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4 Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering  

Stammering is a speech disorder. In stammering, normal fluency of speech is disrupted.  The disruption of speech may arise in various forms. Mainly disruption of speech arises in the form of repetition of certain words, prolongation/extension of certain words/syllables, or silent pauses in between speech. Stammering is very common among children and arises when the speech ability is not properly developed. In most children, the issue of stammering goes away on its own though sometimes stammering persists in adulthood. Stammering may severely affect the emotional state of a person. It may lead to associated stress, anxiety, feeling ashamed in social communication. Homeopathic medicines for stammering help treat the problem naturally.  homeopathic medicines for stammering

Causes of Stammering

Stammering seems to run in families. Men are more likely to have a stammering problem as compared to women. Trauma or brain injury may also lead to stammering.

Homeopathic Medicines for Stammering

The Homeopathy system provides a very effective and safe treatment for stammering. In fact, Homeopathy is known to have a range of natural medicines that are highly effective in bringing about good recovery in stammering cases. There is, however, no one medicine universally applicable to all stammering cases. The appropriate medicine is selected based on individual case study. The earlier treatment for stammering is started, the higher the chances of good recovery. Stramonium and Lachesis, Lycopodium,  Spigelia, Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria are the top homeopathic medicines for stammering.

1. Stramonium and Lachesis – Top Grade Medicine for Stammering

Stramonium and Lachesis are top grade medicines for stammering. Stramonium works best in stammering cases when a person has to exert strain for a long time before a word is uttered. Lachesis is another on the list of wonderful medicines for stammering. Lachesis is well indicated when a person stammers over certain specific letters while speaking.

2. Lycopodium

Lycopodium is one of the most effective medicines for stammering and shows remarkable results where a person stammers while speaking out the last words of a sentence. Apart from stammering, Lycopodium is also greatly helpful for persons with a weak memory, indistinct sleep, lack of self-confidence and poor self-esteem. Fear of public speaking may also prevail among persons in need of Lycopodium.

3. Spigelia

Spigelia is yet another reliable prescription among Homeopathy medicines for stammering. The characteristic indication for use of Spigelia is stammering on the first few words of a sentence followed by normal, clear, uninterrupted speech. A person who needs prescribing Spigelia repeats the first syllable around three to four times before he can go on to the next part of the sentence.

4. Causticum, Lac Caninum, Staphysagria

Causticum, Lac Caninum and Staphysagria rate among the best Homeopathy medicines for stammering. Causticum is well indicated in cases where stammering is noticed when a person is mentally or emotionally excited. Lac Caninum is the most appropriate among Homeopathy medicines for stammering to prescribe where a person starts to stammer when he talks fast. Staphysagria has shown remarkable results in cases where stammering appears while talking to strangers.

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  1. I am 36 years old and have stammering problem. I stammer in certain words like introducing myself and speaking to group of people i feel so much anxiety and have fear and i stammer a lot. i have used stramonuim but my problem of stammering is not solved. Please suggest me any medicine.

  2. ABHAY KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,
    My 5 yrs old boy stammers in the recent 4-5 months.
    Though initially he spoke clear, without any interruption. He stammered in starting the sentence with few words repeatedly using. His face shows pressure while delivering few words especially words starting with vowels .( In Hindi a, aa, e, uh ,eih ,etc)

    Plz suggest

  3. Hello sir I am 23 years old I speak fast from my childhood I am trying to speak slow but I am unable to do .If I prepare my mind before telling anything den I can speak clearly . I am very much hurried in talking. People tell dey don’t understand wat I say,I have repeat once again wat I told,plz tell me what to do

  4. prashant says:

    heyy i have stammering problem can you tell me how can i relief ?? because i always feeling sad…


    My son aged 6 years having stammering problem from last 2 years without illness.At present it is increasing badly.How can he relief from it?

  6. Prashant says:

    Hello mam,
    I m Prashant ,20 years old pursuing .I have stammering problem since I was born but in early age it will not as much as that now. It is due to my childhood friend also suffering from this disorder very much even he can’t be able to speak some words ….but mam now as I attended seminars and make presentation i will get more enxiety and stress in front of audience so I m unable to leave my good impression ….that’s why I feel unconfident plzzz help me out ma’am to overcome this fear…

    • kundan kumar says:

      Sir/madam , please let me know i have a problem in pronouncing r word , what is the medicine for the same .
      I have practiced a lot to speak but seem no effect .
      Please guide any homeopathic medicine

  7. anoop rawal says:

    dear sir,
    this is for my son . he is 13 years old. he is heaving problem of stammering.
    when he was 4 years old he had fever after that problem occur.
    which medicine i can use.
    kindly suggest
    anoop rawal
    kota (raj.)

  8. Sir my name is Vishal. I m 27 years old. I fear when I have to talk in telephone and public speaking. Which medicine of homeopathy should I use

  9. Raju S Sannagoudra says:

    Sir are you shimogga live.
    I am a stammering problem in 6 years but suddenly speech air block. I am not speak please solution sir
    In the sick problem of my study. I am mcom join regularally seminor some times stammering please help sir

  10. Satyanarayana says:

    I am stammering problem

  11. Jayden Dias says:

    Hi my son is 4 years old he sum times stop while speaking.he is having trouble pronouncing hiswords. Can you please advice me what best can be done.

  12. Zeeshan Haider says:

    I am adult and I have stutter problem, please suggest me suitable medicine!

