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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Raynaud’s Disease

What is Raynaud’s Disease?

Raynaud’s disease leads to coldness and numbness of fingers and toes as a result of decreased blood supply to these areas. This response is triggered on exposure to cold temperature and stress. When exposed to cold temperature, the arteries supplying blood to the fingers and toes undergo vasospasm, thus limiting the blood supply. As a result, the fingers and toes turn cold and numb with colour changes, first to pale white and then, blue and red.

Classification of Raynaud’s

Raynaud’s can be primary or secondary. In primary raynaud’s, there is no underlying medical condition that triggers the vasospasm. Primary raynaud’s is also known as raynaud’s disease. In secondary raynaud’s, an underlying medical condition provokes the vasospasm. Secondary raynaud’s is also known as raynaud’s phenomenon and is more serious than the primary raynaud’s disease. The causes for secondary raynaud’s include connective tissue disorders, scleroderma, lupus, frostbite, atherosclerosis, Buerger’s disease, injuries to hand/feet and smoking.

Symptoms of Raynaud’s Disease

During an attack of raynaud’s, the fingers and toes turn pale or white with cold and numbness. This is followed by blueness from depleted oxygen supply. Afterwards, when the attack is over, the fingers and toes turn red, hot and may feel throbbing, tingling, pin or needle like sensations. Although it is mainly the toes and fingers that are affected in raynaud’s, it may also affect the ears, lips and nose. Skin ulcers and gangrene are some complications that arise out of raynaud’s.

Homeopathic Treatment for Raynaud’s Disease

The Homeopathic mode of treatment can effectively treat raynaud’s disease. Homeopathic medicines are helpful in reducing the intensity and frequency of attacks in raynaud’s disease. These medicines, which are natural and safe from any harmful side-effects, aim to treat the root cause of raynaud’s disease and gradually help reduce the tendency towards this condition.

Homeopathic Medicines for Raynaud’s Disease

Agaricus – One of the best Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease

Agaricus is rated among the top listed Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease. It is indicated when the blood flow to the fingers and toes is compromised on being exposed to the cold atmosphere. This leads to numbness, coldness, blueness in the fingers and toes. The condition may be followed by pin or needle-like pricking sensations in the fingers and toes. Apart from being one of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease, Agaricus is one of the prominently indicated Homeopathic medicines for chilblains and frostbites as well.

Carbo Veg – Excellent among Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease

Carbo Veg is another among the wonderful Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease. It is indicated for bluish, marbled cold fingers and toes followed by redness. Carbo Veg is also well indicated for gangrene of the fingers and toes.

Secale Cor – One of the top rated Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s disease with marked formication, tingling

Secale Cor is also one of the extremely useful Homeopathic medicines for raynaud’s. The guiding symptoms for using Secale Cor are icy cold and numb fingers and toes from vasospasm. Formication, tingling in the fingers and toes are also well noted. It is also suitable for slow developing gangrene.


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  1. Sir, My wife is suffering from raynauds disease and hands are become numbness, tingling, reddish and painful palm and fingers tip. Requested to plz suggest homeopathic medicine for the same.

  2. Sir i am suffering from raynauds disease hands and feet are become bluish and redish and painfull finger tip plz tell me about homeopathic medicine for raynaurds disease

  3. D.Balajidoss says:

    Dear sir
    . From past 7 year i have mild puffy in my both ankle when i stand or sit for long time but for past two days i have tinggling and pricking pain in both legs my nature of work is in aircondition room.if i come out to warm temprature room and lying down within 15mins my both feet become purple if i shake or lift my leg it dissapear immediately. I consult with vascular surgeon and he checked with hand held doppler devinothing to worry,c, and told your artries are fine i had vitamin d deficiency for that he priscribed calcium and vitamin C tablet,can u help wat causes my feet become purple and is tere any treatment from your side sir.

  4. Iam rhynoiuuds pataints please guide me what i can ref medicines for Homophathic

  5. Hello Dr. Sharma before I go on how can I get the homeopathic medication Agaricus I have really knows where my 10 fingertips or amputated and I have scleroderma my two ankles have been badly also rated and I have received about eight months of hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help with this I think what I have is called chilblains where I get this crazy itchy that no one can understand more importantly to me right now I have a son that’s 25 and he’s experiencing chilblains All of his thumbs it’s extremely bad he takes the car keys in it that’s how mine started before I got my fingers amputated please help me I’m in a bad state and I don’t want to see my son like this he has intentions of going onto law school I am beside myself
    Anisa Hosein

  6. Lisa Preston says:

    Hi there! I have read somewhere that Cordyceps is a good homeopathic treatment for Raynaud’s but haven’t been able to find much on it. Your thoughts?

