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Best Homeopathic Medicines for Ulcers

Ulcers may be defined as sores developing due to discontinuity in the skin or mucous membrane. Ulcers may form anywhere on the skin or mucous lining of any part of the body system. When ulcers are formed inside the mouth, they are referred to as mouth ulcers. The ulcers forming in the stomach and duodenum are known as peptic ulcers collectively. The ulcers that form on the skin from pressure are termed as bed sores. Another type of ulcers Homeopathic Medicines for Ulcersare venous ulcers forming from improper functioning of valves of the veins. Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disorder that leads to ulcer formation in the colon. The causes of ulcers include inflammation, infection. Homeopathic medicines for ulcers can help completely resolve the problem within a few months.

Symptoms of Ulcers

The signs and symptoms arising depend upon the location of ulcers. In the mouth, ulcers or sores form inside the mouth, tongue, the base of gums, inside the cheeks or lips. The sores in the mouth are attended with pain and cause difficulty in eating and drinking. In peptic ulcers, the sores form inside the stomach or duodenum. Peptic ulcers lead to pain and burning in the epigastric region, vomiting and weight loss. In bed sores, ulcers develop from persistent pressure on skin and obstruction of blood flow. The lesion may be shallow or deep depending upon the severity of the condition. Venous ulcers are stasis ulcers that arise from the improper working of venous valves. Varicose ulcers mainly develop around the ankles. In ulcerative colitis, the inflammation and ulcers form in the colon. The ulcers in ulcerative colitis arise from a misdirected immune response. The key symptoms in this condition are a frequent stool with mucus or blood, abdominal cramp, tenesmus, rectal pain. Some ulcers can also be also cancerous.

Homeopathic Medicines for Ulcers

Homeopathy mode of medicine has a wide scope and offers effective treatment for ulcers. Homeopathy medicines for ulcer treatment vary from case to case. While making a Homeopathy prescription for ulcer cases, the location and symptoms are noted with care. Homeopathy medicines for ulcers are prepared from naturally occurring substances and are, therefore, safe for use and show promising results.

1. Merc Sol – One of the best Medicines for Ulcers

Merc Sol is among the top listed medicines for Ulcers. It is considered in irregularly shaped ulcers with undefined edges. Merc Sol is most suitable for mouth ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and skin ulcers. For mouth ulcers, it is recommended when ulcers in the oral cavity are attended with increased saliva. Foul odor from the mouth may be present. The symptoms to look out for before prescribing Merc Sol in ulcerative colitis are diarrhea with blood and mucus. It is accompanied by a frequent and constant urge for stool, with a never get done feeling. For skin ulcers, Merc Sol works well for irregularly shaped ulcers. Itching may be present and worsens at night. There is excessive sweating along with ulcers in such cases where Merc Sol will show the most effective results among medicines for ulcers.

2. Nitric Acid – For Ulcers that Bleed

Nitric Acid is considered most suitable among medicines for ulcers that bleed. The ulcers are zig zag and irregular in shape. They bleed easily. Sharp splinter-like pains are experienced. The ulcers are very sensitive to touch.

3. Borax – For Mouth Ulcers

Borax is one of the most extraordinary medicines for mouth ulcers. The symptoms for using Borax are highly sensitive and tender sores in the mouth. Heat may be noted in the mouth. The sores may develop inside the cheeks, on the tongue. Touching and eating leads to pain in the mouth sores.

4. Fluoric Acid – For Varicose Ulcers

To treat varicose ulcers, Fluoric Acid is an excellent choice among medicines for ulcers. Fluoric Acid is highly effective in treating varicose ulcers that have red edges. Burning sensation and pain in ulcers are observed. Warmth worsens the complaint. Fluoric Acid is also indicated for long-standing chronic cases of varicose ulcers.

5. Carbo Veg and Hepar Sulph – For Bed Sores

Two wonderful medicines for ulcers – bed sores are Carbo Veg and Hepar Sulph. The key symptom for use of Carbo Veg in bed sores is bluish discoloration of the skin. This is attended by itching. Sweat may also be present. Hepar Sulph works wonders when the bed sores are highly painful and sensitive. There is also pus or bleeding from the bedsores.

6. Merc Cor – For Ulcerative Colitis

Merc Cor is one of the most effective medicines for ulcerative colitis. It is prescribed when frequent stool appears with blood and mucus. There is also marked tenesmus along with the mucus. Cutting pains are also present in the rectum along with diarrhea.

7. Kali Bichrome and Argentum Nitricum – For Peptic Ulcers

Both Kali Bichrome and Argentum Nitricum are the most appropriate medicines for peptic ulcers. Kali Bichrome is given for round ulcers of the stomach. The symptoms pointing to use of Kali Bichrome are heaviness or cutting pains in the stomach immediately after eating. Vomiting and weight loss are also observed. Argentum Nitricum is best suited for gnawing or burning pain in the stomach. The pain may be localized to the stomach or may radiate to other regions of the abdomen. Painful distension of the abdomen may be present in cases where Argentum Nitricum will prove the best choice among medicines for ulcers.

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  2. I am having stomach ulcer pains at night, I wake up with a gnawing pain. I take a sodium alginate pill with water and it helps for few hours. I would like to know what homeopathic medicine to take to help me and lead to healing this condition eventually, please? Thanks

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    from last two month a white patches is seen behind my tonsil there is no any burn or pain but always feeling some thing is there and also arrived again and again, kindly suggest me best medicine for remedy and solution.

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