  13. Dear sir
    my name is anoop chopde i stay in belgaum karnataka i have stammering proble at the age of 6 before it was better i sufdfered due to tyfoid from that day till now i am stammering my age is 32 male please sugest some medicine i have taken causticum and stamonium but did not worked

  14. Ajayi Nifemi Titilayo says:

    Hi Dr Sharma, I’m suffering from stammering and I am a law student. Please help me

  15. Savan Kumar says:

    Is there really a treatment to get rid off this stammering? Whether this case can be solved by medicines? Or any therapies required?
    Please help me to get out off this

  16. Respected sir,
    I have stammering issue form child normal conditions I rarely stammer but I when I speck in public I started stammering.and my confidence level is zero.. please tell me best medicine to improve my stammering.. please 🙏🙏

    • I am not doctor..but have much idea about homeopathy… consult to doctor before taking remedy
      if this problem belongs to your mind symptoms perfectly then go for 200ch or 1m directly..
      stramonium, lyco , rescue remedy 30, cuasticum,
      hyoscyamus, kali phos6x, staphysagria…firstly find the actual and deep cause of stammering..i.e. why stammering is happening..
      1. due to anxiety and stress
      2. genetically(use stramonium 30)
      3. in case of stage fright and social phobia
      4. insult in past..results in lost of your confidence
      5. lack of nerve power(use kali phos)
      NOTE:- i have also been suffering from stammering since childhood but..i have all above symptoms in my mind so i unable to choose one perfect remedy..
      i have seen so many videos recently…but unable to chose one perfect remedy..that’s all i have

  17. Hello Sir,i am a young boy of 21 years.when i am alone,i can speak fluently but when i speak to my friends and famiky members i always stammer.i try to take my time but still the same.Even because of that i don’t communicate with anyone.Please Sir,i need you to help me so that i can recover and speak well and fluently to my friends and family. Thank You

  18. Sudip Kumar Jana says:

    I can speak fluently when I am alone. I can speak quite well when I am in front of family members and friends. But the stammering increases when I speak with unknown persons or do public speaking or do extempore. The stammering started at the age of 10 and now my age is 32. I think I know the cause of my stammering. My mother used to frighten me sometimes at the age of 10 and from then my stammering started.

  19. vipin kumar singh says:

    Namste sir
    sir i m vipin kumar singh, sir my problem is stammering please help me for my future. my contect no 8077277825 please sir help me.

    thanking you

  20. Suneel Kumar patel says:

    Sir, my 2 year old daughter suddenly started stammering from second week of July, 2018. She is stammering on first word of a sentence. Please suggest me some medicines. Regards.

  21. Sara Khan says:

    I have stammering issue form child hood …
    In normal conditions I rarely stammer ..but I when I speak in public ..kindly heple

  22. Dear sir
    I have h stramming since chilhood
    Kindly help me

  23. Mustaque Ahmed says:


    My 5 years old child often stammers.He stammers for the last 1 years
    Kindly prescribe some medicine.

    Guwahati Assam

  24. himanshu says:

    Dear Sir, I have a stammering issues since from childhood and now it’s became obstacles in my personal as well as professional life.

    Please suggest approiate remedy.

    • Ammarah Rehman says:

      Kindly recommend homeopathic medicine for my 12 year old son who often stammers. He speaks better when I ask him to slow down while sometimes it’s worse. He has to exert alot of effort in saying certain words n ends up stuttering on them. Kindly help.

    • Dear Sir, I have stammering problem issue simce my I,m 29 years becomes very high when I talk to strangers and in public places,or among many people.sir please suggest some best medicine for me because it becomes a great hurdle in my future career.

  25. Hello Doctor , I have a severe stammering problem while having Telephonic conversation , Talking to strangers , Problem in starting a sentence And when I talk I become overconcious and my tongue have a tendency to stick to my upper teeth ( Jaw) . Can I have Homeopathy Treatment . I am 52 years .

  26. Ashish Choudhary says:

    I’m 23 years old. I’m doing stammering more.
    Please finish my stammering sir.. I want a job please sir

  27. Avinash kumar says:

    Sir I am a stammering patient.sir mujhe bolne me pareshani hoti hai.Main apna naam bhi ruk kar hi bolta hu.Mujhe a,aa se lekar ang tak in sabhi se suru hue words bolne me pareshani hoti hai.Please help me sir.

  28. Jaget Babu N R says:

    Treatment for stammering

    I have suffered from stammering all my life and have tried different treatments. Complete cure has not resulted. I am now sixty years of age. I would like try homeopathy in my case of stammering.

    Pronouncing initial sounds like GHA KA, TA THA GOO ARE DIFFICULT.

    Could you prescribe homeopathic medicines to treat my stammering?

  29. Sar i am 24 year age old i am very too much stammering and my confidence label is zero please tell some medicine to improve my confidential says:

    I am stammer for long time and my age is 24 and I am very sadness and my confidence level is zero please tell me best medicine to improve my stammering

  30. mminaab David says:

    please am stummering too much please help me with your medicine, will I get some in pharmacy and buy am 18 years old

  31. Sumam Mali says:

    Sir…i m 28yrs aged woman and even my brother aged 26yrs….we both are having stammering problem from childhood
    Plzz suggest us with a good medicine…so that we can get rid of a problm

    Requesting u sir

    • Monirul Hassan Bhuyan says:

      Sir I am 24 yrs old guy…. I have stammering problem from childhood…. Basically when I talk to strangers it causes more problems… When I try to tell any important topic to anyone that tym I get the problem highly… Basically I stammer in the beginning of some words which start with M B V G D T N…

  32. Sanjeev lunar says:

    Sir, my 5 year old son had started stammering since one month. Initially it was only on certain words but now on every word he stammer.the problem getting worse day by day.

    Just one month back he was completely ok on speaking.

    Please suggest me what to do?

  33. Hlo sir,I am vijay.I have the problem of stammering since 5 years.But these days this problem increasing much.Please help me to overcome from this diseases.

  34. Bidyut Barman says:

    I am bidyut barman form sector 125, Noida. I am 32 yrs old. i have stammering problem since my childhood. I cant speak properly. I cant pronounce some words properly and several repetition and pauses occurs between speech. Want homeopathy treatment . My ph no 9717126531

  35. surajit halder says:

    good morning sir this is Surajit from kolkata,my stammering is not my in born,i suffered from fever when i was 6 years old,after cure from that suddenly my mother notice that when i talk to her little bit problem that is stammering. till now i suffered .
    so dr.prescribed to take stramonium 200 15 doseg in empty stomack

    is it help full or not,u can suggest me home remidies to solve it

  36. Alaa sabeeh says:

    I am a doctor and i have stutterng since childhood
    My stuttering is more when i am anxious, in the beganing of some wards, and in social events
    I would like to know if there are any homeopathy medicines that might help me

  37. Atiqur Rahman says:

    I have been practicing homeopathy for several years. Recently I have got two patients having some problems while talking.
    Could you please help me deciding the correct medicine?
    One patient has problem finding right expression (sometiems right words) when he is mentally excited.
    Another patients choice of words is inappropriate. For example, once she said, ‘You don’t understand the value of it.’ When cross-questioned it turned out that she actually meant to say, ‘You don’t know how to do it.’
    I’d be ever grateful to you if you’d suggest some medicines for the patients.