  7. Hello sir ,
    My wife 33 yr suffering from Raynaud’s phinominos , with ana positive 3plus spekled , plz give us solution

  8. Chhavi Aggarwal says:

    Dear sir,
    I am 35 years old female suffering from Scleroderma and Rynauds. My Rynauds is very severe. I get very painful ulcers in my fingers and toes even in warm weather. I am already taking vasodilator s and blood thinners. Please advise some homeopathic treatment.

  9. najmin bagwan says:

    hi.3 yr to these couse.styrried to give age

  10. Hi, I have Raynaud’s disease that gets really bad with the colder weather. I am looking for a natural treatment and read about the ones above. Are these available as a topical or just tablets? I have cold hands and cold feet. My hands bother me the most, and they even get puffy, red blotches that swell and itch with colder weather. What would you recommend? Where is the best place to buy it? Much thanks!!!

  11. rashpal singh says:

    Raynaud& uctd age 55 female pl guide us

  12. Claire Withe says:

    Hi, I suffer from primary raynaud’s and have severe numbness in my fingers and toes. I’m a 38 year old female and hoping to get some advice on homeopathy treatment for this. It’s only August and it’s already kicking in, getting worse each year.

    Many thanks,

    Claire withe

  13. krishna mohan yadav says:

    sir in surgery question five medicine of burger s disease .. please give me knowledge 2 medicine also

  14. Jyoti vibart says:

    My dad is suffering from raynauds disease pls guide me regarding it his fingr pains a lot

  15. sir i am suffering from mixed connected tissue disease from 2003. it has become chronic now and sperad to heart.presently suffering from sclerodarma and raynauds please give me suggest me any treatment in homeo .

  16. My brother mukesh is suffering from Raynaud’s Disease on toes n small fingers from last 8 months
    He is drinking n smoking also
    Doctors are suggesting to amput it
    Please give me immediately
    Thanking you

  17. Arman singh says:

    dear sir
    hope you are well. my mother is now almost 46 yrs old and suffering from the problem like Raynoaud’s disease. Her right hand’s fingers get burn like sensations and pin like sensations at night. she does not sleep properly in cold days. please help.
    waiting for your positive response.

  18. Hello Dr. Sharma,
    Hope you are well. I am now almost 65yrs old and have suffered from Raynaud’s phenomenon since around the year 2000. Generally always have cold fingers & toes but this becomes worse during the winter season when cold temperatures seem to trigger a reaction. This causes mainly the fingers & toes [& at times parts of the feet & hands] to change colour, briefly to white, then blue [both fingers/toes and nails] and then eventually red and swollen. With that comes numbness [part/spots of the flesh on feet remain numb like dead flesh for weeks], pain [sometimes seems to be coming from the finger bones] and itching on the swollen chilblains.
    Over the past week with daily temperatures ranging between approx 11~18 deg C I already have painful & itchy chilblains on a few of my fingers.
    A few years ago I had been prescribed Nifedipine as treatment and it appeared to initially help for this condition but found that in the next cold season the symptoms had gotten worse then they had been before taking Nifedipine.
    Now have stopped Nifedipine & am keen to try Homeopathic meds , namely Agaricus possibly 6c or 30c [ found this by researching on the web so may not be accurate] or something else if you are able to recommend it for my condition.
    Appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.
    Thank you.
    Have a lovely day.

  19. BIKASH DAS says:

    sir my wife 37yrs women from india sufferin from raynods phenomena (MCTD) since 2008.I am very poor. and unde alopathy treatment and taking nicardia retd 20 – one capsul one time, wysolone 10 – one tab one time, Ecosprin AV 75 – one tav one time, Pantacid 40 – one tab one time. please tell me which homeo pathy madicin I can take and mention dose also.

    • BIKASH DAS says:

      sir my wife 37yrs women from india sufferin from raynods phenomena (MCTD) since 2008.I am very poor. and unde alopathy treatment and taking nicardia retd 20 – one capsul one time, wysolone 10 – one tab one time, Ecosprin AV 75 – one tav one time, Pantacid 40 – one tab one time. please tell me which homeo pathy madicin I can take and mention dose also.

  20. Sir
    Mere ankel joint ke born m cyst h iska upaye btao sir

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