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4 Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering  

Stammering is a speech disorder. In stammering, normal fluency of speech is disrupted.  The disruption of speech may arise in various forms. Mainly disruption of speech arises in the form of repetition of certain words, prolongation/extension of certain words/syllables, or silent pauses in between speech. Stammering is very common among children and arises when the speech ability is not properly developed. In most children, the issue of stammering goes away on its own though sometimes stammering persists in adulthood. Stammering may severely affect the emotional state of a person. It may lead to associated stress, anxiety, feeling ashamed in social communication. Homeopathic medicines for stammering help treat the problem naturally.  homeopathic medicines for stammering

Causes of Stammering

Stammering seems to run in families. Men are more likely to have a stammering problem as compared to women. Trauma or brain injury may also lead to stammering.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering

The Homeopathy system provides a very effective and safe treatment for stammering. In fact, Homeopathy is known to have a range of natural medicines that are highly effective in bringing about good recovery in stammering cases. There is, however, no one medicine universally applicable to all stammering cases. The appropriate medicine is selected based on individual case study. The earlier treatment for stammering is started, the higher the chances of good recovery. Stramonium and Lachesis, Lycopodium,  Spigelia, Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria are the top homeopathic medicines for stammering.

1. Stramonium and Lachesis – Top Grade Medicine for Stammering

Stramonium and Lachesis are top grade medicines for stammering. Stramonium works best in stammering cases when a person has to exert strain for a long time before a word is uttered. Lachesis is another on the list of wonderful medicines for stammering. Lachesis is well indicated when a person stammers over certain specific letters while speaking.

2. Lycopodium

Lycopodium is one of the most effective medicines for stammering and shows remarkable results where a person stammers while speaking out the last words of a sentence. Apart from stammering, Lycopodium is also greatly helpful for persons with a weak memory, indistinct sleep, lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem. Fear of public speaking may also prevail among persons in need of Lycopodium.

3. Spigelia

Spigelia is yet another reliable prescription among Homeopathy medicines for stammering. The characteristic indication for use of Spigelia is stammering on the first few words of a sentence followed by normal, clear, uninterrupted speech. A person who needs prescribing Spigelia repeats the first syllable around three to four times before he can go on to the next part of the sentence.

4. Causticum, Lac Caninum, Staphysagria

Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria rate among the best Homeopathy medicines for stammering. Causticum is well indicated in cases where stammering is noticed when a person is mentally or emotionally excited. Lac Caninum is the most appropriate among Homeopathy medicines for stammering to prescribe where a person starts to stammer when he talks fast. Staphysagria has shown remarkable results in cases where stammering appears while talking to strangers.

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  1. Mujhe kisi se baat karne mai bahut sharm ati h iska karan h haklana

  2. Sir my sun is Setamuring problam please tell me medicine

  3. Nigam kumar says:

    नमस्कार में
    निगम कुमार
    सर में हकलाता हो इसके ठीक करने के लिए
    कोई दवाई बताए

    • Pavan sharma says:

      डाक्टर साहब मेरी उम्र ३० वर्ष है मैं बचपन से हकलाता हूं । क्या मेरी हकलाहट दूर हो सकती है कृपया बताए।

  4. Mohammadullah Mohammadullah says:

    हमारी बेटी ७साल की है साफ पढ़ नहीं पाती है

  5. Portia mutuswa says:

    Hi I need help at first I speak properly at the same time I start to stammer I dont know why

  6. MOHIT DANGI says:

    हेलो डॉ शर्मा जी मुझे बोलने की इच्छा होती है लेकिन में बोलने में घबरा जाता हूँ. में जब नया शब्द बोलता हूँ तो ज्यादा हकलाता हूँ.. या नये व्यक्ति से मिलने में ज्यादा हकलाता हूँ.. क्या ये होम्योपैथिक दवाएं इसके लिए उपयोगी है.. प्लीस suggest करिये mob. 7247463495

  7. Ramlakhan says:

    हेलो डॉ. शर्मा मेरा नाम रामलखन है मेरी उम्र 21वर्ष है।
    मेरे को बचपन से बोलने में प्रॉबलम होती है
    मैं जब भी कुछ बोलना चाहता हूं या बोलता हूं
    तो मेरी जुबान लड़खड़ाती है मैं जब भी कुछ बोलता हूं तो
    मेरी जुबान लड़खड़ाने की वजह से मेरी आवाज साफ नहीं निकलती है
    इसकी वजह से हमको बोलने में सरमिंदगी महसूस करनी पड़ती है।
    प्लीज डॉक्टर हेल्प कर दो कोई उपाय या मेडिकल सलाह बताइए
    मैं बहुत परेशान हूं । डॉक्टर प्लीज।

  8. Plz help

  9. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 37 years old male facing stammering issue when i am stress or try to speak urgently

  10. Syed Salman says:

    hello Dr Sharmaaa Mera nam Syed Salman hai . mera age 23 years mein hai mujhe stammer hai yani jab mein bolta hon tu haklata hon . mujhe homeopathic ka koi acha sa medicine recommend kare ,

    Thank you

  11. Dr Nasir Awan says:

    میرے بیٹے کو ہکلانے کا پرابلم ہو گیا ہے پہلے بلکل ٹھیک تھا دو تین دفع لگاتار ٹائفائیڈ ہوا اس کے بعد یہ شروع ہوا اب زیادہ ہو گیا ہے اس کے بارے میں گائیڈ کر دیں آ پ کا احسان ہو گا شکریہ

  12. Rajdeep kaur says:

    Hi doctor mai student huu pte kiii muje speech mein problem aari hai jbb passage ko read krna hota hai to starting main problem hoti ha but baad mein bilkul shi read kr leti huuu…. Plz solution btaye.

  13. Shubham Upadhyay says:

    Hello iam shubham Upadhyay, 25 y/o Male
    I have stammering issues since childhood, in runs in my family
    Long back k consulted a speech therapist, she prescribed me stramonium (not sure about power, i believe it was 200)
    I am thinking to consume stramonium again, i have made it in form of pills

    Now my humble question is that how many pills i have to consume. To the best of my knowledge, earlier speech therapist asked me to take 4 pills

    Could you plz recommend me how to consume stramonium 200

  14. Sandeep Kumar says:

    डॉक्टर नमस्कार मेरा बेटा हकलआता है किसी शब्द को बोलने के लिए उसे काफी जोर लगाना पड़ता है कई बार बोल भी नहीं पाता है आपसे अनुरोध है आप उचित दवाई बताएं आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद

    • ritika nigam says:

      Mera beta haklata hai use bhi bolne mein bolney mein kaafi problem hoti hai,,,,,taakat lagani padti hai…koi upay bataye ..10 yrs ka beta hai mera….

  15. Kashif mehmood says:

    My child stammering some word for example no (nahi) and it (ye)

  16. Rahul Patil says:

    I have 33 age problem with r pronounce please tell me effective solution

  17. Erum Manzoor says:

    My son 13 years old before two years he has stimming
    No result of speech therapy kindly give medical advice

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