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8 Homeopathic Medicines for Retention of Urine

Retention of urine refers to a condition in which a person is unable to empty the urinary bladder; either partially or completely. This condition can be acute or chronic. Homeopathic medicines for retention of urine help effectively treat the condition. However, it is to be noted that acute urinary retention is a medical emergency, in which urgent help from the conventional mode of treatment should be taken immediately. Homeopathic Medicines for Retention of Urine

Acute urinary retention happens suddenly and is a medical emergency that needs to be addressed immediately. In this condition, the person wants to urinate, but is unable pass any urine at all. There is usually abdominal pain. Chronic retention of urine appears over a long period of time. In this condition a person is able to urinate but the bladder doesn’t empty completely.

Homeopathic Medicines for Retention of Urine

Homeopathic medicines play a supportive role to manage cases of chronic retention or urine. These are selected for chronic retention of urine individually for every case based on the characteristic symptoms. The top grade medicines for managing chronic urine retention are Clematis, Conium, Lycopodium, Pareira Brava and Chimaphila.

 1. Clematis – For Feeble Stream of Urine and Difficulty in Initiating Urination

Clematis is prepared from the leaves and stems of a plant Clematis Erecta of the natural order Ranunculaceae. Clematis is very useful to manage cases of chronic urinary retention. It works well in cases where feeble stream of urine and difficulty in initiating urination are the main symptoms. Urine passes slowly and is scanty. Dribbling at the end of urination may be present. There may be attending complaint of violent burning while passing last drops of urine. Urine frequency is also increased but urine is scanty. In some cases needing Clematis urine may start and stop suddenly or only flow drop by drop. Clematis also tops the list of homeopathic medicines to treat retention urine in cases of urethral stricture.

2. Conium – For Interrupted Urine Flow

Conium is highly valuable medicine to manage chronic urine retention where interrupted urine flow is present. Urine starts and stops several times while micturating. The urine feels hot and a pressure sensation upon bladder attends. Pain while passing urine also appears in some cases.

3. Lycopodium – For Managing Frequent Urination at Night

Lycopodium is prepared from a plant Lycopodium Clavatum commonly known as club moss and  Wolf’s-Claw. The natural order of this plant is Lycopodiaceae. Lycopodium is well indicated for managing frequent urination at night (nocturia) in case of chronic retention of urine. Along with this urine is slow in coming. Person has to strain to pass urine. Bearing down and heaviness over bladder is felt. Urine may have strong, pungent odour. In some cases needing Lycopodium violent pain in back is present along with retention of urine.

4. Pareira Brava – For Chronic Retention of Urine with Excessive Straining 

Pareira Brava is prepared from fresh root of a plant Cessampelos pareira also known as Velvet Leaf. This plant belongs to natural order Menispermaceae. Use of Pareira Brava is considered in cases of chronic retention of urine where excessive straining to pass urine is needed. It is also indicated in extreme cases where person has to strain hard by getting on the knee-hand position, press head against floor to void urine. A distended feeling in bladder is felt. Urge to pass urine is also constant. Pain goes down the thighs from the bladder during urination.

5. Chimaphila – For Chronic Urine Retention in Cases of Enlarged Prostate

Chimaphila is prepared from a plant Chimaphila Umbellata commonly known as Pipsissewa or Prince’s Pine. The natural order of this plant is Pyroleae. Chimaphila is beneficial for cases of chronic urine retention from enlargement of prostate. Person needing Chimaphila faces difficulty in initiating urination. Great straining is needed to begin urine flow. A constant desire to urinate is also present. The urine may also pass in a thin or divided stream. Cutting and scalding pain may arise during urination. Persons needing Chimaphila may pass urine better by standing with feet wide apart and body inclined forward. Apart from urinary retention from enlarged prostate it is also helpful for retention of urine from urethral stricture.

6. Cantharis – For Treating UTI

Cantharis is wonderful medicine for treating UTI (urinary tract infection) in cases of chronic retention of urine. People needing Cantharis complain of severe pain and burning while passing urine. The pain and burning may also be present before and after urination. Frequency of urine is increased and person needs to strain to pass urine, passing a small quantity of urine every time. In some cases, urine passes in a thin and divided stream. Blood passes in the urine sometime and heaviness may also be felt in the bladder with the above symptoms.

7. Causticum – For Managing Urinary Incontinence

Causticum is a top grade medicine for managing urinary incontinence from chronic retention of urine. The bladder muscles get weak as a result of prolonged urine retention and the urine tends to pass involuntarily. A burning sensation may be felt when passing urine and itching of the orifice of the urethra may appear.

8. Merc Sol – To Manage Frequent Urination

Merc Sol is a significant medicine to manage frequent urination in cases of retention of urine. Frequent urination is present both during the day and night. In many cases, a desire to urinate every hour maybe present. Though frequent; urine is scanty and passes in a feeble stream. Urgency to pass urine is also marked where a person has to hurry to pass urine.

Reasons for Retention of Urine

The cause behind retention of urine may be either obstructive or non-obstructive.

Obstructive retention includes prostate enlargement in men, kidney/bladder stones, urethral stricture, cystocele or rectocele, certain tumours in the pelvis, severe constipation, severely inflamed urethra.

Non-obstructive causes of urinary retention include injury to the brain or spinal cord, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, pelvic injury, weak bladder muscles, certain medicines that make the internal urinary sphincter contract. The medicine includes antihistamines, few anti psychotics and medicines used to treat urinary incontinence

Symptoms of Urine Retention

The symptoms of acute urinary retention are a painful need to urinate but inability to pass urine at all. Acute urinary retention is a medical emergency that require immediate medical attention. The symptoms of chronic urinary retention include – need to urinate frequently (eight or more times a day), trouble beginning a urine stream, weak urinary stream, interrupted urine stream,  feeling to urinate again after finishing urination, nocturia – where a need arises to get up several times to urinate at night time, urge incontinence, mild discomfort or fullness in pelvis/lower abdomen. Complications from chronic retention of urine that may arise includes UTI (urinary tract infection), damage to bladder, urinary incontinence and chronic kidney disease.

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    80 year old male with urinary voiding dysfunction likely due to spinal cord and brain injury Dec 2018. Urodynamics test: poor compliance with unsafe detrusor pressures after 250cc of bladder volume and detrusor hypocontractility. Can you suggest any homeopathic medicinal treatments or changes in diet. Thank you.

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