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Top Rated Homeopathic Medicines for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a non-contagious skin disorder majorly affecting the scalp. Seborrheic dermatitis is characterized by red, inflamed skin covered by flaky, dry or greasy scales on the scalp. In addition to the scalp, the face, area behind the ears, eyelashes, chest, and back may also be involved. It is also called as seborrheic eczema. In infants, seborrheic dermatitis it is known by the name of cradle cap. It is a long term condition and runs a remitting and relapsing course. Dandruff is a type of seborrheic dermatitis with flakes or scales on the scalp but without inflammation of the skin. Homeopathic medicines for seborrheic dermatitis help reduce the severity and intensity of the problem.    homeopathic medicines for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Homeopathic Medicines for Seborrheic Dermatitis

Homeopathy works wonderfully well in treating seborrheic dermatitis. These medicines treat both acute and chronic seborrheic dermatitis effectively. To start with, homeopathy medicines reduce the intensity and frequency of flare-up of seborrheic dermatitis. In time, the condition is treated. Also, these medicines boost the self-healing mechanism of the body, thus making it strong enough to fight seborrheic dermatitis on its own. Kali Sulphuricum, Thuja Occidentalis, Graphites Naturalis, Natrum Muriaticum and Phosphorus are rated among the best prescriptions for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis.

1. Kali Sulphuricum – For Seborrheic Dermatitis with Yellow Scales

Kali Sulphuricum is a top grade medicine for treating seborrheic dermatitis. It works wonders in seborrheic dermatitis cases with prominent yellow flakes on the scalp. The scales are sticky in nature, with a moist scalp. It is attended with itching. Heat worsens the itching in some cases.

2. Thuja Occidentalis – For White Flakes on Scalp

Thuja Occidentalis is a well indicated medicine for seborrheic dermatitis with white flakes on the scalp. The hair may be dry in such cases. In a few cases, split ends and falling of hair may be noted.

3. Graphites Naturalis – For Scales and Intense Itching

Graphites Naturalis is an effective medicine for seborrheic dermatitis where the scales on the scalp are accompanied by intense itching. The scales reduce after washing but reappear. A fetid odor on the scalp may also be observed. The scalp may also remain moist and humid. Matting together of the hair or falling of hair are also seen. Apart from the scalp, the scales may also be present on the eyelid margins and behind the ears.

4. Natrum Muriaticum – For Greasy Skin

Natrum Muriaticum most effectively treats seborrheic dermatitis with a greasy, oily scalp with redness and flakiness. The scalp is covered with white scurfs. Burning sensation on the scalp may also be present. The face is oily, with redness. Acne on the face may also be present along with the above symptoms.

5. Phosphorus – For Flakiness and Excessive Hairfall

For seborrheic dermatitis cases where flakiness on the scalp is attended with excessive hair fall, Phosphorus is an excellent prescription. The hair fall in bunches. In some cases, the hair may fall off in spots. This may be accompanied by a severe burning sensation on the scalp. In a few cases, clammy sweat on the scalp may also be present.

Cause of Seborrheic Dermatitis

The exact cause of seborrhoeic dermatitis is not known. Irritation by toxic substances produced by a type of yeast called mallasezia, mainly mallasezia globose, found on the scalp is said to cause seborrhoeic dermatitis. Genetic predisposition, weak immune system, obesity, oily/greasy skin are other factors that could lead to seborrhoeic dermatitis. Change of season, sleep deprivation and stress make the condition worse.

Symptoms of Seborrheic Dermatitis

The first noticeable symptom of seborrheic dermatitis is inflamed, flaky skin on the scalp. In spite of the flakes, the skin on the scalp remains greasy. Itching and burning on the scalp may attend the flakes. The flakes vary from yellow, to white to greyish in color. In addition to the scalp, the face, chest, and back may get involved in seborrheic dermatitis.

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  1. Julian M Gonzalez says:

    Hello Dr. im interested in taking phosphorus for my dermatitis because that best relates to the issue I’m having excessive hair fall and itchiness and flakes. Would you please get in contact with me I just have some questions before I go ahead and start taking the supplement.

  2. Raza Abbas Naqvi says:

    Dr. Ive had Seborrheic Dermatitis for over an year now, recently it came on my face and cheek. The cheek got a rash which turned white as if it has no pigmentation left that occured after usage of anti.fungal steroid creams
    But now. Its all over my nose.
    Its red skin first
    Then if i dont apply vaseline all the time it turns flaky dandruff
    And if i do apply vaseline all the time. There is no dandruff but the skin turns full red on nose and face
    Pleass suggest a homeopathic medicine
    My father is also a homeopath. He gave ne celandulaQ , which had no affect

  3. I have sebborea problem in my scalp pls suggest good medicine

    • PRAVESH KUMAR says:

      Hi Dr. Sharma my name is pravesh kumar and I am 31 years old. I am suffering from seborrheic dermatitis since last 10 years. Affected area of my body is scalp eyebrows chest nose beard. please give me a good suggestion.

