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9 Homeopathic Medicines for Rectal Bleeding that Work

The rectum is the lowest terminal part of the large intestine. Any bleeding that occurs per anus from lower colon or rectum is referred to as rectal bleeding. The reason for rectal bleeding includes passing a hard stool, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, IBD-inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease), proctitis, colon polyps, and diverticulosis. The homeopathic medicines for rectal bleeding help manage the complaint of rectal bleeding by treating the cause behind it.   homeopathic medicines for rectal bleeding

Homeopathic Medicines for Rectal Bleeding

Homeopathy helps treat cases of rectal bleeding. Rectal bleeding from piles, fissures, hard stool, ulcers, inflammatory conditions can be treated in an excellent manner with homeopathic medicines. The reason behind rectal bleeding, the character of blood and other attending symptoms are taken into consideration for selecting the required homeopathic medicine for every individual case. The top 9 medicines for rectal bleeding are Hamamelis, Nitric Acid, Merc Sol, Millefolium, Natrum Mur, Phosphorous, Crotalus Horridus, Merc Cor, and Nux Vomica.

1. Hamamelis – Top Medicine for Rectal Bleeding

Hamamelis is prepared from the fresh bark of twigs and root of a plant Hamamelis dioica of the natural order Hamamelidaceae. Hamamelis is a top listed medicine for managing rectal bleeding. It is a leading medicine for rectal bleeding arising from hemorrhoids. The bleeding in such cases is profuse. Burning, rawness, and soreness at the anus may be felt. Blood loss is followed by great prostration. Hamamelis is also well indicated for rectal bleeding from ulcers of the bowel. Here loose stool appears with copious dark hemorrhage from the rectum. The blood has a fetid odor. Hamamelis is also recommended for rectal bleeding in dysentery where profuse clear blood passes from the rectum. The blood is usually dark in color in such cases. Hamamelis is also helpful for cases of frequent stools with blood mixed with masses of mucus and violent colicky abdominal pains and rectal pain.

2. Nitric Acid – For Rectal Bleeding in Anal Fissures

Nitric Acid is a prominently indicated medicine for treating rectal bleeding in case of anal fissures. Persons needing Nitric acid have fissure of the anus with bleeding and violent anal pains. The pains can be cutting, tearing, sharp, stitching, splinter-like or lancinating in nature varying from case to case. The pains appear while passing stool and also last for a long time after passing stool. Along with this, there is constipation. The stool is dry, hard and difficult. Anus feels constricted. Pricking at the anus is also felt. The anus is swollen too and is also markedly sensitive. Itching and burning at the anus along with fetid discharge may also appear in a few cases.

3. Merc Sol – For Rectal Bleeding from Ulcers in Colon or Rectum

Merc Sol very useful medicine for managing rectal bleeding from ulcers in colon or rectum. Its use is highly recommended for cases of ulcerative colitis. The person requiring Merc Sol have watery stool that may be yellow or green colored. Sometimes it is frothy. Stool smells sour. Profuse blood passes from rectum with stool. A great amount of mucus also appears with blood in the stool. Tenesmus is very much marked with the above symptoms. Abdominal colic of pinching and cutting nature is felt. Burning and pain in the rectum also appear. Marked weakness accompanies.

4. Millefolium – For Rectal Bleeding from Piles

Millefolium is prepared from plant Achillea millefolium of the natural order Compositae. It is another prominent medicine like Hamamelis for treating rectal bleeding from piles. The bleeding is profuse for using Millefolium. Apart from the above, it is also indicated for rectal bleeding from internal injuries.

5. Natrum Mur – For Rectal Bleeding from Constipation, Hard Stool

Natrum Mur is an excellent medicine for treating rectal bleeding from constipation, hard stool. The stool is hard, dry, irregular and unsatisfactory expelled with difficulty and with bleeding per rectum where Natrum Mur is indicated. Stool passes in large masses or is crumbling or pass like sheep dung. The anus is constricted. Stitching pains in the anus are felt. Burning and smarting pain in anus appear frequently after stool.

6. Phosphorus – For treating cases of bright red rectal bleeding

Phosphorus is a wonderful medicine for treating cases rectal bleeding where blood is bright red colored. Bright blood may pass from piles, fissures, proctitis or with loose stool in cases where Phosphorus is needed. Stool may be offensive/sour-smelling and may have undigested food particles. Lumps of white mucus may also pass in the stool. Biting, itching and stinging or cutting pain is felt at the anus.

7. Crotalus Horridus – For Dark Rectal Bleeding

Crotalus Horridus is well indicated for treating cases of dark rectal bleeding. For using Crotalus Horridus dark blood per rectum may pass in case of piles, dysentery, ulcers of the intestine. The flow of dark blood is attended with great debility and even faintness. In case of hemorrhoids, excessive blood on straining a little at stool.

