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Top Homeopathic Medicines for Sneezing

What is sneezing?

Sneezing is a sudden and forcible expulsion of air from the nose and mouth. It occurs when the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity gets irritated.
The nose helps clean the air that goes to the lungs by trapping irritants like dust and germs in the mucous (produced by the mucous membranes). When these irritants manage to enter the sensitive mucous membrane, they may cause sneezing. By aiming to treat the cause of sneezing, homeopathic medicines like Sabadilla Officinalis, Allium Cepa, Aralia Racemosa can bring about a complete recovery.

Sneezing is the body’s response to remove irritants from the nose and throat. In most cases, it occurs without warning.
Although an uncomfortable and troublesome condition, it is not usually considered to be a serious health concern. Homeopathic medicines for sneezing work by stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

Homeopathic Treatment of Sneezing

Homeopathic medicines are made from naturally occurring substances. They are safe to use and do not cause any side effects. They help improve associated symptoms like nasal discharges, nasal irritation, burning sensation in eyes, itchy eyes, eye discharge, etc. The appropriate homeopathic medicines for sneezing are decided by analyzing individual symptoms. They work by restoring the body’s natural healing mechanism.

Homeopathic Medicines for Sneezing

Sabadilla Officinalis – Homeopathic medicine for violent sneezing.

Sabadilla Officinalis is a homeopathic medicine used for the treatment of violent sneezing. The chief guiding feature that calls for the use of this medicine is violent sneezing accompanied by a runny nose. Other symptoms may include coryza, pain in forehead, itching, stuffy nose and tickling in the nose.

Allium Cepa – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing due to Hay Fever/Allergic Rhinitis.

Allium Cepa is a homeopathic medicine indicated in cases where sneezing occurs due to hay fever/allergic rhinitis along with profuse, acrid nasal discharges. Other associated symptoms that point towards the use of this homeopathic medicine for sneezing include a burning sensation in the nostrils, excoriation of the nose and upper lips and a feeling of lumping the nose. It is also used in cases where sneezing gets reduced in the open air and worsens in a warm room.

Aralia Racemosa – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing due to exposure to a draught of air.

Aralia Racemosa is a homeopathic medicine that is used to treat sneezing which primarily occurs from exposure to the slightest draught of air. Other symptoms that indicate the use of this medicine include watery, excoriating nasal discharges, nasal obstruction, smarting sensation and soreness in the nostrils.

Arsenic Album – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing with a runny nose.

Arsenic Album is a homeopathic medicine indicated in cases where a runny nose accompanies sneezing. Other symptoms that point towards the use of this medicine include a thin, watery, almost acrid nasal discharge. Excoriation, itching-burning sensation in the nose, nasal blockage and frequent coryza coupled with extreme weakness are some associated symptoms. These symptoms tend to worsen when the affected person is outdoors.

Phosphorus – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing due to exposure to strong odors.

Phosphorus is the homeopathic medicine indicated in cases where sneezing gets triggered by exposure to strong odors. Some other symptoms include headache, coryza, and feeling of fullness in the nose. A bad smell from the nose, a yellow-green, blood-streaked discharge, and sneezing (that gets worse with exposure to smoke) are other indicators that point towards this medicine.

Natrum Mur – Homeopathic medicine for early morning sneezing episodes.

Natrum Mur is a well indicated homeopathic medicine for sneezing that occurs early in the morning. Along with sneezing, a thin discharge from nose and hawking of mucous may also occur. Other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine include coryza, dry nostrils, difficulty breathing and swelling of the nasal mucous membranes.

Arundo Mauri – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing with itching nostrils.

Arundo Mauri is a homeopathic medicine used in cases where sneezing is accompanied by itching in the nostrils. Itching at the roof of the mouth may also be noted. Other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine include a burning sensation in nostrils, pain at the root of nose and loss of smell. Sneezing with coryza, with a watery discharge that turns greenish, is another characteristic symptom that calls for the use of this medicine.

Euphrasia Officinalis – Homeopathic medicine for sneezing with watery, itchy eyes.

Euphrasia Officinalis is a homeopathic medicine used in cases where watery, itchy eyes accompany sneezing. Other symptoms that indicate the need for this medicine include burning sensation, swelling, and redness in eyes, non-irritating nasal discharges, fluent coryza during daytime and obstruction of nasal cavity at night. The nose may also be sensitive to touch.

What are the causes of sneezing?

The causes of sneezing are variable. One major cause is a nasal allergy, also known as allergic rhinitis/hay fever. The most common allergens in case of allergic rhinitis are pollens, dust mites, molds, and dander.
Other causes of sneezing include influenza, inhalation of dust or cold air, exposure to air pollution, consumption of spicy food, certain medicines and use of corticosteroid nasal spray.

What other symptoms accompany sneezing?

There are certain symptoms associated with sneezing, and these vary from case to case. They include coryza, nasal blockage, and itchy, watery eyes. In some cases, conditions like a sore throat, headache and fever may also appear.


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  1. Pardeep Pushpendra (Mob 97111 62640) says:

    *सुबह सुबह तेज छींके आती हैं, नाक से पानी भी आता है। नाक से साँस लेने में दिक्कत आती है।
    *तेज छींकों के साथ आँखों से पानी भी आता है ।
    *एसी, कूलर व ठंड के मौसम में ये लक्षण और तेज हो जाते हैं। साधारण मौसम में भी ये लक्षण होते हैं पर कम होते हैं।
    *ये सभी लक्षण सुबह बहुत तेज होते हैं। और सुबह, दोपहर व रात्रि में भोजन के समय भी परेशान करते हैं।

    *जरा सा व्यायाम करने या चलने पर साँस फूलने लगती है व थकान हो जाती है

  2. Ayush Lahari says:

    Feeling sneezing and running nose on everyday morning mainly in rainy and cold season. Sometime blood also coming through nose along with nasal secretions. This happens if this continues for long time. Also allergic to mosquito repellents.