  38. Hi Sharma,
    My self Harman , 23 years suffering from stammering since my getting more this when some confuse and fill of mind with noise like feeling like heavy wait in mind, then I loosed the coordination between mind and speech organas.please suggest best medicine for this problem.

    Thanking you!

  39. Ravindra says:

    Hi Sharma,
    My self Ravindra, 23 years suffering from stammering since my getting more this when some confuse and fill of mind with noise like feeling like heavy wait in mind, then I loosed the coordination between mind and speech organas.please suggest best medicine for this problem.

    Thanking you!

  40. Kushal Khajuria says:

    I am suffering from stammering…
    Koi treatment

  41. Shivam kapoir says:

    I am a stampering problem plse tell me to take your dose

  42. Sushant verma says:

    Sir i am staemmer please tell me…. To take medicine

  43. Hi,

    My son is 3 1/2 years old. He stutters severely. Are you able to help us?

  44. Kamal joram says:

    I am 22 old and my stammer staring after 14 age pls give Me Homoeopathic medicine…

  45. Ashish Pathak says:

    am age is 36 I stammer when speaking …kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine to cure stammaring

  46. Sir I am 30 year old female.i can not pronounce word properly like Ra, la,da,ta etc please suggest me..what to do.

  47. I am age is 16+.. I stammer when speaking …kindly suggest me homeopathy medicine to cure stammaring

    • Garnet yoram. says:

      I have been stammering since childhood,is there any medicine I can use to stop that problem?

  48. isah abdullahi says:

    i’ve stammering four years ago and sometimes it’s normally use to go and when saying important issues or speaking in public it use to disturb me

  49. Dear Dr. Sharma,

    i have problem of stammering or lack of confidence and always fear in mind to able to speak or not when ever i go for interview or meet new person . My age is 41 years and Have dome master in computer application till now did not able to get job because of stammering .when i speak in front of mirror or talk with my known persons at that time i am ok .mostly i stammered when someone asked from me then i will start like’aaaaaa’ and complete words .please sir,suggest medicine
    thanks a lot

  50. Biswajit Barman says:

    Biswajit Barman, age – 28, male, stuttering from teenagers, had a bad habit of masturbation in teenagers period,

    1. Sometimes feel ache in chest while speaking.
    2. Feel that there is a lack of energy/body power.
    3. Stuttering seems on few syllables.
    4. Problems more than on initial letters of words in a sentence.
    5. Issue seen in normal or loud voice but no issue in slow and low voice.
    6. No issue in musical pattern speaking.

  51. hello
    what dosage would you recommend for a child under five for stuttering?
    – exerting strain, stammering of certain letters and repetition of first syllable

  52. G.Mustafa says:

    Sir my son have 6 yers old.plez adviced me

    Im weting

  53. Dear Sir
    I have been sufferig from stamerring for about 30 years. It occars when i delever speech, speak fast, go through under pressure or tension or anxity. This problem remains comperatively small scale when i speak slow and am in tension free mood. Pls help me. Is it totally cureable?




  55. Dear doctor
    I am amit singh suffering from stammring back before 15 years plz give me suitable medicine

    Age – 22year old

  56. Kavindra kumar says:

    My son is streeming start when he goes std ii and continue streeming how cure this

  57. Nikhil Gupta says:

    Dear Dr. Sharma,

    Greetings !!

    I have a stammer problem. I have searched about medicines to cure stammer on Internet and came to know about SPIGELIA. But there are many versions of this medicine are available and I am not sure about the correct one.

    Please help in advising, will it be the correct medicine for me? If yes, then what version should I buy and what will be the dose?

    Awaiting your revert.

    Nikhil Gupta

  58. Gajesh Tiwari says:

    My self Gajesh Tiwari , am suffering from social anxiety , when ever I go for public speech on stage or my office meeting with AVP or VP person , my heart beat increases many times I do not able to speak what they are asking to me , sometimes I forget branch manager name with him I am working . I feel shy talking with stranger and post my photo on facebook, I always fear from criticism . If any person insult me, I feel irritated much become upset, do not want to talk with them, suggest me homeopathic medicine for me.

  59. Morning doctor my name is Christian my child is 5 years old bt she cant speak clearly very time she try to talk she stop and talk after same time i think she want to say something bt she cant pronouns the word

  60. Biswajit Barman says:

    Respected Sir, Myself Biswajit Barman, age 27. I have been stammering from 14 years age. I stammer on few specific syllable like a, b, d, e, k, l, n, p, r, s, t, u, z etc. No stammer while singing and speaking in low voice and getting excited. Please prescribe a suitable medicine for me so that my stammering is gone for ever. I shall be grateful to you for ever.

  61. I am stammering still.please give me some instructions in which I can cure age is 14

  62. Rameez Raja says:

    Sir i am suffering in stammering
    Who is mediscine for stammering
    Please help me

  63. Sir when i start talking with some word like ch t etc i feel strange due to stammering plz suggest me which homeopathy medicine suitable for me plz suggest me sir

  64. Mam please can you help me to get rid of stammering completely if there is any solution please mail me

  65. My son is 7years six months but he doesn’t speaks as per his age though his voice is very clear & can pronounce all difficult words easily like elephant trumpets, octopus etc. He only speaks those things which he wants like chocolates, toys etc He can’t do conversation or respond to question…does not answer a in yes or no even….who , why ,Where, how he can’t answer. Gave him stromonium 30, canthris 30, hyosacymus 30, nux moschata 30 for 1 year but still he doesn’t speaks as per his age .He is ADHD doesn’t sits still but remember his studies but doesn’t wants to sit & write. Please Help .

