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8 Best Homeopathic Medicines for Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers are sores or ulcers arising in the lining of the stomach. They are also known as gastric ulcers. In a majority of the cases, stomach ulcers are caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori bacterium. Another frequent cause is long term use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s). Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers help to heal the sores in the stomach and prevent the tendency towards stomach ulcers in the chronic phase.    homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers

Tobacco smoking, drinking alcohol and stress are the risk factors that predispose a person to stomach ulcers. The protective mucus lining of the stomach is reduced due to the above causes. This allows the acid content of the stomach to eat away the inner tissue lining, resulting in ulcer formation.

Symptoms of Stomach Ulcers

The major symptom of stomach ulcers is pain/burning in the epigastric region. Other symptoms include nausea, vomiting, bloating, loss of appetite, weight loss and hematemesis (vomiting of blood).

Homeopathic Medicines for Stomach Ulcers

Homeopathy offers a very safe and effective treatment for stomach ulcers. Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers primarily help reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms of stomach ulcers in the acute phase. Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers are selected as per individual symptoms that vary from person to person. Argentum Nitricum,  Nux Vomica, Kali Bichromicum, Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, Hydrastis, Phosphorous, and Graphites are the top remedies for stomach ulcers.

1. Argentum Nitricum – For Stomach Ulcers with Radiating Pains

In my experience, Argentum Nitricum rates among the best medicines for stomach ulcers. This medicine is well indicated when sharp ulcerative or burning pain is felt in the stomach and radiates to other regions of the abdomen. The pain is sometimes gnawing in nature. Symptoms such as belching, nausea, vomiting may also appear along with these radiating pains. Abdominal distension may also be present in such cases where Argentum Nitricum will prove one of the most effective medicines for stomach ulcers.

2. Nux Vomica – For Stomach Ulcers where Eating Worsens Pain

Nux Vomica has shown the most satisfactory results in stomach ulcer cases where pain in the stomach is felt from eating even the smallest amount of food. The stomach region is also sensitive to touch in such cases. Nux Vomica is also one of the best-suited medicines for stomach ulcers where spicy food, coffee, tobacco, and alcoholic drinks worsen the symptoms. Tightness and pressure may be felt in the stomach after eating. Nausea, vomiting, eructations, flatulence, and heartburn may accompany the above symptoms.

3. Kali Bichromicum – For Ulcers in Stomach

Kali Bichromicum is another of the top grade medicines for stomach ulcers. I have seen amazing recoveries in gastriculcer cases with Kali Bichromicum. It is indicated in round ulcers with a feeling of heaviness in the stomach soon after eating. The food seems to sit in the stomach like a load. Appetite is low in cases where Kali Bichromicum will work as one of the most effective Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers.

4. Lycopodium Clavatum – For Boated Abdomen

Lycopodium has proved itself as the most useful among medicines for stomach ulcers where the main symptoms are burning, constrictive pains attended with marked flatulence and fullness/bloating of the abdomen. Bloating starts soon after eating. A person in need of Lycopodium may get relief in pain from taking warm water. Farinaceous food like cabbage and beans worsen the symptoms. Lycopodium Clavatum is known among the best medicines for stomach ulcers with any of the above-mentioned symptoms.

5. Carbo Veg – For Stomach Ulcers

Carbo Veg is another of the prominently indicated medicines for stomach ulcers. It is most helpful when burning pain in the stomach is accompanied by sour belching or heartburn. The pain may extend from the stomach to the back. The epigastric area may also be sensitive and tender to touch. Eating the smallest amount of food, even light food, worsens the symptoms in such cases where Carbo Veg will prove the most effective among Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers to heal the condition.

6. Hydrastis Canadensis – For Stomach Ulcers with Weight Loss

In my clinical practice, Hydrastis has proved extremely effective in treating stomach ulcers where they are accompanied by weight loss and emaciation. A key symptom is a constant sore feeling in the stomach. Cutting and sharp pain in the stomach may also be present in cases where Hydrastis works as one of the most effective medicines for stomach ulcers. Weakness and a loathing of food in epigastrium are other symptoms to look out for. Hydrastis is also one of the major medicines for chronic gastritis.