8. Merc Cor – For Mucus in Stool and Cutting Colicky Pains

Use of medicine Merc Cor is suggested for cases of rectal bleeding with mucus in stool and cutting colicky abdominal pains. The pains remain all the time before, during and after stool. Cutting pains and violent burning are also felt in the rectum. The stool is frequent, hot and offensive along with blood and mucus. It may be yellow or green.

9. Nux Vomica – For Bleeding with Frequent Urging for Stool

Nux Vomica is significant medicine for managing cases of bleeding per rectum accompanied with frequent urging for stool. There is a constant, ineffectual urge to pass stool. Every time a person goes for stool, it is passed in small quantity. Stool may be offensive. Before stool and after stool cutting pain around the umbilicus may be felt. The pain subsides after stool. Other attending symptoms are itching in anus, sore pain at the anus, tearing/stinging of the anal region. Nux Vomica is also indicated where jelly-like mucus passes with blood streaked stool.

Symptoms of Rectal Bleeding

Few symptoms that can attend rectal bleeding include rectal/anal pain, constipation, diarrhea, abdominal cramping and mucus in the stool. Severe rectal bleeding can lead to anemia.

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  1. Rajiv bhatt says:

    I am diabitic , BP and ckd patient. I am having blood coming in stool. Color is black charcoal and sticky. On colonoscopy doctors told me i have diverticulum diseases. And they are in upper right asending colon. The only treatment is to remove that part of intestine by surgery.
    Due to blood loss i have to go for blood transfusion every week.
    Please advise if bleeding can be stopped. I can not live like thid.

  2. Jaffersadiq Jaffersadiq says:

    Dr i suffering mucus and blood in motion from three years which medicine.

  3. AYAN PAL says:

    One to two drops of blood after stool without pain in a gap of of few days since last 15 days

  4. Ruma Sahu says:

    Madam namaskar,My family’s one person today has blood in the stool.age above 60yrs.bright pain,no weakness.l am worried about it.please tell me what can I do.

  5. Chogen lepcha says:

    Bleeding from anal, stool test is clear but there is still blood while doing toilet for few days , enemies must have used weapon in his rectal system

  6. Dr dharma,
    I have complain of fresh blood with stool. Frequneny of stool is some times exceeding 8-10 times and some time it is one or max two times. The blood may be for one or two days then no blood for few days. Here I have to mention that I have cancer in-prostrate. I have gone through radiation completed in May 2019. I am still to complete 24 zoladex inj ( only two are left). Please advise me for blood with stool. Thanks

  7. khurram ansari says:

    Bright red rectal bleeding without urge of stool,without any pain or discomfort.

  8. Basant Kumar says:

    Namaste Dr.
    I am under allopathic treatment for high blood pressure and moderate diabetes with IBS since 2010.
    IBS and BP started in 2001.
    Used ayurvedic medicines till 2010.
    Diabetes developed in 2015.
    Many time tried for homeopathy medicines, though they Carbo Veg 200 Nux Vomica 200, Natrum Mur 200 relieves IBS problem but gradually my Blood Pressure shoot high to 190/120.
    Even after taking Sterculia Q, Gratageous Q my Blood Pressure shoot as high as stated above.
    May please suggest.

    • Md.Mominul Islam says:

      My wife suffering from active colitis. Its frequently bleeding. Can be cured by homeopathy treatment? Plesse give me suggestion.


      • Michael Kurbah says:

        I am suffering from mild left sided colitis. Passing normal stool but sometime mix with red blood please suggest

  9. There is blood coming with stoop & after passing stoop for last two days but there is no pain & still is normal .
    Please suggest treatment.

  10. Iram Ahmed says:

    I have severe pain in the soles of my feet. My left heel has one point in the inner heel that is so painful it feels like there is a stone under my foot. Especially when I walk a lot the pain gets worse. It then travels to the rest of my foot and the pain in both feet is unbearable. It also travels up my calves. Please help, I am limping.

  11. Laxman Mishra says:

    What is the medicine for the problem/symptoms mentioned by Chetan S & Rajesh Garg ?

  12. There is blood with stool and blood drops after passing stool.
    Sometime suddenly blood drops through anus.
    No pain, no hard stool, no constipation

    • MAHESH JOSHI says:

      There is blood with stool and blood drops after passing stool.
      Sometime suddenly blood drops through anus.
      No pain, no hard stool, no constipation
      I have the same symptoms and initially i will have small stool balls/ drops of mucous coated stool.

  13. Rajesh Garg says:

    There is blood with stool and blood drops after passing stool.
    Sometime suddenly blood drops through anus.
    No pain, no hard stool, no constipation.

    • RK Kushari says:

      Due to long constipation rectum prolapsed since long.
      Observed occasional bleeding from anus occurred. Which medicine is suitable in homeopathy., Kindly advise.

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