  66. Sir,
    Iam a stammer Iam suffering from stammring from few years.when I want to talks a man I feelings some problems.Iam unable to talks another men.I Read in class 11 in commerce stream. When our sir asked a question I know the answer but I don’t tell because Iam unable to tell these answers. So, I request you please help me sir.plz

  67. kalyankumar says:

    gdevng sir my name is kalyankumar im from kamareddy age is 24 im suffering form stammering since cant speak clearly and fluently when i was started to speak the first words are not comming into my mouth like ka,sa,lie,pa,de,na,cha etc…im completed MBA i couldnt speak properly i will not getting job because of problem.. please suggest me that is there any medicine for stammering in homeopathy and what is the duration required for cure.

  68. My name is Pranab Deb my age is 36. I have a problem of stammering. It is very sad back for me. I have been lost my confidence level for stammering. How I cure my stammering please tell.

  69. Hello sir,I am Sai Krishna age 22….. suffering from stammering since childhood……since last 5 years stammering has increased…..I can’t speak fluently….. stammering has increased more….is there any cure for this???

  70. Prajwal B C says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am 20 years old suffering from stammering from past 15 years, I couldn’t communicate properly in college or any public places. Due to this I stopped talking to another. please suggest me that is there any medicine for stammering in homeopathy and what is the duration required for cure.

    • Hi sir my name is Balaji I am 29 years old I stammering problem please give me h********** medicines please give me sir

  71. JENY GAYDAROVA says:

    Hello, Doctor.
    My son is 6 years old and starts stammering from last 2 years while talking. His father stammers little, while he is exited. My son has period with extrimely bad stummering…he coud not start the words. I see on his face that he realy struggle to start talking… than he said- Mummy, I cant say it..He is very emotional kid, loving to make most of the things slowly. He does not accept that he makes mistake sometime, even advice to do something better and gets upset very often/ every day/, cryes a lot for everything… Please help us…

  72. Hello Doctor,
    My son 17 years old, starts stammering from last 4 years while talking. in childhood he never does stammering. we shifted to pondichery in 2014 then only he start stammering. He stammers in between the sentences.
    His second problem is he sweats a lot from his child hood, I used to treat through homeopathy but after coming to pondichery, the treatment stopped
    Can you please help me for these two problem.

  73. Hello sir,

    I am 35 yrs old having stammering from past 20 years, mainly starting problem. Will it get cure through homeopathy.

  74. AMBIKA BHAT says:

    hello sir i am a college going student and sometimes my stammering problem increases day by day. i am facing many problems. it becomes very difficult to communicate. please suggest me something that can cure my disorder

  75. Krishna kumar says:

    Dear Dr Sharma

    My name is krishna kumar aged 52. I work in a call centre. When i take call i start stammering. Kindly advice.

  76. Muhammad shad Nabi Khan says:

    Hello sir I am facing this problem since childhood my mother says when was start speaking u stammer so now I am 29+ male plz suggest me some thing

  77. atanu bhattacharjee says:

    Meri beti sare chaar saal ki he.usse ek saal se stammering ki problem he. Usse pehele wo bilkul saaf baat karti help me sir.

  78. Hi Dr Sharma

    My son has been stuttering since he was 4 years old. He is 8 years old and we have been taking his to speech therapy for the past 3 years but we haven’t noticed a major improvement.

    He seems to be stuttering on words that particular letter or vowel. (A, M, R, I, E, S) he pronounces the first letter for few seconds before he can say the word.

    Please let me know which medication you would recommend and what dosage for 8 year old.

    Looking forward to your quick reply.


  79. Bhavesh Bhardwaj says:

    Hello sir,my son is sufferin from stammering from kat 4 years .and hus case is episodic. Some times fully recovered n after some it guess worst in child hood he was suffering from runny nose n he has swelling in his
    asal passage. Sir is it curable .pls help me out

  80. ABHIJIT NASKAR says:

    I am suffering from stammering for more than 10 i’m 23+ .But still this problem haunted me a lot.. My symptoms are- 1) certain letters which start a word such as-R,M,N,L,K,A,S,D,B,& so on..whenever this r comes i lack my confidence & pronounce for several times but still no pronounce it properly & that time my eyes were blinking so much…
    2) Fear of public speaking
    3)Repeats the first letter for several times before going to the 2nd word.
    3)while talking for the first time to the strangers..
    please giveme tge suggestion that how can i revive myself from this diseaster which haunted me alltime in my life please give me tips ..please please…

  81. My son age 3 he suddenly start stammering one week ago he repeat first word three to four times and he take long time to complete the sentence… Before that he was ok. Plz suggest something good for him. Thanks

  82. Sir I’m Vivek my age is 20 year I have stammering problem from childhood, please sir sloved my problems .

  83. sir , i am akash , my age is 23rd i have stammering problem from childhood but no solved my problem because my family no care my stammering problem so you are the one you can be solve my problem. my problem ka and ga word only . i talk another person then ka word diffrent pronoun sa ya fa and ga pronoun is da pls sir my problem solve from medicines pls tell me helpful medicines name

  84. Vijay singh chauhan says:

    Hi dr,
    I have a stammering problem since childhood .
    I have did many treatments to over come fom it .however not yet cure .
    Do u have any medicne to cure stammering.

  85. Muhammad Atif says:

    I am 37 yeras old. I have problem in speaking difficult words and reciting Quran Majeed and when i talk somebody on phone. This problem was occur 12 years ago.

  86. Shivam pandey says:

    Sir I am shivam suffering from stammering since last 16 years .and I am 19 year old. Please help me give some indications and help me sir

  87. sir I am suffering from stammering since last 30 years .please helps me.

  88. Dr.,
    My son 3 years old stsrted stammering all of a sudden in morning. He was fluent earlier. We shifted to new house 20 days ago. One day in morning we got his sdmission done in school and same day he was given typhoid vaccine. Next day in morning he started stammering. We have stammering in family. My father in law stays with us is a big stammer. Me , my wife used to stammer when child.Now ok.
    My son shown difficulty in letter A prolongation in letter A. Now i see all vowels dounds e,a,i,o,u getting effected.To say Office he stucks at AUW sound for 5-10 seconds.
    Please advise

  89. sir I am suffering from stammering since last 25 years .please helps me.