  3. Hemaprabhavathi venkatesan says:

    My husband 40yeas old,for the past 7years suffering from nosil allergy and breathing trouble. Jelly saliva comes out from nose and throat with bad smell. He fells very tired, has headache and can’t able to sleep. When he do nosil wash he feel little better.

  4. Hello doctor,

    I have a daughter who is 7 years old, from past 3 to 4 months started to have early morning sneezing whenever she gets up in morning, she gets sneezing back to back (10 to 15 sneeze continuous) and white discharge after couple of mins she will be fine and for the whole day she will be fine with out any further issue. At present giving sabadila 0 ch morning and night 10 drops, have not seen drastic changes or completely reduce the symptoms but yes sometimes the number of sneeze has been reduced when compared to before without starting any medicine. Could you please suggest any other alternate medicine or can we continue sabadila by increasing the potency.

    Sunil om


    Nicely described by you sirjee. Good. Keep it up.

  6. Vicki Capstaff says:

    My cats have runny eyes and sneezing. I’ve tried the uri nosode, didn’t help.

  7. Dinabandhu Mohapatra says:

    I get upper that itching, continuous running nose and sneezing during early morning disturbing my sleep. Ac and cold air from fan aggravates. Old dusts,Change from hot to cold and vice versa triggers. Also evening time watery yes with itching . Tried Arsenic and salt water gurgling but not much relief.
    I am 61 and dies almost daily morning walk etc.
    Pl advise.
    Thanks and regards

  8. Elizabeth Fink says:

    HI I am bewildered by my dogs sneezing lately. Vet can find nothing wrong says inhaled irritants dust etc. It started with my younger dog lasted a week and went away. Just intermittent annonying sneezing clear nasal discharge. Now my 2 older dogs are doing this Veternarian checked said again probably irritants as there are no other symptoms. BTW my dogs live inside except to play during the day under our care in our backyard so we are always watching them and the yard is not wooded etc My one is now on day 6 the other is similarly following although not as bad. It does seem to be worse when they get up from napping or sleeping.They are eating and generally seem well in all respects except for this. BUT it did start with the younger dog and followed with these 2…I am bewildered as to what remedy to give at this point. I started with aconite not knowing…later with a few doses of arsenicum not seeing a real difference. I know when you hit on the right remedy with pets they work as with humans as well. Thank you if you can be of help 🙂

  9. Jyotirmay Chanda says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma
    I am suffering from Sneezing for 2 years. Symptoms: (1) Randoms Sneezing (2) When Sneezing then start Headache. (3) When Sneezing then start water come from eye.
    Please inform me the particular medicine for me.
    Jyotirmay Chnanda
    Mob/Imo/Wechat: 00-88-01817068713

    Symptoms are as follows: (1) Randoms Sneezing

  10. Anurag Tripathi says:

    Please help me,
    My sneezing starts as soon as I get in touch with hot or cold air.
    I am talking Natrum Mur 6x biochemic from last four months.
    But I have not get relief till now.
    Please sugges.

  11. Priyanka says:

    Hello Dr, I have sensitive nose. During this weather not Rainy season I sneeze every morning and nowadays bits anytime of the day. At this time my nose gets blocked and dry. Even when cooler is on I sneeze.
    What is the sneezing like? And what homeopathy I should take for same. Im 38 years old. Please guide me

  12. Priyanka says:

    Hello Dr, I have sensitive nose. During this weather not Rainy season I sneeze every morning and nowadays bits anytime of the day. At this time my nose gets blocked and dry. Even when cooler is on I sneeze.
    What is the sneezing like? And what homeopathy I should take for same.

  13. Jayaprakash says:

    My granddaughter is 3 year old. She has continuous sneezing for more than a month. She has not got any fever or cold or any other covid symptoms. Please advise what homeo medicine can be prescribed to her.

  14. Morning sneezing…..itching in nose… dustallergy …..3 year ago …..starting……

  15. 5-6years old baby.. Sneezing for cold can u suggest medicine

  16. Prashant kumar says:

    My name is Prashant Kumar
    I am suffering from allergic rhinitis for last 5 years my allergy is seasonal during march- April and August- November along with symptoms of asthma
    Now my ears have some itching and sound like cracking .
    Please give me some medical help

  17. Nirmal Pramanik says:

    My child is 2yrs 7months.He sufer from sneeze at first morning and first evening. Which medicine use for cause.

  18. Anjali Thakur says:

    Hi..My daughter have started with sneezing the whole day with some intervals…n Normally she develops cold n then severe cough..she is 10 years old..what homeopathic medicine can i give her…she is allergic to weather changes..Thanku

  19. Akanksha says:

    Gdaftenoon ma’am,ma’am I hv been suffering from sneezing allergy from past three years.wenever I TK medicine,i,’ll b fine.It happens in every season.

  20. Pankaj chauahn says:

    My name is pankaj chauhan and I am suffering from sneezing runny nose and watery and itching eyes allergies, this type of allergy is always rise in this period april to june, please advise the medicine for this allergic problem.

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