teeth loose huve hai,blood aur khoon niklta hai pus bhi

  22. Madhvi David says:

    I have aggressive periodontitis and 3 shaking tooth. Dentist has recommended flap surgery for full mouth can it be completely cured by homeopathy and surgery can be avoided.
    Thank you

  23. What should be the doses of merc sol

  24. Hellooo doctor,
    I am 20year old girl & i m suffering from pyrrohea as per your symptoms.My teeths are getting loose,having problems like gum swollen,bleeding while brushing,pain in teeths,sometimes bad smell, &ome more thing dat when i wake up in morning,bleeding occurs while washing mouth.i think its been aproxx one year or more..
    So plz u r requested to please suggest me the medicine( with times how & when to take) which would help me to overcome out of this..
    Please help me as soon as possible.i shall be thnkful to u😊.
    Thanks doctor.

    • Patel vrutika says:

      Hello sir ,I am suffuring from pyyorhea my tooth is also loosening from gum ,the doctor say i extract my teeth but I think my problem will be treat by homoeopathy?I have also bleeding gum and pus is also presant sir ,and also bed smell is presant.

  25. sir my wife sufffered from pyorrhea bleeding in night

  26. Hello sir, i m hetal from bhavnagar and I m suffering from pyorrhea. Please suggest me homeopathy medicines

  27. kamal singh sethia says:

    sir,my wife is suffering from pyorrhea (putrid odour)please advice which treatment will suit for her.her age is 54 yrs.

  28. please help….my tooth has loosened much..and they look longer due to shortening of gums….and also loose gum..and gums looks blackish in colour

  29. Mirzah rodriguez says:

    I already had open flap surgery and lost some teeth even after surgery. My gums are still receding and there is inflammation and sometimes pain in my upper right gums where I have no more molars. Please prescribe medication for the inflammation and receding gums. Thanks.

  30. KALPESH PARIKH says:


    • i am suuffering from pyorrhea. lost tooth. and gums receding .please suggest medicind. can use hecla lava

  31. Balwant singh says:

    Mujhe pyriea kii taklif hai aur masure bhi dhile ho gaye hai plz koi medicine batayein

  32. Sunil Dongardive says:

    Respected Sir,
    Mai 2-3 saal se pyorrhea se pareshan hu…khana bhi thik se nahi kha pata hu…uski wajah se health bhi thik nahi rah pati…gums me bahut taklif hoti hai sir…plz help me…mai bahot pareshan hu.

  33. sachin soanar says:

    my all in downside teeths are loose and bleeding to much so please help me.. 2-3 teeths are damage complitly

  34. Ashok Kumar jain says:

    Blood after toothbrush I have fil my teeth week

  35. Danto mai Paria hai or Koi medicine kaam nii kr ri baar baaR danto se blood aaTa hai health nii thik rehti Dr plz Kuch help kro

  36. Khusi pandey says:

    Dr. I have very foul smell comes from my mouth, also suffering from gingivitis, any medication to cope for foul smell.

  37. sharat kumar sahu says:

    i bleed and blackish saliva bleeds from my gum and teeth after 1-2 hrs of meal / with out meals also. my gums are lost to some extent in some teeth.

  38. Faridul haque says:

    I am suffering from gum and teeth problem.
    Gums are swollen and filled with pus
    Two upper front tooth are loose
    Bad Smell
    Metallic test
    Note sir I am also taking medicine for high blood pressure medicine named Amodep AT
    Doctor suggested Me for grafting which is unbearable for me.
    Please help me and suggest how to cure this deasese kindly help me also sugesst dose ,
    medicine and method of use.
    I am waiting for your reply.
    Loni Ghaziabad

  39. As salam u alikum
    Dr mujhe 14,15 saal ki umer se danto ka r tansoils ka masla h
    Tonsils m pass par jati h boht ziyada phr antibiotics course khati rahe ho pass gale m parh jati h jis ki waja se wo mere masuro m bh parh jati hsath he gums m se bleeding har waqt rahte h r sweeling bh gums m r sath he danto m pela pan r kala kera laga hua h m do bacho ki maa ho ab ye takleef ziyada bardash ni hoti plz koi medicine ya r remedy bata dy

  40. Hello Doctor I m.having pyrrohea my teeth is getting black PLZZ suggest something

  41. uk.bharathi says:

    sir, every day my mouth is little bit bleeding, gums are swollen then the socket will get loosening. gums are reducing every day. i am scared of my teeth. please advice.