7. Graphites – For Stomach Ulcers with Vomiting after Eating

In case of ulcers with vomiting immediately after eating food, Graphites has shown the most promising results among medicines for stomach ulcers. Constrictive and burning pain in the stomach is experienced after eating. Excessive belching, the taste of ingesta is also an attending symptom in such cases where Graphites is prescribed as one of the most reliable medicines for stomach ulcers.

8. Phosphorus – For Stomach Ulcers where Cold Drinks bring Relief

Phosphorus is rated among the most reliable medicines for stomach ulcers where having a cold drink relieves pain. Burning in the stomach after eating is complained of. Along with this, sour, bitter belching may also be experienced in such cases. Phosphorus is made its place among the top rated Homeopathic medicines for stomach ulcers with the above symptoms.

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  1. Manirul Mallick says:

    What is the best homoeo medicines for deodenal ulcur
    Symtop such as burning sensation, vommiting, low appetite, general weakness.
    Kindly tell me your kind suggestions.

  2. SWARUP MAJHI says:

    আমার পেটে জ্বালা করে পায়খানা করার পর পেট খালি হয় তখন ও পায়খানা শক্ত দুই দিন পর হয় , এবং খাবার খাওয়ার পর ভালো লাগে খালি পেটে জ্বালা করে আমি 10 মাস থেকে ভুগছি,কি ওষুধ খাবো পরামর্শ দেন

  3. I have no pain during the day but I cannot sleep for the pain that comes at night and I am forced to try sleeping sitting up.Peptic ulcer was diagnosed in 2021 and I had some relief for a few months but it has deteriorated recently. I am awaiting a second endoscopy. I take Nicorandel, Candesartan and Epleronone for heart failure and Sinvistatin and Aspirin 75mg daily. Could any of these medications be the reason I cannot get a cure for the ulcer?

  4. Bashanta paul says:

    Suffering from GERD,peptic ulcers,fatty liver and high cholesterol

    • Vasantbhai Sharma says:

      I am suffering from pain in chest and also stomach from past one month…if I pass gasses then gives little relife….I have been prescribed ULGEL A but gives temporary relife for just few hours.
      Can you suggest some good homeopathic medicine which can give permanent relife in my chest nd stomach…
      I have done ECG but nothing abnormal.

  5. A. G. PAUL says:

    Dear sir i have stomach ulcer running 5 year’s please giveme the advice and medicine for simple, lowest prices 🙏🛐🙏

  6. Getting huge amts air in stomach…With squeezing. pain on empty stomach…no food.Did ger worse after taking 2 aleve night before

  7. Mujhy bohat zayada gasses aur stomach k left side pay boojh rehata hai, acidity waggera koch nahi bs gas Ka problem hai, please advise

    • Binod kumar says:

      मेरी उम्र 42 है मेरे पेट हमेशा भरा एवं फुल फूला लगता है खासकर second half मैं। मॉर्निंग मैं पेट साफ नहीं होता है और तला भुना खाने पर रात मैं घबराहट होती है । साथ ही मुझे साइनस की प्रोब्लम है लेफ्ट nose se saas lene mai problem hoti hai । Kuch ठंडा खाने से cold aur sinnizing होने लगता है ।और सर दर्द हमेशा होता है लेफ्ट साइड ।

  8. Prominent Gut loops in ultrasound and pain in epigastrium region with gastritis. Often pain increases on eating something. Restlessness while sleeping. Mouth ulser.

  9. gurdip dhaliwal says:

    Thanks Mr. V Sharmaji. Good Info.

  10. gurdip dhaliwal says:

    thanks Mr. Vermaji.

  11. Mujhe ulcer jaise lakchan lg raha h,kuch masala,ya mirch jaise chez khane se rat me chati ke niche dard uthata h

  12. I am looking for ready made medicine for chronic Gerd with gastritis
    Can you please let me know where I can purchase

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