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Short Periods – 8 Effective Homeopathic Medicines

The normal duration of menstruation varies from woman to woman and can be anywhere between 3 to 7 days. Once in a while having a period that is shorter than normal is not a cause of concern. However, a decrease in the duration of a menstrual period for several months altogether in a female when compared to the usual pattern should be investigated. It is normal to have menstrual irregularities and change in the duration and flow of periods at puberty. This is because it takes time for the hormones to regularise a specific pattern for the first few years after menarche. It is also normal to face changes in menstrual flow and duration during the perimenopausal age. Homeopathic medicines for short periods or scanty periods help regularise the natural processes and treat the condition effectively.  homeopathic medicines for short periods

Apart from these, short periods may arise from several hormonal problems and other factors that need to be corrected and treated to solve this problem. They mainly include PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and thyroid dysfunction. Other factors that contribute to short periods include breastfeeding, low body weight, stress, excessive exercise, eating disorders, use of OCP’s (oral contraceptive pills) also make changes in duration/flow of the menstrual period. Certain medications like NSAID’s (non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs), antidepressants and thyroid medications also tend to shorten menstrual flow. Premature ovarian failure and Asherman syndrome are rare conditions in which short periods appear.

Homeopathic Medicines for Short Periods

The complaint of short or scanty periods can be effectively treated with natural homeopathy medicines. The top grade medicines to treat cases of short periods are Pulsatilla, Sepia, Conium, Viburnum, and Lachesis. The most suitable medicine among them is selected as per every individual case based on the characteristic features. Homeopathy medicines work at treating the root cause which is leading to a short duration of menses. Once the root cause is corrected the duration of periods is improved.

1. Pulsatilla – Top Grade Medicine to Treat Short Periods

Pulsatilla is prepared from a plant named Pulsatilla Nigricans commonly known by the name of pasque flower or windflower. The natural order of this plant is Ranunculaceae. Pulsatilla is top-listed medicine for treating complaint of short periods. The flow of blood is also scanty in addition to being short. The flow is most prominent in the daytime only in cases needing Pulsatilla. The flow may be dark or blackish in color. Pain during periods with cramps abdomen and vomiting may attend. Chilliness may be present during periods. Before and after periods vaginal discharge may be prominent.

2. Sepia – For Scanty Periods that Last for One Day

Sepia is the next well-indicated medicine to treat short periods. It is useful in females in whom periods last only for one day. Menses may be irregular too appearing early or late but last for short duration only. Bearing down pain in the pelvis during periods is a characteristic attending feature. During periods sadness, headache, nausea, vomiting and great prostration are felt. Yellowish, thick, profuse leucorrhea appear before and after menses.

3. Conium – For Short and Late Periods

Conium is a beneficial medicine to treat cases where periods are short and appear late. Sometimes menses don’t appear for two to three months altogether in females needing Conium. When they appear they are short and may be clotted. Drawing pain in legs during menses may be felt. Violent itching in the vagina may appear after periods.

4. Viburnum – For Short Periods that Last only for Few Hours

Viburnum is prepared from fresh bark of a plant named Viburnum Opulus. This plant has many common names including High Cranberry Bush, Cramp Bark, and Water Elder. The natural order of this plant is Caprifoliaceae. Viburnum is prominently indicated medicine for cases of short periods where flow last only for a few hours. Menstrual flow is also scanty, thin and light-colored where Viburnum is required. During periods, nausea, cramping pain and great nervous restlessness is felt. Before periods severe bearing down pains in uterus and drawing in anterior muscles of thighs are present.

5. Lachesis – For Short and Scanty Periods

Lachesis is useful for treating short and scanty periods. The menstrual flow is dark, black, dirty looking and lumpy. They also have an offensive odor. During periods labor-like pressure from loins downwards is felt. Bruised feeling in hips and Soreness about the pelvic region is also prominent. A tendency to have late periods may be there in some cases.

6. Apis Mellifica – For Short Periods that Last for One to Two Days

Apis Mellifica is beneficial to treat short periods that last for one to two days only. Violent, cramp-like pain appear during periods. Flow is scanty of dark, bloody mucus. The menses are accompanied by great weakness. Ovarian pain of cutting, stinging nature is felt especially on the right side during periods. Frequent urination is another symptoms arising during periods in cases requiring Apis Mellifica. It is a high-grade medicine to treat menstrual complaints linked with cysts, tumors, inflammation of the ovary.

7. Euphrasia – For Short Periods where Flow Lasts for an Hour

Euphrasia Officinalis is a plant commonly known by the name of Eye-Bright of the natural order Scrophulariaceae. Euphrasia is helpful for cases of short periods where flow lasts only for one hour. Periods have a tendency to appear late in females, the flow is scanty and the menses are painful in addition to being short and scanty.

8. Thuja – For Early and Short Periods

Thuja is prepared from fresh green twigs of a plant Thuja Occidentalis having common name Arbor Vitae of the natural order Coniferae. Thuja is indicated to treat cases where periods are very short and appear too early. Before menses, pain in left ovary, heat in head, profuse sweating, headache, and labor-like abdominal pains are present. During and after menses tiredness arise. Sleeplessness also tends to appear after menses.

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