  42. Brijesh kumar says:

    I am suffing from pyorrheo . So give me best solution.

  43. Thanks doctor
    Doctor I have been suffering severe pyorrhoa or periodontitis for five years .I recently underwent flap surgery to put bone grafting and i took some allopathic medicines .but from some teeth roots flour like substance (not bone grafting) come out continuously up.i have used all homoeopathic medicines but no use and two teeth are swings very lightly .My age is 24. plz suggest better homoeopathic medicines doctor

  44. Dear sir
    I am suffering from pyohorrea from last few year.
    I have a cavity in teeth and bad smeal in mouth and also pain in cavity teeth( last two teeth) but not bleeding in gum. Please suggested me.
    My age 40 year.

    14 Dec 2016

  45. srinkhla srivastava says:

    my mother is suffering from tooth pain. every night the pain comes out and she cant sleep.

  46. Hey dr
    My mouth ulcer and teath gum red can’t eat spicy and salti suffer from Pyorrhea

    • Bikas mahato says:

      Dear sir, I am suffering from gum bleeding and pain and gums are swelling also. So, I request you please send me medicine name.

  47. P.C. Mahalik says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from pyohorrea for the last few days. Bleeding from my teeth is putting me in very pathetic situation. While cleaning my teeth and spiting, bleeding comes from my mouth. Bad smells comes from my mouth. It also destroys the test of the food. Sometimes, it forces me to vomit. May I know the reasons of this. Sir, help me giving me some suitable solution to this.

    Thanking you. Yours P.C. Mahalik.

  48. Dear Dr Sharma
    I would be grateful for any advice you can give me. I have been suffering with swollen gums for a very long time, but over the past 2-3 weeks the right hand side of my lower gum line has become extremely painful, although strangely the pockets seem to be improving a little in that area. The gums are not too inflamed but the pain seems to be in the bone and radiates up into the jaw an even the ear.

    I have been taking Merc Vic 30c for the last 2 days and dosing 2 to 3 times a day – sometimes dissolving the soft tablet in water and other times simply putting it under my tongue. There is little improvement so far, and the pain seems to get worse in the evenings and can cause me to awaken during the night.

    I should just add that I am severely dental-phobic and so could not contemplate any visit to a Dentist or Hygenist for the removal of plaque.

    So, any help and advice you can give me on a suitable homeopathic remedy would be very much appreciated.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  49. Ashish Malviya says:

    What power of merc Sol carbo veg and kreosotum should be used and can all three be given at a time…plz reply.

  50. I Lost part of a bottom tooth. The gum underneath is infected and jaw bone is shrinking. Any advice on a homeopathy medicine ?

  51. praas gupta says:

    Hi Doctor,
    My mom age is 58 years with high BP patient and according to the dentist she is suffering with pyorrhea. Dentist says that no treatment is possible now. Now somebody suggest that homeopathy can cure this. Actually her 4 front lower teeth are shivering (move) and yellowish in color and she feel some smell while brush only. Due to which she is not able to eat properly.
    She want to save her original teeth. DO we have any medicine that she can buy from homeopathy store to cure this problem. Please suggest the same.

    Thanks in Advance

  52. Hello Doctor I m having pyrrohea problem evey tym I m having toothache and it’s getting black PLZZ let me know medicine ine

  53. I’ve pyorrhea since last 16 years, my age is now 34 yrs
    Initially i wash my mouth by a dental surgeon, only once, then after i never opted for a dentist.
    Now the problem is that;
    1. Giving bad breadth form mouth
    2. Swollow gums, bleeding easily when brushing
    3. teeth may become loosing

    But i don’t want to go for a dentist for wash as it also loosening teeth. as it damages gums also.