  90. Haingeulungbe Newme says:

    My son w is 10yrs had stamering lip since last one Year, til 8yrs he was ok but now he can’t speak fluent ly , and thought he the sentence and words he use to uttered words very very disorderly, PL suggest medicines name

  91. Vivek verma says:

    Sir mai 20 year ka hu mujhe stammering ki dikkt hai ,sir please koi treatment btaye ?

  92. jeeban jaya parida says:

    Sir i am jeeban from odisha . I am suffering stuttering since last 4 year . Sir i am stutter at perticular word like pa ,ka,da,ta and a big pause while starts speaking

  93. Hello, Dr. Sharma,
    I write to you regarding my son, who is now 6 1/2 years old. He is the youngest of our children and very attached to us. By nature, he is also extremely sensitive.
    A year ago, my husband and I traveled abroad and left our children with their aunt and uncle, whom they are very close with. When speaking with our children during our travel, we understood that our youngest son was having a difficult time, emotionally, with our being away.
    When we returned, we faced a child who could hardly get words out of his mouth. He would barely start a sentence, and simply get stuck.
    We took advice with his doctor, who suggested to wait a little before doing anything drastic, and indeed, shortly thereafter, his speech began to normalize. We do notice though, that he has little hesitations in his speech, and the first syllable is often repeated.
    It seems to be more pronounced recently.
    We have given him homeopathic treatment in the past (stramonium), and it seemed to have a positive effect, but we need to help our son further. I understand there are a variety of treatments available- what would you suggest for our son, taking his emotional state into account? It is obvious that his stuttering is emotionally based.
    Thank you very much.
    What dosages? Any side effects?

  94. Sir,I stammer from childhood.when I am excited,or when someone ask me something in public or phone.I just can’t speak .please help me and tell me right medicine.and dose to I will get rid of it .I am married and has to face so much embarrassed.I can’t talk to my husband Clint’s ,I can’t help him in his work.So please tell me the medicine please.

  95. amar babu gautam says:

    Sir myself amar babu gautan, i want to start lycopodium cm (100000)for my stammering it beneficial for me. …if yes kindly suggest me how much dose I’ll take in a day or a week. ..thanks

  96. Rajendra bhushan sharma says:

    I’m stammering since my age if 4 years.nd damage my personal life nd carrier.iread in net about homoiyo medicine so pl give advice my age is 61 years

  97. Mukesh kumar says:

    Sir ji, Iam stammered boy plzz give me medine name which can loss my stammering problem plz give me medicines name who can be available in local medical store. Plzz give me response early as possible.

  98. syeda rashda anwar says:

    my daught years old suffering from schizophrenia is not talking as she was talking before, now she is mostly silent in the house with family members and with others in gathrings of relatives and even cousins. and if she talk she talk in a rude manner and aggressive voice. I want a medicine with the help she start talking normaly any where with the family members as well as in gathrings, and with humble sweet tone. Thanks a lot if you help me and suggest a medicine for my 24 years daughter.

  99. Gbormittah Noble Selorm says:

    I have been stammering since childhood till now. I hardly speak in class, public, etc. i really want to stop it.


    Sir, When i feel nurvas then i got too much stammering. and i got speechless in public desk. apart from this i speak clearly. so what homeo medicine should i take.
    please prescribe me the best homeo medicine for this decease.

  101. Shyam Manohar says:

    Respected Sir,
    i am 35 years old. i have been the habit of stammering for the last 30 years. this single problem(stammering) has caused a lot of problems which are exactly in line with the symptoms of LYCOPODIUM. i.e , anger, frustration, depression, arrogance to hide my weakness, odd/bad temperament,
    constant unknown fear, forgetfullness, low self esteem, tiredness, unwilling to talk, averse to new situations or new people, immense stage fear, nervousness, anxiety…………..
    Body : a chronic gas patient. very low digestive system, very tiredness, weakness, …….
    i want to start lycopodium. if you can please tell me the dose and frequency(how many times a day) i can start this medicine.


  102. muhammad saad nabi khan says:

    hello sir i am 30 yr old male suffering from childhood

  103. Sir my elder brother is facing the problem of constant stuttering and stammering. Now he is of 28 years old. But his problem is not from childhood he is facing this problem from last 3-4 years. Please suggest a suggest me a suitable medicine for him .

  104. Angshuman Ghosh says:

    i am 39 years old. at first i starts stammer, after that clear speech then after again stammer, so how can i get out of this, please tell me

  105. Ishan Pathak says:

    When I try to speak i can speak but
    a) I speak very fast so that others cant understand what I am saying


    b) sometimes words dont come out from my mouth . I usually do for example I have to say a sentence like “the answer of this question is initial velocity + final velocity ” I can say properly till is bu after that words come out from my mouth .

    Please help .

    I am currently in 9th standard and a male .

  106. James Nyoike says:

    Thanks Doc. I have a 9yrs old daughter who suffered a head injury at 3yrs. When recovered, she developed a stammer that has never fully gone away.

    How effective are those drugs and would they be available in Kenya?

    • Sir my elder brother is facing the problem of constant stuttering and stammering. Now he is of 28 years old. But his problem is not from childhood he is facing this problem from last 3-4 years. Please suggest a suggest me a suitable medicine for him .

  107. dear Doctor, I am stuttering since i was a kid and now i am 40 years old. Usually I stutter in first letters or when i am out of my comfort zone, more specifically i stutter in specific letters. Can You please indicates what kind of homeopathic medicine should i take and for how long and is there any side effect?

  108. Dr Rehan Ansari says:

    Dear doctor
    My son of 11 year is fed of stammering problem he repeats words two to three time during speak
    As a doctor I noted his problem is some mentally with fear or afraid of anything because he pay the sentences more easy than to his teachers. The problem has been going on with his age. Please prescribe the highly effective medicine of homeopathic with its dose and potency

  109. Dr Sharma I am 40 years old.My heart pressure is low.And a woman of post menopause.I have a stammering problem and I feel to touch upper gum by the tounge..So please help me which homeopathy medicine are good.
    Thank you


    Good Morning,

    Dr . Sharma

    I have read your blog above for stammering, I am facing a stammering problem from the last 10 years and i have to remove it permanently so pleasea consult me. can i buy above medicine from the market. please sir, help me.