    • Yousuf Ali says:

      Seborrheic dermatitis for 15 years. Please suggest me

    • Neetu Dhamani says:

      My son has SD with too mach of white flakes in scalp and has come on chest , back beard and genital area.too much hair fall and bunches of scales come out in the form of flakes.tried many medicine but disappointed.please help

  4. parth sarathi says:

    I am suffering from scaly patches , oily skin, white heads, black heads acne, redness around nose, bulb like shape on tip of nose, greasy skin, on my face, dryness in eyes, and also pytiriasis versicolor on my back, arms, armpit, chest greasy skin on whole body, hair fall for last 20 years.

    • Dear Dr. Sharma I am suffering from since 3years oily scalp and dandruff and itching , hairfall .please suggest Some help

  5. Susan G says:

    Hi Dr. Sharma,
    My daughter has seborrheic dermatitis in the ear.
    Crusty, weepy … sometimes with blood in the ear canal with too much itching and flaky skin. It is causing the ear also to get infected.
    Please suggest some help.

  6. Pramod kumar says:

    Oily scalp itching hota hai hair fall bhi hota hai to kya kare sir

  7. Use biom8 oil. Its the best thing u can use today.

  8. There is no treatment in homeopathy for sebboric dermatites

    • Rüdiger Altpeter says:

      Hello Dr.Sharma,
      I am taking statin 80 (atorvastatin) for about 3 years. Since a year I have noticed a strong seborrhoe. I wonder whether it could be related. I am left sided, warm blooded, have asthma bronchalis mainly indoors, diabetes2 and had an infarction 3 years ago. Could any of the remedies mentioned above apply?

  9. Kirti gupta says:

    Sir mujhe sebborric dertamisis Ki problem hue h kuch month pehle he mujhe PTA Cala iske baare me n meri scalp white dikhti Hai n papdi se utarti Hai n khujli b maarte h kahi kahi shampoo karne par burning sunsesion Sa hota Hai alopathik treatment start Karte he hair fall bahut jayada bad gya h n hair thin n white b ho Gaye Hai plz mujhe homeopathic medition bataayiye iski I m worried hair fall

    • There is no treatment in homeopathy for sebboric dermatites

    • Julian Gonzalez says:

      Hello! I have seborrheic dermatitis but where my scalp is really itchy and my hair falls out alot and I have a real bad receding hairline. What phosphorus products would you recommend for me in my case?

  10. Shahnawaz alam says:

    Sir i am suffering from yellow oily flaky scalp and hair fall from 2 years which medicine should i take and what is the power and dose of the medicine

  11. always itching hota hai and white flakes on the head
    and sweatingon the head and dandruff gili ho
    jati hai anditching ho jati hai
    sweating on the head and white flakes on
    oily dandruff ho jata hai and itching hoti hai
    skin oily ho jati hai

  12. shekhar says:

    hello sir, i have saeborrhic dermatitis problem from around 5 years and now hair become thin and hair falls also occurs with itching in scalp with greying of few hairs due to use of shampoos like keraglo and have no relief with these medications. pls give me cure of my problem.regards shekhar

  13. Saloni bansal says:

    My 4 month old child is suffering from seborrheic dermatitis all over his body particularly face, legs n arms with itching. I am giving him homoeo medicine for last 20 days but no relief seems. I dont know the name of the medicine given by the dr. I am worried about my son as he is suffering a lot. Plz help me in curing him

  14. Attique says:

    Respected sir, I was suffering scalp seborrhoeic dermatitis and hair loss due to this, I am almost bald from 15 years. My face is also very affected due to this. I look very old instead of my age.Its too long desease for me. So pls can you prescribe me effective medication for scalp sheboria.

  15. Ramanuj Biswas says:

    Respected sir, I was suffering scalp sheboria and hair loss from 14 years. Its too long deases for me. So pls can you prescribe me effective medication for scalp sheboria.

  16. I have been getting treatment for sub dermatitis from 2000 till now but it doesnt go away. First the scales were yellow but now cant say are they white or grey. As it is granuler, flaky and sticky. I never tried homaepathic medicine before. With every new medicine it get better but with times it comes back. My hairfall has increased a lot. I even had two bald patch once but by putting surma over it works and hairs coming out again. Hairwash after applying coconut oil make the scalp sore. Kindly help me.

  17. seborrheic dermatitis in last 2 years

  18. I have had chronic seborrheic dermatitis for maybe 8 years. I have a history of eczema on one forearm when I was a teenager. This scalp dermatitis has been a real problem. I continually changed shampoos, The SD got so bad that I started researching on line for remedies. I have got it slightly under control with coconut oil scalp soaks. I ran across the thuja oil for skin tags and got to reading about what it can do, so I put it on my head in a few places that are real bad but it is not going to go far with this little bottle. I am going to try the Thuja shampoo. I have lost a tremendous amount of hair. If you have any solutions for me please help. It’s embarrassing to say the least and very stressful. I have to be careful with shampoos or I get these little sebaceous plugs that freak me out. $1 shampoos don’t seem to make these plugs happen. I am 64 yrs old.

  19. Mujhy y problem han bilkol yehi symptoms han sir my irretation pory sir my fungus eyebrows my bhi pimples han jalan bhi hoti han bohat meine alopethic li thi koi aram nai 3 month ho gya han please meri madat kry my bohat bohat pershan ho please apko dua do ga

  20. Yaakov Soussan says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    What would you suggest for an oily scalp that has this gluey discharge, it looks like dead cells, whitish and the scalp actually aches to the touch ,it is inflamed.

    Thank you

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