    Please help me if the pyorrhea is completely curable by homeopathic treatment, and the total time taken for the treatment for complete & permanent solution or I’ve to opted for a Dentist for washing.

    Thanking you,

  54. Sir i want to make dental lotion for all dental problem please guide me i always thankful to u

  55. I have detected my oral problem as pyorrhea since last 10 yrs.
    I faced problem with spongy/bleeding gums, bad breadth.
    Kindly give suggestion that the problem may be cure by Homeopathic Medicine or i have to go for a dental surgeon for teeth cleaning/wash.
    Kindly give suggestion as your suggestion is most important for me.
    Thanking You,

    • Deepti Chhabra says:

      Hello Sir
      I am Deepti Chhabra from Delhi.I am currently in Bangkok.I am facing the problem of swollen gums and feeling as if a little gap has developed between two teeth.Also I am feeling a little bad breath from sometime.I am really worried if this is pyorrhea as I am out of country.Can u plz suggest something.Thanks and Regards
      Deepti Chhabra
      Asst professor IGDTUW

  56. gums are losen they started bleeding

    and false breath also comes from mouth

  57. Larena Glenn says:

    I have periodontal . Where can I get these homeppathics. Carbo veg is losted as a homeopathic that cured bronchitis is it also used in healing periodontal or just sy.proms

  58. Shambhu Prasad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have been suffering from skin disease having black spot on my right leg itching much as well as from wring worm in my right armpit for one month. Kindly send your valuable & suitable suggestions to treat by homoeopathy medicine.

    Thanking you,
    Yours faithfully
    Shambhu Prasad
    N.S.S. Mills

  59. Hellow sir, i am deep ranga from panipat haryana. I am suffring from pyorrea last 2 year. My teeth having pus and bleed also every time.i am 32 year
    Plz help me sir othervise i lost my teeth.plz sir.

  60. deepak sharma says:

    Helllo Dr. sharma ,
    i m deepak sharma ,32old,
    very much lean &thin no flash in body
    dark complexion,sever constipation, sever acidity, bleeding gumsAll time bleed ,pain also.
    low confident ,confusion, bad odours

  61. Vikas Kumar says:

    Hello sir, I am continuously suffering pain in the right side of cheeks. When I chew any food from left side, pain arises on right. I can’t easily eat food neither drink any liquid. Whenever I takes liquid either hot or cold, it pains just like a pin inserted on the skin. Most important that that mouth odours bad breath even when I awake morning or few hours after brush. I am continuously suffered fro pain. Please help me to freed from the problem.

  62. I have uneven tooth, and had made 5 to 6 teeth filling razor fillings cause of cavity and r c t treatment still another teeth affecting with. CAvity and rct problem and my GU.s are not pink ITs little bit blue and dark red I m bother of very bad smell and bad breath, though I brush twice and take Care of better oral hygiene still smell is not at bay.plz get me rid of these tooth problem thanks

  63. Dear sir, i m suffering frm tooth of my upper jaw is loosing ..dctr suggested me for the surgery to fix the tooth bt i dnt wnt to go for a is there any homeopathic treatmnt ? Please reply me as soon as possible.

  64. Rudrajit roy says:

    Dear Sir,
    From last two years I am suffering heal pain (during morning feel Sharp pain) xray report found a sports on my right heal. I took two injections on pain area of heal.but no relief found.
    I checked ur website and read calcarea flour is the best medicine .
    Now I am living Mumbai how can I get advise or take medicine from you please advise me.
    Age 30

    Rudrajit Roy


    Dear docotor sab, I am suffering from pyorrhea from last two years, as my symptoms are Easily gum bleeding, bad breath, metallic taste in the mouth, loose teeth), please suggest appropriate treatment. Age-40 yrs,

  66. binod kumar says:

    discharge gum , no pain in theeth, root of tooth is damaging

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