  111. Subhash Deswal says:

    My daughter having stammering problem since she was 3 years old. Now she is twelve year old. She repeats some words 3_4 times during speaking. Kindly suggest what should be done in this case and medicine also. I will be very much thankful to you.

  112. Ogams Henry says:

    Dr.I’m Ogams Henry. ..from Nigeria. please I need a medicine for stammering. How will I get it sir.

  113. ranjit nayak says:

    Sir i m 20 yrs old. My srammering is happened wid me since childhood so prescribe me med 4 me plz

  114. Supriya chauhan says:

    Hello sir,
    My son who is 8yrs old has stammering problem.he repeats some words3_4 times during speaking. Kindly suggest what should be done in this case and medicine also. I will be very much thankful to you.
    Supriya chauhan

  115. Vikrant Kaushik says:

    Hello Dr.

    Myself Vikrant, my son has just 2.4 year old and suddenly from past 10 days he has started the stammering like anything, earlier this was not the case, mainly in the starting of sentence he is unable to start and after start he seems OK to me.

    Request you to please suggest some good medicine to him as he is very less in age so may be he will overcome with the problem early.

    Thanks in advance.


    Vikrant Kaushik

  116. Prem chatla says:

    Hello sir,
    My problem was strammering in stress,in angry,if i will speek in public,in saying unknown messages,in unespected speach. How to clear my problem?

  117. Zeyauddin says:

    My name is Zeyauddin from Kolkata.I stutter when more when I try to interact in English.I am 20 years old pursuing my graduation .Sometimes I stutter also in my mother tongue.Kindly prescribe me the appropriate medicine.

  118. Stuttering runs in my family. My baby who is 28 months stutters. Please help.

  119. Arghya banik says:

    My daughter having stammering problem since she was 3 years old. Now she is five and half year old and the problem increases day by day. Initially we thought that it was a part of her game. But now she feels ashamed while talking to others. Kindly suggest a medicine. I have read the document above and foud spigelia would be the medicine for her. But as i am not so sure kindly suggest a medicine for her.

  120. I am having stammering problem when i fear with some one it like anxiety my age is 29 is there any cure treatment is there for stammering

  121. A childe stammer
    And have a weak mamory problem


    occurance of Stammering all of a sudden without any intimation :- is the problem, Please suggest me the homoeopathic medicine of it.

  123. Asad Patel says:

    Hello sir!i am Asad Patel .I do stammer but on certain words like straight tremendous or letter which starts from a and i ,it problem has started 3 years ago,and now the problem has become more, and now speak like scared man and i dont feel like answering the phone or paging somebody.Could you pls recommend me the best medicine fir this type of Stammering and what is the quick results and its side effects.thanks

  124. Anwar kazi says:

    Hello Dr Sharma,
    I read your website and found that there are some medications to cure stuttering.I do stammer but on certain words like straight tremendous or letter which starts from str and tr and so on and i dont feel like answering the phone or paging somebody.Could you pls recommend me the best medicine fir this type of Stammering and what is the quick results and its side effects.thanks

  125. Nilanjan Biswas says:

    hello sir I am Nilanjan from India West Bengal I have a problem of extreme stammering I can’t utter a word instantly please advice some medicines

  126. g subbarao says:


  127. Pranotosh Das says:


    I’m Pranotosh Das from Sylhet,Bangladesh. It is one year passed my uncle faced a stroke from his heart problem. After this stroke he has lost his Right Leg and Hand ability. Also he has lost his speech ability totally. Doctor suggested Physiotherapy and we have continued Physiotherapy but this doesn’t improve his speech disability.

    Please give me some suggestion/treatment what can we follow for his recovery.

    Pranotosh Das

  128. Jacob Kuriakose says:


  129. Trisha misra says:

    Hello name is Trisha misra.i am 27 years old.My stammering was since from my childhood.i stammer over certain specific letter.when I am nervous this problem arises.

  130. Jenika Mazumder... says:

    Dr. Sharma….i am 16 years old…my stammering was since from my childhood…while speaking,suddenly i pause…not a single word comes out from my mouth….i tries to it doesn’t…..when i am at nervous stage….this condition is arised….my confidence level is decreasing day by day….

  131. Hello Dr. Sharma
    I am 27 years old, my stammering problem since my childhood. My father’s also had stammering problem in his childhood but in his adult age he became completely okey. My stammering problem start when I was 4/5 years and still continue. My Stammering symptoms match almost all the symptoms you described above for specific Medicine. Such as

    ” start stammering on the first one or few words or last word of a sentence (randomly),

    repeats the (maximum time first) syllable around three to four times before go on to the next part of the sentence. , repeats a word around three or four times in a sentence,

    start stammering when emotionally excited or in fear and when i talks fast , public speaking and reciting memorised something in front of someone.”

    My Stammering Problem sometimes increase and sometimes decrease by its own (without medicine). I think it increase also while I do masturbate.

    3/4 years ago
    I was taken Causticum 30, 200, 1M (liquid and in pill), stramonium 200 (in pill), Kali Phos 3x,12x, and Bovista 200, 1M but result is almost nothing.

    Please sir prescribed me which medicine is appropriate for me.

    • Dear sir,

      I am 35 year old right now. I am also suffering with same problem as described:

      My stammering problem start when I was 4/5 years and still continue. My Stammering symptoms match almost all the symptoms you described above for specific Medicine. Such as

      ” start stammering on the first one or few words or last word of a sentence (randomly),

      repeats the (maximum time first) syllable around three to four times before go on to the next part of the sentence. , repeats a word around three or four times in a sentence,

      start stammering when emotionally excited or in fear and when i talks fast , public speaking and reciting memorized something in front of someone.”

      My Stammering Problem sometimes increase and sometimes decrease by its own (without medicine). I think it increase also while I do masturbate.

      I have taken Clonazepam 0.5 , Zolpidem 10 mg , Escitalopgram 10mg from last 5 yrs but nothing is improvement.

      Kindly provide your appropriate solution.


  132. Uday singh says:

    My son (13years) is having stammering problem from starting. Pl suggest some medicine and guidance for that.


    Uday Singh

  133. hello,

    my daughter is 3.5 years old…a few mont back she started stuttering with some words..then in the middle she was fine and now suddenly for the last few days she is having difficulty in talking u recommend any homeopathic medicine for her? and where can i find them? thanks so much

  134. Aftabur Rahman Talukdar. says:

    My male child of six years stammering since last one year when he starts talking or reading a sentence, most of the cases he is stammering on first few words.

    How he get rid from stammering ?

    Please suggest the name of medicines and its procedure ?

    • Uday singh says:

      My son (13years) is having stammering problem from starting. Pl suggest some medicine and guidance for that.


      Uday Singh

  135. Sir, I am 16 old .main akele main bilkul tekh bolta hon but jab koi samne hota hai to mere awaz nahi niklti.khas kr bari umr ke log hon.muje bohat pasina ata hai aur dill ki dharkan bohat teez ho jati hai.muje sans aur zuban per control nahi hai.plz koi ilaj suggess kar dain .thanks

  136. Master Vishal Thakur says:

    Gud After Noon Doctor , I am Vishal Thakur From Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh , Doctor I am suffering From
    Speech Problem and Stammering too I cannot Present my own words to other persons ……
    I am feeling Very Shameful by this Illness …….
    I am suffering from Atleast 10-12 years ….
    Please Doctor Suggest me Best Medicines for This Cure…..
    My Contact No. 9807426388
    I am 17 years old Boy……

  137. Sir iam 22 years old suffering from stammering problem.when iam fear stammering problem increases.sir iam requesting you advice me for cure it

  138. Suraj yadav says:

    Sir i am 17 year old and having stammering problem since i am 5year old . I stammer only on specific words and have fear when talking with other . Sir please advice me for cure it

  139. My son is 5 years old..he got operated for adenoids nd tonsils at ganga ram a month before..nd had started stammering ..he is repeating a first word of sentence..he has problem in startimg words..kindly suggest..

  140. sir i am 25 year old I want to take Lycopodium .how can i use this remedy and what is the exact dose for me

  141. Rajesh kumar says:

    Hello sir.I m Rajesh kumar age 40 yrs.I m suffering from a disease called stammring.I can pronounce the word properly.I stuck during talking to somebody.I have strain during the word to be pronounced.I feel stress on my head,forehead,face and eyes when i try to pull the words.I repeat a words several times to pronounce.I have very weak memory now days.I think i m facing a short term memory lose.Kindly advice me to get proper medicin so that i can recover from this disease.I have been taken spilanthes oleracea,ginkgo biloba and ashwagandha homeopathic medicin.

  142. Shankar Chanda says:

    Dear sir my stammering at times are nil but at times are very vigorous… please suggest me sir what should i do. When am stressed or under pressure stammering increases tremendously.

    Shankar Chanda

  143. Sir, My son has stammering since 5 years, sometimes it is more often noticable sometimes he is alright. He is now 20 years, he stammers when beginning a sentence . Then he goes on talking properly continuously. Is there any remedy , Please suggest. Thanks

  144. Hello sir my name is shahrukh n my age is 21 em from pakistan lahore . I have a stammering since i was 6 . I m a student nd em doing my mobile business as well . Some times i can talk very clear but some times i cant talk properly , some words are very difficult for me to speak like s t d .. plx doctor suggest me some remedy nd homeopathic treatment or medicine

  145. I have difficulty in speaking and speaking in Hkkane’d think. The stammering is due to me feeling embarrassed. Please tell me any good medicine. My age is 29 years

  146. Abhilasha sethia says:

    My daughter age 5yrs exerts pressure while speaking.she sometimes can’t even pronounce first word.Plz help

  147. Md. Jawaid Manzoor karimi says:

    My child is about 4 yr . He was quite well and speaking well that time, he felldown two time and after that he started stammering in speach and when he started to speach he repitted like aaa or zo,zo,zo zoya and also some time extension of word.
    Sir what homeopathy treatment will in this case.
    I am giving strammonium 30 about 3 months. But no fruitful result come.

  148. AAKASH NATH says:

    Sir, I am aakash nath and I am live in Jodhpur rajsthan mere sometime Stammering ki problume h please regard your sugestion.

  149. Akshay singhavi says:

    Sir my solve the problem of stammering disease.

  150. Rajeev kumar says:

    My child 3ys 3 month 4 month ago start stammering at start of the sentence. I treatment by e&t doctor. He said no any problem related e&t.give Himalaya medicine son get well but now he face same problem

  151. Dear sir
    I am 36 year old. I am a teacher. I am suffering from stammering since my childhood. In front of my student this problem may small in range. But in formal meeting, seminer, presentation even to communicate with the elders or high officials I feel very nurvous and then this problem occure very much. I can not say anything properly though I know the subject very well. pls help.

  152. hi Dr. Sharma
    i find your site on internet while finding searching remedy for stammering.
    i am 26 years old , and have been stammering from childhoods. i used gelsimium and other homeo medicine but not effected . now i want to start stramonium and lachesis , please give me the right potency and how to use this.
    i can control my stammering but some word like sss , rr , aah …i cant speak correctly .
    thanks ..
    my whatsapp .008615926510699


    Dear Sir,
    Greetings of the day!
    I am Pranabesh Banerjee aged 23 years from Kolkata. I have been suffering from STAMMERING right from my childhood days.
    I get stuck while pronouncing vowels as well as some consonant sounding word. It increases when I get anxious and nervous…..
    Please help me out with some medicines….

      GOOD LUCK…

  154. Dipankar bagchi says:

    I have a stammering prob since..25 yrs ago…now I am 40 yrs old…some words starting with b,p,m,n,k,l which touches my lips and tongue I face prob to speak.. Is stramonium and Lachesis may use in this case..if yes then what will be the doses …kindly help me..if not pls give your valuable suggestions….
    I am waiting for your reply.
    Thaking you
    Dipankar bagchi

  155. Hi sir im aamir imI’m from 22 yeaw old I have strumming please koi medicine btyin

  156. Mahesh Jagasia says:

    I am 45year male since childhood I have stammering problem I have consult many speech therapist but have stop in between but now it’s high time pls help me

  157. Anubhav choudhqry says:

    I have stammering I am 12 years plzz help me


    Hi Dr. Sharma,

    I have 51 years old and have been stuttering since I was 13. When i speak slowly I can speak without stuttering. But I find that I cannot speak slowly all the time, how every much I try. I just feel rushed. Is there any homeopathic medication to calm me down so that I can speak slowly.

    Prakash Barretto

  159. Mayuri V.E says:

    I am 18 Yrs old . I have stammring problem from my childhood . Plz help me for this problem.

  160. hi sir,thanks for your information .i’m from hyderabad suffering with stuttering could you please suggest any homeomedicines or any hospital in hyderabad .hoping for fast reply. THANK YOU

  161. Simon nadar says:

    Sir, I have been suffering from this problem for the past 13 years.
    No problem in singing or talking to well known persons….
    But when I talk to strangers, the words don’t come out very easily….
    Suggest some treatment sir

    • Sir, I have been suffering from this problem for the past 13 years.
      No problem in singing or talking to well known persons….
      But when I talk to strangers, the words don’t come out very easily….
      Suggest some treatment sir

  162. emmanuel perpetual chidinma says:

    pls sir i need urgent response am 23yrs i stammerbt can sing wel i can even talk to people witout stammerin pls dad tel me watto do

  163. Shruti nevatia says:

    My daughter is 13 yrs old and stammers while talking….pls suggest remedy. ..

  164. hello Sir, my son is crossed 8 years old since childhood he is stammering I,ve been waiting his overcome without doing nothing but the cases are the same. he is getting great disturb in his studies but he can sing a song without stammer. please suggest what medicine will be needed for him.

  165. AJAY PANDIT says:

    stammer promblem

  166. Angie Meharg says:

    What do you recommend for speech blocks? My 17 yr old son can just be talking and he just stops and can’t say a word it’s like he’s holding his breath.. It’s really holding him back socially.. any help would be appreciated on what to try.. thank you

  167. Sir, I am Mubathan, 23yrs old, suffering from stammering for a long period… I need your consultation to overcome from it

  168. Hello Dr.sharma

    My name is chandan living in delhi age is 30 I am suffering from stammering and so disappointed about it its hard to speak with customers specially on phone please suggest a medicine doses,do’s and dont’s I am very gratefull to you.

  169. hello sir my name is Vicky 27 yrs old I am suffering from stammering my toung is little thick slight short in sizee from other .im not a regular stammerer but sometime i stammering too much plz help me

  170. Prakash Chandra says:

    My age is 28 years and I stammer a lot while speaking. Whenever I go for a job interview or when I need to start an important conversation in front of stranger or group of people , my whole body from the stomach to throat gets heavy and I feels very heavy while speaking. I stammer at any point in between speech or all sentence and words are get fumbles and person think that I don’t know anything. Please help me sir how can I cure my stammering which is ruining my life to the hell.

    Please reply soon

  171. Hello sir,
    Am 30 yrs old. Am suffering frm stammering
    And lack of self confidence. I cant give speech in

  172. I m 32 years. I am suffering from
    stuttering which is problem in my life .I need help form you

  173. Dear sir, my son is 9 years old. He is suffer from cold ( After 2-3 weeks). Last 2-3 months he starts stammering not a regular only while general talking with us, Otherwise reading books or poem he speak properly. His badly disrupt due to cold, stammering. Sir please give an advise.

  174. saurabh singh says:

    sir, me 20 years old. I feel very hesitation to talk in group. सर मैं बीच में रुक रुक कर बोलता हुँ. Plz give suggetion to avoid it.

  175. Age 34 years suffering to stummer before last 20 years. Please advise good homyo treat ment.

  176. Jayanta kumar satapathy says:

    Dear sir, my son is 6 years old. He is always suffering from cold with asthamatic condition. I am daily giving him BC 2 and 6 with Aco 30 for last 15 days. If he takes a bath tyen his coldness increseases. And then starts stammering. His education is badly distrupted due to cold, fever, asthma and stammering. Sir please give an advise.

  177. Dear Sir,
    I am 36 male stammers at the time of introduction myself in a group and some wowels. kindly suggest a medicine

  178. Hello sir. my name is ajay som,age 25 stammers a lot. Please help me. my mail I’d

  179. sir i am 35 years old (male) my problem is stammering tell me which medicine best for stammring in homeyopathic tell me name of medicine and dose. pls help me sir.

    • my name is Muhd I start stammering in 15 years old I can’t speak well any Ware I been I front of my mother pls help me a about it my fice book Muhammed kakani

  180. Dr sahav meri jeebh bahut moti aur chaudi hai jiske karan jab ham baat karte hain to jeebh palat nahi pati aor ashudh awaj niklti hai , please jeebh ko patla karne ka upay ya dabai batiye

  181. hello sir… I am 25 years old boy suffering from stammering disorder from the age of 7 …. usually I get nervous , have fear of not speaking properly, hesitation and over thinking about what is going to happen… suggest me some remedies for improving myself

  182. vedprkash says:

    RAM RAM i am 42 years old (male) my problem is stammering tell me which medicine best for stammring in homeyopathic tell me name of medicine and dose

  183. Amlan Choudhuri says:

    Contd.. I have problems with the vowel words and most of the initial letters of each word while beginning phonation. .. Amlan

  184. Amlan Choudhuri says:

    I have been stammering since age 4 . l am now 45 the stammering is lot less because I have an anxiolytic Lorazepam 2mg everyday. However, I’m not completely cured. My stammer is due my chronic anxiety and excitement in the brain. Can you suggest the best combination of homeo and how and when to take it to stop it completely ? Thank you… Amlan

  185. my girl child is 4year 6months old. she has bilateral senosurial hearing loss. she had cochlear implant on right ear . her implant age is 1 year 6 months. she now starts to speak in two words..
    i think we can maintain her left ear with natural hearing. i would like to discuss more with your team with full details . let us try our best to save her natural resuidal hearing . i believe a homeopath can. thank you.

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